Update on January 22: Hua Chenyu took the lead in admitting the birth of a child, Zhang Bichen later sent a long article to respond, and the studio responded that they had no marital relationship.

Once again, fans always think that they know their master very well, whether it’s Zheng Shuang or brilliance Yu. I just want to say that fans always think that they know idols best. They take out a lot of pictures and try every means to clarify. But in fact, you can’t see the people around you. You also want to understand a person far away, speechless. Like a star, really as long as you like his works and people, don’t go into his life, you don’t understand him.

Zheng Shuang: I knew you two like children so much, so I gave you two some. Wang Feng: TMD I’m bored to death. I can’t finish this song any more. What do you like? 4. This flourishing age is like Jinjiang’s wish. 5. A surrogate is abandoned and a far away baby is born. Jinjiang literature is reflected in reality. 6. One is born secretly and the other is thrown away. Only I am at a loss in the melon field. 7. You should be a father quietly and surprise everyone. 8 He is the most popular flow music male singer in domestic entertainment circle. She is a female singer who sings all kinds of theme songs of film and television works. When he and she meet, the spark of love, each other become their own salvation. When they are in love with him and his career is on the rise, she finds that she is unexpectedly pregnant. What should she do? Two years later, she appeared at his door with a little girl who looked like him and she reached out and rang the doorbell. “Sorry, I lied to you. I didn’t contact you because I was in a panic at that time…” She said with her head down. The man who came out of the door was shocked. Just for a moment, his eyes drooped. He held his hand in his sleeve and said, “come in, we’ll raise the baby together.” 9. The child named the Chinese music world, and Huahua was promoted to the father of the Chinese music world. 10. The entertainment industry recovered all year round and completed the KPI in one month. According to research, Wang Feng may be the prototype of Lu Xun’s work. 12. What bad idea Wang Feng can have, he just wants to sing songs. 13. Who likes to watch the Spring Festival Gala, I put my butt here. 14. It is estimated that the child will be a little girl in the future Pavarotti, you have to cry with a high voice. 15. After all these ups and downs, I won’t be surprised to find out that trump is a communist party this year. 16. Documentary literature of entertainment circle: Chapter 1: love, Chapter 2: pregnancy, Chapter 3: escape, Chapter 4: Return home

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9 months ago

For two, bring a condom first.
Be responsible for yourself.
It’s better for her.
It’s fried. Cousin’s here.
If you can’t hide it, make an announcement.
After work, microblogging booms.
Poor thing, programmer.
And the marketing number.
I was going home for the weekend,
I don’t want to run back.
So, condoms, really important.

9 months ago

These two days of entertainment baptism, let me successfully accept:
Get married, get pregnant, have children
It’s three things that are completely independent.
There are no necessary and sufficient conditions.
Zhang Bichen: I gave birth secretly
Zheng Shuang: I secretly threw the child away
Zhang Heng & Hua Chenyu: ah! The gift of life!

9 months ago

The truth is certainly not as romantic as it is said. I heard this rumor for a long time, but it was said that Zhang Bichen was afraid that the man would not allow her, so she ran away. There is also speculation that the man is too young to give birth. Generally speaking, DOI does not have a cover, which is quite irresponsible. It is meaningful to choose this time point to make the announcement, so as to ensure the least amount of powder removal in brilliance. Zhang Bichen created a responsible father and an independent single mother in her article, which made the audience’s Three Outlooks which were broken by Zheng Shuang heal a little. She was very tender under the condition of abandonment and surrogacy. The audience will think: ah, at least not abandoned, at least not surrogate, at least from Zhang Bichen’s stomach, acceptable. Zheng Shuang saved n children in the entertainment industry who were hidden and needed to be recognized by their parents at the cost of two children. But when you think about it, it’s strange. 1. Zhang Bichen suddenly went to the United States to have a baby by herself, revealing that she didn’t believe in the man. 2. Microblog said so much, but in the end, they were raised together without marriage, and they had no love. 3. It’s easy to think of the consequences of 419. 4, girls remember to protect themselves with a cover, unless you want to borrow seed. 5. Hua Chenyu’s microblog is full of “I’m a good father, I’m not Zheng Shuang, please don’t block me”. Finally, I wish my child a blessing and get the love recognized by their parents.

9 months ago

1. I didn’t expect Qiongyao to write documentary literature.
2. Female frequency writing may be art, because it comes from life.
3. Zhang Bichen’s less attention to women’s frequent writing may not be the case. Whether she influenced women’s frequent writing or women’s frequent writing influenced her is a layer’s philosophy.
They both want to thank Zheng Shuang.
5. Hunan Satellite TV is poisonous.

9 months ago

I really can’t understand the boast that brilliance is “too man, the road turns pink”.
Ah, this? Do you have to praise to admit that the child is your own…
Sure enough, Shuangzi is Hua Chenyu who makes everyone forgive by himself Everyone’s request has been reduced to “it doesn’t matter, the child is born from his own stomach.”

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