Recently, Sun Moon Lake, a well-known scenic spot in Taiwan, has been running out of water, and news of weeds and old garbage at the bottom of the lake has aroused heated discussions among netizens.

On March 29, the Sun Moon Lake Management Office responded to the Southern Metropolis reporter, saying that the water level of Sun Moon Lake has dropped by 12 meters, which is close to the lowest level, and the drought may continue. Faced with the old garbage at the bottom of the pond after it has dried up, the locals are calling on the people to clean up together. The Sun Moon Lake Management Office stated that since Sun Moon Lake is a local reservoir, water restriction measures may be adopted according to rain conditions.

According to Taiwan media reports, the recent drought in central and southern Taiwan has continued. Among them, the water level of Sun Moon Lake in Nantou County has dropped rapidly. The surface of Bibo Lake in the past has dried up, and there is dry sand under the dock. According to photos taken by the public, some boathouses in the Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area ran aground, and large patches of weeds and gravel were exposed at the bottom of the lake, and the aged wastes at the bottom of the lake were also exposed.

This is nowhere. Drought and flood coexist, and harmony goes against people’s wishes. The drought is already dry, and now it doesn’t help whether it is to repair the reservoir or jump the gods. Of course, if the people of Taiwan discover the black technology that the sea water turns into fresh water in a second, then they will say otherwise, just like A Bian’s famous saying: The Pacific Ocean is not covered. Speaking of this. I think of the trouble in the fishing village the year before last. Some people say be careful to turn off the water pipes in the fishing village. The islanders started shouting: It’s okay, we will send you bottled water. It is also said that the island’s engineering college students taught the fishing village waste how to build a seawater purification system. It is said to be cheap and fast, so that the fishing village can use water freely! I suggest that the islanders who gave advice at that time can now open your chat records at the time and save themselves according to the methods you provided to the fishing village at that time. The irony is over, and it’s important. If I were the Taiwan authorities, I should take advantage of the good weather to reinforce the slopes and other things. You must know that in addition to water, there are also many mountains in Taiwan. In the past, every time a typhoon came, there would be mudslides and tragedies all over Taiwan. In the summer of 2009, 4 villages in Kaohsiung County were inundated by mudslides. Among them, Xiaolin Village in Jiaxian Township was the worst affected. Among the 1,313 people in the village, more than 1,000 residents were unclear about the lives and deaths, and about 600 people may be buried alive. In the summer of 2013, many mountainous roads such as Xinzhongheng, Puwu Highway, Taiwan Route 16 and Zhongtan Highway occurred in Nantou County, Taiwan. In the summer of 2018, a major mudslide occurred in Pingtung, Taiwan. This is when there is no drought. It should be known that long-term droughts have caused vegetation to die without water and loose soil. Once there is a process of heavy rainfall, the soil and rocks on the surface may be washed down along the river, forming floods and mudslides. For small islands like Taiwan, which account for more than 80% of the mountainous region, I have a scalp numb when I think about the scene of a flood after a severe drought. So, what are you arguing about? Hurry up and allocate funds for repairing the mountain. That’s all human life!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

From the perspective of natural climate, from the middle of last year to the time when the La Niña phenomenon has been more serious, there was a blizzard in Europe in the first two days, including the extreme cold weather in the United States and the floods in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River last summer and even the Huaihe River Basin. The performance of the weather. Since the monsoon cannot reach the island, there is no rain. From the perspective of governance, Taiwan’s dams and other infrastructure were built during the Chiang Ching-kuo era. After the party’s rotation, such large-scale projects will not be effective in the short term. There is no government-led and no ruling party willing to do it. If things go on like this, Taiwan’s reservoirs will be filled with silt, and water storage capacity will be severely reduced, and there will be no alternative in times of drought. Regarding measures, first, they can ask Mazu more, and secondly, talk about materialism and let Marx help them.

6 months ago

Taiwan Province has a monsoon climate, which is characterized by abundant annual precipitation and long dry periods each year. Ever since I was literate, Taiwan will suffer a severe drought every few years. I forgot whether it was the drought in 1993 or 1995 in Taiwan. The reference news and the weekly Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan editions of the local evening news all mention the drought, such as “the riverbed of the freshwater stream dried up and cracked, and the dead fish corpses were all over the estuary” or something. However, there is another characteristic of the climate in Taiwan Strait, that is, there will be precipitation until the typhoon passes. The drought conditions in previous years have been lifted in this way. Therefore, this year’s drought in Taiwan is still recommended to be solved by the sky. The only time in my life I pretended to be a literate person reading “Historical Records” was when I was in junior high school. I opened a page at that time, and abandoned the book without looking at it. However, I was still very impressed by the text I read at that time: From a materialist perspective, the productive forces were underdeveloped in ancient times and the actual control scope of the regime was small. An earthquake or drought disaster in the core area of a certain regime ruined economic production and social order, and it did have a great impact on the rule.

6 months ago

Last year, the island was still blowing Cai Nanako when the bad things turned into good fortune, so that all typhoons avoided the island of Taiwan. As a result, the factors planted last year bear the fruit of this year. If there is not enough precipitation, there will not be enough soil to store water, and there will not be enough water sources to replenish it. Pray for a few more typhoons this year, otherwise the water source that has been overdrawn this year will be dry next year to what extent? In other words, is there no artificial rainfall technology on Taiwan Island? Yesterday I saw a picture of artificial rainfall, which I can only use. To describe. After thinking about it, let’s make up this picture.

6 months ago

Tell me something different from others! In fact, Sun Moon Lake is still a relatively important existence in Taiwan’s water conservancy system. It is the only large and medium-sized reservoir in the central region of Taiwan, with a storage capacity of about 130 million cubic meters. It is about the same size as the large water tank of the people of Hefei ~ Shushan Lake (Dongpu Reservoir). For a period of time, Sun Moon Lake is mainly responsible for the drought from the north to the west. Regulating the use of water in the region, the total daily adjustment is about 2-6 million cubic meters. So far (4/12), Sun Moon Lake still has 30% of its effective capacity, so it’s hard to talk about bottoming out. However, given the current situation, if there is no relief by early July, beware of humanitarian disasters. This is what we don’t want to see.

6 months ago

Taiwanese answer, it seems that the central and southern regions are destined to restrict water. In fact, Taiwan has a lot of annual rainfall, but in terms of natural factors, the topography causes turbulent water flow and cannot retain water. The rainfall and frequency in the central and southern regions are different from those in the north. On the human side, water conservancy construction seems to be inadequate, resulting in abundant precipitation, but the water just can’t be retained. Our professor said this is called violent destruction. It should be impossible to save, but I don’t know if the sponge cities that have emerged in recent years are popular enough, can they alleviate the urgency of household water use? Or is it a praying man’s arm to block the car? I hope someone will give me advice

6 months ago

Former Taiwan’s “Minister of the Interior” Li Hongyuan often talked about Taiwan’s water conservancy system on Taiwan’s political theory programs. Taiwan’s geological conditions are complex and require a lot of water conservancy infrastructure projects. However, since Lee Teng-hui started the “frozen province” and actually abolished the provincial government, many water conservancy projects across counties and cities could no longer be repaired. Because of different political camps, county and city governments will oppose projects planned by the central government, and district governments will oppose projects planned by county governments. Moreover, water conservancy projects are expensive, time-consuming, too many stakeholders, and short-term benefits are not obvious. They are not suitable for officials to do political achievements. Many people are unwilling to touch such infrastructure projects. You worked so hard to promote the construction of the reservoir, and offended a bunch of local people and interest groups. Every day, no media criticized the corruption and bribery to profit the consortium. After waiting for two or three years, the project was finally a bit rudimentary, but because of offending too many people, I lost the election. When the reservoir you planned was finally completed and there were positive gains, your political opponents had just harvested their political achievements and were easily re-elected. Who wants to do such a silly thing? Because of Taiwan’s political reality, many important water conservancy projects simply cannot be pushed forward. Many of the current water conservancy systems are products of the “Ten Major Construction” period 50 years ago. Of course, the function of disaster prevention and relief will be compromised. Because of my work, I have come into contact with some public units and companies in Taiwan. Actually, there are many talents who are capable of doing things. Many projects planned by the government are also very beautiful, such as the medical information sharing platform of public hospitals. However, major projects related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood, such as water conservancy projects, cannot be implemented because of political disputes, and it is really a sorrow for the people.

6 months ago

Recently, according to Taiwan media reports, due to the intensified drought in Taiwan, the water level in Sun Moon Lake has dropped by about 12 meters. This has caused not only the terminal shipping to be seriously affected, but also a large amount of garbage at the bottom of Sun Moon Lake. The people called on hundreds of local people to clean up the rubbish exposed at the bottom of Sun Moon Lake spontaneously for reasons such as affecting the beauty, emitting foul smell, and prone to breeding mosquitoes. The local authority stated that Sun Moon Lake is a well-known tourist attraction, and as the water pulls down, the trash at the bottom of the pool is exposed. Now Sun Moon Lake looks like a garbage dump. This not only makes the tourists feel bad and affects local tourism. The industry is also prone to breeding of mosquitoes, and the foul odor after the sun is exposed, which makes the local residents miserable. As the local people spontaneously sort out the surrounding environment of Sun Moon Lake, the current environment of Sun Moon Lake has improved, but it is still There is a lot of old garbage still waiting to be cleaned up. The chairman of Taiwan’s Nantou County Ferry and Yacht Association stated that the current water level at Ita Thao Wharf is only 2 meters, and the ship’s dock requires at least 1.5 meters of water level, so if the water continues to pull If the decline continues, the ship will be stranded, which will also seriously affect the local tourism industry. The local government and competent authorities have begun to coordinate with the power company and the Sun Moon Lake Scenic Management Office to discuss waste cleanup and dock sightseeing. At the same time, they called on public officials of the government to respond to the local clean lake activities. So nearly 100 people have already rolled up their clothes. Siu participated in picking up garbage to speed up the progress of waste removal and return to Sun Moon Lake’s clean tourism environment. Taipower’s Daguan Power Plant stated that Taipower expects to request the cleaning company to start the cleanup in April. The main processing area will be the restricted waters of Sun Moon Lake. It is expected that the large-scale pond bottom waste will be removed by hanging, and the sand will be discharged. The siltation is expected to be implemented at the beginning of this year’s low-level work, and will mainly be carried out at night to reduce the impact on the tourism industry.

6 months ago

Of course there is a way, depending on whether WW is willing or not. That is to let WW take the initiative to receive the nuclear waste water of Japan’s Da Ge Ge, and solve the world’s hanging upside down. There are several reasons for this: It has helped the world a lot. Bring all the water over and pour it directly into Sun Moon Lake and the major reservoirs on the island, without flowing into the ocean, and let the 2300W people on the island take one cup to purify the body. What do you say has an impact on health? Impossible. The Japanese elder brother ate two nuclear bombs raw several decades ago. After so many years, nothing happened. Now it’s just asking everyone to drink some water that has been treated by the nuclear power plant, 18 liters a day, is it difficult? It can directly solve the urgent need for water shortage on the island. Now the water supply in Central China has been without water for four days a week for three days. The folks in Kaohsiung have started to drink water from the smelly ditch where others raise pigs. Compared with this, there is no need to stop water anymore. The water imported from Japan is at least It is colorless and tasteless in appearance, and you can feel the strong craftsman spirit of Japan when you taste it. It is obviously refreshing after drinking. Further promoted the friendship between Taiwan and Japan. It is not a day or two for Japan to ask WW to import Fukushima nuclear food. If it refuses, it will only make the face of Japan’s big brother unsightly. The situation is different now. This batch of water is urgently processed by others. It is completely free (of course, with MJD’s urinary sex, I wouldn’t be surprised if the people of WW were paid out of their own pockets). Make a fortune, why not do it), and the import of nuclear food can be blocked for a while. In the end, even if you still enter WW, you are not afraid. You can use this as a card that rejects reunification. The Taiwan army has always planned to detonate the nuclear power plant on the island during the mainland’s military reunification, and to burn the jade. Now that the situation in the Taiwan Strait is tense, and Wu Tong’s arrow is on the line, it is better to fill the major reservoirs with nuclear waste water, and then to have another Huayuankou, doesn’t it mean that another insurance is taken. Besides, WW has always valued international perspectives. Now the entire island has become a nuclear waste dump. Once it breaks up, it will trigger a larger-scale ecological crisis. The world’s countries will pay more attention to WW. I can’t edit it anymore. I write it down and I have to believe it. What should I do…

6 months ago

Taiwan’s backwardness is the ideological generational backwardness, feudalism is rampant, and the trend of superstition is flourishing. What is the most building in Taiwan? temple! What is the primary destination for votes? temple! Don’t ask the common people and ask the ghosts and gods to be deeply ingrained in Taiwan. Our children believe in Simon Leopards. Their children believe in divination sticks. Our children believe in science. Their children believe in religion. Those who believe in science will go to build water conservancy and those who believe in religion will ask God for divination. So I concluded that the only thing Taiwan can do is to ask Mazu to be a saint. The embarrassing thing is that Mazu is also Chinese. I don’t know if it will bless these unscrupulous children Some people say that if the Dragon King really has a Dragon King, then it belongs to the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor is also a Chinese.

6 months ago

Is it God’s revenge? In the summer and autumn of 2020, a large group of VVVV politicians and media people talked about the Three Gorges Dam’s breach. The thickness of the Three Gorges Dam was only 15 centimeters. The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River flooded, and how many people drowned. Of course, for the VVVV politicians who have rotten meat and mouths, Sun Moon Lake has dried up. What can I do wrong? What can I do if I am killed or injured in the Taiwan Railway accident? If it hadn’t been deployed ahead of time, it would have dried up a few years ago! There were massive casualties a few years ago! At this time, those who dare to question the ruling party are the conspiracy of A Gong on the outside, and the two sides of the Democratic Party on the inside. The voters unite and let the Green Party work for another term.

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