Have you used the dryer for a year and will you still seal the balcony? Preparing to decorate, now deciding to seal the balcony! ? Now want to ask everyone’s opinions? The feeling of using the dryer after one year or several months. How do you feel? At present, there is only one balcony in the house, and a 1-year-old baby. Is it feasible to seal the balcony? Dry clothes later. They are dried directly. Is it really practical? ? ?

First of all, if there is a dryer, the balcony will be closed.

Secondly, industry-related, from the very beginning of the renovation, I have decided to buy a dryer, because it can liberate the balcony.
Let me talk about some feelings after use: 1. The clothes baked with the dryer are softer and fluffy than the natural drying. I think people will regret it after using it: regret not buying it earlier. 2. There is a fluff collection function, which I value very much. If you have children or pets at home, you must choose a dryer with fluff collection function, which can remove a large amount of fluff and particles every time. Without this function, clothing is easy Secondary pollution, after long-term use, the inner barrel of the dryer is easy to accumulate a lot of dirt. 3. It has the function of sterilization and mite removal, which is very practical and effective. The high-end dryer has a sterilization and mite removal rate of up to 99.9%. The common principles of sterilization and mite removal of the dryer are: silver ion, steam heating, high temperature and ultraviolet rays. 4. Very power saving, no significant increase in monthly electricity bills. I deliberately tested it. The time of each use varies from 60 to 120 minutes. The average power consumption per use is about 1 degree, which is equivalent to RMB 0.5-0.6, which is still acceptable. 5. The capacity of the inner barrel of the dryer is generally very large, most of which are set at 6kg and 9kg. The 6kg inner barrel can meet the drying capacity of 1-3 people for three days at a time. The 9kg inner barrel can meet the drying capacity of 3-5 people for three days at a time.

Let’s make popular science a little bit more briefly: According to the drying principle, the dryer is divided into three types: direct discharge type, condensation type and heat pump type, and the price ranges from 1,000 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. Regarding the dryer, I use a heat pump dryer, which has been used for 5 years. In these 5 years, I have rarely used balcony drying clothes.
The energy consumption of the heat pump dryer is the lowest among the three types of dryers (straight exhaust type, condensing type, heat pump type), which is equivalent to the power consumption of a bathroom heater, and the drying effect is the best. The only disadvantage is the price. The most expensive. In addition, if you have been using the drying function, it is not recommended to choose a washing and drying machine. The drying capacity of the washing and drying machine is very limited, and the drying principle of most washing and drying machines is a low-profile condensation system, and the drying effect is not ideal. The heat pump type washing and drying machine is also available, but the price starts at 20,000 yuan, and the cost performance is not high.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

My family started to use the dryer in 19 years, it is an independent heat pump dryer, not a washing and drying integrated. (The actual experience of the washing and drying machine will be different, which will be explained in detail below). It has been used for almost 2 years so far, and I use it almost every day. 99% of my family’s clothes are dried in a dryer. Even in summer, I don’t hang clothes anymore. I decided to buy a dryer early before the renovation. At the same time, I also did a lot of homework, plus a long time experience, so I think I still have a say in this question.

7 months ago

The drying effect is better than drying. In the comment section, some friends said that they have 2 balconies and 300 square meters of terraces, so they don’t have to worry about no place to dry clothes. Some friends from the north said that the weather is very dry. Not useful. But what I want to say is that the role of the dryer is not only to dry the clothes, the actual drying effect is much better than the drying effect. It is soft and warm when taken out, unlike the clothes that are hard to dry, and there are often traces of hangers or the clothes become more and more deformed as they are dried. And a good dryer has a reversal function, which makes it easy to dry large pieces. My family often changes the sheets and quilts of the whole bed, and quickly puts on new warm and clean bedding, which is clean and hygienic.

7 months ago

The dryer gives me freedom of dressing! I spent 10 days in my hometown during the Spring Festival this year. It can be said that there is no dryer, which is particularly unaccustomed and inconvenient. Because there are not many clothes to take back, and the temperature in the Southern Spring Festival is changing, I worry about what clothes to wear the next day~~Because I have to wash it after I wear it today. After washing it, I may not dry it for 2 days. There are no good-looking clothes to wear. With a dryer, you don’t have to worry at all. You can wear whatever you want without looking at God’s face.

7 months ago

Can it really replace drying? Is it really practical? I have used it at home for so long and basically use it every day, which can completely replace the drying. For such a long time, I can count the number of clothes I dry with my fingers~ I don’t dry clothes in summer. Do you regret it? I do not regret closing the balcony, and I do not regret choosing a dryer. If I must say regret, it is regret not buying a house earlier~~Think about how I got through all these years~~Now let me dry clothes, I 100 rejected.

7 months ago

The heat pump dryer actually consumes very low power (condensing power consumption will be slightly higher, and most of the current washing and drying integrated machines are also more condensing, so the power consumption is relatively high). Someone used a smart socket to calculate that the electricity is not more than 1 kWh after drying. I did not measure it. But my home uses it every day. The electricity bill is very unobvious. For one month, because of the change of seasons, a lot of winter clothes and quilts are baked, and the electricity bill is also There is no significant increase. Clothes are not wrinkled or wrinkled, at least not more wrinkled than dry. The dried clothes are actually soft. During the drying process, the clothes are like steam ironed, and they will be smoother than the dried clothes, and there are no traces of hangers.

7 months ago

The key point for drying clothes is whether the clothes are flat or not: whether the clothes stretch space is enough + whether the machine has the reverse anti-winding function. To speak of people, the inner cylinder should be large, the clothes should not be too full at one time, the capacity of the dryer is large enough and the machine has a reverse function, and the drying process can better prevent the clothes from being entangled. One thing to add: In the comments, some friends mentioned that the dryer at home was rather wrinkled after drying, or that the four-piece set was tangled up. First of all, if it is a washing and drying machine, this situation is more likely to occur. Because many washing and drying integrated machines, the drying capacity is often less than the washing capacity (for example, the washing is 10KG, and the drying is only 6KG), and some do not have a reverse design, so the actual drying effect will be worse, and the clothes will not be very good. It stretches and is easy to wind up, so it will not be so smooth. If it is a free-standing drying method, it is still relatively wrinkled, it is recommended to reduce the amount of clothes. When drying the clothes that are easy to wrinkle, do not fill them up at one time, and give the clothes more space to stretch. Take it out as soon as possible after drying. The anti-wrinkle function of the machine is generally only about 1 hour. If it is still very wrinkled, it may be that the machine-related design is not very good.

7 months ago

Will clothes shrink? Materials that shrink easily may shrink! Especially for the condensing or washing-drying integrated machine, the drying temperature is higher than that of the heat pump type (currently, many washing and drying integrated machines are still based on the condensing type), which is more likely to cause shrinkage. The heat pump type can be dried at low temperature, but some wool may still shrink, but it is much better than the condensation type. The dryer will also be preset with a variety of material function options to meet the drying needs of clothes of special materials. My house has been baking for more than a year, and only two or three sets of clothes have shrunk. The other effects are not significant. What can I do if it can’t be dried? 100% complete drying is still not realistic based on the current dryer technology, but from the actual experience of my family, there are very few that can’t be dried. The current solution in my house is to place a temporary floor drying rack on the other end of the balcony. Some clothes that are not convenient for entering the dryer will be temporarily dried. But most of the time is idle, I think it takes up space, and I plan to replace it with an “invisible clothesline” like the one shown below.

7 months ago

In general, the heat pump dryer has advantages in both the drying effect and the later cost, and low temperature drying is better for clothes, so the heat pump dryer is preferred; in addition, it is recommended to choose a larger capacity, such as 10KG Above, in addition to drying large items, the inner cylinder is larger, the turning area is also large, the clothes are easier to stretch, and the drying is smoother. It is also equipped with a reversal function to prevent large pieces from being rolled into a ball. A friend asked about the same model from the host’s home, because the model is older and has been removed, so I recommend the new model~ The actual experience of Little Swan is still very good, recommend 10KG, not 9KG.

7 months ago

I don’t believe it. People who have used a heat pump freestanding dryer will regret it. If there are such people, it is probably because they are not willing to use electricity. Especially, many people have never used it before, and they always say plausibly: I still like the smell of the sun, wow, the happiness just after the dryer is baked is incomparable to the sun? Many people think that the mites will be killed by the solar sun. Please, unless you are exposed to the sun for several hours and keep turning over, otherwise, the mites are not stupid, they will go to places where the temperature is not high. Think about the weather in the sun, it’s about 40 degrees, can it kill the mites? In particular, many clothes should not be exposed to the sun. You must use science to speak. Don’t kill them. Especially the older generation likes to cool outside. There is so much dust. The original mites are not killed, and a lot of mites pollen are added. Oh, lonely. At that time, the most effective way to remove mites is to suck, vacuum cleaner, other methods are IQ tax, even sulfur soap, soaking for a long time will not soak, and you are ignorant. (Sorry for digressing with excitement)

7 months ago

Some people always think that they don’t need to make excuses to convince themselves that they don’t need to use them. I hope that the heat pump dryer will be cheaper in China in the future, and everyone is using it. It makes people want to buy it but they can’t help it. Buying a free-standing heat pump dryer is the most satisfactory home appliance I have bought since I renovated two houses! The heat pump dryer is from Siemens that I use now, with a maximum power of 800w, which is not too high among so many appliances. Compared with central air conditioners and projectors, this is nothing. In summer, clothes dry in less than an hour, and in winter it is at most 2 hours. Quilts and thick clothes are longer, about 3 hours. I have been using it for a few weeks and I feel very happy every day.

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