At 7:44 am on April 12, a traffic accident occurred in Xingyang, Zhengzhou. A muck truck was suspected of occupying a left-turning lane and ran a red light and went straight. The member died on the spot.

Regardless of whether the driver of the muck truck runs a red light or not, he shall bear criminal responsibility for the crime of causing traffic accidents or endangering public safety by dangerous means. The main dispute is whether the muck truck should go straight or turn left. The analysis is divided into two situations: one is that the driver of the muck truck illegally uses the left turn to run a red light and go straight. In this case, the muck truck runs red lights, uses lanes illegally, does not fulfill the duty of safe driving, violates the provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law, and causes an accident, bears all or the main responsibility of the accident, resulting in the death of more than one person. If the driver is subjectively negligent and intentional, it constitutes a crime of traffic accident; if the crime of driving is subjectively indirect intentional or direct intentional intention, it constitutes a crime of endangering public safety by dangerous means. Therefore, the characterization of this situation requires a distinction between drivers. Subjective thoughts. Second, the driver of the muck truck turned left. In this case, the driver of the muck truck did not run a red light, but he did not slow down at the crossing and did not fulfill his duty to drive safely. It also violates the provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law, although there are violations by electric vehicle drivers. Occupying a motor vehicle lane to turn left, but the driver of the muck truck still has to bear the main responsibility for the accident, resulting in the death of more than one person, which constitutes a traffic accident crime. It should be noted that from the surveillance video on the scene, although the muck truck may turn left when passing the stop line, it is difficult to rule out the possibility of running a red light and going straight. One is that the driver of the muck truck suddenly discovers that there is an electric vehicle. The car, subconsciously avoids turning to the left; second, it does want to turn left, but turning to the left at this speed may cause the vehicle to roll over. Therefore, it is necessary to verify the subjective mentality of the driver of the muck truck through other evidence, so as to pursue the corresponding criminal responsibility.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The muck truck is the most overbearing to drive on the road, and there is not one of the least car products! In order to be in a hurry, they never evade, leave no car if they can, break if they can, and never drive 60 if they can drive 80. What’s more frightening is that these big cars usually have blind spots, and they will be negligent. Something happened! Maybe it’s because I feel that my car is big enough. The biggest loss is the other car. Maybe it’s because the muck truck is usually a company car and it doesn’t hurt to drive, or it’s because the muck truck’s insurance is bought all the time. Insurance companies compensate, or their wages are calculated based on the number of cars pulled, so it’s like a drag racing like a reincarnation every day! Really, the traffic police department really wants to control the chaos of this kind of muck truck, instead of always staring at fines and generating income! Otherwise, I don’t know how many people will suffer from Wuwang disaster. A car accident is four families!

6 months ago

Watching this video, I don’t feel that what kind of responsibilities should be borne by the muck truck. The important thing is that I am driving a white off-road vehicle. Although it is a bargain, I seem to see myself underneath. , What responsibility does the muck truck bear? I have been thinking, if it were me, what would I do to save my life? Thank you everyone for finding a solution together, and thank you everyone for thinking about it for a long time but I haven’t figured out any solution.

6 months ago

This is why I have always supported strict management of muck trucks and large trucks. Many people are actually very serious with double standards. The traffic police punished large trucks and punished muck trucks. The driver began to sympathize with them when they cried. If the navigation was disconnected, the trolley area was resting, and they would always scold the traffic police for why they didn’t let them enter the trolley area and why they navigated. The penalty for disconnection is so heavy. I never thought that it should be the responsibility of the truck driver to pay attention to whether the navigation is disconnected. If four hours are up, why do you say that you should not stop in the emergency lane? You should park in the truck more than three hours in advance. Rest in the rest area, why is there no place to stop after driving for four hours? Dump trucks and large trucks should be a high-paying, strict entry and wide exit, and strict law enforcement. As a result, a group of people blamed the traffic police for being too strict and refused to leave, and then they could not force the boss to raise the salary. Kind of violation to earn illegal income. If things go on like this, there will be ghosts if nothing happens.

6 months ago

Some things are like this, you know it in your heart, and I know it in my heart! In the city during the day, the muck truck ran the red light on the left turn so unscrupulously, and the car behind went through the red light three seconds later and left! Is this the first time for these muck trucks? Do the urban management and traffic police departments really know nothing about it? There are some things that everyone knows in their hearts, so what can they say? An honest person who does his duty, may be a father, a son, or something else. In the end, his family and his relatives will have to bear this kind of pain! Even in places like Shanghai, where road governance is leading in the country, the management of dump trucks is also a headache for the Shanghai police. Although the control is strengthened, according to the data, 18 accidents and 18 deaths are still reported. The profit behind the muck truck is sticky with blood, why do you run fast, because it’s all money! Where did the money go, you know, I know too! I think these people who ignore the traffic rules and take their lives on the road as a trifling matter should be charged with endangering public safety, not an ordinary traffic accident. After all, your business with me is the one standing on the side of the road or sitting in the car. People! And the companies behind them should also be subject to corresponding sanctions and heavy penalties!

6 months ago

Yesterday I also chatted with netizens and said that the merchants are really powerful, and any contraband, as long as you buy it, will be mailed to you, but as an ordinary person, you absolutely do not have this ability. It is also placed here, and they are all driven by cars. People’s muck trucks may not follow us a set of rules. There are also electric bikes. Sometimes on the road, I really admire these people. How do they confirm that there are no cars around? Anyway, I ride an electric bike. When I change lanes, I turn my head and look back, but I have to turn around or Turning, such a large span, IMHO, my head does not support this function, I usually stop at the zebra crossing, see the surrounding situation, and then go.

6 months ago

Rather than waiting for three minutes instead of grabbing three seconds, this is a truth. Once I drove straight, the road on the opposite side was a red light, and there were many cars waiting for the green light. At this time, an electric car suddenly rushed out in the middle of the opposite lane (yellow solid line). The speed was extremely fast. I didn’t have any defense. According to the speed of the two of us at the time, if we hit it, it is estimated that he would not die or be seriously injured. Fortunately, At the moment of the collision, we all stopped the car. Thinking about it now, I am still very scared. Let’s talk about the accident in the video. The driver of the muck truck turned left, and it was a green light when he turned left (previous typographical error, corrected in the comment area, thanks.), whether the driver of the muck truck ran a red light and went straight is not directly determined, and further investigation by the public security agency is required. Therefore, the facts of the case have not been investigated, and it is impossible to directly determine what legal responsibilities the driver shall bear. If the public security agency finally determines that the driver of the muck truck is driving straight through the red light, the driver of the muck truck is suspected of causing traffic accidents, and will face criminal liability in addition to civil compensation. Is it possible for an electric car to turn like this? On one occasion, my family rode an electric car to turn under similar circumstances, but was called by the police to criticize and educate him. The traffic police asked my family to use a non-motorized vehicle to turn a “second pass,” that is, when turning left. Go straight to the opposite side of the road, and then go straight to complete a left turn, and when I get home, I still grabbed my theory, why can’t I turn directly like a motor vehicle. I think this is the confusion caused by the vague terms of the law. Article 68 of the “Implementation Regulations of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” stipulates: Non-motorized vehicles pass through intersections controlled by traffic lights… (3) Turn left When turning on the right side of the center of the intersection… People riding electric vehicles, in order to increase the efficiency of traffic, understand “the right side of the center”: The traffic police team is worried that non-motorized vehicles may turn left directly when the intersection is large and the signal lights may change. Failure to pass in time and staying in the middle of the road brings certain safety hazards; at some intersections, the green lights for turning left and going straight are on at the same time. This is not a problem of safety hazards. It is impossible to pass the above picture by riding a non-motorized vehicle. At intersections, the “right side of the center point” is given this understanding: This is embarrassing. However, the power of law enforcement is in the hands of the traffic police, and the traffic police’s understanding of “the right side of the center point” is indeed much safer. Therefore, I can only tell my family that the traffic police is right to criticize and educate.

6 months ago

I have been talking about the problem of fighting snakes and seven inches and catching key muck trucks for so many years. What courts try to deal with traffic police management is useless. Just add a little bit of management companies and legal persons that have major traffic accidents that year. Directly enter the blacklist of earthwork projects and shall not be contracted for life. Engineering, you try to see this group of people, do they dare to mess around like this? The muck truck and the engineering earthwork behind it have always been black-produced, multi-employed workers and drivers, and even the old fritters in the chant. Most of the cars that dare to run the red light are three non-scrapped black cars. If you don’t believe it, you can go to the idle fish to search for the muck. The car has no formalities. These people never thought about what they would do if they were arrested. The car is a scrapped car and it is worthless and sent directly to the traffic police. If a person is a member of society and is not afraid to go back to the prison detention center, what should I do? The government should not directly block the engineering real estate once and for all. I am embarrassed to be peaceful, and today I have a rest for a drink. If you fail to speak after drinking, just treat it as a joke!

6 months ago

I’m on the road now, I always go in the direction of the retrograde lane, that is, I can see the direction of the oncoming traffic, and I don’t use my mobile phone, and I always observe the road conditions, so I am afraid that disaster will fall from the sky. . Not to mention running the red light, I have to stare at the vehicle waiting for the red light after the green light, for fear of it strung out. . Things like ghost probes will never happen to people like me. I will stop and leaning forward to observe that there is no car coming and going through. .I haven’t got my driver’s license yet, but in the future, when I wait for the red light, I will never put the handbrake in neutral unless there are too many people in front of me crossing the road! At the kind of intersection with few pedestrians, the absolute force is to put your foot on the accelerator and be ready to rush out to escape at any time. . . I’ve seen too many honestly waiting for the red light disaster to come down from the sky. .

6 months ago

Family members often say that when you go out and stay away from big trucks, people who drive can also avoid them. Some trucks slow down very slowly, causing truck accidents almost every year. This video feels that even if there is no electric car, this muck It’s a pity that the car will also hit this off-road vehicle. It’s a pity to wait for the red light and suddenly die to this muck truck. If the speed of this car is the same as the speed of the mound truck behind, it’s probably not. This accident happened. Now there are a lot of small electric vehicles running through red lights. It feels very unsafe. I hope that Zhengzhou will be more strict in traffic control.

6 months ago

The muck truck is fully responsible. The driver of the muck truck is fully responsible for the accident caused by running a red light, causing the death of the off-road vehicle driver. Electric vehicles are normal traffic, and there is no responsibility. The muck truck seemed to be overloaded and speeding. He stepped on the brakes, but because of the weight and speed, he overturned after crossing the intersection. If the off-road vehicle driver dies, the compensation will be fixed. The total amount of death compensation and funeral expenses shall be 20 times the national average annual salary of employees in the previous year. Living expenses shall also be paid to those who were unable to work and were supported by the deceased during his lifetime. If the off-road vehicle driver is seriously injured and stays in the ICU for a month, the muck truck driver will probably disappear. Perhaps the driver of the muck truck is grateful that someone has died, otherwise the rest of his life can only be used to pay off debts. From now on, I saw large trucks, muck trucks, and large trucks on the road. Let’s go around. I personally saw the large truck pulling steel pipes on the high speed without tying the pipes. When slowing down, the steel pipes slid down to penetrate the car behind. It’s too bloody from the driver’s heart to the trunk.

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