In the final analysis, this question is still asking: what should I do if I feel I am not worthy of my partner? There are similar questions: What should I do if I am poor but the target is rich? What should I do if I am a scumbag but the subject has good grades? What should I do if my personal value is obviously inferior to that of the other half? First of all, it needs to be clear. No matter whether the above worries are your personal low self-esteem, because of the fear in your heart, you will repeatedly confirm the loyalty of the other half. This is absolutely impossible, because it will continue to consume the relationship and the patience of the other half, and finally move towards Self-fulfilling prophecy. Looking at the specific situation, this can generally be divided into two types: one is your lack of self-awareness, you are not aware of the point where you hit the other half, and you don’t even feel that it is an advantage. This is easy to handle. At least you do have the core value points to attract your partner. As long as you don’t continue to destroy the relationship, the partner’s preference for you will not decrease. The problem of insufficient self-awareness can be solved slowly. Up. Second, the subject is not deeply involved in the world, and is temporarily blinded by you. Sooner or later, he will leave you because of a mismatch. how to say. . . If you really don’t match in value, shouldn’t you be dark? You are very lucky now! The dove takes up the magpie’s nest and takes up one day’s happiness. If it doesn’t belong to you, it’s in your hands for the time being, so cherish it first~ Finally, what can be done? 1. Improve self-awareness. Benefits ① With improved self-awareness and self-confidence, it will not repeatedly confirm the loyalty of the other half, so that the other half has a better love experience. Benefit ②, self-confidence is enhanced, and personal charm will be significantly enhanced to some extent. This is another point worthy of being liked by the other half! 2. Understand the core needs of the other half. This demand does not refer to physiological or material things, but values. If the object is particularly motivated, you will show strong growth; if the object is particularly Buddhism, you will let yourself enjoy the years; if the object is particularly humorous, you will get to every point of ta, and there will be back and forth with ta… When you can meet the core needs of your partner, regardless of whether he has fallen in love with you, he will become inseparable from you in the future.

This question is essentially about how to maintain a long-term relationship in such a state that oneself is ordinary and the other party is excellent. The first thing I want to say is that you must not feel inferior, worry that you are not worthy of the other party, Murphy’s law, about what will happen if you worry about it. It will be fulfilled because you have been worrying about the result of your own fantasy that has never happened. When you are in such a transition, the process of getting along with your partner is your subconscious projection of the wrong view of love you think you are. Projected on the other person, the other person will disagree at first, but after a long time, they will interact with you in the way you want. Therefore, the other person says that you are not worthy of me, and the things you worry most will naturally happen. So when you think you are in a relationship where I am inferior to him, how do you maintain it? 1. Consciousness level: Know yourself and give positive feedback. In fact, since the other person can choose to be with you, you definitely have a shining point that attracts the other person. Since you are also very concerned about the relationship between you, continue to feel inferior. All the results are to push your relationship to the worst. Social psychology tells us that there are many kinds of people, but everyone has subconscious pursuits. The nature of equality, only when the contribution is proportional to the benefit, will you be most satisfied with intimacy. In other words, we must give appropriate feedback when we get along with the TA, and give the TA corresponding feedback while the other half is paying. If you always show a posture of “I am not worthy of you” in the process of getting along with you, after a long time, you can still patiently comfort you at the beginning. What do you mean by acquiescence and grievances at the same time, because you have not been able to get the desired results and feedback with your own intentions and efforts? Let’s give a chestnut. On Chinese Valentine’s Day one year, your girlfriend came home early and prepared a romantic candlelight dinner. Champagne steak candlelight night, waiting for a pleasant dinner with you. Finally, you came home and said something. “Hey, what’s the situation today?” Then I don’t think the steak is not delicious when I eat at the table. Champagne is not as good as beer… Seeing my girlfriend’s face is getting worse and worse, you are still bulging in your heart: Why are you angry again? ! This is in fact a typical failure to give proper feedback. When the other half is devoting himself to paying for you, he does not give him positive feedback. Instead, there is a wave of negative feedback that affects your relationship. 2. At the action level, establish communication and patiently understand the lack of proper communication. Another important reason for long-term relationship problems is the lack of proper communication. There is a very common scenario in our daily life: returning home from get off work, accumulated a day of tired and complaining girlfriends Telling you about the exhaustion of going to work, the boss has assigned a lot of work and so on, but you collapsed on the sofa with perfunctory answers of “Uh-huh” and “Oh-oh”. At this time, if you are that girl, are you angry? Angry! ! I can’t wait to fuck up the pillow and beat him hard. So what is the correct way? You should put down your phone, listen carefully and patiently to TA’s work today, and even adopt an empathetic approach, and complain to your boss, work, and complain about everything that is unsatisfactory today, and then take your TA lightly. Lightly hugged him and stared at TA’s eyes gently: “It’s okay, tomorrow will be the same sadness anyway, hahaha” and then watched TA pounce on you viciously, fight with you, and go jokingly Do other things. This is actually a very simple way of empathy, but it can make your relationship more harmonious 3, strengthen yourself and become the right person. People who are able to work in the workplace are not afraid to resign and change jobs, and attractive people in love are not afraid to lose love. This charm does not refer to appearance. Appearance is important, but your wisdom and character are the best shining points to keep a person. If you are attractive and well-connected, you will always meet many people who meet your requirements. You can choose slowly. When you meet the right person and don’t want to lose, you have to think about the three specific needs of the goal of love. As a partner, do you meet his needs? Meet your needs for this set of physiological mechanisms. Preliminary screening and preparation for the reproduction of offspring or marriage relationship. Provide close companionship. If you don’t have any plans to thrive at the moment, then you have to focus on whether you are happy or not in the process of getting along. If you often feel twisted and uncomfortable during the process of getting along, I suggest you list your unspecific needs one by one, and see if it is your own problem or the other party’s problem. Then give priority to solving important issues, so step by step, your relationship will definitely get closer and closer. Getting along between two people is very simple for people with high EQ, but it is very complicated for people with low EQ, and it is impossible to finish this article in detail. If you are always dumped, or have a bad relationship with your partner but don’t want to break up, I recommend you to read the two books “Intimate Relationship” and “Non Violent Communication”. Here are only three points of attention. The first point of note is: it is not that you are perfect, beautiful, and proficient in career, and you will be able to make the person you love like you and stay with you. The physiological mechanism is really complicated. We can only grasp the general direction. You are good in all aspects, have excellent communication skills, and generally meet the three-point needs of the other party, but the person is still gone. People who are not as good as you. Don’t think it’s something wrong with you. In many cases, it is the things that turnips and vegetables have their own loves. (For example, I have no idea about all the popular small fresh meats, and even a little disgusted with the national husband Wang Sicong) The second point of attention is: many people think that the “right person” must meet all the needs of the other party. Some people will become particularly humble after finding someone with better conditions than themselves. Don’t dare to say words, don’t dare to breathe, be careful, wait for what people say, for fear that the other party will be upset and not yourself. This is a slave, this is not a partner. This kind of relationship is not very healthy. Only if the forces are evenly matched and an equal relationship can have a long-term good relationship. One last note: people are always growing and changing. Many times when two people are walking, they are not in the same world. If you want to keep the person you think is right, you also need to grow up with him and don’t fall behind. . You need to maintain your charm in all aspects, not only to keep the person you love, but also to maintain your own competitiveness in society. Even if you finally broke up, you can easily find a home to meet your small needs without the extreme pain. The above hopeful article will inspire you


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8 months ago

In short, you must be confident, the subject, no one will like you who are worthless, and your boyfriend likes you and is with you, not because of your badness, let alone your ordinaryness. “The beauty is in the eyes of the lover”, “the radish and the greens have their own love”, he loves you, this person, not just your looks, because true love should be: how many people love you when you are young and happy , I love your beauty, fake or true, there is only one person who loves your pilgrim soul and the painful wrinkles on your aging face. (Yeats “When You Are Old”)

8 months ago

I am old, and one day, in the lobby of a public place, a man approached me. He took the initiative to introduce himself, and he said to me: “I know you and will always remember you. At that time, you were very young and everyone said you were beautiful. Now, I am here to tell you that, for me, I I feel that you are more beautiful now than you were when you were young. At that time you were a young woman. Compared with your face at that time, I love your now devastated face more.

8 months ago

Worry, worry too much. When you go out, you are worried about being missed by others, and you are afraid of being cheated away by others. If you go out for a meal, it’s best to give him a mask and just look at his back. Buy clothes, try to see the clothes in the fitting room as much as possible, don’t wear them out for others to see, they are too good. Of course, there is the most important point, absolutely can not go out alone, the outside is too messy. Not safe!

8 months ago

My husband is very handsome, but I am just average, with a normal face, but a good figure and strong body. His strength is comparable to that of Lu Zhishen, and he can pull down a willow. In addition, my husband is a straight boy with a daughter, and we seem to have switched genders. He is responsible for the beauty and beauty, and I am responsible for making money and supporting the family, so I am a son of his bodyguard outside, which provides for my bodyguard career. rich experience. Since I was determined to be a bodyguard since I was young, in order to get into the role as soon as possible, my daily outfits are mainly suits. I really put a lot of effort into the selection of suits. In order not to be regarded as a neuropathy, I have to wear a bodyguard. The essence of. Generally speaking, it is to be ruthless and wild.

8 months ago

Lee Hyo Lee and Lee Sang Soon, they were abused by the media as “beauty and beast”. In the eyes of outsiders, regardless of appearance, value, or reputation, Li Shangsun is not worthy of Li Xiaoli. But Lee Hyo-ri thinks: My brother doesn’t eat fireworks, and I only have money. My brother doesn’t hate me. If we look at it from a secular and utilitarian perspective, this relationship is indeed like two ends of the balance. But watching the “Hyo Lee’s Homestay” program carefully, you will find that Li Shangshun also has his own core values. First of all, his talent is not lost to Lee Hyori. Li Shangshun studied abroad at a famous Dutch conservatory and is a powerful composer and singer. When two people are together, Lee Hyo-ri dances, and he plays for her on the side. The two can really be regarded as harmonious. Secondly, Li Xiaoshun also has unique existence value in life.

8 months ago

The essence of marital happiness is to satisfy each other’s core emotional needs. Men desire to be admired, women need to be favored. The key to marriage depends on whether the two parties’ personalities match and can meet each other’s psychological needs. After all, marriage is not a match of appearance, but an inner sense of identity and a sense of spiritual connection. For Lee Hyo-ri, money and appearance are not the most important, what she wants is care and love. Li Shangshun is short of money, and only with material wealth can he do what he loves as he pleases. The two of them complement each other and can meet each other’s core needs and just make up a complete circle.

8 months ago

How much love either succumbs to lust, love, relaxation, or is consumed by firewood, rice, oil and salt; especially after getting along day and night, seeing the most simple and exhausted appearance of the other party, it is difficult to have the original heartbeat. But the most advanced and longest-lasting heartbeat is not based on appearance or passion, but on fatal attraction of the opposite sex: temperament, connotation, likability, and knowledge. Psychological research shows that the attractiveness of the opposite sex is not only determined by appearance conditions, but also internal attraction; it is subdivided into dimensions such as dressing, emotional charm, sexual charm, and self-esteem. For example, people with high self-esteem will be confident and even narcissistic. And there is a kind of narcissism, not only not annoying, but also very attractive, just like the author of “Lover”-Margaret Duras. Like Deng Wendi and Elva Hsiao, she is a very charming and legendary woman;

8 months ago

Duras’s charm stems from her full narcissism, clever makeup, and thorough understanding and grasp of the love of men and women. It is said that Duras’ clothes are very indicative and she knows how to tell her story to others. Over time, she has created an inherently unique image, taking people’s attention away from her short figure, obsessed with her personality charm. In addition, she, who has written countless love stories, has a deep insight into the feelings of the two sexes; such a woman, even if she is playing temper in getting along, the other party is reluctant to leave her. On the other hand, love in life, many people lose their charm after confirming the relationship.

8 months ago

Where is your charm switch? Looking at the people who have a good relationship with the opposite sex, those who are still spoiled by their husbands after marriage, are people who have their own unique charm, and know how to get along with the rhythm and proportion. Just like Duras, she relies on unique clothes to create her personal charm, relies on narration to arouse each other’s interest, and makes people fully appreciate all the feelings of love when getting along, which makes lovers obsessed. Ishihara Rimi also transformed from an ordinary girl to a goddess of the masses. At the age of 23, she was terminated by a TV station that had worked with her for 5 years. Because she is really not outstanding, she has been tepid. After being unemployed, she was very depressed and determined to change herself and start her journey of transformation.

8 months ago

To fall in love is to talk about self-confidence and the idea that everyone is equal above oneself. Since your partner is very beautiful, you have to understand that there will be many people who will cast ambiguous eyes at your partner, but in the face of these, do you have the confidence to make your girlfriend fall in love? All you have to do now is to understand what is your attraction to her, is it money? character? Or a strong sense of professionalism? If she just likes your character in her heart, likes your aggressiveness, and likes your talk, then you can rest assured that she has fallen in love with your soul through your skin. But if you use substances to fix her around, she may depend on you for a period of time, but everyone understands this kind of result.

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