I drank alcohol last night and read everyone’s replies. I really don’t want to get so many likes with this result. I was poor when I first graduated, but being poor is temporary. Now we have debts, but with our current capabilities and resources, debts are not a problem, so we don’t need donations. Then I will try some methods and start to study Buddhist scriptures to give myself a little sustenance. Everyone you meet in life is complete in appearance, but it is not easy to understand deeply. I have followed Liao Zhi, as well as Hangzhou Lin’s father and Jiang Ge’s mother. Too many people suffer. Life is not a personal fault, everyone is struggling to survive in the cracks. I love Little Wood so much, he is an elf. But he won’t be the one who comes again, and he doesn’t want to continue this fate. I won’t come to answer, don’t want to be immersed in such emotions, sad and ridiculous, useless. Hope to be updated one day, the story has a happy ending. Then I hope that everyone will not go into it. I am anonymous because I don’t want to be known, be pitiful, and I don’t want to be a talker of life. It was almost Saturday, and my heart was filled with unspeakable pain. A lot of encouragement came today. In the past, I always immersed myself in pulling carts, and my children taught me to look up at the road. In the past, I always liked to ask why, S taught me to reconcile with myself and be kind to myself. Life is bitter, life is not, I have tasted the sweet taste. Thank you, I wish you good luck to my husband S and I are really poor and lowly husband and wife. In 2012, we fell in love. I just graduated from junior college and he is in the second year of graduate school. After being introduced by a friend, I talked about a long-distance relationship that was more than a thousand kilometers apart. S’s parents were divorced at the age of eight, and her mother had no contact with her remarriage, even if she lived in a neighboring village. After the divorce, his father was depressed and suffering from a mental illness. And my father is always drinking and domestic violence, and my mother has a weak and hesitant character. In this way, two little guys who lack love and money, sensitive, stubborn, and independent, are two little hedgehogs. S graduated from work in 2013 and finalized a formal job. I picked up my father and rented a shabby old community for one and a half years. I tried to get closer to him. S has set a formal job. I’m always afraid that the duck with his mouth will fly away. I don’t know what love is. I just want to find someone completely different from my father to give me a sense of security. I received the certificate in 2014. I don’t understand the meaning of the word husband and wife. My parents didn’t teach me the answer, nor did his parents. In fact, we have been in a different place for more than three years of love. I think getting married is a matter of two people. If we work hard together, we will have a good life. I believe that people can conquer the sky. I have always envied the self-made love. In 2014, we got the certificate and moved in together. At that time, we were too poor, not only poor, but also a father-in-law who was suffering from mental illness. He never dared to go home late or go out for dinner. When it was time for get off work, if my father-in-law did not wait for us at the door, he would fall ill and hear voices. Fantasy, the world will be crazy like asking people if I have never seen S. During the New Year, my husband will buy a piece of meat, salt it, and eat it for a long time. Fruits are only bought in stores that are rotten, because they are cheap. In the same year, we deposited 26,200 yuan, 5,200 yuan to buy three golds, and 60,000 yuan to borrow to buy a house. There are no pennies in his hand, and I don’t even eat fruit every month. Too poor, the poor even have no thoughts. They are always in the cold war and reconciliation. I complained that he didn’t understand romance, and he complained that I would not be considerate. Being poor is something that goes deep into the bones, falling into the abyss of eternal fear of having no food tomorrow, and money is like a sense of security. In 2015, the house had no money to renovate and it has been vacant. Finally I saved some salary and prepared to run the decoration on my own. I checked a lot of information and asked my colleagues. After 3 months of renovation, we have a home! ! ! On the day of the decoration, we lay on the tiles, full of accomplishments. Although no one said anything, they were all proud. When riding a bicycle back to the rental house, S rode fast, and I looked at the stars in the sky and blinked at me. I don’t have money to buy furniture, but I have the confidence to have a house, and I also have experience in saving money for decoration. Don’t worry, save your salary and call again. S meets a good opportunity and can go to the city to take a temporary job. I urge him to go, father-in-law, I watched, we are going to rush for the future, we are people with mortgages. In May 2015, my father-in-law detected advanced gallbladder cancer. We took him to Beijing for an operation. After opening the abdomen, it was found that the pancreas was overgrown with cancer cells. After the operation, I went home by myself to prepare for the wedding. My parents donated 10,000 yuan. I ordered a banquet wedding company and a sofa for the new house. I started to move from the rental room. The father-in-law came back and stayed in the new house for a day. The drainage tube was torn off and there was water in the abdomen. The elder sister took him to Beijing again, S stayed and prepared for the wedding with me. The eldest sister and her father-in-law arrived home the day before the wedding, and saw the thin cheeks collapsed, the eyes were all yellow, and the belly bulged like the father-in-law who was pregnant in June, S tears down like rain. At our wedding on August 16, no one dared to make trouble in the bridal chamber, and no one dared to stop the relatives. The wedding ended in a hurry, and the concierge paid off the hotel, guesthouse, and wedding money on the spot. On the third day of the wedding, the eldest sister hurriedly returned to Canada to continue her studies, and I went to work. S took a long vacation to take care of his father-in-law at home. Nightmare-like days, every day is spent in my father-in-law’s groaning, when he hits the wall when it hurts the most, S eats and sleeps with him. Our friend in Beijing went to Xiehe to prescribe drugs such as drolidine and morphine, and said that we would submit an application. The application was approved. On the 13th day after the wedding, my father-in-law passed away. We were cremated and buried in our hometown. During the stable period of 2016, we paid off all our debts, saved 80,000 yuan, and bought a small car. S gradually smiled, and he was transferred to a more difficult department. Always work overtime until we go home in the early morning. The year 2016 was pretty good. S’s mother came to live there, and my mother came to live here. The noisy and noisy finally entered a period of plateau. Our little wood was born on September 14, 2017. The happiest moment was when our son came to us, Virgo chick, mom and dad love you so much, you are our spiritual sustenance, and it’s complete. Mom and Dad’s childhood lacking love. September 29, 2017 S detected a space-occupying lesion in the thoracic spinal canal. I thought that S was just taking a cold while nursing me in the hospital. I had back pain. I didn’t dare to sit or turn over when I was sleeping. I misdiagnosed fasciitis in the local area and received physical therapy. My feet gradually became unconscious, unable to urinate and defecate, and lost knee reflexes. I was still in the confinement, and asked my colleague to take him for an examination. The local hospital dared not accept it and transferred it to a provincial hospital for emergency consultation. There was a space-occupying lesion in the thoracic spinal canal, and the nerve was only thinner than a layer of paper. Open thoracotomy, underwent 6 steel nails, which lasted for 30 years, and his back would be uncomfortable even if it rained on a cloudy day. 2017-2018 On the road to recovery, after the operation, the leg is still unconscious, S can no longer sit, it is soft like a puddle of mud. Leakage of cerebrospinal fluid, constipation, urinary tube infection, practice urination, urinary tract infection. Every time I escape from the dead, there should be a small wooden smiley face. To practice standing on the bed, two adult men are required to drive up. At first, it can only take five minutes from 15 degrees. I went to see S for the first time in my confinement period. He stood at 25 degrees, lying on the bed tied up and smiling at me, saying that he missed me, and I forgot whether I kissed you. I am afraid to see you like this. My sky fell, I had to stand up and make a day for S. There are three rehabilitation hospitals in a year, and each hospital cannot exceed 28 days, unless at one’s own expense. The first time I was transferred, it was the second time I saw S. On 120, he said that he wanted to see the green trees once, and I knew he wanted to sit up. I wanted to accompany him to talk, but in the ward I sat down and fell asleep. I was a little tired. I started to feed my baby every night and then went to work the next day. Actually I want to say I miss you too. All three hospitals expect him to sit up within two years, and being able to crutches is the best result. Miracles are created by people. S can walk with a walker after 10 months. The healer always persuaded him to have a hurry and he must give his body time to rest, but he was too anxious to go home and hug his son. On the day he returned home, he and my dad were like two wild men. My dad had a meal. I ate ten steamed buns. When I was discharged from the hospital, the Rehabilitation Department hired a professional company to record a video for S, saying that he wanted to serve as a model for publicity. S was very unhappy. He didn’t want to leave him so bad, but who made you so awkward. In 2019, S threw a cane and drove me and Xiao Muu to play around. We visited the Science and Technology Museum, Museum, Cultural Center, Wanda, and took a plane to Qingdao. At that time, we were so happy. Xiao Muju was educated by us to be polite and independent. He was a man. He has a bad temper, and he meets the windshield too much, and I am always so angry that he does not hit me. But when someone spoke to me a little louder, my son stepped forward and yelled back. I know my god is back, there are two men in my family! Bring a small wooden sticker couplet in 2019! In 2020, our child died of the new crown virus. Will it still carry other viruses that swept the earth? Why did my child catch a cold? We have been in the hospital for a month. After the fever has gone, we entered the PICU, and the encephalitis was carried like this My unwillingness to pass away. My world, my pride, my self-confidence has collapsed. The walking dead live every day, baby, do you know that I love you? I am so sorry for my mother, sorry for my precious little wood, two years old, five months and fifteen days. You have been to this world. Mom still has unfinished tasks, so I can’t accompany you for the time being. I won’t stop missing you until I lie in sleep. Is it the money that my poor couples are poor? When I was young, I thought it was. I thought money was a sense of security, and I never stopped. We bought a house and a car together, but we rarely felt relaxed, always carrying shackles. Always afraid of losing. Our family has two cremation certificates and two death certificates. For six years, our family only posted the couplet once. In the six years we have been a husband and wife, I have always been losing, and I have always been forced to let go. I think people will conquer the sky, and God is always telling me something is wrong in a cruel way. After every painful loss, he cursed and tortured himself crazily. Gradually, I touched some truths, and I cherished the friendship between husband and wife more and more. I am 31 years old this year and we have nothing left. I don’t know how much we will mourn in the next few decades. Even I think if he will cheat, let him go. His life is hard enough. If God gives him a little bit of sweetness, then it’s okay to leave the suffering to me. But S won’t, and neither will I. The more experience he has, the more he regards each other as his own destiny. You can have no money, how can you die. Young people are playful, young people are obsessed with love, the middle-aged people learn from fame and family, and in their twilight years, they settle for self-deception and deceive others. How much life can be, how much fine gold can be made from stubborn iron? However, different levels of exercise must have different levels of results; different levels of indulgence must accumulate different degrees of stubbornness. When I was young, I didn’t believe in the truth on paper, but now I always feel that what the old man said has some truth. Life is unpredictable and without self, it is just a practice. It is not easy to have a person with you when you are married. Even if everything is sad and all things are sad, I think two people holding hands are always more comforting than one.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I am a 52-year-old old aunt. Seeing this topic, I always feel that this is tailor-made for me. You all step back, the process is relatively long, let me speak slowly. First of all, I am a disabled person with sequelae of polio and my legs are not good. My family is in a small county in the north. After graduating from junior high school, I joined our local county-run small enterprise. I went to work in 1988. I was 19 years old that year. After a few years, the company has never been better off. After a few years, the company smashed the three railways, and then slowly began to have laid-off workers. In the last few months of each year, the factory can no longer pay wages, and can only use the products in the factory to pay for it. Wages, in fact, were very low back then. It seemed that I made less than one hundred a month. This is the background. When I got married in 1996, I was 27 years old. This is definitely an older age in our small county. It’s because my legs are not good, and it’s definitely not easy to find. I know myself very well, so there was nothing wrong at that time. The actual idea is to look at fate and find someone you really like. After all, the grievances and blank eyes experienced by a disabled girl until today are unimaginable for ordinary people, so I really don’t want to wrong myself emotionally. , I can’t imagine my entire life facing someone I don’t love every day, so I stubbornly stick to my bottom line and don’t get married if I don’t love. Next, let me talk about my husband. I met him at the age of 20. He was from a rural area. He took over his father’s class before he got a job. For more than eight years, county-run enterprises were not profitable. He came out to learn haircuts. At that time, he was the first hairdressing salon in our county. His business was very good, and he probably made some money. In our small county, he was considered a personal item. Perhaps it was the first time he opened a shop. The business was surprisingly good. I guess he was drifting at that time and he didn’t like opening a barber shop. He started doing business. Later, he lost more money and earned less. He got used to running outside, but he couldn’t do things steadily. , Has been in the society all the time, when I met him, it was about this time, he has nothing to do with him, this is my husband’s background. My preface is a bit long, but I think I still need to talk about our love process. Knowing him is naturally that he cut my hair, and then I started intermittently. I said intermittently because he just came back. Came to me, stayed for a few days and then went to another place. I don’t know what he was doing outside. Anyway, he came back once in a few months. We have been dating for six or seven years. The reason why we talked for so long is because although we meet There is not much time. No matter what his sweet words, although I like him very much, I always can’t believe his sincerity. I am too inferior. Everyone thinks I should find someone who is practical, responsible and honest. People live a lifetime, not such a gangster. The variables are too big and insecure. The reason why we can get married is because under the circumstances at the time, we are probably the most suitable people for each other. Of course, I really love him. Love it very much. And one of the reasons why I am looking for him is that he has a particularly good haircutting skill. His company and I are in a sluggish business. I hope he can start his career after getting married. With his reputation here, he must be wrong. No more. However, things backfired. He had been floating for so many years, and he had looked down on this small business for a long time, so he didn’t want to go back to his old business anymore, so I had to give up this idea. After we received the marriage certificate, the family members were very happy, because he didn’t have a proper business, our family took more than 30,000 yuan to let him find a place to open a store, he insisted on doing catering, but also to be out of town. At that time, I had no opinion at all, so I could only listen to him, because I did a field that I was not familiar with. As expected, I failed and returned after three months. After receiving the certificate, I was not willing to spend even a penny on myself, just thinking about it. A small shop where we can support our family, who knows that we lost nothing. Now when I think about it, I think it was naive at that time. After we came back, my dad was very angry, and more disappointed. My dad is an old cadre who has worked in the public prosecution for a lifetime. He is serious and orthodox. He usually dislikes him as a social gangster. Now he thinks me even more. He was deceived. He was a liar. I couldn’t argue with words. I felt that everything was superfluous, so that the relationship between me and my dad fell to the freezing point. After we came back, we had nowhere to go, so we cleaned up my original dormitory in the factory, which was about ten square meters. He took a pair of double heads from his house, plus the dormitory’s single bed board, and added two more. A wooden board is our bed. The house also has a sunken table. This is all our belongings. The biggest crisis we are facing now is that we have no money. Even the most basic life is a problem. My monthly living expenses have to be borrowed by my friends who go to the factory. Because there is no money, the sweetness of newlyweds is long gone, quarrels have become frequent, and I don’t know how to get out of the predicament. He can’t make a lot of money, he still doesn’t like small money, and he doesn’t want to stay in the local area. The shortcomings of not knowing each other before marriage were immediately exposed. It turned out that the so-called sweet words that we only met once in a few months after talking about love for seven years were my wishful thinking to impose all the beautiful imagination of love and marriage. In him, he is just a carrier of my vision for the future, and now this future that I have imagined for many years, a beautiful big bubble burst in an instant, and I feel mercilessly, I feel that my whole person is empty. At that time, we had noodles every day, buying the cheapest dishes, and living expenses of 300 yuan a month, always made me worry that I would be interrupted at any time. Although my family conditions are average, because I am the youngest and youngest of the family, I can be considered Growing up spoiled at home, I never dreamed that one day I would face a lack of meals! What impressed me most was that once I went to a colleague’s house, I would actually envy the two pockets of food leaning against the corner of the house. Our situation at that time can be imagined. There is also the couple in the dormitory next door. There is a motorcycle at home. The man can run a motorcycle. They earn dozens of dollars every day when they come back. You don’t know how jealous I was at that time. Our crisis is not only financial constraints, but also the relationship with our family. Because my mother is in poor health and needs care, it has always been my sister and I taking turns to take care of my mother at home. I am in this situation. Every time I go home, my dad will ask him what he is doing now, how long will it take to do nothing like this, and I am always speechless, growing up, my dad has always been very good to me, but now he keeps me out of face. The blame for my dad, and the fear of going home again, this is what makes me the most painful. At that time, I felt everything was vulnerable. Family affection, love, which was once the most eternal, is now incredibly fragile. I had never doubted what I thought I had, but now it has disappeared. I wake up from the big dream, and I am completely at a loss! Let’s stop here today. I don’t know if you can see this update. It’s the first time you write something on Zhihu. Don’t laugh at me. I can’t find the entry point for the update. I don’t know if you can update from here. No, thank you for your praise and waiting!

6 months ago

Ex-boyfriend, fortunately not married, otherwise I really dare not think about what life is like now. My colleague and I met him and then we were together. I have not bought a piece of clothing for more than a year with him. After we were together, he did not gossiping like others, so he resigned from the company. After resigning, he did not look for a job quickly, but chose to play games at home or Internet cafes every day. After using up his salary, he was like a man. The moth came to bite me. Once after get off work, he asked me what I wanted to eat. I said duck head. He hung up the phone after babbling for a while. He came back and told me that he had no money to buy it. At that time, duck head cost 10 yuan. Well, I didn’t think there was anything thinking about it, so I wouldn’t eat it if I didn’t buy it. But later, it became more and more unbearable for me. He obviously didn’t have money and he had to swell his face to fill the fat man. He had to rush to pay the bill when he went out with friends. He took it from my bag if he didn’t have money. That was my living expenses. How should I live after taking it out; and if he drives his car out, he will fill up the gas tank when he put it back in, but he has no money, so he wants to come and ask for it again. I was just in college at that time. It’s less than three thousand yuan a month after graduation. I really can’t bear to tell him many times to ask him to find a job, but it won’t take long to resign. Some like playing games and can’t bear to break up. Then he just broke up every day. Waiting for me downstairs in my house, apologized to me that he would change, I believed it, and then reconciled, and agreed to look for a job, take a health check before getting a job, and ask me for a health check before I got a job. I wanted to go to work right away. It’s fine, and I gave it to him again, but after a few days at work, I got a fever and couldn’t get up at home. I didn’t care if my mother went to play mahjong. Call me and I will take it to the hospital. After the injection, I will take him home. When I met his mother, I called aunty, and his mother ignored me, and then yin and yang said strangely that I was not worthy of his children, said I was from the county and they were from the city, and said what happened to my family (because my family is a single parent) ), I really can’t bear it. I said that I bought your son from head to toe. If he is sick, you can take him to the hospital. My family is in the county, but it’s no worse than you. Go, you can ask where your son’s pocket money for more than a year came from. I am not worthy of your son. You are looking for him. After speaking, he left, and then broke up with him. He chased me to my house and knelt on the ground and told me not to part. He cried and cried. I didn’t feel anything at all when I was watching him. Separately, he still blocked me downstairs every day, and then moved secretly and changed jobs. Warn all girls, don’t pay blindly, because in the eyes of some people, your pay is really worthless, so you must wipe your eyes.

6 months ago

The child is sick, and in 2005, he needed 20,000 yuan for treatment every month. Money is what I need most! In order to save money, when I was a girl, more than one hundred headwear was replaced with a one-yuan three-piece elastic band; when I was a girl, I used the tap to open my face and wash my face every day. It was windy, rainy, sun and snow for three years. I spent more than an hour outdoors every day. Now there are countless wrinkles and spots on my face. I was breastfeeding and in the hospital. I couldn’t wear a lot of clothes and I didn’t buy them again. Over a piece of clothing. My sister gave me three clothes, two sweaters with serious pilling, and a jacket that was told by others that there were holes after three days of wearing. You know that I am a super dress-up person. Every time I am with my sister, I will be envious of seeing her so beautifully dressed! One thing I remember deeply: Back then, I took the train home once a month. The rented house in Shanghai is very small. I need to bring a lot of things every time I go back and forth. I also bring seasonal clothes, bedding, toilet paper, oil and rice from my husband’s work unit. So every time I am a big bag, there are at least three packages, the biggest one is as big as my head to my calf (this bag will bleed on the shoulder every time the back). Then on the bus from Shanghai Railway Station to the rented house, I would be scolded by various Shanghainese with rolling eyes: “You countryman don’t take the bus if you bring so many things! You take your bag and don’t get me! Dirty! Dirty!” I was a thin-skinned person back then (I would tremble when others said something hard, and even hid under the blanket every night to cry), and I was also very virtuous. Conscience of heaven and earth, my parcels are very clean, and I try to stand by the corner with my bag on my back when taking the bus. It’s been more than ten years, and the scene at that time can’t be forgotten. Because of treatment and money saving, I moved a total of eleven times. Every time, I was the only one to call a tricycle, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, pots and pans, clothes and bedding… every time there were 20 or 30 packages. . The tallest six and a half floors, the shortest third floor, ran back and forth… In fact, the grief of poor couples is even more saddened by the disagreement of the three views. The child’s disease is a bottomless pit, even if it is treated for a lifetime, it cannot be cured. I am not the kind of mother who sells a house and exhausts everything for the treatment of her child, but I am not a mother who gives up easily without working hard. The whole family is the only one who insists on the treatment of the child. He (she) didn’t want to spend money, let alone company, and they wanted to kill their children. I saw it once a month, and I was only sarcasm, ridicule and swearing… One last thing: I once took a train from home to Shanghai, but the bus was stuck in a traffic jam, and it was a mess. The train that departs on the hour at 55 will not wait for people, and it will cost money if it fails to catch up, and it will also delay the child’s treatment time. From the time I got off the bus, I hugged my three-year-old child and ran all the way to the train. It took me two minutes, two minutes! I jumped in with my baby directly, and the door closed after I entered the door with my front foot! I remembered that I couldn’t get up anymore. I was kneeling on my knees. After a long period of stagnation, my tears flowed uncontrollably. I cried for a long time but couldn’t stop. Later, when my child cried and hugged me, I remembered that two or three people who bought the station ticket persuaded me to help me up at the same time. I always remember the mixed flavors and hopeless sadness at that moment, but I still remember the few people who comforted me. Although I can’t remember their faces, they walked in the desert for a long time and felt like I was dying. , But suddenly someone smiles at you and it feels so good, so good! No matter what “sorrow” it is, as long as you work hard, it will pass. Now I still love to dress up, but my face is as thick as a city wall. I am afraid when I become dark, and dare to fight with an unreasonable tall man! Nine out of ten times when life is unsatisfactory, I will die at any time. Therefore, be kind, do little things, and be worthy of my conscience. This is what I want from myself.

6 months ago

I quit my job when the child became ill. I have always thanked my in-laws and husband for the treatment fees (and of course our savings). I have never denied this to anyone. The fee of 20,000 yuan basically includes all expenses, and 20,000 yuan is the first year. In the first year, I had a clear understanding of the child’s disease. I knew that this disease was a bottomless pit. I also knew that the disease could be cured for a lifetime. I also knew that my child would have multiple disabilities after treatment. The plan was readjusted. I have said that I am not a person who can do everything for treatment, and I can’t do it by selling the house and sleeping on the street (although I admire the parents who do that). In the second year, I gradually reduced the treatment items for my child. I had a major before and I have been studying in the hospital. The attending physicians and I are also more congenial. I usually consult and study and I spare no effort to teach me, and then my treatment methods , The technique is not much different from them. I always think that a disabled child needs to be in contact with others, whether he has to face someone who smiles at him or someone who laughs at him. I let my child go to kindergarten (the process of going to kindergarten is another history of blood and tears), go to school in the morning and recover in the afternoon. At this time, I basically didn’t spend much money on the treatment, because one I can do it myself, and the other treatment unit in our local area that can be reimbursed. I did it mixedly. I read the comments, but of course I didn’t read them all. There is support and scolding, this is normal. My purpose in replying to the subject is just to let people who feel that they are miserable and can’t endure it soon know that there are people in this world who are worse than themselves. If others can survive it, so can you. So, don’t get angry for me. I keep saying: Where does the understanding come from. The real understanding is that you have the same experience as the other person, so you can feel the same. Or maybe you have empathy, so you can understand. Humans are the most complicated animals in the world, and it is even more difficult to live. It was difficult for me before, but I believe you also have your own “difficulties” when you read my words. But I always believe that there is “beauty” in the world, and a little bit of beauty is enough to support us to resolve our difficulties. There can be many good things in the world, a gentle word, or a smile from you. Therefore, I treat people with a smile more often now. Thank you all who commented. I hope you can feel my smile through the text! Let me add: I didn’t expect my answer to receive such people’s attention, thank you! Because there are so many comments, I can’t reply one by one. I will probably reply here. My child’s illness cannot be cured because of multiple disabilities, as mentioned above. I’m just describing things truthfully, and I don’t want to create the mind of being a saint, and I don’t want to shape anyone as a wicked person. I haven’t gotten divorced. Through my countless efforts, my husband and in-laws treat me much better now than before. No one is a saint, everyone has shortcomings. I have many shortcomings, and I am trying to change them. The divorce seems to be done once and for all, but I don’t look directly at my shortcomings. The problem will always exist, it’s just a repetition of the individual. I have always focused on “self-care” and “love” in teaching children. I told the child: You are disabled because of illness. Your disability is only a physical function disorder, and the person who laughs at you is mentally disabled, a mental disorder. The mental disability is more serious than the physical disability. You should be able to play with him and don’t care about him! There are everyone in this world, and there is no law stipulating who must love and treat whom. There are parents in this world who do not love their children. So, whoever treats you sincerely, you have to treat him twice as good! I was scolded in the comments. From the beginning of the sadness to the laugh now, I relayed what I said to the child: hurt is hurt, and I will not thank the person who hurt me! So, learn to speak well. There are always people who say how bad the world is and how China is inferior to foreign countries. Mom tells you: “The world is what you like, and China will be better when you become better!

6 months ago

No money, but my husband insisted on buying an air conditioner, so he bought a second-hand 3p old air conditioner. Because of the 1,000 yuan air conditioner, my husband cried because he thought the air conditioner was ugly and was not worth the money, but he didn’t have the money to buy it. I cried, because I was pregnant, and I had to run around looking for the master to disassemble and assemble. Finally, I was blamed by my husband and couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night. Never thought I could live like this. I feel poorer than when I was studying. Originally, we didn’t plan to have children. We felt too poor. Both parents kept giving birth. Considering our age, we got pregnant. It turns out that they will only urge them. They said well before pregnancy, but they will not give financial support at all when they are really pregnant.

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This is the case with our company’s warehouse clerk. I was born in 1976, 45 years old, and came from a small place. I did a good job. At least as the boss, I trust him very much. How should I put it, I haven’t made any major mistakes in the 12 years since I came to the company, which is why I trust the warehouse to him. Some people may not believe it. Some people really have to spend the money once they get it in their lives. There is no saving money. This is how this uncle is. When he graduated from high school at the age of 18, a relative in his family got sick. This relative has a good relationship with him. It can even be said that he was raised by his relative. The kindness of dripping water reported that the uncle’s basic salary until the age of 24 was filled in the medical expenses of his relative. At the age of 25, when that relative passed away, he began to save money. From 25 years old to 27 years old, I met his wife, and basically all his savings for three years was spent on a wedding. Later I heard that their custom was to run one in their hometown, one in the new home, and then a few old people. The brother had a meal and bought some gold and silver jewelry for his wife, which basically bottomed out. Fortunately, his wife is not that kind of material person. The two are very affectionate. Even now, their house is rented. His wife has not said a word of complaint. Later, in 2005, when they were 29 years old, they gave birth to a child, and their expenses began to increase. The two of them were frugal. In the end, the child’s expenses still weighed on them because they had to rent a bigger one. House now. In 2008, his wife told him whether he wanted to buy a house, even a loan. He thought it was okay, so he took out all the deposits. Later, it seemed that there was a down payment of 50,000 yuan. He borrowed from relatives and friends, and borrowed 15,000. His relatives and friends felt that he was unlikely to be able to afford it. Borrow, there are excuses anyway. . . Later, the matter of buying a house disappeared. At the end of 2008, there was another relative who had no money for the operation. The loan from him has not been paid off until now. Later I asked him about it and he said that he knew that he could not afford to replace it, but he was kind to him and did not persecute him. People, his savings bottomed out again. I applied for my company as a warehouse manager in 2009. At least in the past few years, he is absolutely caring. I know everything. Once there was a freight company because of the high price. We terminated our cooperation with another company. Cooperation, because our company is their largest customer, accounting for at least 70% of their annual business volume, so their freight cannot be operated without our company. They find someone to go to the warehouse to cause trouble, and he takes the lead and stands with a shovel. As the door god at the door, no one was admitted, but the police arrived in time and the matter ended. In 12 years, his child was in elementary school, while he was in elementary school, he enrolled in the tutoring class. Once it was because a teacher of a certain elementary school taught in a tutoring class on weekends and asked the children in the class to go there. There was no small video at that time. A small video will be exposed directly. Later, the tutoring agency charged a lot, and his family couldn’t afford it, so he went to find someone to borrow it, and only three or four people were found before he could get it all. In 14 years, my father looked at him often borrowing money to repay money and so on, so he let him become a more professional driver, he is a driver. Usually the work of the warehouse can be handed over to the deputy, he only needs to check the quantity of the goods, and the order will be finished, and he will be given two wages. Usually when guests come, he drove to the airport high-speed rail station to pick up and drop off. He usually used the car on his own and was reimbursed for gas. After I graduated in 14 years, in order to get familiar with the business and so on, he was always picking me up. In 15 years, I asked him if he had any idea of ​​buying a house. He told me that he had to save some money for the little rabbit in junior high school. The problem was that his child was only in the third or fourth grade. . . He told me that children spend a lot of money, and now the school is going to hold summer camps, and some of them go abroad, and he wants to let the little bunny go abroad to meet the world. I said, foreign consumption is not low, he said, no, save money for him to make it. Later, the school wanted to pay the summer camp uniformly. As soon as he saw the numbers, he thought about it for a long time, and felt that it was still too expensive, so he discussed with his son. If he didn’t go again next time, he would go straight and tell his son that the money was indeed not enough. . He discussed with his wife, and his wife meant it was forgotten, he wanted to go out and have fun, and there were not many opportunities to see the world, just wanted to get together again. His son was only 10 years old, but he had a quarrel with him. He was so angry that he was not allowed to go. The relationship between father and son has been very cold. In 2016, the company opened an e-commerce platform. Domestic and foreign companies started at the same time. For a time, warehouse requirements were getting higher and higher. For example, cross-border Amazon. He didn’t know anything. He started learning from scratch and had to take care of the daily routine of the warehouse. I said, or stop driving the car and concentrate on warehouse management. After all, if you want to lead the team, you will be done with a salary increase. He refused, saying that he was able to pay, not too much. In 18 years, his son was promoted to the beginning, but after the incident in the summer camp, his grades began to decline, until he might not get into a good junior high school. Sure enough, there was a difference of three points from the school where he applied for, and he could only enter a poor junior high school. After that time, he went around looking for people to see if he could borrow. Later, the relationship and banknotes were all available, and the child went to a better local school. But at the same time, his original desire to buy a small apartment fell in vain, and now he is still renting a house. The relationship between him and his son is now incompatible with fire and water. His son will even use all kinds of vulgar words to hurt people. For example, he is a loser, he is in his forties and cannot afford a house. Can’t afford a car, the bottom of society is standard, and sometimes they don’t even live in homes, but live with classmates. He and his wife were helpless about this. In 20 years, he directly borrowed money to buy a trolley. He told me that the tmd house is not expected in this life. In the future, the child will have a house to see him, as long as he is not as useless as his dad. It’s Ben Five, and if you have your own car to drive your wife to work, you just need to drive it for fun. When a person closes his eyes, what’s the point of taking money away? At this point, his deposit bottomed out again.

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When I was pregnant, one day when I was watching TV, he suddenly yelled at me inexplicably, don’t want to live in a good ward when you have a baby. My mother was hospitalized for 36 nights for a checkup. Don’t think of living more expensive than her. . I thought about this problem at all, and never mentioned it. Even if he said we live in a single room, I will feel distressed. When I was about to give birth, I knew about milk powder. His sister mocked me in front of me and told her mother that they still wanted to buy imported milk. On my birthday, three people sat together in a small pastry that cost more than 10 yuan in the park, which was regarded as a birthday. His mother sold the house in her hometown to open a shop in Shanghai and owed money. Save as much money as possible for her family. In the past 6 years, what kind of food is on the market in large quantities and cheap, what the fucking food, can eat the same dish every day for a month. In six years, the weight did not exceed 90 kg. When I returned to his hometown during the New Year, I laid a floor on the floor of his father’s dormitory, lived in his aunt’s house, and lived in his uncle’s house. One year, I said I was going to buy a house in his hometown. I went back to the family and looked at the house happily. The whole family said ten thousand, and I let the rest. I was shocked and said that I had no money, and the whole family pointed to my nose and cursed me. In order to save money, I have entered a lot of special sales groups, the kind that buys old models 5-6 years ago, and can buy a winter coat in a little over 100 yuan. Then he ridiculed him about my old aunt. Occasionally I want to have a meal outside on the anniversary, but I just finished eating beef noodles in mutton soup. Never been outside more than one hundred yuan at a time. When paying the bill, he can pick up the phone very slowly, just to get me to pay. I have to be told that I can’t eat anything outside. Prone to cancer. All kinds of things. I paid for the clothes that my mother had sold years ago. The tag is still there. Either the neckline is off the line or there is a hole in the hem. His mother thought I was taking advantage. The cough was reluctant to go to the hospital, and it was delayed every year when the season changed. Later, my income was a little better. I went shopping with his mother and bought a somewhat expensive down jacket. His mother said in person that he should buy it. He complained when he returned, and then he was half-dead. We, during the years of marriage, he either didn’t work and I gave him some salary, or he went to work and gave his mother all the salary, and then still asked me to get the money. Either, his income is higher than mine, and he deceives me every month as a basic salary. I have received one gift in total, which was a pair of Swarovski earrings for 999 yuan before the divorce. I have been moving. His mother opened a cabinet in 2000. It is very cheap, a simple cloth-covered cabinet of 3-400 yuan, which is a bit heavy. In order to save money, we moved ourselves, and two people carried cabinets on the main road. There is also a broken chair for shampooing in the shampoo. People don’t want to give it to her, but always carry it. It is worth several hundred, but we carried it. 6/11 Supplement, I did not get married in 2000. I stated that there is a problem. What I want to express is that a worthless cabinet can not be thrown away after more than ten years. From pregnancy to the birth of the child to school, I paid for all the expenses. The diaper bought for the child at the hardest time, the cotton can stick to the ass when it is opened. My relatives pack red envelopes by myself, but my relatives still pack them. Sometimes people return the red envelopes and I accept them, and the damn still counts me earning it. There are so many things in small pieces. Because I don’t have money, I rent with others. Because I don’t have money, I can’t bear to eat and wear. Because he has no money, all kinds of compromises, because he has no money, always force me to take money to pay his mother’s debt. Does he not count the money I saved in this situation? Too many things. Then we left. His mother said, marrying my daughter-in-law is not cost-effective, and someone else will marry 1 million, so I said I gave up. I don’t understand. His family has no house or car. He has not graduated from high school. I have a bachelor’s degree. He is 162 tall and I am 163. In this case, where’s his mother’s face talking about dowry. After leaving, my life is better than before. I’m the only one sorry for the child. This year, I have several boys who are 7-8 years old chasing me. At least in some ways, I am not as embarrassed as the middle-aged women he describes as? In addition, before the Chinese New Year this year, his mother was diagnosed with cancer. He called and told me to turn back. I shed tears and said that your home is Longtan Tiger Den. So, if someone sees this, listen to my advice, don’t think that men are ugly, short, and poor, they will treat you well. I was cheating because of my boyfriend who had been in love for 3 years. I don’t think I will love anymore, as long as I am kind to me. As it turns out, my mind is flooded. Take me as a lesson. I just opened Zhihu, but I didn’t expect so many comments. I am very grateful to those who comforted, distressed, or scolded me for indisputability in the comments. I think about it now, I don’t know why I was like this in the first place. There are too many comments, let me explain. He opened his mouth to make me look back. I remembered my original grievances. It has been almost two years since the divorce. He actually thought that I would go back when he opened his mouth. So the tears he kept were not for him or softheartedness, but for the past few years. Years of grievances. His mother and my uncle are elementary school classmates, and my aunt is his mother’s teacher. He used to work in my dad’s company. So in fact, I have known each other for many years. Before marriage, my uncle said that his family was poor. I didn’t think it mattered at the time. I was not that material. The university I attended is indeed not a very good university, it is just an ordinary full-time undergraduate, not a self-taught correspondence course. I thought he had graduated from high school. After he got married, his mother told me that I knew he even bought a high school diploma. I will fall in love with him and get married. I lived in the dormitory together when I was broken in love, and I had more contact with each other. He is more responsible for his work and hardworking. The girls do not know how to cook. He cooks every day. At that time, including colleagues and surrounding companies, my mother said that he was actually pretty good. Everyone advised me that this type of home is more suitable for me. So I agreed. At that time, I was so stupid that I thought I would love that person for a lifetime. I was cheated and felt that I would never love anymore, so I just wanted to find someone who loves me. Unexpectedly, he changed completely after marriage. The reason why I have endured it for so many years is because I feel that the child is too young. After the divorce, I stayed in Shanghai alone, unable to take the child. My dad’s business failed and he has been out. And my mother is a stepmother, and she is full of thoughts on my sister and her child. And I myself grew up under the fence, I can’t bear to let my children be like me. So in those few years, I felt that there was no other way but to endure it. This is also the reason why their family is confident. The family who will leave, but also think about quarreling, will have a greater impact on the children. The child is currently following him. I originally thought that my child could study for the college entrance examination in Shanghai, so I chose to give it to him, but I also told him that after giving me a few years, I would take the child. Now that his family is in this situation, I am already preparing to bring my child over and return to my hometown to work. It’s a matter of appearance. I think I’m a popular face. It’s not so ugly that I can’t see him. He has a big constriction on the side of his nose. He has been fat since I was pregnant. When I got divorced, I went back to my natal family first. Everyone supported my divorce. Even my sister’s parents-in-law said that they should leave. I also feel that my personality is not good, and I also want to live voluntarily. As for suspicion that this is made up, I also hope it is fake. Now at the age of more than 30 years old, looking back at me back then, I was really stupid and wanted to scold me. 6/11 Supplement: Finally, let me add that he is not from Shanghai! He is not a Shanghai registered permanent residence! I have said that I’m really from Shanghai when I go back to my hometown during the New Year. What else do I need to go back to during the New Year. My child was studying in Shanghai because I also obtained points for the Shanghai Residence Permit. As a foreigner without a room, with points, my child can study in Shanghai for public or even college entrance examinations. In fact, this answer can be answered by Ma Baonan.

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The host of this answer was very miserable by the comments, so I can be fair. Seeing this answer from the main answer, I was shocked at first. In 2017, a 22-year-old girl who was still in medical school fell in love with a 35-year-old man with a monthly income of 3000, a rural family, and a veteran who was living together. Prepare to have a baby without getting a certificate. Because the older male father was seriously ill, the child miscarried, and then gave birth to a girl. The older male father was mentally ill for more than 40 years, divorced, and had a rural family. Many comments squirting girls are silly. But look at the other answers of the answerer. In a small northeastern city, a family with many children, the father can’t afford to drink all day long, the mother has a very bad temper, beats, scolds and insults, and both parents take pleasure in degrading their daughter’s personality. Answer The Lord was fat, not good in appearance, and his parents were good in appearance, so he was ridiculed all day long. Answer The Lord’s childhood was in hell, and it was impossible to escape from the family. The answerer had her first boyfriend at the age of 17, lives in her boyfriend’s house, goes to school on weekdays, works on weekends, and does housework at her boyfriend’s house. In this way, she was still disgusted by her boyfriend’s mother for 5 years. Answer: Those who got depression and got depression continue to be scolded by their mothers. Under this circumstance, the master met a 35-year-old husband. At the time, the master’s husband earned only 3,000. The master’s husband was a child after his parents divorced. His father was mentally ill and had served as a soldier himself. From the description of the respondent, the respondent was quite good. However, for the respondent, this is the best person she has met in her life. 22 years before life like a nightmare. A few months with my 35-year-old husband has been the happiest time in my life. Therefore, the respondent feels very happy and is willing to have children without obtaining a certificate. She still feels happy even in the event of an accident, a miscarriage of a child, and an illness of her father-in-law. Her husband earned 3,000 in 2017 and 15,000 in 2019. The burden of mortgage and car loans is not heavy. After living expenses are removed, there are savings in the mortgage. It’s just that the father-in-law’s illness has spent his savings, which is a bit difficult. In the opinion of the commenter, it is a life of hell, and it is already heaven for the respondent.

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When I was hospitalized, an older sister came to the next hospital bed, breast cancer, and chemotherapy. She came by herself. Everyone knows how painful the chemotherapy is. It’s like lying down on her neck for infusions, colorful liquids. On the night of the hospitalization, I answered a phone call. The quality of the phone call was not good and the air leaked. I probably heard her dad complaining that she hadn’t settled the two children properly, and her husband didn’t care about it. After calling her husband, her husband’s attitude was not good. Hanging up the phone, she cried. After chemotherapy the next day, I booked a flight ticket. In order to save 200 yuan, a cancer chemotherapy patient wants to buy a red-eye flight. At that time, I remembered it was New Year’s Eve, and my mother said why not go to relatives’ house. She has a cousin in Urumqi. She said that she can’t go empty-handed but she has to buy new year goods for someone else, and she doesn’t have that much money. Of course, her relatives took the initiative to pick her up. When chatting, I gave a general idea. The family background is not good, and the conditions of the couple are not good. He did not spend much money on the treatment. One box of chemotherapy came to save money. The husband probably couldn’t bear the pressure. He had a bad attitude. The children were unattended. The parents were too old. The husband could not take care of it because of financial pressure. Probably these are in bits and pieces. On the other hand, the aunt of the other bed, her daughter is a nurse in a tertiary hospital, with a decent income, only one child. The old public clothing store, within the system, let alone other, medical insurance reimbursement is pretty good. During the whole operation, the husband waited close to him, giving him what he wanted. Poor and lowly couples are not bad, but life cannot always be smooth sailing. If the relationship can withstand these trials, it may not be necessary, but think about it, is it really possible? The only thing that will not change in this world is change. When you can’t eat and wear warm, good people can steal, let alone couples. Upper decision decided by the economic background.

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The university roommate called me at 3:00 in the morning and asked if I could lend him 5000 yuan! ! ! I think he has something to turn around, but the fact is that he does have something to turn around. My wife has to have a C-section to give birth, and she can’t even get 5000 yuan! I can imagine how he thought about everyone in the middle of the night but couldn’t make this call. I can imagine him sitting alone in a hospital chair and beating the wall. Sometimes I really think, we all graduated with a major, even if we have graduated for a few years, the gap between us will not be so big, right? Can’t you even get 5000 yuan? I am not disgusted or opposed to borrowing money from him. I even have some little relief. At least I can feel that he knew that his roommates could borrow money from me when he couldn’t remember anyone. But why is it mixed up like this? I really don’t understand. When we were in college, we played together every day. Every Friday afternoon we ran out for 20 kilometers to eat a buffet, and then walked back at 10:00 in the evening, and walked to the school’s angry dormitory uncle to curse mother. On weekends, we went out to work together, at KFC, McDonald’s, at the barbecue booth, and at the subway station to distribute flyers, and even Vanke sold on the phone. At that time, I felt that everyone was really not far behind. We worked hard, we worked hard, and we were all willing to fight hard for the small goal in our hearts. But I don’t understand why he feels so sorry for his family. No matter how much money he earns, it is all given to the family. When I was in college, I talked about objects, talked about each other, talked about each other, talked about each other. If you have a love relationship with someone else, just show it a little bit. You can’t ask the woman to pay for every meal. So he got married as soon as he graduated. Everyone in our dormitory thought it was incredible. What did that girl think? After working, I basically don’t save money on my body. I gave all the money to his mother and his sister. Are they really so short of money? Do you really need your 100% support? He is a single-parent family, but his mother has a pension and his sister is also married. It stands to reason that you play your own, and it is enough to find a way to spread your own life. Maybe there is a secret that he never told us, but the subsequent performance made me even feel very incomprehensible. He was married, his mother was nearby, and he couldn’t find anyone who could borrow another 5,000 yuan. I’m not saying that his family is dragging him down, but why everyone has graduated for so many years, and others don’t say that they have received tens of thousands of dollars a month’s salary, and you are still doing hot pot that you can’t beat your professionalism. Handyman in the shop. Well, it’s not a part-time job, it’s a reserve manager, but how much difference can it actually be in everyone’s eyes? Your own major is too far away from this. If you say that you have ideals and feelings, then you can, but every time you communicate with you, you will always be exposed that there is no way, and life is like this attitude. When you were in school, you never felt that you had this attitude or tendency, but now when everyone is in the same society, does this society really beat you like this? We all went there when he got married. At that time, we felt that his wife was really honest. Belongs to the kind of person who can see the bottom of my heart at a glance. The two of them are together, but it’s true that the honest person meets the honest person. In the past few years, the ghosts know how they lived, but no matter how they lived, I don’t think 5000 yuan can be paid out. It is dragged until the child is two years old to squeeze out some spare energy to pay it back. . I think it is really incredible. I’m not saying that other people are bad, they are very good, and the relationship is very good now. During the epidemic, my subject and I wandered around idle, and just ran to his city. I made a call with him, and he came over without saying a word. At first sight, it was still like that. I really remembered when he was in college, but seeing the way he wore a suit, his speech became more conscientious, and I felt a sorrow in my heart, brother, how did you make yourself like this? . Later, my partner told me that I shouldn’t call them. People don’t have money themselves, but when you come, they can’t help but come to see you. After seeing you, even if you spend all your money, they still have to spend time and energy to accompany you. We are here to play, not to cause trouble for others! I suddenly felt that this is indeed the case. If everyone is still mixing well now, if two classmates meet together in a city-his hometown or my hometown, everyone will think, wow, so happy, that’s it. This kind of talk about everything, the feeling of talking very joyfully, can drink until dawn in one breath. But being with him, although we have a good relationship, he always gives people a sense of obedience, and is always good and good. He was really not like this when he was in college. Maybe it’s because I’m not married yet, and I haven’t been beaten up by the society!

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