40 million exchanges must die, is there something wrong? First of all, pay attention to the question “Do not touch or see any fish.” Not real live fish. It’s fish. According to the subject, this includes fish in aquariums, dead fish, fish that have been cut and cooked, fish pictures displayed electronically, fish printed on cartons, plastic fish, and so on. Considering reality, the human field of vision is about 25-30KM in a clear and pure atmosphere. It is said that there is a record of being able to see candlelight 27 kilometers away in the dark night. Standing at home and looking out of the window, even under the premise that the brain has no distinguishing ability, as long as the reflected light of a fish pattern in the field of view is reflected in your eyes, you have “seen” the fish from a scientific understanding. You don’t dare to use any computer, mobile phone and other electronic products, because no one knows whether there will be pictures of “fish” on the ads and web pages that pop up inexplicably. If you want to avoid seeing fish all your life, you must at least give up your eyesight. However, there is still contact. Note that it is not touch or contact, any part of the body is counted. Of course, “in vivo” such as oral cavity also counts. After giving up vision, you will rely more on touch. 40 million in cash is not much. It will cost about 10 million to buy a suite in the first-tier cities. You can only hire a nanny to feed the rest of the money every day. If you don’t have your eyesight, you will definitely not dare to tell the nanny that you can’t “touch” fish, otherwise, what should you do if you are killed by money? You can only tell her that obsessive-compulsive disorder must wear white clothes. Otherwise, a dress with a fish pattern printed on it can kill you. You dare not go out in a strange area outdoors. God knows if anyone who has just fed dried small fish to a cat and still has some “fish” on their hands will touch chairs, armrests, and tablecloths. Needless to say, natural waters such as oceans, lakes, and rivers are insulated from you. But even in small puddles and in the rain, there will be seedlings, wreckage and roe of “fish” in extreme cases. Every time you come into contact with water, you must have the consciousness of betting your life. Similarly, you have to be careful every time you eat, and it is likely that you will die if you are not careful. Because you don’t know if the take-out chopping board has freshly processed fish, or if the fried oil has been fried. “Fish” is also widely used in industrial, medical, leather, and daily chemical products. Cod liver oil is mainly used for B2 addition in health and medicine. The main use of fish body oil is to make margarine, shortening and soap after hydrogenation. It can also be used to make paint, ink, lubricating oil and tanned leather. Some fish have low viscosity, high temperature and low temperature resistance, and can be used as lubricating oil for precision instruments and watches. Some fish can be extracted from higher alcohols and used as raw materials for cosmetics, medicines and other organic compounds. Certain highly unsaturated fatty acids in fish oil have the effect of lowering blood lipids and cholesterol and are often added to health foods. I don’t know if the “fish” processed to this level will trigger the restriction of the subject, but it will die immediately. Do you dare to try? So, in the end, you have 40 million, lose your eyesight, and dare not go out. , Can only eat limited safe food, wear solid-color cloth clothes, and be cautious when touching anything. Even so, your countdown to death will not stop. On the one hand, you accidentally “touched” fish without knowing the day, and on the other hand, you can still “see” things in your dreams. The most often thought of items will appear first in the dream. Based on the above, this 40 million is considered the most worthless transaction.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Good guy, I’m stuck with the bug again. First, how to define fish? Are whales counted? Does a baby fish count? Or is it even if you breathe eggs with your gills? Does the round mouth count? Are fish eggs counted? Live fish, dead fish? Does sliced ​​fish count? Does the minced fish count? Does ground fish count? Does squeezed fish count? Does it count if the fish juice evaporates? Does a biscuit dipped in fish juice that has evaporated into gas count? Does it count if the biscuits are eaten and pulled out? Does it count if it is absorbed and pulled out to fertilize the plants? Some people say that if you poke your eyes blindly, does it count if you smell the scent of fish-flavored shredded pork cooked next door? A stone on the side of the road is a fossil of the ancestor of a paleontological fish hundreds of millions of years ago. Does it count? Does it count if your roommate sees a fish in the animal world? What if he is reading a book? What if he drew a fish casually? Is it counted that half of his fish is painted and not finished? He killed five murlocs, can’t you see? Ten kilometers away from what you can see, a household has just taken out a box of lunch from the refrigerator, and a fishball is pressed under the rice. The light reflected by it is not blocked by any obstacles between your eyes, but you can’t be shortsighted. Does liquidation count? What if people define human beings as fish in a hundred years?

6 months ago

My dad is very strange. He does not eat fish and forbids us to eat fish. He even forbids me to contact my brother with the goldfish that children love. If he really wants to, he will ask the neighbor to buy us two big bastards and say Raising bastard is the same as raising fish. The fish will die within two or three days, and the bastard can send us away. The word fish is a taboo word in our family. When he was eight years old, my dad changed from a scavenger to a multimillionaire. Since then, he has also changed into a bizarre fishphobia. We also moved from under the overpass to the place we thought was the most luxurious at the time. A set of second-hand commercial houses near the vegetable market. My brother and I often go to pick up bottles and collect paper shells. The house inside is often overturned and is often being renovated. My brother and I would sneak upstairs when no one noticed, run around in those rough houses, divide our territory and rooms, spread paper shells on the ground, and imagine ourselves lying on a soft bed. Then I asked my brother, “Brother, what do you think we are like now?” “Like a fish.” “Fish?” My brother did not answer my doubts, and for many years, my brother did not answer my doubts until Dad. Die. Dad was afraid of any fish during his lifetime, including the salted fish given to him by the second uncle. Later, he developed to see the beautiful woman in bikini solve his longing for fish in his heart. He said that he could not see or touch the fish, so the only thing related to the beach was the beautiful women in bikinis. He could not only see but also touch. In this information age, my father was still watching the DVD player, and the discs of the twelve beauties had already seen lag. Every time my father looked at the picture on the little TV, he was stunned. The second uncle said that he knows a woman who plays with special flowers and can play as a dolphin. Dad always smiled and said that he was not looking at women, but the sea. Dad said he had a sailor dream since he was a child. He also said the same to the police uncle who cracked down on pornography. When his father was fifty years old, he died because the girl in the sailor suit had a goldfish tattooed on her belly. After finishing my father’s funeral, I found my brother hid in the small room where my father always lived, but he threw away all the plates of the twelve beauties and replaced them with marine biological documentaries. He even ate up the salted fish dried by the second uncle. The psychiatrist said it was the irritation caused by his father’s death. The god jumped upstairs and said that my brother was appointed to recruit, and the shrimp crawler was recruited. Yes, that’s right, the designated shrimp crawler sperm. How about my brother only eats fish and not shrimp crawlers? The second uncle smiled contemptuously and asked us to believe in science. He took his brother to the fish pond in the park and asked his brother to jump in and pick out the coins. He called it desensitization therapy. He created his dad’s sensitive therapy. Just as I was worried about my brother’s affairs, I met a man, a man who was afraid of snails.

6 months ago

Why is this kind of garbage problem endless? This is one of the reasons why Zhihu gets worse and worse. Since I replied, I always have to give the subject an answer. “40 million buys my life, no problem.” Are you satisfied with the subject? I’m the lovely dividing line 4.13 update. I know that I am completely transparent. The first time I answered that the number of likes exceeded 1, I was so excited and shy (Answer, you know ≥5 years, have been diving, and now I like this, don’t think Should women’s clothing be ashamed?!) Closer to home, this topic is like a good condenser, showing the Chinese people under the huge pin fu gap to the fullest. Except for the rich family members who dismissed 40 million, most of the respondents still quite envied this. 40 million, many of them jokingly or sincerely yearn for the 40 million, and even desperate (I also belong to this kind). Hey, I have lived for most of my life, bends down for five buckets of rice, don’t know if I should be in pain or pain or pain? ! Sad, unspeakable!

6 months ago

I’m good smoker, drinker, and woman, good for racing, good for fishing, good for climbing, good for reading novels. These are the motivations for me to work harder to make money. You directly let me give up my motivation to exchange money? What’s the point of asking for money? What do you think, 4000W, just want to take away my hope? I worked overtime until late at night. I remembered that I was able to go fishing in the reservoir tomorrow, and I immediately became energetic. As a result, not only did you not let me go, but you didn’t let me see it. Why do I want money? Of course, if you change your way of thinking, when my relatives are in need of money, I can still accept it. I don’t want to talk about fish. The family is safe and worthwhile.

6 months ago

The problem is that 40 million will buy your life. First of all, in our lives, the probability of seeing a fish is quite high. Unless you don’t go out, the neighbor old man will take a fish past you and you will die on the spot. With 40 million RMB, it is not enough to let you know the fish in the surrounding space. In addition, you will not be able to watch TV or surf the Internet for the rest of your life. The safest way is to have your babysitter download the customized video and watch it with the player. Otherwise, there will be fish in an advertisement and you will die. In addition, your secrets will be discovered quickly. It is not ruled out that someone comes to your door to threaten you because taking fish will cause you to die. There is no causal relationship at all, and it is not within the scope of the judge’s consideration. You will also have to suffer from all legal frauds. In the end, your money may be scammed, there will be a debuff for the rest of your life, and you will die by the fish’s accident.

6 months ago

The first 100 million people who chased the snails were paid for the challenge of not contacting and not looking directly at the fish. The only way is to take this 40 million and dig a survival warehouse 100 meters underground. Keep full of rations and water you want to eat for a lifetime. Game console, wifi, TV, bed, e-book, ipad. Only by spending a whole life like this can you guarantee that you will never die because of a fish. In other words, you can exchange 40 million for your lifetime freedom, are you willing? Anyway, I don’t want to. Hehehe. Some people said that you might see fish advertisements or aquarium fish when you open a wifi to watch the video. So when you disconnect from the Internet, you will never watch videos or any news on the Internet, and you will be isolated from the world. Give up TV, game consoles, and books. All that is left is a long time to accompany himself. Everyone can be crazy. Edited on 04-11

6 months ago

accept! Then make money first! First of all, I live in Dachang’an. If I hold back and don’t go to places like Xicang Wenyi Road, the chance of seeing fish in my life is small. Secondly, my patients with hyperuricemia, commonly known as gout, have basically said goodbye to fish and fish food long ago! The problem is, we have a snack here, called Jangshui Yuyu, don’t you know if it’s illegal? In other words, the 100 million people chased by snails have not seen snails and money so far. What else is there to go to a deserted island for a few months, how many kilograms of things I can only bring, and how much money I have to pay, and I haven’t heard back after applying! Is there any such event? Give the money if you have it, don’t give it too much money if you don’t, what are you doing!

6 months ago

Last time I said that I was given 100 million, so that I would never see the moon in my life. Last time, he said that he would give me 60 million, which made me 10 cm shorter. Greatly said last time that I would give me 30 million, which would change my life span of 1 minute. rtyseyt yhsr? Do you know if there is a research group that is responsible for giving money? Last time, it was 100 million. Why did you only give 40 million this time? Is it too much? Are you afraid of inflation in the imaginary world? Since it’s all bragging B, why not go bigger? Haven’t you seen so much money? Is it so conservative? I am an older single woman with a height of 160 and a life span of one minute, who will never see the moon for life. Am I still afraid that I will not be able to eat fish in this life? ? ? Not counting the 40 million this time, I know the accumulated wealth, 190 million. Next time bragging B, don’t invite me to answer if it is less than one billion.

6 months ago

Forty million bought my life, it’s worth it. Is death terrible? Death is not terrible. What’s terrible is knowing that you are about to die, but you are powerless and waiting for death is the most terrible. The greatest goodwill on this subject is immediate death. Let me not have to endure the torture of pain, cancer, depression, pain, or the dignity of being plugged into life-sustaining tubes. Now that one person can lose 1 million is the limit. 40 million is worth it. 40 million is my legacy. From then on, my children and my wife do not have to endure poverty. If you don’t want to answer on Zhihu, you either think you are too valuable, or think that 40 million is too worthless. For those who are on Zhihu, even if the per capita earns one million per year, it will take 40 years to reach 40 million, but how many really earn one million per year?

6 months ago

Isn’t this designed for my buddies? He is allergic to seafood, and can’t eat any water-related animals and plants, including kelp, seaweed, etc., as long as he has nothing to do with water. His daughter-in-law likes to eat seafood. If he can give him 40 million, maybe he can be a daughter-in-law. His father had a house in Guangxi, so after they got married, they went to Guangxi for their honeymoon. This trip was terrific. Her daughter-in-law herself loved to eat seafood, and she went crazy after shopping around the seafood market. Shrimp, fish, and crab all lead to the rejuvenation. When he got home, he was dumbfounded. He didn’t buy his rations, and he couldn’t eat it all in the water. So his daughter-in-law was in the living room with a big piece of Doji, and he hid in the bedroom and ate instant noodles with tears. (I can’t smell the seafood, it’s disgusting) The next day is more interesting. When you come to the beach, you have to flop in the sea twice, right? Unexpectedly, he was also allergic to sea water, and he didn’t know whether he couldn’t touch the sea water, or he choked twice while playing. In short, he found that he had an allergic reaction all over his body when he arrived home at night. Therefore, it is not difficult for him to not be able to touch fish. As for watching, does it count as passive? If I count it, I will ask him if he wants to poke his eyes blind for 40 million? It is said that everyone else is in the unit of 100 million, is it a bit unable to get your hands on this tens of millions level?

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