The child immediately ranks among the top three in the class. The team leader usually scores 80-90 points in the test, if not, it is more than 70 points.

The captain copied from left to right. If the left one couldn’t copy, he copied the right one. My child sat behind her. Every month or in class, the captain has to look back at his papers several times.

And yesterday, I heard from the baby that the captain squeezed my baby out intentionally or unintentionally. When doing group exercises in class, the team leader deliberately grabbed the baby’s friends and assigned the surrounding students to other groups. Every time my baby finished writing the exercises, he found that the nearby students had already formed a group. As long as he is alone, he can only find someone else to form a group.

So I told him that he could report the team leader for plagiarizing the test paper. Every subject has been reported to him. But now think about it, is my method too extreme?

This seems to be a learning problem, but it’s just a social problem. There are two types of schoolmasters, one is those who have friends, and the other is those who don’t have friends. Of course, due to limited energy, there will not be many friends of schoolmasters, but even if there are only a few, they will not be alone when they are grouped. As for copying homework, it will not affect Xueba’s grades at all, which is different from “copying homework” in the workplace. In terms of fundamental interests, the student stage is the fairest. Everyone is independent. They take their own exams. No one takes the exams. There is no cooperation. There is only independent competition and scores speak for themselves. Therefore, the team leader copying homework will not affect the strength and grades of the student, but will only affect the student’s mood. No matter whether he was particularly popular or someone behind him, the captain came to copy homework: just want to “be a demon” and disturb the mood of the subject’s son. This is an “emotional cancer tactic”. It’s just that I don’t do well in the old exams, the more I copy, the more I rely on it, the more I copy, the more I know that I’m “weak” and I’m in a bad mood. Can a captain copy homework gloriously? Doesn’t he know that he is disgraceful? Of course he knows, but he has lost his ability to concentrate on learning and overcome difficulties. He is becoming less and less confident, and his heart is distorted. He can only use the captain’s “sense of power” to satisfy narcissism; so he uses what he is good at. “Dominate” to “exclude” socially, infect the inner “bad mood, this malignant tumor” to others, and to the son of the subject. This may be a tyrant who has no friends. Okay, then it doesn’t make much sense to expose him for copying homework. On the contrary, he was hit by his “evil”, the opposition is on, and the bad emotions are contagious. What’s more, copying homework will only make his grades worse. What can the son of the subject do? How can the main topic help the children? 1. When the answer is copied, isolate and ignore the person, stay calm and focus on your own exam. As mentioned earlier, student-stage learning is completely under your control. As long as you control your concentration, you will still be a student. Treat him as the air, isolate the person from the mood, maintain a calm mood, and a stable mood is the basis for a good test. During the exam, he would not yell, he would only turn his head to look back and copy. The subject can discuss with the child how to achieve the above 2 points? How is the child’s mood now? The subject needs to clearly explain all the above logic to the child: your grades are your own calculations. As long as your mood is not affected, and your mood is the master, you can still be focused and not affected. When taking quizzes and monthly exams, lower your head? Out of sight out of mind. The subject of the question as a parent, and the teacher in charge or trustworthy teacher who likes the child’s feedback: When the child takes the test, it seems that the previous classmates will turn their heads and don’t know what they are doing, but sometimes it will affect the child’s mood. Please pay attention to the teacher. At the same time, convey to the teacher that he will let the children adjust their mood without being affected. Don’t agree with this “projection”. In psychology, it is called “projective identification”, which is implied by the words and actions of others. The more you care, the more anxious, the more it shows that “the more powerful his words and deeds have on you.” The point of communicating with the teacher is: Don’t exaggerate the influence of the captain on the child, then take a firm stand on his influence, in fact, reduce the influence of his copying answers, and give positive hints to yourself and the child, so that evil does not suppress the righteousness. The concept of projective identity was first proposed by Melanie Klein, and later developed and deduced by analysts of the object relation school, and gradually became the current concept. In the theory of object relations, projective identification is a behavioral pattern that induces others to respond in a limited way. In layman’s terms, I project my own things to you, and induce you to involuntarily react to me in the way I project to you. There are indeed many acts of manipulating people’s minds in the legend, if they turn their heads and copy them, the subject can be the parent to reveal the news to the teacher, let the teacher pay attention to it, it is best to catch the current situation, the “catching demon” scene must be more effective in exorcism. 2. Appropriately allocate energy to make friends and enhance children’s social acumen. If the child does not have many friends, the subject should be taken seriously. Later in the society, the child may be able to support himself, but it is easy to “single-handedly” become a “target”. Be squeezed out. The big difference between society and school is that society needs to cooperate and fight in groups, and at least there must be an “awareness of allies.” Learning tyrants are generally used to it by themselves, they are strong and they have a sense of superiority, so they are more likely to ignore the people around them; then it is easy to “be alone” or even “jealous”. Your light is too dazzling, others are not so dazzling, it flashes to others’ eyes, and others are uncomfortable, and you will be uncomfortable. Therefore: Let the children not only pay attention to learning, but also know how to establish emotional relationship with classmates. Have a few good friends, usually make friends, have common interests and hobbies, and talk about light-hearted and pleasant topics; always a serious student Maybe I can’t understand the jokes of my classmates, and I can’t tell jokes, and become less funny, too serious, and unable to intervene. If this is the case, make adjustments to see if you can let the child play more and become more interesting and relaxed. In short, you must have friends so that you are not afraid of being alone in groups, and those who want to “behave” socially will have nowhere to go. Because we are fine! We are happy in doing questions, happy in exams, happy in concentration, happy in making friends, happy in get out of class, happy silently, and shallowly happy. When we are not so happy when we are affected, we can also transform energy and become stable and happy.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Hmm, shouldn’t the captain continue to copy? Get used to him, 6th grade, and see you soon. The consequences of copying will be there soon. If he doesn’t follow the right way at a young age, shouldn’t he also let him eat the fruits of the right way? The evil dragon must be fought by the wicked. If you can’t be more evil than the wicked, then continue to get used to him. The society will not spare him, and the high school entrance examination will not spare him. There are too many visible consequences. Thinking about his current grades are based on the illusion of crooked ways, how ridiculous it is when the fire can’t be wrapped in paper… Don’t let the children be affected by bad emotions and evil things, and concentrate on doing their own things. After all, he is really good at it. Can’t be stolen. The child’s mind is still immature, try not to be disturbed by trivial matters. Don’t let your children fall into unprovoked disputes. Either the parents go to the teacher and ask for a complete return to the truth of the investigation, or they can comfort the child as if he is the air. Catch the thief is not the end if you catch it. Next, whoever controls the thief and who judges the thief is the key point.

7 months ago

I have seen a foreign father’s way of dealing with similar problems before, and you can refer to it for reference. It’s not clear whether the father is in the United States or Russia. The mother is Chinese. The child goes to kindergarten and is discriminated against by other children because of the “mixed race”. The children didn’t play with his little daughter. The little girl was very unhappy because of this, and cried and asked his father why. At this time his father was out. His approach is not to go to the kindergarten teacher to file a complaint, nor is it to find other children to criticize directly. He knew that such an approach would often backfire and exacerbate the isolation of other children from their youngest daughter. After thinking about it, he thought of a way to do what he wanted. He asked his little daughter what small gifts other children usually like, such as candy, toys, and so on. Whatever he likes, the father buys something for the little girl, and then asks her to take it back to the kindergarten. Other children want to come and play when they see these toys. These things can be shared with other children. But there is a prerequisite, you must be friends and play with your little daughter. It didn’t take long for this method to work quickly, and then his father went to talk to the parents again. The general idea is to let the parents talk to the children, and the parents were moved after seeing their father’s good intentions. Also admonished his own baby. The end of the story is of course a relationship. The relationship between the youngest daughter and other children gradually improved, and the youngest daughter was very happy every day.

7 months ago

As a teacher, I am hypocritical. There are many unfairness in the teaching team, including the previous job title evaluation by Jiaozuo teacher. She could not judge it as legal and compliant but not reasonable enough, so she is unlikely to win the case. If it were me, I would probably be silent. I have brought a lot of children, but I ask them to be fair and just, ask them to be “righteous”, and ask them to adhere to the right and principle. This makes me feel hypocritical. Thanks to Teacher Luo for loving this man. Let’s talk about teaching. Reporting of cheating on homework is too common in elementary schools. Many teachers will directly and explicitly request that they must be reported. We don’t know how many whistleblowers have discussed this matter. Class conventions have been formed since the first grade. We all define this matter as helping others grow. People who are reported will basically feel ashamed, and some will attack others because they are pierced. We will deal with it in time, so your worry is largely redundant. At the same time, we will grasp the degree of reporting. Some students report to others every day, and make a report at the slightest bit of trouble. If you don’t handle it, it won’t work. This is to enjoy the sense of control that the power to report brings to him (I can use the report to accurately strike others and direct the teacher). Find someone to stare at her, and the human way will cure her. And educate him in time to let him know when to report and when not to report. Cheating, a major problem in principle, must be reported and dealt with seriously. Elementary school is an important period for children’s moral formation. They go from blindly accepting the rules to having their own thinking about the rules, and finally really agree with the rules and make their own judgments in different situations. Please do not use the eyes of adults to speculate on the world of children. It is often seen on various platforms, why are the post-90s and post-00s becoming more and more important? My God, we know what this world should be like, and insisting on what this world should be has become synonymous with head iron. Isn’t reporting injustice what the world should be? ? Even if I am hypocritical, I can distinguish good from bad. There is a high probability that everyone under this question can distinguish good from bad, but they hope that if one day they become the person who copied the answer, no one will report him. It seems that I am not the most hypocritical. Someone happened to bring it up, so I will make it clear here. First of all, what is a report? It’s unreasonable, you need a teacher, and he doesn’t return my things to me. Is this a report, unreasonable? Do you need it? Teacher, he copied my homework. Is this a report, unreasonable? Is it necessary? To report to the teacher the unreasonable behavior of the classmates and to defend one’s power is to report. Of course, there is a word in elementary school, called a complaint. Obviously, a reasonable report must be made. It is impossible for a teacher to keep an eye on every classmate in the class all the time. The feedback from students is very important. Second, how to teach children to report correctly. First, formulate general principles, which behaviors need to be reported and which behaviors do not need to be reported. 1. Principle issues must be reported (the law is the standard, involving personal, including physical and mental issues) 2. After the two major frameworks that have been impaired for no reason and warned students are invalid, loopholes are exposed, and students cannot The degree of reporting me. Therefore, the rules may be abused. Once the rules are abused, the punishment will fail to keep up and the rules will become invalid. Disciplinary keeps up, and the class is divided in panic. Then discuss the rules and teach children to report correctly with specific examples. I spoke to my classmates in class, should I be reported? What is said has nothing to do with the classroom, and the frequency is too many, which affects other students. What I said has nothing to do with the classroom, and the frequency is small. I quickly corrected what I said was related to the classroom, and the frequency was too large, affecting other students. What was said was related to the classroom, and the frequency was small, so I quickly corrected it. do you understand? No teacher will say a word, you should report whoever you think is not good. If we don’t have a complete set of measures, can a class of forty or fifty people be able to manage it?

7 months ago

Students with poor grades and poor performances like this kind of students, being able to serve as captains, usually have one or two special advantages. There was a child who was very beautiful because of the etiquette of kicking and raising the national flag, so he served as the captain of the school. Because every time you check, it won’t work without her. Some newspapers took photos on the news, and some leaders took a group photo. Some children are good at writing various reports (of course, there are parents who are catching a knife), and writing various experience reports. The teacher uses them smoothly, so they hand over various reports and materials to him and give them to an official, so that they can be justified. Of course there are some backers. This patron may not necessarily be an official in the family. There are also all kinds of resources you can’t think of. Simply put, the organization of captains and squadrons is not limited to the identity of students. They have to devote more of their energy to various inspection reports, assessments and comparisons of students. Therefore, a large proportion of these children will not be outstanding in their grades and morals. As far as I know, the proportion of cadres in the squadrons of elementary schools who become masters is extremely small. With the above knowledge, let’s look at the problems your child is facing. I first said to the child: This captain is not the same as you. Children in the lower grades are still more concerned about the teacher’s attitude. But after the upper grades, it is basically dispensable. Schools are roughly divided into two types of children, one type, whose main occupation is learning, and the purpose is to enter a high school and university; the other type, which does not focus on learning as its main occupation, including these various cadres, various interest classes, what are you doing? , Orchestras, sports teams, etc. I told the children that you can move around freely after the fourth grade. Above the fourth grade, you belong to the first category. For students who are not in the first category, there is no need to pay too much attention to and intimate communication. Don’t think I am realistic. Because after the high school entrance examination, these two types of children will basically never meet again for the rest of their lives. Second: The other party squeezes you out, and see if you have any problems with yourself. In the sixth grade, the team leader’s appeal is already very weak. Basically, children will not be easily controlled by authority. It is difficult for even the head teacher to let the classmates squeeze out and bully a classmate (of course, it’s okay to do something particularly clear, but it’s already difficult to secretly guide and squeeze out). I don’t think that a large captain has the ability to squeeze out a certain classmate. The classmates are squeezing you out. If after introspection, I think I have no major faults or problems. Then determine the best and closest friend. It is best to be like-minded friends. Work hard to develop this relationship, and don’t care about the number of friends, let alone teamwork and discussion. After all, there is no problem of teamwork in the final exam and the college entrance examination. A close friend, one is enough. If you can calmly deal with the unkindness of others, and cherish the confidants you already have. Then the friendship between the two of you will exude extraordinary charm and fragrance, which will have a good influence and reference value for other ordinary children. As long as this part of your relationship is maintained, some others will be attracted to you. Although it takes a certain amount of time, it is very beneficial to the growth of the child. Finally, I do not approve of the act of reporting. First of all, the captain copied homework without harming your true interests. It is his act of squeezing you out and harming your interests. If you want to report, you should report this. Instead of looking for other people’s pigtails in a targeted manner. Or did you report copying homework because of him or because of the act of copying homework? Do you report other people copying homework? Don’t inculcate in children’s small minds the shadows of individual differences, targeting, hatred, especially reporting, finding pigtails, and making small reports of these unconscionable behaviors. Secondly, the teacher knew the behavior of the captain well. But it is likely that the teacher has nothing to do. (Combined with the characteristics of the captain mentioned above). Or the teacher doesn’t want to care about him at all. For teachers, these cadres are not ordinary students, they are more like assistants, and they are free labor. And your report makes the teacher not only very difficult, but also may not have the ability and willingness to deal with it. A good teacher will feel a little guilty, and a bad teacher may empathize with your child because of irritability. The gains outweigh the losses. Finally, I want to say that in the middle and upper grades, it is no longer appropriate for parents to directly give specific opinions to their children. For example, you should do this. Because the parents’ understanding of the child’s environment and situation is not enough to give such advice. What parents can do is to guide their children’s three views, mentality, and emotions. When the child is relieved and satisfied in these aspects, he can face and solve his own problems well.

7 months ago

I think parents should communicate directly with the head teacher and the effect will be better. For the captain, he has two questions in the class. One is the classmates who plagiarized before and after the exam, and the other is to exclude and isolate classmates in the class, which is worse. As a parent, if your child is isolated, you should feel uncomfortable, especially if you don’t do anything extraordinary. On the one hand, parents should comfort their children, hoping to let their children know that this situation is not the reason why they are not doing enough. Maybe the children will be a little introverted in character. I suggest that parents can usually find good parents in the class. Go outside together. For example, have a meal, go to the park for an outing, or give parents 2 tickets to the drama, and make an appointment to watch a drama together. After all, the child is already in the 5th grade, and there is not a good classmate who may seem introverted in personality. It is recommended that parents do more in this regard and become familiar with their classmates. Going back to the cheating issue, considering that the child said it may not be good, it is recommended that parents reflect the complete process to the teacher. I hope that the head teacher will communicate more with the teacher in the subsequent class exams to prevent the team leader from recurring. cheat. On the one hand, it affects the exams of the students around me, and on the other hand, it is obviously unfair to other students. There are some friends around who are elementary school teachers, high school teachers, and university teachers. When they talk to them about how to manage students and face parents, their views are like this: similar problems can be directly reported to the teacher and proposed solutions. If he can solve it, he will definitely solve it. If he can’t solve it, he will report it to his superiors. The teacher who was most afraid and disgusted by the teacher directly poke the problem out in the class group. Once all parents knew, the problem was out of control, and secondly, he had no room to deal with the problem. In addition, the teacher does not like to go to his superiors (such as the dean of education, the principal, etc.) directly when he doesn’t like small matters. This will put a lot of pressure on the teacher, and instead will avoid solving the problem. In addition, parents are unreasonable and it is a headache. It is recommended to ask questions and solve problems rationally and objectively. After all, the class is also a team and needs to run. To this type of parent, the teacher is also scared:) Of course, if the head teacher is also laissez-faire, then we will find another way to report to the superior, because we have to protect the children, not let the children feel that they are alien and isolated The days are uncomfortable.

7 months ago

I really know this. My girl recently changed to a new tablemate, a little girl. When I was at the same table with boys before, it was possible that boys went straight, and there weren’t all kinds of stories about twists and turns, but there were among the little girls. My girl came back and told me: “XXX cut my hair today, and she cut it with other people’s scissors, without the consent of others.” No, kid, your hair has been cut, do you care whether she has scissors or not. Agreed? Also: “Today I asked me to help her with her homework. I was so mad that I couldn’t finish it and I was not allowed to leave.” This time I got nervous and I said, “Oh my God, that means you did two things. Did you go through your homework? It’s great to consolidate your studies.” And the struggle between the little bitches is really exciting. One day, he told me: “XXX asked me, is this a number or Capitalization (number), I told her it was capitalization, but it was actually writing numbers.”…Until one day, my girl told me: “XXX secretly flipped through the book while we were dictating, and she said that she was preparing for the next lesson. I don’t believe it.” This is indeed worth noting in my opinion. I think it is indeed worthy of concern because I have always enjoyed honest benefits, even if the homework is not well done, even if the questions cannot be done, even if the homework is messy, but because of honesty, everything is what I want to do. As a result The final exam results are all very good. Compared with me, it is obvious that the students who bought the answer book did their homework quickly, and the homework book was clean and tidy, but the final grades were not very good. So the first principle for a little girl’s study is that grades can be bad, homework can be wrong, and even if poor performance is left behind, you must be honest. Well, then my girl met a cheating tablemate. This situation makes me first entangled: Is my child involved? So I followed carefully, and then listened to the child to talk about more specific situations. The child said: “Everyone puts the books in the corner of the desk, but she wants to put the books in the desk.” The little girl also patted the details with her hands. It’s very possible that the position of the person corresponds to their small desk. Seeing her angry expression and wanting to get my approval, if she still lied, then I can only say that this girl is terrific and a proper acting school. The next situation is how to deal with it. The little girl said that she wanted to sue the teacher very much, but she didn’t know if she should sue, and every time she was ready to sue the teacher, the teacher’s dictation was over, and she put the book away. This kind of thing is really not easy to handle. After all, children’s descriptions will have other judgments in the hearts of adults, and once people do things that are trapped by emotions, they will be more complicated. I hope that children will learn the kindness of help instead of jealousy and jealousy in the complaint. revenge. Usually we have also discussed what to do if a classmate cheats in an exam. Children will say that they should sue the teacher for cheating. But what about cheating at the same table? This tablemate is also a master of PUA. My girl first communicated that she wanted to sue the teacher. This tablemate said: “We are good friends, and good friends can’t sue the teacher.” But for me, my first One concern is that my child can’t cheat, and I hope she can always be honest about learning. The second concern is that if the chick did a bad job because she didn’t cheat and was criticized by the teacher, would the chick want to take a shortcut? The last thing she cares about is the cheating by her classmates. It is not difficult to solve this problem. It can be solved from two aspects: on the one hand, I can talk to the teacher, or I can talk to the classmate’s mother, so as to prevent the child from directly talking about the problem. awkward. On the other hand, my advice to the little girl is: This matter does not have to be told to the teacher when the same table is cheating. You will be distracted. You can go to the teacher’s office when get out of class is over and talk to the teacher alone. , The teacher will protect you, and the teacher will pay special attention to her during the dictation practice, so you don’t have to worry about it. I told the child about both paths. After the child thought about it, she decided to talk about it herself. People do not have to be all-good and completely moral, but it is still necessary to guard the cherished principles, but the original intention of guarding needs to be considered.

7 months ago

It’s not a fault at all. It is necessary to explain the logic of the matter to the child dialectically. What can be reported, what can not be reported, what should be reported, and what should be reported, but after reporting, it is bad for you. Let the children understand that some things are wrong and unfair to themselves and everyone, so they come out to report. The starting point can have elements of retaliation, but the root cause of the report should never be just retaliation. This allows children to understand that they should not use the power of reporting if they taste the sweetness of a report. Avoid deviations. (For example, AO3, report to a student of a law school… etc.) There are some things that cannot be reported. Now in the sixth grade, Ma is in the first year of junior high, so of course he should fuck him. I’m about to graduate with a hammer. But in some places where you should eat for a long time, you can talk less and fight less if you can fight. In some places, even if you died, the report was unsuccessful. In some places, the court didn’t judge you and spilled dirty water on you. In other places, they were reported to the houses by night. The experience I have summed up is that you can kill you when you are sick. Either I die and I will find a bad guy to die. For the rest of the time, there is no foundation and no reports are made. It’s useless, it’s easy to die. If you can distinguish the above several situations. Regarding this report alone, the content of the report is correct. The starting point for reporting is a bit off. Plagiarism means plagiarism. Don’t bully your children and mix with them. You can report bullying your child. You are reasonable, what are you afraid of.

7 months ago

The method is not extreme, too amateurish. It’s in sixth grade, okay, boy, right? Direct dry goods, this is the pre-adolescent period. Anything hurried, we must educate children to “independence”, of course, under the premise of safety. The whole story is “My baby said…My baby said…I let him…I let him…” It’s easy to doubt whether the child has an independent personality, and what scene can make independent judgments and decisions? My child started training independence in the second grade, okay? For example, if you have a fight, let the child finish talking and understand the situation, and then I usually say, “You decide this matter, and whether you want to play with him or not. If you need Baba’s advice, you can also. I think you can think of a solution by yourself. Right?” As for the topic, which is more complicated for the lower grades, you can discuss it with your child. If you are not too out of the ordinary, let the child try it wrong and hit the wall, which will benefit a lot. Then, jump out and talk about the topic. If it is me, the first thing is to talk to other parents and teachers. Wechat is tiresome, right? If I have a comprehensive grasp of the situation, I may analyze it-of course I am a fantasy. Based on my own teaching experience, if students cheat so frequently, the teacher does not know that it is impossible, so why nobody cares? Does the class teacher lead the class? Is this the same for students taking exams with him? Does he know? Do you know and ignore it? What school are you in? Not to mention the children, starting from my parents, this kind of thing is a negative role model, which directly affects the development of my children’s moral character? I feel obliged to communicate with the school friendly. Of course, I deal with and reflect that it is only the issue of school spirit and school spirit, and the “private grievances” between the children and the captain will not interfere with the social problems. Let the children cherish this growth opportunity and practice their hands well. Many people play good cards in the workplace, and they are overprotected when they go to school and do not know how to deal with interpersonal problems.

7 months ago

No, your boss, you only have this kind of bad idea to deal with such a small matter? Let’s not say whether it’s morally correct or incorrect, nor the other impact it has caused. Let’s just ask you, what will happen to others after reporting? People who have poor grades and can still be captains show that they are not relying on grades. You reveal that his grades are fake, which is equivalent to publicly spraying Ma Yun’s hair and taking a red belt to find a cow. It is not very harmful and extremely insulting. The opponent’s blood bar is -1, and the anger value is instantly full, and the anger skill is big. All ready to go. In the sixth grade, it is impossible for the two of them to change shifts, and they have to continue to be together all day in the future. I didn’t offend others before, but they still saw your son as unpleasant and bullied your son so pitifully that he went home and filed a complaint. Now I have offended people enough, and the cards in his hand have all been played. This is not waiting for others to concentrate on retaliation and make it clear. Does the sheep enter the tiger’s mouth? I don’t know anything else, but I think I’m an adult who grew up in school bullying. For the sake of the child’s innocence and your love, I’ll break it apart and talk about it. : The best policy is actually to be generous and happy to let him copy. Children’s competition is to compete with the whole province, the whole city, at least the whole school, not to compete with this individual. So how much he can copy has nothing to do with your son’s vital interests, but the negative consequences of not allowing him to copy have to be borne by your son alone. Instead of this, it’s better to build a good relationship with everyone. At least your son can spend his last elementary school time. The most important thing is that I personally teach my own children to use their brains first, and then to analyze the pros and cons in advance, not to engage in unnecessary moral disputes, and not to harm their immediate interests for the moment. This is a very important low-level logic education. It is the foundation of his life trajectory. It is the true foundation of his life in the next few decades. All “techniques” including academic performance and earning skills must be built on this. “Tao” above. Are you asking him to report now? So what is your underlying logic? What do you want to teach him through this incident? Why do you want to do this, I am puzzled anyway. You first think about what kind of person you want him to be, what kind of principles he upholds, what kind of life he will get, and then teach your child how to deal with specific matters. Also, what about your pattern? When you are a father, you are not a brother. Your child focuses on the contradictions of his classmates. You can’t be like him. At this time, you should take out your pattern, jump out of specific child contradictions, and look at your child’s entire life. The sixth grade is the key point for the junior high school. At this time, all the messy things should make way for learning. What is the meaning of winning a big captain? Laying a good foundation and getting a good junior high school is the important thing that really affects your life. The child can’t handle the weight, you have to weigh it as a dad. I was born ten years ago and went to school for six years, and I didn’t learn how to have fun with others, so you don’t have to rush to study this year. Let’s talk about it when you get to a good junior high school! You are really angry. There is a middle strategy-two tigers fight, the fisherman gains. The identity of the team leader determines that it is impossible for him to have a good relationship with everyone in the class, and there is definitely no need to see him. Generally speaking, children who have excellent grades such as the class leader and the school committee and have overlapping duties with him are the most. Let your son observe, whoever is most uncomfortable with him and has real power in his hands, he will move closer to him. When the time comes, the two will see him not pleasing to the eye and the other will protect him, and the students will not be one-sided, and your son’s life will be better. If he is good at dealing with interpersonal relationships, maybe the team leader and the squad leader will get started, and your son, as a pivotal middleman, wants to draw in on both sides, and his life will be better than anyone else. The next step is to trouble yourself, give the teacher a gift and let the teacher take care of it, or find the parent of the captain to have a relationship and ask his parents to explain a few words, or you can give the child more pocket money. Let him buy something to eat and play to make good friends, or use money to buy a few regular teammates. All in all, don’t let your son focus on solving the trivial tasks of classmate conflicts at the critical moment of Xiaoshengchu. The essence of family education is to educate people. It is to teach children to establish their own logic and rules of conduct. When you are an adult, if you don’t show your vision at this time, when will you wait?

7 months ago

I really want to know, in everyone’s eyes, what is the difference between “report” and “information”?
It seems that there is no, so this society has not reported it either. Reporting is also discouraged. Those who report are lonely, unless everyone reports together for their own benefit, not for the public interest. So be it.
Those people have tampered with what society should be like, and they deserve a worse society.

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