According to a report by the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on the 10th, the lawsuit filed on April 2 shows that in December 2020, two police officers, Joe Gutierrez and Daniel Crocker, will Second Lieutenant Caron Nazario (Caron Nazario), who drove home from duty, said that Nazario was driving an unlicensed car and “evading law enforcement.” Nazario was a second lieutenant in the Latino army. He was wearing an officer’s uniform and driving a new car that had just been bought. It had no permanent license plate, but there was a temporary license plate on the rear window. Nazario stated in the lawsuit that his constitutional rights had been violated and demanded corresponding compensation and punitive damages.

This black officer is really amazing. He avoided multiple booby traps and survived successfully. It can be called “First Blood: Black Rambo”. When the American police said “Get out the car!” Listen to the police, go to unlock the seat belt and open the door. Sorry, you are already dead. Whether it’s lowering your hand to unfasten your seat belt or driving the door, as long as the police can’t see your hand for a second, it will simply empty the magazine and go on vacation. So it’s not that the black officer didn’t understand the instructions, but that he understood the American police better. The traditional art of the American police is “Get down! Put your hands on your back, raise your feet, and then crawl towards me!” In this case, a policeman shouted “Place your hands where I can see.” , Another policeman was shouting “get off the car immediately.” A black man who had not practiced in advance to unfasten the seat belt with his feet (yoga skills), and did not install the seat belt voice control system (RAP trigger), then fell into life and death Juncture. The black officer’s operation was very witty. He didn’t stop immediately when the police chased and asked to stop. He parked the car in a well-lit and monitored place (the gas station in the video), and then put his hands out of the car window and kept it visible. Range to ensure that the law enforcement recorder can shoot clearly. Then, no matter what the police said, they resolutely raised their hands, even if they were sprayed with chili water, they did not easily agree to any requests from the police that would cause their hands to leave the surveillance view, and did not give the police any chance of “suspecting guns.” . Even if you do not cooperate with the police, as long as your hands are still visible, the police cannot shoot directly on the grounds that they are threatened. Although the police will use other violent methods against you, at least your life will be saved. The black officer performed an epic anti-shooting offensive and defensive battle for us, doing much better than the little brother in the video below. Life in the United States from scratch The video of Yang Chaoyue’s black fan station station 80,000 broadcasts. However, this American soldier is still a little stupid and actually said to the American police, “I bleeds in North Africa, and I was injured on the coast of Utah. “Please, the U.S. military is clearly serving the capital and consortium. What is the use of shouting this to the police? “U.S. soldiers are walking on the road and there are people saluting them. The American people will help the soldiers who go out to build lawns.” These only stay on the well-known mouth. The actual situation is that the veteran is not dead, but is sprayed with chili water/suffocated/sticked to the tank track. on. In the United States, the police are already racially gifted to strike against blacks. They call the police to catch whites. He directly catches blacks and says, “I don’t know why I want to catch you.” Just as he saw a branch line when he was doing the main task, he gave it to him. Doing the same, it is reasonable to suspect that this is a habit cultivated in the history of American slave trade, which has been engraved in the DNA of American police. Negro: I’m so angry, go and slap a few Asians to calm down. Internal conflicts are so big, Biden is still busy playing the forced labor card. The Federal Communications Commission of the United States even started investigating (fabricating) Huawei’s forced labor in the communications industry. Can you rub a chip together with your hands? This is really an all-purpose reason, any work without the consent of the Americans is considered forced labor. “How did they force you?” “They pay me wages.” I hope the U.S. will give priority to solving its own internal problems, and let the auto companies develop a police interrogation model when they have time: “Hey siri, I have encountered interrogation now. Can you unfasten the seat belt and open the door?” “Please take out your driver’s license, driving license, and vehicle registration certificate again.”


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Many respondents pointed out that the black man responded professionally in the car and avoided being shot into a hornet’s nest. However, you may not have noticed that his response after getting off the car was also very professional, avoiding Freud’s fate: He refused to lie flat on the ground (the standard posture for arresting prisoners in the United States), but insisted on keeping kneeling. The policeman’s knees could not be pressed against his neck. If he lay flat on the ground, the police’s knees would immediately press up, and after a few minutes he would suffocate and die. Fine, too fine! The details determine life and death!

6 months ago

Seeing this news, I only thought of this video, a video of the Xuanyuanjian Chronicles on the Day of the Black Groundhog. 292,000 broadcasts. This is indeed the world’s policeman who is too skillful in dealing with it and has escaped shooting twice. If you can’t get out of the car, you will inevitably be hammered when you get out of the car, and your life may even be in danger. Let him open the door, he didn’t move, let him untie the seat belt, he didn’t move. As long as you put your hand in the car, two shuttle bullets will arrive. All the way, he kept his hands out of the window even if he was sprayed with chili water, and did not directly listen to the police to unlock the door or unlock the seat belt. Even if the seat belt was unlocked, he had to repeat it again and again. Otherwise, the police might empty the magazine.

6 months ago

At that time, the police’s instructions were contradictory. Ask him to extend his hand out of the car window, but at the same time let him get out of the car to unlock the seat belt. If you really understand the United States, reaching out to unlock the seat belt would be a death, it’s straightforward. Will be beaten to death. It’s normal for this guy to say that he “I don’t dare to get out of the car to be honest”. If you can understand, what’s the police’s response? “You should be afraid”, this is not normal law enforcement at all. The police shouldn’t pay for traffic violations. According to the law, car owners are not obliged to stop immediately. You can even call 911 to make sure this is a real police officer. Stay vigilant, drive to a bright gas station and then stop, keep your hands still, this is the most correct treatment. To be honest, the police officer wanted to punish him, including the later sentence about your rank, specialist or corporal. Basically, he gambled that the black man was a troublemaker and wanted to scare him, but he was actually an officer, which was very funny. Up.

6 months ago

After the black officer was violently enforced by the white police, the white police were still working normally and were not affected in any way. This calm response shows that this kind of thing has become normal in Country M; If this is the case for military officers, the black people’s experience will only get worse; the experience of other races is not much better; in this country, the superior human rights have always been only related to skin color;

6 months ago

You all feel professional…but I think…this may just be because of the rules that the black people have summed up in private. After all, you think… This black man thinks every step of the way, how could it be just a brainstorm? Obviously at least he was prepared. In other words… the urinary sex of white American police officers can be felt thoroughly by blacks. So, if the black people really want to get involved…not to mention it as a major event, but it is absolutely possible to cause a certain amount of damage. The problem is… if you want blacks to take the initiative to resist whites (if no one instructs them behind), then it’s basically harder than going to the sky…

6 months ago

The contrast is too strong, the black man is angry! Recently, a video of a black American military officer encountering police violent law enforcement has been widely circulated on the Internet. At the same time, the video of “drug dealers shooting police officers” recently released by the New Mexico State Police has also attracted the attention of major media. But some of the “differences” in these two proposals that have sparked global hot bills have made many black Americans angry. According to US media reports on April 9th, Lieutenant Caron Nazario, a black US Army officer, recently decided to prosecute two police officers in Windsor, Virginia. In December 2020, after the two police officers stopped Nazario on the grounds that “the car does not have an official license plate”, they immediately drew their guns at him, rudely asked him to get out of the car for inspection, and even used pepper spray on him. , Knee strike. This black man in a full military uniform when he was violently enforced the law asked grievously: “I worked for the country, so I was treated like this?” It was only one day after this video aroused the anger of many people. On April 10th, the United States The New Mexico State Police released another video of “police blocking cars for inspection.” Video conversations and related reports showed that the police officer named Darian Garrott intercepted a car on the highway on the grounds that the window was too dark. During the conversation, the police officer expressed his intentions in a very gentle tone and said that he only needs to register some information to let the owner of the car named Omar Cueva leave. After rolling down the car window, the police officer found that the owner was carrying an AR-15 assault rifle, but the officer did not change his law enforcement attitude. Not only did he not draw his gun at the owner, nor asked him to surrender the weapon. Still politely asked: “For my safety, can you please take off the weapon, shall we go to my police car to do the registration?” In this case, the police officer still allowed the owner to move freely and was very relaxed. He walked around the car and left without making any defensive gestures. Unfortunately, the owner used the body to block the rifle in his hand, and then suddenly launched an attack, killing the police officer. Information shows that the suspect has a history of violent crime and is suspected of participating in drug dealing. The two similar scenes of the suspect Omar Cueva made the black officers angry that they repeatedly explained to the police and raised their hands to indicate that they were not carrying weapons. The police pointed the gun from start to finish , While another suspect with a white face was treated politely by the intercepted police officer, even almost unprepared. Many people believe that the difference reflects the systematic discrimination against blacks by American law enforcement agencies. However, this comparison also made many American netizens extremely angry, believing that those who raised the matter were “hyping racial issues” and “disrespecting the dead.” The two sides had a fierce dispute under the comment section of many related news. The author has done some checks on the claims on both sides. As of now, there is no information to prove that the policeman killed in the latter case had discriminated against law enforcement, and there is no evidence that he treated blacks and other ethnic groups differently. Therefore, it would be unfair to the police officer who died in the line of duty to simply assume that he and the person who treated the black officer violently were “like”. But the anger of black people is not without its source. The Pew Investigation Center once released a report on the police’s treatment of people of different ethnicities, among which blacks are treated differently by law enforcement and judicial departments. According to a report from CNN News in 2019, the Missouri Attorney General’s Office has counted that in Missouri, black drivers are 91% more likely to be stopped by the police than white drivers. From this perspective, at least in the current atmosphere, it is really impossible for black Americans to be so “sensitive” and stop “playing racial cards” as some American netizens expect.

6 months ago

The so-called democracy and freedom in the United States are only for white people. An American military officer was beaten by the American police. This is very American. The words “I work for the country, how can I treat me like this” are really heartbreaking, “Green Book” The appearance of the movie screens in reality is even more shocking. A person who pays for the country cannot have the basic treatment of a normal person. Just because he is black, he can insult him casually regardless of his contribution. This is the United States. Racial discrimination in the Freud incident has always existed, so I am embarrassed to criticize it. we? Where are human rights?

6 months ago

Before entering this question, I thought that the bottom line of the question was “black people have to reflect, if it weren’t for your crime rate so high, you wouldn’t have been sprayed with chili water when you put your hands on the steering wheel.” I came in and found that it was okay, except for a well-known Silicon Valley IT staff who praised the answer. It seems that I didn’t mention this matter. In fact, this question is very simple, we can understand it from another angle. If this officer reached out to the police to unlock the seat belt and open the door to get out of the car, and was killed by the police, what would be your comment? Obviously, one would say regretfully, “He shouldn’t trust the police too much”, and angrily would say “It is clear that he killed himself, and the police made him put his hands on the steering wheel, and he deserved to be killed if he didn’t obey the command.” He would also say, “It’s all because of the high crime rate of blacks themselves…”. You see, everyone thinks that it is normal for him to be killed at this time (the difference is that different people will argue whether he or the police is at fault), so of course he will choose to be sprayed with chili water. The American police always say: I would rather be tried by twelve people than being carried by six people. Now those who are being enforced can only say: I would rather be tried by twelve people than being carried by six people. You see, when everyone would rather be tried than being carried—then someone must be carried the prisoner game, and it’s done.

6 months ago

Hello, everyone, I am Wang Libo, deputy director of the High-level China Committee. You have to think for the good. 1 The U.S. military officers should honestly accept the enforcement of the law by the U.S. police, indicating that the U.S. military does not engage in special practices and will not enjoy privileges under the pretext of performing military affairs, and that U.S. police dare to enforce the law against U.S. officers. This shows that the U.S. police is ruthless and not based on the identity of the party concerned. The difference. Therefore, this wave of the United States has won twice. 2 The ability of black Americans to serve as officers in the military shows that there is no racial discrimination in the American military. You are promoted based on your abilities rather than skin color or background. And white Americans as a traffic policeman suck car exhaust every day, which shows that white Americans go deep into the grassroots. Serve the people without putting on the air of a high caste. Therefore, this wave of the United States has won twice. 3 Afro-American drivers were only stopped and beaten and sprayed with chili water, which shows that the personal safety of black Americans is fully guaranteed. Freud is just an example, and the white American policemen did not kneel and kill niggers in the street, indicating that the cost of 27 million U.S. dollars The compensation money gave the white police a sufficient deterrent to prevent them from killing at will. Therefore, this wave of the United States has won two more times. 4 The ability of American soldiers to afford a new SUV indicates that American soldiers are well-paid and their fighting quality must be higher than that of a major East Asian country, while American bald police officers cannot even afford a wig. This indicates that American public officials are upright and clean, and their administrative capabilities must be higher than that of a certain East Asian country. Big country. Therefore, this wave of the United States has won twice. 5U.S. soldiers are still wearing military uniforms on their way home from get off work, that is, when they are not performing official duties. This shows that American soldiers are proud of their military status and never forget their own duties. On the other hand, a large East Asian country X is not allowed to wear military uniforms, while American traffic police are not allowed to wear military uniforms. When patrolling at night, that is, when performing official duties, you can still carry guns. This shows that the US police are well equipped and always remember the possible threats around them. On the other hand, a large East Asian country X is not allowed to hold guns, so this wave of the United States has still won. twice. The United States won.

6 months ago

He loves America very much, but America no longer loves him. Even more unfortunate than him was that on January 7, Ashley Babbitt, who served in the US Air Force for 14 years and went overseas for four missions, did not fall under the enemy’s gun during the turbulent congressional turmoil of the righteous youth in the United States. , But was killed by the police of his country, vomiting blood to death. The heroic Ashley Babbitt loved America deeply throughout her life, but the country she loved had abandoned her. A Babbitt falls down! Countless Nazario stood up!

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