At the end of the college entrance examination this year, when the classmates gathered, I found that many people were playing mahjong. But I don’t understand the rules of mahjong at all, nor can Baidu’s, how is it a hustle, and what kind of tricks? It’s completely in the cloud, it’s more annoying than high school mathematics. ! So is there any great god to explain? I am grateful.

Today I’m going to talk to the students about [How to quickly master the rules of Mahjong], just read one article! ! Few people in real life can teach, everyone is waiting to win you! 1. The rules of Mahjong Mahjong consists of 4 cards each from ten thousand, tube, and one to 9, plus 7 big characters each with 4 cards (8 flowers). If you play a flower, there will be 144 cards, and if you don’t play a flower, 136 cards. The rules of the game: play in counterclockwise order, drop two dice colors, where the big number starts to take, and where the small number is to start, the straight combination (AB or AC) can be taken home, and the pair combination ( AA) Three houses can be touched, four cards can be opened, open carry wins two bets, secret carry wins two bets, carry others to win 3 bets of mahjong. Conditions: Take Guangdong mahjong as an example: 4 sides and 1 eye (ie 34 +2=14) to achieve the Hu card conditions. In the formula, NAAA+mABC+DD mn can be equal to 0. The AAA and ABC in the above formula are called face. When face is not formed, it is called teamwork, namely AB, AC, BC, AA-at the beginning of the deal. In the hand, the dealer has 14 cards and the player has 13 cards. If you want Hu, you will find a way to make these 13 cards conform to the law of nAAA+mABC+DD in the process of drawing cards, playing cards, and taking the kong. Note: The 7 cards in the south, east, west and northwest can not form the form of ABC, but can only form AAA. The 14 cards in the Hu card can have up to 7 cards, but we only need 5 cards, which can be combined into 4 sides and 1 eye I have written some mahjong experience in the public account (Heart has Lingxi 1 point pass), you can refer to it~~~! ! 2. The order of drawing cards is played at home and at home, with a surplus. Touching is the same as eating. It’s the same as eating. It’s the same as it is to play against each other. It’s home-based, it’s right-handed, it’s next-home, it’s the last one. Mastering the order of drawing cards is one of the key factors for success or failure. You must not draw. Cards, drawing cards are the production of all chances. If you want to be fed, you will touch two more, if not, you will touch two less, especially if you are playing at the next home, you must not eat the ones you touch. 3. Let’s analyze the characteristics of the number of cards: the symmetry of the characteristics of 123456789 is because of the symmetry of the numbers, 1-5 is hanging up, 5-9 hanging down, the probability of hanging up and hanging down is the same, so choose One analysis is that 1 and 9 are called 幺九, 2 and 8 are called shoulders, and 3-7 is called 456 in the middle chapter. It is the essence of the number of cards. The information revealed is the most. The following will introduce the characteristics of 14, 47, 25, 58 in detail. 36, 69 all the way to a rough estimate of 4, 17 not, 5.28 not, 6 can be regarded as 39 not. Among them, 5 has the worst road performance. The enemy still has 13,79 to eat. 28. The road performance is an important criterion for defense and a tool for judging draws. To play 4, you have to hang up, and you have to hang down when you play 6, and there are many different ways to play 5. The downward pressure principle is a lone card played at the opening. Don’t push downward cards. For example, if you play 2, don’t 1, don’t play 3, you don’t need 1,2, or 4 don’t play. There are exceptions to the question of probability. Closeness and openness. When we have 24 cards, the chance of the enemy’s asking for 1 is very small. The so-called closeness is being pressed by the number of cards held in one’s hand, resulting in a closed effect such as 1222, 1333, 2333, because holding 3 cards below 23 and 23 are closed. The existence of openness will not affect 45, which is also the foundation of the defense principle. 4. Game planning. Each player can draw 13 cards at the start, so 413+1=53 can draw 136-53=83 cards, which means that there are only 83/4=20 rounds in the game, and you can draw cards. 1-20 rounds, because of the probability, every three cards have 2-3 big characters to play or useless lonely discarded cards, so the 1-6 rounds are almost always at the beginning of the 6-9 rounds. Dismantling, dodge, until the stage of draws, this period is the key to judging the draw. It is called the worst card in the early 10-12 round of the mid-game. It can also be drawn. It can be said that it is the Warring States period of three draws. The period is called the late 13-16 round of the mid-game. Most of them have reasons to be unreasonable and can prepare the way to get off. So what do we need to analyze after the license is issued? 1. Judging the quality of the card: 5 or more is a good card, 4 is a good card, and less than 3 is a bad card. Roughly 1-3 is a card worth fighting, 4-5, enter and fight and go, so bad that 6 is basically defensible. 2. There are more suits for judging cards, and those are less, because I have more enemies and I have fewer enemies. It means that the fewer cards in the hand, the more enemies, and the more cards in the hand, the fewer enemies. This is why Zhang is often The reason for eating. Mahjong has 36 cards. You take 8 cards. There are 28 cards left. It is not impossible for the enemy to take 8 cards, but the probability is relatively low. Next, let’s analyze how to judge whether the cards are good or bad, and dismantle the cards easily. For more information, you can pay attention to my official account: the skill of one-point rounds with the heart is inspiring. Before drawing the card, consider which card to play. Don’t think about it for a long time after drawing the card. Usually type the card first, and then play the wrong card. , The last is the number of cards.If you start counting cards, or even split the cards, you may have a good card, so be careful.has been playing a certain color card, beware of this person making a big card. If you haven’t played a card of a certain color, there may be a problem. He may be doing all-in-one or mixed-up. Don’t throw that card at will. If it’s a draw, if a player runs fifty thousand, be careful of your ten-forty thousand and Sixty to ninety thousand. A certain family will open 10,000 to 20,000 first, that is, there may be a straight of 40,000 to 50,000 in the hand, and he is very hungry for 3 to 60,000. The type of draws ,listen to many doors: a sequence usually listens to several holes, such as two three four five, two five, two three four five six, one four seven. However, it should be noted that some of Hu’s cards may destroy the card type (such as a dragon, flat Hu…) Listening to monotony: and a single card, to make up a pair (Trump card)Listening to the hole: for example, two or four Ten thousand, thirty thousand in the middle hole. Listen to the side Zhang: For example, seventy to eighty thousand, ninety thousand for listening.Listen to the right pair: There are two sets of pairs left. As long as one set is added together, the other set will be a trump card. Therefore, listening to two ,avoid the same card as the previous one, and avoid being screamed by the earlier family.


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6 months ago

The following are pure dry goods. After reading it again, I have won a decade of reading. Of course, mahjong has never been on paper. If you want to master the mahjong world, you still need continuous practice and accumulation. Welcome everyone to actively join our Mahjong team! There are many kinds of mahjong rules. Different places have different mahjong styles. I mainly play modern Cantonese mahjong. Next, I will introduce the rules of modern Cantonese mahjong! 1. Cantonese mahjong doesn’t need two, five or eight to be a general. 2. Cantonese mahjong cannot be eaten. You can only touch it. The person who needs to be tapped pays 3. The Pinghu (Jihu) of Guangdong Mahjong can only be touched by himself, not the cannon. Only the big Hu (big thing) can catch other people’s cannon. 4. The big Hu of Guangdong Mahjong can be touched. Banghu, all the same, seven small pairs, Jiangyishi, Banbanhu, missing one, grabbing the ganghu, these five major categories, Bangbanghu: keep touching until the last card in the hand can be used; all the same: the one in the hand The cards that are touched are all of the same suit; the seven small pairs: the cards in the hand are all one-to-one and are not touched; the sauce is one color: the cards in the hand and the cards that are touched are two, five, and eight, as long as all It’s two-five-eight, and the cards can be messed up; Banbanhu: You can push to Hu when you start pushing until you don’t have a two-five-eight card on the surface. Missing one: you can push to Hu if you start your own card without a suit. ; Grab the Kong Hu: After someone touches the card, if your Hu’s card is the one that was knocked out, he happens to touch that card and ask for a kong. As long as he kong, you can immediately knock down Hu Liu and Da Hu. The number of times is doubled, so Guangdong Mahjong encourages everyone to be big Hu instead of Xiao Huqi. The biggest feature of Guangdong Mahjong is “catch the bird”! What is bird catching? After the Hu card is Hu, then he draws another card in the order of the pile. If the card is “One Five Nine”, then the whole game is doubled and the money is paid. If the card is “Two Six”, then it is Hu card. The person on the right hand gives double the money, if the card is “four-eight”, the person on the left hand gives double the money, if the card is “three seven”, the person on the left hand is the opposite. People give double money. So catching a bird is also a gambling psychology of everyone, which is very exciting! 8. The Hu card player played the first card at the beginning. If the other three players followed to play this card, the first person to play this card will pay everyone double the money. These are pure dry goods. After reading it again, I won a decade of reading. Of course, mahjong is never on paper. If you want to master the mahjong world, you still need continuous practice and accumulation. Welcome everyone to actively join our mahjong team!

6 months ago

First correct a typo: and, not Hu. Mahjong is a game of making up cards. A sum of cards is made up of a pair of cards (called generals) plus four sets of cards (straight, engraved or kong). Straight refers to a deck of cards composed of three connected digital cards, such as 2.34 million and 567 pies. Note that one nine is a border, 891, 912 and the like are not straight. Engraving refers to a deck of cards made up of three identical cards. Kongzi is a deck of cards formed by the opening of the kong from four of the same cards. As for the basic card game and the rules of banging, I think you should be able to understand it while watching it. A draw refers to the state of a draw with one card short of it. There are special rules and regulations in various places, so it is not convenient to introduce them here.

6 months ago

I just learned about the epidemic this year at home. Based on my own learning experience, I think that if you want to teach a person who does not know Mahjong at all to play Mahjong, the first thing you need to say is the following: Take Doudizhu as an example for comparison: The important thing for the landlord is the cards thrown out. The cards thrown out must be able to depress other people’s cards and get a chance to play cards, so as to achieve the goal of finishing the cards in hand early and win the game. But on the contrary to playing mahjong, the important thing in playing mahjong is the cards in your hand, because the requirement for mahjong to win is 14 cards in your hand (only one mahjong can be drawn at a time, so the number of cards is constant) presents nABC +mAAA+1DD (n+m=4, n and m can be 0) permutation, if the permutation is successful, it is a Hu card. Therefore, in the process of playing mahjong round by round, the cards that are played are used to successfully arrange the useless cards, and it has nothing to do with what cards other people play. What I’m talking about is only a general direction, but it is very useful for people who don’t understand Mahjong at all. In addition, I didn’t say it in detail. For example, in Doudizhu, we should not only pay attention to the chance to play cards, but also consider the cooperation with teammates and make choices based on the card game. In the process of playing mahjong, it is because of the existence of “kong”. , So there is not always 14 cards in the hand when Hu is playing, there are also 15 cards. But I just provide a big idea and direction, so I didn’t list it in detail, so don’t arrogate me~ After knowing this, it will be much clearer to learn other ideas. I am based on this question and the next high praise answer Learned, recommend friends to see that answer.

6 months ago

Learn things, pay attention to one fascination, I have three fascinations this holiday, which is also the awkward three fascination for me. Traveled in the world for 21 years. Can’t swim, can’t drive, can’t mahjong. Sometimes arrogant pretensions are not gambling as an excuse, which is always an excuse for not being open. I played mahjong by watching and learning. At first, I thought the rules were complicated and unintelligible. Later, my roommate had something to do with a good hand. He told me that I had a card or someone played him and I won. I just waited. Waiting for that card, and finally I drew it myself. His hand made me know the rules of Mahjong at a glance. So playing cards is just playing the cards you don’t want, waiting for others or you to get the cards you want. Hu card means that your hand must have eyebrows, a straight, and a pair. If there is a hit or a kong, you cannot have a single hand. This can be used to be a Hu. Of course, this is just an introduction, if you want to improve your skills, you have to do it! It is inevitable to pay tuition fees. As for swimming and driving, you can only learn by practicing.

6 months ago

Generally speaking, there are two rules of mahjong: 1. Basic rules, 4 straights or engravings, plus a pair of tiles (called generals). For example: 2.34 million (straights), 777 pies (cuts), 234 (straight), 888 (straight), 22 pie (a pair, trump card) 2. Restriction rules. Under the basic rules, composition and cards seem too easy, so there will be various restrictive rules. The rules of mahjong are different, mainly due to different restrictive rules. In addition, there are special card types, that is: the card type that does not conform to the 4-sequential pair of generals, if the rules allow it, it can also be matched. For example: There are 7 pairs of cards on hand. Thirteen pieces: 13 different pieces of Yaojiu tiles on hand (6 pieces of 19 Wanbing strips plus 7 pieces of white in the four winds), any one is paired.

6 months ago

Sichuan Mahjong is now popular to fight to the end, and what is even more cruel is the blood flow. Four people, 108 cards, only three suits. Everyone draws 13 cards. The leader is 14 Sichuan Mahjong and requires one to be missing to be Hu. Therefore, you must first play the vacancy. There are two types of vacancies. One is a fixed card and the other is not. The fixed card is after the card is drawn. First select the desired pattern and cover it on the table, and then start playing after all the four members have finished covering it. You cannot replace the lacking pattern on the way, even if you touch three or three. If you are uncertain, you can change the suit halfway. In the calculation, the prime points are 1 time, the self-move is 1 time, one kong is calculated, the all colors are 2 times, the small seven is 2 times, and the unit is 2 times. Also, it’s windy and rainy. Regarding the calculation of money, take 1 yuan as an example. Actually, I can’t figure it out. Every time we play, someone specializes in calculating money~

6 months ago

History is not about repetition, but about rhyme. During the Chinese New Year, Mahjong is the most popular game in China. On the lofty temperament and the exquisite arrangement. Go is higher than mahjong, but Go is too quiet and not lively enough; poker and mahjong are also good, but they are not simple enough to provoke the psychological resonance of the Chinese. Chairman Mao Zedong once jokingly said: “China has three major contributions to the world: the first is Chinese medicine, the second is Cao Xueqin’s “Dream of Red Mansions”, and the third is playing mahjong.” If the history of mahjong is longer than that of Chinese medicine, many people would doubt it; but If the history of Mahjong is shorter than that of A Dream of Red Mansions, many people will sneer at it. Ancient mahjong was called horse hanging, but horse hanging is actually a kind of card (ancient poker). Similar to “Da Tian Jiu”, that is, it is a combination of big hits, not mahjong. Mahjong was originally called “Mahjong”, and it was said that it was from Ningbo and Fujian and Guangdong. “Mahjong” was transformed into “Mahjong” after its pronunciation, and it became “Mahjong” in the northern part of Wuzhong. In modern times, this game is called “Mahjong” in Mandarin. Its history does not exceed two hundred years at most. It was only in 1875 that Mahjong tiles were recorded in the literature for the first time; in 1894, the game name “Mahjong” appeared for the first time. Mahjong is played in various genres such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Fujian, Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, etc., but it is inseparable from its ancestry. All of them are based on a series of replacement and selection principles, and the four families will quickly put out a specific combination of cards. Type and prevent the opponent from achieving the same purpose. Once Mahjong starts, there are only three types of cards: the first is a hidden card, a card that no one has seen, which is equivalent to an unpredictable future. The second type is live cards, which refer to the cards you already have in your hand. The third type is the bright card, which refers to the useless cards played in turn by all parties in the game. The bright card implies that the past is a foregone conclusion. It seems useless, but it actually reveals information about the trend of the battle. Those who are interested can see the micro-knowledge and judge the direction of the hidden cards (future) and the enemy’s hand. Among the three types of cards, only the live cards are constantly changing, the bright cards are constantly played, and they are supplemented from the hidden cards, so they can maintain a balance (each person can only have thirteen cards in his hand). The rules of the game and the spirit of the game are complementary to each other. , Mahjong world has such a purpose: to enter the game, you must first refining. You should be calm, don’t be arrogant when you win, and don’t be stingy when you lose. Don’t be happy in time, don’t worry in reverse. Not in appearance, not in motion. Be generous and have a high character. Erya Wenwen, Si is the best. Therefore, mahjong tiles also entrust a rich philosophy of life. Back then, Chiang Kai-shek, Yan Xishan, and Feng Yuxiang were fighting in the Central Plains. Therefore, Chiang Kai-shek decided to win over the warlord Sun Dianying at any cost. Once, he invited Sun Dianying to play mahjong in Nanjing, and wanted Sun Dianying to win, but after a few laps, Sun Dianying didn’t get a match. Chiang Kai-shek tentatively asked: “Your appetite is so big, do you have to have a slam?” There is something in Sun Dianying’s words: “It’s difficult, I’m a little greedy, I’m all, I’m asking for help. If you touch yourself, it will be difficult for a lifetime. Cheng Yihe.” All in one color means that Sun Dianying’s tribe cannot mix with outsiders; all begging for help is to ask Chiang Kai-shek to provide all weapons; self-mocking means that Sun Dianying’s tribe must be directed by his Sun Dianying alone, and no one else can interfere. Chiang Kai-shek got up and responded: “This deck of cards is given to Commander Sun, it is a meeting ceremony.” After finishing speaking, he got up and left. Sun Dianying returned with satisfaction and joined Chiang Kai-shek’s camp. Although Mahjong is a game, the game is also equivalent to a human pattern. Although Mahjong talks about winning or losing, you can’t be persistent, because “you won’t win or lose for a long time.” Mahjong is like Go, arranging cards is like arranging life, and a game of fighting reflects the variety of life. If you put too much emphasis on success or failure, it will obliterate the pleasure of manipulating your own destiny and lose the fun of playing mahjong. Constant gains and losses, but the middle way.

6 months ago

I’ll take a brief look at the national standard for 4-players. You can eat bangs for 8 times and the fan shape is slightly more complicated. Not to mention here, you can click on your own Baidu. You can touch it by yourself. Need to score 8 points to finish the hand and draw the mountain. No tie is a waste card. 16 rounds are a set. It is divided into 4 rounds in the east wind circle, south wind circle, west wind circle and north wind circle. Each circle has 4 innings. ) Throw the dice

6 months ago

The general rule is that 14 cards = 4 faces + 1 trump card in a tie. Draw formula nABC+mAAA+1DD, n+m=4, n and m can be 0. ABC is a straight (the numbers are connected and 3 cards of the same suit), AAA is an engraver (the same 3 cards) (the same 4 can also be called a Kong), DD is a trump card (the same 2 cards), a straight and an engraver (Kangzi) are collectively referred to as “face”. When the cards are tied, there are 14 cards in total. When the cards are tied, they are 13 cards + one card that make a total. This can be drawn by oneself (called self-drawn) or played by others (called dots). Please pay attention to timely report to avoid unnecessary trouble). As for the specific rules, there are different rules in different places (the difference is in the use of cards, types, scoring methods, etc.), so it is not possible to explain them briefly. In addition, don’t the subject of the question have a classmate who can play, it’s best to ask for advice directly, so that you can clarify both the general card form and the local rules. Then watch the game or find someone to help practice for a period of time, or find some common stand-alone game practice, you can basically sort out the rules of mahjong.

6 months ago

Before Hu, there are 13 cards in his hand, and the modes that can be combined are: abc is the same consecutive and same cards, aaa is the same 3 cards, bb is the same 2 cards, cccc is the same 4 cards, and finally Hu’s hand has 14 cards in his hand, and these 14 cards are split according to these patterns. The last card that is the last one is called Hu. The one you draw is called self-draw, and someone else just happened to play your bad. That card is called blasting. I didn’t know how to do it before. There are detailed and easy-to-understand rules on GX mahjong. You can learn it by playing a few hands.

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