This does not need to be analyzed carefully. After all, there are ready-made top four for reference in the first round, so I don’t think there is much suspense. Going straight to the subject, I have already seen the scene where fpx wins the championship in msi. Of course, the lpl champion is not a problem. I am optimistic about fpx3-1 winning. Say one by one. In the first round of the semi-finals, fpx used its good face-to-face system to score 2-0 cleanly. When rng reacted, it was too late. In the third round, the young Sallefini was beaten by the old doinb. Kalmar smashed directly, Xiaohu Aoun was no match for Niubao’s crocodile, but this 3-0 is actually watery. What is moisture? Because rng underestimated the enemy in the first game. It can be seen that in the semi-final civil war, because Thresh has lived in the ban position all the time, Jinks and Aphelios have rarely appeared on the stage due to their survivability. One of the big factors is that fpx deliberately released Thresh Jinx when playing Jingdong, and then used the face lineup to kill Jinx in seconds. In the face of the semi-final civil war, each other actually had ban Thresh, which caused Jinx’s survivability to be further restricted and he could not play at all, unless he matched Tahm, but the support players of the three teams like edg rng fpx were all Belonging to the opening team position, Tam’s lineup will be more difficult to play, so this trick is only suitable for Tao Bo. And the rng in the first game is obviously not believing in evil, he will take Jinx out to try if he can withstand it, the result is obvious. Then in the second game, rng quickly adjusted its strategy and changed the shooter position to a small gun. This was also the ad trend of the semi-finals. The Kai’Sa small gun replaced Aphelios Jinks in the early playoffs and took it. Wei’s rhythmic t1 jungler Udyr, Ming’s barrel, Cryin’s Czar, Xiaohu’s Gnar, are basically natal. However, the opposing lineup is also good. Niu Bao’s Sword Girl, but I’ve commented too much. Rng can’t handle this point. Both Gnar and Jess are afraid of Sword Sister. Even Qinggang Ying and other tank heroes are not good at Sword Sword, so Sword My sister, the hero, is directly at the top of the current version of the on-road ecological chain. This is why Taobo had to plug 369 a Sword Girl in the first game of rng, but his proficiency is still very real. I won’t say much in the third game. Judging from the previous round of games, rng went all-in-one, then faded and exhausted, and was beaten directly because of the defeat in the first two games. But after the growth of the loser group, rng obviously will not make the mistake of Jinks in the first game, so why am I still optimistic about fpx? Because rng’s bp is difficult to do. The heroes who can play in the upper and middle of Rng, spread out and say Tiger: Gnar, Jess, Crocodile, Shuangen Qinggang Ying. This version is really not good, mainly because he needs to cooperate with Galio or cards to enter the game, Lucian’s words , May be released, so it is simplified to five more likely to play. Cryin: Tsar Victor Clockwork Airplane Cards Crocodile is basically like this, they are all late-type big c, the current version of the aircraft and cards will be a bit weaker. Did you find a problem? The heroes that can be played in the middle and upper rng, fpx can play, and how many are even better? But the more sisters of fpx, Akali, Silas, Nightmare, what do you do? Xiaohu can play Silas, but it also depends on who he plays in the lane. If his opponent chooses Jace, Silas is looking for death in the lane. So depending on the situation, the key is that cryin does not have a single hero entering the field. Can play. This directly leads to a question: Does fpx use ban Thresh? I understand that Thresh will ban itself regardless of whether rng is on the red side or the blue side. why? Because fpx has a face lineup, but rng does not. Rng’s most aggressive face is at best the Nal horse czar Kasha’s bull’s head. This is not a pure face-face in itself, which makes it difficult to see what you choose. Therefore, the first three bans of rng are likely to be the unresolved Sword Girl, the crocodile who is on the opposite side, and Thresh. (Additionally, Thresh is completely understood by my own show. It is very likely to be slapped. Even if rng is not banned, the possibility of fpx self-banning is still very high. Don’t care too much. The main thing is that the knife girl crocodile is more difficult to deal with.) And fpx is very flexible, except for Lucian, which is a fixed ban, everything else can be adjusted. On this point alone, I think fpx will have a great advantage. Especially if fpx is in the red side, you can put the tauren Mana Silas, the advantage will be even greater. On the blue side, you can even grab a team from Ban Silas, and your flexibility is full. Everything comes from Niu Bao, Niu Bao’s playoff performance, and his hero pool and personal abilities are above the entire playoffs. Therefore, I think the rng status is adjusted back, but there is still a gap in the road. As long as the road is not good, the double c of rng is not easy to stand out. In fact, in the poor game of the Tigers, rng loses more and wins less. Therefore, I am optimistic about fpx3-1 taking away rng. Finally, this year’s dk has declined. Khan played Thain for a season and Ghost King played Kai’Sa for a season. Khan’s meat is playing better and better, but he is not an opponent when he meets Niu Bao. It’s very simple. Niu Bao can win the playoffs with fpx, can he be Khan? Kai’Sa of the King of Ghosts was trained, but compared to a functional shooter like Hanbingjin Sena, it was still a bit less interesting. Showmaker and canyon are strong, but when have you ever seen doinb blow up? It is very rare. And Xu Xiu is basically playing the late-stage mage now. No matter how strong the canyon is, this version also has to play the functional rhythmic jungler. When it comes to functional rhythmic jungler, Xiaotian is not sleepy. Also, I think dk is also difficult to deal with the face flushing system of fpx. Of course, dk may also grow in the process of msi, this possibility is not completely ruled out, but I am still optimistic about fpx. Keep your eyes on the long-term, this year’s champion is still our lpl.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Stop pretending, showdown, I am the old emperor. Originally this year, I continued to put up the coffin and pretended to be dead. I did not expect to be cheated in the regular season. Later, the top four played Phoenix 3:0, and I directly covered the coffin board, and Taobo’s first place. Five thiefs stole my coffin board with them. The guaranteed runner-up is very satisfied. (Brother Tiger turns his eyes to tears, and edg’s fifth hand, the account is closed to Brother Saint Gun: I teach you how to use Nar to fight Jace. Brother Saint Gun asks: How to fight? : Use Udyr! In the end, Xiao Ming is really worthy of fans!) There are five days left in the game, I can still play for another five days, win a happy, win two to celebrate, and win three directly to celebrate the new year. The sword kept on, pointing to rottenness. (Who can stop me from pointing for five days in a row.)

6 months ago

Metaphysical work: It’s purely entertainment. Don’t make predictions about whether rng can beat fpx in the spring finals. I use the final time: 17:00 pm on April 18 in the Gregorian calendar, 2021, as the starting time and the venue for the event. :Wuhan, to adjust the longitude and time, let’s just talk about the result: rng3:2Fpx or 3:1Fpx (in any case, the first rng will lose) The life palace is the structure of the greedy wolves and Kadala, which has the nature of delay, plus the migration palace. Wenchang Huaji of Wenchang will bring a kind of poor performance in the early stage, making everyone feel that their performance is not very good. But we have to pay attention to the Seven Kills and Wenqu Xinghua Branch in the Career Palace, and we will have the Zuo Fu and You Bi two very powerful stars, so in this game, their overall comparison is very good. It is strong and has a lot of room to play, but the early performance may not be ideal, but in the next few games, the play ability and performance can be well improved. The clerical line is huge, and there is the same palace, which represents the good results and appreciation of luck because of their performance. Therefore, we can infer from this that they will eventually be able to win the game. Conclusion: rng won’t be right, don’t spray

6 months ago

At the time fpx3:0, I was really disappointed. Because the current rng is definitely not a team at this level. I don’t know if it’s been too long since I played the game or it was careless. But after these rounds of bo5, although I am still a little less optimistic about rng, I feel that at least I won’t be crushed by 3:0. The main problem is Niu Bao. Now Niu Bao Da Nal has a stunt Sword Girl, which is very difficult to deal with. Unlike the regular Jess, even if the Sword Girl hits the Gnar, even if he is in the wild, he may not be able to catch it steadily. As for the other heroes of Niu Bao, they are all at the top single T1 level, which can play Conte forehand and backhand. It can be said that it is very difficult for rng to open the situation by top road. In fact, the middle road is also a predictable situation. Guo Guo can be said to be the most stable position in rng, but stability also means that he is not prominent, and it is difficult to have a particularly brilliant decision-making team or operation. And his opponent is the strongest doinb in the gang, and even now he has a hand Akali. If you want Brother Guo Guo to choose a clockwork to stabilize, there may be problems, and he has to stand up a little bit. Gala and lwx are also two hot ADs, which is strong and which is weak is really hard to tell. However, with rng’s very obvious way to protect the top, fpx, because Niu Bao is not weaker than the Tigers, it is estimated that they will choose the tip of the needle against the Maimang instead of a certain team’s top road as a discarded son. So the bottom lane should be a real AD duel, the kind without interference, even the support may leave both, leaving only the two of them. Ming and lqs have the same support ceiling. Both of them are T1 support in my heart. They are the kind who are willing to sacrifice everything for the team and know how to pay to be the most effective. But lqs’s play style is more aggressive, and Ming is a little more conservative. It’s really hard to say which is better. Tian and Wei, the same rhythmic jungler. So analyzed in this way, the structure of fpx and rng is really very similar. However, fpx is in a better state after several consecutive victories. They are two teams of the same type. 3:0 is not surprising, because they know each other too well. But now rng has gone through several battles and has also recovered some state. I hope to make adjustments these days and play a wonderful final.

6 months ago

If it is a rational analysis, I can only say that RNG takes the lead in FPX, and every position is either impossible or similar. His most important Ueno position is facing Niu + Tian, who is desperate. But this hz has confidence in RNG, and the only chance of life lies in RNG’s ability to create miracles. Everyone ridiculed the success of RNG’s resurrection because RNG has rich experience in playing the resurrection match. But who can say that the RNG after the resurrection will definitely pull the hips? I hope RNG can break free from the shackles and play better performances. Anyway, lose without losing.

6 months ago

To make a conclusion that seems to be nonsense, it is not. The result of the match between FPX and RNG is determined by the state of the two teams that day. First of all, I want to show my identity, emperor fan + phoenix fan, dog fan + Doinb fan. So whether I win or lose, it is a happy thing for me. I see that many people like that the first round of the wild card match FPX3:0 finished abuse RNG to say something, I don’t agree with this point. In my opinion, this statement is based on the regular season RNG2:0FPX to infer the final RNG abuse. FPX is equally unreliable. You might say that Beichuan was on the FPX during the regular season, so I don’t count. But in my opinion, the RNG in the first round of the wild card is not the RNG of the regular season. There is no need to discuss tactical issues in the first round of the wild card. The state of the entire RNG players is just visible to the naked eye. The players don’t know if they have been resting for too long, or if they lost their first shot in the regular season. Obviously, they can’t get nervous. The atmosphere of the whole team is not like playing in the playoffs, especially MING and Xiaohu. There are many inexplicable mistakes. Facing FPX’s highly targeted tactics, he was obviously at a loss. By the third game, it could be seen from the players’ faces that the players’ mentality had collapsed. Can you say that when MING is playing against FPX, when Riel is in various Q-empty, E-empty, and when playing EDG, Titan hooks the cannon, and when the bull head is on top of the tsar, he is alone? Can you say that GALA’s was alone when facing various sudden deaths of cannons when facing FPX, and dodge + golden body and dodge bull’s head when facing EDG? When did WEI not understand the jungle? Faced with the counter that was delivered to his mouth, Xiaohu only dared to take Aoun? Both teams played EDG and played 3:2, but whoever played FPX and EDG wins the blue side, you come and I go one game, no one can think that Doinb’s Akali ended the game. RNG doesn’t care where to play EDG. In the first round, the red team won the same game. In the second round, the blue team packs the horses and bull heads to the opposite side. The third line is all bad. If it is not for the third round, the blue team will pack the team and give it to the opponent. The ball did not roll well, it may be over 3:0. When we all thought that FPX chose to rejoin Xiaotian for “public relations”, Xiaotian proved himself with 8 playoff MVPs. When we all thought that LWX was just a master of abuse, he finally won against both Viper and Gala. Therefore, whether it is the regular season or the first round of the wild card match, the two teams have not yet achieved a tit-for-tat match when both sides are in full condition at the same time. FPX represents the strongest early rhythm and the strongest snowballing ability in the LPL competition. RNG represents the strongest defensive counterattack in the LPL division and the strongest teamfighting ability. The only difference between the two teams now is that they like to open the breakthrough from the top when playing other teams, but the way to open the breakthrough is completely different. The previous game record is just proof that when the two teams meet, if the first team fails to perform at their best, then they can only accept the result of a rapid collapse, and the state is such a metaphysical thing. For me personally, the most expected I still see that both teams can play at the top of the game at 100% or even 200%.

6 months ago

The emperor came to report for four years. Tell me about my journey. To be honest, RNG was not optimistic about the beginning of the spring game, but I did not expect that the Tiger Emperor of Spring was not called for nothing. The regular season first entered the playoffs, and then my little flame rose again. As a result, the first game was 3:0, so let’s forget the first four. Who knew that the fifth game of TES told me when I thought it was over that the game could still be played like this? Well, this wave of operations can steal homes, but when I think about edg playing TES, I find it difficult. The first time stealing homes is a surprise win. The second time people are prepared, it’s hard to say. As a result, the first two teams won easily, which is 3:0. Up? Then it showed that it hurt me mercilessly. The fourth hand was when I thought I should prepare the fifth bp (I admit that I was affected by the hanged man) RNG hit back again? And just when I thought it was 3:1, Xiaohu committed a crime. Then the fifth one started, I thought history was going to repeat itself, let the second catch up with the third? It was still a familiar formula or a familiar taste, but in the middle and late stages, RNG began to oil again, and the operation was old. Just when I took the first quick-acting heart-relief pill, the opponent’s base tower finally burst. Okay, now the runner-up is stable and enough, but today I saw the news that the colonel predicted FPX3:0RNG? what’s the situation? Why did the little flame in my heart rise again? As a beacon of the same physique as the colonel, I don’t know if this little flame burned.

6 months ago

Rng’s tactics against edg are still centered on the ups and downs, and Xiaohu has indeed played an important role in the teamfight. His Gnar’s performance in the teamfight is really abnormal. The biggest advantage of fpx three-way is the bone strength, and it happens that the bone strength can completely suppress Xiaohu by himself. Xiaotian is also willing to help him. Xiaohu and wei are important points for rng to survive the early and mid-term. For both fpx and rng, you can suppress the upper half of the wild area. Both teams have good protection on the road. If this rhythm can be disrupted, they can suppress the assisted wandering through the field of vision. Then there is the hero pool and single-line strength on the road. There is no doubt that the bone strength dominates. Guo Guo relies on the traditional mage and the mid-laner crocodile, Raf is a protective type and some fighters, and Akali a few days ago. And the choice of ad position is not particularly large. I feel that both sides of the bp can make more fuss against Nosuke, leaving the line right hero or Kangte hero on the road. The auxiliary starters of the two sides are quite powerful, and they rely more on the road. Teamfighting ability. If rng does not change, fpx still has a high probability of winning, which is expected to be 3 to 1. And if rng can pull out new tactics and new heroes and the effect is good, there is a chance to win, and it is expected to be 3 to 2.

6 months ago

The staffing of rng is perfectly restrained by fpx. The role of Zhonglu Guoguoge is a Hunzi, and doinb is the King of Hunzi. The weakest part of the Xiaohu on the road is the ability to line up. Niubao can order dishes one by one and other orders on the line. Even if Tian does not restore the fmvp status perfectly, the line right in the upper middle will definitely exist. The initiative of the wild zone will be much better than that of Wei. The most unstable one should be the bottom road. Fei likes to fly. Last time he played It’s really no way to get 4 guarantees 1. If there is nothing new in rng, visually, the little tiger on the road will become Niubao’s toy. Anyone who comes in the playoffs will be Niubao’s toy. However, it is not easy for the tiger to turn on. Resby can only hope that Road broke through with the ball.

6 months ago

To be honest, if rng wins the championship, I can imagine the unfair competition system for some people’s faces. If FPX has won the championship a long time ago, so why can those who lose can compete with those who have won the championship? I’m sick, why not choose xx, why put xx, etc. rng is FPX0-3, all this is Uenosuke? This is the number one in the regular season? Rng3-2tes, don’t blow up all, rookies peck at rng3-2edg, all of them are retiring from the holy gun. Isn’t this guy sick? Yeah, rng is not worthy to win. Winning is either a rookie or a sick opponent? If rng won, not many people would say where rng played well and where was the opponent, and where did the opponents play badly. If they don’t play like this, they won too early. The b+ team is indeed not worthy of winning. The wild card match is just for Rng is also set up. As soon as rng’s opponent fights with rng, there is nothing to say about all kinds of illnesses.

6 months ago

rng Don’t lay down the road, just head-on with FPX Ueno, expecting that the tiger will not jump, and then play the late operation team battle. If you lay down the road, the probability of going online will be difficult. If there is a breakthrough in front of a team like FPX, they will definitely be eaten by them. Stubbornly, he couldn’t fight back under the fierce offensive. What if Ueno can’t stand it? What else can I do if I can’t stand it? It’s not easy to win, and it’s better to bet on the road to be hanged by the rhythm. For FPX, I look forward to Xiaotian’s return to the realm of land immortals. The jungler of S9 is so amazing.

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