Like the title, suppose I have the ability to win the first League of Legends game every day (maybe this is metaphysics), then what height can I achieve in ranking or career? What kind of development will it have in the professional circle?

You will be the last piece of the puzzle for the S championship team. 1. Your must-win attribute can guarantee a 100% winning rate of the team when it is dragged into the decisive game, which is undoubtedly a very big guarantee. 2. The weapon of causality is always the strongest weapon. Your team can choose any unbelievable lineup in the game, but they can all win the game. For example, if you play a single-spirited female playing wild cat ad Lulu to assist Nami’s line-up, the opponent will be blinded by the discovery.” Can this be won?” But it is puzzled, which greatly increases the difficulty for you to be read by your opponents in the game. 3. Same as above, you can play in the ranks without having to play games, come up with all kinds of weird heroes and beat your opponents, the data analysts of your team opponents must be very troublesome. 4. You will create an unprecedented record of 100 wins and 0 losses on the national costume/hanbok king, and lead the team to victory and become a new legend. 5. Your daily victory causality weapon was officially discovered by the League of Legends. Many clubs signed an agreement stating that you will not use the causality weapon first. You have since retired from the professional stage. At the same time, you became the second player to retire with a 100% winning rate. Inducted into the LPL Hall of Fame. 6. Your legend is still going on. You have become the strongest power leveling in the world. Since only one power leveling is done every day, the cost of making an appointment for you to play is as high as thousands of yuan. 7. In order to discover other applications of your causal weapon, you were invited by the bureau to secretly join the Zhanhui Bureau work. Since then, you are incognito, and only your legend is left in the world. PS: Reply to a few questions: 1. Can you only win one game a day or can’t you win BO3 and BO5? So it is “the last piece of the puzzle of the championship team”, not “the core of the championship team.” Your teammates must also be able to compete for the championship, not a bunch of bastards. Your existence is just to add a lock to this team, you can stand up to kill the game in the deciding game, or stand up to help teammates stabilize and adjust their mentality when their mentality bursts. 2. Will the opponent’s analyst analyze the weird heroes you play? meeting. The data analyst will collect the lineups of the heroes and teams you use. For example, you usually choose roles normally. As soon as you come on the field, you can come to a cat mid laner to cooperate with Kai’Sa as jungler, and you can win (of course you can’t be a mixed win). The coaching team of other teams will definitely prove And try the possibility of this lineup. When they can’t reproduce and you always use this lineup to win, they will choose to split the combination or ban the hero. But at this time you may have won a lot of games, and then you come up with a new set of weird things, their coaching staff is going to be big again. With a causal weapon like you, the coaching team must have a way to maximize your role.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

If your attribute can only be disclosed to some people, you will become the world’s number one substitute. You can start with the lpl spring game and give the coaching staff a chance to test. Then enter the World Tournament. You will have at least four wins in the group stage. Four wins will have the top eight. In BO5, as long as your team can achieve two wins, you have already won. You can pick a strange hero in the group stage, like Timo. Your four games with a 100% win rate for Timo make everyone have to watch out for your Timo. Your teammates eliminated one of the opponent’s bans, because the opponent basically wants to break his head and don’t know how to target you. Of course, you are certainly not in the game. It is also very simple. You have another Timo with a 100% win rate, and then add a teammate of yours to accompany you, and he can choose a stranger hero, such as Emerald God. Then the other party must dismantle your Emerald God Timo combo, and it must be a ban try, it won’t be stupid enough to grab it. If you really grab it, it would be too funny, but if your team is normal, you can basically get two games in the first three games on the premise of winning a ban. You come up with a 100% winning rate hero, as long as it is a top two team in lpl, you can basically lead the team to win the championship. Then you get a Timo skin.

6 months ago

Let’s start with a rank drill, one every day, and then go up in one or two months, so why just drill together? The high-ranking scorers will check the record, once they find that you are on the opposite side, it will be a second…If you can enter the professional circle, then you are the god of the bench. After two bo5s a day become history, your teammate bo3bo5 wins steadily. It’s a lot easier but it’s hard to win against a historical-level team. In short, it’s better to watch your fate, remember that the end of your life will never be too good.

6 months ago

It is recommended to join the LEC, because their format is bo1, so you will win a winning streak every time you play, and then play the lineup, with a 100% win rate, and you will be able to enter the semi-finals.
The other side looked at your historical record analysis and hammer analysis, and my head was big.
Then you can ask the boss for a substitute, go up and win and replace

6 months ago

Theoretically speaking, with you in the team, the winning rate of bo3 is more than half, and the winning rate of bo5 is one-third more, and the substitution is won. If you go to a second- and third-rate team, it’s useless. People can let one chase two and let one chase three. But if you go to a top-ranking team, they can play a full bo5, then you are determined to be the winner. Look at the s match, how many wonderful 2:3? With you there, it’s 3:2, good fellow. So how much success depends on what team you are with. (Of course, this is too much to think about. Any unrealistic metaphysics, science, feng shui, etc., if discovered by others, it is estimated that they will be used as mouse slices for research.)

6 months ago

In 2022, the LOL Summer Finals, EDG2:2RNG was silent, and the crucial moment came again. EDG coach dialed the subject’s phone. Hello, where are you leaving? Where am I in the clubhouse? What’s the point? Uh, no, when is this, how did you go to the clubhouse, come back and play the game quickly. I just came in here, can you wait for a while to beep…… One minute later, the coach’s phone rang. Hey, coach, I’m done, you ask the organizer to wait a while, and I will be there soon! Okay, do you want to send someone to pick you up? No, this is all familiar with the road, half an hour to the coach to find the organizer, sorry, we have to replace, the substitute team just donated sperm, and will be back soon. Soon, the subject walked into the competition arena, the originally silent court suddenly boiled, everyone was chanting the name of the god: fucker…fucker…fucker…the subject satisfactorily sat in the mid laner In terms of location, even though the organizers signaled everyone to be quiet, the scene was still chanting his name. This god-like man has turned the tide countless times and will help the mansion. He has become the only true god in all loler’s hearts. As long as he is in the game, it means that the ending is doomed. The RNG team members saw the fucker coming, with a desperate look on their faces. They knew that this would be the show of the great gods again, and the RNG five would once again become a stepping stone. At the start of the game, the fucker swam three lanes in one minute, making RNG scalp numb, and his mentality exploded. The scene of GZI’s full-blooded Kai’Sa being killed by his residual blood nurse over the tower is a hundred times more beautiful than the battle of the double robbery….. At the end of the game, EDG crushed RNG and turned it into Linglong Tower. The audience shouted again. God’s name FUCKER. After many years, someone asked why the fucker only played the last game. A fan replied: Wang Zhan will always only appear at critical moments.

6 months ago

Isn’t you the killer of the tiebreaker? After bo3 scores a small point, you will be directly 2-0, and you will lose one point first. As long as you can chase one point in the third game, you will directly let one chase two. The same is true for bo5, as long as you have two wins in your hand. If you go up there, all teams have only one tactic against your team, which is to prevent your team from getting the match point. As long as the team is strong enough, or your ability is proven, there must be a large number of players who are not young but strong and lack career honors to join your team, and you are the law of causality, plus you are not Korean For military service, you can fight until you don’t want to fight. In summary, you will have the highest winning percentage in the history of League of Legends (only one game per day, and each game must win), and the longest career (causal effect, even if you are 80 years old and can’t even hear your words, you can still win), And the player with the highest number of high-probability champions.

6 months ago

In the King’s section, you can’t even get in the rankings! When the king is divided into slaves, they will check the body. You must win. If you are a king, you will know that the ranking will avoid you. The king will call and fight those people. Whether you are online or not, others will pay attention to it. If you live broadcast it is easier to go directly to the live broadcast room to watch. At first, you may not believe in evil and go to fight with you, but you can rest assured that in less than a month, you will not be able to rank in the canyon. If I were an anchor, would I go to a losing round and take out my personal strength to lose, and then add popularity to you? Unless someone cooperates with you in the game, you won’t be able to score. After you finish the first game, someone will qualify. You are more exaggerated than the poetry fairy, do you think you can get in the rankings? The most you can do is to change your ID to play the actor bureau or the anchor handicap. You can’t get in the live broadcast, and you can broadcast one in a day. This one is nothing to watch, you will win. For the audience, is it important for you to win? What matters is the process. Power leveling is even more impossible. If you play for the Four Kings for two months, how do you check out? Go to work? You will be permanently banned. You can only win one game a day. How do you prove that you can play the world’s top games? You only have a showdown to tell others about your BUG setting. That will surely be known by people all over the world. How would fist officials deal with this kind of problem? You ignore the version, ignore the equipment, ignore the hero team, tactics, BP, ignore the game process, the opposite base will explode in the first game. Ignore the maintenance and changes of the fist owners for the game. What are you waiting for without a permanent ban? Isn’t this a challenge to the game? Human flesh plug-ins are also linked. This is not a talent, this is a plug-in. what? My answer is outrageous? Isn’t this question outrageous? There is a person who ignores all conditions in the confrontational competitive game. What is the meaning of the existence of this game? Do you advertise for human flesh plug-ins? Brother buy it?

6 months ago

Without affecting your hypothesis, let’s add another hypothesis to you. Let’s take a look at the situation: the first League of Legends game of each day must win, but the other games must be lost. According to this assumption, in China’s time zone, your first game within 24 hours will definitely win. So if you want to win, you must not touch the League of Legends within 24 hours. According to only one game every day, this rhythm is stable and high, and you will become the first person in the national clothes, hanbok, and even the whole world. Began to receive the attention of players and players. Then there will definitely be a team coming to find you, no mention of youth training or LDL, just fast forward to the LPL team is connected. Of course, even if a player like you who has the ability to win, appears before the current LPL system and absolute strength, he still may not be able to make the playoffs. Therefore, it will be more useful to join a team that is stronger and has a certain hope of winning, and it will be more useful to use your ability to compete for the world championship. After entering the team, in daily training, because you have the first win every day, all other records are lost. Except for the first win every day, no one wants to team up with you. After all, you will definitely lose, and no one of your teammates will want to lose points and ranks. In the official game, in the game, whether it is BO3 or BO5, you only need to participate in a winning game. At the beginning, the opponent’s coach or analyst will definitely have a headache, because the team’s BP and tactical system play is incredible when you are on the court, and everyone can’t understand you from the relationship between the heroic restraint of the game version. Team. Of course, your own team does not understand, nor do you need to understand. The decisive factor is you, but no one can see how good you are on the data, but you can win the game beyond imagination. The MVP of each game will never fall on you, and the highlight replay on the field is also a background board for you. Everyone will think that your teammates are really strong and you can win 4 on 6 games. But in the current data analysis of e-sports events, the percentage of wins that you appear on the field will surely be discovered by everyone. Of course, e-sports competitions must pursue fairness and justice. The League of Legends official and event organizers will have a high probability that there will be a condition that is aimed at you but does not affect other players. For example, all players must play a match within 24 hours before the game. Warm-up game against the machine to test the stability of the mouse and keyboard. Congratulations, another player who has retired with 100% winning rate has appeared.

6 months ago

This assumption needs to be restricted. 1. Your own strength is definitely not as good as professional players. Let’s tentatively open 37. If your strength can keep up with professional players, this assumption is meaningless. 2. Your coach must know your abilities. Otherwise, according to Condition 1, your overall training score will not be very good, and you will basically not be allowed to join the team. 3. Your team must have the strength to open 55 to all teams, otherwise there is no difference between 3 to 1 and 3 to 0. (The points competition system is different. After all, the team will be guaranteed one point every day, and the team will not be at the bottom) Well, now the restrictions are in place, we can yy you will become the god of drinking fountains! The coach will basically let you play in the deciding game. You will become the god of life! Any unpopular hero can win, and any piano girl is on the singles. As long as you don’t touch the red line, your popularity will be very high.

6 months ago

Can’t even get into the top four of the s game
Because they have at least: a team that must win if a certain hero is selected; after the death song reaches the sixth level, all the enemy heroes may suddenly become a bloody team at any time; when the auxiliary perspective is turned on, you will lose the other round unless you win one round. Team; a team composed of silver players but going out with Liushen outfit

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