Emperor Yongzheng did not punish Zeng Jing, and finally chose to exonerate Zeng Jing. But after the death of Yongzheng, Qianlong sentenced Zeng Jing to a high-level sentence. The two emperors made two diametrically opposed decisions. Why? Which method is better?

First of all, according to Qianlong’s urinary nature, if Zeng Jing’s case occurred during Qianlong’s reign, Zeng Jing could not live. Unlike the Kangxi writing prison which attacked the upper-class intellectuals, the Yongzheng writing prison mainly attacked one’s own political opponents. A considerable part of the writing prison in the Qianlong period sank to the lower people inexplicably. Kill a stupid pig who lives in a poor rural area in Hunan where economic life is still bartering, opposing the Qing Dynasty and Aixinjueluo, (to persuade Yue Zhongqi from the perspective of the descendants of Yue Fei, this is too stupid) Qianlong No problem. The main question is why Yongzheng would let Zeng Jing go. This is the main one. I can’t give a specific reason, I can only rely on guessing. Could it be that Yongzheng wants to buy horse bones from his daughters, establish a model of obedience to the dynasty, preach everywhere, and improve Yongzheng’s image? Could it be that Yongzheng is really kind? Is it to fight against political opponents? In fact, I prefer Yongzheng to really need him to improve his image. Among the emperors of the Qing Dynasty, Yongzheng was the most bizarre. Although the theory of Yongzheng usurpering the throne can be said to be extremely unreliable, it does not prove that Yongzheng’s supremacy is completely legal and there is no problem. Judging from the collection of letters related to the old fourteenth and Kangxi and other nervous actions, Yong is more guilty of conscience. Don’t dare to make big moves, there may be some small moves. His domestic and foreign political enemies extended from this point and poured a lot of dirty water on Yongzheng. Yongzheng took the opportunity of Zeng Jing to directly preach to the people. Improve your image from both loyalty and filial piety and nationality. I think this is at least one of the goals. Judging from the dialogue between Yongzheng and Zeng Jing, Yongzheng was indeed very patient and refuted all kinds of rumors to Zeng Jing. Yongzheng explained to him even the dog-blood rumors that the coins were shipped outside the customs to make copper pillars. In addition, Yongzheng published the first book of the Qing Dynasty, “Da Yi Jue Mi Lu”, which also shows that Yong Zheng has a strong interest in debating scriptures. It seems to be very large. It not only explained the problem of one’s own throne, but also seemed to openly discuss the issue of national unity at that time. Many principles do sound more advanced. Frankly speaking, this kind of means there is no silver three hundred taels here. Yongzheng was like a violent woman who was desperate to prove her chastity, she had to lower her lower limit and considered herself barbaric. It can be seen that Yongzheng was too in need of whitewashing and had to adopt such an urgent and inappropriate way to prove himself. Of course, the dead and the living are useful. Zeng Jing is a typical living person, so it works. Lu Liuliang is dead, he has to kill chickens and monkeys. Lu Liuliang opened the coffin to kill the corpse, and the Lu family were all implicated. Politics is always cruel. Zeng Jing was instructed by Yongzheng, and at the same time, Lu Liuliang’s body had fallen apart! Then it was Qianlong, who took a different approach from his father. Regarding the throne, Qianlong simply bypassed Yongzheng without emphasizing how he and his father were. He frantically brags about his grandfather Kangxi, frantically flaunts the time spent with him that year to create legitimacy for himself. Regardless of whether he is sincere or using it, Qianlong’s respect for grandfather is higher than that of his father. In terms of ethnicity, Qianlong still claimed to be Chinese orthodox, but he strictly banned related sensitive words and maintained a high pressure state. Therefore, Qianlong sneered at his father’s practice of admitting himself as a barbarian. Therefore, Qianlong listed it as a banned book, which was too self-evident and innocent. For Zeng Jing, Qianlong killed a hundred. It can be regarded as wiping the old man’s ass.


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7 months ago

You can’t speculate about Yongzheng with ordinary people’s thinking, because his angle of thinking about problems has never been the same as that of ordinary people. Are books like Dayi Jue Milu written by the emperor of the Qing Dynasty? Isn’t this digging the black history of your own home? Qianlong’s operation was normal, because the ancient emperors were very particular about “the power of heaven is unpredictable.” What is Tianwei unpredictable? That is the emperor’s every move, every word and deed is not something you can speculate. Once you can proficiently speculate about the emperor’s words and deeds, it means that you can control the emperor. What sacredness does the emperor have? For the feudal emperor, this is even more serious than the collapse of the sky. Unfortunately, Zeng Jing was let out by Yongzheng to preach this event, which broke the emperor’s sacredness. The emperor’s patriarch was exposed to the people of the world so that everyone could find that the emperor was no different from ordinary people. Then the imperial power that lost the sacredness would collapse. As long as the emperor who came to power after Yongzheng was a normal emperor, Zeng Jing would belong to the category of mortal, and not only would he die, but he would also die ugly, so that everyone in the world would know what would happen to the Emperor. Therefore, even if Qianlong had always appeared as a “benevolent monarch” in the early stage, he still cruelly dealt with Zeng Jing. .

7 months ago

There is not so much black school in this matter, but in fact it is just a very simple logic: Qianlong wants to show his filial piety. Yongzheng asked Qianlong not to kill Zeng Jing, and Qianlong fully agreed; then he killed Zeng Jing when he came to the throne. This seemingly contradictory and even unfilial behavior, Qianlong found a very self-consistent and filial logic—Let’s take a look at what Qianlong himself said: Qianlong: I killed Zeng Jing not because I was not filial to my father, but precisely It’s because of my filial piety. The background of this incident was that Yongzheng pardoned Zeng Jing and others for scolding himself, but he opened the coffin of Zeng Jing’s “spiritual mentor”, Lu Liuliang, who had passed away at the time, to slaughter his corpse, and sentenced his son Lu Yizhong to a decisive decision and his grandchildren to exile Ninggu. tower. Here, Yong Zheng believes that the main crime of the Lu family is: slandering his father Kangxi.

7 months ago

On December 19 of the eighth year of the Yongzheng year (1731), Emperor Yongzheng said: “That is, in Lu Liuliang’s books, there are great rebellious words, and I think I (Kangxi Emperor)’s sacred virtues and magical powers… Just in case.” Qianlong believed that Yongzheng did not kill Zeng Jing because he was magnanimous and could tolerate criticism of himself; but Yongzheng could not bear the insult to his father Kangxi. And Qianlong himself has the same values: because Zeng Jing insulted my father, I must kill his family.

7 months ago

Yongzheng, to a certain extent, was a kind of idealistic thinking of the real-life generation, and a bit of scholarly habit of arguing. Qianlong’s servants were very happy, secondly, the emperor who was backed by the supreme power was so vicious that no one could control, the expansion of power and the waywardness of imperial power, and the third is that the political climate of the Qianlong era was different and no longer needed. To win over the Han Chinese and gentry groups, they only need to silence their mouths to demonstrate the inviolability of royal majesty. On the literary prison, of course, the 40,000 poem Qianlong ranked first on the list.

7 months ago

Because Yongzheng was a bit wishful thinking and reversed causality. He thought that the “Zeng Jing” people opposed him and his Qing Dynasty because of his “Ten Crimes” and because the “Love Family” emperor was not as capable as the “Zhu Family” emperor. He was aggrieved, he felt that these crimes were all false, and his father Kangxi also proved the ability of the emperor to “love home”. So he published a book to explain these issues, hoping that the people of the world can accept the new dynasty after reading his explanation. But in fact, the “Zeng Jing” people just because they did not accept the new dynasty, they put him on the top ten crimes, and how they would see how the “Love Family” emperor was not pleasing to the eye. All this time and again, Yong Zheng’s explanation became self-inflicted, but instead made the insult to Yong and Qing violent. This is like two people quarreling face to face, one person scolding the other x mother. The person who was scolded felt wronged because his mother was a human, so he wrote a long discussion about being raised by a human mother. This is Yongzheng’s choice… This is obviously a wrong way of coping. The person who scolds you doesn’t care who raised you. He just wants to scold you. Your explanation can’t make them shut up, only more people. Know that you are scolded. And the correct way to deal with it is actually very simple, that is, hit it with a punch and directly shut up the person who scolds you. This is Qianlong’s choice…

7 months ago

The entire Qing Dynasty could not escape the legality issue of Hua Yi. Everyone knows that Yi Di entered China in the Qing Dynasty, but everyone doesn’t say it in their hearts. On the other hand, Yongzheng generously admitted that the Qing Dynasty was Yi Di, and then reused capable Hanchens and tried their best to govern. Trying to put the facts and reasoning method to make people admit that the Qing Dynasty Yi Di is no worse than the Chinese monarch. If all subsequent generations of monarchs did this, the legitimacy and ethnic antagonisms of the Qing Dynasty would be greatly eased, and after the Opium War, they would not dare to carry out comprehensive reforms under a constitutional monarchy like Japan.

7 months ago

As a dynasty ruled by ethnic minorities, the Qing dynasty has always had ethnic issues as its culprit. A visionary monarch should be able to see that a small number of banner people cannot permanently suppress the vast majority of Han people. Taking advantage of the opportunity to graft banner people to the upper class of Han people is the way to achieve long-term stability. Just like Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei Dynasty, forcing the Xianbei to marry the Han landlord class, the Han landlord and the Xianbei can hardly distinguish you from me. Even if the Northern Wei Dynasty died in the future, the Xianbei would not disappear. Instead, they would be grafted into the Han to live a good life. The monarchs of the Sui and Tang dynasties have Xianbei blood. The Qing Dynasty did not have such opportunities. In the most powerful three dynasties of Kang, Yong and Qian, the intermarriage between the banner people and the upper class of the people could be gradually liberalized, and the banner people could be turned into aristocrats among the Han people. So as to solve the problem of its own legitimacy and achieve long-term stability. Yongzheng may have a little awareness of this aspect, but Kangxi and Qianlong could not think of it. Those who do not seek the overall situation are not enough to seek a single area, and those who do not seek the whole world cannot seek for a moment. Yong was the only qualified emperor in the Qing Dynasty, while Kangxi and Qianlong were far away from Yongzheng.

7 months ago

Don’t try to explain to the person who wronged you, they know you are wronged better than you. And Yong Zheng also explained one by one to those who slandered him. The onlookers are still with the defiler. Is it useful to explain to them? In the TV series, the literati took to the streets holding the tablet of Teacher Kong. Ordinary people don’t care if they are too busy. Qianlong was just remedying the things his father caused. The best solution to this matter is given by the TV series version of Li Wei. (Mainly for those who insist on slandering no matter how they explain it) Give Zeng Jing a beating and let him go out and say what Li Wei taught him. It doesn’t matter whether you violate your heart or not, is it invisible to bruise on your face? Does it matter what they think? Do the powers of Yongzheng and Qianlong need to consider what they think? As long as the problem is eliminated, the problem is solved. Only God can know what people think in their minds. Zeng Jing could live. As a result, Yongzheng was too kind and kind to do bad things, which directly caused this buddy to be filmed. Supplement 1: When Li Wei taught Zeng Jing in the TV series, Yongzheng saw the onlookers furious. Qianlong directly took off the hats of those onlookers. Is there any difference between onlookers of officials and onlookers who listen to Da Yi Jue Mi Lu? Beating people may be more effective than explaining.

7 months ago

the reason is simple. Of course, the feudal emperors must have the grace and tolerance of others, even on the surface, so Yongzheng did not kill Zeng Jing. But the feudal dynasty still ruled the world with filial piety. What is filial piety? Dad is the most important thing. You call me good, but my father is no good, so Qianlong must kill Zeng Jing. Of course, we all know what happened after Qianlong, there is no such thing as a gentleman, but the killing of Zengjing is really not the same as the text prison.

7 months ago

The specific reason why Yongzheng did this is no longer available for examination. Today, people can only use questions and make guesses. Yongzheng was the kind of self-esteem, similar to today’s Xueba. He might be interested in intellectual activities such as debate, but he himself was the emperor, and no one would usually argue with him. There is no place to show off the knowledge of the stomach, it is very uncomfortable. At the critical time, Zeng Jing appeared as a challenger and a history lover. Perhaps Yongzheng remembered the allusions of Wu Zetian and Luo Bin in history. King Luo Bin has an ancient prosperous prose, and he seeks for Xu Jingye to fight for Wukong. The earth has not been leveled with a pottery, and what is the loneliness of six feet? It is said that Wu Zetian shouted wonderfully after watching it back then, not too angry. So Yongzheng decided to follow this story, personally send out Malay to literary friends, and refute Zeng Jing, an erudite scholar, through personal debates, which gave Yongzheng a great sense of satisfaction.

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