dislike. They like to look average (the so-called upper middle). Those who are too ugly will think they are not worthy of their sons, and those who are too beautiful will think that they are vixen (what if you seduce your son and you are not at one mind?) I have a couple of blind dates back then that my parents accompany you. There is a feature, winter Seeing it, the other mother didn’t bother (because I don’t make-up, I use a certain male’s expression to be pretty and bookish, and women’s eyes are generally non-threatening). If I see it in the summer, the other’s mother doesn’t do it. The girl in the dormitory scolded me because she had a big chest and a face and walked straight, she looked like that, shameless). But regardless of winter or summer, his father has no objection. It is difficult for a mother-in-law to look at his daughter-in-law and a man to look at a woman (wife). The root cause is the different perceptions and needs of sexual charm. It’s better not to have a daughter-in-law, and it’s better to have a wife. But mother-in-law sees her son-in-law the same way. Both mother-in-law and mother-in-law like that their children’s spouse is an honest, wealthy and capable housework tool (used for life), but young people themselves do not like the opposite sex that cannot stimulate hormones. Supplement: Even if a mother-in-law likes a beautiful daughter-in-law, she is also a beautiful daughter-in-law who likes the so-called “people as pale as a chrysanthemum” like the mistress of Jinjiang, not the sexy and charming beautiful daughter-in-law who likes the second villain.

There is a kind of gentle and intelligent mother-in-law who knows the weight of her son very well. She only hopes that his son will find a girlfriend who matches his son, such as appearance, knowledge, personality, character, etc. The so-called match means not high or low to marry. It’s good to be right. There is also a kind of picky, stupid and selfish mother-in-law who can’t weigh her son’s weight at all. She can be picky about what kind of girlfriend her son finds. In short, which girl he marries is a loss for her son. The existence of is the original sin, no matter whether you are smart and beautiful.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

As a thriving prospective mother-in-law, I like it. First, everyone has a heart for beauty, and a beautiful daughter-in-law looks so pleasing to the eye. Second, genetic inheritance. If I have a grandchild or granddaughter, at least half of the probability will be passed on to the child. How happy it is to have a cute child. Third, I don’t think I’m pretty easy to cheat. Inability to cheat is related to a girl’s character, being smart or not clever, it’s related to whether her husband is good or not good to her. Without swallowing waste food, I think my son is very good, and I believe he has the ability to make his wife love him and cherish him. Having said so much, I just thought about it. After all, it is my son’s wife. He likes it is the key. In case he likes ordinary and talented people. I don’t have the right to decide on this matter. I just respect it. I don’t have to, but if my daughter-in-law is beautiful, I will feel that I am making a lot of money, hahaha. I can’t help showing it off to my friends.

6 months ago

The beauty and ugliness of a daughter-in-law will affect the appearance of grandchildren to a certain extent. Why don’t you like your own genes to get better? When a group of grandmothers take their grandchildren in the community, the appearance of the children will be comparable, and they will not say it, but they will have a balance in their hearts. Some people boast that children are really sensible, really smart, really clever, really well-behaved, really strong and so on. In fact, their subtext is that they are not cute or beautiful.

6 months ago

My mother-in-law wondered: The easier the son is, the better. That is to say, the daughter-in-law must have altruism in this way, and the altruism of doing housework is relatively low, and business assistance is the best. Don’t make it too much. Don’t quarrel with your son, live a good life, have the ability to comfort, care and encourage her son, so that her son is emotionally comfortable and not tense. Have a certain emotional intelligence to handle the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and other social relationships. Have a certain educational ability. On this basis, leg length is given priority, the more beautiful the better. This is the difference in the order of weight. If I had a son, it would be the same. Like a daughter-in-law who has a good character, is knowledgeable, reasonable, considerate and capable, as long as the two of them can get along with each other, the more beautiful the better. But as long as my son likes it, he decides his affairs. Because if I have a son, my son must not be a straight male cancer with no ability, no emotion, no appearance, no taste and poor emotional control ability. No matter how the direction of this training is, it will not be backward compatible. I don’t know whose daughters can look down on me, a lazy woman who is particularly willing to pay and not work hard and not to take care of things. Official account: Dudududu’s mouth is very poisonous. Share a true story every week, a love and relationship dry goods that can be directly practiced, and a sharp complaint in one sentence.

6 months ago

To be honest, none of the women called “Wanfuxiang” is ugly. Don’t think that mother-in-law only looks at her ass to give birth. The aesthetics of the older generation is actually very normal. They can’t stand the colorful hair and cosmetic contact lenses. , And rejecting the paper man, other aspects are similar to ours~ Of course, her son often knows better than her son how many pounds, so she also considers the issue of controllability~ not the higher the appearance, the better~ gentle Honest, capable of housekeeping, and strong altruism, it is the best choice for a daughter-in-law~

6 months ago

The prospective mother-in-law will answer, how nice it is for the son to find a beautiful girlfriend, why not? My son has a beautiful mother and a beautiful girlfriend. These days are surrounded by beauties. It’s beautiful if you think about it. Hahaha. Besides, my prospective mother-in-law loves to watch those beauties like clouds on TV. For example, There are so many beauties in “Beauty’s Scheming”, which looks very seductive. If there are no beauties in a TV series, then I definitely don’t like to watch this TV. For example, I don’t like to watch “The Guardian”. Watching TV is just to relax. It must be pleasing to the eye. As the old saying goes, everyone has the love of beauty. It is normal for people to yearn for beauty. Of course, we do not use beauty as the standard for judging people, we do not use beauty as the standard for judging people, and we do not use beauty as the standard for judging people. Like the beautiful and the ugly, it’s just a personal preference. However, there is a very real problem. Good-looking people will inherit their appearance, and sincerity will affect future generations. Both father and mother have good looks, and their babies will not be ugly. The more people with good looks in the family, the greater the chance that the offspring will be inherited with good looks. I saw online photos before, and Liu Yifei’s grandmother and mother are both high-value beauties. Let’s take a look at the beauty of “Sister Fairy”. It’s not hereditary.

6 months ago

like. As a mother with a son, let’s answer the question. My expectations for my future daughter-in-law are good character, good ability, and good appearance. The above “three good” are in order, and only when the first one is satisfied can the latter one be discussed. The character item cannot be discounted, it is a one-vote veto. However, as long as the ability and appearance have passed the baseline, which one takes up a larger proportion depends on my son’s own aesthetic inclination. When I wanted to find a target by myself, the principle was “three views are consistent and like-minded”, and the appearance must not fail. When I go to my son, I will educate him in the same way. So I believe in his choice. As long as it is not a matter of character, I will support anyone he chooses. In the case of satisfying character and ability, the more beautiful the appearance, the better! If I want to have Liu Yifei’s beauty, I can laugh in my dreams~ Of course, I want to find such a daughter-in-law, my son first has good character and ability , Good appearance. My father and I will work hard to cultivate the first two items, and the third item can be seen now, at least 6 points male~Finally, our husband and wife will pay more for the start of the small family and interrupt less. It is really necessary to make a little effort~ hope After more than 20 years, my family can find such a good girl~

6 months ago

Why not hope? Everyone has vanity. Especially for mothers, success in sons will often make them confuse themselves with Rongyan and sons, and they will also lose their heads when chatting with others. Therefore, if a son can have a beautiful girlfriend, anyone who sees it will praise “Oh, you are really convinced, the daughter-in-law is so beautiful.” Even if there are a few words of modesty on the lips, but not happy in my heart? On the other hand, if your son’s girlfriend is not beautiful enough, to be honest, it may give passers-by the impression that “your son is not good enough”. At the same time, a beautiful daughter-in-law also means that grandchildren will have good looks. At least from this generation of parents, there is still a willingness to help their children with their children. Imagine taking a very cute and cute baby out for a walk. Everyone who sees the baby will come over and admire a few words. Isn’t it beautiful?

6 months ago

It depends on what is the criterion for being more beautiful. If you look like an internet celebrity, let’s forget it. The poor won’t be able to climb high.
I just want him to find an ordinary person, because our goal of training children is an ordinary person.
What’s more, marriage ultimately depends on the degree of mutual attraction between character and heart, the skin… it is always going to be old.

6 months ago

The more beautiful, the better. A female colleague on the night shift said that I will do the operation on the device at 12:00 in the evening, can you accompany me for a while. I think your brain is wattless if you replace it with anyone else. But this was from my most beautiful female colleague, and I did not hesitate to agree. She said thank you, I thought she was too polite. If my daughter-in-law is particularly beautiful, I will follow her in everything. Can’t make beautiful women upset! I’m afraid that my dog-licking property will be passed on to my son and will not be able to catch up with a beautiful daughter-in-law.

6 months ago

This is definitely different from person to person. Why doesn’t my mother want her son to find a beautiful girlfriend? Envy and incompleteness? Only a mother who is extremely unconfident and possessive will be more jealous than her own son whether her daughter-in-law is loyal, or is jealous that her daughter-in-law is more beautiful than herself? ! Under normal circumstances, does the mother-in-law not consider the genes of the offspring? Must my son find someone who is uglier and stupid than himself and pulls down his genetics? Therefore, all mothers who are mentally healthy in all aspects should hope that their son will marry an intellectual, generous, beautiful and dignified girl.

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