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First of all, we must nominate Qing Lian. This time the boy and the man’s temperament have been combined, and she has reached a new height of handsomeness. It really feels like when Xiao Li was young. Even in the group photos, his handsomeness is very conspicuous. Because of the appearance of a pure foreigner, many people can’t actually get it, but his facial features are really perfect. It’s even worse when you grow up a little bit. Ang…I hope he makes his debut _ and then praise the students who may be less mentioned: Oscar really is very fanciful in rap role, and his profile lines are actually very exquisite. Brother Xiong is so handsome. His previous GQ pictures also left an impression on me. The lighter eyeshadow makes his face more advanced. Lin Mo I admire his performance in the group photos, but I didn’t expect to pose like this. In fact, the stranger the posture of the magazine, the better the texture. He has great potential and is a cool guy. And Lin Mo’s appearance can be very handsome. In Mr. Fashion, I got his frontal photo. Xiao Jiu I remember that the first single was that he had sugar in it. It was really super cute~ How could there be such a sweet boy… I love my love, and his personality fits his image very well. No wonder people who go to the scene like him. Wu Yuheng’s standard beautiful man, his facial features are so exquisite, so suitable for acting in idol dramas. This time, the sexy look is actually not that suitable for him. The youth style will be better, but Nai can’t help but look handsome, hehehe…I hope he will be more open and contribute more photos~~Mika, Teacher Li , Yin Haoyu, they can tell at a glance, they are good at shooting, and they are very suitable for the fashion circle (here I also want to name Qinglian, Zandao). The effects of the hard photos taken are relatively mature. They are all handsome guys with thick-faced faces. Too many people praised them. In short, they are so handsome. (I didn’t collect all the pictures. If you pass by, you can see other buildings, so I won’t let it go for the time being) Cover your face and put it on my husband’s praise. Since I got my face value, I should have a filter, so I can’t give you justice. Evaluation, I won’t go into details hahahahaha. Anyway, try the pink series like many, also so handsome and gentle. For the first time, I want to describe him as “a beautiful man with flowers”, so pretty~ This group is considered to be more capable of playing hard photos, and each member has its own characteristics. I like it as a whole. Everyone’s hard photos are better than expected, and they can give photographers something. (Of course the goose also spent money) In addition to experienced students, I also saw the potential of some other people’s models, and the future can be expected. Don’t miss it when you pass by!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

It can only be said that the Nongyan system won, named Qingren, Riki, Lelouch, and Mika
Qing Lian: After GQ, it has once again proved Qing Lian’s fashion expressiveness, vivid and unintentional, natural and pure, as if he would turn his head in the next second and call my sister. Chinese make-ups really bring out the advantages of Qing Lian’s appearance, which is much better than in Japan. Riki
Riki’s facial features are very beautiful, his face is sharp and angular, his bones are excellent and advanced, he switches seamlessly between mature and juvenile, and he is very recognizable. Although the fans think Riki is cute, I still like the edges and corners of his face, the sense of story and the sense of luxury on his body, he is a mature and beautiful man. Lilu Xiu: You must always believe in the beauty of the Russians. To tell the truth, I have never got Mr. Li before, maybe because of his self-explosive oil head…, but Mr. Li’s exquisite features were unobstructed in the two blockbuster shots. Is Mr. Li’s personal setting the same as his indifference and alienation? Haha Mika; Mika is really the temperament of a male model in his bones. The faces of Europeans and Americans are indeed outstanding in terms of fashion expression. Although I also love the short head, I am especially looking forward to the long hair style of Mika. Finally, if you and Ma have a chance to shoot a magazine in China, it would be great

7 months ago

If only discussing the perspective of fashion photos, Mika and Qing Lian are the top ones. The silhouettes of the two are deep and it is easy to produce effects. The second is the feeling. The two are very relaxed. This feeling is naturally not deliberate. This may also be related to the fact that the two people had participated in taking pictures many times in Japan before. Magazine photos are very different from our usual photos. The second is Liluxiu and Riki, Yin Haoyu. I have to say that in magazines, the thick-faced system is very advantageous, but these three feel worse than Mika and Qing Lian. They are not very relaxed, but they are also very good. The third is Oscar and Zando. These two appearances really do not have the advantage, but the biggest advantage is relaxation, and it is easy to get out of the box. I don’t think much of the rest. Maybe it’s because I don’t have much experience in shooting magazines, especially if I have no experience in shooting fashion magazines. It feels very deliberate.

7 months ago

Many Asian faces are yjjc. It is indeed a model with rich experience.
White sweater with honey skin and blonde hair, looking down, aggressive mixed with gentleness, Japanese male model he is the first and no one is second, the first one is very similar to Shun Oguri, with a natural sense of fashion.
Cold knowledge, now open the orange software Philip homepage, Zando is still on the promotional map.

7 months ago

The thick face system does have an advantage. In this photo, I used three different colors to mark the red Mika and Qing Lian. They have strong appearance and fashion sense. They are very eye-catching in the still photos. Teacher Li and Gan Wangxing are in this photo. The expressiveness is slightly worse, of course, it may also be related to the standing position. The blue appearance is a disadvantage compared to the European and American styles, but the expressiveness is very good. Oscar’s tilted head is really eye-catching, Zando and Lin Mo’s expressions The management is very good, and it is more impactful. It also allows me to see Yin Haoyu, who is framed in yellow at the end. He has potential in fashion and appearance, but he is still too young and has insufficient aura. This photo is purely supported by his appearance. Up

7 months ago

Qing Lian, Mika, Lelouch. It’s literally.
The group photos really reveal the height. At first glance, I think how someone looks like a dwarf. Of course, the height of the one on the right has no advantage, but at least they didn’t deliberately lie or take off their shoes and pretend to be self-defeating.

7 months ago

The best performance of these blockbuster films is Mika Qingli Pill and Patrick. Strong face has the advantage, Riki is a completely different feeling in front of the camera, maybe the aura of top dancers. It’s not bad to have an Oscar before.

7 months ago

I am a fan of Zanwan, but objectively speaking, I like Qingli and Mika the most. The blockbuster of “Mr. Vogue” last time I feel that Toshiro, Amu Hanyu, Tasaki Takeshi, Keiren, Mika, and Riki are the best.
It can be seen that when shooting a blockbuster, handsome handsome guys really can’t beat handsome guys with deep facial features.

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