I have no special skills. I have been studying since I was a child. After I entered high school, my grades deteriorated. The university is a second-rate social work major. I don’t like this major. I have been instilled with the poisonous chicken soup for postgraduate entrance examinations. Have a graduate degree. I don’t have a postgraduate entrance examination and I have no direction. I don’t know what to do. Should I just graduate and look for a job?

The link posted at the end of the article, I hope it will be useful to you. I am a girl and I am also a Buddhist. To say that it is awkward is that I don’t want to be motivated, but I don’t want to be lazy. I can only say that I have no big ambitions. I went to an ordinary second school, an ordinary graduate student, and it has been nearly three years since I graduated so far. I don’t say that academic qualifications are not important, just talk about my life briefly, just for reference. In the suburbs and rural areas of my third- and fourth-tier cities, my ancestors have never seen scholars. They are all peasants facing the loess and back to the sky. To be precise, there are no undergraduates in the village who are serious before me. So at that time, when I was taking college entrance examinations, my family only thought it was enough to take a second course. When I think about famous universities, I think it is a dream. When I was young and ignorant, I even boasted that I wanted to study at Tsinghua University and Peking University. The bigger I knew, the more I knew it was a dream. In the matter of studying, I was really lucky. Although the tests were average, I went in the rear of the car every time, so I didn’t repeat the grade, did not repeat the study, and did not WWII. For example, when I was admitted to college, my teacher was worried that I would not be able to pass the exam, because my high school physics English was terrible, but I was very good at math. I have been a representative of math class for three years in high school, and my head teacher is a math teacher, so my head teacher followed The teachers of those two subjects greeted me, focusing on me. To be honest, the teachers in my school at that time were really ethical, and they didn’t say that giving gifts was the only way to take care. Most teachers really wanted to teach a bunch of promising students, and they worked hard if they could. Give it a hand. After all, I was not the one being cared for, I just needed to be saved because of the partial discipline. Later, my mother asked me to take the postgraduate entrance examination. Oh, the engineering major I studied in university is not what I want to study. My mother forced me to choose. I actually want to study finance, but my mother thinks it is finance. Unstable, let me study electronics. Then I discussed with my mother, 6 volunteers, equally divided, 3 for her and 3 for me. In the year of the postgraduate entrance examination, I mobilized my roommates to take the exam together. Because I was a social animal, it was really lonely to take the exam by myself, so I wanted someone to accompany me (a single dog in four years of university), but no one wanted to take the exam. , I can only fight alone. But I didn’t have any intent to fight, because I was driving the duck to the shelves, and my mother asked me to try it. Because of this, I was not very concerned about the postgraduate entrance examination, and I was very Buddhist. At the time, I thought, my mother said, try it, it’s okay if I don’t pass the exam, and my roommates don’t take the exam. If there is no comparison, there will be no harm. When a bunch of people gave up halfway because they couldn’t stand the pressure or other things, I stood still, what should I do, and the general belief was: no matter what, I have to die on the battlefield. I just give up if I don’t take the exam. This is not my style. I have to go through the process no matter what. In this way, I crossed the postgraduate entrance examination line again at the end of the trailer, and transferred to a general postgraduate entrance examination school. Although the school for the postgraduate entrance examination is not a prestigious school, I still learned a lot, really much more than the university. What I said learned a lot does not refer to book knowledge, but other aspects. First of all, in terms of teaching, in the past, ordinary undergraduate schools did not generate income, and there were few large-scale school activities. It may be because the undergraduate school is in a small third- and fourth-tier city, which leads to the integration of international standards or too few national activities. . Graduate school is a relatively distinctive school, which organizes and participates in many international or national activities throughout the year. The engineering department of the school is pretty good, and the teachers are also under scientific research pressure. They apply for many scientific research projects every year, so there will be many scientific experiments to go to various places. So when I was in graduate school, I went to Tibet, Beijing, Sichuan, Wuhan and other places along with scientific experiments. It was because the girls were too biased and the places were not easy to arrange and it was dangerous. In Xinjiang and Ali, it would be more suitable for boys to go there. I can be regarded as enjoying the feeling of traveling for free at public expense, and I have also seen the scenery of various places. Second, after studying in graduate school, I discovered that graduate doctoral students are actually not rare, even if they are Ph.Ds from overseas returnees. After all, there are all kinds of seniors and sisters around you, whether they are doctors or graduate students, you see them every day, you think it is very rare? ? ? In other words, the horizons have broadened a lot, including the circle of friends, have improved a lot, and most of them started with college students. These are all kind of connections. And this kind of friendship between classmates and teachers is far more solid and reliable than the one you make after work. And with the expansion of the teacher’s door, your younger brothers and younger sisters are also constantly growing. This kind of student led by a tutor, even if you graduate, whether it is the former senior brothers and sisters or the future junior brothers and sisters, is regarded as a kind of hidden network resource to a certain extent. Isn’t it amazing? ? ? Third, work. If I don’t train a software technology after college, then as a girl, I may not be able to take this major to a large extent. I may do ordinary sales, clerical or other jobs with no technical content. Rather than saying, because of graduate school, when looking for a job, the starting price of salary is much higher than that of undergraduate, and because they are engineering graduates, they are basically technical posts, and even many of them are in public institutions and state-owned enterprises. Although graduate students already feel like a bad street, they still have great advantages in the examination of public institutions and state-owned enterprises. There is a big difference between male students and female students in graduate school. After all, I found that I have a lot of male college students, and now they mix very well, but there are really few female college students who mix well. In many cases, boys are more capable than highly educated. Ability boys, if they are not in public institutions, the educational background is not a big problem. But in China, if you really want to climb very high, academic qualifications are indispensable, because there are very few high-level qualifications that can’t pass the test. I’m talking about most situations, don’t tell me an example, just talk about Jack Ma. People may not be well-educated, but maybe they have high EQ and broad vision. Some people may have average IQ, but have outstanding abilities in other areas. A true leader is not doing something awesome, but knowing people and making good use of them. As far as I am concerned, I can still study one, especially since undergraduate universities are already ordinary, it feels very helpful to take a postgraduate entrance examination. And because of the epidemic, the enrollment of postgraduates has been expanding in the past two years. It is really not difficult for postgraduate entrance examinations, especially postgraduates. Some majors only test 2 subjects, not math, politics, and some good 985/211 schools are not satisfied. Because the information is not equal, we don’t know the actual enrollment situation of each major in each school, which makes it difficult to find out. Therefore, it is very important to have resource information! I was able to adjust successfully that year. At that time, the school made a mistake in the professional courses, and the adjustment was too difficult. There were not many people who even got on the national line as the first choice. Then we basically accepted the batch of people who were willing to adjust, and I was blind. The cat ran into a dead mouse. ps: Our school will never dare to make trouble in professional courses anymore! 【Extended Enrollment for Postgraduate Entrance Exam for 2021】Only 2 subjects are required, and all books can be registered. Of course, there are a lot of situations where you have a double graduation certificate. During your three years of graduate school, your college classmates may have been “successful”. For example, the family business is very good; or the salary is tens of thousands, which is far from you. The salary you can achieve after graduating from graduate school, even if you are a leader, and you are still a single dog with nothing. But I think that when you feel that your other abilities are not very strong, it is better to calm down and study hard only when reading is okay. It’s not an old saying, when we’re confused and don’t know what to do, just do what we should do right now. In the end, I think it’s not bad for people to get a postgraduate entrance examination. To be honest, during the six months I was preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, it was really the time when I worked hardest in the whole university, and the experience of the postgraduate entrance examination is also worth remembering. There may be many people who worry that if they go to the exam, they will fail in the end, wasting time, and delaying finding a job or something. How do you say this, maybe some jobs are really rare, and take a long time to prepare, and then internship or something. So when it’s clear that you can find a good job, it’s okay not to go to graduate school. But if you evaluate your abilities and think that the job you might find is just so-so, it’s better to try the postgraduate entrance examination. If you pass the entrance examination, it can be considered as an improvement. If you don’t pass the entrance examination, just look for a job in the spring. Anyway, it’s the same job, and the difference between finding late and finding early is not much different, so why not try to work hard. Regarding the experience of studying, many times there is really only one chance, and if you miss it, there will be no chance. Even if I read it later, it is no longer what I felt when I was young. If conditions permit, and people who are more confused, I think they can go for the exam. To a certain extent, the postgraduate entrance exam also tests your willpower, your ability to withstand pressure, your mind and so on. It is different from the college entrance examination to a large extent, and it is good if you have the opportunity to experience it. For some students who have already graduated and worked, they plan to study for another postgraduate, but they don’t have much time on weekdays and don’t know much about on-the-job postgraduate entrance examinations. In fact, you can consult professional institutions about on-the-job postgraduate entrance examinations. It’s been a good year since I graduated, and I have long since paid no attention to the current postgraduate entrance examination policy. These professional institutions must know a lot about the situation in each school. They must also know the situation of each school. If you ask a few words, they will not charge money. Under consultation, you can avoid detours. 【Extended Enrollment for Postgraduate Entrance Exam for 2021】Only 2 subjects are required, and all books can be registered. Some people are curious about what I am doing now. I am working in a new first-tier city, and I am ready to settle down and plan to buy a small house of my own in 2020. I will pay half of the down payment (saving hard), my parents pay half, and I will repay myself. Also, my parents said I was married. The annual salary is now hundreds of thousands. I know that Li is not high, but I am an ordinary girl. I am not a person who spends money, and I am not pursuing high enjoyment and high consumption. The job is stable and the pressure is not great. After all, I don’t have too high aspirations. I think it’s almost enough. Be content with Changle. Overall, I think I have a very comfortable and leisurely life, without too many worries. If there is, it is probably the problem of being urged to marry by my mother, but the emperor is far away from the sky, hahaha, her hands are not that long. I told my mother that fate is destined to come, and I will not be a girl alone. When my mother thought about it, that’s right, girls, no matter how bad they are, someone will ask for it. When it comes to the time, she will directly order me to die, and I will be arrested for marriage. I want to say that what I call my Buddhism department is not that I don’t really work hard at all, but that if I work hard, I can have a better life, and I will work hard. After working hard, I didn’t succeed in the end. I was not overly demanding, not stubborn, and adjusted my mentality to start a new road again, and I would not go to the end of the road. And thank you very much for your blessings. I didn’t expect that it would suddenly become popular. I received a lot of love. Some were flattered and very happy. Really, the mood has been beautiful these days. In fact, many of us are happy. We need to see what we have and be content and be grateful for the current happiness in order to develop more and better. Don’t live in the life of admiring others forever. You can be envious and sigh, but it is more to see the reality and grasp what you can get. All unrealistic desires will only make us miserable. The lofty ideals and desires in the past brought motivation and motivation, but now in this impetuous society, more people are tired and disturbed by the “lofty” ideals, which have become a burden that causes us to worry and seeds of unhappiness. . We can have dreams, but this dream must be the existence that makes us happy. Desires that are not happy will be called desires. Desire brings more pain, so when you are suffering because of this desire, you must learn to let go and let go. I can’t stay in history, can’t help others, all I can do is to devote my whole life to making myself happy and happy.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

My cousin, who graduated from technical school at the age of 18, stepped into the society and started sales. Melatonin, beer, mobile phones… Before the Xiaomi smartphone came out, he stepped on the outlet of the counterfeit smartphone and did a lot of business exporting to Southeast Asia. The older I got, I had my own R&D and factory. Later, the company was bought by Huang Guangyu’s wife and cashed out. I became a “nouveau riche”. I graduated with a master’s degree and took a few thousand yuan salary to eat bowl of noodles in the city center. All tremble. When our company traveled to Italy, my cousin asked me to buy Chanel, Hermes, Prada… all kinds. Pity my credit card limit is so small, I can’t use it in Hermes at all, let him pay directly. After a few years, I changed my job and my salary increased a bit. There was no such thing as rich and expensive, more than 20,000 points. At that time, the hardware industry began to decline. One Saturday I met my cousin who took the two children and had just finished the exam. I said that I would have a meal together. My cousin said to eat something casually, and that he was going to enter the Shaxian snacks on the side. I said that wouldn’t be enough. I would ask my niece to eat well, and I can still ask for this meal. So I took a taxi to the Hong Kong Exchange. Cousin is macho, so many meals before, never let girls pay. It can be seen that he was really difficult at that time. He transformed into mobile games, express scanners… and started doing facial payment this year, and I also quit my job this year and started a company. My cousin said, my brother can’t help me. At this age, I don’t have a degree. I go out to find a job. , I can only do security and cleaning. If you can’t do it, you have to grit your teeth. If you can’t do this, you can change to another one. If my entrepreneurial dog really can’t survive, I can still go back to find a decent job. People with a postgraduate degree are less capable, and those without a postgraduate degree are also very successful, such as Papa Ma, but! What are those people? The right time and place, and the genius! For ordinary people like me, a graduate degree at least gives me more choices in life.

6 months ago

Zhang Zhaozhong: I would like to ask you a question. You always say that the postgraduate entrance examination is very important. Look at Ma Yun and Ma Huateng in China, Jobs and Zuckerberg in the United States, and Space Tesla CEO Musk. Do you know their education? Zhang Xuefeng: I will answer your question. Ma Yun, his college entrance examination was actually very poor. It is said that his math test was not high. Then he took a non-211 non-985, but this happened twenty years ago. Twenty years ago, it was no problem for junior college students to find a job, and they could also cover assignments after graduation. But in today’s society, the gap between Hangzhou Normal University and Qingbei La is growing. Like the Jobs mentioned earlier, some of them dropped out of the prestigious Ivy League schools in the United States and graduated. First of all, you have to be admitted to the prestigious Ivy League schools. He is not based on academic qualifications, but one thing is that they must first go to prestigious schools. this stage. You know how difficult it is to take a prestigious school exam in China, especially in provinces like Hebei, Henan, and Shandong. They want to take the 985 exam and the pressure is quite large. And in the environment of China, I also strongly advise against quitting school to start a business without graduating from undergraduate. Lu Yu: Xuefeng, do you really believe that the postgraduate entrance examination can change the lives of many people? Zhang Xuefeng: I really believe it. Until the end, Martin and Zhang Xuefeng had their own opinions and did not argue for one reason. Everyone is praising Zhang Xuefeng’s phrase “So you are not a top five hundred”. Regarding the question of “then the postgraduate entrance examination is it important?”, I think the previous dialogue between Zhang Zhaozhong and Zhang Xuefeng is the essence. Zhang Zhaozhong took the example of Jack Ma, Jobs and others: Jack Ma didn’t graduate from 985, and Jobs dropped out of college and started his business without finishing college. Isn’t it all very successful now? This question is actually very similar. In our lives, some people advocate the uselessness of reading, the uselessness of university, and even the uselessness of going to school. They say who I know and who have never been to school are now big bosses. We can’t refute it, because we have no way to examine what they said, who and where are the big bosses who have never gone to school but have a wealth of money. Similarly, we can’t deny the existence of such a group of people. As a result, I can only smile with embarrassment, it seems that we are not as good as ordinary people who have not yet achieved success in college. However, Zhang Xuefeng gave a clear answer. Zuckerberg and others dropped out before college. But they retired from Ivy League schools. You don’t even have the qualifications to quit a prestigious Ivy League school, because you can’t pass the exam at all, so let’s talk about how to quit from there. On the other hand, those who can achieve success without going to school have indeed broken off on the road to “college entrance examination”, but they may have reached the level of “Tsinghua University and Peking University” in the field of entrepreneurship. You can shout Mai without graduating from university, but can you do it like God, with the song “One Man, I’m Drunk” all over the world? (Although it has been banned) You can play e-sports without graduating from university, but can you be like Xiaotian and become a god in the global LOL finals? You can start a business without graduating from college, but can you become a co-founder of Apple like Jobs? Tianyou, Xiaotian, and Jobs, they have reached the level of “Tsinghua University and Peking University” in their areas of expertise, and even far surpassed them. It may be more difficult to achieve brilliant achievements in rap, e-sports, and entrepreneurship than it is to take a postgraduate entrance examination. So if you are not gifted in other areas, the postgraduate entrance examination is definitely a viable path that is close to success. Sing and dance rap for ten hours a day? Persist in replenishing soldiers for ten hours? I think it’s easier to delve into knowledge. Let me add another example of Li Shouwang. Li Shouwang was born in a peasant family and failed the college entrance examination in 1987. In September, his classmates walked to the university beamingly. He hid at home and cried without eating or drinking for two days. Those who did not listen to their parents, did not follow his uncle after the exam for a year, and went to Shenzhen to work alone. With the 30,000 yuan put together by his parents, he went to Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. Through market research, selected projects for business in glasses and watches. Since the rent of the store in Hohhot was cheap at that time, he relied on his sincerity to persuade the manager of the Hohhot National Mall to pack six counters at once. I wake up early every day, and I have to continue to grind my lenses in the rental house after get off work at 10 o’clock. The efficiency of manual grinding is low. I have to grind around midnight almost every night and sleep less than 5 hours a day. A year is like a day, he spent three years like this before he has more than 20 stores of his own size. Later, he spotted the market for “Bausch & Lomb” contact lenses, made bold decisions, introduced foreign technology and hired professional and technical personnel with high salaries, and the final annual sales reached more than 20 million yuan. After the contact lens market weakened, “Inner Mongolia Hotel” and “Xincheng Hotel” were opened, and the business was again a success. When the reporter interviewed him, he commissioned to remind those who failed the college entrance examination: to get on the top of the list, not to fall is an enterprising spirit. Li Shouwang did not go to university, did not take the postgraduate entrance examination in school, but he succeeded in the “postgraduate entrance examination” on the path he took. If you have such insight, keen market awareness, and the willpower to pursue things like Li Shouwang, of course you don’t have to take the postgraduate entrance examination. I believe you will also achieve something in other areas. Therefore, I hope you know that the “degree” achieved in the postgraduate entrance examination is not important. If there is no process of tempering, you are directly given a postgraduate degree, and your certificate is just a diploma. The important thing here is that you have the ability to succeed in the postgraduate entrance examination and have an enterprising spirit. This ability and enterprising spirit endow the value of “academic”! That unforgettable, hard-working and indomitable learning process can have an impact on your life! Postgraduate entrance examinations are okay, but there must be a review plan, a postgraduate entrance examination direction, a target college, and the perseverance of the Yellow River not to give up. It is not because of escaping employment to choose the postgraduate entrance examination. It’s okay if you don’t take the postgraduate entrance examination, but you must have a career plan, be responsible for your future, and do not regret the path you have chosen. You are not qualified to criticize those who struggle for the postgraduate entrance examination and say some useless words for the postgraduate entrance examination. Because in the eyes of outsiders, you are just concealing the fact that you dare not fight for it. You will only be a fox that can’t eat grapes and say grapes are sour.

6 months ago

If you just asked if the degree of a graduate degree is important, I will definitely answer it. Graduate students are divided into master’s degree and doctoral degree students, no matter which one, it sounds better than undergraduate. Personally, I am more tacky, at least in terms of the name, I prefer graduate students. How do you say bachelor, master and doctor in English? The video with what Huahua has to say was played in 2000, but I read the detailed question at the end of the subject: Postgraduate entrance examination is not the original intention, and there is no direction to find a job…Well~ If this has always been in this state, what academic qualifications are for you None helped. It is recommended to plan your own future first, have a clear direction, at least have a short-term goal. Otherwise, even if you go to graduate school, it will be a mixed day, and even if you directly participate in work, you will pass through in a muddle-headed manner. Therefore, I would like to say a word here, I still want to advise college students, really don’t think that after entering the university, you can play as your senior class teacher said. Although you don’t have to be as busy studying as in high school during these four years, you have more free time, but the time left for you is to understand yourself better, explore your own strengths and strengths, and find your life goals. Then back to the question itself: Does a postgraduate degree really matter? My conclusion is still to unconditionally support the square! If I have to have the conditions, I think there are at least the following reasons for me to make this choice: 1. Rather than continue to be confused, it is better to settle down. If you are now in the dilemma between looking for a job and postgraduate entrance examination, there is really no clear goal. , But not only satisfied with food and clothing for the future, if you want to make some achievements, it is recommended to continue reading. Four years in college have passed in a daze. When looking for a job, not only with empty hands, but also with empty heads, it is easy to go with the flow if you go directly to work. It is better if you can choose to stay in school. Compared with society, school can give you more time and space to think quietly. Of course, you can no longer live in the “simple” way you did in college. Instead, you should plan your own future while studying. 2. Seeking fairness In addition to the college entrance examination, the postgraduate entrance examination can be said to be the fairest examination for selecting talents, especially for ordinary students without any background or contacts, there is no shortcut, but one can only go up step by step in a down-to-earth manner. Take myself as an example. As a person with “three noes”, the family has no money, two powers, and three powerlessness. The only thing that may be desirable is that the academic performance is slightly better than the classmates. If you are uncomfortable with the status quo, and feel that there is no way to take the civil service examination, you can only take the postgraduate entrance examination. 3. The market has higher requirements. In the past five years, the number of applicants for postgraduate entrance examinations has continued to rise sharply. Most people know the reason, saying that it is the economic downturn and it is difficult to find a job. Is it really hard to find a job? It’s just that the good job you want is hard to find. Now anyone can find a job outside, as long as you are willing to endure hardships. In addition, around me, there are many people who choose to take the postgraduate entrance examination. Some are dissatisfied with the current job and want to improve their academic qualifications and look for a new job. Some are required to improve their position at work, and some want to change a job. Working…Whether it is the demands of the society on yourself or the demands of yourself, if you want to go higher, you must keep up with your strength. Regarding your strength, the first thing the company sees is your knowledge level. However, some people think that postgraduate qualifications are not important, and think that the most impactful thing is the last sentence: “Most of the students who are good at studying are working for poor students!” At first glance, it sounds like that. Your taste, fine taste… Except for the students who continue to study for academic research, I think most people enter the postgraduate entrance examination to find a better career for themselves in the future, not to say that we are all graduates after graduation. Be a boss. In the end, we all have to step into the society and all have to work, but the same is work, and the same is to work for others. There are still differences in the working environment and welfare benefits of graduate students and undergraduates. When it comes to top students working for poor students, I can’t help but think of Jack Ma’s father. But Papa Ma’s success is not something that can be replicated casually, it is better to honestly take it to the next level. In addition, Dad Ma was not a bad student. At that time, he could be regarded as an advanced intellectual with his level of knowledge. Otherwise, he would not be a teacher, and he even saw the Internet, which was still unfamiliar to the public at the time. If you want to say more heartily, if you are not a high-achieving student, you are not qualified to work for others. After all, they are large companies, with high threshold requirements, and almost all applicants are starting from prestigious schools or graduating from postgraduates. It is also worth mentioning in this sentence that “social experience cannot be bought with money.” The term social experience, I think some people overemphasize and exaggerate its importance, so that many people, especially those who are about to graduate and facing job hunting, have the illusion that social experience is omnipotent, and learning is useless. of. But to put it bluntly, after a few years in the workplace, I can basically understand the twists and turns. Sooner or later, the society must be contacted, and work experience will be accumulated sooner or later, but the ability to learn basically depends on the young years. Because after entering the society, you will find it difficult to have the time and energy to calm down and study. All in all, compared to a bachelor’s degree, I think a graduate degree is definitely better. So, take the postgraduate entrance examination. It doesn’t hurt to learn a little more knowledge while you are still young.

6 months ago

This is really a strange circle. People inside the circle want to come out, and people outside the circle want to go in. I am an ordinary 211 second-year graduate student. Only speak the most pertinent words, not in general terms. I don’t understand those friends who say take the exam first, and then talk about it later. Is the postgraduate entrance exam so time-consuming and effortless? This question itself is a multiple-choice question. If you can, whoever has to make a choice. Of course you don’t have a postgraduate degree, but you tell me where to get it. I’ll go to the line to collect it. The following link is a relatively high-voted answer I answered a few days ago about whether to study graduate school. I still haven’t changed the content of the idea. This answer is to answer the phenomenon that people in the circle want to go out (take myself as an example). On the basis of the answer, I would like to add some of the increasing number of postgraduate entrance examinations. In addition to the increase in national quality and the average level of cultural education, it also shows to a certain extent that my country’s economy is not in a rising period and the employment situation is severe. Compared with the general discussion of the country, we must be more concerned about whether the choice of graduate school is of real use and help to us. If you want to engage in more stable and decent jobs in the future, such as civil servants, teachers, university counselors, central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, etc., postgraduate studies must be cost-effective. I am very embarrassed to say that when I was admitted to graduate school in 18 years, I felt that I was the best in the world, and I went to a school with a score of ten to one. I was simply the best man in the dragon and phoenix. Until a few days ago… I am next year. I am about to graduate, and I have checked some related positions. Because I really like the undergraduate school (normal one), I saw the university counselor sent a link to recruit the establishment counselor, so I went to Baidu to check the requirements. Hard conditions: Master’s degree or above, student cadre for at least one year, party members, I am very happy, because they meet all of them, I think the threshold is still quite high, click in and have a look, a total of 20 fresh graduates eligible to register There are more than 600, including 985 graduates and overseas (University of Sydney) graduate competitors. I’m stupid, I think college counselor is a good option, but I don’t think it is the best. The depression in my heart lasted for a day, and I was just an ordinary student with mediocre qualifications. I always felt that I had passed the college entrance examination, postgraduate entrance examination, and various certificates. I could hand in one when I graduated and looked for a job. A satisfactory answer sheet. As a result, I was faced with more than 600 what I once thought of as “the proud son of heaven.” We always say not to look at the numbers. There are a lot of cannon fodder, but among these 600 graduate students, who has not been admitted to the graduate school on the basis of treating others as cannon fodder? Later, I thought that if I met the hard conditions, I could hopefully try it. So many undergraduates don’t even have the opportunity to try. When they saw this request, did they regret that they didn’t study a graduate school? In this case, will they exaggerate the role of graduate students in their hearts? This is what people outside the circle want to come in. Therefore, for employment alone, the status of a graduate student must be useful! However, it is not absolutely easy to use, does not occupy absolute core competitiveness, but is relative! ! For example, my school is also a double first-class institution, but in the employment planning, most girls and a small number of boys are the first choice for civil servants. If you think it’s cost-effective to get a higher degree of civil servants after three years of postgraduate studies, take the postgraduate entrance examination. That’s okay. If not, you have to figure out how cost-effective this account is. Choice is a difficult task. It only takes 3 years of time and energy to get a relatively high degree of education. I don’t need to demonize it. I hope to see the little cuties here, integrate their own situation, and for their future. Have a clear understanding of employment and planning. If the degree of master’s degree is highly compatible with future employment planning, then let it go and take the exam until you pass the exam. As usual, believe me, graduate students are not as “multi-functional” as you think, and make their own decisions. Finally, I borrow a point of view from Zhiyou. Our population base is too large, so no matter how hard we try, it is difficult to reach the top of the pyramid, but it is also because of the large population base, so as long as we work hard, we can exceed a large number of people. Not the best, but no regrets.

6 months ago

I’m definitely telling you it’s not important, so you don’t want to go. It’s useless, it’s a waste of 3 years, and you won’t necessarily find a good job after you come out. Then I listed a bunch of friends around me, A, B, C, who did not have a master’s degree, went to a big factory, or did business, it was also very good. Others have studied for three years, and by this time you may have hundreds of thousands of deposits in your bank card. Others have to look for jobs again when they come out. From zero exams, postgraduate studies are not worthwhile, I will tell you that postgraduate studies are cost-effective. It will also delay your dating. After you read it, I still have to persuade you to leave. Let me tell you, if you are not happy in graduate school, isn’t it a waste of time? Don’t read it, it’s boring. What’s the use of a postgraduate degree? In fact, companies are more interested in your experience, your ability, and your charm. Never read it. Don’t read it really, and drop out of school after you read it. why? Because I already have 3 masters, I don’t want so many people to compete with me. You are really stupid if you believe what I said above. It really doesn’t matter. What do I do to spend time to study? The president of Nova Southeastern University said that in the past two years there was a saying in the United States: Today’s master degree is yesterday’s bachelor degree. Unless you are particularly rich, you can spend money. Buy an MBA from Tsinghua University/Peking University/Columbia/Harvard/Oxford, be an alumnus with Sister Milk Tea, and classmates with Liu Qiangdong, otherwise you should take the exam on your own. Social competition and elimination are cruel. Highly educated will not be able to crush your body, kid~!

6 months ago

I went from a low-level 211 to an imperial mid-level 985. At first, I felt very happy, and everyone around me felt that what would happen in the future. Then I entered the threshold of the circle. From the school, there are undergraduates in that school. They study It’s how to improve gpa to study abroad and go to the Ivy League. From a major point of view, there are five colleges and four departments. There are both undergraduates and masters in the law department of prestigious schools. Among those people, there will definitely be a first grade. Those talents are the dragons and phoenixes, and they are the elites in the future circle. Right. For me, just a master who has changed his major and became a monk halfway. How can I claim to be so good? But later I also wanted to understand that people cannot be compared with others. People are more popular than others. You have to compare yourself with graduate school. The education level is one level higher than before. From the water major of the tertiary schools in third-tier cities, go Didu 985 has been familiar with the profession for three years, entered a new field, met a group of new elites, and has many resources for internships and foreign exchanges. Isn’t it all wealth to me? If I work, then I will work hard in marketing in this major. This major is very easy to find a job, but most of the people who do this major work are the most bitter batch of local pushers, who accompany drinking to find a job. Low customer wages are not the best choice for girls. Although I was looking for a job after graduate school, I had a cross-disciplinary background, plus three years to further hone my English proficiency, three years of life experience in the imperial capital, and network resources. Would it be better to find a job at that time? After graduating from low-level 211, is it better to be a basic marketing specialist? Maybe I can do marketing mainly, because I know the law, will it be better in the company? Maybe you can go to a law firm and focus on legal affairs. If you want to make money, do you also need marketing thinking? These are all beautiful imaginations for me. I don’t know what the future market will be like, how to choose a career direction in the future, but I know that for me, three years of graduate school is a process of value-added, faster than three years of work. , So I think graduate school is better. And I heard that undergraduates come out to be basic marketing specialists. It seems that they have to work for at least one year. Like graduate school, in fact, you can go for internships for the second and third graduates, and the work experience will not be too different… In short, graduate , Will be a little better than the previous and other choices, so I choose to study for graduate school. I didn’t expect some people to pay attention to the update. I thought that this topic doesn’t match the question very well, so I summarize: 1. It’s not important. First, compare the difference between graduate school and non-graduate school. Which one is for you? More useful, for example, in the original answer, my analysis 2. If you are already formed, don’t envy others. If you are not envious, don’t compare with others. Like me, I also compare with others at the beginning. What else does the comment area say? If there is no great dad to read 985, it is useless. This kind of makes sense. If we don’t have this dad, then we won’t work hard? Are we going to eat together and wait until we die to have a good baby in the next life? Most people are ordinary people. It is enough for us to be ourselves. 3. It is a personal choice. Different paths lead to the same goal. Excellent people are excellent at everything, and they will respond after hard work. I have a senior sister who graduated and went to the countryside to farm. Later, she didn’t start her own business and started a very large company. There are also those who graduated from Peking University to sell pork. The talents are talents everywhere, and it is not necessary to go to graduate school or not. Relationship 4. Postgraduate qualifications are not that important. The important thing is, what you have done in two to three years, if you are empty-handed, what you do will be the same, and there will still be difficulties. Inevitable

6 months ago

Major in water conservancy, general undergraduate, 211 for postgraduate entrance examination. It is not important to everyone, but I still want to use some of my own experience to provide you with a choice of ideas. 01 Like many ordinary college students, my university spent indirect complacency, continuous mixed eating and other deaths. Although he has never been in a subject, he cannot be said to be a diligent person. He still cannot explain the various terms of his profession. Although he reads books, he basically forgets once he has read it. There is no system; although he has also participated in club activities, But I didn’t feel that I had gained anything from it, I just participated in it. In this way, in the second semester of junior year, many students around me began to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination one after another. Seeing them going out early and returning late every day, I began to think about my future while lying in bed. The mainstream choice at that time was nothing more than postgraduate entrance examination, public examination, and job hunting. Go to test the public? After thousands of troops have crossed the single-plank bridge-like competition, they can only get an iron rice bowl of about 5,000 per month. I am not reconciled. look for a job? Most engineering students can only go to the construction site after graduation. As for the construction site, it is far away from the urban area, outside all year round, unable to find a girlfriend, etc. This is unbearable for me who love modern civilization. 02 With the guilt of the four-year-old university, and the idea of ​​finding a good job, I chose to take the postgraduate entrance examination. Because I was afraid of not having enough time for the re-examination, I started my own preparation when I was 10 months away from the exam. I uninstalled all the games on my phone, deleted all the videos and TV shows. Every day is the dormitory, canteen, study room, three o’clock and one line, boring and tasteless. Get up at 6 o’clock every day, study at 8 o’clock in the study room, eat at 12 noon, take a lunch break for 1 hour, study in the study room at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, go back to the dormitory at about 10 o’clock in the evening, watch online classes in the dormitory, and take notes. Repeating this monotonous life every day makes me feel a little depressed, especially in the later stages of learning. I remember that the happiest thing every day was to discuss where to go after the exam with my friends on the way to the dorm at night. I remember the summer vacation, a roommate and I stayed at school to prepare for the exam. We lived on the top floor without air conditioning and only an electric fan. We lay in bed at night, just like lying in a steamer. What is especially impressive is that there were bed bugs on the floor during that time. Have you ever felt it? When you go to bed at night, just open your eyes and find the bed bugs crawling on your bed in despair. In that environment and under pressure, I started to lose sleep, and even spent the entire night. Fortunately, I gritted my teeth and persisted. One morning at the end of March 19, when the re-examination was over and I took the train back to school overnight, I was going to make up for it, and then I received the admission information. I don’t want to describe my performance at that time too much. It is shameful to think about it. Let me talk about my feelings at the time: I finally don’t have to work so hard anymore, and I don’t want to work hard anymore. 03 In the second semester after enrollment, under the arrangement of the school, I began to enter the design institute for internship. When I first entered the company for an internship, everything was so fresh. A cubicle of your own, a desk and computer of your own, and then you have the first task in your life. Slowly, with the passage of time, my freshness faded like a tide, and many practical problems were exposed one after another. 1) Do I really like this job? Perhaps because of the influence of my parents, I have believed that engineering is a glorious and sacred profession since I was a child. But after a real internship, I found out that this is not the case. Drawing, changing, drawing, and changing every day, everything depends on what the leader says. A picture, change it like this today, and change it like that tomorrow, dear leader, tell me what kind of picture is qualified. 2) Is this the life I want? In fact, I didn’t think about it carefully before, what kind of life I will live in the future. But during the year of internship, I saw the lives of many colleagues and felt that this was not the life I wanted. My wife is pregnant and is about to give birth in the hospital, but she needs to work overtime at the company to catch up on projects, carrying mortgages, car loans, raising children, and working overtime every day. I remember someone told me that this is the life state of most ordinary people, and you will be like this in the future. 3) What about my future? Many people do two things in design institutes: qualifications and research. Many people are senior engineers throughout their lives. (I’m not saying that senior engineers are not good, and the salary of a senior engineer is still very good). For this reason The price paid is that your 20s and 30s are spent in drawing and research. And what worries me even more is whether I will be eliminated in the future under this kind of qualifications environment. Because I have seen too many stories about mistakenly using the platform as a capability, and having nothing left after being resigned. So I would think, researching, drawing, and qualifying, will I be able to support myself after being resigned? In August 0419, as the autumn recruitment approached, the surrounding students began to make resumes, but I instinctively cringed. On the one hand, it is the disgust of this kind of life in the future, on the other hand, it is the inability to change this situation. In those few days, I often couldn’t eat and sleep. What’s more painful is that no one can understand your feelings. Talk to a friend and say: I don’t want to live this kind of life. They are always surprised: they all live like this, why can’t you do it, hypocritical. Later, I took time off and stayed home for a few days. During that time, I found my cousin who was also a career changer and chatted with him, and the idea of ​​changing career came into being. Perhaps it was a coincidence. Then when I was brushing Zhihu, I saw the answers from my peers who switched to the Internet. I seemed to have a glimmer of hope. After reading the answers repeatedly, following his experience, I watched him successfully switch to the Internet. I am very envious and excited about the process. So, I found the website where he was studying, and opened my career path. 052020 Now, who was supposed to go back to school to look for a job in March, but was trapped at home due to the epidemic. Sitting at the computer desk at the moment, I still couldn’t help thinking: If I hadn’t taken the postgraduate exam at that time, it would be fine. I studied so hard for a year. What did I get? I spent two years changing for a diploma that has nothing to do with my future career. Is it worth it? As far as I am now, I regret it a bit. I even hope to spend these two years in exchange for hard work in the industry in the future. Yes, a graduate degree is very important, but this is not an excuse for you to go with the flow of the postgraduate entrance examination. Knowing what you want and knowing what you like. This degree is the most valuable degree. 06 Finally, let me talk about some experience about the postgraduate entrance examination. 1. Before the postgraduate entrance examination, you can ask for more experience of the teacher’s senior sister, and avoid many detours. 2. The postgraduate entrance examination process is very painful, but you must persist. Everyone is the same. Hold on and you will win. 3. If you choose, go on without hesitation. If you are also confused about your future, or want to find someone to confide in your anxiety, please come to me. As a person who is both anxious for postgraduate entrance examinations and anxious about changing careers, my experience may provide you with a new idea.

6 months ago

Brother, listen to me. You should be admitted to graduate school first, and try your best to get a good school, professional exam, and then work hard to get the certificate for two years. You will definitely not suffer. Let me tell you why: 1. The starting point for employment is high. It’s not simply that the starting salary is high, but the quality of the people who compete with you is high, which will make you invisibly elevate yourself by a rank. It doesn’t matter if you are a civil servant, a foreign company or a state-owned private company, it’s the same. 2. In many cases, academic qualifications are a stepping stone and a hard threshold. In the future, you will get a certificate, start a career, etc. Highly educated will be popular, and government subsidies will be easier to pick up. 3. Postgraduate entrance examinations, postgraduate studies and successfully obtained certificates. During this period, you can exercise your abilities in all aspects. The people you know during postgraduate studies, including your mentors, are your future network resources, the better universities and majors , This is more useful. You don’t know how much I want to have a full-time master’s degree certificate, but unfortunately I can’t go back. Graduate school is not an escape, it is not a passing, it is not poisonous chicken soup, I only learned the importance of starting point after more than ten years in society. So, brother, you have to cherish the chance to pass the postgraduate entrance examination.

6 months ago

Is postgraduate qualification important? important. For those with academic qualifications, of course ability is more important; for those with ability, of course academic qualifications are more important; for those with neither academic qualifications nor ability, both academic qualifications and abilities are important; for those with both academic qualifications and ability For a capable person, academic qualifications and abilities are not important. There is no point in struggling with this kind of problem. The point is what you have now, what do you want, and what do you need to achieve your goal? Thinking about these practical problems is far more meaningful than entangled in academic qualifications, right? Which is more important, academic qualifications and abilities? Liu Xian’s video 1015 broadcast For individuals, the postgraduate study is more in-depth study of a certain profession than undergraduate study, which can improve their professional skills and learn more knowledge. At the same time, we can cultivate our own cultural heritage, and understand dialectical thinking methods when we encounter problems. We personally are the most direct beneficiaries of graduate school. From the perspective of future development plans, the importance of postgraduate studies is reflected in all aspects. 1. Accumulate contacts: Graduate school is actually a low cost, high cost, and high return. We only need to spend two or three years. During this time, in addition to studying, we also have a part of social interaction. The classmates and teachers we met during graduate school are broader and better than undergraduates. It can play a role in the accumulation of personal connections and lay the social foundation for the society of future births. 2. Find a good job: This year, the number of undergraduate graduates has exceeded 8 million. In addition to some previous students who have not found a job, the pressure of competition for undergraduates to find a job is even greater. If you want to find an ideal job For work, in addition to competing with those who have the same undergraduate degree, it also has to compete with graduate students with higher education. The disadvantaged “lower education” can easily “give way” to higher education. Take an example recently encountered by a friend. He graduated from an ordinary undergraduate university. This year is the second year after graduation. He wants to take a local school (in a third-tier city) to be a primary school teacher, but because of his undergraduate diploma. , Did not meet the school’s requirements for enrolling graduate students and was rejected. Therefore, having a graduate degree will give us more opportunities to do more jobs. 3. Salary: From the current basic salary of all walks of life, the salary of graduate students is several hundred higher than that of undergraduates, or even better, and the postgraduate qualifications are included in the assessment of promotion and salary increase. In addition, those with a postgraduate degree are more popular with employers, and they have more opportunities for job bonuses and promotion than undergraduates. To give an example in real life, the promotion and leadership campaigns of state agencies and institutions are all graduate students or above. Even if you are outstanding in your job position, you are still not eligible to run. This is when the opportunity comes but you are not ready. Postgraduate qualifications. Therefore, when we deal with academic qualifications, we must consider long-term career planning, have high demands on ourselves, and strive to achieve a postgraduate degree as soon as possible. Of course, the most important thing is that a graduate degree is a high step for us to enter the society. For some people, this may feel that the requirements are a bit high, but we live in a society where income is proportional to returns. If we want If you go further in the future, you should accumulate more knowledge and academic qualifications at the age you should be studying. So don’t worry about the importance of a graduate degree. People with high aspirations don’t just stop at a graduate degree. If you are still struggling with postgraduate entrance examination and work, you may wish to make a list and list the advantages and disadvantages of postgraduate study and work: the advantage of postgraduate study is that you can improve your academic qualifications, change your major, and go to a higher platform. The disadvantages are three. Exam preparation + study time at the beginning of the year, the economic pressure caused by not being able to work, and the sense of gap if there is still no direction if graduated. The advantage of work is that you can enter society earlier and have your own savings earlier. The disadvantage is that life will be fixed, the upward channel will be narrowed, and so on. After listing them, students can think about one by one, which advantages are what I desperately want and which disadvantages are unacceptable, and give them a score respectively. The advantages are positive and the disadvantages are negative. Add them up and you will have the expected value in your mind. . If you finally decide to take the postgraduate entrance examination, you may wish to experience Zhihu’s official “22 Postgraduate Examination Landing Express”, free of charge for the guidance of a famous teacher, and advance planning and preparation for the exam. Hope to inspire everyone. Training camp knows education: 22 author of postgraduate entrance exam. I never believe in lazy freedom. The freedom I yearn for is a broader life achieved through hard work and hard work. That kind of freedom is precious and valuable to me. Believe in the ten-thousand-hour rule, I never believe in the inspiration of pie-dropping in the sky and the achievement of waiting to be a free and self-disciplined person, living earnestly with the determination that is bound to be realized

6 months ago

From the point of view of reading, I was quite a failure. No matter how hard the college entrance examination is, I just read an ordinary 211. I can’t pass the master’s exam again, and I went ashore in World War II. All these have formed a huge gap with the per capita forced households of 985. Looking back. In the past few years, tell the truest story. After graduating from my master’s degree, I entered a fairly good industry and had a good income. My wife and my wife were both first loves of each other, and we were together in the freshman year. If I didn’t get a good postgraduate degree, I think I would be more miserable now. It’s not that I don’t want to work hard without getting a master’s degree from a prestigious school, but the environment really doesn’t allow it. 1. Four years of university, busy, but “nothing” The four years of university, it is quite hard. Although the results are not very good, but a lot of activities were organized in the past few years, and in the junior year, I decided to study science and engineering. After I switched to finance, I began to invest in a three-span postgraduate entrance examination. The year of the postgraduate entrance examination was different from that of high school. The impression of the postgraduate entrance examination will be engraved in my life. It was the first time that I knew that I would work hard for the future and have a good time in my heart. Wake up every day, know what to do this day, sleep every day, know what you want to do the next day. These are really commendable for people in their 20s. After all, the outside world is too beautiful, and if you don’t pay attention, your youth will be wasted. However, I didn’t know the talents of my friends, so it was the first time I passed the postgraduate entrance examination. Although I thought about failing to pass the postgraduate entrance examination when I decided to take the postgraduate entrance examination, I thought I might be lucky when I worked hard. When the points were released, the counselor asked my roommate to pay more attention to me, worrying that I could not think about it. Life is like this. Others know that you are suffering, but no matter how much suffering, you can only bear it yourself. After graduating from university, I left the city I had just been familiar with for four years, and continued northward. I went to the place I longed for alone, but suddenly I lost my dream and lost my way. Maybe the heart is not dead yet, but the dream is still faintly still. For the time being, I found a do-it-yourself job, thinking about it, this world is not the only way to go to postgraduate entrance examinations, living a normal life, at that time I was officially in a different place with my girlfriend, and I also doubted that I could persist. How long can I have any choice? 2. Thanks for the call from my heart. I realized that the future is still difficult after graduate school. In fact, after the first postgraduate entrance examination, I got the right answer and felt that I should be the same. If I was lucky, I should be able to cross the line. Indeed, the final result is a bit worse, maybe This is fate, just like my college entrance examination, everything is always unsatisfactory. At one time I suspected that I was not suitable for the exam, and at one time I felt that maybe I could only do it by myself, and the prestigious school was too far away from me. But after working for a period of time, I didn’t know if it was because the work was too difficult or the dream was too beautiful, so I took the exam again. I was actually very calm after the exam, because I know that I really passed the exam this time. I don’t know if there are any financial friends. The industry is really cruel. Too many classmates from prestigious schools can hardly find a good internship even if you don’t need a penny, even if you can do an internship 7 days a week. With twists and turns, I first went to find a basic sales internship (in fact, it can also be said to be a job), because good internships such as investment banking, industry research, and asset management really couldn’t be found. I’m from the south, and it’s almost New Year’s time after the postgraduate entrance exam. I went to the capital city of my hometown to do an internship. The winter in the south was very cold, damp and cold. I didn’t have much salary for the internship. At that time, I ran the bank channel to discuss cooperation. At noon one day, it was raining and the people in the small restaurant couldn’t sit down. I was eating at the door with a box of lunch. It was really too cold. The biting cold (maybe even colder in my heart), I really almost cried out (male), this kind of sales internship has to kneel and lick friends at the bank (this is also an experience, I really want to work hard, I don’t want to live like this anymore. bitter). I also forgot whether I gritted my teeth and said that I must find a better job. I think that I was determined to find a respected job, so I started a more desperate master’s career. . Later, I officially entered the postgraduate stage, and I learned to work harder. I had a two-year master’s degree. I did 5 internships before the school recruited. Before the school recruited, I really felt that I was an old driver. I still clearly remember the first interview question of the first investment banking job I got. “You have done so many internships, do you not even go to graduate school?” Hey, I also want to cherish the life of a graduate student, but I just study hard and you won’t give me an interview opportunity. In fact, I answered this question quite well. I told the interviewer that I had a plan after entering the school. I took all the credits in the first semester, so I had enough time for internship later, and my graduate grades ranked very well. In front of me, all my internships have been approved by my instructor. I don’t know if it was sincere or what, but it still impressed the interviewer. Life is like this, you really pay with your heart, maybe not once, not twice, maybe the third time, you will touch your ideals. The process of graduate school is really painful. It does not come from learning, but from self-driven. Maybe you don’t want to go back in time. If I say that for so many years, most of my work has been sleeping more than one o’clock, many people may not believe it, but it is true (it doesn’t matter, I don’t have to prove anything, and I don’t have to explain anything). My school is in the north, but there were a dozen people in my department who went to Shenzhen for internships that year. I still remember the scene where we couldn’t sit down for dinner. I don’t know if it was fortunate or sad. Looking back, I was actually very lucky. Maybe it was because I failed too much expectation before, so I got a lot of compensation later. The school recruited himself into a position that has been sprinting, although the hard life after work has worsened. When I worked in the first year, I was on a business trip for at least 310 days. This is how I work in an investment bank. I really didn’t have a home. I passed by. I have been with my first love for more than ten years, from classmates to marriage and childbirth. It’s really too fast, I’m actually quite ashamed. Yes, value and not value, we will not analyze it. After graduate school, many changes have taken place. Hope has been seen in life, and hope has been seen in work. Although I am tired of chasing my dreams, I can reach it. The important items in life have been realized after several years of hard work. If I did not go to graduate school, I would still be the me, the me who is willing to fight for the future, but the future opportunities and circles will indeed be less, of course I can’t help it. Take the path of the undergraduate course and show it to everyone. 3. Looking back at ten years, everyone is ordinary classmates who worked after graduating from my undergraduate degree. There are quite a lot of them. At that time, the proportion of postgraduate entrance examinations was not as high as the current rate, but most of the classmates are now ordinary. Of course, ordinary people are good too. How can one ask for a millionaire salary per capita like friends in Zhihu? Real life is very realistic. Only bragging people can find confidence in Zhihu’s life. After graduating from a master’s degree, many of my friends are generally pretty good, whether it is income, career starting point, development, more changes are my own requirements and personal long-term pursuits. Some people go to graduate school and still do nothing, and some people make great achievements after graduation. These are actually normal. On the path of a person’s growth, what completely blocks you is not the graduate degree itself, but your circle, your self-positioning, your self-requirements, dreams that you think you can sprint, dreams that you think you don’t want to give up, there are The people rushed to the point of bloodshed, and some people went all the way! All of this is life. If you want to rush, just rush, stop and rest when you are tired. I don’t want everyone to be affected by my answer and all go to the postgraduate entrance examination. After all, most of the postgraduate entrance examinations really fail. Life is so easy. Only one of the four multiple-choice questions is right. What’s more, everyone’s life is For complex multiple choice questions, you will have to pay a lot of money if you choose the wrong question. In fact, after a few years, you will find that all this is life, it’s just fate, no complaints and no regrets, just be happy, and when it comes to the end, everyone is ordinary.

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