Suppose a person happens to be stuck on the side who can guarantee the research, and one of the people who can guarantee the research has done some things that violate the school rules, these things have not been known by the school, and no one has reported them. If this person reports, Can get the qualification for research, should he go?

This is how things are. Some time ago, a classmate of the previous class reported a violation of school regulations for the purpose of applying for the research, and then obtained the qualification for the research. The dean of the department expressed his contempt for this classmate with the mentor in the office and said he looked down on this kind of person.

According to the situation of our school, general admission to a good school is difficult to achieve by yourself. Violating the school rules is the student who chooses to violate the school rules, and the reporter exposed the matter for his own benefit. Should he be subject to these criticisms and criticisms? infamy?

Is this a misunderstanding? This is a life-and-death struggle. The current atmosphere is largely caused by those who break the rules. Because the reality is that many times, people who honestly study and engage in scientific research are not as popular as speculative people. There are three competitions in college: 1. Join the organization 2. Scholarship 3. How many of the winners of these three projects dare to touch their conscience and say that they are completely fine? No violation of regulations. I think one-third of them are the victory of educators. But in the final analysis, specific issues have to be analyzed in detail. After all, man is a social animal. For example, cheating on exams, buying papers, insufficient attendance, finding substitutes, taking exams, and other academic misconduct issues, you should step on 10,000 feet, and you can’t report it too much. Like not stacking quilts, looking through the fence to buy snacks, she secretly opened a small shop in the dormitory and did not give you plastic bags, and opposed Yang Li, so please don’t report it! Reporting is not necessarily useful. Finally, reporting should pay attention to methods and methods. To tell a story, our Napo school has an 8,000 yuan inspirational scholarship every year, provided that it is for students with good studies and poor family conditions. The general situation is for the student council president, and everyone knows how many of the president’s so-called good grades come from. But this is the only case where the president was not given to the president for two or two sessions. The first is that the student council president’s family is quite rich, and after every public announcement, someone will check the equipment anonymously, and his family is not short of money. Finally, as soon as the president saw hopelessness, he simply bought a local gold 5s that was just released. The second is that the student council president cheated and asked the teacher to add points, but he failed to pass the exam for a buddy who did well in his studies. In the end, I wanted to make small moves to add points, and was reported by an external teacher. Why, in the name of the student council president, these sisters didn’t come to this teacher’s class for more than half a semester, and they were reluctant to spend money to find someone to replace the class. Relying on small moves to get a general scholarship, squeezed other students, not even willing to buy a popsicle for the classmates. Who is willing to help her round up with the teacher. The teacher was also angry, thinking that this girl had some opinions on her, so why did she skip his class? Just report it. If it weren’t for this sister’s daily fight with the instructors and the teachers in charge of the student union, when the wall fell and everyone pushed her, she would be expelled 800 times for that bit of trouble. And there are quite a few such people every year. So just say it! How many so-called research guarantees every year is really not trivial. Even if you want to study well by yourself, you have to actively participate in school activities or something. If you can take care of it so well, you have to be a master of time management, or a brain with a high IQ. Such a good brain would have been in Tsinghua a long time ago. If there is a flaw, don’t blame others for finding the flaw. Ignoring you is a sentimental point, and it is a duty to report you. Who makes you deceive. As the old saying goes, the bad guys have one more chance, and the good guys have one less chance.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

One of my principles of being a man is that the gentleman should be careful. It’s not that I have to follow the crowd and pull myself down to the level of others, but I have to maintain my own moral standards at all times. The attribution of this kind of report can be attributed to the whistleblower’s interest, but also to his usual misconduct. Don’t put all the blame on the whistleblower just because you can’t bear to blame yourself. No guilt in introspection, why worry and fear? I am good at raising the awe-inspiring spirit.

6 months ago

I don’t see anything wrong. First of all, this student can get stuck on the research line, which shows that he has worked hard at ordinary times. The second mistake can affect the research guarantee. It is not a small mistake. For example, cheating on an exam has destroyed the fairness of the research guarantee. Just like an athlete, the purpose of hard training is nothing else, that is to win the gold medal, and then ran to second place, and found that the first place made a mistake that was enough to cancel the score. Do you think he/she would report it? I think we are not qualified to make decisions for him/her, after all, we did not train hard for him/her. The rules are the same for everyone. If you find that I have a problem, you are welcome to report me.

6 months ago

Let’s change it to the perspective of a graduate student: It stands to reason that this place should belong to me. If you violate the rules, you should lose the qualification for the graduate student. Are you not sure about it? Not only did you not lose the qualifications for research, but you squeezed me down with a fluke. I do it for the research, but I do it to get back the qualifications that belonged to me. Don’t your department head look down on the offender, but look down on me as a victim? I wish that when you are about to be promoted, competitors can use tricks to step on you up.

6 months ago

It happened not long ago that many people cancelled their retest results. Apart from expressing the pity and sympathy for the students whose retest scores have been cancelled, I can only take a warning. I don’t know if I will do it after I get this kind of opportunity, but I am not at all surprised that this kind of thing will happen. After all, theoretically speaking, under the condition of “everyone is an enemy, I only need to kill one, and the one who succeeds is me”, let alone the situation where the students in the same class like the university are not very familiar with the situation. As long as it is worthy of the effort, someone will do it. And all I can do is try my best not to give other people this opportunity.

6 months ago

The rules of the graduate school are clearly written in the student handbook. If you want to know what you can do and what you can’t do on the first day of the graduate school, what else can you say? The student handbook says that if the school rules and disciplines are not granted, I have to boil a pot of water in the dormitory with the entire illegal appliance. Hey, put a cigarette on the balcony, and be comfortable~ Military training. Others put you in the sun and pretend to be sick. Isn’t it cool to lie down in the room~ Otherwise, isn’t it that you won’t be able to protect your research if you don’t do a little movement? No way, no way?

6 months ago

First of all, it depends on what the reported student’s violation of school rules is. For example, reporting cheating on exams, plagiarism in papers, and material falsification directly affect the grade points and selection fairness, but teachers and students who have a sense of justice should not criticize them. If it is reported that you did not participate in morning exercises, took shortcuts, overturned the wall, checked your bedtime, or even took out of context and went online to frame up… This can only say that the reporting method is compliant, and criticism is also inevitable. Secondly, it depends on whether the reporter himself has similar violations.

6 months ago

In today’s difficult situation for postgraduate entrance examinations, reporting for legitimate reasons such as violations of traffic regulations, to be honest, is much more noble than the situation when I was in the class when I was applying for postgraduate entrance examinations. At that time, I graduated from a bachelor degree and went to work. The future was still bright. Companies like Huawei and Tencent were still guaranteed offers by everyone, and I didn’t want to go to that kind. At that time, the competition for postgraduate entrance examinations was not so fierce, and everyone’s desire to go to graduate school was not as strong as it is now. However, there was an incident that happened in my year: a professional undergraduate program almost gave this professional 30% of the quota. Initially, when the insurance policy was ordered, the score for the insurance policy was determined according to this ratio. However, as we all know, the college will definitely reserve some additional places for the top three students who have failed in the country or failed to go to Qingbei for research, which is the so-called missed. But in our class, as the top three major students, I happened to be the other way around. I first participated in the interview for the graduate school, and then quickly decided to give up the graduate school and go abroad. In this way, the inside and outside are equivalent to my decision to bring two additional places for the postgraduate program. Theoretically, these two places should be given to the first and second students who start to count down from the graduate student score line. However, because of a sudden incident, the quota appeared in the morning and must be reported to the school in the afternoon, otherwise the quota would be invalidated. When the quota appeared in the department, the squad leader was first notified and told the squad leader to pass it down to the first and second students who began to count down the score line for the graduate school. Ask the two students to fill out the form quickly and report it before the end of get off work in the afternoon. Guaranteed research smoothly. However, the squad leader happened to be the third classmate who started to count down the graduate student’s score line… So he deliberately delayed some time until the afternoon, but he filled out the graduate school form to find the tutor in the department. When he finally sent the notice to the class, it was too late. The first and second students who began to count down the score line for the postgraduate study program lost the chance to obtain the postgraduate study program, but the class leader succeeded in the postgraduate study program. I feel that compared with the situation I encountered back then, the situation that the subject asked is really insignificant. In the future, a decision I made at that time changed the life trajectory of many classmates. I decided to give up undergraduate studies and never return to China after going abroad. The monitor succeeded in undergraduate studies, and after graduation, I went to work for an Internet company. The two classmates who were scammed by the squad leader turned to the postgraduate entrance examination again and went to the postgraduate degree of this major. Every day, they looked up and saw the squad leader in an embarrassing batch. After graduation, this classmate went to a large manufacturing factory. The other student who was scammed turned to find a job and went to a state-owned enterprise in his hometown. And the student with the worst grades on the Baoyan line at the time, because of this farce, he changed from Baoyan’s main school to an outside school in a super first-tier city for Baoyan. After graduation, he successfully took the registered permanent residence and stayed in that city. jobs. However, the student who initially decided to study in a foreign school later became a direct Ph.D. in the undergraduate program, and finally graduated to a certain research institute……..

6 months ago

Let me start with the conclusion. I support the classmate who reported, and I don’t just support him, I support all those who report truthfully. No matter how it is modified, reporting is always a legitimate act. You can say that this report is a legitimate, insidious, and selfish act, but it is always a legitimate act. I don’t know why, there are always some people who want to persuade others to violate disciplines. When they see it, they should not instill in others the values ​​they should report. Do you really want to shape all college students into a person whose corners have been smoothed by life and who have no righteousness in their hearts? The person who reported it may have spent three years of hard work in vain. He is pitiful, but poor people must be hateful. He spent three years, other people’s time is not time? For the few people in the same class as him, everyone does things according to the rules. How can it be justified if a person violates discipline? Before breaking the discipline, why didn’t he think about this crisis? He buried the pit himself, and he deserved it if he fell. If you are really not afraid of the shadow leaning, you still need to be afraid of these things? Students who report should protect themselves and report privately. Don’t let people know that not everyone in this world is upright, and most people are selfish. If you report someone, it means a threat to them and they will be isolated. To the dean who said that I looked down on the classmate who reported it, I said I looked down on you even more. If you regard university as a scheming battlefield for the sophistication of people, then I think you may have some misunderstandings about this “ivory tower”. This society is not black and white, and many things have a touch of gray. But the university should be pure white. No matter what choice you will make when facing this matter. At least on the face of it, don’t use non-reporting as the driving force behind mainstream values.

6 months ago

The student who reported was selfish, but the reported behavior itself was legal and compliant. Many people will despise the morality of the whistleblower just like the teacher in the title, but I think the whistleblower’s behavior is not unethical. Just like we can see some wanted warrants from the Ministry of Public Security from time to time, offering rewards for some fugitives to solicit clues. If someone reports, is this person’s behavior unethical? I think many people think that it is okay to report, even if the reporter is for the reward. Why do people judge similar behaviors inconsistent? Because we acquiesce that those wanted crimes are extremely evil and will affect social stability and threaten the lives of others. For students who violate the school rules, I don’t think it’s a big deal. I think it’s worth condemning to ruin the future of others for this little thing. But in fact, violations that can be disqualified for postgraduate admission are usually not trivial. For example, when I was studying, I had heard that someone was reported to have cheated on exams and lost the postgraduate admissions place. In this case, can you get good grades by cheating while studying, and you will not cheat at work after you work? In addition, the undergraduate program is to select those with good grades. How much is the grade of a cheating student? If you don’t report this kind of person, can you still watch him cheating to grab someone else’s place in the research program? I always think that a person is good or bad, not what he thinks in his heart, but what he actually does. As long as he does good things, then he is a good person. Just as a policeman may have the idea of ​​meritorious promotion when arresting criminals, a doctor may also hope to get a promotion and raise his salary when he goes to fight the epidemic. This is all normal, just like “a gentleman loves money and has a good way”, it is not shameful for people to seek personal gain, as long as what they do is beneficial to the country and society. There are few saints in this society, and we are not qualified to ask others to be saints.

6 months ago

In a certain term of our school, a dormitory was reported to have a pot, and the qualification for postgraduate was cancelled. There is no place to keep the Lord here. Vicious competition is still too inhuman. It’s not that the exam is copied. If the skills are not as good as the person, you have to admit it, and report it to report it for yourself. Is it interesting?

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