As a second prickle ape who has been lurking for many years and is about the same age as Shen Yi, let me answer. From the time when Osamu Tezuka was active, I started to watch Japanese comics. The works of more than eight years looked quite happy. I watched the masters like Hayao Miyazaki go from imitating the West to making their own characteristics. I appreciate it very much. Especially “Death Madness”, “Brand Warrior Early”, “Overlord Ninfa Tie” and the like. Later, after more experience, things took a turning point. After the relatively interesting animations such as the Star Cowboy Chaos Warriors, Japanese anime has stepped into a quagmire more and more. That is, no matter which work, it is either to fall back to Disney’s kitsch, such as Spirited Away, or it is original narrow thinking, it is so uncomfortable and awkward to look at, it is a kind of aggrieved dojo in a screw shell. Say one thing that may cause controversy, such as “Death Note”. Everyone is careful enough. Guess and guess. Everyone sets off with each other. The first time it looks good, but if our police handle the case in this way, it is estimated that the case will be solved. The rate should be compared with the hardness. Meow always engages in the play of the little children. If there is a supernatural phenomenon, just grab it and study it. Isn’t it good to throw it into the laboratory to satisfy the curiosity of our science men? In addition, Wanwan knows that in order to eat a salmon, he can change his name, so you can change his name by 10. Later, after watching Japanese anime for decades, the urination is still not obvious? ! To sum up a few points casually: 1. When a man says Ali Adou, he must blush, don’t turn his face, and look reluctant. 2. Two people can’t convince each other, and then they must start a fight, and the one who wins is justified. Even if you don’t care about defeating, you will compile a bunch of truths to explain the truth. (No wonder it’s useless to reason with them, you have to fight) 3. Whenever there is a war plot, I am not as good as you for the time being, I will pretend to be a grandson, but as long as labor and management can turn over, I will stab you back! (Historical view is different, the world is big, isn’t it good to partner to fight the world?) 4. Axis! To the dead shaft! I don’t know how to work around. 5. Hierarchical view, officials at the top level crush people to death. 6. An extremely distorted view of the world. The opposition to the desperate destruction of the world by mankind is already considered good. 7. Extremely powerless, except for a few passionate fans, the rules are set and gone. 8. Don’t let the villains come and die one by one, even if you send them wonderfully. There are many more, but I don’t have time to organize at work, so I will omit it later. But I can see through it like this with Shen Yi, and basically didn’t run away. At this age, I like to watch some animations with no plot and knowledge with my children, such as what cell wars. Because the other so-called profound animations are basically the same. To bring some freshness, you must be prepared to be disgusting. For example, the unemployed who was taken off the shelf, the pig’s feet were really disgusting, and then Ding Ding was abandoned. As a result, he was cured by Chun medicine and got married. Just watch it for fun, just skip the disgusting part. Finally, can Guoman stop copying their set! No freshness is the most terrible!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Hot knowledge: Tomino’s interviews have always been a disaster-stricken area for anime masters to take out of context. The main reason is that the big bald head speaks very straight, coupled with his reputation, so that many people who are interested in him will be marked as serious critics. Are you serious? Maybe, but if it is reversed, it proves that it is not really like a bald-headed scolding giant. This content was reversed in the middle of the Marais article. The current Tomino is no longer the black Tomino, and his mouth-man behavior is not that great. Seriously, it doesn’t mean how unconvinced he is. He just wants people to understand, right? The animated film “Mobile Suit Gundam-Char’s Counterattack” is the result of Tomino Yoshiyuki’s director. Tomino said at first, “This is my most satisfying work.” A few years later, he said, “I am still not satisfied with this work.” After a while, it reversed again (should it). He even turned his own work a few times, so he shouldn’t be too on-line. If you show the ending of the attacking giant to Tomino, his elders will think that Jianshan Chuang’s ending is weird and weird, and will not say much about Bai Tomino’s tolerance to other people’s works most of the time. Please understand this…

6 months ago

If Tomino’s big bald head can see through the essence at a glance, when 0083 and igloo were on the market, he hadn’t seen him come out and shouted, pulling a big banner or something. It’s just the habit of mouth-heavy players. He has to cheer twice on everything, and the consortium can’t stop him. People don’t have any bad thoughts except for being obsessed with evil after getting older, just follow him. An Yanliang and this kind of leftist teacher lead people to do the origins, but they were adapted from their own original comics, under the name of chief supervision. It was only in the fifth part that I felt that Jinxi was wrong. After the kick, the origin of the wind came back. In the past few years, I have been stunned to play with Jinxi. Everyone is not a prophet, just sit down and talk. In addition, Jianshan Chuang always likes to jump left and right. If he doesn’t jump for the last time, who knows where he stands? I also said before that Jianshan Chuang jumped horizontally around the year, and the final ending had to be guarded, but no one cares what transparent people like me say~

6 months ago

Have you seen “V Gundam”? Originally, the UC-series Gundam story should end after Amuro and Xia both died. Risheng kept forcing him to continue to make it. He didn’t want to make the F91 movie version, but in the end another TV version was released. That is, V is up. Tomino set the age of the protagonist in the work a little younger, so that Risheng publicized the work as a “subsidiary”. From the point of view of the mechanism, the Zanskar’s insect-like body is a bit of that meaning. The EFF with only old-style weapons in the background was almost completely defeated by Zanskar under the cult rule. The protagonist is a semi-wasteland belonging to a certain guerrilla camp. The style is also a bit of Tomino’s works that were previously super series. However, this work is the darkest of the “Black Tomino” works with the main theme of depression. When the mother of the protagonist (13 years old) died, it was remembered that the head wearing a helmet was directly blown into the hands of the protagonist. Behind the protagonist was caught by the enemy, and a group of female soldiers headed by Roubaix seduced him. Finally, the protagonist escaped and killed several of them directly with the Gundam lightsaber, instantly turning into powder. Kady Jenna, the first scumbag in the history of Gundam, is the enemy’s main character who survived to the end. At the same time, Tomino is also denying the concept of NT that he previously defined. Zanskar collected tens of thousands of NTs as brainwave weapons, but the purpose is to make all humans on the earth lose their intelligence. Tomino was abusive, but at the level of Patriarch. Jianshan’s set, he can clearly see more clearly than us.

6 months ago

I remembered a conversation in the Q group at noon today. A guy in the Q group who was the backbone of an animation company was quite emotional when it came to the end of the giant. He had always felt that the giant’s work was not right before, but we did not believe it for two years. Although the buddy has not been able to explain to us where the giant has problems in the past two years, he mentioned that he will pay more attention to the emotions the author wants to convey. This may be the answer to this question. As a top cultural creator, Tomino should also pay more attention to the emotions expressed by a creator when creating works. So after listening to a few interviews without watching “Giant”, he dared to make this assertion. The audience may pay more attention to the shape of the story, while the creators have seen more of various skin-changing works, and they are probably paying more attention to the god of the work. For example, you play with a group of descendants of capitalists every day, thinking about evaluating a bunch of prizes set by capitalists. Even if you are asked to shoot a work against imperialist aggression, you can still shoot a piece of imperialist warriors pitying the mud-legged man who did not die. The storyline of the hand.

6 months ago

It’s not once or twice for Tomino Kouchi. For example, when I was doing G Restoration, I ignored the background of the story mentioned at the beginning of the animation (after the universe century), and bluntly stated that the background of G Restoration was 500 after the inverted A (front calendar) Years later, didn’t Tomino admit his mistake obediently? Regarding Tomino’s grievance to the giant, not to mention Tomino at that time, even the author himself may not be sure how the manga should end in the end. In fact, after a few years, when it came to the exciting part of the giant’s plot, Tomino also gave a positive evaluation. It can also be seen from this that Tomino did not predict that the giant would end up like this when he was talking about it. As for Mr. Shen’s evaluation, it can only be said that these old rightists apply this evaluation to the works of the Japanese, and only a few sentences at most. Last time it was Gundam, this time it was a giant, and there are always times when a blind cat can run into a dead mouse.

6 months ago

But goodbye, shake me, little turkeys. Here comes another literary and artistic commentary of “Apologize to “Revolutionary Machine”. Fortunately, Lex was taken away by “Rebirth without a Job”, otherwise he would have to watch his clown performance. What everyone said that Shen Yi sees through the giant essence, but it is nothing more than a manifestation of his political needs. Of course, this way of interpretation is not wrong, it can be understood in this way. But I have to criticize this method of literary criticism here, because it has no constructive meaning other than catharsis. And it is actually a universal template, which can be inserted into any work. Sooner or later, the output of this kind of Zhang Fu-style literary and artistic criticism will be thunderous. Tomino simply stated that he had watched the Internet news. According to online news, Kou hi. The bald heads are not once or twice, the old bald parties are used to it. Regarding the giant, Tomino made another opinion in the future. A brief paraphrase for you is: Jian Shan Chuang’s creation incorporates his own part-time job experience, and after artistic processing of reality, he gives “Attack on Giant” a sense of realism. Tomino believes that drawing inspiration and creativity from reality is very helpful in story creation. This is what I personally think is a good literary criticism. Seek good and follow it. I don’t object to someone using Shen Yi and Tomino’s views to vent their emotions. But I don’t want anyone to really think that these two people’s views are completely correct, and they are indisputable truths, and they are complacent about it. Reading a work, we are more hoping to get happiness from it, and it is beneficial to open the book. It’s really unnecessary to make yourself humiliated, and when it’s time to give up, give up. Especially for commercial works, not paying attention or paying the bill is the biggest resistance. Later, if I have a chance, I would like to talk about the topic of “anti-war” and “anti-war defeat” in Japanese acgn works. I hope to teach my readers to have fun, just like Xiong Shili taught Xu Fuguan. In 1943, Xu Fuguan accidentally saw Xiong Shili’s “New Knowledge-Only Theory” and admired his knowledge. Soon after, he visited Xiong Shili at Mianren Academy in Beibei, Chongqing. After Xu Fuguan met, he first asked Xiong Shili what books to read. Xiong Shili said that he read Wang Fuzhi’s “Dutongjianlun”. Xu Fuguan said that he had already read it, and Xiong Shili was not good at hearing it. He said that you didn’t understand it at all, so go back and read it again. When he visited again after a while, Xu Fuguan said that he had finished reading “Reading Tongjian Lun”, and Xiong Shili asked him what he learned after reading it. Xu Fuguan talked about many points that he didn’t agree with in the book. Before he could finish, Xiong Shili cursed, “You, how can you read the book like this!” Like you, even if you read thousands of books, you won’t get the benefits of the book. Reading must first see its advantages before criticizing its disadvantages. Just like eating, it must be digested to absorb nutrients. How can you be successful when you study like this! Major General Xu was stunned by the scolding, only to realize that Mr. Xiong’s scolding was not a false name. Later, he said in his memoirs that it was a scolding to revive him, and the scolding ran away his cleverness and conceit. Don’t be so stunned that there will be political censorship of the Xiaohuangshu.

6 months ago

I just think that the education and environment of this generation of 11 district cartoonists determines that once they are involved in war or political themes, they will most likely pull in this posture…………
Shen Yi probably didn’t read the comics seriously, but he predicted it based on his understanding of contemporary 11 districts. Tomino’s bald old mouth is very strange. In this situation, I think they just said casually at the beginning, and they couldn’t hold back others to pick it up….

6 months ago

This is because places like Japan and the United States claim to have self-traveling with Qingwen on the surface, but in fact they exercise strict and meticulous control over literary and artistic creation. If Japan wants to cultivate immortality these years, it naturally has to justify its behavior and win the support of the national ideology. If the covers of magazines such as jump are all works accusing war crimes, then the public will be disgusted with the mention of this matter, and the matter will be difficult to move forward. Shen Yi specializes in research on governance and the Internet, and naturally understands these steaming operations. Japanese officials will never let an anti-war author get attention, on the contrary, they will definitely push an author who is consistent with the consciousness xt they need. On the other hand, Tomino is a senior literary and artistic person. He must have a deep understanding of how his and his colleagues’ creations have been disturbed. Moreover, he is the one who created the theme of wars like Gundam, and he is certainly not completely insensitive to related issues.

6 months ago

Before the animation of the giant, when the comics were serialized, there were many voices of opposition in China. The first season of the animation set off a climax because of the good production. I still remember someone in the group spraying this world is really deformed. Everyone is just pretending not to hear. In fact, “Giant” is not “generally felt by book fans”, but some people who eat comic reviews, day and night blitz-these people absolutely do not blow niche works, because there is no “fermentation environment” , Can’t help oneself attract traffic. For the mass consumers in the fermenting environment who always only blow hot commercial works, many people don’t pay much attention to the content, but only find it interesting. After reading the analysis, I think it makes sense and is affected by this atmosphere. In the same way, the most common phenomenon is in the gaming circle-the so-called cloud players. Many people just follow the comments and curse, but in fact they have no independent knowledge of the game. You give these people a “no comic comment” niche work, let him comment? He couldn’t say anything. Because he is just a forwarder. Once again, when the giant had not yet entered the mainstream view of animation in China, or when it was only serialized in comics, many people sprayed it. There have also been wars of scolding-the supporter thinks that the opponent is ridiculed because they look down on the style of painting. The opponent emphasized that the motive of the comic was impure. Everyone just turned a blind eye.

6 months ago

Shen Yi guessed a high probability event. Similar to dice, Shen Yi said that it is a number within five. Although it is not 100%, the accuracy is more than half. The establishment and development of the Japanese media after World War II was established by the United States supporting Japanese militarists. BV1wK4y187U7 Japanese society has been affected invisibly. There are indeed leftists in Japan, such as Tezuka and Fujio, but with the passage of time and the influence of the United States, Japan will inevitably move to the right. The creator’s thoughts cannot be completely separated from the foundations of Japanese society and these shackles, especially the younger generation. A considerable number of people grew up under the anti-war defeated in World War II view. Captain, “What’s wrong with us, why should we kill us?” “Is our home burned out? We are so pitiful” “Don’t be afraid, Dad will avenge us.” I was shocked when I heard this. Especially after learning about the ending of the giant), in the corners of the world (Isane has written film reviews), glass rabbits, etc., under the name of anti-war, it is the anti-defeated things that are popular. What’s more terrifying is that these are Douban is also a high score, but for the eternal zero Douban 7.5, for the soul of Japanese militarism, the man’s Yamato 7.1. Is it possible that Isayama, who grew up in it, can make real anti-war content? You can look at this specifically, although it is one piece, the giant is also suitable. BV1Xb411G7jR and the publisher, the screenwriter might let the author come up with content that runs counter to the Japanese collective understanding? After all, there are few steel-smelting works, and the author can only be slightly biased. It is impossible to completely break away from Japanese society.

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