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How to operate from the media, I believe many people want to know this. But everyone should know that different people answer this question, and different results will come out. Because everyone’s foundation is different, the foundation is different, the experience is different, and the things they are good at are different, they will naturally adopt different methods of operation. There are many people who are successful in self-media, and everyone’s methods are different. Although we have all succeeded, we cannot say that our method is the best, we can only say that this method is the most suitable for us. Self-media is actually very simple, nothing more than creating content. As long as we can create content that the platform likes, get recommended by the platform, and get reads and views, we will be rewarded by the platform. In other words, we only need to find a way to create more and better content. The form of content is nothing more than articles and videos. Choose the one that suits you, and then choose a field you are good at, and you can start creating content. Creating content is simple, but creating high-quality content is more difficult. Those who have creative experience and creative foundation will naturally create easier and have a higher success rate. But for those who have no experience and foundation, it is relatively difficult. Currently, among the people who do self-media, there are relatively few people with experience and foundation, and relatively many people without experience and foundation. So how do these people with no experience and foundation create articles? As one of them, let me share my experience and methods. I have used this method for many years now, and the results are still very satisfactory. Because I don’t know how to write articles, I want to move and borrow. So when I was creating the article, I adopted this method decisively. The first step in my creation is to find materials on the Internet. As long as it is related to my creative field and has relatively high reading volume, I will move them back. Then use some methods to quickly process these articles. The purpose of processing is to systematically transform the article. If the platform cannot be identified, there will naturally be no problems of content duplication and infringement. The articles processed by us can be published on the self-media platform. The articles we create using this method are not only of good quality. After the platform was released, the reading volume was also very good, so my results have always been very stable. In fact, in addition to my creative method, novices have many other methods. There are not only writing articles, but also creating videos. As long as we find a method that suits us, we can do a good job of self-media.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

1. Since we want to do something, we must be clear about the purpose of what we want to do. In the past few years, I have come into contact with a large number of friends who do self-media every day. Whenever someone consults me about self-media related issues, I will ask him the purpose of self-media. Through several years of statistics, most of the friends who want to be self-media, see that others are making money from self-media, and they want to participate. I want to think about self-media to add an income channel to myself. 2. Now that the purpose is clear, it is time to proceed. If we want to increase revenue through We-Media, we have to do a reverse reasoning to see where the We-Media’s revenue comes from? At present, there are many self-media platforms and categories, as well as diversified income channels. However, most of the current income of self-media creators is mainly derived from content subsidies and advertising revenues given to creators by self-media platforms. In addition to other categories of income channels, such as essay bonuses, upcoming events, Column sales, etc…. Third, the self-media platform will give creators benefits based on comprehensive factors such as the creator’s personal account weight, domain, content quality, concentration, and reading volume and playback volume. The amount of income is completely determined by the above key factors. 4. In other words, if we media participants want to achieve better results and get more returns, they need to create more high-quality content that meets the platform’s audience and the platform likes. Only in this way, the platform will recommend our content. The higher the number of platform recommendations, the higher our reading and playing volume, and the better our performance. At present, most self-media platforms are recommendation mechanisms. As long as the content is of high quality and meets the platform’s audience, the platform will definitely recommend our content. The amount of revenue has a huge relationship with the content, and it has nothing to do with the number of novices, veterans, and fans. (Except for some platforms) 5. All the problems now boil down to the content. Since we want to make content, we need to know what forms the content has. At present, the content of the self-media platform mainly consists of two forms: self-media graphics and self-media videos, which are very good choices. However, the field of content is divided into many types, and we have to choose according to our own strengths, interests, and preferences. 6. After all the above things are done, we will start creating content. People with different abilities, different foundations, and different content forms should choose different creative methods and methods. If you choose pictures and texts, go to create pictures and texts. If you choose a video, go to create the video. If you have writing skills and experience, write your own articles. If you don’t have the writing skills and foundation, try to create articles through other channels. If you have the basics of video shooting and creation, you can shoot the video yourself. If you have no experience in shooting videos, you can create videos in ways that you don’t need to shoot yourself. Those who don’t want to show their faces can also create videos in a faceless way. 7. How do so many successful self-media creators create content? For example, Xiaobai, a novice like me who has no writing skills but chooses self-media graphics and text, can only choose to use some special methods to create self-media graphics and texts. Because I know that if I write blindly, it is difficult to create high-quality articles. In fact, it is better to take an unusual path. So based on my own situation, I chose to copy, move, and optimize to change this path. By carrying similar high-quality articles on the Internet and using special methods to transform and adapt these words, we can create the content we need. The content created in this way is not only of good quality, but also liked and recommended by the platform. I have used this method to do self-media and have been doing it for many years, and the results have always been very stable. Although I don’t know how to write articles myself, I can use this method to create high-quality articles, get platform recommendations and anything, and achieve the purpose of self-media. I still insist on it. The veteran has the method of the veteran, and the novice has the path of the novice, and different people need to take different paths. This is true for self-media graphics, and so is video. 8. If you read the above several items in detail, I think you already know how to start. If your thoughts are smooth, then step up to the actual operation, the opportunity is bound to wait for no one. We have a lot of free time every day. Rather than holding mobile phones to spend our days, we should do something we can. If we succeed, we can improve the quality of our lives!

7 months ago

From the perspective of my audience for many years, there are probably four or five kinds of self-media. The first is to sell poor information. The second is to flatter the audience. The third is to play opposition and provocative emotions. The fourth is to output opinions. The so-called tutorials of marketing accounts have changed from time to time. These four are basically the same. It is nothing more than adding some more details to teach you how to play better. Of course, there are also the output content of the Eight Classics, less, oh yes, there is another way to teach people to make money, as we all know, the easiest way to cut leeks is to teach leeks to learn how to cut leeks. I can’t play all of the above, either I can’t pull my face, I’m cruel, or I can’t play at a level. So I used the fifth gameplay: Tu Yile. Or cleverly set up a name, called to please yourself. I’m talking to myself, you love to watch.

7 months ago

Now most people know that self-media can make money, but some people still don’t know that self-media can make money. Fat Zhang has been doing self-media for three years and knows that many studios in this industry are sharing self-media. In the media cake, many studios use a few tricks to make money. Now we are not as brainless as we were in the previous two years. In the past, we only needed money to post articles or videos, but now we can’t, but we can still divide the pie from the media through some tricks. I know that people sometimes search the Internet for some experience about We-Media, and there will be some articles that teach you how to make a monthly income of over 10,000 We-Media, but what I want to tell you is, if you are just a person, an account wants to reach It is more difficult to enter more than 10,000, but if you operate several accounts at the same time, it is relatively easy to add up to a monthly income of more than 10,000. Only a few people can earn more than 100,000 a month in each industry following its “two-eight law”. Some people, but earn about 10,000 a month, as long as you are willing to persist in learning, you can still earn. Of course, you also need to understand more platform rules and the experience of some self-media bosses, so that you will lose a lot of walking detour. Not much nonsense, I will explain to you some of the current methods of making self-media articles. 1. Original originality should be easier to understand, but it requires you to have the original ability. You can write an article by yourself through a picture or a video. High-quality articles, but ordinary novice self-media authors do not have this ability, so I suggest that novice authors without original ability can accumulate writing experience through pseudo-original in the early stage, and then gradually turn to originality in the later stage. 2. Pseudo-original. In fact, pseudo-original is sandwiched between originality and transportation. Take articles that have been published by others, add a few keywords in the article, or piece together multiple articles. In fact, most newcomers do self-media. They all started with pseudo-original, because when a novice author of We-Media first came into contact with We-Media, he couldn’t write original if he asked him to write original. Only through pseudo-original can he slowly understand the rules of the platform, imitate other people’s articles, and accumulate his own writing. Experience, let yourself slowly want to get closer to the original. 3. How to understand handling? For example, an author published an article on today’s headline, and then you copy the title or content to Baidu and search it. You find that no one on the Baijiahao platform has posted this article, so you paste it to Baidu without changing a word. The home account is posted up. This is transportation. The first two years of transportation are relatively easy to do. Now Fat Zhang does not recommend that you play transportation, because now many platforms have rules for the whole network to protect rights. Once the original author reports plagiarism, it is light. Points will be deducted, and the title will be repeated. Fourth, the manuscript washing Finally, I will introduce you to the washing process. The washing process is divided into manual washing and machine washing. For machine washing, it is to put the article in some washing tools, and then it will automatically replace some of the keys for you. Words, for example, a sentence: “Did you eat today?” The machine can replace you with “Did you eat today”. The advantage of machine washing is that the article is produced quickly, but there are more typos and the quality of the article is relatively poor. The other is to manually wash the manuscript. You are an article or some material of your own. To adapt it in your own words, we also use the last sentence: “Have you eaten today?”, we can change it to just use our own ideas. Say: “Hello, what did you eat at noon today”. The advantage of manual washing is that the quality of the article is high, but the article output is relatively slow.

7 months ago

First of all, let me tell everyone that no matter it is a big V self-media creator, they all started from Xiaobai. No one can make it more delicious at the beginning. It is a big V who is born to do this. We think about it and do this thing. Don’t be afraid, as long as you insist on finding the right method, I think it will be a big V over time. But how to do it specifically, we can’t just talk about it, we have to take action every day! I have summarized 7 directions that can help you do self-media. 1. First of all, we have to think deeply about whether we are ready or not. We will do that. Before we are good at that area, what area we like, and determine the direction of creation. 2. Make sure that we understand this industry. , What are the development rules and trends? Three. Look at what you must learn, watch the video of the big V, interact more, see what people say, shoot videos, edit, and select content! 4. To understand the rules of the platform, you can not violate the rules of the platform. It is very important to choose the content. It is best not to make content on sensitive topics! 5. Learn editing software and upload videos on your computer! Six, the rest is persistence, you can stick to it if you like it! Seven, go to the shadow classroom to systematically learn from the media knowledge. Everyone learns slowly from Xiaobai to become a great god. The self-media threshold is low and it is free. It is completely possible to try. If you feel that you are suitable to do this, continue to do it, and if it is not suitable for you, you will not do it. I believe that as long as we have the intention to do it and study hard, we will be able to do well in self-media.

7 months ago

I know a lot of top-level operations, whether they are from major manufacturers, media, mcn organizations, or even Bytedance, each of them has strong empathy. You need to know your strengths, use your strengths to provide others with what they need, or let others understand that yours is what they need. If you can understand the above two sentences, becoming a successful self-media person is only left with the convenience of video editing and other skills.

7 months ago

As a new media person for eight years, he has been on the front line since the birth of the new media operation position in 2012. He has also summed up a lot of experience and laws from the real economy to avoid repeating the mistakes of latecomers. I have shared too many dry goods before, and interested friends can check it out on their own: here is one point: We media is different from new media! (The difference between the two, you can pay attention to my column serial article) There are not too many empty theories on the tall, most of them are grounded dry goods, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

7 months ago

We media have actually been out for several years. There are also various tutorials on the market, but they are all scattered and unsystematic. In fact, everyone is we media. Every ordinary person can speak on various platforms. The best The way is to do your own personal ip. For example, in Zhihu, to operate a personal account of your own, you must have vertical content and be professional. You can’t just post and answer casually like a life account. You can share some dry goods or experience in your own professional field, because This society has a lot of information gaps, whether online or offline! You know, even if a small thing may not be known to others, it can bring value to others.

7 months ago

Remember one sentence, there will be no pie in the sky! Generally speaking, what makes money online, where to make money, how to make money like this, and how to make money like this? Of course, in the end he was killed and he didn’t talk about how the category he was talking about made money in detail! A bunch of p-pictures, how much you earn per day and how much per month, put your impulsive consumption to the top, and suddenly comes a sentence? Answer: Want to know? I teach you! But what about my experience! It’s all my years of experience. I don’t tell most people. It depends on the fate of you and me today! Don’t need 8888 or 888, just come to 88 pictures to celebrate! I will give my many years of unspeakable words to you, let you inherit my mantle, and help those who need help in the future! At this time, you have been fooled into anxious, hurried payment, get a dozen martial arts! Seller: I cut another leek and add a chicken leg; I suggest you do what you like and do what you do professionally, and you don’t have to learn from others! Because of the success of this thing, it is difficult to imitate successfully

7 months ago

Now it’s not uncommon to make more than 10,000 monthly income from the media and one million a year. I believe that many small partners have a certain understanding of the self-media through channels such as Toutiao, Douyin, Baijiahao, etc., but if you talk about it What did the media do? I believe most people don’t know what’s going on. Kai Ge recently discovered that many people are learning to do self-media on the Internet. It is very simple to say that it is simple, but also very difficult to say that it is difficult. However, if you want to learn to do self-media quickly, there are also methods. The key is to persist in perseverance. This is also the reason why many people do well or not well in self-media. 1. Why do you want to create self-media? Many people often start creating self-media without purpose, requirements, or plans. Others say that self-media can make a lot of money, so they join, and often the result is nothing. Generally speaking, there are three kinds of mindsets for the young friends who just started writing in the self-media: 1. There is nothing to do. When asked why he is doing self-media, he instantly petrified, because he has not thought about it or has no reason. 2. It’s fun, and there are many friends who have the mentality of having fun and want to try new things. 3. To build a brand, self-media is the fastest and lowest cost way to build a personal brand. Building a personal brand is also the most effective way to make money. If you do self-media with the first two mentalities, it will not last long. If you are doing self-media with the third mentality, then continue to look down. 2. In what form, the way many people create personal brands is to register a We-Media account, output high-quality content on We-Media platform, establish a matrix for multi-platform distribution, and continuously expand their influence. So in what form should we media authors output content? It can be roughly divided into three types: 1. Article 2. Video 3. Audio Most self-media authors present content in the form of articles, and capable authors can choose to create in various forms. If you want to stand out among the many self-media works, you also need to continue to learn new content creation forms. 3. Do you want to pay to learn? Many small partners have difficulty writing essays, and writing essays is even more difficult. I have only watched the video on TV, and have never done it in practice. Audio looks very simple, but it also requires material accumulation. In fact, there are many online tutorials for teaching writing and editing videos. If you have enough time and strong learning ability, it is also a good choice to learn by yourself. However, training courses tend to be more systematic, which allows novices to take a lot of detours and do a good job of self-media more quickly. Kai Ge We Media has a set of systematic We Media training courses, which can help novices grow quickly. Just like when we were young, students with strong learning abilities can achieve good results through their own efforts, and students with poor learning abilities should use training classes to assist them to achieve success. 4. What kind of effect is achieved? Many people who do self-media have never thought about what kind of effect they want to achieve, or that they don’t have a goal, it is easy to lose themselves if they continue to do so. When we were in school, our teachers and parents always let us enter a good university. University was our goal in school. To be self-media also needs a goal. In fact, it means to have a plan for your own life. For example, you are to learn skills, master writing and video editing techniques. For example, you just want to be famous and become a writer, and use knowledge to create value. For example, you just want to build a personal brand, expand your influence, and exchange traffic for money. 5. Maintaining stable updates. For novices, the more self-media platforms, the better. Only in this way can your content be spread out in a wider range and be seen by more people. And also need to maintain a stable update frequency, it is best to update the content every day. That is to say, we need to have a stable appearance time on the We-media platform. Only by constantly appearing in the eyes of users and constantly refreshing the impression in the minds of users will users remember us faster. If you update every day this week, but do not update the next week, and do not appear in the user’s sight for a long time, the user will soon forget your existence. Nothing can be done overnight. It requires not only perseverance, but also certain confidence, even if the people around you question and deny you. Perhaps many people know that quantitative changes will produce qualitative changes, but very few people actually do it. The current society is too impetuous. Many people are looking forward to working hard today and becoming rich tomorrow. What we media authors have to do is to overcome this negative state, and persevere to the end will be rewarded!

7 months ago

As a self-media entrepreneur, I am honored to answer your question. Now it can be said that self-media entrepreneurship is still a very good choice, and the threshold is low for everyone. We want to do the self-media first to do a good job of positioning, specific development in which field. We must pay attention to three things from the media. One is to maintain continuous updates, high-quality, high-quality, and attractive works. 2. Have greater influence on the Internet platform, with more fans, likes, and reading. Third, there are higher capital gains. To achieve the above three points, it can be said that the self-media is very successful. We need to do a good job of self-media, we need to learn more various Internet skills, such as video editing software, to improve our writing ability, we usually pay more attention to the little bit of life, usually sum up and record experience in the life process, you can stay Make self-media materials. In daily life, you can also watch other people’s videos and some high-read articles. Learn more and learn more from the experience of your peers. You can also learn on some learning platforms. For example, the Shadow Classroom APP is a platform dedicated to some Internet novices and some novices. The self-media courses in the Shadow Classroom are very detailed, and the courses are also very detailed. At present, the mainstream self-media skills and some video editing courses are available. They are all played in high-definition online seconds. It is very suitable for netizens who want to develop in self-media.

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