The first thought when I saw Weibo was: Daxian has been hacked? ? There are also many fans on the Weibo posted by Daxian that it doesn’t look like it was posted by me. It is rare to see Daxian breaking the defense… Daxian Live also explained that Weibo, Daxian meant that he was not satisfied It’s a copywriting. It is true to read the copywriting issued by kgl. The description of xyg is very brief, and it is normal to be dissatisfied. Everyone can understand Daxian’s old father’s psychology. But, Daxian’s explanation doesn’t match his Weibo account. This is how Daxian’s Weibo posted

If it can be said that the meaning of Daxian is wrong, then

I think this shouldn’t be a misunderstanding…I understand that Daxian’s old father is not happy to see the child not being taken seriously, but the “youth bloom, do my deeds” and “accumulate thin hair, come here with a lot of money” this is that The slogan of the two teams is not a compliment to the team. If there is no XYG slogan, it is normal to not write it. If it does, it means kgl is wrong (provided that it is serious, it can’t be said that the slogan is “a little bit of attention to the boss”). And the boss, you are in kgl, why are you aite kpl, people kgl has a Weibo account… Daxian really did this impulsively. Although kpl is getting closer to the fan circle, it does not mean that the fans are fans of the fan circle. This kind of operation is not necessary in the e-sports circle, and this Weibo is quite bad.

Although, I have to say that the copywriting of kgl is really problematic. Fire Leopard E-sports explained a lot, and szg also said that 4 teams from the qualifying competitions came to the fore. When it comes to xyg, it is just a national championship. The rest are official words and get xx after xx. It’s strange that others don’t get angry when they see it. Even if I could say “after the heavy screening of the national competition, won the championship” and modify the 6 words of “national competition champion”, it would not make people so angry.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

So what’s the problem with the copywriting? I recognized your title as a champion. I thought that your abilities had reached the level of K-Class. I believed in your ability. Finally, I was more careful than you. Do you dislike others and your heart ❤ ? Of course, it can be understood that the heart of an old father of Daxian is just for the sorting problem. It is really unnecessary to copy this thing. It is not necessary to congratulate everyone. Why do you have to get into such an embarrassing situation in the past years. This transfer period ended. When the fans were gearing up, this year because of this little thing, I saw it like never before. . . Unity. After all, I’ve never seen a team in KPL who worry about ranking or copywriting so much. The performance is the most important thing, isn’t it? What’s more, there is nothing wrong with this ranking. There is nothing wrong with the copywriting.

7 months ago

Confused operation. We usually talk about the kpl grass team, but the grass team is still serious on the issue of sorting. Popular e-sports, szg, xyg are not promoted through the same season of the championship, what better way besides sorting by the first letter? It has nothing to do with gender. As for what Zhang Daxian said “the fastest way to pay”, which team doesn’t work hard? Which team does not pay? This is also called a reason?

7 months ago

Looking at the title, I thought that xyg had been wronged, and clicked to have a look. Isn’t it a sort of problem? Now the e-sports circle is going to be torn up? This kind of thing is really not big when it is said to be big, and it is really small when it is said that it is small, just because the official did not lick xyg, there is no full praise of xyg, and xyg is not listed first. But having said that, this passage is really not like Zhang Daxian’s usual high EQ handling, but like a little girl caress about it. Let the bullet fly for a while and see how Daxian explained (sophistry) I hope it won’t be the dismissal of a part-time job. I’m tired of it

7 months ago

Well, I don’t watch kgl so I will ask. One of the other two teams is the champion of the trials and the other is the national champion. Why did the Fire Leopard pass the audit directly? The full text also didn’t mention any honors and strengths, so why did you suddenly enter the kgl? I also checked Weibo and found that the kgl passed the audit without a match. What is this audit standard? Is it the top five of the top five? Or is it the first women’s team? Why are others not convinced that they have no points in their hearts? I really don’t object to girls engaging in e-sports, provided that girls enter the profession on their own strength. On the one hand, under the banner of “girls can also play e-sports”, on the other hand, even the qualifications for the competition are obtained by gender. I bother

7 months ago

The matter was small, and Daxian also apologized, but the risk was high, “The kindness does not control the army, the righteousness does not manage finances, the kindness does not serve as officials, the sentiment does not stand for affairs, the benevolence does not engage in politics”, from the Ming Dynasty children’s book “Zeng Guang Xian Wen”, Calling employees “brothers” may affect the team’s performance. A positive example: “Whampoa Military Academy” Hero has no background, started from scratch, sells players who have scores, buys newcomers who have not scored, and treats players as commodities. , The higher the price, so as to maintain the club life like this, the negative example: a generation of teacher Mi Meng, the apprentice “Limited Talents” who loved her most, after she destroyed the entire empire, she still refused to give up this team. The employees are regarded as treasures. The leader is miserable now. The player’s greatest value is his performance. If he can take advantage of the great immortal and become a wild king, he is not the peak, he is the man who stepped on the peak under jio, and even left. It’s best if the player is not strong enough, emotionally, and does not listen to persuasion, then it is for his own good to retire early. All roads lead to Rome. At present, it seems that you may be treated with Daxian. It’s better than Hero. Daxian invested in it and cared very much. When he created a brand, he wouldn’t easily sell his brother. However, “the hope of the child is entrusted to you”. No, the child’s path is his own choice. There is only one competition. Purpose: Take the first place. No one remembers those who have worked hard but failed to achieve results. The road to Shura is not affectionate. It’s not easy to do business with emotions, so you have to add money.

7 months ago

I knew one thing before this incident was that Daxian really didn’t understand the entire professional game mechanism very well. He doesn’t even understand the mechanism. How could he know the routine of kgl and kpl’s Weibo operations? He just didn’t know the alphabetical order, but found that his team was ranked third, which seemed unimportant. Combined with the fact that his team’s performance is not bad and his own money is the fastest, I feel uncomfortable, so I just chose the positive. Later, even if it was found to be arranged in pinyin, but Weibo has already been posted, and the old father’s mentality of guarding the cubs broke out, brotherhood is the most important thing, such things must be arranged according to grades and importance under the premise of taking care of the ladies. Then of course he chose to continue, he didn’t think he had a problem. However, the tone of the speech was not very good, and he directly attacked the organizer, which gave people a feeling of personally ending the stage, and it was indeed easy to be laughed at. But so many people cling to it and partying together, mainly because he is too popular, people are afraid of being famous and afraid of being strong. In normal times, the officials praise him and fans all praise him, so he has a little bit of something wrong. He was chased by someone. Of course, there is another reason that some fans of the kpl team look down on the teams that have not entered the kpl, and feel that your xyg is a small team and are not qualified to follow the official beep. But in fact, this is a small matter, especially when compared with low-quality tenants who overturned during the same period.

7 months ago

All three teams entered kgl from different channels, and they are all new guests of kgl. Apart from other things, I will write a statement to welcome new guests and be polite. It has nothing to do with whether you agree or rank. Do you have to hold a press conference for you to celebrate and make you happy? Do you feel valued? The three teams are promoted in different ways. In other words, the three teams are essentially no better than high and low. It’s just that xyg and szg have played the winter crown, and xyg’s winter crown gives everyone a deeper impression, but you can’t just say that xyg is the number one because of this. As a result, the game hasn’t been played yet, just fighting desperately here for almost a little fame. When you come to kgl, it can only mean that you played well before. It does not mean that you were number one before, you are still number one now. There are many teams that came to kgl. Now you are mad at office for a “copywriter”, what about you behind? You have not won the kgl, don’t say you are the first.

7 months ago

Let me state my personal attitude first: I think most of the problems this time are on Daxian. Daxian is a little anxious, and the language and wording are indeed inappropriate. But from our comments on Daxian @KPL instead of KGL, and his dissatisfaction with the ranking of the three teams, it is obvious that Daxian does not understand the rules and regulations of the professional league very well. Therefore, it is this reason that Daxian uses “best performance” and “fastest payment” to explain him. The starting point of Daxian’s vocal questioning is to maintain his team and his team members. I think this should be understandable, but the tone and means he used to deal with this matter are not appropriate, but the language is not excessive, it can only be regarded as some. Loss of grace. Looking at the KGL official question again, I saw many answers and said that compared to the other two teams, XYG just lacked the slogan. In fact, no one knows whether XYG has an official slogan. I don’t think there is a high probability, because the cause of Daxian’s questioning was the ordering and introduction of the three teams, and the slogan was not mentioned during the whole process. I personally think that the main problem of KGL official is the copywriting. When introducing XYG, it is no problem to point out the “National Championship”, but the latter sentence. . . It’s very fascinating. XYG is also a national champion anyway. There are words like “stand out” in the previous SZG copywriting. When it comes to XYG, there is only “meeting the requirements”. . . . This is also a bit unreasonable. Therefore, the conclusion is that there are problems on both sides, and the main problem lies in Daxian. Finally, I hope you are rational and understand the positions of both sides in this incident. Fairy friends should also treat them objectively (don’t get out of the food circle). After all, no one is perfect. We Fairy make mistakes occasionally.

7 months ago

I saw the hot search on Weibo, thinking he announced his girlfriend announced that he was married, clicked in and took a look, tsk, tusk, because I was so surprised that I didn’t know where to start. Someone commented on the screenshot, “couldn’t it be his girlfriend who used his mobile phone to send it”, and it summed up the first impression of passers-by: This is really not a young girl, biting the milk tea straw until her hair explodes. Is it? Don’t get me wrong, I’m also a girl, there’s no sex discrimination at all, so I feel so careless and chattering, it’s really…it’s wrong, especially for a long-standing reputation. A big anchor still has heard of it. The impression of him is focused on the few things that everyone knows.) How could the big anchor be so impulsive.

7 months ago

Obviously there can be better ways of expression and solutions, and negative venting questions can only bring negative impressions. Three teams, not three hundred teams, one screen can read the length of one glance at the text that can be seen, do you have to fight for a C position? There are also people who can’t feel the respect and importance of the team in words…please, don’t say it, the more you pick the words, the more you feel that your structure is smaller. Who would pay attention to it? The message that this Weibo wants to convey is just to tell the public that there are three teams participating in the competition! ! Is it true that the number of words should be counted, the tone of praise and derogation should be weighed, and the format is unified without deviation?

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