It’s not easy to change myself. I met a senior in the club when I was in college. She was quite ordinary and she didn’t have any extraordinary talents. She had average grades and was from Shandong. His family background was neither bad nor good (with me) The same monthly living allowance is 1500) At that time, she thought she would be the same as most people of the same age. Normally, she would get a graduation certificate without a subject, go home to work in a state-owned enterprise, get married and have children, and spend her life in the comfort zone. . In the end, I didn’t know what to do. A student of economics and management suddenly wanted to go abroad to study fashion design in Italy. At that time, she hadn’t passed CET-4, and after having trouble with her family for a few months, she let her go. It’s been my third year abroad. I have enough grade points for my school. I have signed a contract with the company there. I don’t need to pay for living expenses at home, and I’m still gradually subsidizing my family. (To be honest, the process is very bitter) No one has persuaded her, no one has put pressure on her, but one person has changed so suddenly. There are some ordinary people. I feel that I am too fat and want to lose weight. I really insist on running in the morning every day, eating salad chicken breasts, and getting a fitness card every day. I feel that I am too poor and want to make money, so I really find ways to find channels, work as a tutor, and work as a part-time agent, and increase my income step by step. There are many more stories around me that I have personally experienced. I think there is nothing to say about the process of change. It is nothing more than forcing yourself to learn to exercise hard in the morning and to abuse your body and will. Everyone feels the same. But the opportunity before everyone changed is amazing. Some people have a sense of mission. For example, they want to pursue a person they like, find an ideal, and want to make themselves worthy of change. There are also people who are threatened, such as finding a disease, not being able to pay a very important amount of money, being hurt by others’ attitude, etc., and force themselves to change with a sigh of relief. In fact, have you ever thought that if a person wants to completely change himself, it is not a question of courage at all, but a waiting opportunity. “Change” is not difficult to act, but after this opportunity appears, you will make a determination, this determination is worth giving up your current comfort zone and everything you have. You want to lose weight, but you don’t want to give up the comfort of eating sea food and lying down with salted fish. This determination is not enough. You want to make money, but you are not short of money now that you will die if you don’t pay back the loan shark. This determination is not enough. And to completely change yourself, it may take an opportunity that is enough to turn your world upside down. How difficult is this? Let me use anime as an example. If you want each protagonist to change the plot, you need to arrange a death. For example, in “Attack on Titan” Mikasa died of his parents, “One Piece” in “One Piece” Luffy died of Ace, “Ghost Destruction” In “Blade”, Tanjiro died and his family died, and in “Naruto” Sasuke died in the village. I’m not saying that we have to sacrifice anything to completely change it. The main reason is to express the shock in your heart at that time. Some very common little things, or a word someone else says unintentionally, may be an opportunity to cause such shock. When I was a teenager with internet addiction, I got such a shock, which completely changed my childhood ever since. You have never been able to completely change yourself, just because you haven’t encountered the opportunity to change, and you haven’t really made up your mind. You are still quite satisfied with yourself in your heart. After the opportunity appeared, I had to talk about the feeling of “regret”. Regret is the catalyst for change. Many people change suddenly because of “regret.” You must have met some people, but dead pigs are not afraid of boiling water. How you persuade him or scare him is useless. This is not because he is not afraid of the results you mentioned, but because it hasn’t happened yet, he has never felt regretful.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

It is never too late to change this. Change requires continuous effort, self-management and self-driven every day. Details and trivialities are hurdles that cannot be passed. You have to constantly sum up experience and lessons and continuously optimize your actions. What you want to change is what you have to strive to become who you want to be. It has nothing to do with others, chooses yourself, and bears the consequences yourself. Don’t count on, rely on, complain about others, take your own path. People are grateful if they can help. It’s normal if they can’t help. No matter who they are, parents, parents, sisters and brothers, and sons are the same. Don’t just wait for an opportunity to change you, and don’t rely too much on you to start changing after a certain time. Although it is difficult to change from now on, this is the truth. It is very important for a person to arrange his daily life, work, and study, to continuously improve his experience and abilities, and to be good at summarizing and analyzing the core.

8 months ago

You have to build your own knowledge system, collect, analyze, sort, categorize, refine, practice, and then refine, overthrow and rebuild practice. Such repetition will never end. The most important thing in life is to act in accordance with the law and understand the character. Have to work hard to make money, money is the confidence. Regardless of whether it is to leave, adjust one’s current life state or resist risks, money is required. The hardest thing in the world is to change yourself and change others. Don’t always think about changing others. It’s harder than getting to the sky. Try to change yourself and let yourself get to the sky. This is how I eat fish. Serve a pot of fish. I take a small bowl, holding only half a bowl at a time, and pick it up slowly in front of me. Serve half a bowl after eating. Although there are many fish in a pot, it really can’t stand it so late. Big goals are difficult to accomplish, so they have to be broken down into smaller goals and completed gradually. Slow is fast, but in the end it is really not slow.

8 months ago

Let alone a year, half a year is more than enough, or even more. In the past, I was almost a dead fat house without going out. I almost stayed at home except for study and work, and I did not improve my desires. Many times I complained and complained about it. Why is it so hard for a lifetime. Because I didn’t like sports before, and I liked to eat some greasy puffed foods, the whole person looked bloated, let alone falling in love, even if it was a heterosexual friend. The fat on the face is not a cute baby fat, but the kind of greasy glow that irritates the stomach, and it is as sloppy as it is. I look at the previous photos and I can be stunned for a long time.

8 months ago

Did I really look like this before? And because I don’t like to read books and are obsessed with the second dimension, so many things are taken for granted. There is a kind of obedience to me who will prosper against me and perish. The biggest inexplicable thought of Laozi above and below is that people are not good, and his temper is not small. The terrible kind of low. At that time, I didn’t like to talk and couldn’t talk. As long as I didn’t agree with my thoughts, I might just ignore them or ignore them when I played with my mobile phone. I didn’t talk too much.

8 months ago

dare! Why dare not? It is not difficult to change this thing, but the hard part is to start. The question should be how to change yourself. Which aspect of yourself you want to change is the point. In fact, it doesn’t take a year, but half a year is enough. Do you want to have a shoulder and waistcoat line? If you want to have a good body, then you should start exercising now. Follow the keep tutorial, buy a yoga mat, and do it at home in the dormitory. If you have plenty of time and funds, you can also choose to go to the gym to exercise. It is not difficult to change, start to do it and persevere to change. Do you want to increase income through sideline business? Then why don’t you learn a skill from now on? It can be paid to learn, or you can go to Zhihu and B to find related tutorials. You say you know nothing and are not good at anything, but no one is born to be good at. If you don’t start, you can never change.

8 months ago

Do you want to make yourself look better? Then why not learn how to dress from now on? Whether it is Xiaohongshu, Zhihu, Weibo or B station, there are relevant answers. Put down the phone, go to bed early, get up early, work regularly, exercise more when you have nothing to do, don’t just apply medicine on your face, go to the hospital. If you don’t know how to make-up, follow the beauty blogger. In less than a year, I believe you will make a big change in half a year. Do you want to become more outgoing and confident? Then read more books about communication and interpersonal communication, and communicate more with others, because if you don’t communicate with others, you will never be able to become more outgoing. Self-confidence is not only self-confidence in words, it can also change your appearance to make yourself more confident. Do you want to improve your academic qualifications? Then why don’t you start now, after get off work, you no longer hold your mobile phone to watch videos, but start to learn knowledge from books. If you don’t, write it down and ask someone from the church. Is it enough time to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination? Whenever you really want to change, it is really not difficult to do it.

8 months ago

It is not difficult to change yourself, just find the right way. It’s just that you may not find it for a long time, because the self-discipline methods provided on the Internet rarely meet high efficiency, high stability, and high feasibility at the same time (except for my original method). I was extremely depraved at home. In addition to eating, drinking and sleeping, my daily life is nothing but drama, playing games, playing tigers and knowing things, but in fact, I really want to change my heart. The hopelessness that is longing and unavailable can only be understood by the same people. And now, I have been self-disciplined for three and a half years. The reason why people fall is the existence of negative (face) feedback and discomfort in rhythm.

8 months ago

The role of negative feedback: make emotions, states, thoughts, and rhythms all uncomfortable. These four are interrelated and affect the whole body. Due to some kind of opportunity, I slowed down, so the rhythm was no longer stable, and I regained my recording ability, thinking ability and practical ability. I want to use these three abilities to discover the essence of self-discipline and simple and easy methods of self-discipline. Fortunately, I made some discoveries. Why can’t lazy people discipline themselves at home? Because lazy people at home do not realize that the level of negative feedback should be reduced to a weak level. This is the essence of self-discipline. Usually when you study in school or work in a company, there are hidden environmental stimuli that attract you, so you can study and work even at the level of weak negative feedback. But there is no such stimulation at home, so you need to be able to move forward without relying on instant gravity.

8 months ago

Why is it so difficult to change? Because our psychological expectation is: to force efforts under strong resistance conditions. Most people will say that they are not motivated if they don’t work hard. Is the actual situation a lack of motivation? No, there is too much resistance. Although motivation is greater than resistance and you can act, you must also consider the quality of your actions and your feelings of action. The low quality of actions and the bad feeling of action will cast a psychological shadow in the heart. Next time you want to work hard, the psychological shadow will immediately appear in your mind, blocking our efforts. For example, you can’t solve math problems if you rack your brains. When you are in a calm state and a comfortable environment, the resistance is 0, and the weak power is greater than 0, you can move forward smoothly. The rhythm is under control. Edited 9 hours ago

8 months ago

When we want to change, we always ask ourselves, is it too late to start now? The answer is always too late! The best time to plant a tree was ten years ago, followed by now. You have to have faith in your heart, there is no time gap, you can start anytime. One year is enough to make a big change for you, there are so many things you can do. After this year, of course, it is time for me to set up the flag. I will share it with you here, and hope to share with you!

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