Recently, tourists in Sanya ate sea urchin steamed eggs without sea urchins. On the 11th, Sanya issued a notice: After investigation by the working group, the seafood products sold by the restaurant are clearly marked, and no price frauds such as seafood dropouts, adulteration, etc. have been found.

It is understood that the local sea urchin has more meat and less meat in the season, and the taste is different from other regions. Generally, steamed eggs are used for guests to eat. In order to prove the sea urchin in the season, when the dispute occurred, the merchant involved killed a sea urchin on the spot for consumers to verify. After the police intervened and coordinated, the shop exempted consumers from consuming sea urchins, and consumers actually paid 2427.6 yuan.

In response to the alleged language threat of the waitress in the restaurant on the consumer’s Weibo, the police verified that it was not what the business staff involved said, and it may have been said by a woman passing by when the consumer went to the toilet. The police are currently looking for the woman further Verify.

After the police on-site coordination was over, they met consumers on the way back to the police office, and helped them return when there was no traffic. There was no situation where consumers were threatened and escorted by police to return to the shop.

Related Questions I bought a few live sea urchins at the seafood market in Sanya at the beginning of January. As a result, I opened it and saw that there were no sago. ?

The Tacitus trap can be said to be a bad theory on Zhihu. If the public power loses its credibility, no matter how to speak or do things, society will give it a negative evaluation. In fact, there is a corresponding statement in “The Analects of Confucius”. The people of the world call Zigong Trap: What is bad is not good. Therefore, the gentleman is inferior, and all the evils in the world belong to Yan. That is to say, King Shang Zhou is bad, but not as bad as the rumors, but this old man himself is willing to be indecent, so he speaks and does everything with a rumor physique. So when a person’s reputation is poor, people would rather believe that the rumors are true. This place in Sanya is obviously caught in such a predicament. What did the management say about the start of Sanya Seafood Zaikemen in 2012? Zero Complaint and Unable to Provide Evidence On January 28, 2012, Weibo real-name authentication user Luo Di posted on Weibo, saying: “A family of three friends ate seafood in Sanya the day before yesterday, and three ordinary dishes were slaughtered for nearly 4,000 yuan. He said he was killed. A taxi is recommended. A guy next door pointed to a big fish in the pool and just asked for the price. The shop flicked the fish out and fainted. He weighed 11 catties, 580 yuan per catty, a total of more than 6000 yuan. That buddy just wanted to reason, come out Several big guys had no choice but to accept the “Sanya rebate gate in 2013, tourist shopping spots, diving companies, and taxi drivers collectively eat rebates. The management law says: There is no way to figure out the difference between commission and rebate.” In 2014, CCTV again exposed the Sanya slaughter incident, which must be drawn before eating. By 2018, there will be dozens of seafood shops co-branding to boycott “soliciting customers.” Did you say that management has been improved? That must be an improvement. Every year there will be news in Sanya, saying that the complaint channel has been iterated, the tourist circuit court of the tourist police detachment has improved its efficiency, and the management and law enforcement departments of industry and commerce, price, public security, and urban management have interacted with each other. Just in February of this year, the Sanya Market Supervision Administration launched a three-month “Spring Thunder” special rectification campaign. You see, there are many actions, but how effective they are is to test their familiarity with our country’s local management model. For example, in the special treatment of Chunlei, a “record” was specifically mentioned: dealing with 39 travel-related public opinions. I don’t know what you think. Anyway, I am stuck in the trap of Zigong and can’t climb out. There is more bile and less meat, and no drop is found.” Is this part of the treatment of travel-related public opinion?


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7 months ago

It’s almost done, don’t wash this kind of embarrassment. I was in Sanya at this time last year, and I ordered sea urchin steamed eggs, and I paid for the takeaway. Then I received a call from the boss, saying that sea urchins are not good this season, and discussing a change of dishes and what snails should be replaced. This is the sensible person. I am a diners, not an aquatic product expert. I am not obliged to know what season and what seafood is in season. You are responsible for your recipes for the restaurant you open. Don’t sell them when they are not in season. At least you must do your duty to remind customers that if they order sea urchins in April, they will not be yellow. Chinese consumers are the most humble. They always ask you to keep your eyes open. You must understand this and know that. What the hell is it? Lao Tzu spends money, you make money, shouldn’t you keep your eyes open and think about whether sea urchins with empty shells can be sold? I made a brief investigation and found that this store is the so-called “net celebrity store”. The location of the post office Hong Kong TV drama is indeed very good, and some decorations are actually very cliché but can attract local girls. This shop has a lot of traffic, but there are more than 100 negative reviews in the more than 1,000 reviews on a certain platform, and they are clearly divided. The overwhelming majority of good reviews came to “check in”, eat a pizza and order afternoon tea. Pretending to come to eat is actually for selfies and posting to Moments. They just want to spend two or three hundred COS for a celebrity life. It doesn’t matter whether they eat well or not, as long as they take beautiful photos, it’s worth it. The typical good reviews are all taking selfies around this grass circle and more than a hundred negative reviews are here for dinner. The evaluation sent by the party concerned is not worth more than two thousand different opinions. The presentation is really simple. Here we need to remind everyone that you must first think about whether to eat or take pictures when you go to a tourist attraction to eat. Many “net celebrity” restaurants are like this. They are popular with selfie parties, and their selling point is to post to Moments. If you don’t figure it out, it’s okay to look at the scores. It’s really good for eating. The probability of stepping on thunder is quite high. Doing homework in China is really troublesome and hard to guard against, so as a spiritual tropical person, I don’t like to go to Sanya very much, and I am very tired. By the way, the lobster I ate in Indonesia was at least 1.5 times the size in this picture, which cost more than 300. The epidemic is over quickly, Hainan is not suitable for our poor.

7 months ago

After the 38 yuan prawn incident in Qingdao, Qingdao imposed a fine of 90,000 yuan on the barbecue restaurant involved, and ordered it to suspend business for rectification and revoke its business license. The main person in charge of the North District Market Supervision Bureau of Qingdao City was suspended for inspection. The relevant departments of the municipal government conducted admonishment talks with the main persons in charge of the price and tourism departments in the district. From now on, the Qingdao Municipal Tourism Bureau, the Industry and Commerce Bureau, the Price Bureau, and the Public Security Bureau will jointly Carry out a large-scale inspection and rectification of the dragnet-type market order throughout the city. To deal with unlicensed operation, unfair competition, unfair format contract terms in the tourism industry, etc. in the tourism market. In contrast, Hainan’s official attitude is really… to be honest, slaughtering people is a root of human inferiority and cannot be eliminated. What is more important is how to enforce the law and how to deal with such incidents.

7 months ago

Puff, sometimes people are really funny, the same thing can be stunned by changing to a more “advanced” thing? Would you try to replace sea urchin with watermelon? Someone sold watermelons in April. Customers bought 6 and went back to open everything. All the watermelons that were raw were not undesirable. They were threatened to return the watermelons and the matter became a big deal. After investigation, the relevant department said that the watermelon was not ripe in April, and the melon vendor did not drop the package. What do you think of this explanation? You have to eat ripe watermelons. This is a customary thing. You know that watermelons can not be sold if they are unripe. You know that you have raw melon eggs in your field and sell them in the market. That means that some people may not know this season. If the melon is not ripe, cheat money by relying on others thinking that the melon is ripe? On the other hand, when we look at Hainan, sea urchins eat yellow. At what age do they think that the people have never eaten sea urchins, so they are fooled? Without this investigation result, you said that the store did not control the quality of sea urchins, so just apologize. Now you say that sea urchins are more and less meaty this season. That means that the store has long known that the quality of sea urchins is not good, just want to cheat money by relying on customers not knowing it? Sea urchins have no meat. Remove your sea urchin steamed egg. It is not sold this season. Seasonal dishes are not a new concept. Is it difficult to make it? One more thing, I really want to do a good job in tourism. What the local department should do is to tell tourists what is delicious and which season is delicious through various channels. Rather than something happened, saying that tourists don’t know how to do it, we are not eating this season. The logic of Hainan now is clearly stated that many people only go to Hainan once in their lives. Is one to slaughter one? I don’t think it is difficult to not go to Hainan in this life. Do you think this is angry? To be fair, there are more places to eat seafood while watching the sea view. If there is no black material in Southeast Asia, you have problems every day in Hainan. What do you think tourists would choose? The restaurant owner does not want to think about these problems. No one comes but closes the door and leaves. However, as the governor, the relevant departments in Hainan cannot not want to do so. As for threats, I won’t say much. Passer-by is full of food, so it’s okay to give you a head start in this restaurant? Someone in the comment area said that sea urchins without yellow can still be tasty, and I really laughed. The raw melon eggs can still have a clear fragrance after cutting open. According to this statement, there is nothing wrong with selling any melons? In addition, your sea urchin yolk + eggs are also sold at this price, and now only the “flavor” and steamed eggs are sold at this price, is it considered shoddy? Isn’t it the same as cheating money?

7 months ago

Popular science. Sea urchins are the same as crabs. Because of the season, even a senior seafood foodie like me can’t buy full yellow ones at this time. And we know Man Huang. For example, like the picture below. It seems that the maturity period is about half a month in a year. I forgot exactly when it was, it should be the summer and autumn season. The price of sea urchins at this time, the diameter of which is about the same as that of a can (without spines), is about 30 to 80 yuan each. Purple sea urchins are slightly more expensive, and horse dung urchins are slightly cheaper. Purple sea urchin (without spines), which is about the same diameter as a 1.5L Coke bottle, I have eaten 300 of them. (Book with the captain of the fishing boat) The bigger and more expensive ones, I haven’t eaten them in Dalian, maybe they have them in Japan. So for seafood, Japan should be a part of it since ancient times. It is even possible to brush Bi Lizhu (bright oil), which has the same beauty effect. It seems that the visual impact is very strong. The real full yellow sea urchin should look like this. Sea urchins only eat sea urchin yellow. Sea egg yolk is self-dissolving. For example, put it in a water tank for 72 hours (three days). The sea urchin is still alive, but if you turn it on again, the yellow will be reduced by half. The picture above is a full yellow sea urchin that has been out of water for more than 6 hours. It can be seen that it is obviously drooping. Fresh sea urchin yellow can only be eaten out of water. Therefore, the most senior foodie often ran to the dock in the early morning to wait for the boss of the ship to dock. Sea urchins just out of the water are a bit sweet in addition to being fresh. If you can’t taste the sweetness, it means that the water has been out for a long time. The weight of sea urchin is more expensive, and it is also several hundred dollars. Personally, it is not as delicious as giant crabs. Having said that, it is impossible for ordinary seafood restaurants to prepare the freshest ingredients for diners, and most of them are raised in water tanks. For example, ordinary fish, purchased yesterday and purchased today, are all alive anyway. If a double-blind test is taken, it is estimated that more than 99% of consumers will not be able to tell the difference. But the sea urchin is an exception. In the double-blind test, I estimate that half of the people can eat it, the difference between fresh and stale. Therefore, the restaurant developed the sea urchin steamed egg dish. The purpose is to avoid the storage risk of seafood. This dish is a waste of sea urchins for a senior foodie like me. Like most shellfish, sea urchins have to eat that sweetness. All cooking techniques are redundant. Adding any seasoning is a blasphemy to the ingredients. If you want to eat cooked food, just steam it in the pot and don’t put anything (sea urchin seems to be eaten raw only, I have never eaten steamed). I have a pot specializing in steaming seafood. In addition to steaming seafood, even steamed buns are not steamed. Afraid of scenting. And also steamed with C’estbon or Wahaha purified water to return to the topic itself. How to use the legal provisions to interpret the sea urchin steamed egg, there is no such thing as sea urchin. From a legal point of view, the business has no problems. Sea urchin is indeed used, but it lacks sea urchin yellow. But how to define how many grams of sea urchin yellow is in a sea urchin steamed egg? What about the quality of sea urchin yellow? What about the water discharge time? What about the maturity period? It’s too difficult to define. Because the quality of seafood in the previous second is better than the next. For diners, sea urchins at the mature stage and sea urchins at the immature stage are two kinds of ingredients. If you really want to establish a clause, you need at least thousands of words of various specifications. How can the restaurant have time to clarify these specifications and implement them… If I were the boss, I would rather not sell this dish. Having said that, I have a friend who is in the business of air transportation of seafood. It is to ship the boss’s fresh cargo to the inland market. Because of customization, the price is very expensive. However, the distribution and logistics links are too prone to problems. There are a lot of complaints every day. Because many end customers don’t pay attention to the delivery time, and they can’t cook it in the first time, so the taste is similar to what they buy in the supermarket. This is the typical okay thing to look for. The difficulty of seafood quality control lies in time management. Time is the best magician in the world, just like private money is discovered by his wife, it is always gone forever. But I don’t know when there will be again.

7 months ago

In Sanya, Hainan, a man had a meal in a scenic restaurant while traveling. He ordered 6 sea urchin steamed eggs and other seafood. When the man was about to eat sea urchin steamed eggs, he discovered that there was no sea urchin in the sea urchin steamed eggs. Informed that “the boss is very powerful, be careful not to leave.” The man immediately called the police. Under the escort of the police, the man left the restaurant. The restaurant also refunded the money for 6 sea urchin steamed eggs. Sea urchin steamed egg without sea urchin, does it constitute fraudulent consumers? [Du Lv’s statement] Whether a hotel constitutes a fraud, I think it needs to be analyzed in a specific situation and cannot be generalized. Just like when we went to a restaurant and ordered a fish-flavored shredded pork, would you feel cheated because there is no fish in the fish-flavored shredded pork? Would you complain to the business or even ask the business to bear the responsibility of returning one compensation for three compensations because there is no fish in the fish-flavored meat you eat? Obviously not, because we all know that Yuxiang Pork is not made with fish, but the name of its dish is Yuxiang Pork. Only consumers who have not eaten Yuxiang Pork will find that there is nothing in Yuxiang Pork. When you are a fish, you may feel that you have been cheated. As an ordinary person, you will not think that you have been cheated. If you don’t think you have been cheated, you will naturally not complain to the business, or even ask for a refund of one compensation. Looking specifically at this incident, if the sea urchin steamed egg dish does not contain sea urchins, but its name is called sea urchin steamed egg, and ordinary people know that sea urchin steamed egg does not have sea urchin, then the author thinks that the business Does not constitute fraud. But if sea urchin steamed eggs should be made with sea urchins, and consumers know or have eaten sea urchin steamed eggs, it does need sea urchins in it to be called sea urchin steamed eggs. In this case, if the sea urchin steamed egg purchased by the man did not contain sea urchin, the restaurant’s behavior constituted a fraud. According to the law, the man could demand the restaurant to bear the responsibility of refunding one compensation and three compensations, and at least can demand the restaurant to pay 500 yuan in compensation. In addition, it is worth noting that the waiter of the hotel said, “The boss is very powerful, don’t make trouble, be careful not to leave.” I was thinking, how powerful is this boss? Can he still cover the sky with one hand? Couldn’t the law help him? Is his power really big enough to do whatever he wants, without discipline? Moreover, it is reported that this is not the first time that the hotel has been complained, but what is strange is that although the hotel often receives complaints, the result is nothing. If this is the case, then the local anti-gang office and supervision team should take a good look at whether there are really evil forces at work and whether there is an umbrella. If so, it must be resolutely wiped out and thoroughly. Check it out.

7 months ago

Sea urchin steamed egg does not have sea urchin, I have eaten it. In fact, it was not wrong this time. Except for the passerby who threatened customers. Sea urchins in this season, after steaming eggs, look the same as without sea urchins. Because most of the current sea urchins are not well developed. In other words, current sea urchins are underdeveloped. From June to August each year is the most plump season for sea urchins. After cutting sea urchins, the yellow part is called sea urchin seeds, which are the gonads of sea urchins. During the breeding season, sea urchin seeds are the fattest and most delicious, and they are also the only edible part of sea urchins. The black part is the digestive system of internal organs such as the stomach and intestines, and is not edible. Sea urchins feed on their gonads, which are also called sea urchin eggs, sea urchin seeds, sea urchin yellow, and sea urchin cream. They are orange-yellow in color and delicious, accounting for 8%-15% of the total weight of sea urchins. In this season, you can also eat developing sea urchins and breeding sea urchins, but compared to 678 months, there are very few. Just like the hairy crabs in Yangcheng Lake, they are the most delicious and fattest in September and October of the lunar calendar. But it will be sold in July and August. Is the store wrong? In fact, the store is not entirely at fault. The store did kill a sea urchin, and it was indeed given to the customer. There was no need to drop the package. The owner did not call it sea urchin, sea cucumber, or abalone. Sea urchin steamed egg is indeed sea urchin steamed egg, but this sea urchin has not yet started mating. Strictly speaking, what the customer wants should be sea urchins with sea urchin seeds, not sea urchins that have not developed yet to mate. The merchants also have to declare in advance that not every sea urchin in this season will have sea urchin yellow. There should be a warm reminder as much as possible. The store is responsible, but it does not belong to fraudulent customers or shoddy. It is also recommended that tourists clarify their requirements when they eat sea urchin steamed eggs next time. Sea urchin steamed eggs without seeds are not complete sea urchin steamed eggs.

7 months ago

It’s really boring. Anyway, you can say something about educating and persuading the boss to give everyone a little confidence in Sanya. You just sent it out in a serious manner, and others thought you were kidding, so you won’t let people come in the future? Of course, this is also the case in some places, where you can buy and sell with one hammer, and don’t care about word of mouth or anything, let alone repeat customers. There is also a lot of news about Sanya in the ancient city of Phoenix. Fortunately, the country is so big and there are so many places to go. I can’t afford it, but I can also hide it.

7 months ago

How can I analyze this? I can only say that this thing is too shameless. No matter where the plot is placed, whether it is a TV series or a movie, the audience will definitely send a blade to the screenwriter. The country has already launched the crackdown on gangsters, why should your business threaten consumers not to give money and not let go? Mr. Li, he is obviously a traveler who doesn’t know the truth. Traveling all the way to Sanya, Hainan, it is impossible for him to deliberately corrupt your shop. If you want to say that sea urchins are not plump this season, make it clear beforehand and leave the decision to the customer, and it will be fine. The customer found out later that he could not get a satisfactory explanation. The merchants have to beat him up, saying that you are here to eat Bawang’s meal. Domineering is not domineering, this is simply a domineering leak. At this time, the waiter next to him looked at it, no, the customer didn’t look very scared, so he hurriedly added a word. “Brother, don’t make trouble, or you won’t be able to leave.” When traveling in other places, I am not familiar with the place. This sentence is somewhat intimidating. The final result was that after the police intervened, the cost of consuming sea urchins was exempted, and 2427.6 yuan was paid. It costs money to eat, and I have to be angry. Those who don’t know think it is owed to the merchant. To be honest, Zeng Jin also has the idea of ​​traveling to Sanya. No, the natural environment of Sanya is indeed very beautiful. It is the city with the longest sunshine time in China (Sanya has more than 300 days of sunshine per year), the city with the most suitable annual average temperature in China (the average annual temperature is about 25℃), the winter tourism area south of 18 degrees north latitude, and the best air quality in China city ​​of. Just take out a label, you can build an excellent tourist city. Labels may not be very intuitive, but think about it, everyone. The sun is shining and the seasons are like spring. There are countless beaches at a glance, and there are many big-name duty-free shops on the shopping island. Drinking coconut water, wearing beach pants, and driving a motorboat, it was so enjoyable. But after reading the news, my illusions have been disillusioned. Those who are not capable of money can’t do the above things. There have been many versions of Sanya travel experience on the Internet, each of which is different, and it is impossible to prevent it. Some people even say that if you go to Sanya without being slaughtered, you will be the darling of heaven and you can buy lottery tickets directly. Today Sanya is already the hardest hit area for Zaike.

7 months ago

You have to connect this thing with the Qingdao prawn incident to see the final outcome of the Qingdao prawn incident. I will not talk about the extent to which the policy is implemented. At least the attitude of the local government is to strictly investigate and deal with it. Let the masses supervise me. I said that regardless of the implementation, at least the official The attitude shows and the meaning of Hainan is very similar. Whose fans are we right? Next time I dare not say if your sea urchin is really like this. For example, a kind of orange is bitter from April to July every year until August 1st. It’s just sweet, so you, as a practitioner, are responsible for not selling this orange from April to July instead of asking consumers to understand the characteristics of this orange.

7 months ago

The official announcement in Sanya is very problematic. As an ordinary tourist, I can see three meanings from the announcement. First: Seafood in Sanya is scarce, so it is more expensive. Sanya is a well-known tourist city on Hainan Island. Our consensus is that the island should be rich in seafood, but your official sentence is scarce. How can we come to Sanya again? Second: Sea urchins are seasonal seafood, and the quality is not good recently. Seasonal seafood, there are more aquatic products. Everyone knows that it should be tasted in seasonal seasons, and businesses should not sell it in non-seasonal seasons. For example, hairy crabs are plump in autumn and winter. The so-called: autumn wind makes crab feet itchy. As an official non-handling merchant, he also uses the quality of sea urchins as an excuse to explain. Hehe, when we haven’t eaten seasonal seafood? Third, the people in Sanya are very enthusiastic. But this enthusiasm is used to scare tourists. Then I have to ask the Sanya official, is this the masses correct? the above!

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