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We always believe that a grand goal is achieved. It should be accompanied by great happiness and satisfaction. But often, most people will fall into a kind of void and nothingness of losing their goals. Everyone always expects that the realization of a certain goal will bring a huge leap in life. I hope that life will end here, and a certain state of happiness will be obtained, and it will continue to be stable. Such unreasonable demands are often not fulfilled. On the contrary, it will give us a lot of constraints in achieving our goals, and increase the internal friction and pain in the process of achieving the goals. The idea of ​​”exchanging bitterness for sweetness” is rooted in the hearts of most people. But in fact, sweet is not so sweet, and bitter is not so bitter. Many people are reluctant to admit one thing: life should be continuous hard work. You can rest occasionally, but there is never a way to stop. Trying to achieve a certain goal by doing something, and get it done once and for all. There is no such thing in this world. This is the case for the college entrance examination, the same for the postgraduate entrance examination, and the same for earning money. When I was in high school, I always thought: If I worked hard earlier, if I could be smarter. If you can get to the top few, it would be great if you can go to a good school in the college entrance examination. For me at that time, this should be the most important goal for many years in my life. This goal is so important that it is so important that “I don’t allow it to fail.” The people around us are all “great benefits” after achieving this goal, tempting to force them to work hard. Later, I really got a pretty good score, and I was able to go to a pretty good university. However, this happiness prediction does not seem to be fulfilled. I didn’t really realize my goal, which I think is the most important thing in life. To get too much happiness and achievement, on the contrary, there is a kind of disillusionment and emptiness of losing a goal. At that time, I began to suspect that “whatever…” seemed to be untenable. Later, I counted it down. In the 18 years ahead of my life, I still have a lot of expectations like this. When I was a child, I stayed in a relative’s house, slowly learned to look at people, and began to realize that I was living in a moment of instability. I was thinking, if I was with my parents, it would be fine. Later, when I grew up a little bit and suddenly found myself very alienated from the real world, I thought, if one day everyone around me recognizes me and everyone around me can like me, I should not be so alone. When I arrived in junior high school, one day I heard someone discussing a girl in the high school next door. When I was in high school, I wrote a lot of articles, published my own book, and became a writer. I was thinking, if one day I write a lot of things, I can influence a lot of people. I must be a badass, so happy. I have not organized my thoughts and experiences in particular. Maybe I’m really a bad boy, and I have quietly formed so many “If it were, it would be fine” sentences in my heart. These are all things that I think, as long as it can be achieved, as long as it is obtained, it will definitely continue to be happy and happy for a long time. In other words, the realization of the goal will make my life what I expect. Later, many of my goals were achieved one by one. What has been expected, has not been expected. More and more people see what they write, and they are beginning to have the ability to influence and help more people. There are a few more cats in the house. There are people close to them. The relationship with the world has never been closer than before, and some people can recognize it. I have someone who can praise me. I seem to be the pride of a few people. I always wait for the goal to achieve great happiness. But not every time. However, the realization of each goal caused the “I who originally recognized such a rookie” to consume a lot of mental energy. It can even be said to be exhausted. After all, in the first eighteen years of life, if you give up more often than awards. Not to mention a regional champion, it should be no problem to pick one from a hundred. I began to wonder if there is something wrong with me. There is still a problem with my idea. I always torture myself to achieve my goals. Use the reason “As long as the goal is achieved, I can rest, I can be liberated, and I will be happy.” Persuade myself to work hard. Every time I force myself to go forward, always telling myself “it’s coming, it’s coming”. Achieved, after achieving the goal, it seems that the next goal is set in the mind immediately, almost non-stop without stopping. Unimaginable, the feeling of relief was never done once and for all. On the contrary, I was a little disappointed, and then a little weak. Later I realized that my goal was wrong. After I changed my way and worked hard, I feel that my life is much brighter. I no longer work hard for the goal, I work hard for the feeling on the journey. Probably, the goal is incidental. I was always obsessed with the happiness and experience that the goal would bring me. Is it happy to complete the goal? It should have been happy. But my expectations for the goal are too high, to an unreasonable level. The happiness that caused me was not as much as I had imagined, but disappointment. And, because you are attached to the goal, there is only the goal in your mind. On the contrary, it ignores the experience and feelings in the process. The final result is: because I ignore the feelings in the process and serve the goal in all processes, I think that “suffering” and “tired” are right. Pain and uncomfortable are the ones that should hope that the completion of the goal can bring oneself. Great relief and consolation. I was disappointed and painful because of the high expectations after the completion of the feedback and the huge gap in imaginary expectations. The “two voids” of this way of thinking made me feel confused. The once-and-for-all idea is actually completely wrong. In this way, we won’t be happy anymore. The happiness index is calculated by difference. Take a very simple example: you only wanted two lollipops. But I gave you three, you are very happy. But if I say that I only gave you one, you will be disappointed. Then if I happen to give you 2 sticks, you will be happy because you “created from nothing”, but not because you are “unexpected”. Everyone always thinks that happiness will be a continuous state, and they always feel that others are happy. “That person must be very happy after taking the test for more than 600.” Happiness is related to the standard. People who want to take the 750 test will not be happy even if they take the 700 test. Happiness is always dynamic and always produced in comparison. I slowly gained what I didn’t have, and slowly gained the desired achievement. In the process, we will feel happiness. However, we who suddenly got the long-awaited thing one day will not be immersed in the bubble of happiness just because of it. Bubbles will crack. The truth is that everyone is just “happily occasionally.” Our happy moments are probably the rewards of long-term silent hard work, or occasional surprises. One is the imaginary creation from nothing, the other is the unexpected creation from nothing. The last standard of happiness has been completed, and we will not be content with it. We are in a hurry, and the next standard we can see will be the next target, and there will be new comparisons. Continue to perceive happiness in the process of “getting” in the next paragraph. There is no need to know that “life needs to always face the next goal”. And anxiety and worry. On the contrary, it is precisely because of this that we can always understand from another perspective, whether it is our goal, our dream, or the meaning of our pursuit. We are all in the process of feeling and perceiving “approaching”. In this process, the “cultivation and perfection of oneself”. We should not always stick to the goal and ignore the more important things. “growing up”. The third and fourth grades are not just for the college entrance examination, and the third and fourth grades are not just for the postgraduate entrance examination. The college entrance examination is only a point, and the postgraduate entrance examination is only a point. We should never give up a line for a point. We want this point, and we want this line. We will have many goals in the future. We don’t have to give up life for a certain goal, for a certain moment. Don’t suppress yourself too much, and don’t always tell yourself “As long as I do, I can do whatever I want.” Otherwise, we are always waiting, waiting for the next goal to be achieved, and waiting for the next standard to approach. We are always blindly and unreasonably looking forward to the great changes that a certain point can bring to us-our lives will change and our lives will become happy. In fact, there is no such goal, there is no such thing. Goals and dreams come true, are you happy? Of course happy. But it is not as happy as imagined, and it will not be happy for so long. We will sort it out when the time comes, and then move on to the next goal. Always moving forward. I look forward to the next point, the next stage. But now I can also enjoy and believe that I have the ability to make myself happy. There are standards for being able to feel and perceive growth. Always believe in yourself. Life is an infinite challenge. Use infinite to do infinitely. It’s pretty cool. How much happiness can be achieved. It depends on ability. Whose head is more iron, who is more calm, who knows more, who can better balance goals and life. Who is the happy one.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Really, cherish your high school days. University is really too tired, too tired, it’s the kind of tiredness in my heart that can’t be said. University is indeed freer than high school, but only in some aspects. Now as a freshman, I am still forced to death by the school discipline, comprehensive test scores, credits, resume, future, etc. from the counselor, for fear that I will relax or violate the discipline. How much impact will it have in the future. I feel that most of the punishments mentioned by the high school teachers are scary, but the university really comes as you say it. The university always has a bunch of tasks waiting for you to complete. Every day I read the notifications, various groups and various software. The notice, I feel a little bit out of breath. The interpersonal relationship in the university is also a mess, unless you are particularly active and lively, otherwise your social circle may really only be the dormitory. Now think about it in the third year of high school. It’s so beautiful. The people in the same class work hard together. If you’re tired during the break, everyone chats together. Come on. All the activities are rushing to win the glory of the class and fight together. University is just a get out of class, everyone pats their ass. When you leave, the school’s activities are just to complete the task. I really miss the high school senior who can be happy for an afternoon with a cup of milk tea outside of school, and go for a run under pressure. Although the weather is hot and dry, the university exercise is really to complete the task, without the feeling of sweating. Harm, anyway, the university is not as happy as the high school, but I know that no matter how bad the university is, it is not as bad as the society, so cherish the present, cherish the days of being a student, and cherish everything.

7 months ago

Happy. Much happier. In fact, to a certain extent, I still envy many of you that you are happier in your third year than your freshman year. The third year of high school or even the entire high school life may be a period of time that I will never make more memories in my life. Too painful, confused, and depressed. What impressed me the most was that the whole school didn’t even have a place where I could be myself, quietly pouring out my pain. Fortunately, in the third year of high school, I finally had a small space for myself at night. It’s so boring to repeat the same knowledge points mechanically every day and do various questions. Biphas are also tortured madness. Introverts don’t like socializing. Even covered with thorns. I don’t know how I finished the college entrance examination. I came and went in a hurry. By the way, I ended up eating a meal for more than ten minutes and then left. It’s disrespectful to think about it now, but it’s all gone. After going to university, I am very happy, really happy. After I roughly planned my future development direction during the summer vacation, I couldn’t even imagine my emotional stability at the beginning of school. Everything is shining, and there is a lot of hope. What I want can be won by my own strength. I will try my best to strive for resources that are useful for my future employment. It is normal to be alone in college. You don’t need to be like a high school, where everyone walks in pairs. If you are alone, you feel a little rushed. On the contrary, when you arrive at the university, no one cares about how you are. Because of the different course selections, there are not many people in groups on weekdays. Occasionally I see a familiar girl or a little brother who greets me in a hurry, and sit in a seat you like during class. There is no early self-study or evening self-study, no access control, physical exercise freedom, and many small corners for you to vent your casual emotions. The club activities are very good, accompany the elderly, do support education, and interest clubs are like the second element. Let’s have fun together. I think the most important thing is the class. One of the big reasons for disgusting senior year is: Why should I do the same thing once, twice, or three times. Why do you want to ask me so. Why are there so many exams. Although I know this is the performance of the teacher’s responsibility, I am used to being free and loose, and I can understand it, but I really don’t want to do it, bite the bullet, or don’t do it at all. As far as I can or I think I will try to reflect on my own shortcomings for the scope of my future benefits, and nothing else. Going to university, there are many more courses, and there are also some that I don’t like (of course these courses are not very pleasant to learn), the pressure is not qualitative every day, the pot is like a time bomb, you don’t know which day it will fall. A big pot. At the end of the semester, rushing to ddl to prepare for the final exams and certificate exams such as grades 4 and 6/professional certificates. The pressure is heavy, but it is painful and happy. I can learn knowledge of various subjects, I can freely choose the lectures I want to listen to, hear some of the ideas of the big cows, and make friends with my favorite teacher. At the end of the mid-term, there are many people working together with you in the overnight study room. I can learn a lot every day, from legal philosophy to natural science of information medicine, I can understand everything, discover my interest, and develop slowly. This is really a very exciting thing! Although it’s still quite salty, there is no such a wasted life and repetitive life in the third year of high school. As for whether they are useful for the future, they will eventually play a role at some point. Even if it is later overthrown, it can be used as a negative teaching material. Open and inclusive, this is the university!

7 months ago

Actually not. I am a college entrance examination candidate in the class of 2020. Now I am reading for my freshman year. When I got the admission letter, I really felt very happy, because I felt that I finally got rid of the boring senior year life. But when I came to university, my roommates were all from all corners of the world, and they were very good, but I would always miss my high school days inexplicably, especially during the third year of high school. Although it was hard and tiring, when I thought of everyone being together Self-study in the classroom, I went to the canteen to buy ice cream and snacks secretly with the same table, and then I was bumped by the teacher and said that I was buying a pen. It was almost dusk, the sky was always so unhappily beautiful, and the afterglow of the setting sun was printed on our faces. …… Actually, I didn’t feel much on the day after the college entrance examination. I didn’t feel very happy or relaxed. I just felt empty in my heart. I just didn’t know what to do. Suddenly I lost my goal. When we arrived at school, a group of our friends who had a good time sat together and wrote a graduation gift card to the teacher. It reminded me of the teacher’s concern for us, of course, and blame. Suddenly, those good, unpleasant memories All became unforgettable memories… When I arrived at the university, the students in the class had almost nothing to do with each other. At most, they knew the roommates in the dormitory. The head teacher and the counselor did not come to the classroom every day. We all went to the classroom when we were in class, and the class was over. Everyone didn’t know where to go, and when I met my classmates on the road, I just felt familiar, but couldn’t name it. After watching Wind Dog some time ago, I haven’t walked out for a long time. I missed my senior year in high school every day. When I stayed with my friends, my roommate said that it might be because I was too idle at university. But no one can appreciate how much you miss the days before. Of course, now that the technology is so advanced, I often play videos with my tablemates and friends, and chat about the stupid things I have done before, and I slowly miss them. So I hope that those juniors who are still in high school will cherish your high school time, and I will miss them hard in the future.

7 months ago

When I saw this question, I seriously recalled the time since I entered school (my freshman year). Unlike most respondents, I feel that college is happier than high school, and certainly, it is more tiring than high school. . But overall, happier than high school. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t experienced credits, scholarships, internships, etc. since the beginning of school, I’ve been doing pretty well now. In the third year of high school, I was full of yearning for university and always wanted to escape the abyss of college entrance examination. I was enrolled in a local key middle school. When I was in my first grade, I didn’t pass the entrance exam by one point. I was proud and arrogant. I didn’t admit defeat. I spent more than 20,000 yuan to enter this school. However, I didn’t expect it to be a nightmare. From here on. In the second year of high school, something happened at home, and the surrounding light instantly turned into darkness, but in the face of the high tuition fees each semester, the family members hid in their hearts and showed themselves, I saw it in my eyes and in my heart. Since then, my meals have changed from full meals to lunch, only lunch! Every morning I go to the dining hall almost as soon as I go to school, because at that time there will be a lot of eggs and bread left in the dining hall. I’ll take care of you, because sometimes I also see auntie packing a lot to take home. Don’t eat dinner. Until the third year of high school, I completely collapsed. Not only was the pressure brought by the living expenses at home, but also the pressure of study, and the physical overdraft. When the epidemic was overtime, everyone was thinking about how to counterattack and how to become a dark horse, but I was thinking about finding a part-time job online, so I lost a lot of homework. Then, when the school exams started in April, I found that I had regressed more than a little bit. This kind of regret, self-blame, guilt attacks the soul, a sense of guilt. I always think that the college entrance examination is almost coming, and my grades are still so bad. I didn’t get a good result here after spending money to show my family. In case the college entrance examination fails to pass the second A school, it is better to go to the second B school to study at a junior college, but I Are you really willing to go to college? Or…re-study? During that time, there will always be such a situation: late self-study and doing it, you will be distracted, fantasizing about the reaction of family members after the college entrance examination, and the “care” of classmates… Like a big rock blocking my heart, I can’t breathe. Many people say that high school is very busy. It is enough to concentrate on studying. You can ignore things outside the window. You can play around in the classroom. You can have a lot of fun doing the right math problems, and you can eat for the meal. Tang’s chicken legs don’t smile…but I’m different. I’m afraid of bad exams. I don’t dare. But every time I want to study hard, I find that I have more than enough energy and I don’t have enough energy. The foundation is too poor. Others start to do the ability improvement questions. Brush the basic questions. This state has been maintained until the day before the college entrance examination. Fortunately, the college entrance examination results are not too bad, and now I am studying in an ordinary two-A undergraduate school. Maybe God opened his eyes. In the days to come, the stone in my heart seemed to slowly disappear. I went to work during summer vacation and earned some living expenses. I also went to find a tutor last semester to relieve my family’s burden. The burden, then, the economic aspect is solved, and I don’t need to worry about it all the time. What about studying and living? Going to college, the biggest difference from high school is that you have more free time, so it is very important to be your own time management master. (Maybe it was the pressure before the college entrance examination for the third year of high school. At that time, I had learned how to arrange the time for each subject efficiently.) So when I was in college, many people chose to relax at the beginning. When others were chasing drama, I went to tutor. I still keep the habit of doing homework, going to bed early and getting up early. When others sleep, I memorize words and translate… so I got the qualification for the fourth grade last semester and passed it! Last semester’s grades are also advanced in major In the top ten. In terms of life, the club does have all kinds of trivial things, and occasionally I have to make forms all night and write planning books… and the people in the department are very snobbish, but my personality is the kind of person who is not pushy and slow. So I didn’t get the likes of many ministers, so I don’t care much about the “corrupt atmosphere” in the community. The dormitory also feels very easy to get along with, maybe because the enthusiasm of each roommate has not faded. It is normal to occasionally have a little conflict, because not everyone has to behave according to your mood, he is him, you are you. Many people start to worry about the goodness of high school when they go to college. I personally think that because you haven’t gotten out of high school yet, you haven’t seen the real beauty of college. If you can still have one-third of the hard work of the third year in college and play less games, your grades will naturally improve. Scholarships are not a big problem. Then learn to make a plan every day and arrange the time so that no matter how much chores, it can be completed.

7 months ago

Personal opinion: Everyone thinks you are very happy, but you are not. In college, you can really choose to do what you want to do, but it’s hard to have people who are at the same table in high school, who can truly be happy for your success. Take my recent game as an example. I was very lucky to have won the city’s first prize on behalf of my school. When you stand on the podium, everyone’s attention, flashing off the light camera seems to be the whole world revolving around you. Opposing hands are the naval school and the army school. It was the same to accept the award, but the moment the host announced it, all the navy classmates rushed up, hugged and beat him. I feel that his classmate and his brother are really happy for his success. I won a game, but I lost badly. When I went back, I was walking alone on the road to the school. I was hiding. I went back to the dormitory. When I went back, I would see our leader. I have to say that without your cultivation of me without your dedication to me, I cannot get to where I am today. I can do it to the point where I am now, okay, right? It’s very flashy and fake. I didn’t care about me when I worked hard to prepare for the game. No one knew me. After I got the awards, they all became my instructors. No one will jump up excitedly for my success again, and no one will accompany me by absenteeism for my sake. Then I cried aggrievedly, and suddenly I especially wanted to go home and miss my father and mother. The more you go forward, the more lonely.

7 months ago

To be honest, the freshman year did not have a happily third year. In the third year of high school, I was moving towards the college entrance examination every day. Everyone worked hard together, and the friends around me also struggled with you. You can eat and sleep regularly every day. You can also brag with your good brothers, and occasionally yearn for a distance. In the morning, you can Go to the cafeteria to buy breakfast, go back home at noon, go home for dinner at night, go home with a back-to-back study at night, you can say that there is pain and joy in senior high school, and my senior year is still more joyful. Yes, there are goals and directions. By the time of the freshman year, I feel that many people will be like me. They lose their goals and do not know what they are going to do or how to do. Moreover, there is no foreshadowing transition between college and high school, completely getting rid of teachers and teachers. Restricted by parents, arrange their own life and study by themselves. During the freshman year, various clubs and organizations, as well as irregular curriculum arrangements, would disrupt previous imagination. Sleeping late, staying up late, playing games, and skipping classes will learn a little bit. Although I don’t like this depraved feeling, because of the mixed information during the freshman year, if I can’t distinguish accurately, it is really easy to lose myself. It can be said that my freshman year was in a mess. It was painful to have no goals and no direction, and I was not happy at all. So I must learn more and plan for my future. It is very important to have a lot of high-quality information in this era. If you achieve your goals, you will be motivated, and you will gradually become happy. Now that I am a sophomore, I know what I want, and I also know a little bit of planning my own life, ready to continue the postgraduate entrance examination, I hope I can cheer, and I hope everyone can have a good university life, cheers~

7 months ago

Tired in high school, but full tired, tired but very happy, that is the joy from the heart. The tiredness of university is blindly tired, tired and annoying, and happiness is pretended to be seen by others. Life in college is much more complicated than life in high school. . . Studying is not as simple as high school; there is no single high school in life; making friends is not as simple as high school; no teacher in the university will really scold you and take care of you; think about the long-winded head teacher in high school, you will understand that people who care about you will take care of you, but don’t care. Your people will treat you as if you don’t exist. College activities are just tasks and tasks are completed; high school activities are real activities. Everyone looks forward to it and works hard, but they can’t go back to the past. Friends in college, either in a dormitory or classmates, eat out together in class and end school together, go back to the dormitory and take out their mobile phones. The person to contact is the high school friend who went crazy together. The university seems very busy, but in fact, a closer look is just fuzzing. Does just making one’s boring life look busy and busy means it makes sense? And busy in high school is really busy, busy writing questions, busy memorizing vocabulary, busy eating, but everyone is very meaningful. There is still a big difference between college and high school, because everyone describes college life so carefree, free and unrestrained. The pie painting is too big and not round.

7 months ago

I don’t think I am so happy. I have gone to college, but my good friend chose to repeat the course, and it will take a few months to send her a message. We have to adapt to the new environment, make new friends, and start to treat everyone around us again. I have fewer classes and I don’t know what I want to do in my free time. Sometimes participating in some activities, I think it’s good and meaningful. But university is a small society. Many people go to please seniors and sisters and teachers, too… Senior three is also very happy, although it is hard, staying up all night to study questions every day, every day is very sleepy but can’t sleep. But it was very simple at that time, wasn’t it? Will be happy for a long time because of some small things. I ate the breakfast outside of school and felt very happy; I improved a lot this time, and the teacher praised myself and was very happy; I pondered the questions for a long time today, and finally finished it… Although sometimes I quarreled with my friends and took myself I cried with anger, but reconciled later. Sometimes you don’t need to speak, you only need a look and an expression, and a good friend can understand what you mean. This kind of friendship is super simple and super beautiful. Some people do things that make them irritable or even annoying, but they still have to get along. But you are not mine, let me understand it. But there is no way, everyone has to run in and be patient. Experience something, and then learn to grow in it. (Although I don’t understand it very well) In fact, I think high school students shouldn’t expect too much from the university. Often the more you expect, it will be unsatisfactory, and there will be a big gap in your heart. Or cherish the people and things in front of you, whether it is good or bad, it is a very precious memory.

7 months ago

I was complaining in the front row and felt unhappy at university…Anyway, my university was 10,000 times happier than the third year of high school. I didn’t work hard in the third year and went to a high school that I didn’t like very much. Major in Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools. In the senior year of senior year, anxiety is overwhelming, worried about playing abnormally, college is carefree, and playing every day. I can sit in the library all day and arrange learning content on my own, unlike in my senior year, I don’t have time to do my own things because I have piled up homework every morning and evening. I can participate in grand performances with the piano accompaniment of the school choir, unlike high school who will be criticized for participating in too many club activities. I can eat in the school cafeteria, the school library cafe, and I can just order takeaways and go out of the campus to stroll around. Unlike high school closed management, I don’t allow takeaways. I can swipe my phone until late at night, unlike in my senior year, there are serious consequences when I check it out. I can fall in love without being concealed and I can kiss presumptuously on campus [Actually, my husband still minds this, so it is not particularly presumptuous. What I want to say is that this is not a high school third year being discovered that falling in love will not have too bad influence . 】I’m a Chinese-foreign student and plan to go abroad in my junior year, so my biggest goal is to learn English well. I don’t need to have a high grade point requirement. I don’t need to study hard like the students around me who are preparing for postgraduate and postgraduate entrance examinations. Everything is easy to say. Anyway, compared to the third year of high school, I am so happy now~

7 months ago

No, the only happy thing about college is that there are weekends. Others can’t be compared with high school. In the third year of high school, I still have Lingyun ambitions. I want to go to a certain university. When you have a pursuit, it seems that the whole world will help you achieve your goals. Mom and Dad will hush cold and ask warmth, the teacher will patiently enlighten, and friends will always be around. But when you arrive at university, you will find that you have truly become a person, and you are always so unfamiliar around you, busy every day, but don’t know what you are doing. I can only look at the person I miss most through the screen. Sometimes I feel really sad. Sometimes I really want to go back to high school.

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