I saw this question by chance and answered a few words casually. First of all, the ancient people were at least not as mindless as those who make movies now. In front of the ancient city gate, there was a urn city. The urn city was equivalent to a small city. It was set outside the main city gate to protect the main city gate. If the main city gate is open on the front, the city gates of Wengcheng are open on both sides, and there is no front gate, so there is no way to attack. Second, in front of the city gate, there are also fortifications such as the Sheep and Horse Wall, which play a protective role. Third, above and on both sides of the city gate, the defender will concentrate all kinds of weapons to protect the city gate, because the city gate and the city corner are the most vulnerable positions. Fourth, in ancient times, whether it was a cannon with gunpowder or a counterweight catapult that fired stone bullets, the accuracy was relatively low and the rate of fire was slow, and it was difficult to directly hit the city gate. Fifth, in addition to a thick wooden gate nailed with large copper nails, ancient city gates also had a mysterious gate, a Qianjin gate, etc. Even if the gate was broken, the gate was immediately lowered or closed. Sixth, the city gates are generally not the same, and most of the ancient city towers I have seen have two front and rear gates. Seventh, even if all the city gates are shattered, or even the towers are blasted down, and the city walls are blasted, there are still many ways to be stationed as temporary fortifications, which can still serve as a barrier for defense. For example, there is a kind of equipment called platoon wood, which is specially used to defend against shelling. Its function is similar to modern reactive armor. It is made of wood and blocked in front of the wall or city gate. The attacker sets fire or shelling, and hits the platoon wood first. , Immediately discard it after damage, immediately replace it with another piece, make up for it as it breaks, manufacturing is very simple, materials are available everywhere, as long as you are fully prepared, you can continue to replace it like this, and the attacker will never be able to hit the main target. Finally, even if the city gate is breached, the defending army can use equipment such as knife carts or heavy fire oil carts to block the city gate hole, and the attacker will still be unable to pass. The main features of film and television are that they are easy to shoot, good-looking, and are far from the actual combat. Also, due to the limitations of props and funding, there is very little restoration of the actual situation. Everyone should have a correct understanding. Don’t shoot because of modern people. If you don’t have a brain, you think ancient people are stupid. Digression: The ancestors of the Chinese have established a regime spanning two continents, 20-30 million square kilometers, conquered and assimilated, I don’t know how many tribes, but it’s not all based on Confucian classics, all kinds of high-tech weapons and equipment are direct. Show the power. One more sentence: China is a Chinese China, not to mention that China has always been a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country. Even the Han nationality itself is the result of multi-ethnic integration. At least the descendants of Yan and Huang, the Yellow River Basin and the Yangtze River Basin cannot be the same. Tribal. In addition, the Tang dynasty took down Goguryeo, and the number of households in the Tang dynasty increased by almost one-fifth. In other words, one-fifth of the Tang people were immigrants from Goguryeo. There are Russians in China, and even tens of thousands of people from Italy immigrated to Xinjiang during the Han Dynasty. So they are willing to be Chinese, don’t you want them? We are not united for the sake of unity. Our country is originally tolerant, confident, and absorbing. The four ancient civilizations, only our civilization has not been cut off. This is by no means accidental, but our nation’s continuous struggle and cruelty The result of surviving the competition in the world. If Lao Mei is willing to join China and become a special administrative region of China, I think it can be accepted. We are not afraid of trials. It depends on whether we assimilate them or they assimilate us. We don’t need to be narrow-minded about the regimes and peoples that existed on our land hundreds of years ago. The Vietnamese say that the places where there are kapok trees are all in Vietnam, yes, yes, Vietnam, isn’t it the Annan House of ancient China? The places where there are kapok trees are from Vietnam, and Vietnam is from China. The Koreans say that in the history of Northeast China is Goguryeo, and even Shandong. That’s right, Goguryeo belongs to China for 1,400 years. China’s own administrative region can be assigned to any province. It’s okay to restore Dodder County. We don’t care about accepting South Korea as a province of China. After all, it’s a big deal, isn’t it? So, regardless of the Han nationality or which nationality, we are all a family, we are all Chinese. It is nothing more than the difference between your family living in a row of No. 1 and my family living in a row of No. 4. You like spicy chili and I like soup. There is no need to take the rest seriously.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Let me talk about this problem first: the age when cannons were widely used as a siege weapon is no longer ancient. In other words, you have it, others may have it, or even more than you. If you use it to attack the city, others can use it to defend the city. This is the premise. On April 17, 1430, the Duke of Burgundy began to march on Compiègne. He bought three artillery and several stone cannons rented from the friendly Duke of Luxembourg. In order to use artillery to attack the city in a siege, he The steps are as follows: 1. Dispatch 4000 troops several times to clear the outer defense of Compiègne, and thanks to the excellent command of Compiègne’s guards Guillaume de Flavy and Poton de Santles , The 4000 Burgundian army was circumvented by 500 Compiègne garrisons for more than ten days. It was only in May that they barely occupied the Gournay and Schwach rivers outside Compiègne. The troops continued to surround the Schwarz castle, and then the artillery was officially deployed. 2. The siege artillery was not purely flat-fired at the time. In order to exert the best power of the artillery, the flat-ground artillery was fired at an upwardly inclined angle. Therefore, it was necessary to dig a hole in the place where the artillery was used and place some wooden boards or Sand is used as a measure to buffer the impact of artillery. Therefore, the Duke of Burgundy hired a large number of miners and craftsmen to work as workers. In order to protect these workers, he hired some archers and crossbowmen. 3. Compiègne’s defender Podon and Joan of Arc, who had just come to aid, boldly broke through the blockade and hurried 20 kilometers to directly hit the Bishop’s Bridge Castle, the main supply town of the Duke of Burgundy. Although Podon and Joan of Arc were repelled, This also led to loopholes in the siege of the Duke of Burgundy. In order to prevent the craftsmen from being harassed by the city again during the construction process, the Duke of Burgundy and the friendly Duke of Luxembourg sent troops to capture the strongholds around Compiègne. 4. Before May 23, due to the fierce offensive of the garrison of Compiègne, the artillery of the garrison continued to bombard the artisans within range, causing the artillery that the Duke of Burgundy to spend a lot of money to be unable to find a safe place to deploy, the Duke of Burgundy Forced to spread out to avoid being bombarded by garrison artillery. This was an extremely failed artillery battle. Even though the siege army had a huge force to protect the artisans from setting up artillery, it also caused the siege army to lack the ability to implement various tactical tactics. Once the siege has loopholes, it will be defeated by Gambi. Nirvana seized the opportunity to beat him up. At the same time, the long-term tense battle made the artillery unable to find a safe zone within the range to arrange it, because the siege artillery needed time to arrange it, but also needed someone to help defend, and it was in a passive state, so the defensive artillery that had been guarded on the wall could be used. Observe and bomb the siege artillery with a good view. Even if artillery such as the Battle of Orleans successfully surrounded the city, they were also attacked by fierce artillery from the defenders in the city. Although they tried to bomb the city gate, the artillery of the defending army found that they were only shooting at the city gate and guarding it. The artillery was arranged above the city gate, with a wide view. You can explode at will. The artillery that has been arranged for a long time has to be repositioned. After a long time, there will be loopholes in the defense. The defenders in the city come out to harass. Pulling the artillery and hurriedly fled and looking for the next location, the siege army was forced to start a protracted “you chase me” battle, repelling the attacking defenders again and again, and arranging the artillery again and again. This is why the Battle of Orleans has been fought for so many years.

6 months ago

Because ancient artillery must be fired at close range, and the city gate is the key fortification area, it is difficult to transport the artillery to the vicinity of the city gate with complete fortifications. The so-called attack on the city gate, the artillery can be transported to the city gate for shooting. , The city defense fortifications that guarded the city gate basically lost its effect. At this time, it doesn’t make much sense whether you shoot at the city gate or not. Only the imperfectly designed fortifications will be approached and fired directly at the gate by artillery. Although there are cases of war, it is not a common phenomenon. For example, the Ming army used artillery to destroy the gate of Sacheon Wacheng in the Battle of Sacheon. The Ming army soldiers were disguised with human ammunition, and the Ming army gunpowder depot was lit in a surprise attack.

6 months ago

If the nations defend the city, if they can go out of the city and fight by the city, the high defender artillery combined with the recoiled defender under the city is enough to prevent the attacker from completing the forward artillery position. Under this circumstance, the attacker would naturally not be able to bombard the city gate premeditatedly – but there were also cases of blindly hitting the gate. If the defenders were not allowed to go out of the city to fight the war, they would often take out the prepared bricks and stones to directly block the city gates. At this time, hitting the city wall and hitting the city gate are actually hitting old thick masonry. Naturally, the attacker does not need to show off its aiming skills and hit a small area, but quickly diffuse it. Moreover, if it was Zhao Song’s guard, he would even directly pour iron on the bricks and stones of the city gate, completely sealing the city gate… See Wang Chao’s closing of the Dingzhou city gate before the Chanyuan alliance. At this time, the defense of the city gate is even stronger than that of the city wall, so why should the attacker go to the city gate to shoot the gun?

6 months ago

In the fifteenth century, large-caliber artillery was enough to collapse the medieval walls. To bombard the city gate, or bombard the city wall to open the gap, that is, one shot or several shots. For example, in 1453, Ottoman used heavy artillery to fire stone bullets to bombard the walls of Constantinople, and a section of the wall could be collapsed with the fastest three cannons. In 1453, the Ottoman army bombarded Constantinople, and soon opened many gaps in the walls of Constantinople. With heavy artillery bombarding the following three points, the city wall collapsed, and there was no need to bombard the city gate. Moreover, the artillery at that time was also inaccurate, and it took a lot of guns to hit the city gate. The walls of Constantinople were the strongest walls in medieval Europe, with a thickness of more than eight meters, and were built with granite slabs. In the millennium of the Middle Ages, Constantinople was besieged more than 20 times. Because of the strong walls, it was only broken once by the Crusaders in 1204, still in the case of internal strife in the city. In the eighth century AD, a hundred thousand armies of the Arab Empire attacked Constantinople. They had no choice but to face the wall. After five years of siege, they could not break the city. Even if such a city wall collapsed in a few shots in front of the Ottoman heavy artillery in 1453. At that time, Ottoman had about 70 artillery pieces. The largest one was made of bronze, weighing 15 tons, measuring six meters in length, and having a caliber of nearly one meter. It could shoot a stone projectile weighing seven hundred kilograms out of 1,500 meters. Ottoman artillery bombardment of the walled city of Constantinople. Even if the city wall is collapsed and the gap is opened, it does not mean that the city can be captured. Because the gap is generally only a few meters, the forces of both sides cannot be used. Although there are many people, there are more than a dozen people fighting each other in the front. Blasting the city gate is also a reason. The city gate is broken, but the access to the city is still narrow. Dozens of defenders can block thousands of siege soldiers. Wait for soldiers from other places to come and reinforce them. In a small space, start a fight. For example, in the Battle of Constantinople, there were only 9,000 Byzantine garrisons, a large part of which were citizens and lacked military experience. Approximately 200,000 people came from Osman, among whom were between 60,000 and 80,000 soldiers. At the beginning of the war, the Ottoman artillery opened many gaps in the city wall, the largest gap was ten meters wide. Osman launched three large-scale attacks involving tens of thousands of people, as well as dozens of small-scale attacks, in an attempt to break through the city from the breach, but all were blocked by the defenders. During the day, artillery blasted many gaps in the walls, but at night the Byzantine defenders and citizens continued to repair the walls and plug the gaps. Osman continued to fight for more than fifty days, until he consumed the city’s defenders to only four thousand men, and then broke the city in one fell swoop. One of the attacks was like this. Ottoman artillery opened a breach in the city wall, and three hundred people took advantage of the situation to rush into the city. However, at this critical moment, the Byzantine defenders blocked the gap. Then a large army of defenders arrived and hacked to death all the three hundred people who had entered the city (they could not withdraw). In this direction, Ottoman has tens of thousands of troops and Byzantium has only 2,000. The defenders are still in a narrow gap, blocking the attacking force. It can be seen that even if the city gate is broken, the attacker still cannot guarantee that it will be able to break through the defending line and break through the city. What should I do if the city gate is broken? Wouldn’t it be over if you plug it up again? If the siege party cannot launch an attack in time after blasting the city gate. Then the defenders can use bricks, gravel, mud and wood to build temporary lines of defense and block the gaps. If it is not possible, trenches can be dug behind the city gate.

6 months ago

I see many people say how tight the ancient city defenses were. It would be foolish to fire a cannon at the city gates, but there are many examples of using artillery to break through the city gates in history. For example, in the war against Japanese aggression and aid to Korea, Jang Shijue, who was in charge of attacking the Chihsung Gate in Pyongyang, blasted the Chihsung Gate open with artillery and drove into Pyongyang. Of course, there is a prerequisite for Zhang Shijue to be able to blast open the Seven Star Gate of Pyongyang. This is a photo of Qixingmen Gate in Pyongyang: Compared with Daemyong at that time, North Korea’s national power is basically not worth mentioning. Therefore, although Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea, the gate of Pyongyang is more than a little bit worse than that of Beijing. , Not even as defensive as border cities like Ningyuan, Jinzhou, and Dalinghe. Therefore, the operation of blasting the city gates with artillery is not unavailable, but it depends on who uses it. For Pyongyang city and even smaller cities, the cost-effectiveness of bombing the city is actually quite high. For a stronger city wall, instead of bombarding the city gate, it is better to directly bombard the city wall. The reason behind this is that after you blasted open the city gate, there is still Urn City, and the difficulty of attacking the Urn City is very high. Although the city wall looks stronger, there is generally no protection behind the city wall. As long as they can blast through the city wall and the soldiers swarm in, nine out of ten battles will remain. A typical case in this regard is the Battle of Changzhou in the late Qing Dynasty. At that time, the Qing army had surrounded Changzhou City Tuan Tuan and bombarded Changzhou City with artillery. The Taiping Army guarding Changzhou City first used coffins and sunken ships to seal the gap. Later, as the outer positions gradually fell, the Qing army’s bombardment became more and more fierce, and the Taiping army began to seal the gap with the dead soldiers’ bodies, but this was no longer helpful. In the end, Changzhou City was blasted through a gap of tens of feet long, and the Qing army climbed up from it and seized Changzhou City. This is the current situation of the Changzhou City Wall. The width and height are clear at a glance. In general, the ancient city attack and defense is not a fixed routine. Due to the difference in strength between the two sides and the difference in the skills and tactics of the generals, it is possible that the two sides may adopt different strategies. In ancient times, there are indeed not many examples of directly bombarding city gates with artillery, but some records can be found by looking through historical books. To directly assert that the deceased would not bomb the gates with big cannons is also arbitrary.

6 months ago

If you want to forcibly break through the city gate and you still have a cannon, then you need 1 to break the gate under the gate with the cannon 2 to build a bridge over the suspension bridge under the fire of the gate and the walls on both sides and enemy buildings. It is best to suppress the firepower on the opposite side first with long-range firepower. 3 At this time you have broken through the moat and rushed into the first urn city. Congratulations, there is a city gate in front of you, and there may be a lot of musketeers, bows, crossbowmen, and hot oil waiting for you on the surrounding city walls. 4 Okay, you lead the team to kill them all heroically, push the cannon to get close and shoot and blast open the second city gate. 5Okay, you entered the second Urn city, and you can finally see the main body of the city wall. I won’t say in case a group of elite soldiers were organized on the opposite side to give you a counter-assault or a group of reinforcements. Come to buy your chrysanthemum for a wave or something. The city gates are often equipped with very well-equipped defensive facilities, which are stronger than other places. Therefore, it is not impossible to fight, but it is not so easy to fight.

6 months ago

You are a general. Seeing that the gate is weak, other troops are attacking the wall. You roll your eyes and say, a group of mentally retarded, watching me lead a million heroes to blast the city gates with cannons, surrender with a loud shout and not kill. Then you find that there is no one in the city. So where did people go? They are all standing on the wall and looking at you like fat. Then you get dumped and shot into a hornet’s nest. The enemy gave this battle a name called Catch the Turtle in the Weng. Wengcheng, this kind of defensive building was prepared for Tie Hanhan. In ancient China, artillery was rarely used as the main siege equipment. The reason is very simple. Our city wall is thicker, about ten meters on average. Such a thick wall can easily cast defensive facilities and form Wengcheng, so artillery is difficult. Useful place. There are also bridge sections such as big cannon bombing of the city gate, and most of them appear abroad. Their city walls are weak, usually three meters thick, but five meters are rare. So it turned into a situation where their thermal weapons were more advanced than ours. If you have time to look at the construction of the city wall, you will find that in many movies, the siege bridge is not logical.

6 months ago

In ancient times, there was a lack of accurate and reliable curved firepower, and the firepower of direct-fire guns could hardly cross the obstacles near the city gate. Some Xiongguan key passages will build Wengcheng to protect the city gates. Local small counties will rely on city gates in defensive battles. Both of these fortifications played a role in protecting the city gates, and the defenders were able to conceal and gather their forces in them safely and choose the right time to launch a short counterattack. This counterattack is very close to the city, and can get the city’s head projected weapons. Strong support. This often puts the attacking team in a dilemma. If you use cannons to attack the city gates from a distance, it will be difficult to work. If you shoot at close range, you must protect the gunners with a large number of melee arms. In order to protect these melee arms, they must be equipped with a large number of long-range. Arms, to resist the shooting of the city’s defenders, add more water and more water, and eventually have to place a large number of soldiers under the city. It is very likely that they will fall into a fierce war of attrition before the real attack, because the attacker under the city even has Absolute advantage in training, equipment, and numbers. As long as the defender has a decent army in his hands, it is almost impossible for the attacker to achieve a good exchange ratio in a head-to-head shot. The defender will be happy to use trash troops to come. Shoot against the attacker. If the attacker has no backup, it is difficult to conquer such a city with hard work. Therefore, when the artillery appeared, the ancient Chinese army often preferred to use the artillery from a distance, slowly bombarding the city wall, until enough large and enough gaps were obtained, the defender was in a hurry, and there was no time to repair it, then the main force would be thrown into the attack. Even so, if the defensive side has sufficient manpower, it can also build a simple walled wall inside and outside the gap to play a similar role to Wengcheng. Under such conditions, if the defensive side is strong, manpower and material resources are abundant, and the will is firm enough, it will be difficult to be attacked. Diaoyucheng can hold on for so long, I believe it is more than just relying on arrows at the top of the city.

6 months ago

The reason is simple, because the cost of a siege war in a film and television drama is only one hundred thousand yuan, while a siege war in ancient times, converted into current currency, at least several hundred million. So, you think that the ancient city gates are like those seen on TV, with two wooden boards in one. Where feelings need to be concealed by the army, send a slightly named martial arts master to use a bit shallow such as the Six-Medition Divine Sword, the Eighteen Palms of the Dragon, etc., and it can be smashed. In fact, even for a siege like the Japanese Warring States period, it is impossible to use only two wooden boards. The armor in front, the suspension bridge, the moat, the urn city, the various stone blocks, wooden boards, tables, chairs and benches in the city. It can be easily won with the bang of the door, who can climb the city wall after eating enough? Only when the city gate is difficult to attack, it is necessary to go to the city to fight, and then seize control of the city gate, open the city gate, and let your own people in. Digging tunnels is also a good way, but later people all know how to move. It’s better to do it carefully. Attack morale in the city and assassinate officers. If necessary, you can let yourself in by attacking the city gates. Cannons were used in field warfare, and trebuchets were also used in ancient times, but the purpose was to destroy city walls.

6 months ago

First ask if it is, then ask why. Ancient artillery siege often fired at the city gate. However, due to the accuracy of the ancient artillery, blasting against the city gate often hit the city wall. After all, the gate was so big that it was not easy to hit it. In addition, compared with the city wall, the city gate is indeed relatively weak, but it does not mean that the city gate is always preferred: the city gate is weak, the defender will inevitably strengthen the guarding force of the city gate, and the location of the city gate may not be suitable for placement. The terrain of the artillery, at these times, the siege party may give priority to choosing a section of the wall that is more suitable for breakthrough.

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