Zhangjiaquan is a dog I know well. It has been wandering in the sand dunes of Buddha Palm in Danniang Township, Linzhi for many years. It is considered to be the more distinctive stray dog ​​I know in Tibet. It’s called Zhang Jiasquan. It can’t be said that there is a foreigner named Zhang Jiadun. You can’t name a dog Zhang Jiasquan. There is no such reason. What’s more, Zhang Jiadun is not a good person, Zhang Jiaquan is a good dog. As far as I know, many foreigners call “micheal”, but many people also call themselves micheal without any problems. If you like, you can also call your dog “Dragon Tooth”, lick it every day, feed it dog food, and then make a pigtail. Denniang Buddha Palm Sand Dune has been ill-fated. It was still open in 18 years. In 19 years, it was said to be renovated, renovated and expanded. Zhang Family Squatting came to Denniang Buddha Palm Sand Dune at this time. Its owner is a pair of surnames Zhang. The husband and wife guarded the construction site. After work was stopped in winter, the couple squatted with Zhang’s family. When I went there, basically no one came to play. There were only two people and one dog. I said that I will pay for the tickets. You let me go in for a while. Lao Zhang didn’t ask for my money but didn’t let me in. It was very principled. A person. I said that I would just get in from another place and play the same way, Lao Zhang sighed and said that there was no way. So I found a hole in the barbed wire fence and went in. Zhang Jiaquan didn’t know what to do with this situation, and I had the murderous intent of shooting a wolf in the wild, so it sobbed twice, and happily ran over to the sand dunes with me to have fun. The sand dunes of Buddha’s palm are very distinctive. A desert emerges abruptly in the middle of green mountains and green waters. The sand dunes are tall and big. It was impossible to explain before, but there used to be a village here that did bad things and was turned into sand dunes by Buddha’s palm. Buried. This Buddha is also broken. In fact, it is because of the sandstorm formed by the quicksand on the Yarlung Zangbo River beach. The wind speed drops sharply in this mountain col, and the carried sand is deposited to form sand dunes. There are many big rivers, even the lower reaches of the Yangtze River near Nanjing, where there are wind, sand and mountains. The sand is very soft, and it will sink in some places when you step on it, but not in some places. I squatted with the Zhang family and ran around, occasionally I rolled down without standing, and then the Zhang family squatted and barked in a hurry, and ran down to see me when I got up. I really envy the dog if he doesn’t get caught in the sand. It’s just that it has hair, and the hair is full of sand, and it won’t be clean when it trembles. It will inevitably be scolded by Auntie Zhang when he goes back. The weather was fine that day, and there were people by my side. The little things like sand seemed not worth worrying about at all. I have become acquainted with Zhang’s squatting. It follows me around, spinning around my legs at any time. People are familiar people, dogs are well-behaved dogs, wind is soft wind, sand is fine sand, everything is So beautiful. Zhang’s squatting dog makes an accident. In the Spring Festival of 2020, I will go to the sand dunes again. Although it is still silly and happy, the accident has already come. It’s just a little fool and I don’t know it. At that time, I was in another relationship, and I was stupid, and I didn’t know. Suddenly the epidemic came. The Buddha Palm Sand Dune, which was going to be opened, suddenly had an uncertain future. Lao Zhang and his wife had no masters, and they didn’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do, I am panicked. Only a silly dog ​​is happy, he still recognizes me, and he played that person crazy with him last year. It rushed over and hugged my leg and wanted to play, but I was no longer in the mood. The world is undergoing some kind of change that we can’t control. What’s fatal is that he hasn’t told you yet. It’s like the moody, fierce Buddha, when he gets angry, he bury you in a pile of sand. Before that, you know nothing. People are like this. You think you are pursuing and grasping, but in the end you can’t pursue or grasp anything. When you think you are not pursuing anything and you can’t grasp it, it suddenly comes again. It’s like the sand in the wind, you thought you were riding in the wind, and you were suddenly left behind. I had no choice but to take Zhang’s family to squat to play and throw a frisbee to it, but the frisbee was blown into the Yarlung Zangbo River by the wind, and Zhang’s family squatted and yelled towards the river in a hurry. The old Zhang couple began to pack their things. They had to find a way to go back to their hometown. Such wastage is not a problem, and the Zhang family didn’t know what changes they were about to face. But I know what I will give up. Isn’t life just giving up? Everything is like sand. You want to hold on to it, but it flows faster and runs through your fingers. I have only the power to give up, but no possibility of seizing it. That day, I looked at the silly dog, surrounded by people I am not sure about, with a vague future in my heart, and the loss that followed, the sky was overcast, and the sandstorm was about to come. I saw Zhang’s squatting again just a few days ago. It has completely become a stray dog, almost like me. I used so many stray dogs, and finally became like them. In fact, I should wake up earlier, otherwise, how could I be so familiar with them. Stray dogs are like this, with fearless freedom and volatility on their faces, and what I think in my heart is, who should take me in quickly. Before being taken in by someone, this idea cannot be said. This time there is no lover by my side, and Zhang’s family has no home. The scenic area has reopened. People come and go, and there is a lot of traffic. Zhang’s family squats without worrying about food and clothing. They go to ask tourists for food during the day and sleep under the eaves at night, which is also rich. I made it a big ham sausage. When it reached the third bite, it thought of me. It wanted to swallow the delicious food as soon as possible, and at the same time it wanted to express its joy to my old friend. the meaning of. Whose life is not unexpected? When I was young, I wanted to be a scientist, but it turned out that I thought too much. Zhang Jiaquan didn’t think that he would become a stray dog, even though his life was actually pretty good. My life and its dogs have been walking up unexpectedly, and they have never stopped. I thought I would stop, stop somewhere, in someone’s arms, and not move my nest anymore. In fact, I think too much. I guess it doesn’t even have this concept in its dog’s mind. I rubbed its dog’s head and held it in my arms. It looked terrified. It may have been a long time since no one had held it. It didn’t know why this fat black man suddenly became sentimental, and he didn’t accompany him to the sand dunes. , Do not accompany it to throw a Frisbee, what are you thinking about? Both of us are just sand in the wind.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I myself is a living example. Worked at a bank in Shenzhen for 12 years, and he is a small boss with dozens of people under his control, and now he is farming in the countryside of Chengdu. When I resigned, I shocked a group of people; when others knew that I am now farming, they shocked a larger group of people. Many villagers in the village asked why they came to farm? Tired of farming. But no one knows that I don’t sleep well when I go to work, and I dream of similar dreams every day. The whole person is stressed and close to collapse. The farming is hard, people get oily and oily, there are calluses everywhere, and there are wounds everywhere. The whole person has long been unable to see the appearance of a white-collar office worker at that time, just a standard farmer. But now I eat well and sleep well. I see my vegetables grow up, the food I grow is harvested, and the fruit trees are blooming. I feel a sense of satisfaction.

6 months ago

After leaving the university campus, I did not try to take root in the big city like ordinary rural college students, but resolutely returned to the countryside and returned to the mountains to help my parents farm. Now, I have lived in the mountains for almost two years. This year, at the urging of my parents, I will take the exam for the public exam and the county towns and towns in my hometown, so that I can live in the mountains on weekends and fall asleep listening to Song Tao. I don’t know when I can go ashore, and I don’t have much hope. I think the status quo is actually quite good. I grow trees and vegetables in the mountains, observe plants and animals, and I also raise two soil hunters and live in nature. , I feel that my heart is much calmer and I am not anxious anymore. However, my parents became anxious, so I promised them to enter the system. I really like living in the mountains. Even if I get a job that is generally considered decent in the town or county, I still have to come back often. After retirement, I have to go back to the mountains to spend the rest of my life. Maybe I am middle-aged. After that, he suddenly resigned and returned to the long residence of the mountain village. Others are desperately running to the big city, but I think the city is too noisy, choose to go retrograde, and be puzzled by others, but the life I like is plain and plain. When I open the door, I see a green forest, listening to insects and birds. Call, looking at the flowers and trees in the mountains, you can count the stars at night.

6 months ago

I am from Shanghai and have a double degree in university. In my senior year, I entered a Fortune 500 internship. I spent three months internship. From the beginning of my excitement to finally becoming a bright white-collar circle, I gradually realized this. It’s just the glamour on the surface. For example, a handsome married uncle at the office next door, 45 years old, seems to have no way to have a sufficient financial foundation to have a child, but it seems that he quite wants it; another example is the beautiful sister who brought me, who is really tall and tall. I treat people well and do everything properly. The dance skills at the annual meeting are brilliant, but in fact I still rent an apartment for nine to five. They are all graduates from prestigious universities, they have mastered at least two or three foreign languages, and their abilities are also very strong. However, during the three months of my internship, I gradually became confused. I was already such a good person. Life is still such that I can see it at a glance. It is so mediocre, nine to five, not because of my own excellence. And get a particularly easy life. So when I was preparing for my graduation thesis in my senior year, I suddenly chose to go abroad. The reason for this is also by chance. I was “cheated” by my ex-boyfriend. In short, I was the last one to DIY and came to a strange country alone to start “adventure”. My undergraduate degree is business, and I have no basic knowledge of Spanish. But fortunately, the English level is good, and learning Spanish is easier. After dragging two large suitcases and holding a big doll (I am a girl) to the rented house, I was overwhelmed with excitement and started studying abroad. I studied language and applied for postgraduate a year later, but inexplicably I applied for the education major of UCM, which is said to be extremely difficult. Then go to school. In fact, studying abroad is very simple when you are studying. You can feel the different customs here, except for group work or after-school dinners. During this time of study, besides writing essays and doing homework, you can go there. What I do is travel. There are renfe in Spain that can arrive, of course, the air ticket is cheaper. After basically traveling Spain, you can also lift your feet to Portugal, France, Italy, and Germany. . . It’s really easy to get there with your feet up. It feels more convenient than going to Hangzhou from Shanghai. . . I am a very stingy person. I do my own DIY when I study abroad, not because of my ability, but mainly because I want to save money. So the original plan for going abroad was to study hard, spend less, and return home after reading. But by chance, I met an interesting soul from Fujian. On the first day I met this Real Madrid fan, I made me pay 4,000 RMB in tears to watch a Madrid-Barcelona derby with him. I don’t know the ball at all, just because he said, you watch a derby life is worth it, don’t care whether you understand it or not, it’s your own experience when you go. Knowing him may be the second turning point in my life. I was born in an academic class, and my parents worked hard to send me to university. I have always thought that graduating is to find a job and work to make money. But he, maybe because he is lazy, doesn’t want to go to work, doesn’t want to sit in the office from 9 to 5, when I was looking for a job, he told me directly that he would not do this, but at that time he didn’t know what he was going to do . In the third year we were together, I worked at a travel agency here while preparing my graduate thesis. I guess my advantage at work is to be more responsible and serious, plus some fantastic ideas, thank the boss for his love, from the beginning the salary of 500 euros has increased to 1,500 euros. This amount of money is enough for me to live comfortably in Madrid. At first, I didn’t ask the family for money. At this time, he also found a job that he loved and was good at. The two of us began to go hand in hand, living, making money, traveling, and falling in love. After the epidemic came, I naturally lost my job and avoided the virus at home, and he still needed a job because he opened a study abroad company by himself. And when I started to get ready to rest and rest at home, I found out that I was pregnant. I felt that all these arrangements were too reasonable, so while hiding from the virus at home, I raised my baby with peace of mind. And he can take care of me while continuing to serve other students. He was very proud and felt that this was his most glorious moment as a man, because he really did the four words of making money to support his family. I laughed at him being so traditional after 90s. He said, this is the man. He is a very reliable person. When you meet more people, you will feel that the advantage of reliability is scarce. It is precisely because of this that even if his study abroad company was opened steadily during the epidemic, he said that he did not want to make unscrupulous money, and the domestic quotations were all tens of thousands of inflated prices, so he would earn money for meals, small profits but quick turnover, and word of mouth. Just fine. He is not greedy, which is a ruthless person in my eyes. Today, the Spanish epidemic is still not under control, and he and I have had a five-month baby in Madrid, Spain, and are also considering buying a house. Looking back now, how could I, as a senior intern, think that I will live the way I am now in six years. No matter what you get through your own hard work or opportunities, they all complement each other. But when you do it, that will become your experience. For me, that game has indeed become an indispensable factor for me to change the trajectory of my life. Finally, I wish the world peace, and all the friends who have read this article are in good health and everything goes well.

6 months ago

Former colleague, he studied abroad and returned to Beijing to join the world’s top 500 companies. He worked very hard and dedicated during his work, and he has a lot of room for development. After working for 5 years, he resolutely sold his house in Beijing and took his wife and his dog to open a homestay in Dali, Yunnan.
Some time ago, a colleague went to Yunnan to travel and contact him, to see his current state and the time he was working, they are totally two people.

6 months ago

I recently heard the story of a Tibetan monk who returned to vulgarity and went to jail and eventually became a poet. In Tibetan areas, the status of monks is still very high. They don’t have to worry about food and clothing. They live in the temple every day and are supported by others. It stands to reason that this kind of life really makes most people envy. But this monk was not satisfied with such an ordinary life, thinking about the outside world all day long. During that time, he often went to the hair salon to find a girl. The girl was of Han ethnicity and didn’t speak Tibetan very much. He is a Tibetan and doesn’t know much Chinese, so the two agreed to teach each other language. After going back and forth, he developed a feeling for the girl, but because of his identity, he couldn’t express it. Whether this girl caused him to return to the vulgarity in the end is not yet known. But he yearned for the outside world even more because of this. The night before deciding to run to the outside world, he went to find the girl again, and confided in his many years of feelings. He didn’t know that the girl felt the same for him. In this way, the two of them cried bitterly while holding each other, and he also gave up his body and mind that night. The outside world is wonderful and dangerous. In this way, he was arrested and imprisoned, who was not deeply involved in the world. From a worry-free person to a prisoner. The days in prison brought him endless darkness and also gave him more thinking. Those words about life and the world got into his mind little by little. After he was released from prison, he became a cook in order to make a living. He said that since then he has discovered that people can feed themselves on their own hands. In this way, he started as a cook and slowly started his own catering business. What about the identity of the poet? He walked the road of vulgarity quite hard. When a person’s heart is full of multiple emotions, he needs to use words to vent, so he began to write poetry. What’s more surprising is that the inspiration for his poems, including the Chinese language he learned, are all from Wang Feng’s songs. Of course, this is only his oral statement. I don’t know whether it is true or not. This is probably the cuteness of Tibetan poets. Place it. He was originally a Tibetan monk, but fell in love with a Han girl, and later he became a Chinese poet.

6 months ago

I don’t know if I have been studying cello since I was seven or eight years old. When I was a teacher in elementary school, I chose to graduate and write online novels. I went directly to the status of a full-time writer. Before graduation, the enthusiastic teacher called me for an hour and tried to persuade me to take the exam. My mother said that I was always a teacher. One day I will regret giving up the results of so many years, writing novels, and derailing from society. What should I do when I am 30 or 40 years old, and someone will introduce me to the student piano store and orchestra. In this case, I still decided to graduate. Switching to writing novels may not be as exciting compared to other respondents, but it is also something that other people did not expect me to do. If you ask me if I am timid, when everyone persuaded me to take the safe road, I also hesitated briefly and was afraid, but I still chose what I really wanted. I was violent in school in elementary school, and school was a nightmare for me. After my junior year, I started to write novels to make money and I slowly felt the beauty of the world. People like me are not good teachers. I’m a lonely person in the sun on the outside. I feel good when the lights hit me on stage, but I still get scared. I am not good enough to be a soloist without stage fright. I don’t like to communicate with people. I run a world alone in my mind. In that world I made up a new identity and encounter for myself. That world is almost ten years old. The junior high school indulged in novels of starting point and began to construct his own world. The head teacher told me that I cannot indulge in my own world forever. After growing up, I still chose my own world, hehe. Three years after graduating, I am still very happy, living in a place where no one knows me, writing novels, watching movies, playing games during the day, or traveling. I’m so happy when I live in another city when I’m tired. Really, even though there are times when I can’t write, I have no brains, no inspiration, and when I can’t sleep with anxiety, I am still very happy because I love to create. In the past few years, I have clearly felt that although my social fears have indeed increased a bit, my thinking has become more and more confident. I am no longer afraid of some things I was afraid of when I went to school, such as getting old, single, and what the future will be. I have further joy.

6 months ago

This thing is not a sudden brother, his life is relatively difficult. His parents never dealt with it. He grew up in quarrels, he worked hard to obtain a high degree of education, had a beautiful wife, and gave birth to a son. It seemed that his life should go on step by step. Later, his wife left him and his mother died. He quit public office altogether, leaving all the money to the grandfather of the child, and moved to a mountain to live alone. I built a mountain hut, raised dogs, grew tea, and mingle with friends on the mountain. Lived an old-age life in advance. At first, we would say that he was irresponsible, until 19, when he died suddenly. Only to realize that he knew his body a long time ago, he just wanted to experience the fireworks in the world before leaving. How much does he want someone to come and play with him?

6 months ago

The first person I thought of this question was Strickland in “The Moon and Sixpence”. “Chasing a dream is like chasing one’s own bad luck.” He gave up his ordinary London securities job and suddenly became artistic. The devil, abandoning his wife and son, abandoning the prosperous and happy life of others, rushed to Tahiti in the South Pacific just to paint! This kind of contrast can only be said to be internally driven, and the road he finally chooses is what he has been really longing for deep in his heart. I knew there was a problem before. The Beijing natives sold 10 million houses and bought a duplex in Kunming. The two floors above ground and one basement cost more than 4 million. My brother bought another one million. For vehicles, a colleague who is still saving for a down payment said that he is cool, but his offspring will start at a lower starting point. What this man did was to give up the life he had always disliked, and took a different path from others. As a result, he was criticized. He chose to “get rid of the expectations of others and find the true self.” In fact, there is nothing unexpected. , All sudden decisions are well thought out, but it lacks an opportunity! “Our whole life is to get rid of his expectations and find our true self.”

6 months ago

Yes, myself, I was born in a popular industry, but I didn’t mention it in the past. I have accumulated 15 years. Then completely uncircle. Now, we are studying the design, proofing and production of parts for model cars with peace of mind. He has become a master craftsman, and now he works with wood, carbon fiber, acrylic, aluminum alloy, and paper every day. In my spare time, I also modified the children’s toys, and the children followed me and beat them. Just 5 years old, he can accurately screw the screws and nuts of the m2 specification. Now I don’t look at the report and study the data curve. It’s 40 soon. My hair volume and hairline are still very strong, and I don’t have dark circles. I wake up naturally every day, which is great. Of course, there are also negative aspects. The income is not as high as before.

6 months ago

In the first company that had just graduated (a large-scale boss company), a director who was nearly 40 years old was leaving to teach in Tibet. At that time, we were shocked by the company from the general manager to our newly graduated Xiaobai. The general manager talked to him about his life in the office for a long time, and he was moved and cried when he talked about the general manager. (Here is why everyone believes him, because he never plays cards according to common sense. For example, he and his wife are both DINKs. If they don’t buy a house and have money, they drive by themselves and run around on foot. They can run trains but are very righteous. Every customer becomes a buddy)

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