A friend said in the answer that the subject of the question is a one-time mutual encouragement tool, I think it will not be enough. This young lady has good looks. Some people say that the masters of eyebrows do not have eyebrows. She is this kind of person. It can be seen that she is very careful for makeup. She should have made more than one appointment. The level of photographers should also be emotional. Comparison of. Seeing that your return picture is not very enthusiastic or normal, not to mention that your picture does have some problems. Since the subject seems to be asking the question with a learning attitude, I would dare to ask a few questions that I think are more deadly: 1. There is no picture to fix miscellaneous hair. It’s not that it is natural if you don’t fix the miscellaneous hair. If you fix the miscellaneous hair, others will not know that there is originally a miscellaneous hair. If you fix it properly, it won’t make people feel unnatural, but it will make the picture a lot purer. I didn’t use a hair straightener or curling iron when I went out, and I didn’t use a styling product, so I worked hard. Are you too lazy to fix it or don’t you think the extra hair is not in the way? Look at the pictures that the big guys give to young girls like them that don’t have haircuts, especially under such a big sun, it affects the perception… 2. The skin treatment is not good enough. Miss sister looking for a “photographer” to take photos is not to let others know that her pictures have been heavily ps, and the skin processing should retain the texture. Especially the headshot in Figure 4. Does the subject feel that he has handled the skin well? Some people say that high and low frequency dermabrasion is a lazy method. The picture you made feels that even high and low frequencies are useless. It looks like Gaussian Blur, add a mask, and then use a brush to finish the work. It’s not accurate yet. , The contours of the face are blurred, especially the cheeks and the roots of the ears. The most timid thing is the nasolabial folds. With such a big headshot, the nasolabial folds are like frosted glass. If the normal relationship between light and shadow is destroyed, even people who don’t understand photography and painting will feel fake here when they look at the nasolabial fold. . In addition, for a close-up of such a big face, the subject did not uniform the skin tone. Although the skin tone was adjusted to low saturation and low brightness, the left face of the young lady was purple and blue, the eyebrows were red, and the right face was brown. Knowing that the host can’t see it, or that I’ve never paid attention to this matter, I suggest that the skin tone should be unified. Sometimes the picture makes people feel that something is wrong but can’t tell. This is caused by this kind of problem. 3. The color scheme is a bit confusing. I don’t know what the coloring idea of ​​the subject is like. Want to rely on the Japanese department? Is there too much blue in the highlights? For example, in Figure 6, Miss sister’s legs are all blue. After all, it is human flesh and not a prosthesis… There are also black leather shoes, why the toe caps are all blue… The green plants tend to be yellow, the saturation is too high and it is more distracting, and it is not very Japanese. The subject may still need to clarify the idea of ​​color adjustment. 4. Failed to guide the young lady to pose well. The sisters who encourage each other generally lack experience in posing. She doesn’t know what’s wrong with her actions in the camera, so she needs the guidance of the photographer. This young lady is still relatively thin by my eyes, but Figure 1 perfectly avoids many advantages of young lady. For example, the posture of the head hides the slender neck curve, and the posture and composition of the legs hide the young lady who has a pair of thin. The fact of long beautiful legs. For another example, in Figure 6, does the subject want to take a long leg by putting the foot in a corner of the picture composition method? But why the leg length is still not shown in the end? It has a certain relationship with the posture and perspective. The subject needs more research. These pictures have more or less posture problems, and many problems can be solved by slightly moving the posture or slightly changing the camera position. Of course there are some other problems, such as the foreground is too messy, the background is too white and so on. Although they all affect the perception, I think they are not the main reason for the coldness of the young lady. Another important question is whether the communication between you and Miss Sister was harmonious on the day of the shooting. It’s not that the photographer has to be more glib, but at least it must make the young lady feel confident and relaxed. In these photos, there is no more emotional expression of the young lady, and I feel a little restrained. Of course, I’m not at the scene and I don’t know the specific situation. , You need to think about it yourself. The purpose of mutual encouragement is to improve. If you have a problem, you can’t always think about whether it is the other party’s problem. Miss sister’s response is not good, this should be expected, after all, you are not a professional photographer, you are originally to learn, it is normal for the other party to be dissatisfied, the key is whether you have the ability to find problems and Solve the problem and gain self-improvement. Of course, you can also comfort yourself by acknowledging that the other party uses yourself as a tool of mutual encouragement, but you won’t get any improvement in this way. Miss sister is just a passer-by in your life, only you can change.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Didn’t the young man want to understand? You are a tool person, or a one-off. This picture is definitely enough for him to send a circle of friends. After taking the photo and sending it to the circle of friends, she received the film anyway. What’s the use of keeping you? Making appointments for a photo shoot is like getting a partner, blindly licking a dog has no good results, don’t expect her to praise you for a good shoot and have feelings for you. In fact, she is also a tool person, a tool person who improves your photography skills, so you have to change your mind. The specific operations are as follows: 1. Discuss the shooting style and carry private goods by the way. During the first half of the shooting, you can shoot what you want, and what she needs in the second half. 2. Don’t give too much to the film. After the filming, go home and quickly send out three or five pictures, and praise her for her good looks, not your good looks. Hold the rest, don’t send it in a hurry when you finish repairing it. Hold back for a week and send another round. It’s best to hurry up before the weekend, and then praise her for her beauty, say you want to shoot again, and ask if you are free on the weekend. 3. Don’t post too many movies after repairing. Pick half of them and send them around 15-20. It’s useless to give too much. You can post 9 at most in Moments, and only 10 for Weibo members. Then I said that there were too few shots last time, and the lighting was not good. Can you do it again? 4. Remember to clean up your hair, shave and shave before going out to take pictures. Photographers also want to be imagery. Don’t take pictures while taking pictures. 5. Don’t come out in the morning to shoot, the little fairy can’t get up (actually I can’t get up). After three o’clock in the afternoon, avoid the sun at noon, drink a coffee, milk tea or something, pretend to take a look at the light outside, tell her that you are waiting for the golden hours, that time period is the most beautiful. 6. Ask the girl where she thinks she looks the best, and you will focus on where you are. 7. When I remember, I will write down the question about your photo: The first one, I can’t see how long the legs are, and how beautiful the face is. Just look at the green leaves. If the aperture is not large, don’t learn from others to play with the blur. In the second picture, the chin collapsed when lying too hard. Posing is not something a model needs to learn, but a photographer needs to learn it. For the third picture, if you move closer when you shoot, or you cut it later, there is no fourth picture on the wall P on the right, and the point by the window can blur the outside of the window all at once? The face can still be a little light. Otherwise, your horizontal composition is unnecessary. The fifth picture, what’s so good about the tattered train leather? Can a girl’s face look good? You let her look at the camera, the most failed one. The sixth picture, I didn’t take a good shot of the legs, and my face was black and black. Hey, the white blind girl’s legs are so white. Summary: Continue to ask people to take pictures. Me, say your own thoughts and it’s over. Stepping on others to praise yourself seems very low. Wait until you have an appointment with a three-figure girl. Even if I don’t give a picture, there are still girls who come back to ask me to continue filming. Do you really think the film is very important? Still the same sentence, making appointments is just to have fun, and I dare to make appointments with a Polaroid CCD or something, and making a film is a hammer. Trying to use camera technology to gain a good impression is simply the opposite. Please pay for professional models to practice skills, which is much more efficient than mutual immunity. You first have a good relationship with your sister. Don’t you want to call out and shoot when you want to call out? Think about it, if you take pictures of your grandma, will she be cold to you? It’s a good shot to praise you, but she might be able to sponsor you a small spittoon if the shot is not good. It’s the other way around

6 months ago

According to the requirements of syrup tablets, right? Don’t underestimate the tangshui tablets, does the young man have any misunderstandings about the tangshui tablets? Tangshui film does not mean making bad films. Although it has no connotation, it is also a style very popular with young people. The characteristics are summarized in the simplest words: seductive. But most of the little buddies who play with the camera are still far from being able to take photos to the eye-catching level, and it can even be said that you can control sugar tablets. At least you are already well-known in the field of taking pictures of little sisters. Although tangshui film has no connotation and lack of aesthetic height, it does not mean that the unskilled person can shoot well. Just relying on the three words of seductive photography will test a series of photographic skills from aesthetics, pre-composition and lighting guidance, etc. to post-color grading, etc., and it is of middle and upper level. If the technology is not comprehensive and not solid, it will not be pleasing to the eye. The admiration of the syrup tablets, almost meaningless forever. Do you look at your photos seductive? The overgrown background has a bit of underworld toning, and the composition is very retro. It feels like the aesthetics of grandpas’ calendars. I think you don’t even have a keen sense of smell and don’t know the aesthetic vision of modern ladies. The reason why you think these photos can still be viewed is because this young lady has an online appearance and does not have a particularly strong sense of discomfort and resistance to the lens. She does not need to forcefully test your guiding ability, nor does it need to test the photographer to quickly master a person. The beauty and ugliness, what angle and style are suitable, what kind of technical means need to be adopted to avoid the defects of the model itself, this is an easy mode, whoever takes a camera to focus the frame in the viewfinder and press the shutter, don’t Parkinson. Your photos are inseparable. But if you change your appearance, you can try again with all kinds of stiff amateurs who are unconfident in the camera? You don’t have to go home and turn on the computer to feel that the car is overturned. At the shooting scene, you already have sweaty forehead, doubts about life, and frustration. The moment this girl got the photo, she must be thinking that she couldn’t be cloned, and she couldn’t control the professional equipment to compose and guide herself by herself. In fact, the selfies of her mobile phone on weekdays are better than those you took for her (I believe that if a girl visits Zhihu and sees this answer, she must feel the same). Take more shots and think less. Everyone is here. Don’t think about why girls ignore you all the time. Hone your skills. Boy, until you have high-value beauties who are willing to become your repeat customers, and you are only good at taking pictures of girls. Enter the passing line. It’s normal that you don’t get enthusiastic feedback when submitting your work this time. If there is a girl next to you saying that you have taken a good photo, it is likely to be talking about clear image quality and large blurred background, because the girl usually does not touch it. In the case of the camera, these two points are relatively “precious” and will be mistaken for technology, but the girl doesn’t understand it doesn’t mean that you can lower your requirements for yourself.

6 months ago

Not so good. Even if it is the first one according to the standard of syrup film, the environment is too green, the foreground is blurred, but the crowd is overwhelming, and the background is not blurred, and a large green at the back also interferes with the line of sight. Zhang, I didn’t do it horizontally and vertically. The character is too centered. Either a bit to the right or a fourth bit to the left. I didn’t pay attention to the horizontal and vertical. And since it’s near the window, you need to pay more attention to the angle. The background except the window should be farther. The fifth picture is too random, the posture is stiff. The sixth picture, the yin-yang face, the sun is too hard

6 months ago

It’s not that mutual exemption ends, and you have no use value. No need to give face anymore. Don’t avoid each other in the future. No matter if you shoot well or not, you will be charged. I have also exempted each other before. Most people simply use you as a tool. If the shot is very good, I will praise you afterwards. There will be an appointment after indifferent. Be enthusiastic every time you make an offer. If you really feel that mutual immunity is what you need, that’s okay. Then don’t think there is any problem with others being cold. But the transaction is over. No need to contact enthusiastically anymore. It’s all very busy.

6 months ago

Can you change your mindset. Isn’t the purpose of mutual immunity for photographers to exercise their shooting skills? Now that the model has finished using it, your photography experience is complete, and you don’t bother to take care of her after you post the film. But it’s her instead of you that holds this mentality. That’s easy to understand. Either you hope that the other person can blow your shots, or you think that the other person is a beautiful girl and you want to keep in touch with others. , And people think that you are not good at other conditions except for taking pictures, so they don’t bother to take care of you. Next time you fight for role swaps, let the girl want to keep in touch with you after the filming, and you can’t look down on the girl and bother to care about her, that’s so cool.

6 months ago

The problem of the work, if your work is good enough, the girl will definitely ask you for the second set after seeing the photos. After all, there are too few photographers who encourage each other to be reliable. Since the cold reaction means that your film did not impress her, after all, it is mutual encouragement, she is too embarrassed to say anything, if it is a fee to make an appointment, she might explode on the spot. To put it bluntly, she asked her best friend to take pictures with her mobile phone and even her selfies with her mobile phone had much better effects than yours. What you need to do is to learn the lessons of this shooting and strive to get a better film next time. The following is a personal humble opinion, not to talk about the composition (the girl does not care whether your composition is good or not) just for reference. This skin tone is problematic. The facial skin tone is reflected by the green plants, which makes the face colorless and green. There is too much sunshine for shooting at noon, and the color of the green plants is plastic green, which is very cheap, especially the foreground is messy and disorderly. I don’t think that a girl who has a foreground blur will like it very much. This expression is not bad, but the face is also green and bloodless, and the plastic green in the background is too cheap. What the hell is hunchback? Is it really nice to hang your hands directly down? Did you see the clothes? Leaning forward, does this posture look like you are about to fall? Why do you lower your head and laugh? The awkward expression of the lack of eyes, like a smile, is a bit underexposed. The subject is to make the model put on a cold or empty expression, but it obviously failed. Is it really good to look like a chicken coop with disheveled hair on your shoulders? In this picture, there is only one nose and one mouth without eyes. The girl’s styling face is wrong, so it will be much better if the other side of the face is taken. Same as the first picture, the skin is green and bloodless, and plastic green is cheap, but the problem is obviously much more serious than the first picture. The expression is OK, but the posture is awkward to death, the legs are thick and short (still green), and the posture is very vulgar, and the pose is serious. Let me talk about it first. The subject should communicate with the model in advance about the subject matter to be photographed next time, and figure out the effect that the girl wants. During the shooting process, show the girl more. If there is a problem with the film effect, adjust it in time. I hope you can do it in the future. I took a picture that satisfies the girl.

6 months ago

The standards for men and women are very different.
In the eyes of boys, your set of films is already pretty good.
In the eyes of the girl, “It’s not as good as my own mobile phone!”
Every time I filmed some girls before, they would process the repaired film again: elongated legs, two meters each; repaired thin face, each vixen; repaired big eyes, each light bulb; repaired the white face, and looked at the nose. Unclear.
Therefore, I still shoot more dishes.

6 months ago

It is possible to post other people’s pictures online without permission (even if mutual exemption is to ask for permission from the other party). There is no legal awareness, no concept of privacy, disrespect for others, and not a qualified photographer. (For the blind, don’t use it, even if it’s free and you can use it, it doesn’t mean that the portrait right belongs to the photographer.)

6 months ago

Subject, you exposed all the model’s face and anonymous yourself. Is it appropriate? Since the appointment is mutual exemption, it means that both parties are instrumentalists, and no one owes anyone. Your model is beautiful and easy to produce a good film; model photo you have a SLR, high-definition photo Weibo friends circle looks good. The model does not owe you at all. If you think that mutual exemption means that the model owes favor to the photographer and should coax the photographer, then don’t make an appointment. She asks you to take a photo, you give her a film, and the exchange process is complete. Neither party has further obligations to provide emotional value and chat services. If you are satisfied and want to continue making appointments, you will naturally praise each other more enthusiastically. If you are dissatisfied or do not want to make an appointment, then deal with it coldly. Just like me going out to eat barbecue, barbecue is delicious, I will praise the clerk “Your house is delicious, I will come next time”; barbecue is not delicious, I turned around after checking out. What about you? Shang Zhihu posted a post, exposing the girl’s face, and he was so anonymously hidden. The question is “I made appointments with other people to make mutual exemptions. After the film was posted, I was very cold to me. Is it a problem with my work?” The description of the problem is “I think it shouldn’t be my problem, right” and “I’m okay.” . Co-authored your question. This question is not an interrogative sentence, but a hypothetical question sentence. When you ask a question, you have already figured out the answer—not my question. Whose problem is that, of course the girl has a problem! You feel that the girl’s cold attitude hurts your fragile little soul, and you are embarrassed to say that you want to ask the netizens to spray her for you. As a result, because the level is too low, Gao Zan replied that you did have a problem, the shooting was quite poor, and you were tortured in public. The subject of this kind of murder and stabbing myself with a knife, I have seen a lot in Zhihu, and I want a friend to spray him on the other side, but in the end I was picked up and turned into a target of criticism. The subject raised a rock and smashed himself in the foot, which is one of Zhihu’s most interesting fun at the moment!

6 months ago

As a photographer, I feel that there are still many problems. In fact, some modifications can be made on the basis of the existing film, and the effect will be better. I felt that I didn’t have a good idea at the beginning of the shoot. There were too many useless things in the picture. I cropped it later and removed the excess. I made a little adjustment with my mobile phone, please see how. The last one is to use the APP to add a poster effect. If you do it on a computer, it will be much better. Also be a mutual encouragement. More communication can make progress!

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