Tourists from Shanxi ate a thousand yuan banquet in Chongqing, but they were only willing to give 400 yuan, saying that fish-flavored pork has no fungus

Recently, a group of tourists from Shanxi dine in a star-rated restaurant in Chongqing, spending more than 1,000 yuan but only willing to give 400 yuan because there is no fungus in the fish-flavored pork shreds. The hotel felt helpless and had to report to the police.

After the police identified the plate of shredded pork with fish fragrant on the spot, they told the tourists that the shredded pork with fish fragrant might be made differently in various places, and Chongqing did that.

Generally speaking, when customers find food quality problems during meals, they are all reported to the local consumer association or 12315. After receiving the report, the relevant unit will direct the problem to the specific office, so this kind of incident is not reported to the police. use. Unless there are disputes, hands-on, or overlord’s meals, the police force is not meaningful unless there are disputes, hands-on, or overlord’s meals. Going back to this question, “Fish-flavored pork shreds” has no fungus, and we are not qualitatively discussing the problem. The actual situation is that if there are objections, you can ask questions when the dishes are just served, and you can return the dishes or replace them instead of seeing you after the bowl. Report after the end. Such problems will not support the demands in practice. At most, it can be considered as a defect, just wipe a zero. If such a problem occurs, it is most likely to be drinking too much; no alcohol is found through the video, and there is another possibility that there is an opposite sex on the table, which needs to be shown. This kind of problem occasionally occurs. The following expansion, along with this issue, talk about food reports. Generally speaking, consumers are the main magic weapon for protecting rights in the food field. These are the following two: 1. (Compensation 1000) “Food Safety Law” 140 Article 8 stipulates that consumers who suffer damage due to food that does not meet the food safety standards may demand compensation from the business operator or demand compensation from the producer. The producer and business operator who receives a consumer compensation request shall implement the first responsibility system and pay the compensation first without prevarication; if it is the responsibility of the producer, the operator has the right to recover the compensation from the producer after the compensation; if it is the responsibility of the operator, the producer shall compensate Later, it has the right to claim compensation from the operator. When producing food that does not meet the food safety standards or operating foods that do not meet the food safety standards, in addition to claiming compensation for losses, consumers can also demand compensation from the producer or operator for ten times the price or three times the loss; If the amount of compensation is less than 1,000 yuan, it shall be 1,000 yuan. However, the labels and instructions of the food have defects that do not affect food safety and do not mislead consumers. 2. (One refund and three compensation) Article 55 of the “Consumer Rights Protection Law” where a business operator commits fraud in providing goods or services, he shall increase the compensation for the loss suffered by the consumer in accordance with the requirements of the consumer, and the increase in the amount of compensation shall be consumption The purchase price of the goods or three times the cost of receiving services; if the amount of compensation is less than 500 yuan, it shall be 500 yuan. If the law provides otherwise, follow those provisions. Where a business operator knows that there are defects in the goods or services and still provides them to consumers, causing the death of consumers or other victims or serious damage to their health, the victims have the right to request the business operators to comply with Article 49 and Article 51 of this law. The law provides compensation for losses, and has the right to demand punitive damages less than twice the losses suffered. However, in specific practice, rights protection is more difficult-the most important factor is “incomplete evidence”, followed by rights protection must be costly. In view of the above two reasons, consumers are also daunted by food problems. From the perspective of law enforcement officials, most complaints and reports cannot be handled. Let’s talk based on actual experience: (The following questions are only for the food sector) 1. Overview 1. Receiving organs for complaints and reports: At this stage, law enforcement agencies are reforming, and most areas of food safety are subject to the grassroots supervision of the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau. In conjunction with the ongoing reform of “Unification of Bureaus and Teams”, the law enforcement personnel responsible for food work in the supervision offices/sub-bureaus are specifically responsible. The main members of this group are composed of the original industry and commerce bureau system and the food and drug supervision system. Areas that have not completed the reform are handled by the food and chemical inspection sub-bureaus of each district, and they also accept complaints and reports on cosmetics and health products. 2. Complaint method: You can directly call the report number left on the public notice board in the store, and you can call 12315 to make a complaint. This is a comprehensive report platform for the market. The platform will be distributed according to the region and content. (Similarly, there is also the mayor’s hotline 12345).3. How to deal with: After the platform distributes the problem to the law enforcement officers in charge of the area, the law enforcement officers will conduct comprehensive research and judgment based on the evidence you provide, combined with the on-site inspection, and then make a decision to support/not support your request, which involves illegal Those who commit a crime will be handed over. Second, the specifics 1. Those reports are easy to deal with: the food is out of date, which is the easiest, the store does not say anything, pay for it; the sensory traits are obviously abnormal, such as smelly, long-haired, spoiled, store Don’t say anything, pay for it; there is also sufficient evidence, such as flies in the dish and steel wire in the milk tea. 2. Why is your report not supported: In fact, what I want to say most is this part. In the food report, a considerable part of the appeal will not be supported. The main reason is that “insufficient evidence” and insufficient evidence There are many connotations (1) There is no evidence at all: When eating flies, ants, or decay in the dishes, they are thrown away directly, and they are deceived by reporting Sherlock Holmes. (2) The problem is unclear: the most encountered are: the dish is not tasty, the cake is not fresh, the pepper is not spicy enough, etc., if such a problem occurs, if the food quality of the merchant causes it to be not tasty, not fresh, or not spicy enough You can be punished. Otherwise, it is not a qualitative and quantitative problem because it is not tasty/stale/spicy enough, and there is a high probability that you cannot support the appeal. (3) The evidence is unclear: it is found that there is a problem with the food during the meal, and the evidence is retained by taking photos/videos. As a result, the original item is lost/or recovered by the merchant, and there are only blurry photos and videos. It is said that there are flies in the dish. It’s like a black bean, but I also miss the old godmother. The law enforcement officers can’t handle it, so they can only coordinate in the middle; or even if the photos and videos are clear, but there are only dishes, and there is no corresponding evidence, they can’t handle it. For example: you shoot There was a fly in the spicy fragrant pot, and I called a report after I went out. Even if it is true, if the business does not recognize it, the law enforcement officers will not be able to deal with it. The reason is simple: it can only prove that there is a fly in the dish. How can there be evidence to prove it? The business’s. If the business is hard on you to spread rumors and slander you, you can’t help it. (4) It’s difficult to define. This kind of problem partially overlaps with (3). In short, you can provide a proof that clearly shows that there is a problem with the dish, but you cannot define which one Store, or whether the problem can be attributed to the merchant. For example: Nowadays, restaurants generally use a combination of dine-in and take-out. You order take-out, and when you go home and open it, you find a fly inside. You want to claim 1,000 according to the Food Safety Law Yuan, it’s almost impossible. Stores and law enforcement officers can’t make DNA for the flies, and can’t determine the source of the flies. Although refunds can be made through the food delivery platform, other claims are difficult to support. 3. How to report effective. For expired foods found in stores and items with obvious sensory properties, it is best to give feedback on the spot and the store; if you are dining in the store, you can first communicate with the store. If the negotiation fails, you can use your mobile phone to clearly record the problem, preferably Bring a video of the surrounding dining environment. It is best if the dining spot has monitoring records. Afterwards, pack and seal the dining items to form a closed loop of evidence. 3. Some thoughts 1. Regarding professional whistleblowers and professional counterfeiters, I will not comment too much, but in practice, there is indeed a high moral hazard. It is not uncommon for expired foods to be stuffed into shelves. 2. Rights protection must have costs, including time, money and energy, so you must be mentally prepared before rights protection. 3. The entanglement between reason and law is common to everyone, and the law enforcement at the grass-roots level is the same. I feel guilty from time to time when I work, especially when facing vulnerable groups and ordinary people. Of course, I will still act according to the law, but This does not mean that I am a cold machine. 4. Generally, when I saw the hair in the dish, I just picked it out; there were flies in the dish, so I asked him to change it. When the drink expired, I would remind him, and I never made a claim. I think it’s not easy, and I look at it with a tolerant heart, even if my home cooking is unavoidable, there are foreign objects. Some people are pulling orphans and widows to claim compensation, which is legally supported, but psychologically I feel disgusted.

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6 months ago

Don’t say it, it’s really embarrassing. Stores should call the police when they encounter this kind of customers. Don’t treat all customers as gods. It’s not worth it. First, I’m from Shanxi. Second, I’m half engaged in the catering industry. The eldest brother is really wrong, he has to pay for the meal. There is no such thing as a free lunch. The excuse I found is also stinky. It’s not authentic and you don’t pay, but I think your plate is empty… too shameful. Fish-flavored shredded pork is in my shop. Fungus and carrots must be put. …From the beginning of learning to cook, the side dishes are to be put. Maybe most people don’t care about the lack of side dishes, but the knowledge of cooking is great, and the bad taste can be distinguished by some old diners. For Jinnan, we are going to put it. Carrots and fungus are used to adjust the too sweet taste when eating fish-flavored shredded pork. Of course, if the sweet and salty tastes are different… I won’t mention it. But! All of the above do not mean that you can go out to lose Shanxi’s face for this reason…

6 months ago

People in Chongqing dare to put carrots when making twice-cooked pork, but they pay attention to what kind of fish-flavored pork shreds do not put fungus on it! Every place has no hard and fast rules for the word “authentic”, and deviations are normal. Even if it is not authentic, isn’t it allowed for hotels to develop innovative dishes? The law does not stipulate that fish-flavored shredded pork must have fungus, but the law stipulates that you need to pay when you go to a restaurant. Note: Authentic, or traditional, is more appropriate. Traditional twice-cooked pork should be fried with garlic sprouts, or with green peppers, lotus whites, and potatoes. . Chongqing people sometimes use carrots to stir-fry twice-cooked pork. The original Chengdu people say this is not authentic! frenzied! Strongly condemned! The traditional fish-flavored shredded pork must have fungus shreds and green bamboo shoots shreds. Originally, the word authentic is just an old rule made by convention, but the rule is originally used to break, otherwise all the food is the same. If you are not satisfied with it, you can give a bad comment. You can also ask the hotel to do it again when the food is first served, or ask the hotel to do it again, or if you finish eating it, you can pay 680 less for your fungus silk?

6 months ago

emm, as a food lover who grew up in the north for the first eighteen years, and has been in Chongqing for six years after attending university. I can say responsibly that the fish-flavored pork shreds in the north and the traditional Yu-flavored pork shreds in the Sichuan-Chongqing area can already be counted as two dishes. Not only shredded pork with fish flavor, but also Kung Pao chicken, the gap is also relatively large. From the taste to the method to the ingredients, these two famous dishes have been completely localized in various places in the course of years of evolution. So I think, if this tourist from Shanxi didn’t deliberately behave as a hooligan, it would be a misunderstanding of the “authentic” shredded pork with fish flavor.

6 months ago

This matter is called a typical “fan trouble”. From the very beginning it was to find the difference. If you don’t have fungus today, you won’t pay the bill. Tomorrow you won’t pay for the fish-flavored pork shredded with soy sauce. The day after tomorrow you won’t pay for the fish-flavored pork shredded. In a similar situation, you firmly support the rights protection of the store, don’t think that you can run away if you find a reason. Otherwise, everyone in the industry will be at risk in the future, and the country cannot be forced to set a standard for cooking, right? Of course, if the fish-flavored shredded pork has no meat, or you can’t smell the scent of fish, that’s another matter.

6 months ago

What if there is no wife? I especially want to know how to solve this. Free orders or find a wife.
I went to the bathing center for mandarin ducks to play in the water. What if there were no mandarin ducks? Want to catch mandarin ducks first?
What if I eat pineapple buns without pineapple? Should I buy pineapples?
If you want to eat husband and wife lung tablets? Is it necessary for the boss to cut off the lungs of her husband and wife?
I want to be quiet, who is Jingjing?

6 months ago

Actually, this matter is not that troublesome at all! If the visitor has objections to the “Fish Fragrant Pork Shredded”, when this dish is served, he will ask the store that the dish is wrong! Ask to return or change dishes! This is normal operation! In other words, the tourists are not satisfied with the food, except for the fish-flavored pork shreds, the other dishes are not moved! It can also be discussed! But; please note that the dishes in the red box are almost ready! Look at the casserole on the far right. This is called “The dishes are very common?” If you don’t eat the pan, why not eat it? Therefore, no matter how you say it, tourists don’t have any reason! In fact, there was no need to alert the police! However, this is also good, so that visitors will not go back and write on the Internet such things as “black shops slaughter people”! Video now! There is a police record! If they go back and talk nonsense, they can sue them for “defamation”! The above are personal opinions, for reference only!

6 months ago

Fish-flavored shredded pork has always been my favorite dish. It is not as greasy as braised pork, nor does it lack meaty flavor like pelmeni. The combination of a variety of ingredients not only ensures the richness of nutrients, but also the mouth is silky, satisfying the taste buds. The differences in diets in different regions are normal. Take the Chinese famous “big plate chicken” as an example, there are different practices in different regions. Henan will cook relatively large heat, the chicken is fresh and tender, and the potatoes melt in your mouth; here in Beijing, the meat and potatoes taste a bit raw; the large plate chicken made locally in Xinjiang has a different taste. There is a problem of going to the countryside, even McDonald’s and KFC need to cater to the tastes of people from different countries and regions, not to mention fish-flavored pork shreds. Hot pot restaurants in Chongqing generally rarely offer sesame sauce, but they are basically available in other places. According to this customer’s logic, Chongqing people go to other places to eat Chongqing hot pot. If they provide sesame sauce, can they be regarded as unorthodox? If you step back ten thousand steps, even if the shredded pork with fish flavor is not authentic and the store has cheated, the claim is less than 1,000 yuan. According to Article 55 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests: If a business operator commits fraud in providing goods or services, he shall increase the compensation for the losses suffered by the consumer in accordance with the requirements of the consumer, and increase the amount of compensation for the purchase of the consumer. Three times the price of the goods or the cost of receiving services; if the amount of compensation is less than 500 yuan, it shall be 500 yuan. If the law provides otherwise, follow those provisions. The fish-flavored pork shreds counts you 60 yuan a plate, and you can pay 500 yuan at most. The 1,000 yuan claim is obviously because you want to eat Bawang meal. This customer is a bit stubborn. If you want to find something wrong, then I can say that there is no fish in this fish-flavored shredded pork. No fungus than you said, I don’t know where it goes higher. If a normal person encounters a big difference in the dishes, explain the situation to the waiter and just change the dishes. It is recommended that the police uncle criticize and educate the customer so that he can make up for the meal and do it for himself.

6 months ago

It has nothing to do with dietary differences
You can say that there is no fungus in the shredded pork with yuxiang, you can say why shredded bamboo shoots instead of shredded lettuce? It can even be said that the fish-flavored pork shreds do not have fish. I can give you a free fish-flavored pork shredded. But if you eat more than a thousand, you can avoid a single dozen yuan of dishes. You only want to pay four hundred. Isn’t it a bit too lame? Up?
Don’t worry about the region, the old Westerners can’t afford to lose this person.

6 months ago

I am from Shanxi, but I think this old man is doing something wrong. After eating rice for more than one thousand yuan, I just use other people’s cooking as an excuse, and then I don’t want to pay. This is really not authentic. If the meal is not authentic, it can be launched without paying, then after I go out and stay in the hotel, I just told the boss that your hotel does not have the feeling of facing the sea and the spring blossoms, it is not authentic, and then there is no need to pay? So this question, first is the question of basic quality, normal consumption, people do not cheat you; second is the question of standards, there are indeed differences in diet between the north and the south, but as far as diet is concerned, there is no unified standard, there is no right or wrong; the last is a question of logic. You feel that the food is not authentic, and you can’t make it out without paying for it. The store had no choice but to report to the police, which was normal. When it comes to eating, the difference between the North and South diets is quite big. Let’s take a particularly common vegetable stewed chicken. I used to eat in Shandong. There were a lot of chicken. The side dishes were fungus and pepper. The soup was also very fragrant. You can take a spoon. It is very fragrant when poured on rice. When I went to school in Wuhan, I ate yellow braised chicken again. There were a lot of bean sprouts, the corresponding meat was less, and the previous flavor was gone. I changed a few stores and it was basically the same. No way, you have to pay. Once I took my roommate to eat. My roommate was from Hubei. After eating, I asked him how he felt. He said it was delicious, and I asked him if the bean sprouts were removed from it and replaced with cayenne pepper. He said he hadn’t eaten it. In the north, I like to eat noodles. I can eat two bowls of delicious noodles at a time. I also love to eat steamed buns, and also like to use steamed buns as a dip in vegetables. In my hometown, my mother made pancakes. I like to roll them with green onions and then eat them with green onions. Or boil the eggs in white water in the morning, peel them, and eat them in vinegar. When I shared these methods with my friends in the south, many of them couldn’t understand them, saying they were simply unacceptable. The difference between the north and the south is the same as when people in the north like to take a bath, while many people in the south never take a bath. When I first went to study in Wuhan, I took a bath towel and rubbed it sometimes. One time, my roommate saw my scrubbing towel and expressed wonder. In fact, I am even more puzzled, how come I haven’t even seen such a homely thing as a bath towel? Shouldn’t this be a must-have at home? The fact is that he hasn’t seen it before, and there is no concept of taking a bath in his mind. Not to mention the difference in diet between the North and the South, there are also great differences between the northern regions. My daughter-in-law in northern Shaanxi, the vinegar they use is rice vinegar, which has a strong taste and is very sour. And we like to eat old Shanxi vinegar, with a fragrance (of course, I think). They like to eat mutton, and they must have mutton when they celebrate the New Year. And since I was young, I ate it once in a while. My mother had never eaten lamb and couldn’t eat it. When eating noodles, we add vinegar, vinegar and vinegar, and then some spicy, if not, just have vinegar. Whether they are eating noodles or rice, they must prepare coriander, scallions, pickles, spicy peppers, vinegar… and then add energy to them. When we first ate together, there was a conflict in our diet in Shanghai. She couldn’t understand why I had to eat vinegar, and I couldn’t understand why I should add green onion and coriander to the rice instead of hot pot. After a long time, I got used to it.

6 months ago

Like the police officers, you may rarely encounter disputes, let alone report to the police many of the previous disputes. After the police came to the police, they would not care about the facts. They would only mediate and ask for concessions. If one party is particularly unreasonable, the police It will even make the other party make more concessions. If the mediation fails, then often the matter will not be qualitative, but directly request both parties to go to the court to sue for settlement. The vast majority of disputes are such small disputes of hundreds of thousands. The facts are very clear. Anyone can see who is right and who is wrong, but because the matter is pushed to the court, the party who is reasonably injured cannot bear the cost of litigation. , In the end, in a disguised form to condone unreasonable troubles and profit from it. I believe that this kind of behavior by this tourist is definitely not the occasional episode of mental problems, but the crimes that have been tried and tested. After all, in order to keep things quiet, business people often swallow their anger. Even if it is not done, the tourists will not lose much, and the wishful thinking is too good. If the police officers can enforce the law impartially at this time, the unreasonable party will also soften the authenticity of this fish-flavored shredded pork without fungus. In addition, the meal cost of 1080 is only willing to pay 400, and this dish of fish-flavored pork is worth 680? The police officers in Chongqing were already merciful if they did not follow the rules of provoking troubles and public security detention. I hope that other police officers from all over the world will be able to judge right and wrong so clearly, making this kind of unreasonable troublemaking difficult.

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