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[Officially notified the assistant teacher to let the boy smell the feet of the treatment result: the party was detained for 7 days and the kindergarten was rectified within a time limit]# April 13, Ganzhou, Jiangxi Recently, Liu, a male assistant teacher in Ruijin Red, Yellow and Blue Kindergarten, released 3 pictures of boys smelling feet in the circle of friends, which caused widespread concern. On the 13th, the kindergarten issued a statement indicating that it was cooperating with the investigation. In the evening, the local government announced the results of the incident. The man Liu was administratively detained for 7 days, and the kindergarten involved was rectified within a time limit.

On April 12, netizens broke the news that a male kindergarten teacher in a kindergarten in Ruijin, Jiangxi, posted three photos of boys hearing about adult feet in their circle of friends. The accompanying text reads “Training m from childhood”, which is even more annoying. , The man still commented that “the parental leadership has been blocked.” In the afternoon, the netizen posted again that they had reported the situation to the Ruijin police and the police had controlled the kindergarten teachers involved. On the evening of the 12th, the Ruijin City Education, Science and Sports Bureau issued a notice stating that an investigation team had been established as soon as possible to investigate the red, yellow and blue kindergarten and the teacher involved. The teacher had been suspended for investigation on the evening of the 12th. (Extreme News from Chutian Metropolis Daily)

The kindergarten teacher issued a “photo of the boy smelling his feet”. The Red, Yellow and Blue Educational Institution of Ruijin City today issued a statement on its official WeChat. The original text is as follows:

Regarding Weibo users posting content suspected of molesting a boy by our park staff last night, our park attached great importance to it, verified the incident and called the police as soon as possible. After investigation, the teacher involved was the assistant teacher Liu of the kindergarten. When he was accompanying the child into the area for activities that day, he let individual children smell his feet. After obtaining surveillance video and asking other teachers on the scene, this behavior occurred during play and play, and no coercion, child abuse, or indecent behavior has been found so far. The teacher’s improper behavior has seriously violated the daily behavioral norms of teachers in the kindergarten. And after spreading through the Internet, it caused a bad influence. The garden has dismissed him. We are fully cooperating with the investigation and evidence collection work of the public security organs, and deal with relevant personnel seriously based on the findings of the investigation.

The school always adheres to the zero tolerance attitude of teachers’ morality and teaching. We sincerely apologize for the troubles and worries caused by this incident. We must take this as a warning and continue to strengthen teachers’ behavioral norms and concerns. Teacher style and moral construction. I urge all walks of life and parents and friends to treat the content of the online transmission objectively.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

It can only show that the current qualitative determination of child abuse needs to be improved. This time, the male teacher in the red, yellow and blue kindergarten let the children smell the soles of their feet and send them to the circle of friends, so that the bad guys took advantage of the loopholes and were detained for 7 days. Tendency to abuse The child abuse cases we see now are basically physical attacks, burns, and obvious indecent behaviors to children. But for this time, smelling the soles of the feet, this insulting behavior, judges whether it constitutes child abuse It’s not very clear yet. Today is to smell the soles of the feet, tomorrow is to smell the elbows and armpits. All are not very harmful, but extremely insulting behavior. Does this count as child abuse? What’s more thought-provoking is that this matter was discovered after the male kindergarten teacher took the initiative to post to Moments, and then the public opinion raged and finally punished. In other words, if this male kindergarten teacher does not post this circle of friends today, will his actions be undetected and no one will control it? Or the children don’t know if they are being insulted or abused. Because for children, we have not instilled knowledge about what constitutes abuse. In their eyes, maybe the teacher let them smell the soles of their feet while playing games with them. This is also a warning to us that when we work hard on sex education, don’t forget to give children self-protection education.

6 months ago

On April 20, 2017, someone broke the news that a kindergarten teacher in a red, yellow, and blue kindergarten abused children. Behind the stone hammer. On November 22, 2017, many children in Chaoyang Red, Yellow and Blue Kindergarten had needles. Then the police entered the investigation. Later, the case of child abuse in the red-yellow-blue kindergarten was notified, and the teacher involved was detained. On August 2, 2019, the People’s Court of Laoshan District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province publicly sentenced the case of child molestation by a foreign teacher in a kindergarten in Red, Yellow and Blue Vanke City, Shibei District, Qingdao City in the first instance. The above all come from part of the history of red, yellow and blue. Even if we don’t talk about the lessons of the past, let’s talk about this matter. It still feels strange, even outrageous. Isn’t it strange enough that “the school admits that teachers ask children to ask their feet”? How could the principal even say “this is the child’s volition?” Isn’t it possible that the child has no one to teach him, so he just asks his feet? Do you think this is reasonable? Step back ten thousand steps and say, if this time it was the child’s willingness. Then there must have been countless times before, but the child was unwilling! A person bullies a child physically, this is called child abuse, and a person misleads a child spiritually, is this not called child abuse? To take a step back, I admit that every adult has the right to choose as an adult, but most of the children are forced to choose. It is the light of the right way to give children a normal education that is in line with the public. Finally, I hope that the relevant departments can gradually clarify the spread of some cultures. Take subculture and pornography as examples. Are these good for children? I think there is no benefit. So before entering a teacher, should the teacher know these things deeply? As a red line, never commit.

6 months ago

Infuriating! After the incident, the Red, Yellow and Blue Dean lightly told the boy’s mother that the teacher had made a small mistake. He smelled the teacher’s feet while playing with the children, and he described it as the little boy’s initiative! The child’s mother said, “This is just a small matter, don’t embarrass the teacher”, but when she sees the photo of the teacher’s circle of friends, her head is blinded on the spot! See also red, yellow and blue! The teacher sends a boy smelling foot shots! Heathcliff’s video 8860 This statement is even more annoying! If you don’t know that the Moments Check and Monitor sent by the male teacher made a statement like this, it is understandable. The content sent by the teacher is obviously intentional indecent. The children don’t understand, the teacher is intentional, and the red, yellow and blue are still covering! Hurry up and close down!

6 months ago

You are all wrong. This statement needs to be translated to understand “let individual children ask their feet” Translation: I just let individual children smell their feet, not all children, as for? “Happens in the process of playing and frolicking” translation. This is just what happened during the playing and frolicking in our kindergarten. It is normal. Isn’t it that the form of frolicking is relatively new? “No coercion, child abuse, or obscene behavior was found.” How can the translator say that it is coercion? The feet stretched out by themselves, and the child asked by himself, could that be called compulsion? Smell the feet, but didn’t beat or scold them. Why did you abuse the child? There are socks on the feet, how can it be considered indecent if they haven’t touched them? Pay attention to the text of the logo. The study of the rules is straightforward. It is so serious that it can describe such an evil thing and understate it so lightly, it is simply an Oscar in the public relations industry. But you have overlooked one important point: the active appearance of the letter m exposes the big tail of your wolf in sheep’s clothing. As for why, I believe everyone will understand it without saying more. Off for 7 days? Too little, right? ? No matter how you have to smell the socks of all the children’s parents for 7 days and 7 nights, and then detain them, they are all innocent children. They didn’t even go to elementary school, so how could they be successful!

6 months ago

The most disgusting thing about this incident is that the kindergarten is only qualitatively slapstick. After all, in addition to behavior, there is psychological pleasure in the letter circle. For example, in this incident, if there is no Moments expressly expressing his psychological purpose, he has many excuses to explain it. It can really be explained as a joke. You also know that something is wrong, but there is a possibility that you can’t take him. Hit with a stick. For another example, if someone in the alphabet circle likes spanking, when he is a kindergarten teacher and does not expose his psychological purpose, you don’t know that he is educating children on the surface, but in fact he is satisfying his inner nasty. In this incident, the obvious psychological purpose of the circle of friends, plus realistic actions, can not constitute obscenity. Other people of the same kind who have learned this lesson are really good to find out, and it is really good to question their behavior. And condemnation.

6 months ago

I used to think that for some niche hobbies, as long as they don’t spread outside the circle, just let them cheer themselves. As a result, it is disgusting not to say that it is out of the circle, but also to the cute human cub, this is the ultimate evil! If relevant leaders feel okay, they suggest sending their children to the teaching assistant to smell their feet, and then publish the photos and videos, saying that this is just a slapstick. I’m afraid the leaders will shudder just thinking about this. I don’t know much about the law. Are there any specific laws to restrict similar things?

6 months ago

Acting strangely to children under the age of 14, whether they like it or not, is compulsive. Toddlers do not know what they can do and cannot do. Under the guidance of adults, fooling young children is a unilateral act of force. This so-called is not forced, the so-called “voluntary” is the spring and autumn style of the alphabet circle. In fact, as he himself said, “training from an early age”, brainwashing, pua, elimination of self-esteem, and change of normal psychology are carried out step by step, and the final M is “voluntary.” Kind of similar to “MLM.” Brainwashing people every day, instilling success learning, instilling a cure for all diseases, so middle-aged and elderly people are deceived voluntarily. However, it is not the middle-aged and elderly people who feel that it is voluntary, it is not deception and fraud. People in the alphabet circle are no different from the MLM gang. The unhealthy mentality of abuse and abuse is beautified as voluntary in order to avoid legal risks and complete reasonable abuse. That being the case, it is recommended that you do not think you are sick/sick, but if you dance out of the circle and provoke the secular bottom line, please finish detention and send it to a mental hospital.

6 months ago

As soon as Red, Yellow and Blue went on Weibo, all the people who wandered around looked at him and laughed, and some shouted, “Red, Yellow and Blue, there is another child abuse and indecency case in your kindergarten!”. He didn’t answer, and said to Weibo, “Hire two naval forces and need a package for deleting posts.” He then released a large sum of money. They deliberately shouted again, “You must have abused and molested other children again!” Red, Yellow and Blue opened their eyes and said, “Why are you so innocent out of thin air…” “What innocence? I saw you the day before yesterday. He molested other people’s children and was hung and beaten in public opinion.” The red, yellow and blue flushed, and the blue veins on his forehead burst out. He argued, “Sniffing the feet can’t be regarded as molesting the child…sniffing the feet!… …What about capitalists, can it be considered indecent child abuse?” It is difficult to understand one after another, such as “school-running institutions”, “good teaching resources” and so on, which caused everyone to laugh, and Weibo was filled with joyful air inside and outside.

6 months ago

I checked the specific content of the news: two things are very noteworthy. 1. The male teacher’s circle of friends involved is the accompanying text: Training M from an early age. 2. He blocked parents and leaders. The code name M does not fit into the context. The most reminiscent word is “Shou”. It is SM. The teacher involved may be young and ill-considered, but I have to think about whether he “loves young children” Secondly, he took the initiative to block the parents and leaders, which means that he knew that this matter was wrong, and he knew nothing about it. Also as a kindergarten teacher, under the frequent news of “child abuse”, I really feel very uncomfortable. I feel uncomfortable for the injuries suffered by my children, and I also feel uncomfortable for the kindergarten education. What should we do to prevent such incidents? Happen, let our children grow up in a safe environment. The kindergarten’s employment principle for temporary workers should be temporary workers = assistants, not full-time teachers. We have become accustomed to some units involved in the incident dumping the pot to temporary workers, as if the temporary workers are not owned by our own company. You must know that it is possible for a company to hire temporary workers, but it is the company’s problem to let temporary workers take up the main positions. In kindergarten, every foreman has a strong responsibility and obligation to all students. She not only has to assume the responsibility of teaching children, but also has the responsibility of protecting children. In a kindergarten where I used to work, I have a new assistant teacher. The teacher has just graduated but is very self-motivated. Generally speaking, it is not bad. But once when the child was working, she damaged the teaching aid because the child did not follow the requirements, so she said to the child: “You are really disappointing.” I happened to hear it on the side, and I went over and took the child immediately. Taken away, gave the child a new thing to share the attention, and then I told my assistant teacher: “Disappointment is a word that will hurt the child, please never say that to my students.” And in the incident After it was over, I was worried that the assistant teacher had a misunderstanding of this matter, and I had a conversation with her. I told her why we can’t talk to the child like this, and then asked the assistant teacher to believe that I was not targeting her personally. Criticism, what we have to do is to create a safe, healthy and warm classroom together. I later shared this matter with the people around me. Some people said that I did a very good job. I really hope to send the children to my garden in the future, but some people say that I am making a fuss and it is too much. No matter what kind of comment, I accept it. But I firmly believe that in my classroom, I just want to protect my students from all things that I think are detrimental to their growth, not to mention any physical harm, even verbal attacks, I don’t allow it. In the same way, if a kindergarten grants such a position with absolute right to speak in the classroom to a temporary worker, does it count as the school’s dereliction of duty? From another perspective, if the foreman teacher in each classroom can understand his responsibilities and obligations to his children, so as to take the initiative to supervise the teacher in his class, will he be able to eliminate any form of abuse from the most fundamental point? Child time happened? Isn’t it more effective to hire a responsible kindergarten teacher with a sense of faith than to install a camera without blind spots? In addition, a background check is also necessary before every teacher is on duty. Does the kindergarten provide true “induction training” or “teacher training” for its hired teachers. Under the general environment, kindergarten teachers are not a very popular job, which has caused many people to work as kindergarten teachers as temporary jobs. If the threshold is lowered, can the school at least guarantee that the teachers hired to do so, be a monk for a day, help the teacher to clarify his own responsibilities and obligations, and fully understand: what kind of terms cannot be done, after doing it What kind of punishment will there be. Every time I re-employed in a school in the United States, I almost had to go through training, including staff rules, teacher responsibilities and obligations, and even eight hours of training-what is child abuse, and seeing What should I do if I abuse a child. Such prevention work may not be able to completely prevent child abuse by teachers, but it can definitely reduce child abuse by a large margin. Let’s make an analogy, a very ordinary teacher who did not abuse children herself, but saw other teachers abuse children, what should she do, she herself hesitated, did not know what to do, but reported to her superiors? (Will that cause a bad relationship with colleagues?) Then reveal it to parents? (Will we lose our job?) Even though we try to improve the requirements of teachers in order to improve the overall quality of the teacher team, we still have to consider human nature. Not everyone can meet injustices and draw a knife to help, then this The importance of training will become apparent at that time. If the school has a very clear set of specific procedures for what to do if it encounters “suspected child abuse”, it will not only facilitate the school to improve quality and management efficiency, but also in the real Before the damage comes, strangle it in the cradle. Every parent hopes that their children can be safe and happy in the kindergarten. No one is keen to find the wrong place of the school by grabbing the camera every day. It is just that the frequent news about child abuse, the school’s shirk of responsibility and follow-up inaction have caused most parents to lose their right. The trust of the school thus had to supervise itself every day. I think that every kindergarten in our country should start cooperation in this aspect, do things well, reflect the results, and slowly win the trust of the school. Therefore, in the face of limited teachers, on-the-job training for teachers is indispensable, and the rules and regulations of each article must be clarified. Don’t exaggerate and say a lot of things, but no one understands them. This kind of training is the same as it is. Kindergartens should take the responsibility, reduce the teacher’s formal teaching burden, and ensure the basic rights of teachers so as to retain those who really want to be teachers. If we send a questionnaire to parents, ask them, in the “Excellent Classroom Environmental Innovation” and Choosing between a “safe and happy classroom environment”, which one do they want more? Why do I have to ask such a question, because in order to complete the task of “showing rich courses”, many teachers have to spend a lot of energy on environmental creation, writing files, a job that directly faces students, and has to follow Like a clerk. In addition, the tasks have to be appreciated by the audience, so they have to leave a lot of homework for the parents. It is obviously the children’s own handwork, and in the end it is all done by the parents. Teachers and parents are victims of this formalism. Everyone’s energy is very limited. Anyone who is struggling with running around can hardly guarantee that he will be “patient”, “love”, “understanding” and “tolerant”. However, in our kindergarten teacher profession, these are not the same. Is the most important and basic. So we have to help teachers maintain a good life and mental state. When I was training in Montessori, my teacher often told us that we must take good care of ourselves to teach our students well. The truth is really that simple. I am very appealing to reduce the teacher’s energy to deal with formalism, and focus his work on teaching face-to-face with the child, so that the teacher can face her students in the best mental state, rather than a mess of paperwork. . Schools must also protect teachers to a certain extent. I have seen many teachers share why they are frustrated with the kindergarten teacher industry. There are two main reasons. First, when there is a conflict, the school directly dumps the pot to the teacher. Regardless of the truth of the matter, the teacher apologizes or fires the teacher as the result. May I ask, how many conflicts are there between people? However, if there are contradictions, we should find ways to communicate. It is not a matter of principle. I believe that most of the contradictions can be resolved through effective communication. However, if the school, regardless of major or minor issues, as long as there is a contradiction, the teacher will definitely let the teacher bear it. Then how many teachers can always be the backer? And the very interesting things are often the teacher’s bad things, and the school chooses to cover up because the bad things are true. The school is afraid of being implicated and can only cover up. If it is some simple trivial things, the school is fearless and takes the teacher out of the tank. , On the contrary appear to be selfless. In many cases, schools should maintain their own standing, act in accordance with their own school rules and regulations, share the pressure of teachers facing parents, and don’t make teachers often feel fearful and fearful, so as to encourage teachers to speak up to stop some improprieties. the behavior of. Second, the teacher’s salary is too low. A few years ago, our generation had a very popular saying: Earn money for selling cabbage, fuck with the heart of selling white powder. I think teachers are actually doing this. If the salary of kindergarten teachers is raised on a large scale, the threshold of teachers will be raised, because in this way, some people who really want to be teachers and are willing to contribute can stay in this industry, instead of advocating pure use of teachers. Love comes to generate electricity, you know, when love has no energy at all, you can only change careers frustrated. Teachers are a profession that completely relies on “people”. As long as the people are good, children can easily usher in a safe and warm growth environment. Only some personal opinions.

6 months ago

In recent years, kindergarten indecency incidents have occurred one after another, and the society has also caused quite a stir. However, when people relax their vigilance, similar incidents are happening again. The teacher of a red, yellow and blue kindergarten in Ruijin molested the boy, and was forwarded by netizens to leave a message. I read this post from beginning to end. The incident was sent by a good friend of the boy’s mother, and the little boy in the yellow clothes in the photo was the object of the molestation. It stands to reason how such nasty things can happen in kindergartens, and what kind of warnings such incidents bring to us. Parents should teach their children to protect themselves in their daily lives. No matter where, whoever said or did inappropriate words and behaviors, they should be guarded against. The person who must face the society is a child, and it is impossible for us to be by his side all the time. Remember that there are animation content in an APP, parents can search for it if they are interested.

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