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Tell me about my true feelings… It turned out that the bathroom started to have water at 7 o’clock in the morning. My roommate used to take cold showers in the morning. She always joked that Yanbian soldiers bathed in snow water. I used to take a bath at 11 o’clock, but in fact, it was about 11:20 when the hot water was stopped. And I found out that although I am in Ziba, my campus card can swipe Ziba’s bathroom! (Cold knowledge) Because there were relatively few people at that time, the cold water basically indicated that the washing was done, and colds were rarely caught. If you get up late on the weekend, you can only wait until the evening to wash, which may be more uncomfortable. Today, I spent 70 yuan to buy two large boxes to hold garbage. The dormitory is on the sixth floor (actually the seventh floor, but there is no elevator, you know). There is no trash can in the entire corridor. Every time you throw trash, you have to climb up and down. However, because of our high floors, the allocated bicycle spaces are also better. (I still hope that the dormitory will put a trash can in the corridor, and sometimes I will crawl a little bit suspicious of life) How to say, I belong to the kind of spoiled since childhood. I was so hypocritical, I didn’t want to sleep in any other bed except my bed before going to high school. I have never lived in accommodation since I was a child. At first, I felt that Tsinghua’s accommodation conditions were not so good. Especially when I was a freshman, I suddenly wanted to cry when I was fine. Now I am basically used to it. I still insist on complaining less and being more grateful… There are always many people who are more difficult than me. At least I think it is good to have hot water throughout the day. It turns out that the school has no effect except for the lack of hot water at night and in the morning. In contrast, many northern schools are collective bathhouses, and the Tsinghua bathhouse is relatively close to the dormitory and is already very good. The school suddenly did this because of preparations for school celebrations, and had to beat and turn on the big flash in the dormitory area every day to suddenly compensate the students. I feel that many people are very happy about this. I just came here to go to school, mainly because I was preparing for the competition and I was delayed to go abroad. I had no other choice but to come here. If God told me in advance that I would be allocated to the sixth floor, I might consider changing the school. I saw students from other schools say that Tsinghua students are so miserable, and you can even be happy about this. Thank you for your concern and sympathy. My parents also think I am miserable, but I think it’s okay, and I will even be very happy about this. In short, it is very metaphysical, and I can’t be unhappy every day, I can only forcefully be happy! yeah! (From a client who has just thrown out the trash and is doubting his life + self-comforting)


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This is a gift from the school to all the students with the help of the time node of the school celebration. Why do the students cheer? Because the students were really miserable by the original hot water arrangement, it often happened that they were sweating profusely but couldn’t take a shower after gym class/group exercise. Imagine a scene where the second major session of the physical education class in the morning is over. At three o’clock in the afternoon, npy asks you to go out to play. You are sweating and want to take a shower, but you have nothing to do. Is the blood pressure already up? The school had previously issued a questionnaire to solicit students’ opinions on the hot water supply issue, and this adjustment was made. Therefore, this adjustment is also the result of listening to the opinions of students. Most of my classmates and I raised our hands and feet in favor of this adjustment of a world-class university.

7 months ago

When I was undergraduate, I went to the bathhouse to take a shower. Go every other day in winter. After the winter, it is basically to get hot water at the end of get out of class every afternoon, then wash your face and feet at night. Living in the school dormitory when studying in the UK to facilitate reading in the library. The dormitory has never cut off hot water, electricity and heating. There is still a big gap between the hardware and software of our country’s universities and foreign countries. Especially in terms of software services. Under the pretext of fighting the epidemic, students are locked in schools, and no takeout is allowed, forcing students to eat canteens or buy school supermarket items at a premium.

7 months ago

envy! Real name envy! Isn’t it normal for Tsinghua students to happily? I feel that this matter should be happily in any school! To be honest, if this is our school, we can give it the entire banner, all kinds of propaganda, I am afraid that the buddies from other schools will not see it! Anyway, I envy other people’s schools with the real-name system. Whenever our school can extend the time for providing hot water for everyone, it’s really impossible. At least at the time when the hot water is provided, does the water have to be hot? Promise me~ I always thought that this question was raised to make everyone envy, and to let more colleges and universities see the needs of students, until I saw an “average sleep one hour late…” policy, which is obviously a good policy. What about such yin and yang? Is it a reason to fall asleep an hour late and squeeze sleep time? Has anyone prevented you from going to bed at 11 o’clock or even earlier? This obviously opened the door to more students! I really don’t understand the people who say that they are being squeezed. They are spending money to study in colleges and universities instead of working in factories. How come they are being squeezed? Obviously, it is a very happy thing. Students have needs. The school sees the needs of students and is willing to solve them. Why do they always go to other places? I remember when I was in junior high school, the school renovated the cafeteria and added new windows. At that time, not only the students, but the teachers were very happy! When I was in high school, I talked to my friend that the fan in the classroom was broken recently and it was so hot! As a result, my friend said that he didn’t even have a fan in his classroom, and he felt how happy he was at that time. Why do so many people come out and talk about it when you extend the electricity time and extend the hot water time when you arrive at the university? And they also said that it is so that everyone can wash up better when they come back from exercise, and also so that early classmates can take a hot bath. All these are understandable~ I also want to have the benefits that Tsinghua’s schoolmasters enjoy, so that the first thing I do after class every day is to rush back to the dormitory to get hot water. (The 21st world is now, we are still using a kettle to get hot water. ~) If you want to take a bath, you usually have to get up early to take a seat. (By the way, I spit out half of the unusable faucets in our school bathhouse). It’s really exhausting. I showed this question and answer to the classmate sitting next to me. , He said, “Those who fail to pass the Tsinghua exam, worry about others’ affairs with Tsinghua, don’t you learn to be honest and hurry? He has to take it on his own. I still pack up my things, and hurry up to the library to do the homework at the end of this public class, and memorize some words by the way~

7 months ago

On April 25, 2021, Tsinghua University will celebrate its 110th anniversary, a celebration of the celebration, the mighty Qing Dynasty! Freedom of hot water is too important for northern universities. Whether it is Tsinghua University or other universities, you must know that many northern universities are collective bathhouses. The difference between the north and the south is vividly reflected in the bathhouse culture. Tell me about my own feelings~Undergraduate Studying at the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, 24 hours hot water, no lights off, no sleep, there is hot water whenever I go back to the dormitory, isn’t it beautiful! At that time, no matter how late I studied, or some friends who went out for internships to return all night, there was hot water, and I felt very warm! Graduate students are studying at the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University. I remember that they can take a bath before 11 o’clock in the evening, and there will be no hot water after 11 o’clock. The students who study in Tsinghua like liver homework, and the engineering masters are often experimenting. I went back to the dormitory very late. Many friends from Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts like to stay up late to make pictures. They also return to the dormitory very late to welcome the freedom of hot water. Thank you Daqing! There are separate bathrooms in the doctoral and international student dormitories, and both undergraduates and graduate students are collective bathhouses. Cheers for hot water!

7 months ago

After the air-conditioning was installed in the dormitory classroom library of Shandong University (deputy ministerial level), everyone was also very frightened. The teacher estimated that the score was too high to cheat his children, and the admissions team did not answer the phone, resulting in unsatisfactory admissions results that year. It is recommended that Tsinghua (deputy ministerial level) learn from the lessons of world-class universities and advanced units and be more steadfast.

7 months ago

The embarrassing part of this matter is that the equipment has not been updated recently, so this on the contrary shows that not supplying hot water before is a question of willingness that does not contain many technical factors…
Overcoming difficulties and satisfying the masses is called political achievement, so even if there is no difficulty, there must be difficulties, but if you stand up and say “there was no difficulty before,” it will inevitably be criticized.

7 months ago

Is it a good thing to fall asleep one hour late on average? Before it was 11 o’clock in the evening, the lights were turned off and the hot water was turned off. The potential impact is that group activities generally will not end after 22:00, and social workers’ meetings and other meetings are generally not later than 23:00. Now that the lights and hot water are postponed by one hour, will these potential constraints be postponed by one hour? You get the freedom to turn on the lights and take a bath from 11:00 to 12:00 in the evening, but you lose the freedom to go to bed at 11:00 in the evening. You think you haven’t lost it, but your roommate, your teacher, and your classmates don’t think so.

7 months ago

This shows that the quality of our people is far superior to that of the West: Western people are always dissatisfied, and even go on strike after the 954 working system, and demonstrating and destabilizing order if it happens. Western college students have private bathrooms with 24-hour hot water in single rooms. Although they are not much better than our dormitories for international students, I haven’t seen anyone thanking the school. These people don’t even know how much trouble they have caused the country. And some of our high-spirited classmates have nothing but gratitude in their hearts. It must be the tenacious will that I cultivated every time I take a bath and treat everyone like a child.

7 months ago

1. Can you just start labeling, add value, and buckle your hat? To be honest, at that time, the entire pyq, including our physical education teachers, was sincerely happy when the policy came out. Our focus is to be able to take a bath later, or to take a bath after playing, and it was only when we arrived at Zhihu that we realized that this was a school. Oppression in a disguised form can still be related to Western freedom… Isn’t this process that the school felt that it should be arranged like this under the previous conditions, and then we reacted today. The school learned our views on the extension and changed the balance of weighing? Is there a policy given? It’s not too normal to talk about the value of freedom. Presumably, I haven’t tried to give reasonable feedback to the school. I’m stuck in the perception that “the school is too dark and hot to not consider us”. Including the label of Tsinghua University. First of all, it is a school that exists in a certain environment on the earth, has students, and faces various daily needs of students. Then, what academic and achievements are it? This determines that it must have There will also be conflicts and different interest demands due to their own limitations and deficiencies. Of course, many universities will do better, but this does not prevent Tsinghua from doing a little better from the previous deficiencies. 2. Normal people think of schools to solve problems, and some people think of problem solving schools. This sentence was probably said by Wuhe Qilin in an interview, and it seems appropriate here. Departments such as the birth rights have fought for more rights and benefited the majority of students. Isn’t this normal? Our representatives are also mentioning it during the open day of school leaders, thinking about solving the problems that the students are concerned about. Now that the reflection is effective, we have solved it, shouldn’t this be? Now that good deeds can also become evidence of your oppression of students, you may wish to make up your mind: You have not given out this notice: How do you treat Tsinghua University teachers and students repeatedly reporting the hot water problem, and the school has not resolved it. Is there a lazy policy? You can extend the hot water to the whole day: How do you think that Tsinghua University’s instinctive hot water extension can be divided into multiple times and impress? You can say that hot water is free all day: How do you think that Tsinghua University’s hot water is free? Does it mean that you used to charge arbitrary fees? If you are holding “This school will be over soon” and looking at the various things that happened in the school, it is recommended to fast forward to qb and have a big conspiracy. This is for you. We are also thinking about doing everything in our school better to benefit ourselves and others. 3. The most important point: can your school not care about trivial things…

7 months ago

In 2001, when the Central Conservatory of Music was 211 University, our dormitory was renovated, from a 6-person room to a 4-person room, from the upper and lower bunks to a combined bed with a desk and wardrobe. There are 24-hour hot water in the two water rooms on each floor of the dormitory building. The student’s house on the second floor of the dormitory sells snacks, which can be heated by a microwave oven, and a rear projection is installed for us to watch the World Cup. . . The result is watching ghost movies there every day. In addition, our dormitory has been powered on 24 hours a day. The aunts who clean in the dormitory building became private hourly workers and laundry workers at our extra charge. We tried our best to turn all the services around the school into on-site services. Even the photocopying of music scores was called downstairs to fetch the dormitory. The copies were bound and sent to us. I didn’t expect the students of Tsinghua University to have 24-hour hot water so happy 20 years later.

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