Some people may have come into contact with temporary foods, which are foods that are almost past the expiration date, such as steamed buns, roast ducks, cold dishes in the supermarket, which cannot be sold on the same day, and they need to be processed at a low price or removed from the shelves. Some people around them go to various online stores to buy them. This kind of snacks is known to use discounted prices to eat delicious food that is not discounted. I would like to ask what kind of mentality such people have. Are they afraid of affecting their health?

“I don’t know when it starts. There is a date on everything. Saury will expire, canned meat will expire, and even plastic wrap will expire. I began to doubt that in this world, there is something that will not Expired?” When Wang Jiawei created “Chongqing Forest” and wrote this classic line, can he imagine that in 2021, the adventurous food is already a tens of billions of market? In the movie, Takeshi Kaneshiro plays the role of buying expired canned food for a lover who never looks back. He thought that after eating canned pineapple, Amay would return to him. Unfortunately, the expired canned food can only save money and cannot save love. In reality, people are not so literary and artistic, but their motives are actually very simple, they are delicious and cheap. Buying temporary food is nothing new, and my parents have already done it silently when I was a child. When I was in elementary school, my parents had to travel abroad, because I wanted to go to school and there was no way to take me there. They really didn’t want to give up this good opportunity to travel, so they came up with a clever way to buy a large cabinet of canned beef and left it for me to make food. When they bought canned food, the store saw that there was a huge amount of canned food, so they specifically recommended a few boxes of canned food that were about to expire. My parents compared the prices and readily agreed. Then they bought some steamed buns and other snacks, and after entrusting me to the neighbors, they set off. During that month, I also lived very happily. Every day was very delicious beef, with a thick beef broth. I ate it happily, and I didn’t think it was a canned food that was about to expire. Because of the delicious taste, I actually ate a cupboard full of cans ahead of time. I couldn’t help but ran to the food store and bought another box until my parents came back. The people back then wanted to save money, and today’s people also want to save money. Who can’t be tempted to buy cheap and good-quality goods. Later, when I went to study in the United States, I found that some American classmates were looking for bread and sausages in the trash can of a large supermarket in the middle of the night. Later, I learned that the food thrown away by the supermarket was actually just expired that day, and most of them were actually fine. How cheap is impending food? A dozen of Yakult milk, e-commerce sells a few yuan, temporary food supermarket takes more than 2 yuan, wholesales more than 3 yuan, retail is more than 4 yuan, three squirrels giant snack package, Taobao price is 148 yuan, temporary The future price is only 30 yuan. What an attractive price for the people. Temporary food is already a business with formal channels and a formal industrial chain. Take a look at the following warehouse for temporary food; for today’s young people and hardworking workers, temporary food is cost-effective and can save money. There is nothing to be embarrassed about food and environmental protection. Buying temporary food and finding delicious and cheap snacks can sometimes become a simple pleasure in life.


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7 months ago

The first point to be explained is that impending food is not equal to expired food. It is food close to the expiration date. Therefore, impending food is still within the expiration date, and its quality and safety are still guaranteed. As mentioned above, the quality and safety of temporary foods are guaranteed, so eating some temporary foods will not harm the body. It is just that the taste or nutritional value may be inferior to those with good expiration dates. And in many foreign countries, some temporary food will be provided to people who can’t eat for free, and some temporary food will be sold at a discount in major supermarkets in our country to provide some low-income people. All in all, temporary food is completely safe to eat. Of course, there are also the following points in the face of impending food: 1. Don’t be cheap because many supermarkets will sell some impending food at a discount, and the price will be much cheaper than the normal price of food. But don’t buy a lot of impending foods that you can’t finish eating all at once because you are greedy for small and cheap, especially some foods that have a short shelf life, and you can only throw them away if you buy them back. This will cause food waste. 2. When buying impending food, you must see the expiration date. Buy impending food and the expiration date. Try to choose a good expiration date. If it is food that is about to be eaten, it is also very cost-effective to buy impending food. Save money, you can also buy cheap food. 3. The channels for buying impending food should be formal. There are many street vendors selling cheap impending food, but most of them do not have quality assurance or even hygiene standards, so if you buy impending food, you must Go through regular shopping malls and supermarkets. Only in this way can the quality be guaranteed. Finally, what Yu Ning wants to say is: in fact, as long as we don’t be greedy for cheap, see the expiration date, and choose the right channel to buy impending food, it will still be very cost-effective. At the same time, the seller also avoids the waste of food that is about to expire, and we can also buy it. Good quality and cheap food. Doesn’t this kill two birds with one stone? Why not do it 🙂

7 months ago

I think it’s okay. The shelf life of food is originally designed with a certain degree of redundancy, and it may not deteriorate at that point. Of course, we will definitely not eat for safety. What’s more, it’s just near the expiration date. Moreover, the snacks purchased online are generally foods with little water content and sealed packages, originally designed for long-term storage, and are less prone to spoilage than ordinary fresh cooked foods. So it’s best to buy potato chips and nuts instead of milk or meat. Of course, we can’t eat without thinking, we must check the food status when we get it. It’s easy to distinguish the good from the bad, and there is a real problem, I don’t think anyone will eat it. There is no need to ridicule those who buy, life is not easy to understand Long live it.

7 months ago

This concept has just been heard, and there is basically no concept. How long before the expiration date is the impending period? Seeing that the big guys are finally getting involved in this area now, I believe that standardized management is always a good thing. In fact, we used to purchase a lot of temporary products, but we didn’t feel much, thinking that as long as the warranty period is enough. Now someone tells us how much time is considered the impending period, and the hierarchical management is still carried out, so I feel more at ease. This is the consumer’s right to know, it is good for consumers, it can also reduce extravagance and waste, and contribute to social welfare. Of course, this is also the next hot spot for entrepreneurship, and there may be new bosses.

7 months ago

Many people say that “the expiration date is not overdue”, so I think it’s okay. Then I have to sing a “small counter”. The reason why food has a safe shelf life is because the longer the food is left, the less safe it is. I believe many people agree with this. The point of view, then this matter is simple and clear: we are taking advantage of “prompt food” at the cost of “possibly endangering health”! I didn’t say absolute, what I said was possibility. This possibility may not be very likely (as long as you are willing to take risks), but food safety is related to your health. As a father, I will say one thing: adults eat and eat. Please don’t give it to children!

7 months ago

Under normal circumstances, it is safe. The setting of the food guarantee period is determined through complicated experiments. As long as it does not expire, the minimum degree of relative safety can generally be guaranteed. However, it cannot be ruled out that many products may have problems in the process of production, transportation, storage, etc., which affect the quality and storage time of the food, and may cause the food to be damaged in advance. Because of family circumstances, I used to eat all the fruits and vegetables that weren’t very good, and the milk was bought at a special price if it was cheap. There was no big problem, but I felt that my brain was not very smart. Therefore, from my personal point of view, if you can buy fresh ones, just buy fresh ones, especially if you want to make fresh meat, chicken, duck, fish, fruits and vegetables, try to eat fresh ones, after all, it’s a daily life. Eating is closely related to health. As for other things, if you can live your life, try to eat something fresh. In case something goes wrong with eating, it’s not worth going to the hospital, but if life is more difficult or stressful, or if you are used to saving, there is no problem. , Then please follow your own situation, after all, life is good, some people are bitter, some are sweet, some are hard, some are idle, some are sad and some are sprinkling money, everyone’s living conditions are different. The quality is different, no one needs to look down on others, long live the understanding. No one likes to expire soon, understand Long Live. the above.

7 months ago

Anyway, I don’t dare to touch temporary products such as cooked food and fresh food, but I welcome snacks, drinks, chocolates, candies, etc. very much. It turned out that there was a temporary food supermarket near the office where I was working, and it looked like this: After entering, it was really like Grandma Liu entering the Grand View Garden, refreshing the three views. I have bought imported juice for 1.X yuan, Paris water for 4 yuan, imported dark chocolate for 10+ yuan a bag, puffed food for 2 yuan, etc… Anyway, I remember to carry two sacks at most at a time. A few dollars, but enough to eat for more than two weeks. Moreover, it is an impending period. In many cases, one or two months can be selected for the shelf life, which is enough for everyone to digest slowly. I vaguely remember that I heard in popular science programs before that the so-called shelf life does not mean that the food must be unsafe after it has been preserved. It may be that its properties, taste, taste, etc. have slightly changed, so the merchants have stipulated it for the purpose of exempting responsibility. A relatively safe time node that can guarantee the lower limit of taste. What’s more, it’s impending food, and it hasn’t passed the expiration date, so it must be edible. The prerequisite is to ensure that the food is always in a standardized storage environment, free from moisture, heat, etc. After all, cherries are not completely free yet, so it can save a little bit, isn’t it fragrant?

7 months ago

Not at all, I’m the number one person like this. I really like going to AEON at 5:30 in the afternoon. From 1 to 5:30 every day, all kinds of meat, fish, and ready-made foods in AEON Supermarket have been marked with 50% labels. Buy a large bass for more than a dozen yuan. Don’t taste too fragrant at home. The expiration date is not expired food. Food spoilage is a continuous process. The shelf life is a safe zone. In this area, the food must be good. If it exceeds this time point, the food may begin to spoil. In addition, strictly speaking, the shelf life of many foods nowadays is determined in accordance with food regulatory regulations, and it is not that the food is broken at this point in time. Therefore, there must be no spoilage of the food at the end of the period. For cooked food, the taste is a little bad at best. It can be purchased normally.

7 months ago

I also buy it often. There are many discounts and a lot of small products will be bundled. This can save a lot of money, and I have never had any gastrointestinal reactions. This habit of mine was influenced by my college roommate, a girl from Xinjiang. As a student, even though we didn’t have much money, we would occasionally visit the Wal-Mart supermarket. She once told me mysteriously that the yogurt that expired will be discounted, which is much cheaper than normal. Sure enough, we spent the least amount of money, drinking yogurt and eating naan, a very fond memory. Moreover, there are strict standards for the shelf life of food in our country. As long as it is eaten within the shelf life, there is basically no problem. The shelf life of food is determined by both the provisions of the Pharmacopoeia and laboratory data. Before formulating the shelf life of a food, it is necessary to conduct objective quality change analysis such as microbiological tests, physical and chemical tests, and sensory inspections on the food. When conducting microbiological tests, it is often necessary to check E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Gastrointestinal diseases or food poisoning caused by unclean food, the culprit is usually the excess of related microorganisms. Merchants give preferential benefits, but also based on their own interests. The price of near-expired food is reduced, which is not easy to cause waste. At the same time, consumers also benefit from it. This is definitely a win-win strategy.

7 months ago

This is actually our misunderstanding about the shelf life. We always feel that the shelf life is a strict limit. As long as the food reaches the shelf life, the food must deteriorate. Therefore, the food that is near the shelf life is not good for the health. As a result, many stores often have half of the shelf life. Discounts and promotions are about to begin at that time. In fact, the so-called shelf life is based on the provisions of the Food Safety Law, which means that within this period, the product is fully suitable for sale and maintains the unique quality that is not required or has been described in the label. In other words, during the warranty period, the manufacturer needs to be responsible for the quality of the product. From this point, I think everyone is aware of the problem. From the merchant’s point of view, the warranty period is better to be marked less than to be stuck. In the vicinity of the deterioration, otherwise the product quality problems should be held responsible. In other words, the shelf life we ​​have seen is a time that takes into account the safety factor. Secondly, the determination of the shelf life is also different from what many people imagine. Unless it is a food like fresh bread with an expected shelf life of only a few days, we can directly observe and test. The shelf life of most prepackaged foods is through accelerated testing (high temperature and high temperature). Wet). For the sake of insurance, this estimate is relatively conservative. In fact, in the 2004 Food Safety Law, there is a saying that after this period, prepackaged food may still be edible for a certain period of time. But it was deleted from the 11th edition of the Food Safety Law. Therefore, although we cannot say that food beyond the expiration date can still be eaten, it is certain that under reasonable storage conditions, the food near the expiration date is still safe. This is also the reason why there are some foreign shops that specialize in selling foods that are approaching the expiration date. However, if the storage conditions are harsh, especially when the temperature is too high, the shelf life will be appropriately shortened. At this time, you should avoid buying foods that are approaching the shelf life.

7 months ago

For food and beverages with a long shelf life (6-12 months or more), there will be no food safety problems in the temporary period or even short-term expiration. Think about it, for example, a beer with a shelf life of 1 year. It will be produced on April 13, 2020. It is exactly one year and a day to this day. You can drink it well before 12 o’clock last night. Suddenly it is poisonous at 0 o’clock in the morning today? Of course it is impossible. The shelf life refers to the date when the quality of the product is guaranteed after it is produced. As long as the storage conditions are normal, it should not deteriorate and affect health. It’s not the ability of the law of causality. Therefore, the temporary product may not be as good as the new product in terms of flavor (for example, craft beer is the best drink for new wine, the longer the time, the worse the flavor), but there will be no health problems. If there is a quality problem with the impending product, it is the manufacturer’s basic quality problem or the seller’s transportation and preservation environment. It’s okay to pick up the temporary wool, as long as you don’t buy fake or improperly stored products.

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