On April 10, a reporter named Marrian Zhou interviewed David Denoon, director of the School of Sino-US Relations at New York University, on the issue of frequent racism among Asian Americans. But the white scholar declared that there is no racial discrimination against Asians in the United States, on the grounds that Asians have better incomes and test scores than ordinary Americans.

What’s even more absurd is that this person’s claim that Asians are being discriminated against in the United States is an illusion made by the Chinese government.

Reporter Zhou, who was stunned by these words, quickly posted the incident on her personal social account. Some Asian-American netizens expressed anger and condemnation at the white scholar’s statement after seeing it.

Since the mainstream media in the United States has not reported and criticized the excessive and even strongly racist remarks made by the white scholar at New York University, we, the Global Times, stepped in to report on this matter, and at the same time listed New York University. The white scholar’s ​​remarks pressured mainstream American media to report on the matter.

However, a situation that makes us puzzling arises. The Zhou reporter of Nihon Keizai Shimbun, not only did not thank us for supporting the Asian American community, but expressed strong dissatisfaction with our reporting of this incident, and even asked us not to report on such Asians in the United States in the future. Discrimination topic…

As shown in the figure below, after learning of our report, this reporter Zhou first wrote in a post:

“Publications like the Global Times should stay away from and not participate in the topic of #STOP仇视亚洲#. This matter has nothing to do with you. Don’t make Asian Americans and Asians living in the United States more uncomfortable.”


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This is the Chinese mentality. What are you reporting for? If you don’t protect our safety, what is the use of your report? For this point, if an extreme anti-Chinese incident broke out in the United States one day, the Chinese would still put up banners, claiming that they were sacrificed for the freedom of the United States, respecting the people’s choices, sacrificing the ego to complete the ego, and for a better future for the United States. Give life. There will be a very strange scene. In the United States, the Chinese are massacred and everyone is applauding, including the Chinese themselves. Because they finally gave their lives for the United States and used their own lives to prove that their love for the United States is true. This is a very typical remnant of feudal thought that “the monarch wants the minister to die, the minister has to die”, which is foolish loyalty. From this reporter’s words, we can know that Chinese Americans are modern people in feudal society. Their food, clothing, housing and transportation have been modernized, their minds stayed in the feudal period, and they regarded themselves as slaves, and they would protect themselves no matter what the master did. Loyalty. Such people are indeed suitable for the United States, because in New China, there is no emperor, and no one is worthy of them kneeling. They can’t find someone to be filial and loyal, and finally they find their tyrant in the United States. The brutal influence, the surly temper, the feeling that something might happen at all times, the rapid heartbeat, the shortness of breath, the past of the companion like a tiger, the stimulus, the feeling of being a slave. Let the feudal society in my heart continue. In the past, the emperor was a concrete person. Now, the emperor is a concept: freedom and democracy. How can concepts replace people as objects of worship? of course can. In ancient feudal society, many people had never seen an emperor in their lives, so they could still be foolish and loyal. In modern America, many Chinese have never seen freedom and democracy in their entire lives, and this does not prevent them from thinking that they are living in a world of freedom and democracy.

7 months ago

As a New York University graduate, first of all, I want to say that not everyone who works or teaches at New York University is worthy of this job. The director of the School of Sino-US Relations, David Denoon, is not alone. In addition, the director’s remarks were utterly slapped in the face. “There is no racial discrimination against Asians in the United States, because Asians have better incomes and test scores than ordinary Americans.” We analyze according to the thinking of Americans. Perhaps Asians have really high incomes, but it is possible that they I did not choose such a high-paying job voluntarily. In other words, they do not have the freedom to choose work. As for good exam results, it is not voluntary. On the one hand, the poor study of Americans is forcibly set off; on the other hand, locals are more likely to be admitted to prestigious schools, and even more directly donate to prestigious schools. Therefore, for the future, Asians have to study hard and take exams to compete for the few places left by locals. Therefore, there is not only racial discrimination against Asians in the United States, but there may also be forced labor. Maybe there are concentration camps of Asians in some restricted areas. They are driven to make wigs for those white people who have lost their roofs day and night. The high income is only the surface. That’s it. Look at Xinjiang from another angle. Not only do cotton pickers in Xinjiang have high incomes, but those who come late have no work to do, and everyone is squeezed out. Moreover, Chinese colleges and universities have corresponding support plans and enrollment quotas in Xinjiang. Minorities have preferential policies in terms of admission scores, and there is no “money” admission. With the same logic, why is there racial discrimination and forced labor in Xinjiang? Either the American double standard, or the American fabricated it, you don’t make sense anyway. As for the reporter’s remarks: “This has nothing to do with you. Don’t make Asian Americans and Asians living in the United States more uncomfortable” I think it makes sense! After all, the life of Asian Americans really cannot affect us, and the care in the spirit of humanitarianism may be worthless in her eyes. In addition, uncomfortable is really uncomfortable. Being discriminated against at home and being compared abroad makes it uncomfortable for anyone to change. It’s like a line from Teacher Zhao Benshan: “You slap you!” But the report still has to be reported, and the pressure must be pressured. After all, there are many patriotic overseas Chinese and overseas students in the United States. We protect their interests. As for this American journalist who has already drawn a clear line with us, don’t be passionate, because you have nothing to do with us!

7 months ago

This is actually a good explanation. In the eyes of this reporter, American racial hatred is an internal contradiction. For China, it is a contradiction between the enemy and ourselves. Under such a premise, it is logical that China’s voice for Asians will make things worse. We also need to see that it is not the Chinese among Asian Americans who think so alone, but most Asian Americans think so, and most other ethnic groups in the United States also think so. In terms of ideological mobilization, the United States is already ahead of us. Perhaps what many people don’t know is that the United States is labeling us “evil” under further rumors and distortions. There are even scholars of Jewish origin in the United States who have begun to label us the labels that once existed in Germany during World War II. Behind this kind of thorough ideological mobilization, if it is said that it is for peace, do you believe it or not?

7 months ago

A big question mark? How does this sound so familiar? Wouldn’t it be that the Jews did not suffer any discrimination before? Because of their high income? Every time I see Sino-US news, my feeling is that the US is completely unreasonable. Is it our perception or the US media’s perception? Asians work harder and work harder, so their grades are better. Is this half a dime to be discriminated against? For example, Xiaoming did ten days of work a day and got 1.5 days’ salary. Jack worked half a day’s work a day and got a day’s salary. Isn’t it that Jack was discriminated against?

7 months ago

There are always people who like to say that Chinese people are concerned about human rights issues in the United States for their own sake. The real purpose is not for the American people at all, but the political motivation behind it. It even used this to criticize Chinese people who expressed concern about human rights issues in the United States. I find it very strange. I always thought that the known freedoms hate the behavior of wearing hats with the ass problem of “foreign power”. But unexpectedly, they didn’t actually hate using “foreign powers” to wear hats, but rather hated to do so on China issues. If it is on US issues, it is completely fine. Okay, afterwards, when Freedom was concerned about China, others used “foreign powers” to wear a hat, saying that they did not really care about the Chinese, but “foreign anti-China forces” and “received Biden money.” Don’t do it anymore. So shocked with an innocent look. Having said that, some Asians are really weird. While assisting the mainstream media in Europe and the United States to “demonize” China, they are also dissatisfied with the Western world’s discrimination against Asians and even roughness due to China’s long-term demonization. Do they think that racial discriminators, before discriminating or harming others, will politely ask, “Are you of Chinese descent?” Even after knowing that you are of Chinese descent, they will continue to ask “May I support the Chinese authorities? Is it Chinese?” To be honest, demonizing China continues to help Europe and the United States make China an enemy. China will certainly suffer, but Asians must be the first to bear the brunt! I don’t know how naive they are to feel that in the eyes of racists, there will be much difference between Asians with yellow skin and black hair. Especially in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, there are some cultural differences between the first two, and you even have the same language for the latter two. How confident are they? Do they feel that racial discriminators will have the patience to distinguish them from mainlanders? What’s more, even if the difference is really good, they can curse all mainlanders on the Internet all day long because of their angry ideological opposition, and attack all mainlanders indiscriminately. Why do they demand that racialists in Europe and the United States cannot attack Asians indiscriminately?

7 months ago

If you follow the meaning of ethnic traitors and say “that’s a foreigner, it has nothing to do with us”, then it’s the way of these traitors. If you really hate these ethnic traitors, you must support foreign Asians even more. Traitors are even more suspicious, and they want to kneel down on aliens. Minions can’t do it and they can also screen out those forces that can be united. Because the forces that can be united will surely feel warmhearted to the Chinese citizens’ concerns and support for overseas Asians, even if it is just public opinion supporting certain people, there is no need to repeat “That is the internal affairs of another country”. The issue involving genocide is not an internal affair. U.S. imperialism’s genocide is a crime against humanity. Everyone is punishable. The official media pays close attention to the situation of Asian Americans and condemns criminals who participated in the genocide. Their position is also among overseas Asians who oppose U.S. imperialist genocide. Traitors of the ethnic group, they say that if the Chinese media is shut up, the Chinese media must be obedient? If I don’t follow his wishes, I support the Asian American righteous people to unite and fight against US imperialism. It’s best to upset the United States. As for the extent to which it can be achieved, it’s up to them. Moreover, the high ground of public opinion, we will not occupy the enemy. Just go for occupation. U.S. imperialism controls a considerable part of the world’s media. Such scandals of genocide in the United States should really be reported by the Chinese media. If the Chinese media do not report, these scandals will be covered up by the United States and dealt with coldly by the people of the world. There are many anti-American righteous people and many who have illusions about U.S. imperialism but can wake up. They need to always understand the ugly side of U.S. imperialism. They spread rumors about China. The Chinese media reports on American genocide. It is true. This is true. Why can’t it be reported properly? Some people say that they are anti-American, but they want to kneel all day long. The United States will not stop discrediting China just because the Chinese media does not expose American scandals and “does not interfere in internal affairs.” But some people prefer to let the Chinese media. Shut up, which side does this stand on?

7 months ago

In fact, I think what this person is thinking may not be “being laughed at by people from home again”. Rather, do you deserve to report this? Are you worthy of caring about us in the comfort zone “falsely”? What’s more, there is little pink who dares to speak cold words, are you worthy? This is a kind of “arrogance.” These things can only be done by “we”, and “you” are unworthy. It’s like a buoyant mentality, but bubo is actually healthier in his heart because he thinks that your grades are not as good as me, your income is not as good as me, and you are not as smart as me. You are not as good as me. How can you dare to say that any aspect of me is bad? ? And this person mostly thinks that you people of the “lower country” just don’t have the power to criticize our “heavenly kingdom” internal problems. What can I say, I wish her to continue to be noble in her inner world. This comment is too bad, you must take a screenshot as a souvenir. “We have a good life, we are great, and the United States is good!” “We are not doing well and it is all China’s fault. It is also China’s fault that we are not doing well in the United States. Your fault is all you make it worse!”

7 months ago

The face of this Chinese lady is like Guan Xiaohe in “Four Generations in the Same Family”. When she was buried alive by the Japanese army, she still shouted “Long live the imperial army”. They are clearly a group of people who have been discriminated against, oppressed, and hurt in the United States. Now someone cares about them, they are still not happy, “Master Angsa is very good to us, there is no discrimination, you don’t want to do too much!” “We have a good time. No, I blame you for being troublesome!” Is this pua in particular? First, what does “not to report” mean? How old are you? How many teachers do you have? Are you better than Biden and Harris? Actually let Universal Time “not report”? The Global Times you are talking about is called Global, that is to manage the earth, and all matters on the earth are covered by them. I think they don’t have enough coverage. Secondly, is it true that “Asian Asians are discriminated against”? This is a blatant fact, and it is not the Global Times who learned from the BBC’s stall literature made up by the underworld filter. You oppose this. Are you opposing freedom of speech and freedom of the press? Furthermore, although you are not Chinese, after all, you are connected with the same blood of the same kind, and are all descendants of Yan and Huang. You were beaten by the Angsa bandits, and we are not feeling well… Even if you are not of the same kind, everyone is always human. As human beings are being racially discriminated and oppressed on a land where the flowers of evil are in full bloom, this is a serious human rights issue. Anyone with a conscience in the world should pay attention to it, lest the Angsa bandits become frantic and create a humanitarian crisis in the future. The people of the earth control the affairs of the earth, and the Yankees control the whole world, can we not control the United States? The Angsa bandits beat Asian old people, attacked Asian women and children, shot and killed Asian Asians… Do these things exist in the first place? Or was it “reported” by the Chinese media? Wouldn’t it not exist if the Chinese media didn’t report it? Is there peace in the world and harmony among all races in the United States? Can Asians survive safely? Being treated unfairly is not to stand up to resist, not to unite with our compatriots, but to cover your ears and say “there is no discrimination”, but to throw the pot to the Chinese who care about your personal safety on the other side of the sea… Chinese people did not discriminate against you, right? The Chinese didn’t attack you, right? The Americans who beat you and scolded you? You don’t point your gun at him, you point your gun at me? Just because I am a good person? I can only say: “Isn’t it cheap?”

7 months ago

I support the Chinese media and people to report and discuss social issues in the United States, because you can rectify yourself by learning from your neighbors. But I am very opposed to the Zhihu Hot List, to go to fanfare to discuss a tweet posted on a personal Twitter by a reporter who has only 1,000 followers on Twitter. It is not worth it to kill mosquitoes. According to the reporter, her identity should be a “freelance reporter” who provides articles to the media, and her relationship with the media is weaker than that of hiring a full-time reporter. What she said on her personal Twitter account is even more unnecessary. The Global Times also came to ask a question in person. I don’t think it is necessary. We should guide everyone to discuss more important and meaningful issues.

7 months ago

In the global village, a little girl disliked the old and dilapidated courtyard house that her family had passed down for five thousand years. Seeing the magnificent-looking villa of the village chief’s house, she married. At the beginning, she felt that she had found happiness and still wanted to live in The people in the courtyard show off how comfortable the villa is and how reasonable the design is. This is a house that meets human needs. The former courtyard was simply a pigsty. But slowly, she discovered that her family’s courtyard was renovated year by year, and her life was getting better and better. Even the bodyguard at the entrance of the courtyard was replaced by a sine-shaped body. On the other hand, she was a short-lived wedding. After the joy, I found that I was actually treated as a concubine by the owner of the big villa, and his position was lower than that of the black concubine. Although the black concubine had been a slave of the villa owner before, the villa still dare not blatantly discriminate against the black concubine and black concubine. If the noise is louder, you can add a meal, and the owner of the villa even has to coax. Although the big villa is glamorous in appearance, the little girl here is not comfortable, especially when she sees her family’s life next door getting better and better. The people in the villa are venting their anger on themselves, and the little girl finally She has become an old resentful woman, but when facing her mother’s family, the old resentful woman still feels that she is superior to others. Until one day, a sudden storm hit the global village. At first, the old woman was still laughing at the water in her family’s courtyard. But it didn’t take long for the old woman to find that her small bedroom in the corner had been smashed. A closer look reveals that the roof of the big villa is gone! The owner of the villa was still struggling with the beams of the house, and at this time, under the direction of the owner of the courtyard house, not only did he unite to repair the courtyard, he also stood by and watched the waterfall view of the villa. The people in the villa believed that the storm was caused by the people in the courtyard eating game and barbecue, so they named the storm the barbecue storm, and the old woman was suddenly suppressed by the people in the villa and became the lowest level of racial discrimination. Everyone shouted and beat. The words of the old woman who brag about the big villa in the past have also become the chatting material that the people of the courtyard spurned after a meal. The old woman wanted to argue, but she was speechless as soon as she said it. Not only was no one caring, there were even activities to slap the old woman in the villa. The people in the courtyard saw the old woman’s suffering in the villa, and just said a few words for her to make other people in the villa pay attention. When the old woman heard it, she jumped up and her hands were swollen. Half of his face said viciously: “Shut up, no comments! There is still democracy here!” Then he was talking about “freedom and human rights”, “no discrimination at all”, “air is sweet” and so on. Joyous laughter broke out in the courtyard

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