Let’s hang out now that the cows’ speculation is very abnormal, and the auction (very outrageous) finally sold at 2.05w, and the other units were asking for 2w3. Let me put it here. The actual value of this machine is in 1w8, and the price of 1w5 archway is not intended to be sold to players, and 2w3 is the sauce price and it is not intended to be sold to rational people. No one asked whether this machine is good, the key is that the current premium is unreasonable. Don’t tell me to code, the cow has a face? It’s okay to stand as a rescuer, but can we have a little conscience and a bottom line. What I asked was the savior’s tough aliens, because I think this is a bit outrageous, but it can still be discussed. As a result, the current wind direction has really become a savior to hang an alien? Aren’t you afraid to kill? Write the front defensive spirit/spray: The following is only for the remarks that some saviors have now slapped aliens. If you just say that the savior has begun to touch the real high-end gaming market (that is, I mean the hard aliens), then I think it can be discussed. It is not difficult for officials or group friends to recognize me. From the warm-up to the present, I am not the only one or two people who have rebounded so much. Everyone can see through it. I don’t want to talk about monkey-playing. I also know that you don’t like this term, but for certain people, the premise that I respect you is that you have a bottom line. With the usual r9kk official website price of the lottery winning, ignoring that Xianyu is 2w2 slow? Compare the price of aliens bought by fools in the country, ignoring the stock of direct hair beauty products can be inspected with maintenance price? I don’t talk about 2w2, and don’t talk about looking for a memorial price that can’t be grabbed by the generation. Let’s just talk about the rare 2w r9000k, which is really worth it? The kind of value for slinging aliens? If you don’t think it is so valuable, you might as well the first button in the lower left corner, and the second button if you think it’s worth. (However, the Mavericks who are expecting r9k to make a fortune may not see it earlier) (Be honest, I will come first, if you can buy it in 1w8, the savior can consider it. 2w is still too weird) 4k eye movement or 1080p300hz is better than 2k165 Much difference? The 2k screen is indeed more balanced, but the two 2k screens are currently monopolized. Can the resolution/frame rate extreme screen correspond to their respective needs? Only the first release guarantees 4bg, and the follow-up replenishment has to worry about checking whether the accessories shrink or shrink. Is the brand power of the high-end monument quality accumulated by the aliens all the year round comparable? After-sales maintenance, keyboard appearance, long-term warm-up and pre-sale of monkeys, I’m too lazy to elaborate. The continuous improvement of savior products is a good thing for our players to have one more choice, and progress is also in our eyes. I just want to say that as far as the above conclusions can be drawn, I am 10,000 unsatisfied. Finally, it is emphasized again that the price is the same, and what is the price/performance ratio. The comparison object must be aliens, not compared with previous years of Lenovo’s positioning. If you say it doesn’t make sense to sling the Chosen Devil, the revolution can sling it.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The reputation of Alien and other high-end game books is so bad as it is now. It is purely a step by step that has been reversing and walking in place over the years. With the current R&D strength of Lenovo and its reputation in the consumer market, it is entirely possible to reopen the truly high-end series product line that was once abandoned-the “9 series”, to show consumers what is the real high-end gaming notebook. It should be called “Legion 9” by now. As for the current mid-range Legion 5 and the higher-end Legion 7, although they have achieved leapfrogging in terms of “cost-effectiveness” and have also become “industry benchmarks” among products with the same positioning, their products are far from the real “high-end”. , There is still a gap of “7-9”. Finally, no manufacturer is a philanthropist, and the price after the R9000k returns to the normal price after the initial release is the standard price. It is not wise to spend more than 20,000 to buy an alien, but it is Shi Lezhi to spend more than 20,000 to buy a savior who was fired at a premium of 5,000 to 6,000. Unless you are going to buy it for mining

6 months ago

This answer is limited to Bank Negara, after all, it is much more difficult to buy on the US Bank than before, which is too troublesome for ordinary users. If it is limited to the product itself, then I think from the perspective of performance and practicality, Lenovo’s R9000P/R9000K can indeed harden aliens, and the cost-effective aspect can lift aliens ten times. But, just like MacBook users rarely pay attention to Windows, Alienware users, at least the Alienware users I know around me, most often don’t look at the rescuer when buying a computer, and there may even be no rescue in their world. There are only brands like Apple, Alien, Razer, Prodigal Eye. What they want is compelling, after-sales, and appearance. You said that the savior is cost-effective? Please, users who can spend at least 20,000 yuan to buy a game book, many people do not care about the price-performance ratio, just like no matter how good your Audi A4L is, the S3 will never attract Ferrari and Lamborghini owners. .

6 months ago

Let’s take a look at the positioning of the alien computer, the top configuration, cool appearance, high price, suitable for low-cost, enthusiastic gamers. If you consider cost performance, Lenovo’s rescuer R9000K can really be tough. But you have to know that the group of people who buy aliens don’t care much about money at all. What they want is a good-looking appearance. Some time ago, I chatted with a friend around me. He bought a BMW 325i. At that time, another friend of his advised him to buy an Audi A4L with the money of 325i. The configuration will be higher and the price-performance ratio is extremely high. In the end he chose BMW. So in terms of cost performance, Lenovo’s rescuer can indeed be higher than the aliens. But in terms of brand power and positioning, they are still inferior to the aliens.

6 months ago

Personal opinion: In addition to the brand bonus, r9000k can not only be tough, it can even be said that the r9000k and m15r5 unilaterally switch to the heavy and thin game book this year. The m15r5 can only hold down the 125w graphics card under the blessing of PPAB, and the r9kk can hold down the 165w full blood. 3080, alone apparently has both. m15r5 comes standard with a 1080p 165hz 100% sRGB 300nit screen, and a 2k 240hz 100% P3 400nit screen is optional (I don’t know how much it costs yet), and r9kk comes standard with 2k 16:10 165hz 100% sRGB 500nit screen. The m15r5 only mentions it. When it comes to PD-Out without mentioning PD-In, the advantage of r9kk’s support for 100wPD charging aliens lies mainly in accident insurance (Lenovo official website did not find a purchase channel) optional CHERRY MX X-type gull-wing mechanical keyboard and 240wGaN charger; So why is r9kk so popular, because the cheapest mobile terminal 3080 before was Gigabyte’s 15G, and the deposit was pre-sold for several days. The price of 1w5 is only 3080 8g of residual blood, which theoretically cannot beat a lot of 3070. Now the same 1w5, full blood 3080 plus R9, not many goods, and other full blood 3080, nothing more than ge76 and x170

6 months ago

If you simply answer the question below, I will sue you to buy a savior. Because I am a poor man. Simply considering that I am an ordinary digital enthusiast, if someone consults me for advice, I will tell him to buy a savior. Because I think most people still want to spend less and do more with the fact that the price is first. As for aliens, it is a product that is targeted to a small number of people. There are brand premiums, historical baggage, and manufacturers’ positioning of products. If the alien pulls his hips again, his price will not be lowered. What he wants is a high-level and compelling one. The savior is another way, the industry benchmark-level positioning product for ordinary consumer groups. Although this generation has products like R9000K hitting the high end. However, the overall compulsive recognition and high-end services are still not enough to be extraterrestrial. But to talk about cost performance, the same or even better product experience. Covering more and more widely used people, the rescuer belongs to the level of slinging aliens. Let me give you an improper example: it’s like buying a bag. Some people buy a bag because it is cheap and can fit it, and some people buy a bag because it is a donkey brand. The same reason.

6 months ago

In terms of products, let’s just say that, any manufacturer who has an idea to make a game book seriously, you have to look at the aliens and you will lose… Trash Dell.jpg Editor: After being reminded, I went to find the aliens this year. Human performance release, M17R4 is indeed quite good according to the highest 100w+160w calculation, here is my impression flow, I apologize to Dell. Dell Niubi.jpg In marketing, I’m not surprised at the fact that salted fish is twenty-three thousand. After all, I have seen salted fish and various third parties on the 12th, and I didn’t even find this machine at the time. I know something is wrong-how many do you have? By the way, Lenovo removed all the skus of this machine. I don’t know what the bug is, or I am afraid of being picked up like last year. Jingdong only provided 600 Y9000K (2020). Edit: I found out JD sales from other places. The three versions of “official self-operated” sold a total of 27 units (I did not miss 0). “self-operated” puts all the rescuer R series together and sold them in one month. 100,000 units, including the unlimited supply of R7000 (2020)

6 months ago

For some alien products, the performance is fine.
Some details of the workmanship and some similar to door-to-door service, global warranty, and accident insurance are not comparable. Of course, these services and details are also included in the price of aliens. When you buy aliens, you actually paid for it in advance. Of these services.
The brand is far from good.

6 months ago

It’s hard to talk about rigidity or rigidity, the two are not things in the same price range (under the same core). In terms of product strength, such as performance, heat dissipation, screen, interface, etc., the rescuer can harden most of the alien products, because these are the core competitiveness of the rescuer in the past two years. But in terms of brand power, the savior is still far behind the aliens. The core competitiveness of appearance is brand power, and after-sales and brand premium are its characteristics. Although both the savior and the aliens are game books, they are not suitable for comparison together. The savior is a bucket game notebook with high cost performance and excellent performance release. Performance release and heat dissipation are its core advantages and there are no major shortcomings. It is the first choice of most ordinary consumers. Alien can be said to be a high-end brand in the game book, product performance is secondary, and brand value is the key. The consumer group of the savior may look at the aliens and make a comment that is really expensive. The customers of the aliens will most likely not look at the savior. Under the same budget, it is of course the savior from the consideration of ordinary consumers. If you are not short of money, let’s say otherwise. Take a look at the pricing of aliens under the same core. The alien m15R5 has sold RTX3060 machines to 16999+. What is this concept? The ALIENWARE m15 of this R7-5800H+RTX3060 is equal to a rescuer R9000P+a rescuer R7000P+50 kilograms of ribs in the same core! The above comparison is based on the respective starting prices. So, unless you don’t need money or only care about the brand, you should consider the savior (provided it is available)

6 months ago

In my opinion, the savior does not need to make a premium for the nine-series flagship, it is really unnecessary. This is a very mature market with the most intense rollover, and a long-term accumulation of brand recognition. Is it possible that Lenovo also wants to learn from ROG to subsidize ROG from Asus? The most important thing is that Lenovo’s brand recognition has not been able to surpass ROG and aliens in ten years? After doing it, it is not very profitable, when necessary, difficult times. You may have to subsidize the low-end products, and the result is that mainstream-priced notebook consumers suffer. It is better to guard the 5 7 series market and become a welder.

6 months ago

Now the savior can only say that it has just entered the high-end threshold. This year’s R9000K still relies on stockpiling in essence, and there is a clear gap in brand value from Alienware and ROG. If R9000K also sets the price of m15R5, and the price of 1.5W+ can only be bought at 3060, does anyone still think that it is a savior? From the market’s perspective, this year the savior was able to hit products with low ROG positioning, such as Moba/Moba Xinrui, which is already a breakthrough. This year, ROG intends to harvest a handful of 8k-1W dessert-level markets through the “decentralization” of the brand. This trick actually worked very well. As a result, the savior easily broke the defense by upgrading the screen, heat dissipation, and brand upgrade. The high-end dream of the savior started with the ideapad Y900 in 2016. At that time, the brand of the savior (Legion) had not yet become independent. This product may leave the impression that it is equipped with a mechanical keyboard, but the heat dissipation is not outstanding, the characteristics are not enough, the brand has not been established, and the price is not low. This line has stopped after Y920 in 2017.

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