Speaking of this issue, we have to talk about why uzi has its current status, which happens to be a response to a bunch of brainless crazy dogs recently. First, uzi is a veteran player of lpl. Fame in s3, that vn gave many people an unforgettable experience. At that time, lpl was very immature in all aspects. Unlike today, various mature management systems have been established. At that time, it was more like a grass team. There was no guarantee for the players. E-sports was not recognized by most people. It’s not easy for people who can break through this road. Just like joining our party before the founding of the country and joining after the founding of the country, can this status be the same? One is to join when there is no prospects in the mess, and has made a great contribution to the development of the region, and the other is to do its own thing in a relatively stable situation. In this regard, gala is very good. It’s hard to make up. Second, unlike pdd and their contemporaries, uzi will retire after they become famous. He has been insisting on playing, and most of the time he can maintain a good condition, which proves that he is not messing around. 77 is also a constant persistence, but after s6, he was completely depressed. At that time, although others did not retire, it was equivalent to being hidden. The club only considered his influence to prevent him from retiring, and occasionally playing was just plain. However, uzi actually played well in s7 and s8 for two years. In s7, it also played in the fifth game with skt. At that time, the outcome was between the first line and the loss was not as good as the others, but lpl also fell from s5. The rise of the bottom of the valley once again has the beginning of an impact on South Korea. In fact, s5 is a dividing line. Before this, the royal family and omg of the two s games runners-up were the representative teams. By the time s5lpl became a competition area dominated by Korean aid, the all-China class completely lost its status. I thought that after joining OMG, the lineup of the 5 strongest Chinese at the time was not as expected. Seeing that msi is invincible to lpl, edg cut down lpl’s old enemy SKT, and it is in bo5. At that time, I thought that the peak of lpl was coming, but when it came to the s game, it really made lpl all fall into the bottom. I have never lost so miserably, from heaven to hell. At this time rng has risen, of course, the main force of this period is the middle field and the top road. But despite not using the four guarantees that are now criticized, they still can’t beat the South Korean team. But s6’s rng and edg at least brought lpl into the normal track, no longer when s5 can abuse us in any competition area. By s7, the progress is more obvious. So if uzi became famous twice as runners-up for the first time, after s5, he played a role with his teammates leading the region to rise from the trough. Think about it, when did we regain our confidence from the South Korean team? It started with the double-kill of Samsung in the s7 group stage. Although I didn’t win the championship in the end, we can see that rng played against several Korean teams at least at that time. Needless to say when it comes to s8, the most glorious and regrettable year. E-sports, in fact, confidence and momentum are very important. Think about it, if we don’t have the record of defeating the Korean team in s8, the s match would be another way to play. Another achievement in my opinion is more meaningful than s8rng’s brilliance throughout the year except for the s game, that is, beating ig twice in the spring and summer games. To be honest, in my opinion, these two bo5 games are much more difficult than playing the Korean team. Because the ig team is too perverted, I have never seen a team with so many top players who are capable of defeating countless world-class players in a single team. Even s5’s skt did not achieve this. At that time, the skt was strong and invincible. But ig really destroys everything with unreasonable violence, want to play operations? If you have the ability to stay on line, let’s talk about it. The ig of this period is really a different type of perfect team from s4’s Samsung and s5’s skt. How did the 18-game winning streak come out? Absolute hard power. But for such a terrible team, two bo5s were defeated by rng. I think this meaning is really more valuable than the msi championship. The role of uzi in it is self-evident. Third, the strength of uzi as adc is always full of controversy. Saying he is strong, he doesn’t have the s game champion, saying he is weak, it seems that no ad can really eat him to death. I have to say that there is a bang, but bang is not invincible in Korea. The Rat King and the Ruler are not afraid of him. Needless to say what these two were labeled by uzi. So we still talk about their own reasons. Some people use bang to prove uzi dishes, but no matter how they prove it, they can only say that bang was better than uzi at that time, but they can’t prove other dishes. Therefore, no-brain blowing and no-brain black are in a dead end. One party has to blow the world’s first ad, and the other has to talk about other dishes. Both of these are not facts in themselves, but both sides are stubborn, and they have to open their eyes and talk nonsense and want others to agree. To sum up, the biggest weakness of uzi is that there is no s championship. And Chinese culture has never been too friendly to people with personalities, so the character of uzi suffers a lot. In fact, it was really harsh for the professional players who came over from that era to treat them with the requirements of public figures. This is not now, many professional players have gone to college, the club has a unified standard management, the words and deeds of the players will be guided. And the professional players of that era were just a group of teenagers who loved games. They didn’t have that high cultural literacy and emotional intelligence, and they didn’t see much in the world. After our s8 and s9 consecutive championships, many people have forgotten our own bitter history. It seems that lpl has always been so strong. It seems that everything is scum except the champion. This kind of atmosphere is actually quite bad. If we follow this statement from s1 to s7, what are our efforts, self-denial?


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Why are there so many hypothetical invitations… I won the championship. The five people are the best, all strong, and like the puppies, they have left their names in the history of LPL. Who cares whether “status” will surpass the puppy? They are all themselves, and what transcends is also themselves. It’s hard to understand this kind of problem. It’s essentially the same as when lwx chose VN skin at the time. I have to persuade people not to choose it. It’s not the champion you played. Fortunately, he was not “cowled” by the barrage

6 months ago

“Who is pursuing status? Whoever pursues status? Are you pursuing status? Anyway, I don’t pursue status.” Apart from fanatical extremists and the gangsters of the past two decades, who cares about status? This thing is not only about life not bringing death but not taking it away. Personally, you are more like a personal design. It is a yoke of humanities such as Lu Xun, Guo Moruo and others who have made indelible contributions to the new China and new culture. It is a spirit of spirit, passed down through the ages, and praised from the ages, everyone will be more tolerant of other lives, and will not do too much discussion. In addition, there were no computers in China at that time, and there were no one hundred pairs of eyes staring at you, and no two hundred hands waiting for the black material to write you on the keyboard and put it now? You don’t know what grudges or grievances you have with the people behind that article. It is true that you are both innocent, but you just want to get some traffic through you. It’s not that I look down on it or deliberately belittle it. It’s not that I look down on it or deliberately belittle it. The origin of e-sports is high-component entertainment. Sex, and entertaining things don’t make too many splashes when you look at the world. I know the hardship and honor of e-sports, but you can’t deny that it is even more difficult to be immortal in this information age. After reading this answer, can you name the names of the gold medal winners in the Olympic Games to win glory for the country? I’m a small AD in the e-sports circle. If I want to make money, I will go to the fan to start a live broadcast. It’s really not possible. Don’t I have an indescribable way to make a lot of noise in LPL a while ago? I want to pursue my dreams and realize what I want, so I just practiced and trained in the game. Why do I want that status? Will it make me earn an extra dollar or can I win three consecutive s matches in place? Even if I got the news headlines tomorrow morning and was officially called the world’s No. 1 AD by Riot, what’s the use? I should be bragged about me, or not bragged about me. This title doesn’t bring me anything, etc. You don’t think that “status” and “fans” are equated with “making money”. Right? You don’t really think that uzi’s current popularity is attracted by his “so-called first AD”? You don’t really think that someone watched his live broadcast because a friend said to himself: Did you know that uzi is the world’s number one AD. Then the fans will like +1 immediately, right? People have been performing all the way from s3, accumulating all the way, how many years of veteran, his fans, are his own wonderful games, one by one, the embarrassing operation in exchange for friends, status This name is useless. Useful realms are called gangsters. You rely on loyalty to support the process of obtaining this status. The hard work you make is the core reason why you attract fans and make further money. So you ask me and I won Can a crown surpass uzi? Does it make sense? It doesn’t make sense From the root, does it make sense to not surpass uzi? It’s meaningless What do you think is the meaning of going beyond uzi? If you really achieve the championship, or even two consecutive championships, three consecutive championships, it is your own efforts that make you successful, not because “I have surpassed uzi in status, so I have more fans than him.” , The influence is greater than him.” This is unavoidable. If there is such a role as the fanatical goal of surpassing a person, everyone is generally referred to as the “villain” in the novel.

6 months ago

Yes, any ad with the honor of s championship surpasses zui. The lpl official god-creating honor and the honors played by the global league themselves, do individuals know which one has less water? There is no one who is poor in school now, and even the elementary school teacher said, “You are really smart, but you don’t put your mind on learning.” This sentence is considered a fact, right? I post the rank map, and I understand everything that I understand, below this segment of the brainless uzi, I not only despise your game level, I despise your other aspects of incomplete thinking. Are you annoying GSL? The screenshot above is screenshot No. 4, so I don’t want to play it anymore. Don’t you say that I’m silver now? Then, I didn’t have an S9 rank in the screenshots, and I bought a new number to play the canyon with my S9, which means I didn’t play LOL? I really bother you. Do you know? In the words of otto: You Bai Yin said that it is me **, that is me **, why do you know, because the rank of Bai Yin is very embarrassing, and what Bai Yin said is like a * *What the terminal patient said. He is already like this, why don’t you obey him, you must leave a good memory for others, in the last time. Because the silver rank is very embarrassing. On the upper side, hey, platinum and diamonds may have a bit of strength, but you can still operate it. On the lower side, bronze, one to five. They play games purely, and they know that they are rubbish, but silver and gold? He can’t go up and down. He feels that the bronze man is not worthy to play games with him, but he wants to go up, he can’t go up, and he wants to operate but can’t operate it. It’s stuck in this rank, and it’s not worth it to fall down. This barrage says that my superior dog is getting more and more vigorous. Why? Because he is silver. As long as your rank is higher than mine, everything you say is superior, I don’t care whether you say it or not. As soon as possible, I will say that I am not a master of the king, and I have been a master, and the king often takes a day trip in S3 (as soon as you go up to the king, there is no master section). It’s just that at the end of the season, the gods fight, the director started filming, and fell to drill 1, but I don’t care, I don’t get much money when I hit the game, and I don’t go to play professionally, it will kill time, entertainment and entertainment. People around me will be over if they know my skills.

6 months ago

You said S crown, he said veteran level (no S crown but he debuted early) You said hero pool, he said Wei En is awesome (a picture I think) You said honor is high, he said the journey is long (without a crown and a crown , Super Flying Division) You said that the first AD, he said dominance (you said that China and South Korea master ad, he said that the dislocation of time and space dominance suppression) You said that the strength is strong, he said that there is Korean aid (S8, S9 fundamental Don’t count) You said the All-China class, he said Aenji (if you win the championship in other all-Chinese classes, will you? He said it’s not the Aenji, not the sword and never give up, and it’s not the one he led. No one is super, but I don’t look at him without him. (No one can be better than him in status, or no one is better than him, he retired.) (At this time, you can choose to scold An chicken, but An Chicken is still LPL orthodox, and those who dare to question are immediately expelled from nationality)

6 months ago

It’s another trap question about uzi… “Beyond” itself puts the players on the same path. “Unsurpassed” does not mean low status. In fact, the “status” of players is difficult to compare objectively. For example, uzi is great because he has maintained a high standard for a long time; and bang is great because he has the highest honor of being an ad. It is difficult to compare these two people. Only when there are all-round advantages among the players, can we say who has the highest status. For example, if I say faker’s status is greater than doinb, there is no problem. If Gala wins 3 s crowns in a row, he can probably surpass the status of Bang; if he wants to surpass Uzi, he must maintain a high level for many years to come. The meaning of the original title is roughly equivalent to: Can you become more handsome by increasing your height by 50 cm?

6 months ago

Don’t talk about status if you haven’t won the s championship. Uzi will never forget that he almost realized the biggest dream of his life when he was young. If you say that he did not win the s match, he also has a high status in the hearts of players. This is to shame his dream of the s match. . Before Luffy became the Shanghai Thief King, he would not talk about his status, and Naruto would not talk about his status before he became Hokage. I personally think that the greatest respect for Uzi is not to talk about his status.

6 months ago

Status is a mystery to the fame. I used to be a dog in high school and college. At that time, the intensity of uzi was actually there. When the black was open, the adc called itself uzi, and the mid laner called himself faker. I just like uzi. Sheng, seeing his vn, I can’t wait for myself to be in control of status. It’s so mysterious that everyone gives you the face. Maybe the circles are different. Anyway, few people in my group talk about gala, but gala is definitely in the next batch. Young people’s eyes are more dazzling than uzi. People who have not experienced the early League of Legends, how can they know how scary faker was at the beginning, how fearful of Han ah, watching the game every year, and seeing him playing, think that this game may not be honest. After going to work, it’s better to let you young people come and watch the uzi game every day. Now it’s time to go to work. Who is free? It’s great to go to school.

6 months ago

JKL S won the championship, has the status surpassed uzi? lwx S won the championship, has the status surpassed uzi? It’s not that LPL has never won the S championship, nor is it that China AD has won the S championship, or even a little bigger, we still have two FMVPs, which dare to say that the status is now surpassing uzi? Uzi is not only as simple as having a champion, but he also has a longer career than many people, and he has been able to maintain a good condition throughout his career. Let’s put it this way, if the LPL can have an AD that remains in the upstream team for a long time, and can lead a team to get more than 3 times to enter the top 4 of the S game, and then add one or more championship results, this talent May be discussed beyond uzi. The above is not to say how unsurpassable uzi is, but such a player cannot be just a player who follows the team to win the championship.

6 months ago

Don’t ask such naive questions anymore. E-sports is money-burning, and capital is profit-seeking. The value of the championship lies in how much money can be converted in the future. As for what lpl honors, it is ridiculous since it is played by the bosses. Things, you can’t think about the problem from the perspective of your own players, because your ideas can’t bring them any benefits. It can be said that at the beginning, capital took a fancy to uzi’s veteran status/two dynasties runner-up/flow discussion degree and then fired up , Attracted some fans, and continued to ferment into the current situation until uzi retired. The bosses control the players to control the traffic to bring income and influence for themselves. It seems that the fans are arguing for some names. The players do their own role as workers and make more money. This life + son generation will live a comfortable life. When the audience is resting, there is no need to discuss what they should do when they are resting. There is no need to discuss whether xx is powerful or not. The audience is just watching the lively entertainment. Just watch the lively prostitution. Don’t put too much emotional energy into it. xxx went to quarrel and debate. The above are just sentiments, subjective understanding. Do not agree with my point of view, the rats who are willing to put their youthful blood into the fight, please feel free

6 months ago

As we all know, Robert Horry with 7 crowns in hand can not only blast the untitled cjb Karl Malone and Stockton, but his historical position is even slightly ahead of Jordan, who has only 6 crowns. As the 14-year World Cup champion, Hévedés defeated Messi head-on, not to mention, as the main defensive line, he also prevented Messi from scoring goals. The historical status of Messi is much higher than that of the national team. Messi, who has only an Olympic gold medal in the Water Friends Games, is naturally very reasonable. Not to mention Mbappé, whose data surpasses Messi in the same period. The World Cup champions are added and the Ligue 1 champions are soft. Naturally, they are not comparable to Messi. I just don’t understand why I watched the ball for so many years and no one asked if Gotze had surpassed Cruyff. When I said this, there were many children who couldn’t even tell the offside rules to come and touch me. I’m not saying that uzi is Messi or Cruyff. The example of these people is to tell the children that they must have basic knowledge of team competition. In a team, there is always someone in a team who is c, and someone is always a mess, otherwise What is the purpose of adding a paper to the paper? Why are the Golden Globes so grand every year? Those of you watching the LOL game should know that there is a regular season mvp award at the start of the playoffs, and you know that an fmvp will be awarded at the end of the s game finals. Leading a team to win the championship is also a championship, and the meaning of a championship is completely different. Otherwise, why so many football and basketball players fought secretly for the identity of the boss, and even many of their good brothers finally parted ways. In the end, character will never be a factor to measure the status of an athlete on the court. It is a pity that it will never be a bit. Maradona colluded with the Mafia off the court, sucked du, had an illegitimate child, and never affected his historical status. The reason why LOL’s current s game champion is a treasure is that the s game has only been held for 10 times. By the 20th time, the number of s game champions will be close to or more than 100. So will the top 100 in history use this method to rank it? In addition, the most funny thing is that netizens comment on the authentic s game champion Royal Blue. According to their uzi theory, Royal Blue should be a god-level support far beyond madlife, ming, meiko, and mikyx, but Royal Blue is in the majority of the population. It’s just a rookie who can do it with a diamond. And Samsung Crown is even more wronged. As the c-place champion of the s game and the man who is facing 3:0 faker, he deserves the evaluation of crushing tigers, caps, and knight far, but when he mentions him, everyone’s reaction is mixed. You can be kicked in a sub-league. Diode viewers are no better than the most disgusting commenters, because they have no logical ability at all, only brainless emotional output. You argue with them that uzi is not the hottest ad in the world, and they start repeating faker and bang like the sick. It seems that the ad in this world is bang except for the sub-league substitute. Uzi, is it the first adc in history? Judging from an objective comment, it cannot be. Is it the number one ad in the world? From the s8 spring playoffs to the top 8 of the s8 world, there is no controversy about this world’s number one ad or even the number one person in the world. What is the approximate level of uzi each year? The year when he reached the top four of the World Championship is probably the top three to five in the world, and the year when he reached the World Championship is about 5-8. In lpl, the year when the team is basically stable will not fall out of the top three. Any project at this level will not be comparable to any champion member who accompanies the team to win the championship. Besides, is uzi without a crown? In addition to the s crown, Uzi took all the championships and led the team to win the championship. There is no longer any need to prove anything.

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