Watch the show seriously. The motivations and patterns of the two are different. If you just want to be pampered again, Zhen Huan can lose a bracelet, not even the bracelet. Shen Mei Zhuang has been stunned with the emperor for a long time, and the emperor is ashamed of her injustice because of the false pregnancy incident. And because Shen Meizhuang needs to give the child an Aixinjue account for pregnancy, he threw a bracelet and gave the emperor a step down, which means that the old lady forgive you. The emperor saw her open the knot and sleep with each other, and the things of the past will be over. The Queen Mother also has an explanation. Shen Meizhuang just needs this sleep, don’t bother me in the future. Zhen Huan is different. Zhen Huan was just frightened by the embarrassed woman in the cold palace, and Cuiguo gave her a big mouth. Deeply understand that in this palace, without favor is lowly! She has been depressed because of the loss of her son and ignored the emperor for half a year (from the midsummer to the early spring), she can no longer fight the emperor like this. She wanted more than just the emperor’s sleep. “It doesn’t matter who attends the bed. The important thing is, can I hold the emperor’s heart”, this is her goal. So she catches butterflies and pretends to pray in the plum blossoms. Why do believers wish to be a vegetarian for life? I wish my emperor, the concubine’s shoes and socks are wet, and the tea is overflowing on the emperor. After the teasing was over, the emperor was suffocated to death without letting him sleep for several nights. When the emperor marries Princess Chaogui, and his only little sister is smashed to death by herself to marry an old man, it is almost impossible to see each other again, and the cold-blooded emperor can hardly conceal his loneliness and guilt. At this time, Zhen Huan opened her heart and untied her clothes, slept with him, gave it to him, and conquered him. This kind of trick works very well for a man like the emperor who has lacked love since childhood. Don’t say that Zhen Huan has to catch butterflies in winter. Shen Meizhuang throws a bracelet. This kind of single-label comparison is really wise. More particularly, some arguments have been derived, such as “If Shen Meizhuang wants to fight, Zhen Huan may not be able to fight her in the later period.” Pull it down.


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6 months ago

Meizhuang’s re-petition is always inevitable. Let me talk about the emperor first. The emperor always felt that he owed her, and he had many emotions such as guilt, pity, reluctance, etc., and there was basically no dissatisfaction or blame in the long years. Meizhuang has already taken advantage of the emperor’s heart. Besides Mei Zhuang, her own strength also determined that the emperor would appreciate her no matter what the circumstances, even if nothing messed up before, it was not difficult for her concubine to want to be favored. In this relationship, the initiative was in the emperor at first, and later in Meizhuang. Just like you have an ex-girlfriend who has a good family background, is beautiful, has a gentle personality, is talented and capable, and your relationship is very good. One day you suspect her to slander her because of other people’s provocations, and you get angry with her and you break up. Up. You learned the truth later, but neither of them looked back out of pride. One day, when you came home from get off work in 996, you were lonely and empty physically and mentally. She suddenly sent you a WeChat message saying that she took the Tiffany necklace you gave her to the counter and replaced it with a new one. She was waiting for you at the Starbucks that she was dating. show you. Are you ignited, are you going to Starbucks? From your point of view, the reconciliation is as simple as your ex-girlfriend forgave you, so of course it is easy to reconcile. Zhen Huan is different. The entanglement between her and the emperor is not as simple as Meizhuang. They are a bit in love and killing each other. Sincerely in love with each other, but also frustrated with each other, after n rounds of pulling, they have met their opponents. The emperor knew exactly what card Zhen Huan was going to play, and Zhen Huan knew the emperor even more. Zhen Huan’s re-petition was actually the result of a psychological victory. The two of them have been vying for emotional initiative in temptation. Similar to the seven-year itch between you and your beloved wife, you cheat, your wife is heartbroken and looking for comfort outside. Later, both of them realized that they could not lose each other. Your wife used means to test whether you love her or not. You can’t tell whether your wife is true or not. But no matter what, in the end you are willing to follow your wife’s routine. Because you love her, she loves you too. But in this process, you cannot accept your wife unhindered, nor can your wife express anything to you very simply and directly. Because there is a gap in each other’s hearts. Comments are welcome!

6 months ago

Because the background, environment and purpose of the two repetitions are quite different. Zhen Huan has regained her favor twice, once in Yimeiyuan to release butterflies, and the second time the waste concubine returns to the palace. The second time is too special and not comparable, so let’s just talk about the first time. Common point: they are all down the steps of the emperor. The emperor felt guilty, just waiting for them to let go of their knots. The difference: the environment and purpose are different. Zhen Huan fell out of favor with the emperor for the first time, and was soon made things difficult by other concubines. Qi Fei and the wealthy noblemen spit on the face and punished them to kneel. After seeing the warmth of the people in the harem, I know. The power of the holy pet. Therefore, this repetition must be a blockbuster, not only for the emperor, but also to shock other concubines in the harem. Meizhuang has always been a sage concubine who the queen dowager wants to accompany the emperor. The emperor also feels guilty in his heart. The queen mother has created opportunities for many times, but Meizhuang refused. Therefore, the obstacle to her re-petition is only herself. She just wants to be pampered once, and even just want to make a record, give the child in her stomach a name, must be low-key and efficient. Moreover, the goal of Zhen Huan’s re-petition is the first favorite in the harem, and the emperor’s apex people naturally have to work harder; while Mei Zhuang just wants to be favored once, so naturally it doesn’t have to be so troublesome. (It’s like an exam. It’s different if you want to get the first place and you want to pass.)

6 months ago

Because before Zhen Huan’s two re-petitions, the situation was very bad, and the goals of re-petition were extremely ambitious. Zhen Huan’s first return to favor was after the humiliation on Long Street, she was determined to get rid of the current situation, continue to be the emperor’s favored concubine, exert influence on the emperor, and then avenge the concubine Hua. Zhen Huan’s re-petition is to seize the emperor’s heart, to want to catch it, and to continue to be the emperor’s apex. The knot between Zhen Huan and the emperor is very heavy, and the relationship between Zhen Huan and the emperor is much deeper and more complicated than the relationship between Mei Zhuang and the emperor. Zhen Huan and the emperor have crossed their hearts. Therefore, the reconciliation between Zhen Huan and the emperor is more timid because of the close hometown feelings. Zhen Huan can neither act too flatteringly, but also impress the emperor, but also make the emperor feel lost and regained. Therefore, after Zhen Huan’s first favor, she got the honor of discussing government affairs, fighting against political enemies, and becoming the emperor’s Interpretation Flower. 2. Zhen Huan’s second favor was outside the palace. Yunli misrepresented the news of her death. There was bad news from the relatives in Ningguta. He happened to have a child again in his womb. It was an armor and a weapon. Therefore, Zhen Huan’s second repetition is to use “the hand of the emperor, the power of the emperor, and revenge.” For the second repetition, Zhen Huan’s pursuit is no longer as simple as an important person next to the emperor, but to trip the queen. And gain power. Therefore, this second repetition of pets is even more difficult to climb to the sky, and one step cannot be wrong. The relationship between Meizhuang and the emperor is much simpler. Before the incident of Concubine Hua’s framing of Meizhuang’s false pregnancy, Meizhuang’s expectation and dependence of ordinary women on her husband was just for the emperor. As long as the husband cares about himself, he can also have children for him. The emperor’s appreciation of Mei Zhuang is more of her own character, more like a superior’s appreciation of his subordinates. Moreover, the emperor wronged Meizhuang, always feeling guilty, and deliberately showing good. The emperor is also relatively simple with Meizhuang, as long as Meizhuang accepts her again, the emperor will go up and feel comfortable, and look at Meizhuang for a long time. What’s more important is that the child in Meizhuang’s belly needs a legal father, and Meizhuang itself is in the palace, as long as the emperor comes back and forth. In the future, she and her children will be closed for their lives, and it will be fine. Will the emperor be here in the future? Therefore, in summary, the relationship between Huanhuan and the emperor is deeper, and the misunderstanding is deeper. The emperor and Huanhuan have deeper expectations and requirements for each other. The goal of Huanhuan’s repetition of pets is more ambitious, so Zhenhuan’s re-petition is better than Eyebrow is complicated.

6 months ago

1. After An Lingrong lost her son, the queen said: “If An Lingrong is smart enough, she knows that the guilt and compassion of a man are enough to make her stand firm.” When the epidemic happened, I felt very guilty and pity for Meizhuang. 2. Zhen Huan once said: “Only what has been lost and the hardest to get is the best.” Meizhuang and the emperor had a period of affection, but they have been lost, and Meizhuang was cold, “the hardest to get.” I am. 3. After the epidemic in Meizhuang was cured, the emperor went up to see her. Meizhuang didn’t give a good expression at all. He even said: “I used to blame you.” Meizhuang didn’t let me down the steps at all. In the heart of the emperor, Mei Zhuang is a dignified, arrogant person who once loved but it is difficult to go back. This kind of predecessor is a nirvana for any man, and the emperor is no exception.

6 months ago

Because you take the emperor’s favor seriously, you will compare these two people. In fact, these two people are not a weight in the emperor’s heart. The emperor’s harem not only has deep feelings such as fertilizer and cupboard people, but also many people who walked through the scene, such as Libifuchagualiu and others. When they were favored, Meimei was originally top-notch among a group of monsters, and fat Tangerine feels guilty for sister Mei Mei, as long as sister Mei Mei is willing to post, Fat Tang will spoil her with the guilt. Of course, it is simple, there is not much love in it, and it is a bit of business. Zhen Huan took a lot of trouble, mainly because there is a little love between the two, and the emotional entanglement is more complicated, and it takes a long time to do psychological construction and game. Before the cupboard people ignored the fat orange, the fat orange had grievances in his heart, and it was not easy to bow his head.

6 months ago

Shen Meizhuang’s re-petition is a bit different from others. Others tried their best to regain the emperor’s favor, such as Zhen Huan, who tried to find butterflies and tried every means to attract the emperor to come up to Ganlu Temple to see herself. For example, An Lingrong, learning Chunyuan’s voice to sing hard, and practicing hard ice sports, everyone’s road to petting again seems so hard. In this comparison, Meizhuang’s method of re-petition is obviously much simpler than that of other people. Then, why can only Meizhuang throw a bracelet casually can be favored by the emperor again? If you think about it carefully, the following points are the reasons: 1. Mei Zhuang is very fond of the queen mother. In Mei Zhuang’s heart, it doesn’t matter if she is no longer favored. With the protection of the queen mother, she will not be too bad in the harem. Starting from this starting point, she is not so eager to want to be pampered again. Although the child in her belly needs a rightful position, she is not in a hurry in terms of time, and in terms of means and forms. It is a big deal to change the way and hook up with the emperor. . This mentality is different from Zhen Huan and An Lingrong’s repetition of pets. Once Zhen Huan and An Lingrong are unsuccessful, there is an abyss behind them. The eyebrows are different, so the methods of eyebrows are not so urgent and attentive. They just use bracelets. To attract the emperor. 2. The emperor has been showing good wishes to Mei Zhuang. Before Meizhuang lost the bracelet, the emperor had to go to Meizhuang again and again, but Meizhuang often avoided getting close to the emperor. Obviously, the emperor wanted to get along with Meizhuang, but Meizhuang didn’t need to find a father for the children at that time, so he didn’t agree. But now it’s different. Now the child in the belly needs a nominal dad, and the emperor has always been good to Meizhuang, so Meizhuang only needs to throw an olive branch to be able to re-spoke again. This is different from Zhen Huan/An Lingrong and the others. They were in a more difficult situation when they wanted to regain pets. The emperor no longer liked them, and they didn’t know what the emperor wanted, so they had to work harder. Therefore, the emperor’s goodwill to Meizhuang was also the main reason why Meizhuang easily lost a bracelet to win the emperor’s favor. 3. Zhen Huan has already laid the groundwork. It stands to reason that Meizhuang ignored the emperor for so long. The emperor should have been tired of it, but the emperor did not. Why? It turned out that Zhen Huan had already laid the groundwork for Meizhuang. The emperor once went to Zhen Huan and said that he came from Meizhuang, and told Zhen Huan that he wanted to get close to Meizhuang. Meizhuang refused to get close to him three times. After the matter). At this time, Zhen Huan hurriedly comforted the four uncles, saying that Meizhuang was an imitation of the ancient concubine. I am afraid it would be bad for the emperor and the concubine to get closer. At this time, the four uncles also really believed. With Zhen Huan’s foreshadowing, the Four Great Masters will not be the reason why Meizhuang has ignored himself for so long. It is still a good reason for Meizhuang. And this also laid the foundation for the Fourth Master Meizhuang to come over after losing a bracelet. Therefore, the four uncles became the green uncles.

6 months ago

It’s just a drama, so don’t worry about it. The reason is that the author has the final say. She thinks that this can be done, and there is no grasping hand for reasoning. If you have to combine the history of psychology or something, it would be a piercing association. I don’t know much about psychology, but history is a little familiar. During the day, the emperor of the Qing Dynasty would not go to the low-level concubines in the harem for a while, and would not take the road in front of the east and west six palaces to go to the imperial garden. And in general, the emperor did not like to walk. So I found that this kind of thing like Shenmeizhuang bracelet could not happen by itself. And it is impossible to go out of the palace to the temple if the harem of the Qing Dynasty committed a crime. Otherwise, there will be no gangsters like the Guojun Wang, and there will be others! Even if the emperor’s brain is not bright, there must be ministers who can think of dishonorable things that might happen. The royal heirs are about the world, and the little doctor can control this not to be messy! So in reality, it’s a dream to be able to be pampered after going out of the palace. So these are the emperor’s golden hoe, the female lead’s golden finger. if you serious you lose.

6 months ago

The situation of these two people is different. Analyzed from the emperor’s perspective: Zhen Huan is too capricious, stubborn, and ignorant. Even though you have lost a child, you can’t get pregnant anymore. Just turn around and have another one. What’s the trouble? Concubine Hua really can’t live anymore when she is dead, you little concubine, want to put my favorite concubine to death? What’s more, Concubine Hua is involved in Nian Gengyao, why don’t you understand me at all? The queen mother said that if girls participate more in the political affairs, they will have a big mind. Do you want to join forces with Zhen Yuandao to disrupt the balance of the political affairs? I like you to be smart, but I can’t tolerate your arrogance! In contrast, Meizhuang was sensible. Although he was wronged, he never asked for any compensation. Although sad, he didn’t miss me, didn’t force me to deal with Concubine Hua, and didn’t embarrass me at all. Much better than Zhen Huan! and so! The emperor’s mentality is different, and the difficulty of re-petition for the two of them is naturally not the same level.

6 months ago

Zhen Huan is agile, her eyebrows are restrained, and her way is naturally different. And I personally think that apart from different personalities, the two people have different goals. Zhen Huan is an old lady who wants revenge, not only to regain her favor, but also to fight for her status, so she must be special. Meizhuang is an old lady who wants to give her child a household registration. If you do not spoil me, I don’t care. At most, I will find a good future for my daughter. So if you can throw a bracelet, it will already save you face. To put it bluntly, they all gave the emperor a step and let him go downhill. If Zhen Huan throws a bracelet, maybe the emperor is awkward and willing to pick it up. The so-called taste.

6 months ago

Because the two people have different weights in the emperor’s heart. First of all, when Mei Zhuang was favored, did the emperor directly give Zhen Huan a “favor” such as “associate with the Sixth Palace Matters”? Drawing a flower on the flute, shoes, and forehead is a kind of “favor”, one is to delegate power, the other is to give an ordinary gift to the emperor. Eyebrow likes chrysanthemums, but the emperor doesn’t care whether the concubine Hua is happy. All chrysanthemums, including the green ones Rare varieties,” I will send them to Cunjutang to give Zhenhuan Luozidai, only three copies, then one for the queen, one for the concubine, and then Zhenhuan.

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