Latest development: Wuhan University issued a situation report. After preliminary verification, it was decided to suspend all teaching and research work of Yang Moumou from now on for further investigation.
Recently, a number of female students broke the news that Yang Moumou, an associate professor and master tutor of a certain college of Wuhan University, has faked his identity on campus many times since 2019, calling himself “Yang Zibo”, a teacher who is a new school teacher or a college As a postdoctoral fellow, she added female students to WeChat to chat, and her words repeatedly crossed the line, and she invited female students out many times. Currently, 16 female students have been reported. On April 12, the cover news reporter checked from the official website of Wuhan University that Yang Moumou was an associate professor of Wuhan University.
At 11 a.m. on April 12, the cover news reporter called the Party and Government Office of Wuhan University. The staff said that they were not clear about the situation and provided the telephone number of the Comprehensive Office of the Commission for Discipline Inspection. Afterwards, the reporter called the Comprehensive Office of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the staff member said that “I don’t know it and have not received a report. At 11:15, the reporter called the letter and visit office of the Commission for Discipline Inspection. The staff said, “The report has not been delivered to the Office of the Commission for Discipline Inspection. I just heard someone say that it was posted to the school’s open mailbox.” The reporter asked about complaints from the open mailbox. Generally speaking How will it be handled? The staff said that it will be assigned to the corresponding department for handling according to the content of the complaint. Regarding Yang, the Commission for Discipline Inspection has not yet received a notice of acceptance. (The Paper)
Associate Professor of Wuhan University was accused of harassing female students with fake identity. Wuhan University Commission for Discipline Inspection: No report has been received yet

It is a student who has been harassed by Yang Sijun. It has been a long time since the first occurrence, at least one or two years ago, but the situation is clearly remembered, and the reasons can be slowly explained by me. At that time, I was on the way back to the bedroom after class. A middle-aged person stopped me and said he wanted to chat with me. I wanted to refuse directly, but he showed his identity as a teacher of Wuhan University, out of a consideration of “being his own” I talked to him for a while. The topic at the beginning was quite normal, such as asking me if I listen to music, what singer I like, whether I love sports or not reading books, etc. Later, I didn’t know how to turn to him. He said he was abroad. When I was studying abroad, my roommates were very “open”. They often took strange girls home, and even described to me what they did (I don’t know how to understand them), and how the soundproofing of the house is poor. They work all day long. Open a party and do something indescribable… I already feel that something is wrong here. There has never been a teacher, or a teacher of the opposite sex telling students about this kind of thing, but at the time when people were coming and going outside, he didn’t do anything to me. Assault, I didn’t realize it was sexual harassment, even he asked to add me on WeChat and I agreed (girls, please don’t learn from me, you must be vigilant, I only agreed when I was really sick), but fortunately, I went back and thought about it more No, at this time he sent some compliments on WeChat, I directly stated that “You are not my teacher, we have no need to contact” and rejected it. After that, he didn’t respond to anything. (There are screenshots but the paragraph that I started to reject him is missing, because I directly deleted the chat log at the time, but then I was wary and didn’t delete it in order to save the evidence just in case) This is the first time. Why is there a second time? I only confirmed it when I saw the forwarding of the space. In November last year, I was endorsing in the General Map of Wuhan University. A man came over and asked me if I was a student of Wuhan University. Then he asked me how to book a library. (He was a teacher from Wuhan University. He even asked me how to get in when he was in the library. Nonsense really has a good hand), I was memorizing something, but because I had several exams at that time, and there were four or six grades, I didn’t care about him at all because of the tight time, and the answer was very cold. He probably thought it was impossible, and I had a awkward chat. A few words left. In fact, this didn’t go to my heart. I didn’t even look at his face at the time. Although I couldn’t remember it when I saw it, if I didn’t see the article today that he often wandered in the library, I would recognize it after the addition. I don’t know that he is the original person. Looking at the space, I feel that many girls have been touched up by him. I guess most of them have only received verbal harassment just like me, but they also endured silently. Some people even didn’t realize it, or realized but didn’t. What dare to do will make him arrogant until now. But now someone has come forward, she is brave, and I hope brave people can be supported, so I also wrote this answer. Although I am only writing an answer anonymously, if she has any needs in the future, I can provide evidence, or even make a real-name report. I don’t want more girls to be harmed. The scum is not worthy of being a teacher, so quickly lose your reputation.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

“Not long after returning from the United States, claiming to be a postdoctoral fellow from Wu University student Kehai returned, his words convey a sense of superiority with a high degree of education.” The old “professor” is so inferior that he is harassing female students everywhere to show off his high education, “Luo Li “Tower” watched too much? Associate professor of Wuhan University sexually harassed 16 female students with fake identities! Heathcliff’s video 7331 shows that talent without virtue is a drug. Without teacher ethics, it can only harm students, corrupt the school’s reputation, be disdainful, fake identities, take the initiative to strike up a conversation and ask for contact information, knowing that the other party has a boyfriend and still speaks Harassment, such a person, do you still expect him to be academic? Yesterday, I saw girls who graduated from high school report the indecency of a math teacher. There have been many teacher-related incidents before, so teachers, so preaching and teaching work to solve puzzles, if you don’t even have the basic moral qualities, then no matter how high academic ability is, you can’t use it. , Yang harassed 16 female students, repeatedly, indicating that their “bad habits are deep.” Wuhan University’s announcement is just to stop scientific research work, hoping to investigate carefully and deal with it seriously, and change Wuhan University’s upright style of study. A safe learning environment for female college students.

6 months ago

Wuhan University issued a situation report, and after preliminary verification, it was decided to suspend all of Yang’s teaching and research work immediately for further investigation. It takes the courage of many people to pull the wolf in sheep’s clothing away. I also hope that the final result will live up to the courage of these people. I hope that these sixteen girls are all the icebergs behind this associate professor, not just the tip. No, he doesn’t deserve to be called a professor. One teacher, sixteen girls. This is no longer a question of not disturbing or not, but really harassing. What is behind the harassment? Everyone knows it well. I don’t know if you are a high school student, but at least I’m full of mouthfuls. Whether you are upright or not is obvious to all, at least it is not worthy of the word teacher. I also look forward to follow-up, let this matter fall, don’t have latecomers.

6 months ago

My friend personally experienced xswl. My friend met him in March and talked to us when he came back. Said that a man dragged her to chat on the way, asked her what major he studied, what he studied in the United States, said that Americans are not good at math, asked her professor who was in class not to name her, and said that women in Wuhan were particularly furious. Alright, what he talked with my friends was different from others, he didn’t talk about love, and he didn’t want to add friends. By the way, after chatting, my friend found that the drink she just bought on the side was gone. Hhh, she was so angry. Then I saw the news of Yang Sijun today and said that it was him and my friend said that this is the temperament of the widow. Hahaha, “It’s probably this.” The metamorphosis was suppressed by the widow’s aura. I felt that this girl could not be picked up, but she couldn’t talk for nothing. Let’s just give her a bottle of drink.”

6 months ago

Recently, a number of female students of Wuhan University broke the news that Yang XX, an associate professor and master tutor of a certain college of Wuhan University, repeatedly faked their identities on campus and added female students’ WeChat to verbally harass. At 15:39 on the afternoon of April 12, the Faculty Work Department of the Party Committee of Wuhan University issued a notice: On April 10, we noticed online information about the suspected verbal harassment of female students by the researcher of the animal experiment center of our school. The school security department also received reports from students. The school attaches great importance to this and immediately set up a special class to start related work. After preliminary verification, it was decided to suspend all teaching and research work of Yang XX from now on for further investigation. Wuhan University has always attached great importance to the construction of teacher ethics and conduct, and adheres to a “zero tolerance” attitude towards violations of teacher ethics and conduct. Once verified, it will be dealt with in strict accordance with laws and regulations.

6 months ago

Those who have experienced it will answer. Looking at the photos, it is sure it is him! On the 12th, when I was endorsing a book on the first floor of the library, I encountered a pervert, which looked very awkward at first glance. I went to endorse the book and sat on the chair on the first floor. After a while, the man came over with a book to read, sat next to me and started to sneer. First asked me how old I was, and asked me which hospital I was in, I gave a few simple answers. He said that mathematics must be good. When he was studying in the United States, Americans were old and poor in mathematics. Some Americans asked him if the root number three plus the root number two equals the root number five. Then I asked my hometown. I was so annoyed that I couldn’t finish the review, so I told him you don’t want to talk about it. I couldn’t finish learning. (After verification by his classmates, he used these words for many people, and everyone didn’t add his contact information.) Before memorizing much, he started bb again, saying that although he is a biology, he likes literature, and he holds it. The book said that he likes Higashino Keigo’s novels. I ignored him and smiled awkwardly. After a while, he took his cell phone and said, “Why don’t you add my QQ? I’m tm, this person is crazy, is there something wrong?! Directly asked him: “I asked why I want to add your QQ! I told you I can’t finish my review.” Then I left immediately. Disgusted for a long time. As a result, I ran into him in the sofa area of ​​a1 at noon, and there was a woman who touched that woman’s hand. The woman was about the same age as him. The two of them were smiling at each other (looks so wretched). My nausea broke, and the next day I saw him passing by at the study place on the second floor. I was so frightened that I didn’t dare to go to the master plan for a long time, vomiting. I confirmed that the photo was Yang XX. I knew at the time that he must be a habitual offender, because just the day before, someone complained on the confession wall and a teacher harassed the female student. I hope the school will deal with it seriously, and don’t let him come to the library to stop doing business and influence others.

6 months ago

In fact, many schools have such teachers. I met them in my freshman year. At that time, I had just bought a meal in the cafeteria, and an old man came over to talk to me. The conversation was more pleasant at first, but I felt that the conversation was gradually It’s wrong. Although I hadn’t finished eating yet, I insisted on holding the noodle bowl and walked towards the bowl. The old man had to add me to WeChat. I hurriedly said that my classmate was waiting for me in a hurry, and he slipped away without looking back. The routine of this type of person is to find a single girl in the cafeteria, library or teaching building to strike up a conversation. First, they will pretend to care about you, ask if you are comfortable in school, and then talk about philosophy, life, society, etc. Topic, after you talk to them for a while, you will bring the topic in the direction they want…Attention, you must be vigilant at this time, do not leave contact information, and then immediately find an excuse to leave, Qian Don’t be fooled by their people, don’t feel embarrassed. From then on, I went to the cafeteria to try my best to choose the position of the young lady next to my school. Actually, it’s not necessary not to communicate with strangers, because I knew a retired lawyer who often went to our school to take pictures. (He walks in the school playground every morning, and I am too, so we met) and helped in snowy days. I took free photos of the snow scene. I also met an engineer who works in a software company next to the school (we invited this engineer when our department held an event) and his ideas on programming gave me a lot of inspiration. It’s not that you can’t communicate with strangers, but you must be vigilant at all times! Moreover, if the other party encounters you for the first time, they are very proactive and stop you from having to talk to you. At this time, it is not normal, so you must learn to refuse.

6 months ago

Associate professors fake postdoctoral harassment of female students? This is still not courageous enough. Associate professors at Wuhan University can take female graduate students by themselves, and if they fail, they can influence the undergraduates’ performance in a subject to imply the dedication of female students. It’s not uncommon for teachers in colleges and universities to threaten students as laborers with their grades, graduate qualifications, essay signatures, and entry quotas. So is it easy to force students to fall in love with themselves? On November 9, 2011, Taiwan’s education department issued an order stating that as long as a teacher-student relationship occurs, we morally consider it illegal. As long as any teacher has a romantic relationship with his student, his teacher qualification must be terminated. This sentence sounds strange, because it hasn’t been many years since humans have gained the right to love freely, and the Chinese have gained this power even shorter, only more than a hundred years. We can finally decide who we are physically with. Why don’t you allow free love? What happened between teachers and students? In our various campuses in China, from university campuses to middle school campuses, it may be a common phenomenon that teachers and students are in love with each other. Why is it illegal? In fact, this is not invented by Taiwanese. In 1986, the University of Iowa in the United States made such a rule that as long as it is a teacher-student relationship, the teacher is morally illegal, and his qualifications as a teacher must be suspended. The reason is very simple, because you have power. This kind of power is not about resolving a Beijing hukou, not granting someone a note, or getting some loans, but a kind of implicit and indifferent power. After all, teachers can give students certain benefits that they use their own subjective will, such as praise, such as scores, such as a little bit of leakage of exam questions, such as a little more opportunity for tutoring, all of this is actually Power is at work. Since power is at work, does the so-called free love seem a bit unfree? Because free will is likely to succumb to power, and free will is likely to become very flattering in the face of power, can you still say that this teacher-student love must be a free love? Just like the love between a certain director and a female doctor revealed not long ago, it can be seen from the results that this female doctor loves this director really to the death. In many words, it is a very good contemporary love letter work. But, can you say that between a director and a female doctor who may benefit her, all the words, all the expressions, and all the words between them are really out of free will? The principal of the Central Translation Bureau, Yi Junqing, is not suitable to continue working in her current post due to life style issues. He has been removed from the post of director of the Central Translation Bureau. Jia Gaojian is the director of the Central Translation Bureau and his mistress Chang Yan also exposed the Beijing academic circle to spend money. The unspoken rules of trading, such as some teachers recruit a doctoral student, the student must give away 30,000 or 50,000. The article also mentions some political gossip, such as the relationship between high-ranking officials in the central government and clothing. In the end, I often suspected that Yi had a new love, and asked Yi for 1 million yuan as spiritual compensation. Yi gave the money and did not cover the scandal exposure.

6 months ago

I love Wuhan University, even though I am from Huake. No matter what my identity, I will never try to strike up a conversation, because I can’t strike up a conversation, it’s really embarrassing to strike up a conversation. There are many ways to meet girls. Now that the social network is so developed, someone in your SOUL knows that you can also chat with the strangers in Momo about some secrets when they are in SUMMER, and the teenager with the scarf shakes his legs to listen to the sound, and quickly walks forward and beckoned. (What clues can I find from this passage? Let’s discover it.) This faculty member, it’s really unreliable to do these things. Good horses don’t eat grass at their nests. They are not familiar with such an important truth. I don’t know, what kind of creatures. , Life sciences, you can read more books, read newspapers, Xinhua Bookstore has so many good books. But despite the appearance of WS, this teacher still worked hard. I don’t know if he succeeded, but he feels that there is a high probability of failure. At any rate, he is also considered a high-quality man, at least a more sincere person. Although he is not so honest, he is not as scumbag as the feedback from these girls. In fact, there is nothing wrong with wanting to know girls. At the beginning, your purpose is too clear and you will definitely fail (unless you are handsome, or your sister likes you). Make friends first, let’s talk about development. There is always no harm in knowing more friends. In the conversation, this life science teacher has tirelessly verified the biological instincts. In fact, he does not forget academics. I can only say old iron 666. Be careful not to step on the bottom line, pay attention to the influence, and good luck.

6 months ago

Only two days ago, I finished reporting on the harassment of female students by a teacher in Foshan No. 1 Middle School. Only a few days? Is it over? It’s not that I’m not satisfied with the team of teachers! And it’s really hard to accept! You can’t say that the rate of sexual harassment among teachers is much lower than that of other industries! In this team! No one is allowed! ! This is the bottom line! Not to mention that 16 female students have reported so far! It’s a mess that the old man doesn’t do square dances well and Tai Chi, you do these things, it’s too inferior! Take a 10,000 steps back and say that it’s really good for you, can you move you? (Not very harmful and extremely insulting) Old rules, go to law: According to Article 42 Paragraph 5 of the “Public Security Administration Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China”: Sending obscene, insulting, intimidating or other information multiple times to interfere Others who live a normal life shall be detained for not more than five days or fined not more than 500 yuan; if the circumstances are more serious, they shall be detained for not less than five days but not more than 10 days, and may also be fined not more than 500 yuan. Finally, this kind of person, resolutely and decisively eliminate the teaching team forever!

6 months ago

Seeing the push, I jumped up from the high-speed rail seat…because I met this old thief in about 2016 (or the second half of 2015)! In other words, he at least did it? 5 and a half years or more? ? (Why do I remember the timeline so clearly because I clearly remember that I was still fat at that time, but lost 20 pounds in the second half of 2016…) It is on the first floor of the main picture! The content of the conversation is exactly the same as that of the subject po! It’s all kinds of bands, Japanese literature, blabla, and I have to check his information to see if it’s true. At first it was polite and didn’t bother him, but he could really keep chatting, and he could fast forward in ten minutes to find a girlfriend! Then I ran away on the excuse of something urgent… I went back to the bedroom and talked with my roommate about the storm. Why is the old dog of the student character so anxious that the little girl is about to go up? (At that time, this uncle was very greasy! There were creases visible to the naked eye. The kind! I am not aimed at students of biology, I love every younger and younger sister!) Then I will forget about it as a strange story in Luojia Mountain after I have finished complaining. (And at that time, I was also very fascinated. I often met strange uncles. Once I was followed by a idiot in Meiyuan all the way and scared me to report to the police…) I never expected this guy to be? The old technique has been repeated for five, six or seven years? Ah, I’ll wait for the next car to continue, and continue to be shocked…

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