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First of all, I suggest you resign. Explaining this job is purely thankless, not to mention that you don’t have enough knowledge about LOL. No one remembers you if you tell it well. If you tell it badly, you will become a post-dinner talk for the majority of alumni. If you are determined to be, I, a person who used to be a commentator in an Internet cafe, can give you some advice. Do you know what is the most important thing to explain? That means. When you are a listener, you will find that speaking the same sentence confidently and vigorously is completely different from speaking indecisively and indecisively. This is also the first thing you have to prepare, even if it is bluffing. If you don’t have a bottom, you can’t: I feel that something is wrong when I say it, so I don’t say it; my voice is small and hesitant; I don’t talk for a long time, which makes the atmosphere very dull. The reverse is not good: nonsense, a lot of nonsense: “It’s over, it’s over, it’s gone”; open your mouth and brag without drafting: “In eight minutes, the opposite will fight a big dragon”, if you are a blind cat and a dead mouse You are lucky, but it is estimated that few people believe you. If you are not lucky…wait to become a joke PLUS. Disorganized and meaningless explanations, especially team battles: oops the monkey drove, oops, the ad was dead. The eloquence is endless, and the commentary is your own bedroom, and the other commentaries can’t be interrupted. In fact, you will find that LOL professional commentary is not necessarily so professional. The game understanding is not as good as that of professional players. The crowds are gone, but these people are invited to come every time because they have the ability to mobilize the atmosphere. The LOL game lasts for more than ten minutes. In some cases where the heads are broken, people want to sleep, and the role of the commentary is to prevent the audience from screaming even if they have nothing to say. I don’t know your verbal level, but since I was chosen, I shouldn’t be a dull person. I used self-suggestion to make myself a confident and generous person before I became a commentator and defense. It’s useful. Even if my thesis is about shit, I will fool the teacher by acting. Then there is professional knowledge. Go directly to OPGG, and go through all the heroes and the mainstream build runes. It should be too late. Anyway, it is estimated that there will be no more than 30 heroes in the field. You can give priority to the mainstream heroes. If you can know the players That’s even better for the unique skills of BP. In BP, you can still say something like: “Eh, Scorpion, it’s very interesting. Although Scorpion is not strong in the current version, XX is a loyal Scorpion player since S7. He used to Relying on the Scorpion to hit the master rank with a 72% winning rate, the well-deserved Scorpion unique skill brother, obviously he is ready to show his hand, let’s wait and see”, both the audience and the players will think you are very professional. There is also a faster and more convenient way to add knowledge: go directly to a friend and classmate who knows LOL. It doesn’t matter how you rank, but you must understand. The old professional audience is even better. Ask him to help you watch the professional game for a few days. If there is anything you don’t understand, just ask don’t be shy, enthusiastic, or good to be a teacher. The crowds are gone, and in three days, I promise you to make up for it. After you finish making up for the evil, you have to remember one thing: when explaining, talk more about things that silver and gold don’t pay much attention to, which will make you look very professional, such as: vision; skill time (are they going to open it? , But this wave of ADC did not flash); Wandering; Dragon and Canyon. Clear team battle thinking. Then there is a little bit of my experience, some details of the explanation: if you can say the hero name, don’t say the nickname, if you can say the blind monk, don’t say the blind, it doesn’t sound good, maybe there will be trouble; the tone is lighter, not too fast, You can be a little excited during team fights, but don’t learn professional commentary and stop-breathing commentary. If your partner understands better than you, you can give it to him, and you will be over after two rounds. It is not ashamed. Pay attention to the rhythm of your speech. Don’t keep talking. You and the audience are very tired. You can stop talking for a while, just keep the atmosphere. Be neutral, even if you like which team you like, or which team has your friends and acquaintances, don’t be partial in words, it’s boring. Be tactful and speak nicely. For example, the red side AD was blown up. Don’t say that he was blown up and abused. Changed to the blue side to play well and get a very good advantage. good luck.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

A week? never play it? Commentary? The Arabian Nights? Are you sure you can remember the names and appearances of all heroes, the names of skills, special effects, functions, and the names, icons, functions, and collocation of equipment? Even if you have an amazing memory and eat this game thoroughly in a week or something, it must be a week without doing anything, eating and sleeping. It’s just a commentary on a school game competition, is it worth it? And it’s a game commentary that you have never played before. This kind of time-wasting thing does not work well.

7 months ago

You want someone who has never played LOL to explain the LOL game. Did you sign up or arrange it by the school? Let’s not talk about other things, the organizer must have a problem. If you sign up by yourself, just bite the bullet. It’s good to put yourself on the stage like a clown. If you are more humorous, you can still get a whole bit of money. Sentence: “The next one is really a fire dragon”, “Have you found that the damage is particularly high when leading a mythical equipment” “ADC is still outputting” “Who is calling” It’s okay, LPL official commentary and even the best LPL commentary can say that. You said that these are completely okay, boldly go to or learn from cloud players or fishing guys to enliven the atmosphere: “Why doesn’t Senna make up? Will you play?” “This jungler Guan Yu is a real player” “Miss.” When you arrive, all walk away” I’m afraid the audience will go directly to the commentary and beat you up. Remember to bring your helmet.

7 months ago

1 As Gao Zan said, I don’t understand LOL. It is not recommended to explain LOL. You can go and check out the top-notch commentary in LPL, other games, unless the game is particularly exciting, the rest of the time barrage, comments, and the audience are all commenting. You don’t have a good popularity or strong professional ability, you just get sprayed if you go. Of course, it’s okay if you can bear it in your heart. 2LOL commentary pays attention to broadcasting ability + game understanding + field control ability. If your partner does not have these abilities, you have to strengthen it a bit. For example, what to do if there is a timeout, what to do if the player makes a big mistake, what to do if the partner makes a mistake. You have to prepare. 3 Make up for game knowledge, knowledge of players. Speaking of professional knowledge, the audience will not know, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the information. In the early days, many commentaries were popular because they were holding books in their hands, saying that the audience did not know, or small details. No one will spray you professionally and hard. Such as competition system, points rules, players are good at heroes, ranks, hobbies, interesting things and so on. 4 In-game knowledge, frequently appearing hero play styles, skills, version mainstream play styles, and the nature of dragons. This can be asked by a player who has been playing for many years and let him tell you about it. Try to watch the game commentary for a few games, talk as much as you want, let a Dong brother watch and tell you something wrong. 5 Learn some terminology, a piece of soup. For example, the anti-stress in the early stage can be expected in the future, and if you make a mistake, the other side will play well. It is prudent not to fight. Fighting the big dragon and dying two made a profit, and dying three made a loss. There is a great advantage to having a dragon soul, especially in water and fire. 6 Don’t talk too much, talk too much, add in the gap, don’t talk nonsense if you don’t have a strong verbal ability, the most important thing about the game is the game itself, not the commentary. Talking too much can be offensive.

7 months ago

One week…difficult, hard, too hard. An excellent League of Legends tournament commentary can take into account players of different levels, using analysis + explanation to judge the trend of the situation. E-sports commentary must not only have a deep understanding of the tactics and strategies of e-sports events, and the characteristics of different teams’ play styles, but also transform the real-time trends in the game to the audience through personal language organization. There are high requirements for language organization and on-the-spot adaptability, and the continuity of e-sports competitions is strong, and the ability to regulate physical and emotional narration is also very high. E-sports commentators are different from e-sports players. The overall quality is far more important than talent. The two prerequisites for narration are “voice quality” and “professional knowledge”. Sound quality requires practice, and professional knowledge needs to be accumulated. Even if the talents of sound quality are different, the professional knowledge and understanding of e-sports will take a lot of time to make up. After all, the professional knowledge of e-sports games is difficult to be known through simple observation. It is often necessary to understand this game through hands-on combat in the game. Through the accumulation of OB in high-end games, there are more equipment, heroes, maps, versions, etc. The control of variables enhances their own understanding of the game and the ability to control the field of text control. In addition, you want to enrich your overall quality and prepare for the homework of explanation. The historical understanding of League of Legends events and the understanding of the terminology in the game are indispensable. Otherwise, the following question will appear. Has a blind man ever played a blind monk? Many answers are persuading the subject to resign, which is indeed not unreasonable. If you still insist on playing the commentary, Bilibili E-sports will also give you a temporary hold-up method: observation. I don’t know if you have a partner. If so, be sure to watch the commentary of the recent League of Legends playoffs. Now the BO5 format of the playoffs is more tense than the regular season. You can look at how the commentary is integrated. The flow of the game is for the audience to listen to. Then there are many e-sports players who will comment on the game in their live broadcast rooms. The style will be more colloquial, which is very different from the official commentary style, but there will also be some audiences who like it and find a style that suits them. practice. Regardless of good or bad, try to explain it yourself so that you will not be so nervous when you are on the court at the end. It’s best to record it so that friends can listen to any shortcomings and make adjustments and modifications in time.

7 months ago

Quit it, otherwise the topic after everyone has eaten next week will be pointing at you behind the back, “Did you see that person? It’s the commentary that day”. If it doesn’t work, you will find someone to accompany you. Another commentary must be level. Then you can refer to Wawa, 1b sister, Zhou Shuyi. If someone gets a second, just say wow, what kind of damage, then report the name of the dish, how many seconds will the dragon and the dragon refresh, enter the game and report the talent, some people report the name of the equipment again, end the game, let us congratulate xxx, these contents are still OK For tutoring, the rest is fine.

7 months ago

The commentary looks at the ob panel. There is economy on it. When you need to analyze the situation, say: Now the blue/red side is a bit disadvantaged (the economy is less than 3k behind) / the disadvantage is more obvious (above 3k and less than 5k) / the disadvantage is huge (5k Above 10k)/completely collapsed (above 10k) The __ of the red/blue square is very difficult for opponents to deal with. The development is very good, there is __ head/has __ make up. (If the hero is not fully recognized, just say the name of the player, everyone in the school game is acquaintance) There is still time for the dragon/big dragon to refresh, see if there is any preparation on both sides, it looks like you have to let it out/you can prepare a little player if you want to play a group The characteristics and habits are written on a small piece of paper. For example: “The XX of the red team seems to like to use this hero very much. He used it ** times in the ranking, and the winning rate**. He must have some unique understanding of this hero.” Don’t grab it during team battles. Then, trust your companion who will explain with you, and give him the microphone.

7 months ago

I have been playing for more than 9 years, and I started playing LOL in 12 years. It is shameful. I have played more than 1,500 games for Thresh. I only remember QWER for its skills. I can’t remember what it is called. I only know that blue BUFF is very important. One is to hurt sticky people, and the other is to return to blue. I know that blue BUFF will be handed over to mid laner, and red bUFF will be given to AD in later stage, but it hurts the guy specifically, how is the effect of returning to blue? I really don’t know. Anyway, experience tells me that I don’t have to worry about blue bars for a short time after playing the blue buff. I don’t know exactly what the skills of half of the heroes are. I only remember the skills of the heroes I’ve played, and I only remember QWER. When watching games, watching team battles, I usually watch special effects, team battles. After the matter is over, I will know who loses and who wins, and how they lose, I have to watch the replay and watch slowly to understand., the only thing I can understand during these years of playing is watching BP, watching the situation on the court, watching both sides Game, but the specific combat + skill release, you can only look at loneliness, just my old bronze,, you let me explain, I can only explain loneliness, my eloquence is not bad, you A person who has never played,,, really can’t imagine a person with so many geniuses, can explain this game,,

7 months ago

If you don’t have the ability to suggest pushing down, you can find a reliable partner because you can’t afford to push down. Generally speaking, there will not be only one person, usually two or even three. If you really can’t speak well, find someone who can speak. Yes, when he said “Yes, yes, yes, yes”, it’s a good idea; if you think this is too embarrassing, you can add some basic knowledge, and then learn more about the stalks outside the game to ensure that the professional The partner can output, and when it’s time to work, you can drive the atmosphere. I have also been a civil war commentator for a certain team before. When you are honest, you may know how to operate, but when you really want to speak your language, your language may not be organized. It’s good, especially when you start a group, it’s the kind of thing that you can understand how the wave is played, but it makes you say you can’t say the words, or if you think about it, you’ll get stuck when you say it. “Ah, ah, ah.” At the end of the group, they began to vent their anger. “This wave is good”, “This wave has lost”, “This wave of blood earned”, “It’s over, it’s over, it’s gone”. Fortunately, my partner is really good. Top, the mouth is like a machine gun, and the team battle commentary is as smooth as the cross talk, so I always ask him to say the more complicated team battles, and I just chant: “Yes”, “There is one to say” “Really”… So what are the basic content you need to make up: First is the BP part, that is, the BAN/PICK hero time at the beginning of the game, BAN means ban, PICK is selection; because BP is also a very important part of this game , And there will be plenty of time for you to talk during BP. It would be very embarrassing if only your partner said and you echoed. In fact, doing the basic work of BP is very simple. First, understand the popular heroes of the version, the Counter relationship between them, and then the personal information of the contestants and the hero pool. Get the common account information of the contestants in advance and get to know him. With his game habits and common heroes, he can easily master the BP stage commentary rhythm. For example: “xx player used Lilia to qualify for 6 consecutive victories in Ionia last night. Is it for this game? And the practice? So in today’s game, will he take out Lilia? Oh, it’s Lilia, it seems to have come prepared…” Then it’s the refresh time of the monsters, because if the game is really boring, The two teams have been operating without the intention of fighting. This situation is also very common, but as a commentator, you can’t watch and stop talking. At this time, you can report the wild route of the two junglers, and then Vanguard/Xiaolong/Da How long does the dragon have to refresh? Which side is more prepared? When is it expected that teamfights may break out. It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake. Anyway, it is just a prediction. It is convenient to alleviate embarrassment and you can also make a living: “Oh, this x road is all I was suppressed like this. The signal has been pinged several times but the jungler still has no support. It seems that he is usually in the dormitory, and he should often act as the father’s position in role-playing games. “Finally, note the role of all the equipment in the game. And carefully observe the dynamics of the confrontation road, such as being crushed, missing a knife, crossing over, the first big item is out… all these basics can be said, as long as it is not too outrageous, if you are wrong, your partner should be a Humans with normal IQ will definitely correct you by saying something about the round field. Then you can get confused by playing with him. If you can expand your knowledge about the stalks in the game, you can say it in the commentary besides amusement. It also has the effect of alleviating embarrassment. For example, xx players make mistakes and reverse their skills: “As everyone knows, the earth is round, and that arrow will come back sooner or later.” For example, xx players make mistakes and press the golden body by mistake: “According to my understanding, xx The classmate has always been a fan of that adult. This wave is a tribute to idols, and he secretly revealed to me before the game that he is going to choose the widow for the championship skin.” One side quickly ended the game: “We all know Teacher xx never procrastinates, and team xx learns the essence”…The last kind of thankless work without a diamond, don’t pick it up, who instigated you to go, remember to finish this ticket and slaughter him severely. If you want to go, there is a problem with specifying it

7 months ago

Don’t engage in porcelain work without diamonds. To maximize the strengths and avoid the weaknesses can avoid many troubles in life. If you must go, you can play a few more games. Watch the live broadcast of the game more and learn how to explain the game professionally. Several aspects often mentioned in League of Legends, game mechanics, such as dragon soul mechanics, tapi mechanics, vision and so on. Hero names, skill mechanisms, detailed introductions on the official website, popular choices in the current version, specific game terms and stalks, if you want to explain well, I think there are too many things to learn. Of course, you must play more games. Learn more. It’s better to explain a simple game by yourself, and then record and analyze yourself until you are satisfied.

7 months ago

1. First get familiar with the hero as an explanation. At least you have to know what the hero does. For example, if you have a leopard girl, don’t say it is a spear. Leave everything else alone, at least what the players can’t go wrong when choosing people is too outrageous. Moreover, heroes are relatively easy to learn. You can download a game or simply go to the information website to have a look, whether it is an avatar, title, name, skin, or even some nicknames. More than 150 heroes, two days should still be enough, not to mention being overwhelmed, at least know the general idea. 2. Familiar with the skills What each hero’s skills are like, it’s okay if you can’t remember the name, you probably know what the keys are. For example, which hero’s W is, you probably know how he can get the trick. If you can’t remember so many, then remember what each hero’s big move looks like, at least not to say the big move wrong by the time. 3. Familiar with the equipment This version is actually easier to familiarize with the equipment. After all, there are equipment classifications. It should be faster to become familiar with the legendary equipment. Generally, all you need to know is the out-of-home outfit and the final outfit. As for the intermediate synthesis route and how much it costs, you don’t need to understand. Let’s probably talk about it. Look at how many outfits this hero has produced, and the line-up difference. Basically, it can be regarded as a decent commentary. The above two are basic. From here, it’s a little more advanced. If you don’t have enough time, you don’t know. 4. Knowing the position of the hero basically means that you can show that you are a fairly professional commentator when choosing a hero. For example, if you have a crocodile, you know that he can swing between the upper and the middle, which makes others think you are pretty good. Because you probably know where a certain hero is going, you are basically analyzing the matchup situation. If it’s not easy to learn, just go to the recent professional league, which is basically this format. Then go to find out which heroes the players of each team are good at, and you can basically know which heroes go. 5. Be passionate. Anyone who wants to bring commentators into the game is best to be passionate when there is a fight. If it is 1V1, the single kill may be a show operation. You can say how good the winning operation is, or what mistakes have occurred in the losing. If it is a team fight, you only need to explain who fought who, who played well, and even if you said who killed who, what the final situation of this wave was like, it is already very good to be able to explain. Finally, don’t forget, you should have a cheat sheet! The cheat sheet is an essential tool. For example, if your hero is not familiar with it, take the hero cheat sheet with you. Anyway, you should also have a computer, mobile phone, or pad. If it doesn’t work, check it online. Generally, the beginning of the game is the time period for you to quickly check the cheat sheet, and grasp it well. You can’t make a professional commentary. Basic things will definitely not be a problem. .

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