Let me talk about girls. If you win 3, it means that you are very difficult to chase. 1. Like to stay at home, it is difficult for girls to be too lazy to chase after. I know a friend who is only in his 20s and is ready to die. Staying at home on weekends, working at home, when people ask her, there are always many reasons to refuse, not wanting to go out, do not want to wash hair, feel a little disgusted when seeing boys, and don’t know how to say the first sentence… …2. Girls who say they want to get out of the singles every day are hard to chase. It is almost always difficult to chase the people who yell at each other every day, because they are just to have the addiction to the mouth, if they really encounter the opposite sex they are pursuing, they will immediately be persuaded. 3. Know what you really need. Especially girls, it’s not that it is getting harder and harder to chase, but because they are too clear about what they want, because in love is to sacrifice a part of their self, or even lower their quality of life to compromise. They would rather be single than give up. 4. Girls with slow personality are hard to chase. Slow-hot girls are more reserved, and you don’t speak much when you meet. The speed you chase her is 5G, but her response is 2G, so you find it difficult to chase her. 5. Girls who are buddies with you are hard to chase. Calling brothers and sisters, hanging shoulders and backs all day long, talking a little bit of meat, and becoming a buddy with you and becoming a bestie, this kind of girl may find it difficult to be tempted by you anymore, and it is difficult to change from a buddy to a lover. 6. Girls who don’t like to post to Moments are hard to follow. First, in the social era, you don’t even have the opportunity to get to know her through the circle of friends, and it is difficult to pursue it. The second is that girls who do not post in Moments are either very busy and fulfilling, or they are not good at socializing. 7. Girls with almost blank emotional experience are hard to follow. My best friend is 24 years old and has no emotional experience. Sometimes I laugh with her and tell her to introduce a younger brother to her. She said forget it, not knowing how to deal with the relationship between men and women. 8. Girls with alienated personality and cold temperament are hard to chase. Just like me, everyone said that I was cold, and I was wronged. I was slow and hot. I really don’t want to say a word or take a look at people who are not familiar with it. Because of the high cold, I didn’t even have a chance to be hit up. Except for the little brother who handed out flyers on the street to ask WeChat, there was no chance~~~9. Many people said on the Internet that the beautiful girls are very long Hard to chase. I retort, my sister, she is very good-looking, there are many people who chase her, and the success rate is high, but it is not very long. And I don’t know if you found out, your school’s school flower exchange boyfriend special service. 10. It is said on the Internet that girls who eat goods are hard to follow. I laughed to death. I am a typical foodie. I dropped out because my favorite boy invited a hot pot meal. Now I regret it a little bit. I should eat a few more hot pot meals. I am

, pay attention to me, and deal with those young messes together.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Some people say that beautiful girls are the hardest to chase. In fact, good-looking girls are not necessarily harder to chase than ordinary-looking girls. I think it’s not difficult to chase the school flowers when we were in college. She often changes boyfriends. As long as you are handsome or rich, she may try with you, but it won’t last long. Some people say that schoolmaster girls are the most difficult to chase, but in fact they are not. Many schoolmasters are very innocent and have no love experience. Boys use snacks more and make tricks, and it is not difficult to get them. Some people say that girls who consider themselves innocent and lofty are the hardest to chase. I can’t see that this kind of girl is lonely and self-respect, and has a stronger vanity. If you want to satisfy her vanity, praise her more, she will probably fall. To me, the girl who is the hardest to chase should be the one who over-pursuits spiritual fit and finds a soul mate. To put it bluntly, she just looks at her feelings. She has no clear criteria for choosing a spouse, she does not adore vanity, and money cannot buy her. She is also not lustful, her appearance is just a bladder to her. She also had people she liked, but very few, and she didn’t know what she liked, maybe it was a certain action, a certain look, she felt that the other party was destined for her. She also loves fantasies, loves romance, refuses to be introduced by friends on blind dates, and even repels others’ initiative to approach. She feels that love should be an inadvertent love at first sight, not a deliberate arrangement. If you accidentally fall in love with this kind of girl, you just need to cover up your purpose and approach her carefully. How to chase you can see this Cheshire Cat: What did you know after chasing many girls and failing? That boy also has this, how can I chase it? Cheshire Cat: How to make a boy like you?

6 months ago

I am an emotional blogger with a major in psychology|Tangtang can help you find someone, answer related emotional doubts, and take you to talk about a sweet love. Here, Tangtang will share with you what kind of boys you can see It’s hard to chase! There is a saying that goes well: men chase women across the mountain, women chase men’s interlayer yarn”. When a girl decides to chase a boy, her motivation is very obvious. On the one hand, it is due to the superiority of the boy. Another aspect must be derived from a certain point in the boy that aroused the interest of the girl, that is, attraction. But in love, it’s not “the one who has the will, the thing will happen”. Because of the attitude and personality of both parties. So what kind of boy is hard to chase at a glance? ①: A boy who has an introvert, withdrawn, and less talkative personality is really hard to chase. You are not chasing him for a while. Knowing where to start, just like a friend of mine, there is really little talk before and after, we discuss topics together, he is basically alone next to him, it is really a puzzling question to want to know him.② : If a man’s behavioral style is gentle, it’s really hard to chase him. He can be described as “the stranger is like a jade, the son is unparalleled”, and his feelings are never leaked, let him chase him People who have no way to start. ③: A boy with a blank emotional state. He is the kind of person who is different from the sea king. If he wants him to talk about a grand love, he will definitely consider many aspects and will not start a relationship easily, but this Once the kind of boy starts, he won’t give up this relationship easily. Therefore, judging the ease of chasing a boy should be measured from all aspects, from the small to the boy’s should, attitude, and moral character, to the large enough to take into account the economic conditions. Distance, influence and other aspects. In fact, girls’ likes are sometimes really simple, but they are just thinking, “If I can, I want to walk the colorful road with you. Holding hands, passing by the prosperous, toward the plain, this is the happiness I want. “

6 months ago

Actually, there are no girls and boys that are difficult to chase. As long as they like each other, they are especially easy to chase. But there are two sides to everything. For example, if you want to chase after her (he) likes you, (the following are all indicated by her), this needs See what the other person means, and there is still time. Let me break it down~ Girls or boys who have a good relationship with the opposite sex have never seen anything of the opposite sex, but these people lack a reason to make her tempted. As for the routines you are pursuing, in daily life, her friends of the opposite sex have long understood all routines for her. Therefore, it is better not to play routines in pursuit of the opposite sex. It is better to be sincere. She is still pretending to be someone else in her heart, and it is basically difficult to pursue. You have to break into her heart and kick that person out. The difficulty is conceivable, and it is impossible in a short time. People who have been injured are also, in fact, they are afraid that in a new relationship, they will suffer exactly the same injury. For example, you took a needle before and accidentally got stabbed. Next time you take it, you will definitely have lingering fears and will be cautious. The same is true for feelings~ People who have opinions and don’t end up are the same. She is very clear about what she likes and what kind of object she needs. She will not take the initiative for the other party and surrender requirements. She will observe that you are qualified and reach her. So far, she would rather be single than that. Let’s stop here first. I will add something if I think of it. But the above, in fact, it’s not particularly difficult to say that it’s hard to chase. The main thing is that it needs to go through the test of sincerity. If you are sincere, it is impossible for her to feel good about you. Touch her heart, let her magnify your daily goodness infinitely, and your advantages are the same, let her like you, if it doesn’t work, I still suggest giving up~ Pursue someone, my suggestion is, half a year Up to one year, after this time period, basically no show, if you like you, we will be together early, of course, this is just a suggestion~

6 months ago

There is no girl who is hard to chase, only those who use the wrong method have to say that chasing a girl is a strategic thing, I don’t think about anything, I rely on blood to cover my head and rush forward. It’s too easy to go back to the opposite girl. Let’s use it. The way that the other party can accept, you can enter the world of girls as soon as possible. But if you have been habitually taking things for granted, then it is only natural for girls not to accept your likes. So what is the right way? Before we start again, let me mention the important ideas of this article: Recognize and always keep in mind the differences in thinking between men and women. Men: rational, value results, I like you, like me or not, give a quasi-speaking woman: sensibility, focus on process, I don’t seem to be sure whether I like him or not. Let’s watch his actions slowly. So boys are always complaining. After chasing for so long, they don’t even give a progress bar (want to reach the goal quickly), so let’s withdraw; girls are there too. Hesitate, didn’t he say he likes me, why did he give up so quickly (enjoying the process of being pursued)? Only after knowing the difference in thinking between men and women, we can prescribe the right medicine: 1. Appearance and temperament almost all girls have said, I can accept He is not handsome, not tall, and has no muscles, but he can’t stand his sloppyness. Yes, the instrument is very important. Dressed neatly, hair is carefully combed, there is no peculiar smell on the body, the beard and nose hair are all repaired, the clothes are only washed, the shoes are cleaned, especially the hair, a refreshing hairstyle can leave a good impression on girls . Dress collocation is also a plus point. Many men think “men, just wear them casually, why are you so particular?” Please, when you go shopping on Taobao, you also know that you have to choose good-looking things in packaging. Why do other girls accept you as you please? If you don’t really know how to match it, at least make sure that the clothes fit, clean and stylish. Words, deeds and temperament cannot be developed in a day, but in the process of meeting, you must not ignore some small details, do not use swear words, do not spit, do not appear to be wretched, try to be gentleman. 2. Speaking style A person’s speaking style can often reveal what kind of person he is. Straight guys are too honest when they pursue girls. They are always serious. Girls will reply to a sentence when they say something. They never talk to girls. I’m kidding, I don’t express my feelings or even my love for girls too much. At most, it’s just “I love you”. But in today’s society, it’s hard to find a girl you like if you don’t have a mouthful of pursuing a girl you like. Even a little girl won’t go home with you just because you say “I love you” for a lifetime. For such a long time, if you face an honest person like you who doesn’t talk very much and doesn’t make her happy, girls will definitely be boring to moldy, so if we want to pursue girls we like, we have to learn to be with girls. Chatting skills, such as using some naughty, jockeying, misinterpretation, and complimenting details to mobilize the girl’s emotions and make her find it interesting to chat with you, so that the girl will slowly develop a good impression of you. 3. Practical actions must establish and enhance self-image (build a good Weibo, Moments of Friends, this is a channel for others to quickly understand you); if you learn proper care and indifference, grasp the time scale, so that she can’t figure it out. Arouse her interest in you. Always be confident and make her feel that you are worthy of her. Finally, temptation. The temptation mentioned here refers to a preliminary exploration of her interest in you. From her answers, you can judge whether you have the possibility of continuing and what your next action is. 4. Dating. Dating here is an appointment before the establishment of the relationship, so you must proceed step by step and never move. Regarding appointments, you have to plan in advance, all the action plans. Let the girl have a feeling that everything is controlled by you, don’t be intimidated, everything is subject to the arrangements of the girl. What the girl needs is a sense of security, and the comfort of using nothing. You have to create the aura of a strong man, not an obedient servant. Next, share a few specific feasible methods: 1. Bringing in the scene. If you want to pursue a girl, don’t take her to a place she is familiar with. For example, if he is a student, then stay away from her school. She works. Clan, she has to keep her working place farther away, why? For example, if you loan a girl to eat in the restaurant of her school, or go to the playground, then these are familiar places for her. You may be seen by classmates she knows when you are dating her in a familiar environment. Will not let go, because he will worry about being seen by others, directly or indirectly affecting his reputation. In this case, it is difficult for her to focus on you, and the effect of dating will be greatly reduced. If you take a girl I went to a movie theater far away from the city to watch a movie, especially at night. It was still a strange place. At this time, the only person she knew was you, so she would pay attention to you and treat you as her “relative.” , Repeat this scene several times, will it be far away from her accepting you? 2. Want to catch and control the rhythm. Many boys think that chasing girls is fast, because they are worried that girls will be snatched away by others. Those who have this kind of psychology generally just don’t understand girls and just judge them based on their own inherent opinions. In the middle, girls prefer boys who promote the relationship at a slow pace. For them, it is a way to test boys. So in the pursuit process, you don’t have to put too much pressure on girls, otherwise the other party may be afraid of you because of the person. Get along together. If you are tired of being together, you will not be able to see the importance of the other party. Only after losing do you realize the value of the other party’s existence. For example, when chasing a girl encounters a bottleneck, or you can’t take it anymore. After using the method, you can stop first. During this time, restrain yourself from disturbing girls’ lives. 3. Appropriate body language. Girls are very good at observing boys from details and label you accordingly. Many boys face girls. There will be some unnecessary actions, such as touching the nose, being very cautious, not daring to look directly into the eyes of girls, etc. These are all signs of insufficient self-confidence and nervousness. In the eyes of girls, these behaviors are a low-value one. This kind of performance will bring you a lot of negative comments, which will lead to the loss of attraction. When getting along with girls, boys should straighten their spine, not close their chin, look directly at girls, and speak with natural hand and body movements. Your performance will convey to girls that you are a high-value, self-confident, assertive, and generous boys. I hope to inspire you

6 months ago

1. When you see a girl who is chased by a lot of people, but is still single, don’t run to give the head away. 2. When you ask why they don’t fall in love, their usual reply is that they have been busy with work for the past 2 years and have not encountered appropriate perfunctory words. When you continue to ask if her vision is too high, the other party It’s often evasive, no, just look at it. 3. If you really believe it, it would be too naive. This is just an excuse for them to reject you. The implication is that you are not someone’s food. 4. You can’t describe such a woman with high-sightedness, but they know too clearly what kind of partner they want. What kind of life they want, they have strong resistance to temptation and strong self-management ability. 5. They have a keen social awareness, they will use a short time to judge whether the boy is their own food at the place of contact. If you are judged that it is not hers, then I am sorry, unless you change yourself, you are It’s hard to move them by time and touch. 6. To put it bluntly, what she wants is a middle-class life. Your carefulness and considerateness can be considered even more powerful on the basis of extremely rich material, otherwise it is 07. What she wants is someone who can talk to her. Soul mate, your looks are good, and you can’t talk to others together, and you’ll be headed in minutes. 8. What she wants is a mature-thinking partner who is like a life mentor. Even if you are so talented, martial arts are extremely naive in her eyes. 9. Again, there is no real cold person, but the person who wants to be warm is not you.

6 months ago

Chatting with cousin A Yong two days ago, he told me that he had been chasing a girl for almost half a year, but the girl had been unclear about her attitude and neither said yes nor refused. He didn’t know if he would continue to chase. Go down. I asked him how you chased her. My cousin told me that he would buy her breakfast every day and deliver it to her dormitory downstairs; he chatted with her on time every day, and asked her to get accustomed to her existence; every time he saw some exquisite jewelry, he would buy it Come down and give it to her. . . I told my cousin, logically, if you have done so much, she should agree to be with you. My cousin said, yeah, I think so too, but sometimes when I say we are together, she will evasive, either saying that she is not ready yet, or she will observe me for a while. After listening, I told my cousin directly, give up, you can’t catch her, this kind of girl is hard to catch. Many men spend a lot of time and energy to pursue a woman, but in the end they are still not with her. Why, because the woman you are chasing is really difficult to chase. Closer to home, what kind of woman is the hardest to follow? 1. The real Bai Fumei In today’s society, Bai Fumei is a widely used word, and it also carries a certain sense of ridicule and relegation. What I am talking about today is “white rich beauty”, which is not what we call white rich beauty. “White” refers to women who are pure and kind and maintain an optimistic young mentality. They have their own plans, exercise on time every day, travel every year, maintain exquisiteness and elegance in their lives, and have a positive attitude; “rich” refers to Women’s rich self-cultivation pays attention to spiritual wealth. Real wealth does not only refer to material wealth, but also refers to elegance and calmness from the inside out. It is irreplaceable by gorgeous clothes and exquisite dress; “beauty” refers to women who are both internal and external, maintaining The confident posture reflects a unique charm, which closely attracts the attention of others. There is no shortage of people to chase the real Bai Fumei, but their vision will be very high, and most people don’t like it. 2. Women who have been hurt by their predecessors We all know that those women who seem to be very sensible must have been spoiled and then deeply hurt. Women who have been hurt will be deeply guarded against men in their hearts. They will become very insecure and can no longer trust men, thinking that their words are deceptive. If you are not sure to pet her waywardly and spoil to heaven, you should not chase her. If you chase her, please treat her well and don’t hurt her heart again. Third, some women who like to play ambiguously They like to play ambiguously. When someone is chasing them, they neither say refusal nor easily answer to the other party. Anyway, they just hang each other all the time, enjoying the other party’s kindness to her with peace of mind, and accepting the other party’s gift with peace of mind. gift. But when a man confessed to them, they would be ambiguous. We didn’t know what to say for a long time, and we needed to contact for a while to deepen our understanding, or they would just give each other a good person card. When the other party decides to give up her, they will change their attitude, be kind to men, be more enthusiastic, and let men not give them up easily. But men will find that no matter how good they are to her, they will not easily let go. When you meet such a woman, give up early, because there will be no results. There are no girls who are “good to chase” and “not good to chase” in this world. If they like you, they will be enthusiastic about you. If they don’t like you, what you do will be useless. Even if you chase a woman who doesn’t like you, but stays with you because she is moved, this kind of relationship will not last long and will separate sooner or later.

6 months ago

Some people usually seem to be very talkative, but the better-tempered admirers are, the more likely they are to act blindly, and the more likely they are to be attracted to the narcissistic cold and aggressive opposite sex. “Can’t chase, but attract” refers to this type of person. Why is this so? He may be a masochistic personality. The purpose of this type of person is not to make others obey him unconditionally, but to provoke the other person to humiliate and reject him. The latter is the result he wants, but often he doesn’t know why. There is this tendency. Girls (boys) with masochistic personality are hard to follow at first glance. Masochistic personality disorder is one of the types of personality disorder, a personality disorder characterized by self-depreciation, self-torture, and self-sacrifice. Such individuals have a low sense of self-worth. They think that their strengths are not their strengths, or that their strengths are not worth mentioning, and pay more attention to their weaknesses. Therefore, he will think that the people who pursue him either have poor vision (different three views) or impure motivation (problems with character), and confession is a deduction operation for him. For people with masochistic personality, when something good happens, their reaction is to feel frustrated, guilty, or have to do something to make them feel painful. Therefore, he usually doesn’t think that the people who chase him are sincere. The more positive and qualified pursuers, the more resistant and evasive they are. On the contrary, it is the opposite sex who does not take himself seriously, which is more likely to trigger his goodwill and affection. They will deliberately irritate others, or deliberately let others reject them, and then make them feel hurt, frustrated, or humiliated. Therefore, he will repeatedly test the suitor until he gets the result he wants to prove that no one really likes himself and deepen his knowledge. They will sacrifice themselves excessively. If a person has habitual attitudes such as willingness to suffer, complains, self-harm, self-deprecation, and has the subconscious desire to “torture others with suffering”, then it is more important to be with someone who loves and values ​​yourself. I would rather play the role of a licking dog in front of people who despise myself and demean myself, so as to satisfy my own miserable demand.

6 months ago

For the kind of girl who makes people look extravagant at least, they have at least the following conditions. 1. No glamorous, no heavy makeup, no pretentiousness, sincerity and integrity. No matter the big or small things, no matter who you treat, you are completely sincere. 2. It is clean and not sloppy, wears the right color matching, and the clothes fit well. The more aristocratic people are, the more clearly they understand the truth of “there are others”, and the more modest they are to treat everyone around them, discover the bright spots of others and learn from them. 3. Temperament comes from the inside and knows how to be polite. The nobleness in a woman’s bones cannot be bought by money, but is related to family nurturing and personal qualities. 1. The kindness that penetrates into the bones is a person’s nature and her upbringing. 5. Have a firm gaze, face anyone, not humble or overbearing, calm and calm, not flustered, do not dodge, and do not look left or right. 6. Speech and behavior are dignified and elegant. They speak neither hurriedly nor slowly, and their voices are neither high nor low. The words spoken are tangible, well-founded, but humorous but not light-hearted. Neither talk loudly, aggressively, nor flattery, greedy everywhere. 7. Finally, the most important thing is to have your own mind and soul. Don’t rush when encountering major events, and be calm and calm. Because, in their minds, they have such confidence and strength.

6 months ago

Listen to me, brothers, those who seem to be goddess level, you can rest assured to chase them, these people often give people the feeling that they are too high level, they are not easy to chase and they dare not chase them, and most of them have no boyfriends. , But believe me, as long as you let go and chase, you will be a goddess-level friend if you can’t catch it. If you catch it, you will earn money. It is often the kind that looks mediocre, not ugly or amazing. There is such a thing. Diuduo fat girls are the hardest to chase. Of course, there will be girls who are more self-disciplined, stronger, don’t want to be tied up by love, and are more difficult to pursue.

6 months ago

Many respondents have already written a lot of difficult tags. As an industry insider, I won’t say more. Let’s share some dry stuff with you. There is no universal routine for chasing girls, and there is no universal answer, so when you want to know the most important thing to chase girls What is it? What is the most taboo? ? While waiting for the answers to these questions, I want to tell you that there is no standard answer but there is a baseline. As long as a normal person, we all know that they will also show normal behavior and moral standards, such as respecting the old and loving the young, not everywhere. Spitting, paying attention to personal hygiene, being polite, knowing gratitude, etc. I believe that most people are at this level. These are the baselines. In addition to the above-mentioned basic things to be qualified, everything else is different from person to person. Once again, everything else varies from person to person! ! Take smoking as an example. Many girls hate the smell of cigarettes, but it cannot be denied that many girls think that boys who smoke are cool. There is a different charm, such as the planning of time together. Some girls like the feeling of being valued. If you want to be caring all the time, another part of the girls will think that getting along like this is too crooked and troublesome without their own personal space. If they are asked to answer this question separately, two completely different answers will be formed, one for you Too uninitiated, a kind of feeling that you are too enthusiastic and cause trouble. Who should you listen to at this time? ? I saw a sentence on the Internet a long time ago: When you are considering the details and strategies you pursue, it means that you are not on the right path. At that time, I sneered at this sentence, but now I think about it, I think it is true. When you feel that everything is smooth sailing is the best time, it feels terrible, basically no show. If you are destined, it is enough to be your true self, and then continue to improve yourself. There is no need to think about these messy problems at all. You have to understand that people can look at you because you have something they admire. It may be handsome in appearance, rich, or other aspects. If they look down on you, it’s because you don’t have what they want, then you need to do something to change it, rather than thinking about what it is best not to do. Therefore, there are two ways to face people who have not caught up for the time being, change yourself or change your goals. You need to improve yourself, but it is extremely difficult to change the inherent views of others, and sometimes deliberate changes made to cater to others do not conform to your values, and there is no obvious difference between right and wrong. Therefore, chasing girls is the most taboo to chase people who completely look down on you, the most taboo to be interested in people who look down on you, and the most taboo to hang on a tree that doesn’t welcome you. If you have to chase this type, most of them are looking for hardships and have a good spare tire. Good people get stuck every day. My suggestion is that there is definitely more than one good girl. No matter which type you like, find a way to get to know a few more. When that person really appears, all you need is to be your own taboo of chasing a girl. Try to find love to save. In your own relationship, don’t try to save your life by finding a girlfriend. For this kind of motivation, on the one hand, the choices you make in an urgent time will be problematic. The daily trivialities after the sweetness will make you exhausted. More importantly, pin your hopes on others, and you will eventually have to finish playing. The only reliable person in this world is yourself, born lonely, you have to recognize this fact. Try to develop yourself. When you are better, many problems will be solved. If you happen to have a kind of trouble, you doubt whether you can become better in the end, and feel as if you can’t rely on your own ability to survive the boring and long years of struggle. If you want to know how to get rid of this predicament, then I can tell you the facts, there is no solution. . This is the life an ordinary person faces. It is so difficult, and it will be even more difficult in the future, so we must be fully psychologically prepared and look at it positively. In fact, as time goes by, many things that worry us now will gradually become unworthy of mention. Taboo three, it is forbidden to stretch the pursuit front indefinitely. When you are familiar with a girl to a certain extent, please find a way to get her true attitude towards you, whether she intends to develop into a lover with you. Many girls, for various reasons, have maintained good interaction with you, even severely ambiguous. But when you ask them if they want to be your girlfriends, the answer is no. Regardless of whether they treat you as a spare tire, a good friend, or any other role, as long as you can’t be together, your goal will not be achieved. What I want to emphasize is, don’t let the time of familiarity and ambiguity be too long, and make it clear when it’s about time. When you are intentional and the other party is unintentional, the longer the time, the more energy and money you will lose, and the greater the blow to you after failure. I think this article applies to chasing girls in all situations, so chasing girls should also avoid long-term ambiguity! Finally, I have some thoughts on feelings: 1. The essence of men and women is to take what they need. This is neither noble nor despicable, but as an individual, love must not be idealized. 2. The opposite sex is only part of life, not all. You must evolve from the stage of thinking in the lower body, and you must have the ability to live calmly on your own. As the saying goes, if you have no desire, then you are just. When you try to get something from others, it is often the beginning of hurt and disappointment. 3. Love and marriage are siege. Although the unobtainable is in a commotion, but being in it, I know how warm and cold I am. Every family has scriptures that are difficult to recite, so you don’t need to belittle yourself, let alone envy others. 4. Only by attracting each other can it be long-lasting. Relying on one party’s humble relationship will be over sooner or later. So I am inclined to think that boys still have to take the initiative, but as long as they don’t get positive feedback, they give up decisively. 5. Improve yourself, improve yourself, improve yourself. If you are in full bloom, the breeze will come. If you really can’t bloom, then try to live your own life as much as possible, and find a less demanding one, it’s not bad. Above, I hope to inspire you

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