On April 13, 2021, the Japanese government’s decision to discharge nuclear waste water into the sea caused huge controversy. In order to promote the harmlessness of Fukushima nuclear sewage into the sea, the Japanese government has produced a radioactive tritium mascot. According to the staff of the Renaissance Hall, the introduction of the tritium mascot has the “meaning of closeness” and “hopes to achieve an intermediate feeling that is neither’good’ nor’evil’.”

Previously, TEPCO previously stated that after treatment, most of the radioactive elements in nuclear sewage except tritium can be removed, and the tritium concentration will also be diluted to 1/40 of the Japanese national standard. However, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) stated in the 2015 “Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident” report: “This water has been processed to remove radionuclides other than tritium. Tritium cannot be removed.

What can I say? I checked it briefly on the Internet, and it was published by the Japan Renaissance Agency. What does the Reconstruction Agency do? It is directly under the cabinet and is responsible for the reconstruction of the area related to the Great East Japan Earthquake. I really don’t know which old man made this idea. They will print it on the leaflet and send it to Fukushima people. The person in charge of the Fuxing Hall explained why tritium was described as a character whose main purpose is to be approachable. My goal is not’good’ or’evil’, but the feeling in the middle. I really don’t understand what they mean. According to this statement, can the atomic bomb be sent to the people of Hiroshima in a cartoon image, creating an intermediate feeling. When encountering such a thing, there is always a feeling of being full of mouths but can’t say anything. Looking at the Chief Cabinet Secretary in Japan, Kato Xiaotian said that he didn’t know about this at all and couldn’t say anything. Finally, let’s take a look at the comments of Japanese netizens and all walks of life! The Renaissance Agency uses the tritium mascot (Japan) to promote the safety of polluted water from nuclear power plants. But the most important thing is not just tritium. The American academic journal “Science” under the “American Association for the Advancement of Science (AA as)”, the world’s largest group of scientists with more than 120,000 participants, reported on the 13th: “In the process of treating ALPS (Multi-nuclear Species Removal Equipment) water, In addition to tritium, there are occasionally some longer radioactive and more dangerous isotopes, such as ruthenium, cobalt, strontium, and plutonium. This is also something that Tokyo Electric Power itself recognized in 2018.” And pointed out that the title of this article was used. It is not treated water (treated water), but contaminated water (sewage). The facts pointed out by authoritative American scientific journals in the world are heavy. Don’t be attracted by the tritium mascot (Japan), but also pay attention to other radioactive materials. This is a comment made by a certified international journalist, and it is quite objective. Our eyes cannot be attracted only by these tritiums. Japan seems to be blind to the creation of this mascot, and we cannot be deceived.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

In fact, the Japanese government can be said to be the only deformed government in the world, and it is also a weird flower in a big government country. An authoritarian country with a large government, such as the Soviet Union and Russia, does similar things sneakily, but Japan is open and honest. Even if you are upright, you have to be a mascot afterwards. This can probably be understood as a whip corpse? It can be seen from this that the Japanese government does not have the maturity required to deal with international issues. This is an inevitable outcome of long-term manipulation by the United States. Going back further, Japan itself must be blamed for everything today. The madness of World War II has created today’s waste. Feng Shui turns around

7 months ago

No one imposed sanctions on Japan, let alone stop them from dumping waste water. Of course, this is worth celebrating as a mascot. Big things in other countries have been resisted…Which is stronger and weaker? Should I find the gap? Having said that, if you really want to go to war, you will be trapped in anarchy. I am afraid that there will be a lot of trouble outside the battlefield.

7 months ago

Japan is actually a weak nation. They never thought of growing their nation, but learning from the advanced nation and then attempting to become the other party. Getting rid of one’s own identity is the same as wanting to immigrate to other countries. So when the Chinese are treated unequal in the United States, they further pray for each other, Japan now exists in the United States and even Europeans. Japanese Anime The output is just similar to Yang Anze’s saying that “Chinese people should behave better to fight discrimination”, that is, they always believe that as long as they are slaves, they cannot be licked by the master. This shows that he has never been confident in his own nation. They use kawaii to cover up all the dark sides, and those depictions full of ideals and passion only exist in fictional works. Looking back at history, they really have nothing to tell. Those who love Japanese culture in China better recognize this this morning

7 months ago

I saw an answer that mentioned the “Plutonium Boy” in the 1993-1994 promotional video-the plot is a “Little Plutonium” wearing a Pu hat and encouraging a boy to drink a glass of water mixed with Pu, and said there is nothing to worry about Yes, Pu is safe to eat. To be honest, this “Plutonium Boy” is much cuter than the alien monster “Tritium Boy” this time. The reason for drawing plutonium so cute is probably because plutonium is so terrible. In contrast, tritium is really gentle, courteous, frugal and conciliatory, so it can be “an intermediate feeling that is neither’good’ nor’evil’.” Tang Renhuan. Inorganic Chemistry Series. Volume 10. Science Press, 1990. p81 As for how to look at it, it is not painted for us anyway. This kind of traditional art should be the same as “Little Plutonium” for the purpose of giving primary and secondary school students “reassurance.” Right. There is a lot of news about the children of Fukushima victims being discriminated against at school. This kind of weird operation is better to reduce panic among the people, and it is more unpleasant to say to reduce guilt-“Although I chose the most irresponsible method in the end , But I have done everything I should do (such as launching a mascot), what do you want me to do?” Since plutonium is all right, why not tritium. And this time, I also drew a proton and two neutrons on the head very scientifically, which also popularized scientific knowledge along the way. I feel that manufacturers of deuterated reagents can consider a “deuterium treasure” mascot. Radiation Toxicology, Zhu Shoupeng, Li Zhang, Soochow University Press. As for the effect of “tritium treasure”, it will be necessary to wait for the epidemiological investigation several years later. The book also says, “The case of tritium-induced malignant tumor effects in humans is currently No report”. Of course, even if there is evidence, they will not admit it with a high probability. There are many examples, such as the painful illness incident. A cadmium poisoning incident can last for more than ten years, until the Shengang Mine, which discharges cadmium-containing wastewater, was shut down until it affected the residents along the seven rivers. It was because Mitsui Mining, who was behind the mine, asked a scholar to report that the pain is actually It is an “endemic disease” that lacks vitamin D. Even if they lose the case in the end, they still don’t think the pain is caused by cadmium, but “the company has the courage to take responsibility and set a good example” [1]. Maybe when the carcinogenic effect of tritium is finalized, they have already changed, and then said that it was made by humans before the gene mutation, and it has nothing to do with them, but they have the courage to take responsibility, bow and apologize, and set a good example. Guarantee the genuine series of radiology textbooks for colleges and universities: ​I only hope that tea merchants and drinking water merchants will see the following content and come up with a “protium water”, “deuterium/tritium water” or green tea vs. alien monsters. The concept of class, create anxiety and sell things.

7 months ago

I never expected the Japanese government to have such a thick skin. Twenty hours after the Fukushima nuclear accident broke out in 2011, the top executives of TEPCO and the Japanese government did almost nothing. A few days after the accident began, repeated wrangling about whether to pump sea water to cool down, dragged the accident abruptly into a level 7 accident. Ten years have passed, and the senior government officials and TEPCO senior officials have not been held accountable. With that little spare money as a mascot for publicity, it is better to build a few more water storage tanks, which can reduce the discharge by one ton or one ton.

7 months ago

I think Japan’s behavior of relying on neighbors to buy urinals after filling the urinals is really unlovable. It is said that there was a suggestion from a Maozi expert on nuclear waste water, saying that it was to throw a hydrogen bomb in that place. This thing is clean, the amount is calculated, and the chain reaction of nuclear materials is completely released, which is environmentally safe, safe and hygienic. But there are two troubles in this matter. One is that he has to pay for it himself if he buys a hydrogen bomb and puts it on him. This thing obviously doesn’t want to spend money. Second, if the maozi expert calculates the wrong amount, this matter may not end well. You can’t let him apologize if he is kind to do bad things… I guess Mao Zi wouldn’t do the apology. And as far as my experience in doing business with Maozi is concerned, if he wants to make a mistake in the ratio, he must blame you for reporting the wrong amount.

7 months ago

This news still comes with some filters. First of all, this is not a mascot. The Japanese written on that green thing means “tritium”. This is a so-called “cute science”, so-called “easy for children to understand”. No official agency has announced that this is a mascot, saying that it is a mascot, it is all external reports, cut off this so-called [Science Material] picture. Secondly, if you think this form is disgusting and no problem, I also think it’s weird and a bit silly. Finally, there is no end.

7 months ago

Will you draw comics next? Tritium Bao’s journey to change the world or something. In the first season, I went to the United States to meet with the new crown sauce and join hands. Tritium Bao was well-behaved and lovely all the way, and caused a lot of damage to marine life with complete etiquette, then bowed and left. The new crown sauce family is huge and diverse. It is smashing cities and plundering land and fighting incessantly. It fully reflects the nature of freedom and democracy. However, anyone who is not obedient and honest to parasitise the new crown has human rights issues, um, drug rights?

7 months ago

The Japanese government said that I will not act anymore, so I can just do the funeral. What can you do to me. In the past two days, I have been very excited about all the answers to this related question on Zhihu. I was surprised to find that many people cannot understand that science and politics cannot be completely separated and discussed. In fact, it is not just science, aesthetics, sociology… how can any knowledge in this world be discussed without a political background? You don’t care whether Japan’s nuclear sewage is politically ethical or not. You can just discuss how harmful the nuclear sewage is to people in science and what its ingredients are… as if I can’t refute you. But in fact, according to this logic, when we discuss the Auschwitz concentration camp, can we not discuss political morality or not, and only discuss the efficiency of train transportation and the killing efficiency of gas chambers? According to this logic, can we still discuss the beauty of the Japanese mascot design from a purely aesthetic point of view? You people! Is Shu and Dao the same thing! You don’t care about King Zhou’s licentiousness, and you wonder how someone digs out their heart and doesn’t die immediately! Either you people are Japanese or TEPCO shareholders, otherwise you will be short of lackeys! Shameless!

7 months ago

Thank you for the invitation from Phoenix.com. Thank you for your invitation. This is a typical problem that cannot be solved, so I will change the standard of the problem. Such as epidemic monitoring standards, such as pollution standards. One more thing, don’t have a lot of green lotus. Needless to say, environmental pollution, the most important thing is that it actually opened a Pandora’s box. It is normal for Japan not to care about the interests of China or Asia. This time it does not even care about the interests of its own people. Because it is impossible to discharge wastewater near the coasts of other countries. The people who have the greatest impact this time are the people of the country and the coastal residents of the world’s largest superpower. American officials declared that we are the second place in the world, which means that the United States will suppress us for a long time. And we will definitely expand our military strength out of countermeasures against the United States. For example, build a larger catapult-type aircraft carrier 003, increase the number of nuclear warheads, and build more aircraft.

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