The lowest level of leadership: you guys, don’t hurry up! Result: subordinates mutiny, reversal, pawns. Mission accomplished: Battle of Makino. Lower-level leadership: brothers, give me up! Result: Morale was low, everyone acted, and after a period of resistance, they half pushed halfway through. Mission accomplished: A large country in Western Europe. Intermediate leadership: brothers, come with me! Result: The general took the lead, but he could not accurately judge the situation. Mission accomplished: Gai Xia Tragedy Superior Leadership: He looked around everyone, paused, and issued his first order sternly: = “All the army opened out of the nine gates, lined up to meet the enemy!” = All the ministers were silent. =Yu Qian then gave his second order; “Jinyiwei inspects the city, if there are armored sergeants who do not go out of the city to fight, you can kill them!” Before they could breathe, Yu Qian’s calm and majestic voice once again It sounded: “The Nine Gates are the gates of the capital, and the generals are now assigned to guard them. If there are any lost, they will be killed!” “Andingmen, Tao Jin!” “Dongzhimen, Liu An!” “Chaoyangmen, Zhu Ying!” “Xizhimen,” Liu Ju!” “Zhenyangmen, Li Duan!” “Chongwenmen, Liu Dexin!” “Xuanwumen, Yang Jie!” “Fuchengmen, Gu Xingzu!” He stopped. This is not an ordinary pause, because everyone knows that there is another door he didn’t say, this door is Deshengmen. Deshengmen is the most important gateway because it is in the north of Beijing and faces the army of Yexian. Once the war begins, here is bound to be the fiercest battlefield. It’s really not a good place to go here. Everyone did not wait long, because Yu Qian quickly said the guardian: “Deshengmen, Yu Qian!” Mission accomplished: Beijing’s defense war. The highest level of leadership: to be a gentleman of the people and a student of the people first. Since then, the Chinese people have stood up! All reactionaries are paper tigers! To win a nationwide victory is just the first step in the Long March. A single spark can start a prairie fire. If a person does not offend me, I will not offend; if anyone offends me, I will offend others! I am confident that I will live for two hundred years, and the army and the people will be united as one person when the water hits three thousand miles. Power comes out of the barrel of the gun! Contempt the enemy strategically, and value the enemy tactically! We must support whatever the enemy opposes, and we must oppose what the enemy supports! living comfortably without anybody’s help! Fighting against the sky is endless! Fighting with the land is endless! It’s fun to fight with others! Block it! After blocking it for ten or eight years, all problems in China have been resolved! study hard, improve every day. We must liberate Taiwan! Where there is oppression, there is resistance! This army has an indomitable spirit. It must overwhelm all enemies and never be succumbed by them! Make up your mind, not be afraid of sacrifices, overcome all difficulties, and strive for victory! The future is bright, and the road is tortuous. Xiongguan Mandao is really like iron, and now it’s stepping forward from the beginning! Look at Jinsong in the dusky sky, and still calmly fly across the chaotic clouds. It is advisable for the remaining brave to chase the poor, but not to be famous and learn the king! If you win, you can fight, and if you don’t, you can leave. Corruption and waste is a great crime. Nuclear war cannot be fought. How many things have never been rushed, the world has turned, time is too short, ten thousand years are too long, and we are striving for the day and night. Chinese sons and daughters are very ambitious, don’t like red makeup and armed. Women want to hold up half the sky. Civilized and its spirit, barbaric and its physique! Develop sports and enhance the people’s physique. The ancient is for the present, the foreign is for the Chinese, and a hundred flowers blossom, bringing forth the new through the old. The Chinese people are ambitious and capable, and will surely be able to catch up with and exceed the world’s advanced level in the near future! The world is yours and ours, but in the final analysis it is yours. You young people are full of vigor, like the sun at eight or nine o’clock in the morning. Hope rests on you. It is going to rain, my mother is going to marry, let him go! There is no love for no reason, and no hate for no reason. Communists are like seeds, and people are like land. When we reach a place, we must unite with the people there and take root and blossom among the people. Supreme glory, the martyrs who sacrificed heroically through the ages. To wipe out all pests, invincible! China will never seek hegemony. Result: This prosperous age, as you wish. Mission accomplished: do you still need an explanation? I didn’t expect anyone to see it, so let me add it again: true leadership is never a technical thing, but a Tao, that empathy and consideration for others. Only by upholding this heart can we truly be supported.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I have been in management for more than ten years and have brought many managers. To put it simply, it just depends on whether a person is willing to do more. Leaders have to do a little more than employees, or else they can get higher wages for Mao? Where is this a little more? I have three points. 1. Work. Not a business elite must be better than a business elite. Although you don’t need to know everything, how can you know that your subordinates have not fooled you? How do you judge the construction period, or even loss? Let me give you an example, a product development team. To make an app, you are the product manager. The boss said to make a software in three days. The subordinate said it would take 10 days. How do you solve it? You don’t need to understand everything, you need to be able to understand. If you don’t understand, you can find someone you trust to understand. In short, you have the ability to convince the crowd. 2. Communication. The matter of communication cannot be overemphasized. I have led the group for so many years. I found that some people really don’t like to communicate and can’t be leaders. After the living was allocated, he himself worked endlessly there. Subordinates don’t know what he is doing. The subordinates did not do the right thing, and did not make it clear, for fear of offending others. Suggestions come and go, waste a lot of time. There are always a few people in my team who like to communicate. I like to share my thoughts and experiences with everyone. Naturally, he became an opinion leader. When there is an emergency, everyone is willing to listen to their opinions. This kind of person position is not a leader, but it has already gained popular support. Do you think it’s still far to be a leader? It’s just a lack of opportunity. 3. Responsibility. To be a leader is to earn money from the pot. Good work is the subordinates are awesome. You can’t do it well by yourself. Subordinates dare to innovate only by assuming responsibility. So, just take a little more responsibility, and others will rely on you. Over time there will be a leader like. But don’t worry about everything, then you will become a man of the pot. Be clear about your own risks and benefits. Being a leader is not just to make more money. There is one last point, upward management. This is too critical. Many people will not be able to manage upward when they become leaders. Upgrade one level, that’s it. Mainly depends on business. The higher the level, the lower the business requirements and the higher the requirements for upward management capabilities. If the boss is not well managed, the boss will dismiss you every minute. Anyone who is a boss has preferences and temperament. Some leaders don’t dare to say hello to their bosses. The boss walked around in the corridor without saying hello. You said, this way the boss can be optimistic about you. Just thinking about it, you are embarrassed to say hello to the boss. On the other hand, I thought you did something sorry for the company. If you need to report to the job, report to the job and say hello if you need to say hello. What are you afraid of. In short, to see if a person has a leadership profile, it means to do more in everything. Don’t hide when you see the boss. What are you afraid of? I am Lao Han, and I am a respondent who focuses on growth and career advancement on Zhihu. If you want to know me, you can follow my public account [Uncle Han]. I have founded 2 Internet companies before. I will share with you the experience of growing up with a total counterattack that has not been so easy for 10 years, and can even be said to have been stumbling and bumpy. You must come, I am waiting for you at the official account of [Old Uncle Han].

6 months ago

1. See if he has the ability to make decisions. This is almost a natural ability. If a person who does not have this ability serves as a leader, he will be the leader of a thousand troops because of the fact that decision-making in reality often needs to be made under several imperfect plans and dynamic conditions. In decision-making, most people still worry about making mistakes, worrying about injuring others, worrying about being responsible, and so on. 2. See if he has the ability to gather people’s hearts. Leadership naturally contains a part of irreproducible personality charm, which has nothing to do with introverted personality. I once saw a customer who gave money to several candidates to invite the clerk to eat when he was promoting the store manager, and see who invited the staff when they were there as one of the references. Facts have proved that it is effective as one of the reference basis (cannot be used as the key basis). 3. See if he has the awareness of market increment and management ability, and he is pursuing to win. The recent concept of leadership is no longer limited to executives, and horizontal leadership is gradually being valued, but no matter what type of leadership, people with it should have the ability to think incrementally and implement ideas.

6 months ago

What is “lead” and what is “manage”? Leadership is to get out of the place where there is no road, to find a new way from the road that has been traversed, to lead others to an unknown place. The main problem that the leader solves is the confusion and anxiety of the team about the future, and the vision and confidence of the management team. The leader is responsible for observing the environmental changes in the next year, three years, five years, and ten years, is responsible for determining the team’s ideals, vision and values/ethical principles, and is responsible for maintaining the decision-making team and consultant team based on this principle. To fulfill these responsibilities, the most important key is a sufficiently complete and self-consistent worldview, and a sufficiently fluent and sustainable values. This is often reflected in the familiarity of history and sensitivity to the current situation; a deep understanding of morals and ethics, a high degree of emphasis and firm perseverance; a clear and firm belief and pursuit of future vision. This is actually a highly mature world outlook, values ​​and outlook on life. In essence, the so-called “leadership” is the sharing of these three spiritual products. It is the high quality of these three spiritual products that bring the value that other people follow, and therefore they are authorized to arbitrate. Many people think that the right to arbitration comes from the payment of wages. In fact, this is completely wrong. Because people can also choose to go elsewhere to get the salary-those who are really capable and you want to get talents, of course, especially so. Those who can’t help but “endure your coercion” for money, and you are not a leader and a leader at all, but a servitude and parasitic relationship. The effect of doing things is completely different. The three are all available, the best choice. Second, we must have mature morals and values. Second, the vision must be clear and firm. After that, there will be no retreat. None of these three items—at least not to make you convincing and optimistic—that means this is not a place to stay for a long time, this is not a trustworthy person. That means you can’t “settled” yet, you can’t stop searching, and you have to prepare early.

6 months ago

There are some weird things in the workplace. Some people put in 100 points of effort, but the boss doesn’t look at him too much. Some people only put in 60 points of effort, but the boss appreciates it. This in the end is why? Click a thumbs up first, and continue to see below to know that this is not just a performance issue, its essence is a huge bonus to leadership. What is leadership? Working hard by yourself is called hard work; being able to mobilize people around you to work together is called leadership. If you put in 100 points of effort and score 60 points, even if your personal abilities are qualified, your leadership skills are worrying, and the boss rarely appreciates such a person. On the contrary, if you only put in 60 points of effort, but got 100 points, it means that you will mobilize resources, the leadership is not bad, and the road ahead may be wider and wider. In the book “Leadership Echelon”, the famous management consulting guru Ram Charan referred to the grassroots employees who bury their heads in their own business and focus on improving their personal performance as individual contributors; The person who contributes to the organization is called the organization contributor; the organization contributor is what we often say, a person with leadership, because he can leverage more resources and bring greater benefits. Undoubtedly, there will be more voice and imagination in terms of salary, room for growth, and future paths. So, how do you improve your leadership? You need to do the following three points: 1. There are two kinds of authority to establish personality authority. One is professional authority, which means that the person has succeeded in this field and is convincing. The other is personality authority, which comes from everyone’s approval and trust. The essence of improving personality authority lies in the way of behavior. When we can act according to a set of correct behaviors for a long time, we will slowly accumulate the value of “personal authority” in the hearts of others. How to accumulate the value of “personality authority”? Just do these things well ↓ (1) Persevere in doing the little things in front of you. Insist on doing the repetitive and boring little things well, which can bring about the superposition of trust. The advantage of this is that once the boss employs people, he will think about who is more reliable, and your consistent error-free performance will leave a very deep “reliable” impression on the boss. (2) Take responsibility and become a contributor The biggest difference between employee thinking and leadership thinking is that employees often push away all tasks that can be pushed, while leaders are willing to take responsibility and accept challenges. A true leader is actually a contributor, who actively assumes responsibilities, mobilizes resources, and helps everyone solve problems, and is a valuable contributor to the organization. (3) Seeing this content is useful, don’t hesitate to give a thumbs-up with both hands. If you think it is useful for improving your leadership, please double-click on the screen and give me a thumbs-up. 2. Do small things into big things. What is doing small things? The ability to make big things? Wei Zhe, the former president and CEO of Alibaba, is someone who can turn small things into big things. Before graduating from Weizhe University, he went for an internship in a securities company as the founder’s secretary. The founder was very strict with his subordinates. He often changed secretaries around him. Many people were replaced within a year. As a result, Wei Zhe not only worked for a year, but also became the deputy general manager. His secret is to treat small things as big ones. For example, at the beginning, Wei Zhe was only responsible for translation and newspaper clippings. He would secretly observe which types of news the boss hadn’t read, and then focused on tailoring. When printing the information, he will adjust the font and font size according to the leader’s habits and preferences to make the other person look comfortable. He also sorted according to the importance of the information, rather than just pile them together like a general secretary. Over time, the founder looked at Wei Zhe with admiration and asked him to write reports and speeches for himself. Wei Zhe didn’t write well at the beginning and was often asked to rework, but he revised it over and over again and finally got approval. Wei Zhe was quickly promoted to deputy general manager of the asset management department and became the youngest deputy general manager of the domestic securities industry at that time. He was only 24 years old that year. Doing small things into big things is not just staring at the work in front of you, but thinking about the meaning and goals of your work. The best way to turn small things into big things is to extend yourself upstream and downstream of your work. It’s like you go for a haircut. The average barber will ask you: How do you want to cut it? A good hairdresser will ask you: What hairstyle do you like? What hairstyle has been cut? Which hairstyle is suitable for you recently? After the communication is clear, cut it. Ordinary hairdressers just cut hair, and excellent hairdressers will extend the upper reaches of the haircut to meet our inner expectations. 3. Copy your ability. Bridgewater Fund is the world’s number one hedge fund. They have a strategy when choosing partners. The views and experiences that Qiaoshui founder Rui Dalio wants employees to share on any occasion are recorded. Then, the company will verify whether this experience is copied and used by everyone through voting by employees or post-mortem inspections. Everyone has a weighted score to replicate the effect, and the score will be adjusted after the evaluation. Ray Dalio believes that the more people use your experience and methods, the more powerful you are, the more prestigious you are in the company, and you can naturally have a higher position. If you can copy your abilities to your colleagues so that your colleagues have the same abilities as yourself, the more people who learn from you, the greater your influence in the team. This is not just a question of empowering colleagues, but more importantly, maintaining the continuity of the enterprise. In the book “Liu Qiangdong’s Self-report”, a system of employment of, called a backup system, was introduced. stipulates that if you are in the position of deputy director or higher, when you have been in the same position for two years, you must find a successor. This successor is equivalent to a backup. Moreover, this successor must be approved by the company. In the workplace, some people worry that if they share their skills with others, there will be a phenomenon of “teaching apprentices and starving masters”. The fact is that while copying your skills, you are also exporting your influence. Only by letting colleagues surpass you and being able to take on your work can you be liberated to do more things and see a bigger picture. Therefore, people with a leadership mindset are good at copying their own abilities. What they pursue is not their irreplaceability, but learning to contribute to the continuity of the organization.

6 months ago

People in different positions look at it for different purposes, not the same. If you are his superior, you have to see if he “can suffer.” “Suffering” here does not only refer to personal economic benefits, but also includes “unfair treatment” imposed on him by the outside world, such as being criticized, misunderstood, and persecuted. “Being able to suffer” is not “tolerable”, but being able to “not be swayed by unfair treatment.” Before he achieves the goal you require, you can’t judge whether he can achieve the goal by observing his behavior-you do it and he does it, the approach must be different. “Different routes” can return together, and whether he can suffer a loss determines whether he will go “astray.” In other words, if you let him be the leader, he must suffer a loss, and he must also eat. And you have the ability to “compensate” for the loss he suffered. Therefore, the superior depends on whether the subordinate has leadership ability, it depends on whether he can “suffice”, and not on other things-unless you can also compensate (change) for others. There was a saying in the ancients to observe whether a king has leadership or not. This sentence is like this: to accept the dirt of the country is to be the master of the land; to accept the country’s ominousness is to be the king of the world. The “dirty”, “ominous” and the above-mentioned “sufficiency” here express the same meaning. Who is the superior of the monarch? It’s ordinary people. In history, the common people found that the king did not have sufficient leadership, arrogance and luxuries, and blocked his words-these are all signs of refusing to “suffer.” The king refused to suffer, the people would suffer, and the people would replace the king. Whether a person can “bear” the corresponding “scum” is a necessary condition for whether he can be qualified for the leadership position he needs to hold, you look at this. If you are his subordinate, you have to see if he will “make you suffer.” “Suffering” here refers to not only whether your financial interests will be damaged, but also the mistakes you made, your misunderstanding of him, the persecution you gave him, and so on, the “unfairness” you imposed on him. Will the treatment bounce back? In other words, he is a superior. You and him are not of the same size. In the collision between you and him, you will inevitably “suffer”. So what we are looking at is actually: When you “suffer”, he will Will not “see” and will “compensate” for you. If so, this is a good leader, so follow along. Don’t look at other things. “Whether he has leadership” actually “has nothing to do with you”. You only need to see if you are going to suffer from following him. If not… the ancients also observed the “relationship between leaders and subordinates”. This sentence is like this: The king treats his ministers as his hands and feet, and his ministers treat him like his heart; the king treats him like his heart. If a minister is like a dog or a horse, the minister regards the emperor as a countryman; the emperor treats his minister as a soil mustard, and the minister regards the emperor as a enemy. Sometimes we are someone’s superior, sometimes someone’s subordinate. This makes us both “be able to suffer” and “don’t let people suffer.” Correspondingly, to see if a person has leadership ability, we should see whether he can suffer a loss, and whether he will suffer a loss to the person under his leadership.

6 months ago

Whether there is leadership can be judged according to the definition of leadership. Here is a reference for a leadership model, which mainly includes doing “things”, doing “people” and integrating “people” and “things” on three levels. Core competence 1: Project promotion ability (focus on problem identification and promotion of execution, emphasizing external) The sub-dimensions include: Keen insight: Keep abreast of the dynamics of competitors and industry peers, keenly identify market opportunities and risks, through analysis and interpretation , Critical thinking, brainstorming, and problem-solving; the plan formulated can stand the test of time; be good at discovering innovative ideas. Pursue results: Have an unyielding offensive spirit, never give up unless you reach your goal, and unswervingly push yourself and others to work hard for results. Core Competence 2: Task Decomposition Ability (focus on resource allocation and planning decomposition, internal) The sub-dimensions include: Goal Decomposition: Focus on task goals, organize subordinates to formulate plans, decompose goals, discuss and optimize work development methods, improve efficiency and ensure tasks The complete implementation. Resource integration: Facing market opportunities, make decisive decisions, rationally allocate human, material, budget and other resources, guide and lead subordinate teams to achieve their goals as quickly as possible. Core competence 3: communication and inter-departmental collaboration skills (external): Description of sub-dimensions: Communication competence: Properly handle the relationship with others with proactive, empathetic thinking and skilled communication skills, and promote success Mutual understanding, support and cooperation. Organizational influence: In view of the internal and external situation of the organization, use complex strategies and methods to produce influence, create a good internal working atmosphere and external cooperation environment, in order to complete the work objectives. Core Competence 4: Talent Cultivation Ability (internal): Description of sub-dimensions: Selecting talents and educating people: knowing people with insight, discovering and paying attention to potential employees; devoting time and energy to support the development of high-potential talents throughout the company. Form an efficient team: Give full play to the advantages of team members through authorization, incentives and other management methods, promote teamwork, resolve personnel conflicts, stimulate the motivation of team members, and create a good team atmosphere. Integrating “things” and “people” professionalism core competence 5: Professionalism sub-dimension description: Do things to the extreme: constantly challenge higher standards, surpass goals, and create more lasting and extraordinary achievements in the Internet field. Embrace the change: Facing the complex and changeable external environment, not afraid of difficulties, do not shrink back, take the initiative to adjust, seek changes, and lead the team to change in a new and challenging direction. As the leadership master John Cot said, “Management is to determine a specific plan, then allocate personnel and other organizational resources, and supervise and control the implementation process; leadership is to determine the long-term direction, unite the masses to move forward in this direction, and Inspire and inspire them.” Leadership is not the patent of leadership. Leadership is an art of influencing others. Therefore, every one of us, regardless of position, whether manager or not, may play the role of “leader” in a certain situation at any time to influence people around us, and we need “leadership.”

6 months ago

Xiaolu believes that the subject’s question can be understood as: what abilities are needed to become a qualified leader, or how to cultivate these abilities. So Xiaolu will write this answer based on his more than ten years of management experience. I believe it will be the most pertinent and instructive answer you have ever seen. 1. Establish an alliance relationship. Imagine a group of people moving forward in the fog. What is the most difficult and most important thing? It is to find the direction, where to go, and to ensure that a group of people go in the same direction. The organizational form of our time, as I understand it, is actually an alliance in nature. In fact, it has been the same since ancient times. In the Three Kingdoms period, each talent corresponds to each force. Why are some people willing to work for Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Sun Quan? Because everyone has a hope, and they all want to achieve their own career by means of collective progress. Only when the king is in the world can he win the name before and after his life. In large and small enterprises, and even various social organizations, there are similar forms, and everyone moves forward in groups. In large enterprises, it is actually composed of teams. Each team depends on the efforts of its members if it wants to make achievements, and the value realization and value acquisition of members must be realized through the team. The so-called alliance relationship, what does the leader do? Two aspects: see the direction clearly, think at the level of strategy (large and small teams, sub-teams, all have strategies relative to their own), know where everyone should go, know what is important to you, and what matters If you want to do it, you can leave it alone. Gather the members of this alliance, find suitable people to join, and help everyone balance short-term and long-term interests. 2. A gentleman should not be good at drawing big pie with honesty and not falsehood, not in front of a set and a set behind a set, one way when not employing people, and another way when not employing people. Human nature cannot be concealed. It is better to be true to yourself than to pretend to be false. False is false after all, and sooner or later it is easy to be seen. Credibility itself is wealth, and it has many uses when accumulated. There is nothing more important than letting people in the team trust you. Of course, if you abuse your reputation, it will decay faster. There are too many negative examples. The IT industry, especially in the hardest-hit areas, is full of trains running everywhere. 3. Don’t do what you don’t want to do to others. When you lead a team, you should always think of your own experiences in different teams, think about what you will need and care about if you change, and compare your heart to your heart. Empathy should be used not only between yourself and the user, but also between yourself and the team. 4. Humor comes from wisdom, bad language comes from incompetence, and often jokes are made by everyone. On irrelevant issues, Why so serious? If humor can make everyone feel better, be humorous, even if it is self-deprecating. Humor is a moisturizer, it saves me a lot of friction and pain. (By Lincoln) 5. The truly creative people who rush to hope not only value their current income, but also value their own development, growth, and team development. The leader of the team should have a good strategy and let everyone know, just as the captain has to tell everyone where the ship is heading. This kind of direction should not be a big pie, and at least the small goal should be enough every time. I can’t stand the short-sighted boss, who just stares at the benefits at hand, and doesn’t want to do bigger and more accomplished things. In this atmosphere, what you do is just a job. A truly capable person, who wants to give a “little boss” a job? So in any case, when I lead the team, I hope that I can help everyone see further, and strive for the common interests and common goals of everyone. Sooner or later, everyone can have greater gains instead of what is in front of me. Parts wages. 6. Adhere to the bottom line and principles to be a good person, but don’t be a good person, especially a good person who has no principles. When there are problems, they must be sharply exposed and resolved, whether they involve matters or people. Those things that we really value, such as the quality of doing things, must be done well. There is no option to do well. Once I was on an airplane, our partner sent a design to the customer, and the customer replied to the e-mail saying OK, so be it. I saw it at home in the middle of the night, and it felt very bad. The customer can accept it but we cannot accept it. This is the bottom line. So we came up with a new plan, everyone worked together for a few days, and finally gave the customer a new version of the plan. After seeing the final version, the customer’s boss replied to the email “This is what I dreamed of last night”… Vagueness can be passed, but to do good things, we have to understand where the bottom line is. 7. Let good people go out better than Qi Huan, and ask them when they see the old market. Or the opposite: “Guo’s ruins.” Repeated question: “Guo’s is the ruins?” He said: “Good is good and evil is evil.” Huan Gong said: “Good, good, evil, and evil are for existence, and vice versa. Ruins, why?” said: “Good and good cannot be used, and evil and evil cannot be used. The good people know that they are worthy of themselves and do not use them, and they will complain; the wicked see that they are inferior to themselves and are not good, and they will hate them. Husbands and good people Resent, hate the wicked, and gain if you want to die?” For those who really do things, they should be given more recognition, benefits, and space. What many managers lack is that for those truly capable team members, they have no courage to give them greater opportunities, give them better room for growth, let them spend time step by step, and raise the Chollima like ordinary horses. The problem is , Who has time to play with you? Really capable people must be crying and shouting to get up. Can’t you notice? Then you have no chance. For those who lack the ability and their attitude cannot adapt to the team atmosphere, they must be dealt with in a timely and fair manner. This is truly fair to the entire team. People who cannot integrate with the team, or those who influence the team in a bad direction, will destroy the aura of the team. At this time, managers need to have enough courage.

6 months ago

The so-called leadership is that the company that is suitable for the company’s operating stage is in a predictable rising period. The team has upward goals and consistency. The leadership of the people will be shaped by the environment. This shaping is a powerful environment for the company and products. +The team’s unanimous upward atmosphere is driven so that people’s leadership will have a spotlight effect. I never think that leadership is an independent ability and independent events. Leadership is definitely an environmental event. When a company is in a downward state, the team’s heart is weak. At that time, a person’s so-called leadership will be weakened and eliminated. This person has the resources and authority to reconstruct the company’s strategy and human team. Otherwise, companies in a downward state and teams with disorganized minds will absolutely Managers dragged into the quagmire. From our perspective of evaluating a manager, we will only look at a manager in the environment. For example, in Google, Marissa Mayer is an ideal imposition type professional manager. In Yahoo, Marissa Mayer has no achievements or no achievements. The locomotive of the sense of direction is in Lumi Labs. Marissa Mayer is a crappy entrepreneur who strips people out to see if they can work. In fact, it is meaningless. Only the people in the environment are the real people. The leadership in the environment is the real person. True leadership

6 months ago

1. The so-called “the few who see their changes” means to give this person different amounts of resources to complete the same type of tasks, to observe whether he can adapt to changes and make the best use of his materials. The ancients once said that “the great craftsman has no waste.” The truly powerful people will never complain about the quality of the conditions they have, but can fully play every “card” in their hands. This method can not only measure a person’s ability, but also test a person’s character and mentality. In the battle of Jingxing, Han Xin fully demonstrated his “general style” by defeating more than 200,000 troops of the Zhao State with 30,000 untrained recruits. 2. Advancing and retreating to observe the development of things has never been smooth sailing, there will always be more tortuous and repetitive stages. Therefore, the mediocre people are easily confused by the situation presented in front of them, or they are proud of their own lives, or they are discouraged and helpless. And truly powerful people can always maintain a kind of determination of “Let the wind and waves rise, sit firmly on the Diaoyutai”, whether it is when the situation is moving forward or partially retreating, they can calmly and calmly, steadily and steadily, without giving their opponents a chance. Take the opportunity. The most representative figure in this respect is Zhuge Liang. He has never been able to move forward after many years of fighting, and he will not advance or retreat. 3. Observing his idleness while watching his movement while watching his doubts in a calm manner. In addition to the previous two methods, we can also learn from Another angle to identify whether a person has the potential to become a leader. The Art of War: “Watching for slack while still, and watching for suspicion while moving.” It is to remind us that we can see from the other party’s usual style of dealing with people, whether the other party will relax its requirements and slack off; During relatively turbulent times, will the other party doubt his own judgment and ability. As long as we figure out these two issues, then the depth of this person’s city can be clear at a glance.

6 months ago

Those who can be mixed as leaders will have two brushes. There is no doubt about this, but the kind of leadership is really a kind of thing that the benevolent sees benevolence, the wise sees wisdom, in my opinion, those who can positively influence others are considered to be leaders. Power people. Speaking from my own experience, it is really a warm and loving story. Yes, getting along with the boss can also be warm and loving, provided that the boss is a warm and loving person. At that time, I had just graduated to work. I was so stupid and naive. I didn’t know if I asked three questions. My reaction was slow. My boss, nearly half a hundred years old, graduated from the legendary “Korea”. The Madame President’s cradle school once held a high position in a major Korean company. Two people who didn’t know each other at all met in this way (it’s an internal taste, but we are both girls). It was also the first time I felt the personality charm from the superiors in 360 degrees, all directions, and without blind spots. It felt very strange, like a light that lit up my entire world, as the old saying goes. , A man like a rainbow, knowing there is when you meet the top. People who have been illuminated should have an impulse to cherish this light, and pass it on to others, illuminate other people, and let this light pass on all the time. The compasses are turning, no, get back to business. Our first meeting was in a US-funded company. I went for an interview. Later, according to my colleague, I was the 14th candidate interviewed by the boss. Hahahaha, sometimes fate is so wonderful. I. However, the good times will not last long, and there will definitely be a lot of sparks when a young white in the workplace meets a white bone spirit. At the first meeting, the boss had already returned to Singapore. Yes, she is Korean, but no matter where people live in Singapore, the old Chinese saying goes, marry a chicken with a chicken, and a dog with a dog. Rough words are not rough. Therefore, from the first meeting to almost all subsequent meetings, they are all remote meetings connected by telephone or computer. As for the workplace young white, the meeting in the impression is that one person is speaking to the projector, and the others are clapping and nodding. This way, the remote operation of the computer meeting is really refreshing. The other colleagues in the meeting unsurprisingly cooperated with the boss’s rhythm, the response that should be responded to, the speech that should be spoken, only me, Xiaobai, was there, and said nothing. The boss on the other end of the phone also noticed my silence, so he threw a question to me and asked my opinion. When she CUE came to my name, my whole body shuddered. It felt like I didn’t understand it in math class when I was a child, but the teacher asked you to do a problem on the blackboard. She spoke too fast, I didn’t even understand it too well, and didn’t dare to ask her to repeat the question again, so she just answered vaguely. The result was a tragedy, and the bull’s head was wrong. The shocking silence lasted for ten seconds. Then the boss asked me jokingly: “Are you on a desertion?” Me:? ? ? I posted four, I didn’t. I’m just too nervous, I didn’t understand too much, ohhhhhh, the storm is crying. My little heart throbbed, but I couldn’t say a word. The boss didn’t say much, and continued the following process. Then after the meeting, I was left behind, left alone by the teacher like a student who failed the exam. I’m ready, please despise me to your heart’s content, despise me. However, the result was just the opposite. There was no accusation or embarrassment. The boss was like an old mother who spoke with a heart, patiently telling me that my English was not good enough, let’s go, let’s wait for other problems. That’s right, my English is not good, which makes me unable to accurately capture the information I need, and even more unprepared to express what I want to express. Then, I put forward a solution to my own problem, and I want to register for a business English training class. The boss recognized my self-consciousness and hard work, and then correspondingly sent me a link, which is a course for improving oral English within the company. If the boss didn’t mention this kind of internal company benefits, I wouldn’t know it. Then I selected the project, confirmed it with my colleagues in the personnel department, submitted it to the boss, and waited for the boss’s boss to approve. In the process, other colleagues in the department also received the same link, and then the whole department, Fewer than thirty people have joined the ranks of improving English. I think the boss is considerate of me as a young worker in the workplace, with a meager income and respect for my self-motivatedness. She can give me the greatest help within the scope of her help, and even rain and dew, give everyone the opportunity to use the company’s internal resources. , Improve yourself to the greatest extent. I think that a leader’s ability to work is easy to be seen, recognized, and respected. That is one of the important components of leadership, but leadership can also be warm, tolerant and respectful. With encouragement, it will have a longer lasting effect on others. Let’s talk about another thing that happened between me and my boss. It’s very common, simple, but full of surprises. It also makes me think that surprises others is a very loving, romantic thing, and it also makes me think Become a person who will surprise others. One day at about ten o’clock in the morning, when I was moving to Xingtou, the phone rang suddenly. “Hello.” “Hello, are you XX?” (XX is my name) “What’s the matter?” “Your cake is here, please come down and get it.” “What, my cake, I didn’t order the cake. “Is your name XX, cell phone number: XXX?” “Yes.” “It’s your cake, come down and get it.” “Oh.” After hanging up the phone, my inner OS: Who is okay to give me cake, Who is after me? Who is chasing me? Who the hell is it? I stood up, really having an impulse, and asked dozens of colleagues: “Who gave me the cake, and who is going to chase me?” But looking at their immersed in work and unable to extricate themselves, I still Decided not to disturb them. So I went to the gate of the company with small steps, signed the cake, and pulled the ribbon with my orchid finger, and then I saw a card. It says: Dear XX, I wish you a very happy birthday, cute smiling face. Then came the signature, my boss. She didn’t ask about my birthday or my mobile phone number, but she still gave me a birthday cake on my birthday. It is a big black forest with a few cherries dotted on it, and the fruit is very sweet. The boss who has always been vigorous and resolute, unexpectedly still has such a warm side, without any warning, handed out a small surprise, now thinking about it, still tears. The codeword ability is limited, and there is no way to express the mental state at that time. In short, I want to cry and laugh, and I want to go around with the cake. Also, that little card is still lying on the small bookcase in my house.

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