Recall the history of my black apple use. In 2014, I started to have a lot of exposure to the Linux environment at work (previously, but mostly win). At the same time, I switched from android to iphone. With the use of iphone, I gradually paid attention to macbook, and then frantically complained. Apple is really black, selling 10,000 laptops with such a low configuration, and then searching for why Apple laptops can sell so expensive, as the understanding deepens, I found that there is something called hackintosh, the black Apple’s system at the time was 10.10, and there were two boot modes. , Chameleon and Clover, so I tried with my own notebook, and now I think that if my notebook is just suitable for black, I probably won’t walk on the road of black fruit to this day. My laptop at the time was a Dell E6220 purchased in 2011, with 512G SSD, 16G RAM, and i5-2520M. It should have cost more than 1W at the time. It is very simple to install MacOS. The follow-up is constantly improving and optimizing. Later, it changed from chameleon to clover, from bcm94352HMB to 94360CD, and from 10.10 to 10.12. I really think that MacOS is used. Comfortable, and more and more comfortable, less and less unsupported software, but with the use of this book, the problem has become more and more obvious, the screen resolution is too low, only 12-inch 1366×768. It’s okay to use an external monitor in the unit. At the end of 2016, I planned to change notebooks and desktops, and started hardware transformation in the first time. Black Apple must be supported. Let me talk about the notebook first. At that time, I was not so familiar with the hardware. I finally chose the very cheap Kunshan machine E7450 on Taobao at that time. I chose the i7-5600U, and the memory and hard disks can continue to be used. This machine is still with me to complete my work in 2021. My laptop is a single MacOS, currently 10.15.7. Both of my laptops can perfectly put down Apple’s native card, relay, airdrop, sleep, brightness adjustment, are all perfect, maybe the shape is not as good as Ginkgo, but the interface and cost performance are nothing to say. The experience of using it for so many years tells me that there is no essential difference between the use of a configured black apple and Ginkgo. The difference between desktops is to play games. I used the x79 platform in 17 years. The win10+macos dual system has been used until last year. Now I have replaced it with the 10th generation. The unit uses a set of B365+i3-8100+GT710 Black Apple single system mainframe. On the contrary, the notebook is used less, only for a business trip. I still have a lot of small counterfeit consoles in my hand, most of which are 6-7th generation notebook U. I have installed black apples and put them at home to connect to the TV and play video, which is very comfortable. All of my current black apples are counterfeit three codes, which do not affect the use of icloud, relay, onboard functions and other functions. So there is no need to question the stability of black apples. Those who say that there are problems with instability are just that you have not configured it properly.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I must know the id, not to mention the apple, it can be found by individuals, the id check warranty of the black fruit is not available, but the black apple has a big taboo, the id must not conflict with the existence of Apple’s cleverness lies in Let’s just let Hackintosh let you experience the Apple ecosystem just like Windows. Relying on “free” expansion, I believe you will buy white apples in the future. You will not only buy white apples, but also the software and hardware binding strategies of iphone and ipad, which are comparable. Windows Gaoming has made you into the pit step by step and I am one of the “victims”.

6 months ago

Let me say that the answer must be known because you are activating iCloud and using all the operations that need to be connected to the official network, your basic device information will definitely be uploaded. In the case of a black apple, if you need to use this part of the application including “information” normally, the premise is to generate the correct serial number (including serial number, motherboard serial number, etc., you can understand it as the usual three-code combination) , This part of information is stored in the SMC, and you can also understand it as the BIOS in the PC architecture. Clover and Opencore have a slight difference in the processing logic of this part. At present, OC does have a considerable improvement in this part compared with Clover. However, the device information corresponding to the serial number is recorded in the official background, and the actual configuration is inconsistent with the serial number. It shouldn’t be necessary for me to elaborate on it, right? Just open one eye and close one eye…Anyway, the vast majority of people who really toss about black apples are still a group of Geeks.

6 months ago

Of course you know not only that you are using a pirated system, but also that you are using a pirated AirPods and its good brother AirPods pro. Guess why Apple does not prohibit the rampant pirated system and Huaqiangbei is raging? On the one hand: Pirated systems, pirated devices, and genuine Apple devices are not competitors. When did the elephant start chasing the mouse? Only when pirated devices threaten Apple will a lawyer’s letter warn on the other side: users who use black apples, after all, are still unable to buy Apple products for economic reasons and love the Apple ecology, so in a sense, These users are leeks that have not been raised by Apple products, and they are potential users. And, isn’t the use of earphones that resemble AirPods and AirPods pro also advertises silently for Apple? As a company in the world’s top ten, rich and rival countries, why do you say he pretended not to see it?

6 months ago

I definitely know that I am a strong supporter of black apples, and I also own white apples. The reason why I started tossing about black apples was because I was still in school and couldn’t afford white apples. Then I remembered that the Y450 and T6600 models were used for the first black apple success. It was really cool at the time, although the screen was still 1366 * After 768 graduated, I could afford a desktop computer, and the black apple was transferred to the desktop computer. I have successively tossed the motherboards of Z77, Z87, Z270, Z370, Z390, B360, B460, Z490 and other chips. Fortunately, I have been using Intel CPU. Regarding configuration recommendations, you can go to my column, which contains a lot of black apple configurations and hardware selection schemes. Later, I don’t remember when there was a white apple. The experience was really great, not comparable to the black apple, but who made the desktop powerful, so the black apple and windows of the desktop have always coexisted. Back to the topic, Apple must know that people are using Hackintosh, because the black apple wants to be perfect, and the one step that cannot be bypassed is the three-code. Only the correct three-code can use the Apple-specific such as facetime, imessage, etc. , And the first step is to enter iCloud to activate the device. The three codes generated here will be uploaded to the Apple server, but the goose three codes information does not have the corresponding configuration information in the library at all. Then, it is clear at a glance whether Apple knows the black apple you are using. The only possibility that can be activated is that the three codes are generated in advance, but how is the three codes generated? Both clover and opencore have detailed tutorials. I have to say that opencore is still powerful, and there is indeed considerable progress in this area. Before 2020, because Apple uses intel and CPU, users who use Core series CPUs and corresponding motherboards will have a much higher chance of success for black apples. However, with the advent of OpenCore, the amd platform can also experience the black apple by replacing the kernel, which is also one of the advancements of OpenCore. Apple’s attitude has always been ambiguous and free. After all, many people have slowly changed from using black fruit to ginkgo users, because as they grow older, most people do not have so much time and experience to toss slowly. Computers, after all, there are more important things to do, right, at this time, if you are used to the Apple ecosystem, there is a high probability that you will continue to use the Apple Family Bucket. This is absolutely good for Apple. Then slowly, it will be kidnapped by Apple’s ecology. There are more and more Apple devices in the home, and they will gradually be replaced with white apples. Where did the black apples go? Who knows. However, in 2020, Apple launched MacBook air, pro and mini equipped with M1 chip. This is a big challenge for black Apple users. Whether Apple will completely abandon intel in the future is unclear, but the general trend lies here. , With the advancement of technology, black apples are destined to disappear in the long river of history.

6 months ago

Understand the pirated software. PS, AI, PR, AE, AU, DW used by many individuals or companies are relatively common. These all belong to a system company called “Adobe”, and they only need to use computers for office work. There will always be software that uses or indirectly uses their series, and the utilization rate reaches 80% and above. Do you think Adobe will not know the individual users and companies who are using pirated software? There is a rumor that they released the cracked software on the Internet. This purpose is for more people to use their software and occupy the market; secondly, it is for prosecuting companies that use pirated software (usually against large companies, which is why many large companies and listed companies can only use designated Office software, even the browser to a certain plug-in must specify which one to use, which is afraid of infringement lawsuits. All need to be authorized, and whoever uses it or not, the background knows). The most common lawsuit is to make design fonts. Online fonts can be downloaded as you wish, but they are all copyrighted, so you might suddenly receive a lawyer’s letter one day. Like windows system, Kingsoft WPS, etc., I will not go into details, this is a routine.

6 months ago

know. Not only Apple, but all the cracked and pirated software you use… Unless you never go online, the developers know it. I don’t know if you have considered a question: How can there be so many great people on the Internet who share a lot of cracked versions of software for free, who released it in the first place? (Vendor: Not me!) Obviously Baidu has a bunch of them at once, why don’t the vendors protect their rights… In order to seize the market, cracking the version is also a strategy for them. For personal computers, the manufacturers are too lazy to pursue it… but once it’s the company’s network segment… well, wait for it to be harvested.

6 months ago

I must know… The reason for this is that I replaced the battery on the Macbook myself about two years ago, but accidentally disconnected the sound cable when disassembling the device, and the system was still running normally but iCloud was out of sync. I bought the sub-factory flat cable in a certain treasure and then replaced it…Finally, the original flat cable was removed from another machine in the repair shop and everything was normal! A voice cable can make iCloud unavailable, not to mention the black apple, which can still be used now but Apple has not sealed it. But I really can’t figure out what does my lack of voice have to do with iCloud out of sync!

6 months ago

Most people, after playing with black apples for a long time, they want white apples. Just like a good game, a really good game will not lose its vitality because of piracy. I have experienced the complete process chain of mac virtual machine, black apple and white apple, and an ordinary macbook pro is more than five digits. Of course, because of poverty, desktop computers do not have the conditions to white Apple. . At the same time, for work reasons, tp is the main machine, and macbook is also used. But still, I hope that the next computer will be a macbook.

6 months ago

I know, but Apple doesn’t want to care about you. It’s like a giant crackdown on piracy, which is perfunctory to individual users and hits enterprises hard. Like many paid softwares, they don’t want to go intrigue with individual users. This group of unsophisticated people ask for money without a lot of things, and the company is different. If you can’t run away, you’ll have a lot of money.

6 months ago

I know, otherwise, what is the purpose of generating three codes. The main reason is that I don’t want to worry about it. If you use a black apple, you have never used it or want to experience it, or there are other Apple terminal products, but there is no MACOS. The reason may be special performance requirements, or because MAC computers have a lot of process costs. Inside, the price of white apples is much higher than WIN under the same performance requirements and cannot be consumed temporarily. No matter how you look at them, they are all potential users. Anyway, they don’t care about the warranty, and the quantity is not large. The ban is thankless, so let’s just let it go. For ordinary players, tossing black apples is not worth the gain, and it is very difficult. Even if you go to Taobao to buy a set, there are follow-up upgrades that will be troublesome, or you don’t upgrade. In fact, the Apple M1 MAC MINI is a very cost-effective choice. With the size of the NUC, the performance is very good in a small size, plus the exquisite workmanship and quietness, it is very good for daily users.

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