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Just talk about my personal feelings: Mount Tai is the most uninteresting and monotonous mountain I have climbed. It’s too flat, to put it another way, it means that the repair is too good. Those in Huashan are a little bit ups and downs so you can challenge yourself, while Mount Tai is walking almost all the way…uphill all the way to the entrance of the park, continue uphill to where the tickets are sold, and then the uphill is gone and there are endless steps. It’s really endless steps… The next few hours are really repeating the process of “raising your legs and walking violently—can’t walk, rest for two minutes and then violently walk”…this long, endless journey will make you You keep thinking about “Is it a ghost or not, so I deliberately took the high-speed rail to come here to spend travel expenses, accommodation expenses, meals, and entrance fees to go here to climb the stairs.” And I feel a little bit depressed: I asked the crowd how far to the top, to be honest, I was already on the verge of collapse, really… As a result, all the questions and questions were all nonsense: there is still half an hour, quickly Come on… When I find that I am still endless after N and a half hours away, I will start to ask myself “Am I a stupid”… The answer is basically more and more affirmative. The only thing that is a little different is the 18th set, but this is basically the top. But it’s not over when you reach the top… If you climb the mountain during the day and reach the top at night, it’s okay to pay for the accommodation on the top of the mountain. If you just want to save money or don’t have a room, choose to wait outside and wait for dawn, and the wind will blow you two like that one night, and you two may even feel like you are slightly hot… Basically stick to the first two when the sun comes out. When you are young, all you have to think about is “come out quickly, and come back quickly after watching the sun.” You want to cry during the day and night, and you want to watch the sunrise in your dreams… The sun finally came out, and you found that the dark people had already grabbed the front row position. You can only see a little sun through the gap in the back of the crowd. You have no joy. , And even silently scold the group of x in front of you, “Looking at the sun is calling Nima”… But your girlfriend may be low and you are squeezed behind, so she can almost only see a bunch There is no sense of experience in a person’s waist and buttocks. If you climb the mountain at night and reach the top in the early morning, it will be even more sad. You can’t see the scenery at night, and the crowds who are going up to the river are exhausted, and the sun can’t understand…then go down the mountain. It would be better if you take the cable car down. If you have to climb down, I think your partner will part ways with you on the spot. The most awesome place is this place, and the supporting facilities are not abundant. After you go down the mountain, there are no other relaxation and decompression projects in the local area. Basically, you have to go back to the city after eating two meals. There is a high probability that you will not be able to buy a ticket when you return to the city, and you can only buy a hard seat if you don’t get it right. I encountered it twice, picking up tickets when I went, and grabbing hard seats when I came back… The mentality burst. On the way back, your tired dog turned out to only look at other people’s ass and waist for a long time, and it was so stupid to complain about why you came here. What about you, originally because you thought you were a big silly fork, you actually “spent so much money to run here and climb the stairs”, and you heard the object say that you are stupid… What could be better?


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7 months ago

You and your girlfriend are college students, and it is the school sports day holiday, you two decided to climb Mount Tai to see the sunrise in the sea of ​​clouds. Just leave, come to Red Gate at 8 o’clock in the evening to buy your tickets. At the beginning, you two talked and laughed, very relaxed. Climbed to Zhongtian Gate. As a young and healthy boy who insists on exercising, you feel that your physical strength is not bad and you are not tired. Looking back at your girlfriend, she leaned a little tired…after a short break, you two continued to go on the road. Because of the cold night and physical exercise, your girlfriend started to lose energy and thought. The idea to give up. You cheer her up and hold her in the back during the eighteenth set to prevent her from slipping due to exhaustion. In the end, you two finally climbed to the top of the Jade Emperor! At this time the sunrise is coming out, you are pulling her to watch the sunrise excitedly, but she tells you impatiently that she doesn’t want you. You are suddenly a little angry, is it not in vain to spend so much effort to climb up without watching the sunrise? You insisted on taking her, because she became angry because she was tired, and she fought coldly. You just feel angry, don’t go if you don’t go, and leave your girlfriend to watch the sunrise by yourself. After the sun came out, you posted your circle of friends and realized the true meaning of life. Then you suddenly remembered that you still have a girlfriend, so you went back to find her and found that she had already gone down the mountain… You chased her because you know she told you about her There is a fear of heights. At the eighteenth set, the steep stairs make you dizzy and your legs are weak. You have to lean on the escalator to chase down. At this time, you look intently, your girlfriend with fear of heights is jogging down the steep stairs of eighteen sets…So do you understand why you broke up…None of the two people in this story care about each other You can still tolerate the feelings…what about after hardship and exhaustion?

7 months ago

It really is. I was crawling with my classmates, and in the end the two also quarreled. Couples can only get worse. The reason is very simple, because people who go to climb Mount Tai are often pure novices with no mountaineering experience and rely on physical strength to climb hard. There is too much difference in basic physical strength between men and women. Basically, girls have collapsed when they reach the second half of the position, and boys are more than enough. This leads boys to think that girls can go up with a little harder, and girls may be in a bad state or even life-threatening. . In contrast, Mount Fuji, a deadly mountain, is a bit better, because the people who come have considerable mental preparation and level, and people with poor physical strength collapse early, and they can’t survive the second half at all, and teammates will also More attention. The time I went with my classmate, my classmate had an old knee injury. It happened on the top of the mountain and couldn’t walk at all. I was more than enough and wanted to help him to watch the sunrise, so the two quarreled. After I have mountaineering experience, I climbed the mountain with other experienced people. If anyone in the team can’t climb, he immediately descends. I definitely don’t force it. This is not easy to cause conflicts. After all, it is a matter of experience.

7 months ago

If the couple traveled in the high-speed rail business seat, their accommodation was Wanda Realm in the downtown area, and the Didi special car took them to the foot of the mountain, and then hired eight people to lift the Nantianmen in a sedan chair, then they would not break up. In the middle of the night, you have to climb to the top of the mountain to sleep in the toilet, let alone your girlfriend, even your biological father will get angry with you. I don’t understand the idea of taking my girlfriend to go mountain climbing and cross-country…Unless your girlfriend is an outdoor enthusiast or a veteran, wouldn’t it be good to go to the bubble hot spring and have afternoon tea?

7 months ago

Mountain climbing is very hard. It’s been said in the siege. When traveling like ours is the most test of a person’s character, traveling is the most tiring and troublesome, and it’s the time when it’s true to the truth. People who don’t hate each other after a long period of hardship can make friends. The honeymoon trip after marriage is reversed. You should travel together for a month. After a month of boat rides, the two parties have not seen each other, hated each other, have not quarreled, and have to maintain the original marriage contract. This kind of couple promises not to divorce. Japan also has a famous Narita divorce. Narita is Tokyo’s Narita Airport, which is the largest international airport in Japan. Many Japanese people like to travel abroad for their honeymoon when they are newly married, so Narita Airport has naturally become a must-go place for many newlyweds. When these newlyweds departed from Narita Airport, they were happy and smiling, but when they returned from their honeymoon abroad and returned to Narita Airport again, some couples were already sullen. Because during the honeymoon trip, the newlyweds exposed their shortcomings in their daily habits due to some trivial matters, causing discord. Finally, after arriving at Narita Airport, the phenomenon of divorce is called “Narita Divorce”.

7 months ago

Because the relationship between couples nowadays is often based on a kind of superficial “happy” relationship. Eat together, play games, watch movies, escape from the room…Even if you are traveling, you can sit in a place by various means of transportation, take a group photo and make a card together, which is relaxed and happy. And getting along with these, “climbing Taishan” is undoubtedly a very big challenge, and it can even be called a “shared suffering” experience. It is not only physical fatigue, but also all kinds of annoying things in the process, all kinds of bad environments, continuous problems… all these will lead to inner collapse. Therefore, those couples who build a shallow relationship where they can only “have fun” will continue to accumulate negative energy in the process, thinking in their hearts: “What are your plans? It’s terrible.” Why are you so selfish, can you understand my feelings.” “I’m really speechless, so I’ll end it soon.”… So as soon as it is over, I just want to break up with the other party immediately, giving people a kind of “you will break up after climbing Mount Tai.” “a feeling of. But in fact, after the right people climb Mount Tai together, they will build deeper intimacy because of the “shared suffering” experience. Two people have the same goal, overcome many difficulties in the process, support each other all the way, and understand each other. This will give two people a wonderful feeling of emotional sublimation at the end of the mountain climbing. It seems that they understand each other better and have established a more stable mode of getting along with each other, so they will encounter other conflicts and difficulties in the future, and they will be more able to work together to resolve them. So the problem is not “climbing Taishan”, but that modern people can only establish a shallow relationship of “shared happiness”. “Anyway, there are so many choices in this era, and the next one is better. Why should I wrong myself?” “I want to focus on my own feelings, and I can be happy, so why set limits on myself.” “Why should I be different? What about one person asking for himself? There are always people who follow me.”…Under the thinking of modern people, the so-called couple relationship has become “Let’s play together and release the pressure of life.” So Mount Tai is really a mountain that is difficult to cross for them. Real love is not like this. They will never experience it. Owning one percent of a hundred people is not as good as owning one hundred percent of one person.

7 months ago

Couples who climb Mount Tai will break up, couples who sing “Love in Hiroshima” will break up, and couples who eat spicy soup will break up. The problem is not what to do, the problem is that couples will break up. You guys can really rely on these children now. You don’t understand that even Mount Tai can rely on it. People have been sitting on Mount Tai for millions of years. How many monkeys have mate on it, but no one has been blindly lying on it. Young people are not qualitative, relying on hormonal impulses to stay together. After a few months, the novelty of sex and the desire to explore the body faded. They quarreled because of the big things, and then they quarreled because they didn’t have any quarreling experience. The frame thought the sky was falling, broke up in a silly way, played to the death, and then reunited or found another one, and repeated the above process. This is a very normal thing. No one can expect to get married and have children as soon as they go to college, and no one can experience a few. This year, the divorce rate is still 70%. When you fall in love with a Kang, you want to grow old together. Isn’t that funny? So you might as well relax your mentality and talk about it as the best. If you don’t talk about success, you should accumulate experience and take protective measures. Little young children are together, no one suffers, it is easy to get together, and easy to loose. Don’t say anything about the feudalistic rubbish that the wife you spent hundreds of thousands of to marry was slept by others. Take advantage of this while your wife sleeps with someone else, and you sleep with someone else’s wife. Take advantage of the time before you meet in this life to experience more. In the future, the day when the couple’s life fades out, and you can remember the young and frivolous together. day.

7 months ago

So awesome, woc, in the future, I dare not take my girlfriend to climb Mount Tai, hahahaha. In fact, climbing Mount Tai to break up is an appearance. Here, climbing Mount Tai can be replaced by going out to travel, which has the same effect. As for the reason for breaking up, it is of course some details and general design in the travel, which make the other party uncomfortable or even disgusted. For example, never take the initiative to carry bags to the other party; for example, walking express, not waiting for the other party; for example, when in a hotel, do not respect the other party’s opinions, for example, when booking a train ticket, choose the wrong time, resulting in missed train For example, when it’s raining outside, take an umbrella and let the other person catch a cold. For example, when eating, there is no manner at all, and it’s ugly to eat. For example, you have to report your schedule to your parents every day. Report and ask for instructions. For example, I grind my teeth every night, snore, and kick the quilt. For example, I am very lazy every day to get up, which delays the time to go to the scenic spot and affects the mood of the day. Just sleep. For example, in a hotel, wearing underwear and running around the room, there is no demeanor. For example, the itinerary of the tourist destination is not clear, the plan is rushed and chaotic. For example… these are all OK. Observed from close range, many people will conceal their shortcomings and deficiencies, bad habits in life, and personal character. However, during travel, the other person will have the opportunity to see what kind of person you are, from sleeping in a hotel to In the process of traveling in scenic spots, to eating, to ordering transportation, many of these processes will show the natural and real side, which cannot be easily concealed. If it’s bad or arouses the other person’s resentment, then we must break up decisively, and it is not appropriate to live together.

7 months ago

Why do couples break up when they climb Mount Tarzan? First of all, this question has a certain orientation. It is easy to understand that as long as a couple climbs Mount Tai, they will break up. My answer to this question is that it’s not about breaking up after climbing but inappropriate couples may break up soon after climbing Mount Tarzan, and suitable couples climbing Mount Tarzan will get married in the future. Climbing Mount Tai is only a test. It is not that you will break up after climbing Mount Tai. People who are not suitable will break up wherever they come back. When you experience things together, you will see details that you don’t usually see. When people are tired, various negative energies may explode, such as laziness, gluttony, slippery, etc., all negative emotions have exploded, and feelings are not. If it is stable, it may break. Therefore, the details determine success or failure, and you can see a person clearly. If two people are right or not, as long as there is a short trip like climbing Mount Tai, you can know. There will be disagreements, tiredness, or danger on the road. The details in the process can reflect whether he is a responsible person who is in line with your three views, and climbing a mountain is like a short journey. Although it is very tiring, the talent who can pull you to take care of your emotions is worth entrusting for life. Two loves are the ones that only you know the best and can’t stand the test. Let alone go to a mountain, it will be divided even if you cook a meal together. Traveling to climb the mountain will be tired, tired will be annoying, will intensify the trivial matters, so that we can see the personalities of two people. There are handsome men and beauties on the way up the mountain, and there will be people who are troubled by freshness and contrast, so ah. Many people have accumulated conflicts during the mountain climbing, and it is not uncommon for them to have a big fight after returning. Climbing Mount Tai is to test the platform between men and women. The long journey allows people to see the other person’s patience with you. Careful care, action, climbing Mount Tai is the way to support each other. Climbing a mountain, which way to go, how to walk, how to distribute backpacks, how to solve it when you are tired and thirsty, what to do if you suddenly want to go to the bathroom, what to do if a beautiful lady asks for help, what to do if someone accidentally encounters you and almost falls off the stone steps, etc. , Climbing a mountain is full of accidents, and this most tests people’s heart, ability and suitability. Finally, the author leaves a suggestion. It is the first time to climb Mount Tai without reaching the summit. Leave a trail, which means that you will leave a way for yourself to reach the summit when you are successful.

7 months ago

When we are in love, we try to hide our humanity and try our best to create a romantic and beautiful experience in order to promote this marriage. It’s good for you, you just come up directly and meet in short arms, and see each other shirtlessly, that’s weird if you don’t finish playing! My words are rough and not rough, but let’s just throw out Qian Lao’s summary, and, with his old man blocking me, the attacking shells of the levers can’t hit me. Xin Mei said: “Traveling like ours is the most tested to get a person’s character. Traveling is the most tiring, troublesome, and convincing time. People who don’t hate each other after a long and hard journey. You can make friends-wait a minute, listen to me-the honeymoon trip after marriage is reversed. You should travel the same for a month. After a month, the two sides have not seen each other, hated each other, and have not quarreled. , And maintain the original marriage contract. This kind of couple promises that they will not get divorced.”-Qian Zhongshu, “Siege”

7 months ago

Tang Seng was very afraid of mountains. There are more difficulties in the mountains than in the water in Journey to the West. Now cruise ships seem to be marketed as full of sea kings and full of affair. These are all constructed, none of them are true. Fang Hongjian got off the boat, and in just over a year, all the halo of overseas students was defeated. He was definitely not because of the bad luck of the ship, and no one wanted to harm him. The real situation is that he is such an ordinary person, and finally found a person who really suits him, his wife hahaha. So if you break up too much, you will naturally have a sense of peace. I don’t think it’s really that specific mountain, that city, that text message, that hurdle of sesame mung bean. I only think that the possible fate is the blood bar. When I stare at it for a little bit at the end, I will always think of a lot of extravagance and bad luck. There is no other way. There is no way to change your fate if you are afraid of the east or the west. Some people’s luck is here, and some people’s luck is there. This situation is better. Taishan became unemployed after the establishment of the regiment.

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