In the real estate sales industry, there are 20-30 people in the team. Every month, he alone sells more than 60% of the monthly sales. This is the case every month. You can say that he is lucky. You can say that the time and place are right and the people are in harmony with this project. , The problem is that people change the project or get the first place, and it is the monthly sales crown. This is definitely not a question of luck. I really admire such a person. You may not be able to receive the same customers. No matter what, people can do it. It’s amazing, there must be a way to succeed, knowing that there are many sales people, please enlighten me!

Due to my usual working relationship, I have come into contact with many real estate consultants. From these excellent professional consultants, I found that they have some common characteristics. To summarize briefly, there are probably the following outstanding characteristics, which I hope will be helpful to the subject. 1. Improving real estate professionalism Due to the special characteristics of real estate’s bulk commodities, high value, low transaction frequency, etc., real estate intermediaries must have deep real estate knowledge and professional knowledge. This is not only a source of confidence for real estate agents, but also a basis for clients to trust you. First of all, be familiar with the target disk. Get a clear picture of the characteristics of similar real estate, apartment types, several elevators, prices, orientation, decoration, parking spaces, management fees, etc. Don’t wait until the customer asks and be speechless, so you will lose the customer’s trust. Second, we must grasp the main needs of customers. When buying a house, it is common for customers to make repeated comparisons and hesitate. When customers are still undecided about real estate comparisons repeatedly, if you can make a unique analysis of the customer’s housing needs, the success rate of signing orders will be much higher. Finally, compare the customer’s other options. A professional real estate consultant not only has a fundamental understanding of the characteristics of the properties sold (style, structure, unit type, area, function, orientation, price, public facilities, communities, etc.), but also has a basic understanding of the location of the properties sold, urban planning, and development trends , The strength of the developer, etc. also have sufficient understanding. What’s more important is to have a clear understanding of the advantages of competitive real estate, and be able to make a convincing and appropriate analysis and comparison of competitive real estate. note! Unprincipled depreciation of competitive real estate is likely to cause customers to have rebellious psychology. Therefore, it is necessary to seek truth from facts, while at the same time maximizing strengths and avoiding weaknesses, and provide customers with professional home purchase advice, so that customers can have a sense of trust in you and the target disk you recommend. In the process of communicating with customers, we must grasp the issues that customers care about as a breakthrough. What customers care about is the most important thing. In that case, you are more likely to succeed. 2. Cultivate Affinity What is affinity is the ability to make customers willing to chat with you and contact you. Real estate sales need to deal directly with customers face-to-face, and sales staff with strong affinity will naturally achieve higher performance under the same conditions. So how to cultivate affinity, let customers better communicate with you, and then recognize you and be willing to deal with you? First, pack your appearance and manners. Appearance and behavior not only reflect a person’s self-cultivation and education, but also seriously affect the customer’s sense of trust in you. Good appearance and manners not only give others a better first impression, but also reflects the good spirit of your company, which can help you win the recognition and respect of your customers. Therefore, you must be strict with yourself, dress formally, sit and stand, and pay more attention to gestures, posture, and facial expressions when dealing with people, so as to give others a good impression. Remember, your image is worth millions! Second, learn to package your language and voice to make the listener feel magnetic. Language is a bridge of communication, but also a lubricant of communication. For real estate sales, language is an art of interpersonal communication. When speaking with client owners, you should not only pay attention to facial expressions, attitudes, words, and tone of voice, but also pay attention to the way and method of speaking, observe social etiquette, and give people a sense of warmth. 3. Thinking from the customer’s standpoint 1. How can the “altruistic” thinking method make customers willing to spend their money to buy a house with you? It is better to think from the perspective of “altruism”. The whole process of communicating with customers and getting along with them is to think in an “altruistic” way of thinking, how to help the customer, how to maximize the benefit of the customer, how to make the customer feel caring, and help him solve the trouble… Only in this way, Only then will customers treat you as a friend, and customers will like to buy the house you sell. In the eyes of the client, you will naturally not be the “failed real estate sales that always wanted to sell the house to me”. The altruistic way of thinking allows us to stand on the same front with the customer to solve the problem. You are his best comrade-in-arms, rather than stand in the opposite position of selling and buying. 2. Sales misunderstandings that should be avoided. Misunderstanding 1: When we want to sell a house to a customer, does the customer really need it? Does he really need it or do we think he needs it? If we unilaterally believe that he needs it, then the deal may be far away or the chances are slim. Therefore, before marketing, how to arouse customers’ “demand awareness” and how to create their needs is the focus that we must use our heart. Because when the client doesn’t feel he needs it, it is absolutely impossible for him to buy the house. The best house for customers is the house that meets their needs, so prioritize sales needs, and then sell the house to customers, not the other way around. Misunderstanding 2: Are the so-called professional suggestions we put forward based on customer needs, or are we only focusing on our own performance goals? Is the suggestion made tailor-made for the customer, or tailor-made for ourselves? Different answers create different distances between us and our customers. Of course, we hope that the larger the customer’s order, the better, and the higher the transaction commission, the better, but the customer’s expectation is not the case. Every customer wants to spend the least money to get the most benefits. Customers are not stingy to spend money or pick faults. Thinking from another angle, if we buy a house ourselves, we might be more picky than these complaining customers at the moment before we make up our minds. An excellent real estate sales is the solver of the customer’s problem in the mind of the customer, not the manufacturer of the customer’s problem. 3. Try to sell the house to yourself. The most difficult to sell in this world, the hardest to face, and the most picky customer is often yourself. Because you know best whether such a house can meet your needs, it is not easy to convince yourself to buy it. How can you burn your desire to buy, and even make up your mind to buy, what do you need? And in the process of self-selling, you will ask yourself the questions that you will ask yourself in all likelihood is also the questions that customers will ask you face-to-face. So what kind of answer will satisfy you? If you have successfully persuaded yourself to buy, you have almost taken into account the problems you will face in selling a house. This is a good way to practice. It’s better to test the waters by yourself than to practice your hands with customers. If you can’t even convince yourself, how do you have full confidence and certainty to face customers? Therefore, the rejection or frustration faced by many salespeople in the sales process is actually the result of their lack of self-contact. If you can successfully sell the property to yourself, it means that you already understand the needs of your customers. By changing roles and helping you improve your ability to observe words and colors, you can easily enter the depths of customers’ hearts, understand what customers need and think, and truly master their behavior and psychology. You will no longer complain, because you will find that you understand more and more what customers want and what customers think. For an excellent real estate agency, high-value and stable performance comes from this. 4. Respect for customer needs. Some property consultants start to introduce real estate to customers as soon as they receive them. Regardless of whether the customer likes to listen to it, whether he wants to listen or not, just talk for himself, talk like a machine gun, and don’t think about it at all. How are customers’ feelings, recognition and needs? When a customer raises a question, he immediately refutes it, or even attempts to change the customer’s expressed demand to complete the transaction. Of course, such a sales method is not acceptable! Because you don’t know what the customer wants. Maybe you feel good about yourself, but whether this kind of marketing is effective or not depends on the customer. Unless you are hit by good luck, how can a deal be dealt with. We must respect and patiently let the customers finish their words, carefully record the customer’s home purchase needs, and capture the customer’s psychology of buying a house during the customer’s speaking process, so that we can persuade the customer and win the customer with a definite goal. 5. Use less professional terminology. When introducing housing, real estate consultants try to use colloquial forms to explore the needs of customers and narrow the psychological distance with customers. Some people’s exports are building density, floor area ratio, greening rate, etc., so that customers can understand but not understand, causing a kind of psychological pressure and creating difficulties for subsequent marketing. For example, you can tell the distance between the two buildings, the size of the garden, the number of venues or the size of the activities, etc., so that people can understand it, so that effective communication can be achieved, and the sale of real estate will not be hindered. 6. Satisfying the spiritual needs of customers Sometimes the needs of customers are not limited to the real estate itself. The needs of the house are only one of his needs. This is also true if you are a customer yourself, but you may not have thought about it carefully. Imagine when you stand in the marketing hall to buy a house, do you only need the function of the house? Or should we also consider other needs such as respect and praise? Some customers’ other needs may be higher than the real estate itself. Have you noticed this during the sale process? 4. Do things with heart 1. Attitude is more important than skill. Any sales method and skill are not unique. The best for you is the best. Everyone has different personalities and different ways of dealing with people. Real estate consultants with a good working attitude will create a set of sales methods and skills that suit them through practice. As a real estate consultant, the core qualities are affinity and professionalism. Affinity is not innate, it is achieved through long-term, diligent, and serious work, and gradually improves and exercises. At the same time, as a real estate sales person with a certain degree of professionalism who can take care of customers buying a house, he must first clearly know what he is selling to be able to “sell well” and “do well”, so he must be very careful about the business. Familiar with. 2. Result thinking should take the result thinking to do things, and do things proactively! Do more things that are conducive to billing, and do less or no things that are not related to billing. Think about your own gains and losses before going to bed every day, and arrange your work time for the next day. 3. Every day from smiling, when you get up early every day, take 5 minutes to practice smiling in the mirror, practice standing posture, and say some polite words to yourself, so that the new day has a good start, a good mood and a better mood Of yourself. Through long-term practice, you will find yourself more and more popular.


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7 months ago

In real estate sales, why do some people earn tens of thousands a month, and why some people don’t bill for a few months. Many people will definitely have the same questions as me. If I am introverted, I am suitable for sales. Sales = self-confidence + diligent visits + communication return visits + skills + luck + experience Sales require contact, inquiries, analysis, comparison, planning, decision-making, etc. Everyone has their own sales characteristics, there is no exactly the same customers, and there is no fixed sales model, but as long as you master the sales skills, billing is not a problem. To do real estate sales requires continuous learning, a hardworking spirit, a clear thinking, an insight into the essence of things, and an insight into human communication skills. Newcomers may be very nervous about receiving customers, afraid that they will not answer customer questions, so they will collect information in the opening remarks and share them with you for reference only. 1. Hello! Did you come here on purpose today? (House purchase intention) 2. It seems that you have a good temperament, what do you do? (Working unit) 3. How many rooms do you want to choose? How many people live? (Recommended floor plan) 4. Have you seen those houses? how do you feel? (Customer strength) 5. Does your home live nearby? Do you know this? (Home address) 6. What do you think is most attractive to you in our home? (Interests and hobbies) 7. We have a lot of houses, and they have sold very well during this period. If you are optimistic about it today, you can order a set (crisis) 8. Live nearby! Then why didn’t you come here early! Our house sells very fast after the market opened. If you are optimistic today, you must make a decision. (Forced) It is really difficult to achieve the following 20 points in “Bringing Relationships”, but if you do, you will be the winner. 1. Make the customer build a real interest, don’t just stare at the customer’s pocket 2. Find some common foundation (common topic) 3. Praise or praise the customer sincerely, but not too often 4. Make the customer laugh , Make him feel very happy 5. Smile often 6. Encourage customers to talk about themselves and everyone likes this 7. Keep eye contact to show sincerity 8. Often call the customer’s name (same age) to show sincerity 9. Get a consensus 10. There are only two kinds of people. Confused by the compliments of the other party, this is the man and woman. 11. Actively imitate the customer’s words and deeds. 12. Tell the customer a secret, let him trust you and make the relationship more intimate. 13. Take the initiative to disclose some personal information and encourage customers Do the same. 14. Make a promise to the customer, such as eating and playing football. 15. Tell the customer a nice story (intimacy). 16. Always be polite. 17. Have slight physical contact with the customer. Don’t be too rude or too rude. Frequently 18. Directly put forward their own requirements (sometimes) 19. People are willing to deal with people who share their will, and should be consistent with customers. 20. Remember that you have two ears and one mouth. Use them in this ratio. Introduction 1. Sand table: a model that is scaled down according to the planning scale 2. Function: When the customer does not see the real estate, it will give the customer an image of understanding, and guide the customer to accept your point of view instead of persuading the customer. (Use the third-person pronoun often) The advantages and disadvantages coexist, the first is the best and the second is the last, and the underground crisis is followed in time to make shallow decisions. If the answer is not good or difficult to answer, learn to change the topic 3. Sand table thinking: big environment → small environment (must be able to Flexible and vice versa) Large environment → natural environment → humanistic environment → economic environment (parks, medical care, schools, government, shopping, transportation) small environment → software → hardware (property services, building structure) 4. Sand table essentials: looking at the sand table Time to be fully integrated 1. Enter the role: first move yourself, then move others, be an actor, not just an interpreter. 2. The purpose must be clear: you must have your own central idea, let customers follow your ideas, let customers like and be interested, have a strong voice, be vivid, and create dreams (from dislike to liking, from not knowing to understanding, by Subconsciously aware of the strong purchase). 3. Four to: a. Speaking: kind, clear, and smart b. Hand: body language, behold which means c. Eyes: always observe words and colors, timely interaction d. Brain: heart to brain, analysis at any time What the plot can bring to him and where is the sand table. Attention: 1. Do not touch the sand table with your hands. 2. Stand and sit on the right side of the client. 3. Do not move your body and pay attention to the image. 4. Talk about the sand table with enthusiasm. (Accumulation, frustration, stress) The idea of ​​talking about the sand table: 1. First position yourself and your customers (location) 2. From the general direction to the small direction 3. There are key choices and key points, attracting customers to be detailed and slightly Recommended “Recommended Tips: To be able to suspend the house type Recommendation principle: Use small push to large, push a set of house type recommendation words: First, the total score is always positioned 1. This is the three-bedroom two with an area of ​​90.4 square meters that I recommend for you The layout of the living room and one bathroom is the best selling house in our place, and it is also more suitable for you. If you are optimistic today, you can order a set. 2. Look at the upper north, lower south, left west, right east 3. Separately introduce the living room, balcony, and main Bedroom, guest bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom 4. Generally speaking, there is no wasted space of half a meter of this apartment type, which is very suitable for you to decide the apartment type and packaging: 1. The living room and bedroom are dynamic and static partitions. 2. The dining room and kitchen are clean and dirty partitions 3. Washrooms and toilets are dry and wet partitions. The same price ratio, the same quality ratio area, the same area ratio value 1. Why buy a house: self-occupation: comfortable, change the environment investment: appreciation, bank interest, deposit (value-added and value-preserving) stock land Non-renewability. Doing business. Land. Scarcity. Real estate characteristics. Land unique. Real estate. Reduce investment risk. Low price. Buy late. Buying late is not as good as early. House prices continue to rise. RMB depreciation 2. When to buy ** plan is the best time to buy a house 3. Where to buy cost-effective : 1. Environment 2. Humanities 3. Economics Others: 1. Hardware (building quality) 2. Software (property service) Customers see how the model houses are sold! 1. The waste of aisles in the house? The aisle is a buffer zone between the main functional areas, especially between the bedrooms, the living room and the kitchen and bathroom, in order to achieve a comfortable and natural effect of the room type. You can imagine that if there is no such aisle, this room type will be very different. Convenient, it doesn’t look too natural. Besides, you bought a three-bedroom house. Do you still care about these few square meters? After all, buying a three-bedroom apartment should be used for enjoyment. 2. The apartment type with the living room facing north is better? Living room (living room). In daily life, people spend less time in the living room. How many gatherings are there in modern families, do they receive relatives and friends or stay at home? I am busy at work during the day, and I only sit in the living room and watch TV when I come back at night; more bedrooms are placed on the south side, which is conducive to the lighting in the whole house, healthier and brighter. This is the modern living concept trend. 3. Are all the living rooms and bedrooms located in the south? It is better for the living room and bedroom to face south, because after all, the temperature control and heating of the air conditioner are not as good as natural sunlight, and if the lighting is good, electricity can be saved. The ventilation effect in the bedroom is also good. If both rooms are facing south They are bound to be close together, which is also conducive to taking care of children and the elderly. 4. Which is the best in the top? a. The lower floor is better, because if the floor is low, it can be used as a multi-storey residence, which is also in line with the customer’s previous living habits, and the relative price is the lowest if the floor is low in the high-rise. In this way, the appreciation potential and investment potential have the greatest advantages. Coupled with the use of elevators, in this way, it is equivalent to living in a multi-storey house equipped with elevators, and the quality of life is improved; b. Comparison of the middle floors Good, the landscape, ventilation and lighting are better, while avoiding the shortcomings of low floors and light blocking, and also avoiding the pollution of air and noise stagnant floors on the upper floors, the price is moderate, and it is more convenient to use the elevator in the middle position. c. The high floors are better, with the best lighting and ventilation. Since customers choose high floors, they should pay more attention to the landscape. The high floors have no visual obstruction. The villas are open and the landscape is the best. At the same time, it is equipped with a good brand elevator, and the time to the top floor will not exceed the time of walking up to the sixth floor of the multi-storey, which is more convenient. In addition, the cultivation of people’s confidence and mental state is also an excellent environment for the senior management. 5. What are the benefits of single and double guards? Shan Wei: Actually, there are generally three-person families. There is no need to get another bathroom. If one bathroom is added, it will not only increase the purchase cost, but also increase the renovation cost of the bathroom. This is too cost-effective. Moreover, it is now on the market. The main guards in many of the double guards are dark guards, and the meaning of existence is really small. Shuangwei: Special convenience and hygiene. Moreover, the privacy of the double guards is better, which is also the trend of life in the times. 6. Why is the living room better when you enter the door? The villa is relatively open, large and bright, which conforms to the living habits of the Chinese people, and reduces the waste in the aisles, making it more convenient to decorate; 7. Why is it better not to have a living room when you enter the door? The concealment is better, usually a porch is made at the door, which can make the decoration layout in the living room more creative. At the same time, the hanging gate plays a penetrating role, forming a natural walkway, making the house look more classy. 8. Why are houses on both sides of a building better? It has good lighting, good ventilation, and only one side is close to the residents, which is relatively quiet. The most important thing is to enjoy the full room type. 9. Why is it better to be in the middle of a building? The heat preservation effect is good, and there is no influence of “western drying and east leaching”, and the safety is also good. 10. Why is the house on the far east side good? The sunshine time is early, and the new air is easy to circulate, avoiding the problem of sun drying in the west, and it is cooler in summer.

7 months ago

1. The skin should be thick enough, the mouth should be sweet enough, and the hands should be diligent enough; if you want to have face, you must first have a thick skin, get the customers, and have a high income. You will have face when you rush to pay the bills in front of your friends and relatives. 2. To do sales, one must have a little wolfishness, a little wildness, and a little more banditry and courage. 3. Selling is entirely the use of common sense, but only by applying these concepts proven by practice to the “active” can it produce results. 4. Before achieving blockbuster results, you must first do boring preparations. 5. The preparation and planning work before sales promotion must not be neglected. Only when you are prepared can you win. Be prepared with marketing tools, opening remarks, questions to ask, words to say, and possible answers. 6. The combined strength of adequate preparation and inspiration from the scene is often easy to disintegrate strong opponents and achieve success. 7. The best sales representatives are those with the best attitude, the most knowledge of products, and the most attentive service. 8. The materials, manuals, advertisements, etc. related to the company’s products must be studied and memorized. At the same time, the advertisements, promotional materials, manuals, etc. of competitors must be collected for research and analysis, so as to “know yourself and the enemy.” Only then can we truly know ourselves and the enemy and take corresponding countermeasures. 9. Sales representatives must read more books and magazines related to economics and sales, especially newspapers every day to learn about the country, social news, news events, and visit customer days. This is often the best topic, and it should not be ignorant or knowledgeable. shallow. 10. The road to getting orders starts with finding customers. Cultivating customers is more important than immediate sales. If you stop adding new customers, sales representatives will no longer have the source of success. 11. Transactions that are not beneficial to customers are necessarily harmful to sales representatives. This is the most important business ethics code. 12. When visiting customers, the principle that sales representatives should believe in is “grab a handful of sand even if you fall.” This means that sales representatives can’t leave empty-handed, even if the sales are not closed, let the customer introduce you to a new customer. 13. Select customers. Measure the customer’s willingness and ability to buy, and don’t waste time on people who are hesitant. 14. The important rule for a strong first impression is to help people feel important. 15. Be on time for appointments-being late means: “I don’t respect your time”. There is no excuse for being late. If you cannot avoid being late, you must call before the appointed time to apologize and continue the unfinished sales work. 16. Sell to Mr. Power who can make purchasing decisions. If your sales target does not have the right to say “buy”, it is impossible for you to sell anything. 17. Every sales representative should realize that sales can only be successful if they keep their eyes on your customers. 18. Approaching customers in a planned and natural manner, and making customers feel beneficial, and smooth negotiation is a work and strategy that sales representatives must work hard to prepare in advance. 19. It is impossible for the sales representative to reach a deal with every customer he visits. He should work hard to visit more customers to increase the percentage of transactions. 20. Know your customers, because they determine your performance. 21. Before becoming an excellent sales representative, you have to become an excellent investigator. You have to discover, track, and investigate until you know everything about your customers and make them your good friends. 22. Believe that your product is a necessary condition for sales representatives: This confidence will be passed on to your customers. If you do not have confidence in your product, your customers will naturally not have confidence in asking for it. The client is not so much persuaded because of your high level of logic, it is better to say that he is persuaded by your deep confidence. 23. Sales representatives with good performance can withstand failure, partly because they have uncompromising confidence in themselves and the products they sell. 24. Understand customers and meet their needs. Not understanding the needs of customers is like walking in the dark, with no effort to see the results. 25. For sales representatives, the most valuable thing is time. Understanding and selecting customers is to let sales representatives put their time and energy on the customers who are most likely to buy, instead of wasting on people who cannot buy your products. 26. There are three laws to increase sales:-focus on your important customers, second, be more concentrated, and third, be more concentrated. 27. Customers are not distinguished by high or low, but by grade. Determining the number and time of visits according to the customer’s level can maximize the effectiveness of the sales representative’s time. 28. Approaching customers must not be uniformly formulated, and must be fully prepared in advance to adopt the most suitable approach and opening remarks for all types of customers. 29. Sales opportunities are often fleeting. They must be judged quickly and accurately, and carefully watched to avoid missed opportunities. More efforts should be made to create opportunities. 30. Focus on the right goals, use the time correctly and the right customers, and you will have the tiger’s eye for sales. 31. The golden rule of marketing is “the way you like others to treat you, so you treat others”; the platinum rule of marketing is “treat people the way they like them”. 32. Let customers talk about themselves. Letting someone talk about yourself can give you a great opportunity to explore common ground, build a good impression and increase your chances of completing sales. 33. Sales must have patience and constant visits, so as not to be too hasty, and not to be taken lightly. It must be calm and unhurried, observe the appearance, and promote the transaction at the right time. 34. If the customer refuses to sell, don’t get discouraged. Make further efforts to convince the customer, and try to find out the reason for the customer’s refusal, and then prescribe the right medicine. 35. For curious inquiries from the people around the customer, even if it is absolutely impossible to buy, explain and introduce them to them with enthusiasm and patience. It should be understood that they are very likely to directly or indirectly influence the customer’s decision. 36. Sell to help customers, not sell for commissions. 37. In this world, what do sales representatives rely on to stir the heartstrings of customers? Some people use quick thinking and logical eloquence to inspire people: there are people with strong voices, and impassioned statements to move people’s hearts. However, these are all formal issues. At any time and any place, to persuade anyone, there is only one factor that always works: that is sincerity. 38. Don’t blame others for failure-taking responsibility is the mainstay of accomplishing things, hard work is the standard for accomplishing things, and completing tasks is your reward (money is not a return-money is just a subsidiary of the successful completion of the task品). 39. Persevere to the end-can you see “no” as a challenge rather than rejection? Are you willing to persevere through the 5 to 10 visits required to complete the sale? If you can do it, then you Then began to appreciate the power of persistence. 40. Use the numbers to find your success formula — Determine how many leads, how many calls, how many potential customers, how many meetings, how many product introductions, and how many follow-ups you need to complete a promotion, and then follow This formula acts. 41. Facing work with enthusiasm-make every sales feel like: This is the best time. 42. Leave a deep impression on customers—this impression includes a brand-new image and a professional image. When you left, how did your customers describe you? You are always making an impression on others, sometimes dim and sometimes bright; sometimes it is good, sometimes it may not be clear. You can choose the impression you want to leave to other people, and you must be responsible for the impression you leave. 43. The first law of sales failure is: compete with customers. 44. The most sensible offensive against competitors is demeanor, merchandise, dedicated service and dedication. The most foolish way to deal with a competitor’s offensive is to speak ill of the opponent. 45. Sales representatives sometimes look like actors, but they must be dedicated, confident, and affirm that their work is the most valuable and meaningful once they have been engaged in the sales promotion. 46. ​​Enjoy yourself-this is the most important one. If you love what you do, your achievements will be more outstanding. Doing what you like to do will bring joy to those around you. Happiness is contagious. 47. Performance is the life of a sales representative, but in order to achieve performance, it is wrong to disregard business ethics and unscrupulous means. Non-honorable success will plant the seeds of failure for the future. 48. Sales representatives must always pay attention to comparing the annual and monthly performance fluctuations, and conduct introspection and review to find out the crux of the problem: is it human factors or market fluctuations? Is it a competitor’s strategic factor or a change in company policy? Actually grasp the correct situation and look for countermeasures to complete the task and create good results. 49. Flattery before sale is not as good as service after sale, which will attract customers permanently. 50. If you send away a happy customer, he will advertise for you everywhere and help you attract more customers. 51. Your “sniffing” of old customers in service is an opportunity for competitors. If you continue like this, it won’t take long for you to fall into a crisis. 52. We can’t calculate how many customers are lost due to a little mistake-forgetting to call back, being late for an appointment, failing to say thank you, forgetting to fulfill the promise to the customer, etc. These little things are exactly the difference between a successful sales representative and a failed sales representative. 53. Writing letters to customers is one of the best opportunities for you to be different or better than other sales representatives. 54. According to the survey, 71% of customers buy products from you because they like you, trust you, and respect you. 55. Etiquette, appearance, conversation, and manners are the sources of good and bad impressions of getting along with each other. Sales representatives must work hard in this area. 56. Clothing cannot make a perfect person, but 90% of the impression given to a person at the first meeting comes from clothing. 57. The first transaction depends on the charm of the product, and the second transaction depends on the charm of the service. 58. Credit is the biggest cost of marketing, and personality is the biggest asset of marketing. Therefore, sales representatives can use various strategies and methods, but they must never deceive customers. 59. When customers talk freely, sales will make progress. Therefore, when the customer is speaking, don’t interrupt him, and when you speak by yourself, allow the customer to interrupt you. Promotion is a silent art. 60. As far as sales are concerned, good listening is more important than good speaking.

7 months ago

In addition to teaching others how to do sales, I am also the sales manager of an education and training institution. Every day, my team and I will come into contact with a large number of customers. Through long-term observation and accumulation of experience, I have found that performance does not work well. A good person, her customer management is very messy, and she often doesn’t know which customer to contact. On the contrary, someone with a good performance will know the follow-up status of each of her customers when you look at her documentary sheet. , And then follow the orders according to different situations, the results will naturally be different. Through thinking and sorting out, I found that customers are basically divided into four categories. Level A customers: strong purchasing power + strong learning concepts. The characteristics of customers are that they have a strong sense of purpose, a strong desire for control, and most of them have their own criteria for judgment, and they often come with questions and money for consultation. They usually ask: What’s the difference between your course and others? What are the characteristics of your course? Can I learn your courses well? Focusing problems like that. For this kind of customers, sales staff only need to be enthusiastic about receiving customers, quickly lock in the expected needs of customers in the conversation, and can give customers the targeted learning and planning solutions they expect, and they can quickly make a deal. It should be noted that even if this type of customer fails to make a deal, the sales staff must ensure that the follow-up frequency is twice a week. Because this type of customer has a strong willingness to make a deal, and now there is no deal just because you have not given him a satisfactory plan. Once he is released, he will not come back. Type B customers: strong purchasing power + weak learning concept. The characteristics of these customers are that they are usually introduced or brought over by friends and acquaintances. Moreover, they will often say: I have encountered some problems now, but I feel as if I can solve the problems through my own experience or I actually realize the importance of learning, but I am very afraid of arranging employees to go out to study, and I will come back after learning. For these types of customers, sales staff need to constantly convey educational concepts and step on the pain points in the conversation. For example, compare his learning status and future competitiveness to draw the customer’s emphasis on education, and then provide professional training. Detailed solutions give customers confidence and hope, thereby facilitating the transaction. Here, a psychological expectation that a salesperson must have is that it is difficult for such customers to make a deal through one or two conversations. In addition, once you trigger a customer’s pain point, he may consult relevant information after he goes back, or consult another agency again, which means that you may make a wedding dress for a competitor. Therefore, for such customers, you have to follow up again within 48 hours, and then continue to follow up twice a week until the transaction is completed. Type C customers: Weak purchasing power + strong learning concept. The characteristics of this type of customer is that they will go to many training institutions to learn about courses and buy some cheap courses. Generally, they will tell the salesperson: Your courses are still very good, I want to consider Next; I want to go back and discuss it with my family; I want to discuss with my partner that your course is a bit expensive…and so on. In addition, no matter which one they choose, what they value most is: Is the course cost-effective? Is the effect after I learned it? Is it worth the money? Therefore, for this type of client, the key in the consulting process is to motivate the client to pay attention to learning, at the same time, highlight the advantages and cost-effectiveness of the course, and provide some successful cases of other students’ learning, so that they can see the tangible results. . Once they agree with you on these two points, then signing up is a matter of course. D-type customers: Weak purchasing power + weak learning concept. The characteristics of this type of customer are that they rarely take the initiative to speak and ask questions, and are easy to hang up. Even if they don’t hang up, most of the time, the sales staff are talking non-stop. For this type of client, I suggest that you choose to abandon the deal strategically, and keep in touch within a certain period of time to spend your time on effective work. I think the result is good, because the process is very important~

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This question should be analyzed from the following three aspects: First, if you look at the titles of different industries alone, this statement is also true or incorrect, because different industries are too different, you can be the sales champion in the real estate industry, not necessarily in the retail industry. Be a sales champion. If you are a sales champion in the retail industry, you may not be a sales champion in the engineering industry because of different ability requirements, different customer resources, and different competitive environments. Different industries can always achieve sales champions. Frankly speaking, this kind of person is not an official second generation or a gunman. The existence of this kind of person is just a legend. Perhaps Fengmao Water chestnut, at least Lao Luo has not encountered sales for more than 20 years in the industry. Second, in different companies in the same industry, you can always be the sales champion. Indeed, you are very powerful and awesome. This kind of person with super ability suggests to start a business, because the probability of success will be very high, because if the same industry You can always be a sales champion in different companies. Generally, you must have the following characteristics or conditions. 1. You have a large number of high-quality customer resources in your hand, and your customers recognize you very highly. 2. You have become an expert salesman. Your sales ability has long since got rid of the category of pure business ability. In your field, your professional knowledge is already very powerful. 3. In the industry circle, you have a good social status and personal connections. If you are more powerful, you have a certain influence. If you have these three points, the company is not that important to you, because you are the sales champion. Third, different products from the same company. If you just change different products or projects from the same company, you can still be the top salesperson. If you dare not talk about anything else, you must be doing well in three areas. 1. Your emotional intelligence is high enough, and you have a good relationship and interpersonal relationship within the company, at least with a good relationship with the leader. 2. Your sales ability is good, and you are above average in the same industry. 3. Do a good job of own customer management and time management, which belongs to the category of customer planning. Lao Luo, sales evangelist! Focus on the improvement of sales ability, the improvement of sales organization efficiency, and the establishment of sales model.

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Many people have been envious of why the sales champions have such a high turnover rate. Seeing that they are usually similar to themselves, why is the gap so big? I can’t figure it out, what are the secrets? Later, through our observations, we found that the original pin crowns have a very important feature: grinding! They have been grinding with customers, anyway, they always have unfinished sales terms with customers, which makes the negotiation time longer and longer. There is a law in our sales: the longer the customer stays, the greater the probability of the customer’s transaction. So you find that there are no customers who can’t be dealt with by the top sellers, as long as they are sincere to buy. So how did our sales champions grind it? Below we introduce 9 kinds of grinding techniques, I suggest you to review them from time to time, you will find that sales can be so easy. Especially for some unorganized sales consultants, this can basically be regarded as a cheat. Here I must make an explanation. The following 9 techniques are aimed at price negotiation, which are used when customers are entangled with prices. When the customer has no intention, these skills will of course lose their power. First, grinding customer needs. When sales consultants and customers have been discussing prices, it seems very intense, at this time our sales consultants can shift to demand. For example, in car sales, tell customers that you think you want to buy a car recently, and this is your favorite car, comfort and handling are all you like, right? The price can’t be moved anymore. The meaning of this passage is to remind customers that this car is what the customer likes. Of course, I’m just saying it casually. The specific situation depends on what the customer likes. Grasp the customer’s pain point, and then your sales will be It becomes easier. Second, the grinding distance is based on the fact that the customer is relatively close to you. If your store is very far away from the customer’s home, then this is unnecessary. Here, sales consultants can list the convenience brought by proximity, such as convenient after-sales service, no delay in warranty, and so on. The specific convenience depends on our sales consultants for development, according to the actual situation. Third, the advantages of grinding products is to make a proper summary based on the advantages of your products, such as your quality, the design of your products, safety, and even you can tell the benefits that your products bring to customers. This will further weaken the bargaining power of customers. Tell customers the advantages of your product compared to other products, of course you can also add inventory time, quality assurance, etc. into it. Fourth, the brand advantage brand advantage has a considerable impact on customers. Combine your own brand to summarize some advantages; for example, there are many customers, large sales volume, low price fluctuations, many service outlets, comprehensive services, and stable quality. Cheap maintenance and so on are the advantages of the brand; we have to keep exploring these things to make customers agree with them, and the bargaining power of customers will definitely be reduced. Fifth, the advantages of the mill store The advantages of the store should also be summarized by yourself. For example, your store is the oldest store on your side, the store with the best sales, the store with the most complete facilities, the store most trusted by consumers, and the largest. Shop, the most distinctive shop. The sales consultant should sum up the characteristics of the store and use it as a bargaining chip for our bargaining, so that we can better deal with customer bargaining. Sixth, when the customer can’t negotiate the price, tell the customer, I really want to do this business with you, but the price is definitely not good, or you think it’s okay; I’ll give you this price, But the difference between us, you first deposit in our company, and give it to you in the form of a card, which is equivalent to cash. You can use it as a deduction in the future. Can it be used slowly? Seventh, additional things for grinding additional things include small gifts or discounts next time, free maintenance, etc. These are the additional things of your company and can also be integrated into the price negotiation. Eighth, it’s hard to talk about after-sales, just talk about after-sales, talk about customers who have priority for new products in the future, free appointments, or what VIP cards do you have after-sales, get one, enjoy discounts, etc. Ninth, polish your service. Tell him what kind of service you will provide to him in the future, and ask the customer how your service is. Even if there is something in the future, you will definitely have someone to take care of in the store, right? You may be able to help. This can also ease the bargaining power of customers.

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There is ambition, there is ambition to do everything possible for the purpose. I didn’t quite understand the difference between the business in Shanghai and the business in small cities. Later I analyzed it and felt that the ambitions were different. There must be many people in Shanghai who are not strong in ambition, but in this city, if the ambition is not strong, they cannot bear the anger that others can’t bear, and suffer the sins that others can’t bear. Finally left sadly. Many people come, and many people go. It’s different in small cities, where everyone can have enough income. Not so much pressure, not so much motivation. I have brought a girl before. She was not good looking and not smart, but she was a good performer wherever she went. On the contrary, not only is she not smart, she is also very slow in learning. But if you ask her to call, she can call from morning to night. No orders will be issued for three consecutive months. Hundreds of thousands were opened in the fourth month. Such a person will be valued by the supervisor wherever he goes, and will be given relatively high-quality resources. If such conditions are not given to resources, this supervisor is also mentally disabled. If there are high-quality customer resources, then it is only natural to sell the top monthly. But for men, relatively speaking, it didn’t go so smoothly, because even if a man tried desperately on the phone for three months, it was generally difficult for his supervisor to provide him with high-quality customer resources, and he burst into tears and laughed. why? Because male management is generally not given, and female management is inherently scarce. Some women manage themselves as excellent business personnel. If they have resources, they will keep them and they will not share them with others. So if a man wants to gain a foothold in an industry. With the help of others, it is quick to gain a foothold. And can do very well. I know a pair of golden partners. One is the manager for resources, the other is behind him for business, and the resources for the best customers. The two make money in Shanghai. Without anyone’s help, it’s all on your own, so it must not be simply for that bit of commission. Most of them are ambitious to manage and start a company on their own. If such a person does not hide well, it is relatively unlucky. They will be given you all the dirty work, and the resources will not be given, so they will find it all on their own. The most appropriate way is to first accumulate experience and channels in one company, and then switch to another company to establish conditions. There are many things in this world. When you are not doing it, you should keep a low profile and be silent. Otherwise, there will be no one to help you. On the contrary, the majority are opposed to finding fault with you. After all, everyone is a layman, a shallow person. Management can encourage and combat. People with low EQ are mostly used to combat them. The consequence of this is that this person will grow up in the future and will not miss your efforts. In fact, whether you are doing business or doing things, you still want to start a business or even want to survive. All must have ambitions, a good life often costs blood, and no one will help you bleed.

7 months ago

Coincidentally, I am also a salesman who has been in real estate sales for two years. Let me talk about my understanding. Our company has about 150 sales. I think it can be summarized as three types of first type: the performance ranking is 70-150. Among the names, the visitor channels of this type of people are relatively simple. Most of them are newcomers, mainly relying on diligence. They usually stand guard at the front desk. This type of person is the one who issues the most single pages outside. Generally, the transaction volume of this type of person is basically based on luck. Every month is unstable, and the highest turnover rate is the second type of people: the performance ranking is between 30-70, this type of people generally enter the real estate industry for more than half a year, and I know friends and peers slightly more , He is reliable and has a high emotional intelligence. People often introduce customers to him. Most of the customers come from individual customers. The third type of people: the people ranked in the top 30, which is commonly referred to as the sales champion, this type of people generally never stand guard, send billing pages, at most they make calls, and see them all the time. Pick up customers. Such people have very reliable resources around them, and there are many high-quality customers, and they can continuously introduce customers to them. I personally think that sales crowns have the following characteristics: 1. Diligence, no matter who does the sales, there is no resources at the beginning, then the initial accumulation of customers can only rely on the most direct way to send a single page on the street. , Stand guard, etc., and this kind of people will never be lazy when going outside to expand customers, and the goal is clear, but after they have accumulated a certain number of customers, they start to tap the resources around the customers, and no longer do the most primitive customer accumulation. 2. Looking for major customer resources, they are all through understanding various relationships, finding decision makers in each unit, and specifically establishing relationships with these responsible persons, making recommendations and group purchases at appropriate times, and because they know all the people The more high-quality ones with the resources in hand, through the continuous old and new, like snowballing, there are more and more customers. This is the gap with ordinary sales. Ordinary sales may waste a lot of time to individual customers. 3. Find a channel. Generally, the sales champion will connect with the local intermediary store company. With these distributions, your customers will continue to flow. It may be that the commissions for customers who make such transactions in the short term will be less, but in the long run, You can accumulate more resources for the owner, and the more old you will bring with you in the later period. The above is a little white understanding, I hope it will be helpful to you. Seeing that many friends are watching, I will update a few more. 4. We are a very powerful marketing manager. In 1994, we always put this sentence on Finding circles on the lips-finding channels-catching leaders-engaging in activities-changing circles to find circles is to find different industries, different channels, and through various means to get to know the people in the industries in need, and then use these people as a springboard after finding these people. Find an influential person in this industry, build a good relationship with them, and then ask this person to organize a promotion meeting to collect a wave of interested customers, force a deal, and then repeat the above steps, and slowly the circle will become wider and wider. , There are more and more customers, and the circle of acquaintances gradually increases, forming a virtuous circle, so who is the sales champion? 5. Resource grafting, such as cooperating with 4s stores, Suning, furniture companies, and larger chambers of commerce. When they do activities, let you carry out material implantation and short presentations, which is regarded as a sponsorship. Not only makes their organizers feel worthy, but we have collected the intended customers, we have the best of both worlds. 6. Increase the interaction with the old owners. Among all your channels, the ones who trust you most are the old owners whose transactions are in your hands. The relatives and friends around them will have the need to buy houses. You said two hours before the sand table is still useful. Therefore, it is often necessary to maintain the old owners. Greetings for the New Year and the New Year, some high-quality owners buy some small gifts, the courtesy is light and affectionate, and the owners are very concerned about it.

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Ha, this question feels like I have so little qualifications to answer. Because I am the one who has changed companies and industries three times, and each company has won the top sales. First of all, I have to admit that the harder you work, the luckier this sentence is true, and it has been confirmed time and time again in the work. Tell me something that seems a bit mysterious. The real thing that happened to me! At that time, I was doing sales in a company, and I set a daily goal for myself. I didn’t get off work if I didn’t complete the goal. One night, I was short of more than 2,000 yuan to complete the goal of the day. (The average customer unit price is about 500). I have been working overtime in the company. I met a high intention customer who wanted to buy almost 5000+ products, but when I paid , The customer was unable to pay due to frequent credit card swiping. I was very anxious at the time because I had no other interested customers at all on that day, which meant that my performance goal for that day could not be achieved. I have thought of many ways to solve this problem with the customer, and the payment was still not successful until about 10:30 in the evening. I am super invincible and frustrated. Standing alone in front of the office window, we were on the 23rd floor, facing the Purple Mountain in the distance. At that moment, the frustration almost swallowed me! I asked myself, am I really not finished? No matter how hard I try, am I really unable to achieve my goal today? At that moment, my mobile phone suddenly remembered that a customer who had followed up before but had no intention to buy suddenly called and told me at 11 o’clock in the evening that he was going to buy it! After the communication, the customer purchased 2000+ products, and my goal for the day was successfully completed! I cried at that moment. . It seems that God was moved by my persistence. . I heard my inner desire. . Such a short story is completely real, not fictional at all. The journey of reaching the sales crown made me understand that sales without a target are by no means good sales! Carve the goal into your bones. This goal can be an income goal, a rank goal, or any goal, but it must be enough to stimulate your potential. Then quantify this goal to every month, every day, or even every hour.

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This is the best time. As far as real estate marketing is concerned, it has always been the best era, even if there are macro-controls every year. In the best times, the spirit of going all out and the courage to forge ahead are needed to build the strongest marketing team. What kind of marketing culture there is, there is a kind of marketing team. “Bright Sword” put it well: meet on a narrow road, the brave wins! The basis for victory comes from a bloody, daring team. Marketing is a sharp knife. Externally, it is popular with competing bayonets, internally, and catching up with brother projects: always be one step ahead of your opponents before you have a chance to win the market! The following points of view are from Sunac’s internal training materials. During the epidemic, we have conducted targeted learning. Now we review the past and learn the new, choose the main points, and share with friends in the industry. Here is the dividing line-1. Every successful dream needs self-motivation. 2. The spirit of stealing art. 3. Increase one’s strengths and make up for one’s shortcomings. 4. It is not terrible not to understand, the terrible thing is satisfaction and pretending to understand. 5. You can be temporarily unsuccessful, but you can’t fail to grow. Every inch of time must have the texture of life. 6. Let go of yourself and return to zero mentality. 7. Innovation requires breakthrough, either depth or dimension. 8. Nothing is impossible in front of the self-confident. 9. True self-confidence comes from your deep understanding of the value of the items and products you sell. 10. Believe in the power of “believe”. Believe in yourself, but also believe in the company and the team. 11. Confidence can be passed, and customers can feel their confidence in the project, the company, and the market through you. 12. Confidence brings the “tonality” between you and the project. 13. Confidence is more derived from the incomparable love and pride for the company and the project. 14. The best people are often the hardest. 15. Do your best in everything, not work hard. 16. Diligent thinking can make continuous progress possible. 17. If you want to do a good job, you have to persevere, even more paranoid, or don’t give up until you reach your goal. 18. With paranoid obsession, you have the ability to rewrite your destiny. 19. Faith can produce attachment, and paranoia can conquer the world. 20. Paranoia is to let the dream in the heart guide, down-to-earth, and spare no effort towards the goal. 21. There is one reason why it can’t be done, there are ten reasons to complete it, forcing oneself to find a way to complete the task. 22. “Trust and respect everyone” requires everyone to manage themselves first. 23. Learn to become a competitive idol in the team, set clear goals for yourself and become a better you. 24. Control time, control emotions, control impatience, control laziness. 25. In the workplace, you must not only be a professional, but also a career, with professional skills and professional ethics. 26. Old customers are your gold mine, and there is never useless effort to treat old customers. 27. Reasons for the purchase: suitable or appropriate. 28. The value of selling is always worth more than the price. 29. The core value of each project is only three sentences, and it only takes one sentence to win customers. 30. The conversation atmosphere is “unconvincing”. 31. Everyone may become a top seller. You must have your own “peripheral” team. 32. Sometimes saying “no” is to better cut orders. 33. Doing is more important than thinking. 34. Keep surpassing the performance of the last time, and will soon surpass everyone. 35. There is nothing too late, now is the best start. 36. In learning and competition, efficiency is everything. 37. Never postpone today’s things to tomorrow. 38. Effectively do all the small things that are broken down every day, instead of being tired everywhere. 39. Performance is life, and goal is faith. 40. Use a professional attitude to make customers agree. Here is the dividing line-learning is our focus to maintain competition. Behind each point of view, a lot of time and energy are required. Growth is not easy. As long as you dare to think and do, it is not difficult to grow. Why do people climb mountains? Because the mountain is there. This is the answer. We do marketing to achieve indicators. The so-called data theory heroes, numbers do not deceive. Behind each number, there are flesh-and-blood stories. They are all efforts to stay up the night and the efficiency of the race against time. Nothing is impossible. This is the attitude one should have when doing marketing work, and it is also the combat belief of a combative team.

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At the end of 2018, my old colleague, Brother Zhang, introduced me to a “difficult” customer. Brother Zhang introduced this client to me because he wanted to buy a property in Shanghai for his children studying in the UK. I was in Shanxi and it was not convenient to look at the house. However, in the past few years, I have been paying attention to the Shanghai property market, and I have also contacted multi-location industry consultants, but they have been unable to finalize it. “Whether you can win this customer really depends on your own ability.” Brother Zhang patted me on the shoulder and said to me earnestly. I secretly made up my mind, “I must win this customer.” Only by knowing myself and the enemy can I win every battle without fighting unprepared battles. I sorted out the customer’s information and got in touch with the customer Jiang President as soon as possible. Big bosses like Mr. Jiang are usually very busy and inconvenience is always disturbing, so I usually choose to push him the latest situation of the real estate on Saturday and Sunday nights. Jiang always chatted with me one by one, and I only understood what Zhang said. This customer is really “difficult to chew”. But I know very well in my heart that this customer must want to buy a house, but he is not sure when and where it is appropriate to buy it. For the next year, I will sort out the latest real estate information, block information, community support, policy changes and other related materials every week, and send it to Mr. Jiang. He occasionally asks some questions, and I will answer them as soon as possible. . I’m not sure if he will buy our project, because customers like Mr. Jiang have too many choices, but providing customers with professional consultation and the best service is the only way I can win him. By chance, I found in Mr. Jiang’s circle of friends that he was going to Shanghai for a business trip. I think my chance is here. In order to smoothly communicate with my “netizen”, I chatted with him on WeChat and offered to pick him up. The two of us were talking about speculation, and Mr. Jiang revealed that this trip to Shanghai is to go to the scene to learn about real estate information. This makes me happy. It is a golden opportunity for me. I decided on the pick-up route in advance, waited for nearly two hours at the airport, and finally received Mr. Jiang. This was the first time we met after chatting online for nearly a year. In order to let Mr. Jiang get to know the overall location and supporting facilities of the project more quickly, after visiting the real estate, we will take Mr. Jiang to Binjiang Avenue to survey the surrounding environment of the project. If you want to make your customers really excited, you must let them know what they are. Intuitive feeling. After watching the real scene of Building B, Mr. Jiang said that this project is in line with his needs. Just when I felt that Mr. Jiang was about to finalize it, Mr. Jiang’s words seemed to throw cold water on my head: “I’m very satisfied with this house, but after all, I’m buying a house for my children. Whether they like it or not is very important. So, I still Listen to your children’s opinions.” I also understand Mr. Jiang’s consideration. I immediately contacted Mr. Jiang’s children. After the communication, I learned that Mr. Jiang’s children value social space and garden feelings. So I carefully shot a few videos. The video content includes the Washington Gardens under the morning light, the Huangpu River view where people are jogging under the sunset, and the multifunctional clubhouse, red wine and cigar bar, audio-visual room, business space, etc. The video allows customers’ children to truly feel the characteristics of the project. After a few days of detailed communication, WeChat video and other methods, I used professional services and the highlights of the project itself to obtain the recognition and trust of this decision maker, and finally he decided to buy House B. Such a deal may be an accidental opportunity, but professional service and sincere dedication make accidental occasions inevitable. I am honored to be a sales champion. If you ask me what is the secret behind the sales champion, I think it is patience, humility and tolerance to deal with the ever-changing market, skilled communication skills and customers to find common topics, yes Sufficient professional ability helps customers anchor the most suitable products. To do this, the transaction will be a matter of course.

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