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Shi Changshi thinks so too, isn’t it just one of them? Kill it and it’s over. Wang Yun thought so too, isn’t it just Dong Zhuo. Kill it and it’s over. The results of it. . . . We don’t need to mention anything else, both of these things are witnesses. It is not He Jin, Dong Zhuo, and Cao Cao that are terrible, but the huge power vacuum brought about after death, and the group of subordinates who are either capable of fighting or plotting, and have been angry at all positions when the leader was alive. Fans. The power vacuum brings chaos. Angry fans bring revenge. Han Zuo was only in decline before this, but after He Jin and Dong Zhuo, he suffered from blood collapse. Emperor Xian of Han is not stupid. Just powerless. Several friends said that Emperor Xian was the emperor, and He Jin and Dong Zhuo were different in status. Minister, you can kill. The emperor, don’t kill. It really makes sense to say so. But ignoring the changes in the domestic situation. Before He Jin and Dong Zhuo, the contradictions among the various forces in the country had not intensified, and the Yellow Turban Army was making trouble everywhere. Although the various forces cannot be said to be completely harmonious, they are basically colleagues, and they work together to kill the Yellow Turban Army. In general, there is no chaos of division, and the emperor is still the co-master of the world in name. But after He Jin and Dong Zhuo, the emperor’s majesty disappeared. After He Jin died, the palace was directly breached, and all men in the palace who did not grow beards were killed. The emperor’s failure to be kidnapped was considered a bit of face for the old Liu’s family. By the time of Dong Zhuo, the Emperor of Han was directly abolished. Everyone can also engage in an alliance with Dongs in a decent way. Please note that at this time everyone already has their own ideas. They all want to save their strength and let others do it first. After Dong Zhuo was killed, Wang Yun had the power, and Li Yu and Guo Bang came to avenge him, hijacking the emperor, and killing indefinitely. At this time, the emperor had lost all face. From then on, no one from all forces in the world has ever seen the emperor. Everyone officially began to attack each other and merge. Any slogans such as reviving the Han room, except for Shuhan, may be serious, and everyone else just shouted and shouted. The world’s heroes not only hope that Cao Cao will die, but also hope that Emperor Xian will die with Cao Cao. The emperor is dead, revenge for the emperor! Anyway, Cao Cao is also dead, nothing terrible! To sum up, when Cao Cao was serving the emperor, the royal majesty was reduced to zero, and the imperial power existed in name only. The domestic form is completely different from before. During the He Jin period, the emperor could still save He Jin after he was killed. Because the emperor is still the master of the world. Everyone didn’t dare to mess around, for fear of being surrounded and beaten by others. But I don’t take the emperor seriously anymore. During Dong Zhuo’s period, when Dong Zhuo was killed, the heroes were renounced. We can’t count on such an emperor. Let him live and die. I will manage it myself. (Cao Cao’s hand in serving the emperor to order not to be a minister is really wonderful.) During the period of Cao Cao, the whole family of Xiandi Xianchang replaced Cao Cao. The other forces couldn’t close their legs happily.


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7 months ago

There are several ways for the emperor to seize power: the first Kangxi seizes power (difficulty is 3). This is the kind of military power and prestige in the hands of officials (usually not long after the founding of the country). Such officials have real power but political opponents. As the center of power, the emperor can instigate discord and use his strength to fight his strength. Kangxi first fought for the nine admirals to ensure that Beijing’s military power was in hand and ensure his own safety, and then found a crime to take Obhai. It is possible that Obai has his cronies A, B, and C, but after Obai was arrested, the group of dragons has no leader, and he will definitely not be able to fight against the emperor and Obai’s political opponents. Therefore, he can’t make any waves. It is better to submit to the emperor. Catch the first evil. Power goes from the official to the emperor. The second is Chongzhen to win Wei Zhongxian, Jiajing to win Yan Song (difficulty 1). This kind of authority has no military background, and relies on the control of the censorship, the control of censorship, and the control of the spy agencies to create a phenomenon of “power in the hands”, but it is only a gamer of rules and has no arrogant foundation-violence as a support. When the emperor, the legal ruler of the country, wants to kill you, your yoshi will attack you, and your son Jin Yiwei will start to extend a butcher knife to you. The emperor wants to knock you down, because you are only an advanced player of the rules, and the emperor is the designated person of the rules. The third is the Han Emperor Xiandi to win Dong Zhuo (difficulty is 5, basically impossible). Your palace, your finances, and the food you eat all come from the officials you want to seize power. Regardless of whether you are the emperor or not, the officials are the masters of your subordinates. You are only the emperor in name, and the rules are made by others. By. Your only hope for seizing power is that you can escape, relying on your reputation to organize soldiers and horses to fight back. Saying that Emperor Xian of Han killed Cao Cao is similar to the third situation. Wang Yun had already tried it. Killing Dong Zhuo and his subordinates entering the palace was just a matter of cutting melons and vegetables. The only difference is that Cao Cao is alive and I can eat food safely. Cao Cao died. I was chased by Cao Cao’s subordinates as if I was chased by Guo Bian and Li Zhang, and I couldn’t eat my meal. Or directly splash Biyu with blood. The comment area reminds a lot of situations that cannot be covered. For example, Er Zhurong, who was also a power minister in troubled times, did not control the emperor as well as the Cao family, who had spread all over Xuchang, and Yu Wenhu, who had killed three emperors, after discussion with the comment section.

7 months ago

More than two hundred years later, someone really did that. The country was in turmoil, and Yuan Ziyou, who had royal blood and served as the emperor’s companion, was named the king of Changle, and worshipped General Wei, Dr. Zuo Guanglu, and Zhongshu Supervisor. The great warlord Er Zhu Rong also has the heart of disobedience. The party feathers are all over the northern country. It coincides with a series of sorrows by the Queen Mother, who poisoned his own son, Emperor Xiaoming, Yuan Xu. Er Zhu Rong used the excuse of revenge to march south. At the same time Send his son quietly into Luoyang to contact Yuan Ziyou inside and outside, and promised to make him the emperor after the event was completed. When the army marched to Heyang, Er Zhurong quietly picked Yuan Ziyou out and made him emperor, and defeated the “Central Army.” Officials all “sacrifice to the sky”, historically known as “Heyin Change”. After the Heyin Incident, although he wanted to ascend the throne, Luoyang, which was overly angry, was very unstable, so Er Zhurong returned to Jinyang to remote control. At this time, the emperor had “no one can fight”. Yuan Ziyou, who was unwilling to be a puppet, began to plot to kill Er Zhurong, who was increasingly eager to usurp the throne, but Er Zhurong felt that the emperor did not have the courage, so he became more presumptuous, and finally felt that the time was ripe for the emperor, the king of Taiyuan (Er Zhurong). Lord Zhu Rong) You are going to be a grandfather. Xuan’er Zhu Rong enters the palace. Er Zhurong continued to float, and as usual, he only brought more than thirty followers into the palace. Before he could say joy afterwards, the emperor took the knife and rushed forward and stabbed Er Zhurong in the stomach and stabbed Er Zhurong to death. After the success, the emperor announced an amnesty for the world, but at that time the Erzhu family could make a final decision on Erzhu Shilong, a coward, and his “strategic shift” allowed the emperor to continue his life. But at that time, Shanxi to the north, Guanzhong to the west, and Xuzhou to the east were all in the hands of the Erzhu family. Yuan Ziyou, who was defeated, was captured by Er Zhurong’s cousin, Er Zhuzhao, and strangled to death in Jinyang. At this time, it was only three months since Yuan Ziyou stabbed Er Zhu Rong to death.

7 months ago

Emperor Xian of Han encountered the Xiyuan Army rebellion from the very beginning, and rushed into the palace to kill anyone. Later, I saw that Dong Zhuo was okay at the beginning and supported Emperor Xian to become emperor. Later, he kept tossing, either fighting with the princes of Guandong, or moving the capital, Dong Zhuo’s subordinates, Lu Bu, Li Lao, Guo Bang, Zhang Ji, Fan Chou, Xu Rong. Wait, each one is a fuel-efficient lamp. Later, Wang Yun said that Wang Yun’s eyes were very small, and he couldn’t hear any sand in his eyes. Moreover, the Wang family was a public clan and had a good reputation for getting rid of Dong Zhuo. He was very powerful in the court and threatened the throne. Not smaller than Dong Zhuo. Later, Li Yu and Guo Bang came. Dong Zhuo was born in Habayashi anyway, and the two men were from horse thieves and grass bandits. Disagreements with the ministers were resolved with fists. After the gift of the emperor, the rights did not increase at all, but the form became more chaotic. Today, Ma Teng will not be able to fight against the officials, and tomorrow the Qiang people will rebel, the day after tomorrow, God will have a temper, either an earthquake or a locust plague, drought, and then an earthquake. Finally escaped from Chang’an with the ministers, lacking clothes and clothing and living without a place to live all the way, these can be tolerated, and there is a white boy and handsome Li Le, who is born in the Yellow Turban Army, and his ability and knowledge are not as good as the horse thieves and grass bandits. In the end, Cao Cao suddenly appeared, with countless soldiers and military commanders, and was born as a court minister. He had met with the emperor several times before, and he looked like talking to the loyal officials around him. Various family ministers also returned to the emperor, not to mention the trivial matters of food and accommodation, mainly because the emperor’s identity was truly respected. In this comparison, Cao Cao treated the emperor better than those before. At least at the beginning, the Han Emperor Xian was very satisfied, only the contradiction was exposed after a long time.

7 months ago

Wei said: Taizu Yizhuo will eventually be defeated, so he worshiped and fled back to his hometown. His deceased Chenggao Lu Boshe has been riding since the number of horses; without Boshe, his son and the guests robbed Taizu together, fetched horses and property, Taizu killed several people with his sword. Shi Yu said: Taizu Guo Boshe. Uncle She is traveling, and the five sons are all there, ready for the guest to officiate. Taizu believed himself to be destined, suspected of his own destiny, and killed eight people at night with a sword. Sun Sheng’s miscellaneous note said: Taizu heard the sound of his eating utensils and thought he was trying to himself, so he killed him at night. Then he said sadly: “I would rather bear others than others!” Then he proceeded. Wei Shu said: The soldiers conspired to rebel, burned Taizu’s account at night, and Taizu killed dozens of people with swords. He is extremely talented, shooting birds with his hands, bowing birds and beasts, and shooting a pheasant in Nanpi to get 63 in one day. ~ He slaughtered dozens of Huaiyang elites and several domestic servants, probably just like slaughtering pigs. Run to Zhang Rang’s house, dance the halberd alone to fight through the siege. After all, he could capture the force of a beast himself, not a hundred thousand hiding in a car to tease a tiger. Killing a weakly written emperor is the same as killing a chicken. Not even Chengji. The son Cao Pi he taught, you think he is a writer, his son’s swordsmanship teaches mid-level officers to be a new man every minute. Why is it called Emperor Wei Wu? In fact, Cao Cao’s skill points really make him want to be a general in the West. What is Seomyeon? Outside the cold and cold barrier, there is a map of Pingchuan. Xia Houyuan’s style of rushing in white ground with a thousand and one riders over three days, five hundred and six days, Juechen. It’s just that if you don’t pay attention and find out how good your culture is, you think he can only chant poems.

7 months ago

In October of the first year of Jian’an, Cao Cao took the emperor to the princes and moved his capital to Xuchang. In the spring of the second year of Jian’an, he no longer met with Emperor Xian. The time was too short, and the relationship between Cao Cao and Emperor Xian had not completely deteriorated. I am afraid that Emperor Xian would not do so. It was very unlikely that Emperor Xian wanted to follow the example of the Northern Wei Dynasty Yuan Ziyou in assassinating Er Zhu Rong after two years of Jian’an. It can be seen how important it is for officials not to see the emperor in front of him. In the old system, the three males led soldiers to enter, and they all crossed their necks. At the beginning, the generals asked for Zhang embroidery to enter the emperor, and then the system was repeated. Since then, the public will not see you again. Of course, someone had a chance to assassinate before, but Yang Biao was just dissatisfied with Cao Cao and didn’t take any specific actions, and Cao Cao was the first to attack. In the first year of Jian’an, Xu from the East. When the emperor moved to the palace, the general secretary of the meeting, and the Yanzhou governor Cao Cao went to the hall. He was displeased by the shamelessness. He was afraid of this picture. He didn’t get a banquet, and he went to the toilet for illness. Stop it with illness. At that time, Yuan Shu arrogantly violated Tuo Biao’s marriage with Shu, arguing that he wanted to dispose of him, and he was sent to jail, and he was rebellious.

7 months ago

In my answer to another change in Gaopingling, I mentioned the basic routine used to punish officials: The emperor came forward. Some people, the point is to have the support of soldiers. Beheading action. After the end, both grace and power are applied. The preconditions of the first two are the course of action in the middle and the aftermath in the end. These four items are indispensable. The emperor didn’t show up, he said that he lacked a status when he was small, and he was rebellious when he was old. No one supports it, the emperor can’t do it alone, and not many people will stand stupidly and kill you. Not beheading will give the opponent the chance to fight back with the entangled forces, and since your emperor wants to punish the officials, the forces must be inferior to the opponent. If you don’t be gracious and threaten, the other party’s remaining party will fight back in fear of crime. The biggest disadvantage of Emperor Xian of Han Dynasty was that there were too few people supporting him, and he had almost no chance to approach Cao Cao to behead. For example, Cao Mao was defeated by the second, three supporters and two twenty-five sons. If there was no such inform, maybe he would directly enter Sima Zhao’s house and cut Sima Zhao with one sword. However, Sima Yi almost lost to the third point. In the change of Gao Pingling, Sima Yi could only wait for Cao Shuang to leave, and could not cut his head. Fortunately, Cao Shuang stretched his head over and let him cut it. The second and third articles of Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty were not available, so it was not easy to talk about Tianzhu country thief. More importantly, Cao Cao is not a power minister, but a warlord. The big difference between a powerful minister and a warlord is the gun. No matter how powerful the minister is, his power comes from the monarch’s grant and the support of the courtiers. He cannot do without this court. When Sun Wei died, except for the thousands of diehard troops, they all fell on the lookout. After Simalun’s defeat, he was simply overthrown by courtiers. The warlord is different. His power is achieved by himself. Without the court, he is still a warlord. He has a group of armed forces that are only loyal to him. He is completely capable of breaking the court. For example, Yuan Ziyou, everything is ready to kill Er Zhu Rong, and then Er Zhu Rong’s rest is swept over, what are you blocking? Take Wang Yun, for example, when the Xiliang Army gets back to it, are you their opponent? The same is true for Cao Cao. Even if you Liu Xie kills Cao Cao with a single sword, what are you going to do against Cao Cao’s so many troops? Why is Mingzhi the shortest shogunate in Japan? Not to mention the strength of the Oda family, Hideyoshi alone is enough to crush you. Do you think that if you are lucky enough to solve Nobunaga, it will be finished? The only people who can be killed by a sword are the officials, and the warlords are all centipedes, dead but not stiff.

7 months ago

Cao Cao is a master of all kinds of battles. At the age of 10, he swims with his bare hands against the dragon or crocodile. When he was young, he sneaked into Zhang Rang’s house and stabbed him and retreated. The prime of life participated in the crusade against the Yellow Turban and led the cavalry assault on the enemy. Not to mention that when Xuzhou was slaughtered, the murder was frustrated. When he lived in seclusion, he hunted in autumn and winter. Cao Cao didn’t hunt deer or rabbits. He liked hunting beasts like bears and tigers. Here I think of Tigger and his good friends. After the age of 40, at most, his reflexes have declined, and he has not yet reached the point where he is killed by a young man who has never killed anyone. Wu Jing is now forty-five years old, and he can’t just find a 20-year-old young man to fight him. I don’t think young people who have ever practiced can beat even sixty-year-old six-year-olds. Teacher Liu is really quick-sighted. If Cao Cao had poor physical fitness, he would not be able to support most of his battles by himself. Not to mention that the soldiers led by Xu Chu under Cao Cao are all swordsmen with high martial skills. Ma Chao was so daring to be scared by Xu Chu’s stare. Furthermore, based on Cao Cao’s rich escape experience, Liu Xie missed a hit and couldn’t catch up with Cao Cao at all. In a blink of an eye, he was already 100 meters away. Regarding the level of escape, probably Liu Bei, Sun Quan, and Lu Bu can compete with Cao Cao. The best way is to condemn Cao Cao’s unfaithfulness, unless Cao Cao swears in front of Guan Gong that he has no intention of disobedience, and then pretends to be Guan Gong and took advantage of the fact that Cao Cao bowed his head and cut Cao Cao in half.

7 months ago

In fact, the attitude of Emperor Xian to Cao Cao was the same as Cao Cao’s attitude to Emperor Xian. The first step, Xiandi: I feel something is wrong with Cao Cao. I tried Cao Cao with the etiquette of the Han Dynasty to see if he was willing to keep the old manners. “Tong Dian” “Han system, the three males will not be with the thieves, if you lead soldiers in, they will all cross their necks and cross their necks, so that the tiger will hold the sword and help him.” “The Book of the Queen of the Later Han Dynasty”: Since the emperor is allowed, just keep the position , Su Weibing, could it be the old relatives of the Cao’s party. Yilang Zhao Yan tasted the policy for the emperor Chen Yanshi, and Cao Cao killed him for evil. The rest, inside and outside, are more punishable. After the exercise, the emperor did not let him be angry, because he said: “If you can help each other, you will be thick; if you are not, fortunately, you will be kind.” In the old instrument, the three males led the soldiers to meet, and Hu Ben held the sword to hold him. Cao Cao: Bye bye you, I won’t come again (to avoid the risk of being killed by the sword) [Fuck it out, look around, sweating, and dare not come back afterwards. 】The second step, Xiandi: Seeing that Cao Cao’s rebellion has been revealed, contact Hanchen in the DPRK to eliminate this thief! [“The Book of the Later Han Dynasty·Dong Zhuo Lie Biography” The Emperor Ji exercises forcefully, is a secret edict to Dong Cheng, so that the world’s righteous scholars will be condemned. Cheng Sui co-conspired with Liu Bei] [“Zi Zhi Tong Jian”: At the beginning, the general Dong Cheng said that he was under the edict of the emperor, and Liu Bei conspired to punish Cao Cao. [“The Legend of the Three Kingdoms”: General Dong Chengci, Xiandi Uncle Chaqi, received a secret edict from the emperor’s clothes and punished Cao Gong. [“Hou Hanshu”: “Hou was afraid of himself, but after finishing the book with his father, he said that Cao Cao was cruel, so that he could make a figure.”] Cao Cao (wiping the knife and blood): Damn ran away. [“Book of the Later Han Dynasty”: In the first lunar month of the spring of five years, the riding general Dong Cheng, the general general Wang Fu, and the Yue riding school captain were succumbed to Cao Cao, and the incident was leaked. In Renwu, Cao Cao killed Dong Cheng and others, the Yi tribe. 】【The emperor is in the outer hall and he is worried about sitting. Later, the disciple was sent weeping and said: “Can’t you revive the evil?” The emperor said: “I don’t know when my fate is!” Gu said, “Xi Gong, is there an evil in the world?” After going down to the violence room, to quiet collapse. The two princes who were born were all murdered. After reigning for 20 years, more than a hundred brothers and clan dead, and 19 people including Mu Ying moved to Zhuo County. 】The third step, Xiandi: If I can’t kill it, can’t I run? Doctor Ji went to ask Master Guan to help me! [Notes of “Sanfu Julu”: From time to time, there is Jing Zhao Jinyi… Seeing Han Zuo will move, it is said that Ji Xing can be called Ji Xing, but I will be angry… If you want to hold the emperor to attack Wei, the South aid Liu Bei. [“Three Kingdoms: Wu Di Ji”: In the first lunar month of the twenty-third year, the Imperial physician of the Han Dynasty, Ling Jiben and the young man Geng Ji, Si Zhi Weihuang, etc., attacked Xu, burned the prime minister, and the king will be the king] Cao Cao: My son-in-law, where do you want to run? ~~【Cao Cao heard that the king was bound to die, and was furious. He summoned a hundred officials of the Han Dynasty and ordered the fire fighters to be left and those who did not fight the fire to the right. Everyone thought that fire fighters must be innocent, and they are all attached to the left; the king thought that “the one who does not fight the fire is to help the chaos, and the fire is the real thief.” Kill it all. In summary, Liu Xie had a chance to solve Cao Cao at first, but because of lack of political experience and fear of killing good people by mistake, this opportunity was missed. After realizing that Emperor Xian was dissatisfied, Cao Cao’s control and prevention of Liu Xie continued to strengthen to ensure that he could not harm himself. By the way, there is also the fourth step that Liu Xie takes the initiative to meditate. But everyone in the past has felt that there is a problem here, and it is impossible for the puppet emperor who can toss about it to make a sudden turn. My personal opinion is that Liu Xie has actually been killed. See my answer for details.

7 months ago

Emperor Xiaozhuang of the Northern Wei Dynasty thought so too, and Er Zhurong was gone, and he was gone the next day. In the autumn and July, Bingzi, the sky is flat in Shuiluo City, Qingyun is captured, and 17,000 of its citizens are pitted. Guisi, Xiao Yan Min Ge Qiu, Bu Tang Shi led the fort to gather inside. Gengzi, General Cheqi, and Li Shuren, the third division of Yitong, took office and removed his name as Min. In September Xinmao, General Tianzhu Er Zhurong and Shangdang Wang Tianmu came from Jinyang. In the Wuxu period, the emperor killed Rong, Tianmu was in Mingguang Hall, and Rongziyi was the same as Sansi Bodhi. Nai Shengchang closed the door, sent General Wuwei Xi Yi, former Yanzhou governor Cui Yuan led his troops to the town of Beizhong. It was the night when the servants of Zhu Shilong and the princess of Rong’s wife township, led Rong’s tribe to burn Xiyangmen, and left Tunheyin. In Jihai, attacking the river bridge, capturing Yi is equal to the way and harming it; according to the North Central City, the south will force Jingyi. The edicts used General Huqi, Governor of Yongzhou, and Zhu Tianguang, the founding father of Guangzong County, as the servants, and the three divisions of Yitong, and Yang Jin, the servant of Shizhong and Sikong, as envoys, and supervised the regiments of Yan Hengyun Shuo Xian Fenwei. The military of Kyushu, the generals of hussars, the provincial governor, Jianshang Shuling, and Daxingtai of the North Dao, all manage together. Gengzi, the old generations of Zhao Zhu went to Hualin Garden, and the emperor gave a brief description. Gao Ganyong, General Fujun and Doctor Jin Ziguanglu, served as the ambassador of Hebei and recruited brave men. In the winter of October, Guimaoshuo, General Annan and Dahong Yuqing Yuanbao torch were named the King of Nanyang, Zhengqing Dazong, the founding king of Ruyang County, Xiupingyang, Tongzhi Sanqi Changshi, General Longxiang, and founding father of Xinyang County Yuan Xian is the King of Changle. Restoring the direct route, Sanqi Changshi, Li Shuren, the founding father of Langxian County, was still an envoy and a general governor in order to challenge Shilong. The king of Wei Jun was relegated to the title of King Zhao, and his disciple Zhao Jun was changed to the king of Pingchang. Yi Tong Sansi Li Qianxie. Ding Wei, Banbu attacked the river bridge, and rewarded the officials. Wushen, the prince’s birth, amnesty the world, the civil and military ranks two. With General Pingnan and Zhongshu instructing Wei Langen and Shangshu Zuopu to shoot, this is the trip to Hebei, and the phase of Yin Sanzhou is in Langen Jiedu. Yimao, Tongzhisan, Qi Changshi, General Pingxi, and the governor Li Miao burned the river bridge with a fire boat, and Erzhu Shilong retreated. Bingchen, the governor of Zhao Dadu, Jianshang Shupu shot, and Xingtai Yuanzi Gong rode 10,000 from the West Road, and Yang Yu led the governor Li Kanxi and other ministries to recruit warriors from the east road to guard against them. Zi Gong still towns Taihang Dangu. Shilong to Jianzhou, the governor Lu Xi refused to defend. When the city falls, it will be slaughtered, but hope will be exempted. With the generals of the Chinese army and the former governor of Jingzhou in the east, Yuan Xiangong as envoys, the governor of Jin built the military of the three states of Nanfen, the generals of Zhenxi, the governor of Jinzhou, and Jian Shangshu Zuopu shot, to conquer the west road, and the governor of Jiedu Xue Shanle, Xue Xiuyi, Pei Yuanjun, Xue Chongli, Xue Chang clan, etc. Ding Mao, Zhao Yishi Longbei rebellion, Hanoi sticks to the guard, he is in the city governor general civil and military Pujia second level, the soldiers will be given three years. Renshen, Erzhu Shilong stopped to build the high capital, Erzhu Zhao came to the meeting from Jinyang, and jointly promoted Taiyuan prefect, Xingbingzhou governor Changguang Wang Ye as the main, the Ministry of Amnesty, the title of Jianming, the general fourth level. Xuzhou governor Zhu Zhongyuan countered and led the crowd to the capital. In October in the month of Guiyoushuo, General Zhaochaqi and General Zuowei Zheng Xianhu served as envoys, generals, and general governors, and Li Kanxi went to Xingtai to discuss it with the general governor Li Kanxi. Yihai, with Shijie, Jianshangshuling, Xidao Daxingtai, Situ Grandmaster Sun Zhi as Taiweigong, Shizhong, Shangshuling, Huqi Grand General, Kaifuyitong Sansi, Linhuai Wangyu as Situ Gong. Bingzi opened his mansion with General Hussar, Sansi of Yitong, Governor of Yongzhou, and Zhu Tianguang, the founding father of Guangzong County, and became king. Ding Chou and Er Zhu Zhongyuan were trapped in Xi Yanzhou, and Wang Yan was in charge of the governor’s history. Guiwei, with Youwei general He Basheng as the governor of the Eastern Campaign. Ren Chen also used Zuowei, General Zuowei, the chief governor Zheng Xianhu and Shangshu Zuopu to shoot, as the platform, and the victory and the challenge for Zhongyuan. Shuxu, banned Wei Langen on the platform, and then the general and the Dingzhou assassin Xue Tanshang served as an envoy and a book, and was called on the platform for the North Road. After the Yuzhou governor Yuan Chongli was killed, he went to the state to guide and reconcile the affairs of the state and take photos of Yuzhou without permission. Gengzi, He Basheng and Zhong Yuan fought against Taitung, but they failed, but they still ran for it. In ten February, Ren Yin Shuo, Erzhu Zhao Kou Dangu, Governor Cui Bofeng died in battle, Governor Yang Wenyi, Shi Wulong descended the omen, and General Governor Yuanzi retreated. Jiachen, Erzhuzhao and Erzhudulu came from Fuping and Tianjin, and they led the ride to cross the capital to attack the capital. Things went in a hurry, and the guards did not guard. Emperor Izumo Dragon Gate. Zhaobi emperor fortunately Yongning Buddhist Temple, killed the prince, and killed Situ, Linhuai Wang Yu, Zuo Pu shot, Fan Yang Wang Zhao. Wushen, Yuan Ye amnesty the world. Erzhu Dulu from the town capital. Jiayin, Seoul, Emperor Zhu Zhaoqian in Jinyang; Jiazi, collapsed in a three-level Buddhist temple in the city, at the age of twenty-four. And harm Chen Liu Wang Kuan. It was basically such a situation, a series of soothing, but the battlefield lost one after another. Erzhu Shilong’s reaction is basically equivalent to armed tourism. Actually, Emperor Xian has also seen it, such as the story of Dong Zhuo

7 months ago

Cao Cao once said: Suppose there is no loneliness in the country, when you don’t know how many people will be the emperor and who will be the king. In fact, there is another sentence that Cao Cao didn’t say at the same time: If the country did not have Cao Cao, the emperor would not know how many times he would die. Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty could die of hunger or disease, thieves and reckless men, and more likely to die from various warlords who hijacked him to Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty. One of the most important reasons why Emperor Xian of the Han died well and his descendants were long, the most important reason was that Cao Cao adopted Xun Zhonghan’s suggestion-to hold the emperor to order the princes The authorship of Ling Buchen belongs to Mao Jie). It was because of this policy that Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty became a man of long-term use value, and the Han Dynasty Guo Zuo was 30 years longer, and the Han Dynasty reached the 400-year period. But it must be understood that other warlords do not need to hold the emperor to make the princes, they can kill the emperor, avoid the emperor, and throw away the emperor, instead of being the most thankful and thankful to the emperor (how difficult it is to hold the emperor with the yin) . Moreover, not only is it technical work to hold the emperor, but the princes must also rely on strength, so it is not completely unreasonable for Yuan Shao to avoid the emperor. After saying this, you must understand that Cao Cao, who is willing to take the emperor, is not only the enemy of Han Emperor Xiandi, but the benefactor and supporter. Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty had political legitimacy resources, but no actual military force. Even if he wiped out Cao Cao’s power, he still needed to build his own relatively powerful military force to protect himself and exert political legitimacy. It is not easy to kill Cao Cao, and it is even more difficult to destroy Cao Cao’s influence, but the most difficult thing is that Emperor Xian of Han rebuilds his military power. Then you put it in the context of the growth of the clans in the late Eastern Han Dynasty and they are ready to seize political power. There is no tenant farmer in China that has no owner. Which clan people and land will Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty include? To be fair, Cao Cao had to fight these celebrities because he didn’t compromise. His son Cao Pi could only choose to compromise and take the first step to sell his imperial power. What is the ability of Emperor Han Xian to recruit celebrities out of thin air? So, self-effort is very important, but sometimes we also need to consider the historical process.

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