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Xiang Moumou’s boyfriend made her popular, and then the girl arranged a blind date with a rich second-generation man. He was engaged in Taizhou in late March. On the day of the engagement, the Internet celebrity promoter realized that he was green. The full text of the parties’ self-reports is forwarded in:
Who is Xiang Sixing, the girlfriend of the CEO of a company in Hangzhou? Is it true that it was reported on the Internet to be the female sea king of Taizhou?

This male protagonist is really touching, so if you encounter this situation in your life, it is better to stop the loss in time. Our law firm also came to a lot of disputes due to economic reasons after the two sides broke up, and even went to court. I’m tired from eating melons. I suggest you learn a little bit: Can you get back the money you transferred to the other party during your relationship? To request a refund, it is first necessary to clarify the nature of the transfer, that is, what is the qualitative cause of the case in court. The transfer of money during the relationship may be regarded as a loan, or a gift, or a dispute over the property of the marriage contract and unjust enrichment. Different legal relations are different because of different establishment conditions, applicable legal provisions, and distribution of burden of proof, leading to different judgment results. The transfer between lovers, if there are only transfer records and no evidence that it is a loan, it may be classified as a gift. But whether it is an unconditional gift or a conditional gift, when each court hears such cases, depending on the specific circumstances of the case and the local economic development, the judges have more room for discretion and different determinations. For example, some courts combine local economic development conditions and divide the amount by a discretionary standard. If the amount is less than this amount, it is determined as an unconditional gift for expressing friendship during the relationship, and if the amount is greater than the amount, it is determined as living together or entering into a marriage relationship. For the purpose of the gift with cancellation conditions, after the two parties break up, because the cancellation conditions attached to the gift are achieved, the donor cancels the gift, and the property obtained as a result of the gift shall be returned. There are also courts that decide to return a certain amount of transfers, and others are regarded as unconditional gifts. In addition, some transfers with special meanings are generally regarded as unconditional gifts of friendship, such as “520”, “1314” and other transfers. So, everyone, don’t get hotheaded when you are in love!


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6 months ago

Now I just want to know that the Taobao model’s annual income standard is 50-200W. It also shows that the first time you enter the industry can be a little lower but not too much. Then just set a 40-180W. Taobao model is really like this. Make money? A girl who just entered the industry with only one face and is a little decent, would an Internet celebrity company be willing to directly take 10% of the shares and at least an annual salary of at least 50W? Internet celebrity companies are so rich? If you build a few more, will the boss of the company have no shares, and the shares will be given to Internet celebrities?

6 months ago

Now the last news at every turn is said to be an internet celebrity. I don’t know it at all when I click it! I think the Internet celebrities are Wang Sicong, papi sauce, milk tea sister and so on!
How come people and ghosts are internet celebrities, since they are internet celebrities, they should be known on the Internet! But after this battle, I got to know another female sea king. But it’s really messy and inexplicable, there is no lower limit!

6 months ago

What else can I say? ! The whole family goes into battle, which shows how important the growth environment is to a person. The most amazing thing is that the girl’s mother personally guided her, and her father and younger brother all assisted, and the brothel madam was nothing more than that. When the girl and the rich second generation were engaged, she still lived with the man and lied to the other party that she was going to be a bridesmaid, but the man went to the scene to look at the hotel photos and was stunned! The three views of a family are not righteous! ! ! Full of negative energy. However, this ceo is also a cow. Now he personally explodes everything, his courage is commendable, but everyone also thinks that he is too memorable and deceived for so long, so sad, hahaha! how to say? In the future, receive education, learn correct judgment, self-reflection, and increase awareness. No matter what, I am also the CEO of the company. When I encounter this kind of thing, no matter what I say, I am a respectable person in the industry. I am still a little passive about my image. After this incident, you must be a little mature, or you will laugh behind the scenes!

6 months ago

Douyin has been following Wakeup for a long time and is also an old customer of their store. It has not been broadcast live recently. It turned out that this happened. The old customers of the male advocate Kefeng’s name are certainly no strangers. Anyone who has bought clothes and returned goods knows that this name is on the address. The videos of Xing Xing are all shots by this boy, because the shots are very beautiful. The male protagonist entered the country like an assistant more than once. The boy is tall and handsome. I remember that there was a video where the hero woke up and opened the door, and the car was 911. Wakeup has basically watched every live broadcast, and the boys should be responsible for the operation part in the later stage. Boys’ voices have also appeared in the live broadcast room many times, and they sound pretty good. Actually guessed their relationship a long time ago. The feeling of boys towards girls is the kind you can hear. Sorry for Xing Xing, for playing with feelings like this. I hope the male lead is better, and the capable person will not be bad.

6 months ago

The heart is not enough to swallow the elephant. They are all CEOs, all kinds of sincere to you, all kinds of spending money on you, and the car is still a Porsche 911, this kind of self-made boys exceeds 90% of the boys in the country, OK, this is an already Realized potential stocks, and engaged in the new media industry, the future development prospects are broad. You said that this woman should not say anything. I found a second-generation real estate rich. Everyone knows what the prospects of real estate development is. How many real estate developers across the country have become dishonest executors? Besides, you also found a second generation, this is a proper way to see the situation. So sometimes cleverness and wisdom are really antonyms. This woman’s organs are exhausted, and the cleverness is flourishing, but there is no wisdom. This incident tells us two truths: 1. It’s okay to read more books to understand the social development situation. 2. This woman is very beautiful, haha

6 months ago

I’m stupid, I still want to clean up, Zhang’s 65-page PPT is a real hammer, and the details can’t be more detailed. Does anyone believe in the clean up? The whole family is wonderful. . . . But I heard that Xiang was returned by Xu, and I don’t know if it is true or not. I don’t know if I can find my son-in-law if I buy your clothes and put them on. As the saying goes, if you don’t want to marry a beautiful girl, if you don’t believe me, ask Wu Dalang. If you have money, you must guard against it. If you don’t believe me, look at Wang Baoqiang. If you have money and beauty, you can’t help but ask Jia Nailiang if you don’t believe me. Don’t be too self-willed. If you don’t believe me, ask Ximen Qing.

6 months ago

In 2021, the female sea king is born, and the 65-page ppt can’t be covered. Everyone knows beautiful women who are unintentional, and they think they are crazy. The reality now is: those who don’t want to become licking dogs, and those who don’t become sea kings. I really can’t help but cry from the sky: “What do you want from me? What do you want? Can you not panic and write “Once Upon a Time Slow”?” The biggest misunderstanding between a man and a woman is that one wants to sing “Once Upon a Time Slow.” But he sang “green heart panicked”. One thinks about the days and the other only thinks about the days. In the end, there is no land, no famine, only male thieves and female prostitutes.

6 months ago

The good-looking skin is the same, the interesting soul is a thousand miles, and I have finished reading the 65 pages. The male protagonist is really on the green grassland. About pao Xiao Xianrou is pregnant. I am still “fixing the blame” for the male protagonist. At the same time as the female master, the hostess’s parents and younger brothers are almost broken. There is a good saying that it’s not a family. Not entering a family really makes that absolutely nothing. Some comments say something about it. This is how the Bian family educates their children. Everything is for money. Some people like to pick up worn-out shoes, and some people are concentrated on the original bright and beautiful appearance. Zhejiang team +1 point!

6 months ago

“In the final communication with Xiang Sixing, I wanted to give her another chance, as long as I sincerely apologize to me, I will not pursue it!” Seeing this sentence of my whole black question mark…the sympathy for the male protagonist disappeared… …… To what extent must the Three Views be crooked before they can continue to accept a partner who is cheating everywhere, the whole family deceives and exploits others, and the whole family worships money? I can only say that this actor deserves it. If you don’t pay attention to character and don’t mind the bad character of the other person, then you deserve to be fooled by someone with bad character. Analogy to those women who have been repeatedly forgiven by domestic violence, some of them are trapped by economic reasons, social reasons, and children’s reasons. They have no way to ask for help and can’t escape after being PUA. This actor is very free in all aspects. It is said that She’s still handsome, and it’s easy to find it, but there are thousands of good girls in the world who don’t want them by herself. She has to kneel and lick such a scumbag, and she has to rely on her not to leave. It really deserves it.

Last edited 6 months ago by strongman
6 months ago

Who are these two elder brothers? Isn’t it just those people who don’t study well, take advantage of the rise of the Internet, and take advantage of the rise of the Internet. Men start to raise young girls incomparably, and young girls ride donkeys to find horses. You pay for your body, and you exchange resources. As a result, girls have a new horse, change to a wealthy one, and upgrade a little bit, and the men can’t hold back anymore. Female scum, male scum. Then, is the term “net celebrity” so cheap? Any cat or dog can be called “red”. Also, next time there are so-called Internet celebrities, I hope it will be the one with pictures and videos, not this kind of text. Your story is too long and we are in a hurry.

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