Humans will never forget the fear of being dominated by giants that day, and the humiliation of becoming a clown. Sure enough, this question appeared. It is estimated that the hot search at the meeting, first take a hole, and slowly answer the original sf light novel of Lu Lu Xiu’s full original novel (the author is Iwasamori) was uploaded by me, so I studied Lu Lu Xiu Very deep, I still have a say in this regard. First of all, I admit that Jianshan Chuang has definitely seen Lelouch, and was more or less influenced by Lelouch. For example, the giant studies the madman Han Ji. I always feel that it is very similar to Loyd in Lelouch. . The picture of the giant entering the world of thought afterwards is very similar to the setting of entering the world of c in Lelouch. As well as some of the final shots of the Giants, they are also very close to the ending of Lelouch. In addition, in the later stage, the giant’s ability to manipulate memory and thought was also close to Lelouch. In fact, I think that a large part of the change in the taste of the giant’s work is that the abilities of the giants in the later stage are too general. In fact, everyone just wanted to watch the fighting of the giants from the punch to the flesh at the beginning, but what thought was revised in the later period and when The traversal has come out, is there any necessary relationship with the giant? What is the difference between a vampire, a pupilist, a hypnotist, or a sci-fi comic? Afterwards, let’s talk about the specific endings of Lelouch and the giants’ endings that seem to have similarities, but in fact they are far apart, mainly in the following aspects: 1. Before the ending of Lelouch, Lelouch made a lot of preparations and established the black knight. The regiment established the hero of zero and promoted the establishment of the ultra-union, leaving Suzaku and the second prince who are both civil and military as the backing of the concept of maintaining the world order after their death, so as to ensure that the peace they have won can last a period of time. Within maintenance. It is much better in preparation than Alan, who is mentally negative and has no brains. On the other hand, Alan, after his death, has anything changed? War criminals Lena, Pique, and Ani are all alive, and Jia Bi is also a ruthless character who has been on the battlefield and is also alive. Did Allen change them? Ai Dao is still a fanatic, hostile from the whole world, and the war is still going on. Since Allen did not fundamentally solve the problem, what is the point of Allen killing eight people? It just further intensified the contradiction. Even if the humans outside the island did not start a war for the time being, it would only be a temporary recuperation to restore their strength, and the hatred of the Ai people in the world’s hearts would only increase. And what about Lelouch? He was at the same time as the enemy of everyone inside and outside, and Lloyd was asked by Lelouch to pretend to betray Lelouch. Lulu Xiu succeeded in absorbing the hatred of people from all over the world, completely becoming a target of treason and separation. Only in this way can people all over the world reach a consensus on the matter of defeating Lulu Xiu. Allen, however, only absorbed the hatred of the people outside the island and the Korean faction. The Yagel faction still exists and has taken the lead. So contradictions always exist. So fundamentally speaking, Lelouch’s ending is completely different from that of Giant. This is also the place that Jianshan Chuang bashfully imitated. If he really wanted to learn from Lelouch, at least he had to make Alan the enemy of the people on the island of Pa, and betray the talent of the Yager school. Unfortunately, Jianshan Chuang did not consider this level. 2. Lulu Xiu mainly targeted the army, not the indiscriminate massacre. Lelouch was aimed at precisely purging and ideological control of the noble power in Britannia. Although Lelouch’s novels also say that Lelouch killed 80 million people and said that he was a tyrant. According to the novel, Lulu Xiu killed 80 million people. Of course, it’s still incomparable with Allen’s rate of killing eight people. On the other hand, it is also true that there is a discrepancy between the setting of the novel and the setting of the animation, so Lelouch killed 80 million people in the novel can only be used as a reference. But in general, the main targets of Lu Lu Xiu’s killing were the opposition, the powerful and the corrupt empire. Among them are mainly politicians and the military. 3. Lelouch also killed his parents. But his parents wanted to transform mankind, conquer mankind, the mental illness of madness, so Lelouch’s actions belonged to the true sense of righteous extermination, which was different from Alan’s actions to kill his mother. Because in the comics, since Alan can control Dana and change the past, he can also keep Dana away from his mother, and even change the teammates who sacrificed in the past. For example, with so many comrades-in-arms of a soldier, what is the meaning of death? What is the significance of the death of the head? What is the meaning of Sasha’s death? 4. In terms of handling war criminals, Lulu Xiu’s handling is relatively good. Both the emperor and Mariana were dead, and the evil was rewarded. Suzaku slaughtered people, so he must always wear a mask to serve world peace. Basic society died. The second emperor did not massacre the people in the early stage. It was just a setting to suppress and maintain the imperial power, so it was not too miserable in the later stage. She always maintained a compulsion, and the loss of her sister was enough for her to suffer. The second prince became a puppet and lost himself. The other Britanian round-table knights were basically cleaned up by Lelouch and Suzaku, so Lelouch’s role as a war criminal in the end basically got the bad results. As for giants, Pique, Rainer, Arnie, and even Jiabi, who had a lot of blood on their hands, the war fanatics still survived, which made people very disgusting. This has completely violated the positioning of the correct value guidance that a mainstream work should have. Of course, some people can refute that why should giants be so clichéd and rewarded for evil? Isn’t the real world a lot of good cases that the wicked have had? But the problem is, since your giants have been out of the circle and are already facing the mainstream group, once your values ​​conflict with the values ​​of most people in the mainstream group, you must be prepared to bear the anger and discredit from the mainstream value group. 5. The bad ending of the giant is not only because he didn’t learn Lulu Xiu well, but also because of the total collapse of the personality. For example, Lena, a man who wanted to die and suffered from war, turned out to be an old critic? In the front, Isayama can still paint the miserable lives of war-torn soldiers who have traumatic stress and mental disorders. I have forgotten them all here? Why did some people say that it was anti-war in the early stage of Giant? It is because at that time Isayama had repeatedly painted pictures of soldiers who had come off the battlefield with traumatic stress mental disorders, which showed Isayama himself exposed the cruelty of war. In the end, he gave the reader a slap in the face. What is this? There is also Ymir’s purpose. Everyone thought that Ymir had any unpredictable ideal purpose, but in the end he was a pua patient with Stockholm syndrome? The whole work can resolve contradictions and infection with Ymir by relying on Mikasa’s love for Allen? ? Don’t the Ai people have had a decent and touching love story to impress Ymir for two thousand years? Too nonsense. The logic collapsed completely. This is more nonsense than some animations that rely on love to defeat the enemy. At least they are the positioning of the youth kingly works, but the giant is the banner of realist literature in the early stage, but it tells you that the core of this work is actually a child’s life Every family? wtf? And Lelouch, in the last sentence, basically did not have such a logical breakdown, and even withdrew some foreshadowings. For example, Ania often lost his memory, but Orange can relieve Geass, and the two people just corresponded. Lu Lu Xiu’s ideological core has not changed from beginning to end. “The only people who can shoot are those who are conscious of being killed” throughout the sentence, which shows that Lu Lu Xiu’s ideological principles have not changed. In addition, Lelouch himself also has a growth arc. At first, Lelouch only wanted to protect his sister. Later, to protect the students from the student union, he realized that love is a powerful driving force and can create miracles. Later, Lolo started to cherish his life after his sacrifice, and wanted to fight for world peace. After learning that his younger sister had the same idea as himself, Lulu Xiu’s idea of ​​taking the sins alone was always growing step by step, and the growth arc was very obvious. And Alan? Is there any growth arc? Has there been a change from the beginning of the brainlessness to the final brainlessness? Not only did it fail to grow, but it even regressed. At the beginning, at least it was necessary to drive away the giant for the sake of the mother, but in the end, he personally drove the giant to eat the mother? Values ​​have gone backwards? After that, the picture of the Damocles system burning and turning into oranges in the ending of Lelouch was quite classic, fully demonstrating the concept of war to peace. And in the final words, each character in Lelouch expresses a different concept of war, which can be described as a classic! For example, Lloyd and Indian women discussed whether war and weapons are evolution or progress. For example, the discussion about the aesthetics of war by the two emperors. For example, Suzaku and Karen discussed the choice between those who enter the organization and those who cannot enter the organization. For example, Lulu Xiu and Nanali discussed the choice to save the world at the expense of self. For example, Lival stated that he was just a small person’s remarks under the background of the war in peace and peace with everyone. For example, Lulu Xiu and the second prince discussed whether humans should live now or tomorrow. cc’s monologue about himself is just a historical observer. Li Xingke wants to protect the monologue of his lover, emperor and son. look? There are many details in Lelouch’s last words, and the amount of information is very huge. It can be said that there are thousands of people, and everyone has different ideas and values. This is comparable to Umir’s inexplicable love brain, which Leiner does not understand. I don’t know how many levels are there for high estrus! This is also the place where Greater Hanoi is more powerful than Jianshan. Although Greater Hanoi often collapses, he was born in human sociology, and he has a very accurate and comprehensive grasp of the ideas, values, and ideological cores of various people. The last words of Lulu Xiu can be said that Dahanoi felt that the film length was not enough, so he released all the essence. This is also the pinnacle of life in Hanoi. As for the soul song of Zero Soul, even without this part, the level of the first half of Lelouch’s last words is already quite high in the Japanese comic world. In the end, some of Lu Lu Xiu’s foreshadowing were basically recovered, without leaving any big pits. The final suspense left by the end of the TV version was basically whether Lu Lu Xiu died. Regarding the source of Geass’s ability, because in the previous few words, the cult and the c world gate have been solved, even if the c world origin issue is still confused by the audience, after all, there is no need to hinder the ending, because Dahanoi has already solved the problem. The best way is to solve the problem of geass ability and origin by the violent means of the questioner. Therefore, the subsequent ending only needs to deal with the values ​​and emotions of the characters. Basically, it is not easy to be unfinished, and it can be said that it is a good deal. On the other hand, giants, at the end of the last words, there are still a lot of holes around the giant’s ability that have not been filled, so that at the end, it is necessary to fill in the holes of ability and spend pen and ink to describe the characters’ emotions, which will naturally be stretched. Finally, I have to say that Dahanoi is still yyds. Although his level is sometimes unstable, his upper limit is really high. His works are indeed interesting enough to always attract people to watch, and there is no shortage of topicality. For example, when the sales of discs in Japan are deteriorating, Dahanoi’s screenwriter’s January new fan Infinite Skateboard can actually get 6,000 sales and ranks first in the January non-tourism original innovation fan, which can be described as superior. Finally, to say that the ending is super god, Okawachi has also acted as the screenwriter of the demon man. Although the demon man is generally the work of Nagai Hao, Okawachi has brought the story of the demon man to the modern age and enhanced the entertainment and rhythm of the work. It looks really exciting, and it can be said to be another masterpiece that Dahanoi participated in after Lulu Xiu. In the past few years, the critics of Ohanoi’s works have gradually turned over. With a lot of original works capsized, the ending of the guilty crown can basically be regarded as the ending of the Legend of Sword and Fairy in Japan. The revolutionary machine also achieved a word-of-mouth reversal by relying on the student founding event. A few words before the ending of prpr (The excellent script written by Hanoi is obvious to all. The last words of Lupin III’s fifth season shocked me. The first six words of the Iron Fortress can be said to be very exciting, although the latter is going high and low. , But with the ova ending and the sugar blessing, it is also much better than the giant underworld ending. Infinite skateboard has high energy in the front, and although it is not amazing at the beginning, it can be regarded as a smooth landing. In addition, what other small forests and other big Hanoi participated in. The script is even more stable. Although the Seven-Day War is normal, it is basically the basic routine of idol youth drama, which is quite satisfactory. In general, I still want to say that Dahanoi yyds is too much stronger than Isayama. Suggest mappa Look for Dahanoi as the screenwriter for the giant ending. Finally, if you are interested, you can watch the radio drama “Giant Island” adapted from my novel. It also talks about the war between humans and giants. It is over and not unfinished.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Lulu Xiu: I have the power of Geass. Allen: I have the power of a giant. Lulu Xiu: I witnessed the murder of my mother when I was a child and determined to take revenge. Allen: I witnessed my mother being killed when I was a child, and I was determined to take revenge. Lulu Xiu: I formed the Black Knights. Allen: I joined the Investigation Corps. Lulu Xiu: With the development of the plot, I understood the truth of the world and entered the C world. Allen: As the plot developed, I understood the truth of the world and entered the road. Lelouch: The aggression of the Britanian Empire is evil and unrighteous, and it has brought suffering to the world. I want to end it all. Allen: The invasion of the Eldia Empire has nothing to do with me. The world has brought me pain, and I want to end it all. Lelouch: I designed to allow myself to bear all the sins, kill me and cut the chains of hatred, and the world can be peaceful. Allen: I designed to make myself bear all the sins, kill me and cut the chains of hatred, the world can be peaceful. Lulu Xiu: I killed about 80 million people. They were opposition, powerful and corrupt empires. Allen: I killed about eight people in the world. I don’t care who they are. Lulu Xiu: After doing all this, the anger of the people was calmed down and the reactionary forces ended. Allen: After doing all this, the people’s breathing stopped and the Eldia were able to prepare for battle. Lelouch: I left Suzaku and others to continue to maintain world peace after my death. Allen: I left Jia Bi and others to continue Tata Kai after I die. Lelouch: Actually, I discovered that my parents were anti-social madmen. Allen: Actually, I discovered that my parents really love me. Lelouch: So I killed them. Allen: Me too. Lelouch:? Allen: What’s wrong?

6 months ago

The end of the giant is due to unreasonable logic, except for the collapse of Allen’s personal settings; most people: Lena, Jean, etc., the final words are also nauseating. Although Lelouch did not bring peace to the world, he also killed a large number of people; but he did much more reasonable than Allen, many readers will feel sad because of Lelouch’s death, and in Chapter 139, Ai Lun’s death made me relieved: this stupid farce is finally over. In my opinion, Isayama lacks creative ability or doesn’t want to paint the last words well. Although the readers are very divided, they are already very tolerant, because the development of the giant’s story will certainly not draw an ending that everyone is satisfied with, but Jianshan has created an ending that everyone hates.

6 months ago

Everyone can think about it, if Lelouch writes according to the ending of the giant. Just after Zero Town, Da Hanoi will tell you. Lelouch can actually predict the future and change the past. All the big events in the play, such as vv killed Mariana, Nanali went blind, the brothers and sisters were sent to Japan, the army killed Shali’s father, Lelouch Geass ran away and Yuphi died tragically, Lolo killed Shali , Suzaku used Freya to blow up the Tokyo Concession… and so on. A series of plots that affected the trend of the plot and caused a huge change in the thinking of related characters… All I knew in advance, Lelouch! Although I know, I just don’t change it! Don’t ask me why I didn’t stop it! I don’t know if I ask, I just want to do this! Oh! free! By the way, after I die, c.c. will still be a widow for me! Don’t come into contact with other men… Hey! I can only say, really, if Da Hanoi dares to write like this, he will be considered clean if he is not washed out of the shit…

6 months ago

Lulu Xiu is a person who still has his heart to move forward even when he knows that he will become a demon king with a lot of swearing on his back. He bears all the hatred and pain, misunderstandings and contradictions. Even if no one understands him in the whole play, it is not until the last words that Liao and Liao know the truth. Lelouch maintains his basic humanity in the abyss of hell. . Lelouch had never taken the initiative to attack innocent civilians, he just wanted to resist the corrupt aristocracy. And more importantly, Lelouch had always known the price he had to pay, and he accepted and used this destined to destroy himself to deploy his plan. What is Alan doing? The finale is still thinking about not letting other men touch Mikasa. When you don’t have the consciousness to be killed and pay the corresponding price for your words and deeds, all your evil deeds are just the second illness of the child and personal venting of anger. You need to pay the price, sooner or later. To be a digression, I still remember that the second season of Macross F and Lelouch was broadcast and ended at the same time. The ratings obtained by the two fans in the second half of the broadcast are completely opposite. Macross F entered the fierce battle between the green hair and the queen at that time. Everyone was looking forward to the final battle and the heroine who will get it; and Lelouch was evaluated as “the plot collapsed and the protagonist was crazy.” After all, it was rare for the protagonist to be blackened at that time, and even Xiaoyuan would not be born until three years later. The audience could not understand Lulu Xiu’s madness at the time. Until the last comment, the evaluation was completely flipped. F has become a shameless threesome of “you are all my wings”, walking fans and walking out several gai; and Lulu Xiu, with his generous determination to righteousness, completes the redemption that the people don’t know. At that time, various forums were exploded, and everyone was discussing fiercely. Should a work end with a mediocre or even malicious ending, or should it use a creative ending to reverse all expectations? Isn’t it interesting?

6 months ago

Because Lulu Xiu cannot change the past and cannot accurately predict the future. After all, everything he did could not exceed the limits of human beings. He was walking on thin ice during the entire period of the song, and almost overturned many times, so even if the ending of the song was not perfect, he would not be OOC, and the audience would accept it as a story. In terms of it, he is complete. The most terrible thing about the giant ending is to reveal that Alan sees through everything from the past to the future. He is a character who is infinitely close to God, which caused a huge amount of OOC. Can affect the past, then all the sacrifices and all the bloody struggles before may be fake. Why did Allen kill his mother and break the defense on a large scale? Because the character of Allen in the first 123 episodes is based on expelling the giant to avenge his mother. The giant ending reveals that the killing of the mother was caused by Alan’s interference in the past in the future, which is equivalent to directly smashing Allen in the first 123 episodes. Stepping on a foot, the impact of “OOC” is not enough to describe it. The role of Allen directly becomes a Schrödinger: that is, you don’t know whether the experience of episode 138 caused Allen in episode 139; or Allen in episode 139 reversed the former 138 in order to reach this frame; This character directly turned into an empty box, and it was impossible to establish that his character resembled Lulu Xiu’s killer mother. The killer was always the “resurrected” mother in the world of C with a completely deformed personality. This behavior does not affect the past. The former Lulu Xiu who took the road of rebellion in order to avenge her mother still stood there. The vengeful Lelouch and the rebellious Lelouch are inherited, because Lelouch established the Black Knights on the road of revenge, fell in love with Suzaku, and experienced the death of Yuffi, etc., in C In this world, he will make the righteous decision to exterminate relatives. This is a single arrow that keeps moving forward, and the character portraits and character logic are very clear. To sum up: Some people disagree with Lulu Xiu’s Soul Rehabilitation Song, but they can basically understand why he did it, so this ending is disliked at best, and it won’t be a curse. In the end of the giant, not only did almost no one agree to trampling on 8 adults, but no one could understand why Allen did it. After reading it, he only had two words to think “outrageous”, so he must be scolded. What is more annoying than the villain is the villain who is completely incomprehensible. Looking back at the crumb villains in history, one of the common characteristics is that the audience can’t understand their brain circuits at all. Why does Steelmaking have many unwashed and attractive characters, such as Enwei and the President? Because although they are bad, at least their brains are normal… and being able to see through the future greatly magnifies the imperfections of the ending itself. To see this setting in the future, the author is required to write an ending that at least most people can’t think of a better solution, in order to not have a play, but the thing written by jsc knows that the great god can make up more HE He, you said this is the only solution Allen found after seeing through the future, is it convincing? On the other hand, Lu Lu Xiu, there are many people who think there is a better way than the soul of the soul, but as a second-year student who is only a little smarter, resources and time are limited, and in the end he almost overturned the car no less than three times. He did it. If it is not better, it is excusable from the perspective of the audience. If it was changed to Lelouch, he knew that Yuffi would die, but because he looked at the future and knew that Yuffi had to die in order to achieve the soul-relief song, he remotely controlled his geass from the future and killed Yuffi. Will you be scolded to death?

6 months ago

There is one saying that giants are not worthy. On the eve of the establishment of the Japan Special Economic Zone, Lu Lu Xiu killed Yu Fei because of his ability to run away. In addition to grief, he could only make mistakes and maximize his sister’s death. Allen killed most of them, not? This? False single pusher: You promise me that I will not destroy the world and everyone will run away together. You must always love me and keep a living widow for me. Real single pusher: This plan is very dangerous, you must not get involved with me or you will die! Get out! Why the hell don’t you get out! Order in the name of Lulu Xiu-oh? The plan was successful? What the hell does the arrest of Lelouch have to do with me, L.L, Emperor? What emperor, do you have my wife’s fragrance? The protagonist is also a diehard loyal party. CC accompanies Lelouch to the whole world to be crazy until Xia Li breaks through the brainwashing. Then Mikasa, whose love brain is several times more serious than the two of them, cuts off Allen’s head with a slash. I said that if it weren’t for someone willing to die, Suzaku would have to be frustrated by Karen the next day. In the theater version, Karen sees Amnesia Lelouch rushing over and crying until her eyes are swollen, Queen? The queen is celebrating his birthday with the farmer. The dignified girl is actually in love with passers-by who show no more than ten points, I didn’t expect it. Falling in love with the enemy has done it on both sides, but it’s Almin on the giant’s side, and the fan on the set of Lulu Xiu… As for the style of this product… Mingren has no intelligence and no force. Investigate. The commander of the corps was changed to Fujitang, which was much better than Ya. Even the leader of the Black Knights can be expelled because he violated his original intention and wanted to ask for an explanation. Stupid, stupid, there is indeed a reasonable place for passers-by, giant? Guess how Liweiban sees their fairy love under Jiuquan?

6 months ago

Lelouch’s wish is truly world peace! You can go and watch the last episode. At the moment before Lelouch’s death, you can feel that he loves the world, even though the world is not so happy for him and his beloved family. He knows very well that the “evil” he has done can know his end, and he can die without leaving a trace of regret. When Lelouch died, he himself was very happy. He also hoped that Nanali, Suzaku, CC and so on would all live happily in a peaceful world.

6 months ago

In the first season of the rebellious Lelouch, Yuphy really pushed Lelouch to a desperate situation. At this time, if Yuffi is not dead, then the first season can end directly. To promote the subsequent plot and keep the contradiction on the rise, Yuffi must die at the hands of Lelouch, and then what did Dahanoi do? He threw the pot to Geass and went away. If he didn’t shake the pot, Lelouch’s personal design would collapse, and later it would become like the moon of the death note, immediately becoming the villain. For the same reason, just throw the pot to the ground sound. Allen couldn’t control the ground sound completely. It ran away and died in the hands of Mikasa. Isn’t that all right? Or, draw out the tragedies of other parallel worlds, persuade the reader that there is really no way to go except the ground sound, or, like Reiner, confess to the dead innocent people, etc., and portray the ending as “justified.” One point, I can still accept it, but the author is not, just wanting to be disgusting.

6 months ago

Please don’t touch Porcelain Lulu Road. Lelouch had obvious growth experience and thought changes after experiencing the big wind and waves. Ai Juying was still the brain power 3 (level disabled) in the end. Lelouch’s parents are not normal people, one or two of them are playing Lelouch. Ai Juying knows that everything is controlled and is still asking, “Why Lena, mother would be eaten that day.” And how did Lelouch start the all-out war? Directly penetrate into the enemy and become the boss. After removing all obstacles, let yourself be served in one go. This is the highest state of undercover! Ai Juying has a live broadcast of fighting monsters, and he has become a hero in a few words? ? ? Not to mention that after the war, one achieved peace, and the other was still life and death.

6 months ago

I could have written an analysis of a few thousand words on this question, but considering that my few thousand words of Lulu Xiu’s analysis can not be published on a domestic platform, I can only talk about the insensitive part. In the latter part of Jianshan’s creation, there are obvious traces of paying tribute to Lu Lu Xiu, including these 139, which are very similar. But the problem is that the giant doesn’t just copy a zero soul song and everything will be fine. First of all, the relationship and personal settings between Lulu Xiu and the giant are vastly different. Marianna and Omelet are two pure nephews, and from a standpoint, they are also Lelouch’s enemies. It is excusable to be killed, but Calula is not only the person who loves Ellen the most in the world, but also The person who is best for Allen from the beginning to the end. After all, this kind of personality is a character that is absolutely impossible to be killed by the protagonist in a literary work, because it is enough to make a character’s moral value negative, unless It is necessary to create a big evil villain, otherwise, for most works, the big villain is absolutely impossible to arrange this plot for him. This kind of plot is enough to erase all the humanity of a character, and a role with this kind of plot. It’s the sacrifice, and it didn’t run. If you think about a similar plot, I’m afraid it’s not only dio that kills Lao Qiao, but even dio, Lao Qiao is not his father. This Allen’s behavior is 10 times worse than that of dio. Think about what dio is all about. . Let’s talk about the destruction of the world. Lulu Xiu’s destruction did not kill many civilians. It was just a purge of the living military forces in the world. Such purge is beneficial to future peace. What’s more, Lulu Xiu’s methods are too many Gao Allen. Basically, he paved the road for more than 50 years before his death. The Zero Town NB has almost killed every detail in the world view of the work. Be logical and self-consistent. After all, Ellen’s voice is that nothing has been resolved. Ai Island still has to fight against it. The world is full of hatred and must liquidate the island. This actually involves the foreshadowing and characterization of the previous paragraph. In fact, I have to be reasonable. The starting point of Lulu Xiu and Allen is simply too similar. Both the green horse was blackened by the sand. The initial motive was revenge, and the secondary motive and action support were the closest people. However, the development of Lelouch and Alan is quite different in the middle and late stages. Lelouch can be said that most of the 50 episodes depict the growth of Lelouch himself. In the process, although Lelouch has changed a lot, but There is only one point that has been emphasized, that is, Lelouch is a person who pays great attention to feelings. His feelings for his family and his friends are very fancy. In fact, the several blackenings in the plot of Lelouch are nothing more than feeling that his feelings have been betrayed. He is actually an emotional person in essence. In fact, the development personality Allen gave him was to emphasize his rationality. You see, many people think that Allen is the brash person, but Allen really didn’t portray how much he is from the beginning to the end. Caring about his friends, he has been advancing desperately for his own goals. In this process, he ignored Mikasa’s feelings, and 104’s friendship, he couldn’t take care of it either. Under this kind of shaping, the last words forced him to like Mikasa and care about friendship. Where did the previous foreshadowing go? Moreover, in the last sentence, forcibly labeling him Shama is also a huge failure. On the previous page, Alan is a feelingless and heinous sand demon. On the next page, he can become a person who values ​​friends. What is the contrast? ? Moreover, the attacking giant saw that the future setting is a great failure, because it makes us unable to distinguish Alan’s friend-oriented plots, whether he wants to do this subjectively, or is it like Sha Ma, everything is for His ultimate goal had no alternative. It’s like, Alan and Lelouch both practiced sprinting at the beginning, but later Allen ran to throw a discus, Luloxiu kept practicing sprinting and finally won the gold medal, and then Jian Shanchuang saw that Lulu Xiu got the gold medal. In the end, Allen, who had been throwing the discus, arranged a sprint championship ending, and the audience looked bewildered. This is part of copying homework. The process is completely changed, but the result is still copied. The teacher saw that there is no connection between the process and the result. The homework in Zero Town is fine, after all, Zero Town is one of the most NB endings in the history of animation, but if you want to imitate, you have to pave the road before, otherwise it will appear abrupt. You can’t draw a horse, and then see that the tiger’s butt next door looks good, so you can give your horse a tiger’s butt.

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