On the evening of the 9th, when Simba’s apprentice’s live broadcast was coming to an end, Simba suddenly made a live connection.

In the nearly five-minute confession, Simba expressed that he was willing to take all responsibility for his negligence. “I have experienced four ups and downs. I am now the most feared stage in my life. If I hadn’t drunk, I would not dare to say these things. Now I am so afraid that I dare not speak, I say everything Wrong, what I did was wrong. I was really defeated by capital, my heart was defeated by capital, by traffic, and by certain platforms.”

Finally, he also entrusted several of his apprentices: “Boldly stick to it, serve Xinxuan’s 60 million users, start broadcasting every day, create the ultimate cost-effective, and prevent the common people from spending any extra money. This is Xinxuan’s mission. , Is also the mission of six or seven of you.”

The topic suddenly appeared on Weibo’s hot search on the 10th, and its popularity soared around four o’clock in the afternoon. As of press time, the topic has more than 67 million views and 29,000 discussions.

A large number of netizens expressed doubts about this, thinking that Simba was taking the opportunity to speculate.

I am a more serious person. I graduated from Chinese translation and interpretation. Now I will translate and translate for you, what is a surprise. Original: I have experienced four ups and downs. Now I am the most feared stage in my life. Translation: What kind of wind and waves I haven’t seen? But now I am afraid that the way to make money will be cut off. Original: If I didn’t drink, I would not dare to say these things. Translation: If it wasn’t for less money, I wouldn’t say that. Original: Now I am too scared to speak, everything I say is wrong, everything I do is wrong. Translation: I feel bad about the fact that everything I sell now will be picked out of fakes. Original: I was really defeated by capital, my heart was defeated by capital, I was defeated by traffic, and I was defeated by some platforms. “Translation: At the beginning, I shared the accounts with the platform three or seven. I have been happily cooperating for so many years. Now that something happened, I have been banned by the platform for two months. The behavior of capitalists to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages is really abhorrent. , But the traffic crosses the border, the situation spreads out, the road for me to cheat money is getting narrower and narrower. Original: Persevere boldly, serve Xinxuan’s 60 million users, and broadcast every day. Translation: Although I was cracked down on fakes Yes, but you can continue to hold money every day, don’t persuade, just make money. Original: Create the ultimate cost-effective translation: Don’t care about the authenticity of the things you sell, the profit must reach the ultimate, but on the surface it must be cheap. Original: Don’t let the common people spend any extra money. Translation: The price of each product must be followed by 0.99, telling the family that we don’t get anything, but apart from this, we have to take away the rest. Original: This is Xin The mission of the election is also the mission of six or seven of you. Translation: This is how I hold money, you can also apply it, but remember that you have to turn in a part of the money you earn. This translation only represents your personal opinion. The final interpretation right belongs to Gu Yu


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7 months ago

He himself is the one who wants to cut leeks. It’s just that the sickle is about to be taken away, and he is almost out of use. The dialogue in the live broadcast is as follows: Simba: I was defeated by capital, traffic and platform! Dandan (Apprentice Simba): Master, what’s wrong with you? do not scare me! Simba: I haven’t gotten sleep late at night and have nightmares. I’m scared. Dandan: Master, what’s wrong with you? Simba: Not much to say, the minister retired. In the future, you will continue to broadcast live, provide welfare to your family, save money… Don’t talk about it, who doesn’t know that you are banned from selling fake bird’s nests. Putting it here and pretending to be a good person, first of all, the acting skills are not enough. Another wave of eyeballs made it hot. At this point, the trick is not enough. Even those who are crying and crying are crying and crying, but don’t take the sight of the moths here. When Simba arrived in the live broadcast room, Kuaishou was filled with joyful air inside and outside.

7 months ago

His previous donation of 150 million made him famous and became a super internet celebrity. He was not very familiar with him, and he had never bought anything he brought with him. From this, we can see how much money he made. The bird’s nest incident was full of turmoil. I thought he was cold and he had to go in and stay for a while, but he didn’t. It was just that the Kuaishou account was blocked for two months. He said that he was righteous, saying that someone else committed him, and in the end he cried and apologized, and started acting on the screen, crying, and acting better than many traffic stars. Confiscating him is a bankrupt and has a lot of debt, and he has been very tolerant of him. Still want to come back? What do you do? It was not defeated by capital or traffic, but defeated by your own self-righteousness, thinking that fans are all fools. I believe that Simba is not the case, and there are many other live streamers who are doing the same thing, making black-hearted money. I advise you to do it for yourself. Simba didn’t go in. It doesn’t mean that you won’t go in in the future. Don’t verbally talk about giving benefits, but they are cutting leeks.

7 months ago

There is affection in his mouth, but business in his heart. I specifically learned about the “four big ups and downs” in his mouth. The three live broadcasts mentioned before were betrayals by family members, partners, and business. The fourth time was the “fake bird’s nest” incident. Traffic defeats, this is a bit hypocritical, isn’t it just using “traffic to realize cash”! One time infidelity, no use for life! The fake bird’s nest incident is enough to explain the problem. The recent series of high-profile actions can only show that he is still staring at the “flow” and wants to make money. The fake can’t be true, so let’s get out of it!

7 months ago

The common people must remember one thing: all those who say that they don’t need money and do live broadcasts are just reluctant to watch the audience. In fact, live broadcasts are his main business. Just like those on Weibo who always say that they are rich in a country and half a city in real estate, one of them counts as one, and the income of the platform is his main business. In the past few years, there have been many such things. I have said that my private company has long been worth more than 100 million yuan. I was born in a rural area and is rich in the enemy’s country. It is madness and arrogance, and no one can do what I do. In fact, it is essentially human flesh. You think he is a billionaire helping the poor and doing charity. In fact, do you think he is still a fart after leaving the live broadcast room? And the biggest feature of this kind of people is that they talk like farts. Today, I drank, and the minister retired, crying and his face was full of tears. After a month or two, the apprentice was bullied, and the 60 million users of Xin Xuan were deceived by counterfeit goods, and the ancient giant Simba had to re-emerge. It’s always not these plots. Uncle Benshan has educated us: People who like to talk about not bad money. All short of money…

7 months ago

In the era of Internet celebrity, the speed of change is so fast that consumers are not blind to the indiscriminateness. Leek has been harvested and sold wave after wave, and he has also been loved by capital and flow. Don’t yell and yell why all this comes from, in the final analysis, the four characters are where the blame is. If this can’t make it cool into the deep sea, it is the sadness and helplessness caused by the times. What do you think of Simba’s more follow-up operations? Yuebai’s video· 1776 broadcast As for how to evaluate his series of actions after his comeback? I just want to make some more money before disappearing. As for what you have to say about being defeated, after all, you have defeated yourself. Every time I just said and didn’t do it, what I did was obvious to all. You said that if you want to be undefeated, who will lose?

7 months ago

The puppets of capital and flow shouted that they were defeated by these two, which sounded like a joke. However, thinking carefully, this farce joke belongs to a joke, but it is not a simple farce. Of course, Simba is also an internet celebrity with a huge amount of traffic at any rate. Having this time is funny, it’s better to use it to figure out a way to make more money. So what is the intention of this farce? In fact, it is nothing more than to make the last golden pot and wash hands before retiring to the arena. The previous scandals had caused Simba to have a huge traffic, but it was also criticized, and it was not an exaggeration to even say that he was hurt. What’s more terrible is that at this time, the platform had to abandon him painfully so as not to be affected. Since leaving the venue is inevitable, it is normal to make a fortune before leaving the venue by going on stage for the last time. So, how should the retirement work be configured? The Simba team wanted to take advantage of the recent aversion of capital flows to “good wind, by virtue of its strength, will send me to the sky.” Since people hate capital and flow, why don’t I simply retreat and say that I am victimized by both? Now that the script is well thought out, the performance is naturally imperative. So after one party negotiated, the “Truthful Drink” staged the good show in front of us during the “Apprentice Live Broadcast,” and it was staged with great excitement. Of course, the audience is huge, but there are not many who are really moved by this play. I am afraid that most people will only regard it as hype. But what about it? Tens of thousands of tens of millions of people believe in him, which is enough for him to eat and drink. We all know that capital is always profit-seeking. Therefore, in order to pursue profit, it is not a problem to be attacked by acting as a bad guy and a black force. And Simba, who yelled at the empty “enemies” and dressed himself as a “tragic hero,” was actually just an actor who performed according to the script for the sake of capital and profit. His story, his attitude, and his actions have always been controlled by these two. I have to say that this is also quite ridiculous and ironic. …”He Said He Was a Hero”, he took a sword into the empty air and screamed loudly at the passers-by in the back, shouting that a monster is going to catch you, run! Passers-by looked at him in astonishment. He continued to yell and wield the sword in his hand. Several people looked at him so hard, not moved, and cried. Several people looked at him so foolishly and laughed at the room, but they just raised the pen quietly. The touched passerby asked him if you were painting for the hero? The mocking passerby asked him if you were recording for a fool? The author smiled slightly. I was propagating this good show that he is a hero, and he is a real hero who is acting hard and performing according to the script in the theater.

7 months ago

Two or three days have passed since this matter. I have heard of this name because of donating 150 million yuan to the epidemic last year. I have never bought anything from Simba, knowing that this is the big V of Kuaishou. But the fact that “selling fake bird’s nests” last year is solid proof. Simba’s own supply chain, selling goods by himself, selling fakes by himself, and acting like monkeys. It’s not bad if he didn’t go in and do it. Kuaishou has only been banned for two months, and he made a high-profile comeback in various city landmarks. To its demise, you must first let it go mad” without focusing on users, after all, it will not go far.

7 months ago

I don’t know if it’s a hype, but Kuaishou’s ban on him before has caused him a lot of trauma. In the subsequent road closures, he can still see the remaining ignorance, ignorance and absurd thoughts. This is not only the dissatisfaction of many people towards him, but also the place where he first planted the bane. Yes, how rampant a person can be, how tragically doomed will be! And “the minister retired, and was defeated by capital and traffic” is the most true portrayal of being trapped by vanity. No matter how Simba tries to struggle now, he has lost the brilliance and brilliance of the previous live broadcast. No matter how much you apologize to the “family” and kneel down, it won’t help! He can only stay in place constantly, leaving himself with a “stink” that can never be washed away. After all, it is not his sin to “get red” to make money. And “getting red and losing your mind, deceiving consumers” to make money without conscience, I don’t think it will be cool or cool! People who do not believe will not stand. From ancient times to the present, business has been paying attention to the word “integrity”! This is not only a necessary condition for doing business, but also the basic quality of a person in society. Therefore, it is not capital and flow that really knocks him down, but his own factors.

7 months ago

Repeatedly walking fans to cheat fans, get cheap and sell well. What you say is like farting, don’t take it seriously. The drunk connection was on April 9th and live broadcast on 4.10. He was drunk and couldn’t remember what he said. He also blamed the fans for putting him on the hot search. When drunk, he can still broadcast live, pretending to be crazy and silly to make the topic hot, but the response is innocent. They are all foxes pretending to be white rabbits for thousands of years. Simba’s past is also bleak, the bird’s nest was found to be sugar water, and the promise of buying Honor mobile phone to subsidize 300 to get earphones was not fulfilled. In order to sell more goods, cut more leeks to make them shoddy. He gave me the feeling that he was completely in the eyes of the money, but he still hypocritically shouted “Profit for the family!” I laughed. Will he give his mother a fake bird’s nest with sugar water? Will you promise your wife to buy a new mobile phone and give the earphones by yourself, but will not give it away and ask your wife to return the mobile phone? Cheap is not good, I hope you will be more sensible in the live broadcast room. He is not a philanthropist, let alone treat leeks as his family.

7 months ago

The story of “The Wolf Is Coming” has told us since childhood that the wolf can come once or twice, but there will never be a third time. The first wolf is coming: In October 2020, the team promised to “fake one for three” as long as the “Bird’s Nest Sugar Water Incident” is handled. It also said that the black fans are deliberately discrediting, and they have to sue these people for slander. “. On November 19, 2020, after confirming the sugar water, Simba cried and sang in the live broadcast room, staged a tragic drama, although the acting skills were full, the poor netizens did not buy it. In the end, he was fined 900,000 and his personal account was blocked for 60 days. (From the Daily Economic News) The second wolf is here: On March 22, 2021, Xin created a momentum, everyone bowed at 90 degrees, and he himself knelt down on one knee. On March 31, 2021, the team closed the road and returned to live broadcast. Both people and cars were blocked for questioning. (From the Daily Economic News) The third wolf from the Daily Economic News will really not come again: I can’t bear it, I don’t need to bear it anymore. A series of dramas finally ended with sharp comments from the People’s Daily. A “acting”, into the wrong line. From the conclusion of the daily economic news, it is not “capital” or “flow” that will defeat you, but the wolf’s repeated visits and repeated mistakes. “Water can carry a boat, and it can also overturn it.” Traffic is a double-edged sword. If you use it well, it can help you. If you insist on playing with fire, the majority of netizens will not pay for your regrets.

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