MIUI’s current problem. 1. Many bugs are repaired slowly and the stability is poor. Let me just say one. Up to now, the new version of the control center has frequent bugs, falling frames, transparent background, incomplete card display, and animation. Can it be repaired by MIUI15? 2. Model adaptation is slow. The new machine is not equipped with the new system, it is the shame of Xiaomi who started with the system! ! ! I know that some development versions have been released for several months, so why not release the stable version? Everyone knows well, because at the current level, I dare not put it in the stable version at all. Moreover, everyone regards the 12.5 stable version as a life-saving straw. Now some models of the 12.5 stable version have been pushed out. As I expected, the bugs of the development version have been moved intact, and there are still lags and drops. frame. This generation of MIUI is very similar to iOS11. If you want me to say it, don’t hold any hope. 3. The urgently needed new functions are not optimized, and the development of the functions with weak perception is quite fast. The small window mode is semi-disabled. What does it mean that both the active callout and the suspension are on the screen? I don’t know if the Xiaomi’s screen is now 6.81? What does it mean that the single-handed mode can only be exhaled with a floating ball? Don’t know that Xiaomi’s screens are now 6.81? There are also cloud services that have not been updated for ten thousand years. Are they doing well? Can you back up system settings, WeChat chat records, etc.? Someone else already has them. 4. According to Xiaomi’s official statement, it is caused by the adaptation of Android R. I can’t agree with this point, because other companies have also adapted Android R, but other companies don’t have so many bugs and so many lags. I think there are two main reasons. One is the MIUI light cone motion engine. Everyone understands the current effect of this engine. The low-end machine can’t be blurred, the high-end machine is stuck, and the animation is good and sometimes bad; the second is the system app. Decoupling, the well-known negative one-screen reload is a masterpiece of this. These two are indeed difficult. I think these two things have slowed down the overall development progress and caused a large number of bugs. 5. The code redundancy is serious. Do not know why not streamline MIUI? MIUI12.5 can also tune out the edge touch of Xiaomi 4c, can you believe it? The widget addition interface, the phone ID lock interface, etc. are even more ancestral. I said that MIUI12 is now built on the basis of MIUI6, just like a house built with rubbish and painted with a layer of beautiful paint! Why not sort out and optimize the code of the system, or even re-develop it directly like the rebirth of ColorOS6? 6. The design of MIUI will never keep up with the trend. Application stores, theme stores, videos, music, and design are extremely fragmented, without a unified design language. The system is full of irregular rounded corners, jagged edges, lines on the edges of graphics, and misaligned layouts. The graphics returned by full-screen gestures are jagged. Many people haven’t noticed it, right? A system default theme, it’s just that you don’t redraw the icons, and it’s not compatible with high-definition icons. The icons on the 2k screen on Xiaomi Mi 11 are blurry at close-up. Do you know? Design this point, ColorOS and Flyme rolled over. Before you have the money to build a car, please ask a design director with better aesthetics to design the overall control system, right? ! 7. The company’s own problems, the salary is too low to retain the old employees, and the new employees are not familiar with the old code and dare not move, resulting in a slow development process and poor stability. 2021 Xiaomi Spring Recruitment Supplementary Enrollment Recruiting Android Engineers, even if you have not touched Android Java development? ? ? Is the barrier to developing Android so low now that you can do it with a little bit of Java? What’s more, you are still an operating system used by hundreds of millions of users! 8. With the current MIUI, there is no systematic development at all, no self-growth at all, and no sense of Xiaomi’s intentions for it at all. If the user feedbacks a few bugs, just fix them. If there is little feedback, leave them alone. If the bugs are fixed, the next version will appear for you; there is an interface where users find that the ancestral design has not been changed, so they will be changed after mention ; What is not mentioned will never be changed. It’s like a lazy donkey, kicking and moving, no one sees the corners of outdated junk code, no one will ever move. I feel that no one from the top to the bottom of Xiaomi engineers uses MIUI every day. There are so many obvious bugs and ancient designs that can’t be more obvious. They still collect user feedback in the form of a cool installation on the forum Weibo, and fix them only after they are collected. I don’t know how to fix it after collecting it. I don’t understand that even if an engineer buys a Mi 11 and uses it for a few days, he will naturally find out how many bugs he has written in his own functions. Naturally, he will find that the control center has multiple cards and how garbage the horizontal screen animations are. How disgusting the one-handed mode is. I am a little bit responsible for what I wrote. I have changed it in a hurry, but some of these things have been a few months or a year, and no one will ever change it, as long as users don’t give me feedback. They will never fix it, so I can only guess that they don’t use MIUI at all. The entire system is developed separately for each module. Is this what MIUI can do? Based on this, I predict that Xiaomi’s system will not improve in two years.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

In fact, the problem of rice pomelo is not a day or two. Frozen three feet is not a day’s cold. At the end of August 18 that year, I bought Mi 8 and the system was still Mi 9 at that time. Miyou 9 is pretty good. On the first day I bought it, I went to a relative’s house. I played games and watched videos. I went out at ten in the morning and went home at ten in the evening. There was still 19 electricity. At that time I really thought that Xiaomi’s battery life anxiety was gone. I am a rice noodle. I have used Mi 4 and Mi 5s before, and I have anxiety about battery life. It’s just that the Mi 8’s photos are really stretched. When taking photos indoors, the light is a little bit weaker and it’s all noisy, just like an oil painting. Besides, there were not many photos taken by my sister at home at that time. After asking about it, everyone said to wait for Miyou 10. I was impressed by the National Day in October. I finally waited for Miyou 10. After the update, I found that the photos were really good, the noise disappeared, and I felt that the photos were better. However, after updating Miyou 10, I found that the battery life was significantly shorter. From one charge in one day to three charge in two days. In general, Miyou 10 consumes too much power, and everything else is better than Miyou 9. Miyou 10 still had some minor problems, and then Miyou 11 came. In my opinion, this is a big version of Miyou system that is the least useful and featureless but has more and more bugs. I can’t remember whether it is Miyou 10 or Miyou 11. Every time the system is updated, there are just two sentences to fix bugs and improve stability. After each update, some new features or changes can be found. It made me scold Xiaomi directly. After updating Miyou 11, the battery life of my Mi 8 has been stretched again. You said that I have used it for a year and a half and the battery is not working. I can understand, but what are the various bugs and lags? I went crazy and started to complain about the system in the Xiaomi community. Then every time there is a system update, I will post it and ask if I can update it and how about the battery life. The result is either longer battery life or more bugs. There are really few versions with better battery life. The time has come for 20 years. Because the epidemic is at home, I watched the Xiaomi press conference, and when I saw the Xiaomi 10 series and Miyou 12, I really felt that Xiaomi was going to be successful. This phone is perfect and this system is amazing. I bought the Mi 10pro in May, but only started to use it in July. Really, Miyou 12 is really amazing, super wallpaper, I recorded an unlocking video, and then many friends liked it, it’s so cool. And the UI that tastes like ios, I think Xiaomi has become. 4500 battery + Miyou 12, let me do a brave thing, when I go to Guangzhou to play without the power bank. Go out at one o’clock in the afternoon, and you could have arrived at nine o’clock in the evening. As a result, there were floods and various delays at that time. I was still waiting for the bus at the transfer station at 12 o’clock in the evening, and then I arrived at the hotel at 7 o’clock in the morning to start charging. In the first half of the game, I didn’t think about saving power and I kept playing. The second half is supported by the super power saving mode. When I arrive at the hotel, I still have 5% of the power, which is really exciting. When I first updated it, I charged it twice every three days, and I never played with my phone when I was charging. The battery life is ok. The system has been updated, and the battery life has been extended, the most extended in history. I was fully charged at night, and when I woke up in the morning, I was more than 80 years old. I asked my friend how much electricity the Meizu 17 consumes in one night, and he said it was less than 5 percent. At first I thought that the background was not cleared, but the next day I tried to clear the background again, and it was still the same. During that time, I turned it off at night when it was fully charged. There are too many 12.0.4 bugs, so I wrote a very long article on the Xiaomi community, scolding the Xiaomi system. In version 12.0.6, there are more bugs, more stuck, and more battery life. QQ will flash back indefinitely when it is drawn to the background. I scolded them in the service and feedback. Since then, the system update has been closed. Soon after, I received 12.0.9 which was sent to me by the official after reading my feedback. Tieba’s Xiaomi community asked, it was the best version, and it was updated. Indeed, the battery life is much better than the previous version, at least it won’t lose more than a dozen power overnight. But for battery life, I uninstalled the super wallpaper and turned off the screen display. Want me to update the new version? Jin Fan, just dream. I’m waiting for 12.5. It is said that the internal test is good, that is the real Miyou 12. But in the past few days, some people said that there are still bugs and battery life issues. I have always felt that there is a huge problem with Xiaomi’s new mobile phones and new systems not being released at the same time. Every time a new mobile phone is released at the beginning of the year, a new system is released after the middle of the year. The bugs of the old system are not fixed, and the new system is not fully tested and there are always new bugs. For many functions, the hardware of the old mobile phone cannot keep up, and the new mobile phone has not had time to adapt. Both new and old mobile phone users are offended. Can’t the new mobile phone be equipped with the new system? Can’t it be released after it’s really stable? Xiaomi’s two signatures are cost-effectiveness and system. Now there are rivals in cost-effectiveness, and the system is willing to fall, and sooner or later it will be overtaken.

6 months ago

For this problem, there are two main reasons. On the one hand, the direction of MIUI is wrong. On the other hand, the first batch of MIUI 12.5 stable version does not adapt to Xiaomi 11 Pro and Xiaomi 11 Ultra. Let’s talk about the fact that MIUI is in the wrong direction. Since the release of MIUI 12 last year, the system has added many functions, which are dispensable for ordinary users. However, the fluency of the system has dropped significantly, which is commonplace for some low-end models. At the same time, there are many bugs, which affect the normal use of ordinary users. In this case, it is difficult for MIUI’s evaluation to remain unchanged. After all, the number of ordinary users is much larger than that of geek users. The current MIUI is clearly geared towards geek users. The last hydrogen OS that was made in this direction is now gone. This time, the first batch of MIUI 12.5 stable version did not adapt to Xiaomi 11 Pro and Xiaomi 11 Ultra, which directly caused the dissatisfaction of geek users. As the two highest-end mobile phones of their own, Xiaomi 9 SE ranks in the front, which is definitely unacceptable for the first batch of users who bought Xiaomi 11 Pro and Xiaomi 11 Ultra at a high price. The two things added up, MIUI offended ordinary users and geek users respectively, which led to the collapse of the current evaluation. This wave depends on how Xiaomi will end up. Maybe MIUI has to be redone. After all, MIUI 12.5 can’t be fast. MIUI 13 does not know when it will wait until the advancing. As far as 2021 is concerned, Xiaomi’s own son should be Xiaomi Mi 11. This mobile phone has the most timely update, and MIUI 12.5 will be available at the end of April. For users who want to buy Xiaomi mobile phones, you may wish to consider Mi 11, which is a qualitative improvement compared to Mi 10S, and is more comfortable for the comprehensive experience of Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra (the hardware gap is not big, and the hand feels better).

6 months ago

The comment area pointed out that the mi9se should be equipped with miui10 instead of miui9. It may indeed be a mistake in my memory, because at the same time, Mi 2 has been used as an alarm clock, and Mi 2 can be upgraded to miui9, then I may indeed remember it wrong. Well, but the original text is not changed. In short, the point I want to express is that miui is still very friendly to 6g memory models at the beginning of 2019. After only two years, 8g will not be enough. What has happened in the past two years I think it is necessary to consider The following update: Talking about the various versions of miui, it is still very emotional to say that a few versions of miui 2.3 that I am extremely impressed with, the Internet evaluation “Android skin, ios heart”, the surface is still an ordinary Android, but various Interactions and animations, as well as phone messages, clocks, calendars, etc. have all made the feeling “as exquisite as ios”. Miui 4 is also the system equipped with Xiaomi 2. The four-leaf clover lock screen is extremely practical, but it is actually four-leaf clover lock. The interactive method of the screen is the first to be equipped with Lenovo “Lephone”, but at that time, the Lephone has been declining with the miui v5 of Xishan, the pinnacle of Android imitation, dynamic icons, background management, unified push thread, and wake up. These can still be used in 2021. Other manufacturers have come up with optimized features. Xiaomi already had miui 6 six years ago, the first flat miui, too much following Apple’s flattening, which makes people feel uncomfortable with miui 8, adui is coming, and various advertisements are emerging. , And even advertising sets of ads. At that time, the top version of Xiaomi Note was used. With the hot fire dragon and endless advertisements, I was helpless to defect to Huawei miui9, which was as fast as lightning! Comparing mi9se and p30, I still entered mi9se decisively. It is the first time to get such a smooth experience on the mid-range chip. For a simple example, mi9se, 6+128 equipped with the system at the same time is miui9, miui9 is known as lightning fast, and it is actually true. , 6GB memory still has good background performance, app opening speed and game experience are also very good, 2800mA battery did not slow down the battery life until the update of miui10, the app opening speed plummeted when there is a background, there is a high probability that the camera will not respond when taking pictures , Flash back, and exit the camera after taking a picture. The photo is lost, and the battery life has dropped from 6h+ to 5h. When watching the video, take a look at a text message or app message, and return to the video with a high probability that the playback progress will disappear. Various bad problems emerge in an endless stream. Purchase in February 2019 The machine was replaced in August, setting the record for the fastest replacement of my Xiaomi mobile phone. Miui I think the biggest problem is the “bells and whistles”. The functions iterated are all “good-looking” and “good-blowing”, referred to as vases, even these vases Function, in actual experience, in addition to the features boasted at the press conference, there are also bugs where they are not. It doesn’t matter if you play like this in the era before miui8. Miui is the overall leader and the vase is just the icing on the cake. But starting in 2020, whether it is vivo, Huawei, or OnePlus Samsung and Samsung have their own unique ui, and the fluency of long-term use is better than miui, then miui is equivalent to falling into a double disadvantage and some pain points, even if iterates multiple versions of miui, they have not been resolved. For example Xiaomi wearable devices, there are three apps now, and the data is still not interoperable. For example, the Mijia smart device control with one screen is negative. There are bugs in miui10, but there are still bugs at 12.5. The loading is slow, the buttons are invalid, and the operation does not match the device. and many more

6 months ago

I think the comments on Maimai are quite in place. Let me summarize. Those who are really working, and the slightly senior engineers who have been working for more than 3 years, half went to byte and half went to Kuaishou. The rest are fresh graduates. Of course, there are also some early entry with a lot of options, so there is no need to work on the front line. If you don’t even know the code, you should start working on projects and development. It’s strange if you don’t have any problems. Look at the MIUI three or five years ago, and then look at the current one, it’s really incomparable. Interest-related 8 years of rice noodles, the autumn recruit rejected the offer of Xiaomi Miui, really want to go, but the rest of the random family is at least 50% higher than Xiaomi, there is no way to update the 4.14. I hope everyone can spit it out rationally. If there is a bug, it is recommended to pass feedback. Feedback to Xiaomi Xiaomi is really conscientious, and there is no penalty for termination of the contract this year. I will always like Xiaomi.jpg

6 months ago

When a brand goes upwards, there will be no serious consequences in the downstream, but problems in the upstream. When Xiaomi makes cost-effective products, the main customers it faces are students and the elderly. These people have a common characteristic. It is very idle, with high tolerance for stability and now when Xiaomi products start to move upwards, at this time, his user groups are mainly office workers and business owners. At this time, the requirements for stability are infinitely increased. The first thing that a tool product satisfies is the tool attribute. If the stability cannot be guaranteed, then it cannot become a qualified tool. Therefore, the current user group’s tolerance for the product has dropped. Although I don’t want to say it, it still has to be. For example, the emui of Huawei, the first domestic mobile phone to stand on the high-end brand, has been complained about since its birth, and it has not been easy to see where to go, but how can it be recognized by users, because at the beginning The stability of EMUI is very strong. After all, a mobile phone is a tool. The most important thing for a tool is to be able to use it stably. There are no more redundant functions, and less than a lot. At this point, if emui is stable It’s the only one. The other big blue and green manufacturers have been criticized for slow upgrades and short support time for older models, but they have nothing to say in terms of system stability. Suddenly they found Huawei’s blue and green manufacturers and Xiaomi. The difference between this kind of manufacturers before, Huawei Blue and Green are all entities. Since the beginning, the positioning of mobile phones has been a tool attribute, while Xiaomi is a serious Internet company. Finally, let’s say one more thing. Now Internet companies start. Get together new energy, I don’t even look at the cars they build. After all, there is only one life, no OTA or flashing.

6 months ago

Some are new problems, and some are old problems. As the price of mobile phones increases, users’ requirements for mobile phones have increased accordingly. Tell me about my dislike of miui now. 1. The new mobile phone does not adapt to the new system. Basically, this problem occurs every time a new system is released. The mobile phone conference said that it would be adapted to the new system for a long time, but the result is that it needs to be updated later. When I bought 9p, I waited for a month before updating to the miui11 development version. However, the official will only mark a very inconspicuous place under the mall’s mobile phone introduction with invisible small print that needs follow-up update. Such an important thing, if you mark it like this, it is self-evident. 2. Excessive pursuit of high configuration in value and reputation. At the press conference, how high the score, how strong the lens, and what organization has been certified, but the experience is completely different. The camera of Xiaomi Mi 10 blew for a long time. Some time ago, the yellow sky turned white for me due to the sandstorm in Beijing. 3. Miui’s three-six-nine-class on different mobile phones. If your friends around you have different models of Mi phones, you should have experienced them all. The same is miui, low-end opportunities to castrate some functions. It is normal if it cannot be adapted due to hardware reasons, but many of them are used to reflect the differences of mobile phones. For example, when 9p first came out, there was a function of “Where are you little love” voice to find a mobile phone, and other mobile phones do not adapt to it. I persuaded my friend to buy a mobile phone and showed him these functions, but when his mobile phone did not arrive, I upgraded him to the development version. The result is not yet. Fortunately, he doesn’t pay much attention to these. 4. Cut old products in order to push new products. This is the most disgusting. When the 10p came out, the vibration of 10 was cut off. When the bracelet 3 or 4 was released, the screen of all the bracelet 2 was updated after the firmware was updated. This method of cutting off old ones in order to sell new products is really contrary to the so-called “make friends with users” and “let everyone enjoy the fun of technology.” 5. Track the new and discard the old on the system. Like the recent miui12.5, I feel that no one cares about the stable version, and I have gone to develop 12.5. The BUG of the stable version has not been fixed for a long time, causing the current 12.5 development version to be more stable than the 12 stable version. 6. The price has come up, but the experience has not kept up. In the past, mobile phones were cheap, and the experience was almost poor. Now they are all self-standard high-end phones, and some problems still exist. For example, the current is cut off, such as there is a signal but no network.

6 months ago

Because MIUI veteran Mu Yu has spoken. what does that mean? The crater suddenly erupted. Once the reputation that was suppressed by marketing erupted, it would feel like a sudden eruption. In fact, MIUI’s death is not the first day, the problem has been concealed for a long time. It turns out that marketing can suppress these things. For example, the famous rice noodles are a few golden sentences: Why didn’t I meet another family and I had something like this? Feedback don’t know the random hair, don’t buy it, I’m rushing to the sea, don’t run over black millet, this is not a big problem system Wouldn’t it be okay to update? 5999 is cost-effective. What kind of stability does the system want? For stability, buy 12,000 Apples next door. There are ads, cameras, and so on. The comment area is self-promoting. The comment area is so strange, whether this problem exists or not, then readers can’t figure out. Lei Jing’s marketing method has been tried and tested repeatedly. And under the influence of this kind of marketing, the new generation of rice noodles has always believed that all the bad things about Xiaomi, although 60% of the things in it are feedback from the problems found by Xiaomi fans, they treat them equally, and all treat them as black drafts of friends. Treating equal Yin and Yang double standards and other means until the opponent can’t fight. As a former Xiaomi user, I just say that. My impression of Xiaomi is exhausted because of this kind of marketing favor. It’s not that Mi Fan doesn’t give feedback, it’s the yin and yang immediately after the feedback, all kinds of touch porcelain, dual-standard network cold violence, Mu Yu, as the most loyal fan of the older generation of MIUI, is the most important contributor to the development of the older generation of MIUI, and the result is new It seems that the first generation can’t be called Mifan’s group of various kinds of cold violence on the Internet. When I used Xiaomi before, I reported that the problem was deleted cold violence, the problem was not solved, and finally I simply returned to the pit and replaced it with another brand of mobile phone. In fact, this matter will break out sooner or later. Xiaomi has implemented a proper ostrich strategy. The first thing to do is not to do anything, as if it has never happened. Ordinary users will give him feedback, either by deleting posts or by navy and mh. Cold and violent, and eventually your patience is exhausted, and he will feel good, as if this has never happened. MIUI has been blown by the major kols as the first system in the universe. When it comes to stability, it is another system. There are also bugs. You have to buy 12,000 apples and 18,000 matex2 stably. Why do you buy Xiaomi? Now Xiaomi has confused the boundary between marketing and real problem solving. The voice of ordinary real users’ feedback is completely suppressed by the marketing navy. Normal users can’t give feedback on the problem, and the feedback is useless. The official pretend that the problem does not exist by pretending to be an ostrich. , The whole network can’t wait to delete all the posts that say that Xiaomi is bad, you can delete posts, you can also hire the water army to step on the posts that really feedback the problems that are unfavorable to Xiaomi to the last place, But does this solve the problem? If it hadn’t been for Kiba to make this video, I would never post something like the commentary on the public. Once it was absolutely violent by the Internet, MIUI would have to accumulate until the volcanic crater was about to overflow and the magma would erupt like Kiba. Fans who didn’t want to say that there is something bad about Xiaomi couldn’t help but come out and scold them before paying attention to the problem. Isn’t this just asking for it? In this way, when I posted these things for comment, there was a new generation of yin and yang weird mh in the comment area. The heavyweight up of Kiba has already reported that the problem has come out, and I am still violent on the Internet. Just take it. Like Kiba in Black Xiaomi, I said that Xiaomi is not too small anymore. It has been 10 years since MIUI was originally made under the opinion of the public, but now it is becoming more and more pretentious and unpretentious. If you say MIUI8, 9 is the strongest system in Android. Although it is not humble, I partly agree; I am still complacent, trying to hide the facts and become an ostrich to ignore the problem. Has the problem disappeared like this? I did it all by myself. It can only be summarized like this. And even so, in the response from the MIUI development team, I can still see that the MIUI team is perfunctory. Some problems may not be solved by them, and they think there is no way to solve them based on their own ability. Because the previous practice has fully shown that as long as I keep using that set of marketing, MIUI’s rotten thing is likely to be suppressed. Even if many people really report that MIUI is rotten, they will be treated as black drafts by friends. My online reputation It won’t be bad. What are you thinking about?

6 months ago

A group of students who have nothing to do every day take control of the miui forum. They need to add functions every day. All functions need to be added. If you don’t add it, you don’t need it. Add a switch, just in case you need it in the future. Also, I don’t know which spicy chicken evaluation started from, pursuing performance release on mobile phones. In order to increase the number of frames by 10%, increase power consumption and heat generation by 50%. What’s wrong? Look at Huawei next door, power saving wizard + 720p resolution reduction, in order to save power and reduce heat can be said to be extremely versatile. The gap of a few stitch frames is not obvious to most people, and the perception of heat and battery life is obvious. The sustained low frame rate is not obvious, and the reduction in the number of down-converted frames after fever is noticeable. The person in charge of MIUI didn’t even understand this, what he did.

6 months ago

Because a man, this man is the head of MIUI-Jin Fan compared k30u to 1060, and counterattacked k30u users with 1060 full frames to play Big Cousin. One can make the development version more stable than the stable version, and can make the stable version. Like rubbish, a man who can say that the hardware does not support such a light, it is a graded experience. In his hands, MIUI is destined to be rubbish. When the MIUI12 stable version was released last year, even the third batch of Redmi 6pro and Redmi s2 rushed to release the MIUI12 stable version before the second batch of mix2s (both the same year’s machine), a The stable version of the system has not yet been pushed out today. Later, the MIUI12.5 stable version internal test was released, and 9se released the MIUI12.5 stable version internal test ahead of Xiaomi 9. It is estimated that Huawei OPPOvivo is calling the experts directly. It is strange that MIUI is not scolded. This Guo Jinfan and his fans backed up and added that the person in charge of the MIUI9 and 10 conferences was Hong Feng. The MIUI before MIUI 10.3 was really stable, but the system after Jin Fan took over more or less had some bugs. The following comments are really washing the ground for Jin Fan. Please take a good look at Jin Fan’s current position. If a leader has poor leadership ability, he can’t do it. The system problem will only make consumers extremely disgusted and will jump to other brands 201.4.11 to add that you are not talking about this and that. Some people complained about system bugs under Black Cat Complaint and the bugs were not resolved. Isn’t this related to Jin Fan? If even system problems have to be solved by themselves, then the system can be said to be useless. The wall of hydrogen os has taught miui a lesson, if MIUI does not solve it, it will be the second hydrogen os

6 months ago

The problems accumulate in tens of thousands. I didn’t expect that MIUI’s wind evaluation would deteriorate one day, which made me wonder, is MIUI still the original MIUI? It feels a lot unfamiliar. Many other manufacturers’ UIs have many functions, and some are also easy to use. What are the advantages of MIUI? The high playability has gradually become the shortcomings of MIUI. The system is bloated, running lagging, occupying memory, and daily lagging. For some problems, you can choose to blame the manufacturer, but you can’t really blame the manufacturer for some problems. Other manufacturers are catching up with other manufacturers’ UIs step by step, and the gap has narrowed. In the Android camp, MIUI’s advantage is not obvious. Other manufacturers have begun to work hard on the system. OPPO’s color OS and vivo’s originOS are very creative and extremely playable. Huawei’s EMUI is a bit dirty, but it is smooth and smooth. This is also due to Huawei’s The importance of the operating system, the hollowing out of Android is true, the deepest understanding of the underlying layer is also the deepest, and the smoothness is natural. What’s more, there is a big killer of harmonyOS. At present, the humanization is still the best done by MIUI, giving people the most natural visual experience. But if it is not a flagship machine, Schrödinger’s lag is really unstoppable. The functions are getting more and more abundant, but it is getting more and more bloated. The daily stutter, since it is a complaint, please listen to it. It is not as serious as expected, but it is the problem that I encountered that left me profound The impression, let me write it down, that’s it! Daily stuttering can occur at any moment. When you open the application or browse the news, the animation effect of MIUI promotion is very good, but the reality is often that the smooth animation effect is accompanied by smooth stuttering, which is very unsmooth and silky. Only limited to flagship products, this does have a lot to do with the performance of the processor, but this is not the reason for the lag. The optimization is not in place, like a semi-finished product. It takes up a lot of resources, and it is difficult to adapt to normal models. Caton is inevitable. However, Caton does not even let go of flagship products. There are not many bugs encountered. Sometimes you will encounter them. Most of the time, they will forget them, but they are often used. No response, I remember how much. It feels like spending a big pie for the user, but can’t eat it, I’m really angry. Attitude issues, the adaptation progress is slow when writing some empty checks. In fact, the work is difficult and the workload is heavy, which can be understood as a user, and there is no need to feel dissatisfied because of this>_<, the key is to delay and continue to draw a pie. If consumers see that it can’t be used, everyone will be sour. The system is unstable. It’s not just an empty talk. It feels like it’s never going back. Every time the MIUI version is upgraded, Redmi note4X will always be pushed every once in a while, so , I look forward to it every time, MIUI will bring me surprises. Now, I don’t have the original feeling, and I can’t go back to the past. MIUI listens to users’ suggestions, but not everything is the user’s final say. Whether some functions are good or not, don’t you know that you have to judge everything by yourself. On the one hand, it makes the adaptation more difficult, on the other hand, After the user puts forward the suggestion, it has not been solved, will you still mention it? Many trade-offs need to be decided by the manufacturer, and the user has to make suggestions. Is MIUI a semi-finished product? Need users to improve, solve problems when they have problems, and solve problems when users respond. Should users help the MIUI team improve the system? Users should have a perfect experience instead of semi-finished products and wait for later optimization. When will you wait? Let’s talk about it when you stop being perfunctory to users! No matter which manufacturer’s product produces the heat problem, it will not be described here. The battery life is really not good. Why is the standby power consumption so fast? It is a battery problem or a system problem. The battery life span can only be solved by replacing the phone. There is also battery anxiety. Up. The final conclusion: Why did consumers buy Xiaomi in the first place, isn’t it because of the extreme price-performance ratio? Various parameters make people unable to resist, and numbers become a game of manufacturer marketing. In other words, the combination of top-level hardware, why can’t you enjoy the top-level experience, and the requirements are not high, the operation is smooth, and the battery life is great, which can already meet the needs of most people. When consumers buy mobile phones, are they buying a bunch of hardware with attractive parameters, or a comfortable experience, or they may be kidnapped by these boring parameters. The flagship hardware configuration cannot give consumers the ultimate experience, so this product is undoubtedly a failure, so why did you pay for these boring parameters in the first place?

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