In the program “We Are New to the Workplace”, the intern asked Dong Mingzhu: “How should women choose between career and family?” Dong Mingzhu responded: “The workplace has nothing to do with gender and only cares about strength. You don’t need to use gender differences to market yourself. Strength and ability to solve problems!”
Do you agree with Dong Mingzhu’s point of view?

Dong Mingzhu’s words are not wrong, but when it comes to fertility issues, the experiences and feelings of elite women have no reference to ordinary women. To give a very simple example: suppose there is an exam, the gender is to be written on the paper, and each girl is deducted by five points. Scores above 90 are counted as “elite”, scores above 80 are counted as “good”, and scores above 60 are regarded as passing. The second place in the school is a girl. She scored 95 on the exam, which is more than 99.9% of her classmates. In fact, she can get 100 points, but there is no difference between the treatment of 100 points and 95 points, so she doesn’t care. When interviewing outstanding student representatives at a school-wide assembly, the teacher asked her: As a woman, do you feel that you have encountered additional difficulties and discrimination? She answered honestly: No at all, just five points. I think that as long as I work hard enough, gender differences are not important. Anyway, I will get the same results. After that, the girls in the school were in an uproar. Many people are very angry to accuse her, especially those female students who should have scored between 60-64 and 80-84, and they are the majority of this school. In fact, the girl with 95 points is not wrong, and the angry girl is not wrong. The problem lies in their inability to empathize with each other’s lives. Coincidentally, two months ago, my mother had a dinner with a group of female entrepreneurs from the billion-dollar club. When I went to Cengfan, I asked exactly the same question. I said, I plan to get pregnant in the near future, but now I am in a period of rising career, I am very worried and worried, how to choose between the two? After I finished speaking, everyone in the room looked dumbfounded, as if what I was saying was a fantasy. Immediately afterwards, they talked about their own experiences one after another, saying, there is no need to choose, fertility will not affect career development, women can do these two things at the same time; since they are in the first trimester and pregnancy In the later period, when I was holding the milk doll, I was running around the project, so I must be able to do it too. Their tone is very sincere, without the slightest hint of Versailles and preaching. They should really not understand why there is a contradiction between fertility and the workplace, and why I have this fear of “weakness”. At that time I actually understood a little bit. Why are there so few major deputies who have proposed some remedial measures for women’s fertility in the workplace? Because of the “survivor bias”, women who can stand at the top of the pyramid and have the right to speak to change the status quo, they have their own excellence and courage beyond ordinary people, and will not face this problem at all, or do not think this problem is a “problem” “. As Dong Mingzhu said, the words are true in nature, just add a few attributives to understand: “(like me) the more intelligent, persevering, and courageous woman, the less the impact of gender differences on her. ; If you want to succeed, don’t rely on sympathy, but have your own strength (exceeding ordinary people); hard work (exceeding ordinary people) can help women wipe out all inequalities in the workplace.” There is no malice in this statement, and girls are encouraged not to give Label yourself as a victim, focus too much on “differences,” and encourage girls to strive for self-improvement. These content should be inspiring and positive for women. However, there are only a few women who can do this, and most people do not have such “strength”. Those women who are unemployed because of childbirth (female classmates with a score of 60-64), and those women who have missed opportunities for promotion because of childbirth (female students with a score of 80-84), they are also real, they are the majority of the population , Who will speak for them? Funny speaking, before I knew that extreme feminism classified me as a female public enemy, my ideal was that if one day I became a representative of the National People’s Congress, I hope to give men a compulsory parental leave. Parenting”, so that the role of father can be more involved in the growth of children, on the other hand, to give women a truly equal starting point in the workplace. (Of course I’m still far behind…it’s a small goal.) If I were Dong Mingzhu, I would answer this question like this: In the new era, men and women are equal. Since we don’t need to spend men’s money, we work like our husbands and share the support of the family. Under the pressure of subsistence, the husband can also be asked to take on more family responsibilities; therefore, women should not be in a dilemma between work and family, and the husband and wife should team up to accomplish these two things together. It’s a pity that Dong Mingzhu is not enough for women’s rights, and I am not enough for women’s rights (Tan Shou)


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

“The workplace has nothing to do with gender and only cares about strength”, this sentence is correct in a vacuum. But the reality is that the workplace is about gender. Because women will become pregnant and reproduce humans, the economic sector will use this to form a systematic oppression of women. In this case, gender differences are precisely the problem that needs to be resolved. “How to balance the workplace and family” is a very practical problem that most professional women face. The principle behind it is that society first uses ideology to completely bind the meaning of women’s life to reproduction (for example, “women without offspring are sad,” “women’s value is reflected in the family”), but at the same time, it is Returning to the family, women who participate in social reproduction have no corresponding remuneration. It can be said that our current society has freely occupied all the contributions of women in the field of reproduction, that is, childbirth, raising children, housework, etc., and take it as it should be. At this time, it would be unfair to ask women not to “play the gender card” in the workplace. Because women have been “naturally” required to balance family and workplace, part of their energy has been allocated to family reproduction without compensation. The so-called “speaking with strength” at this time is naturally detrimental to the vast majority of women. There may be a few successful women like Ms. Dong as typical. But for the vast majority of women who are still trapped in family reproduction, this success cannot be replicated. This kind of production’s unpaid possession of the reproduction sector will inevitably destroy the enthusiasm of social reproduction in the end. As a result, a series of social pathologies such as the correspondingly high divorce rate and low fertility rate appeared. Therefore, social progress must inevitably liberate social reproduction from the dumping of commodity production, so that reproduction is not just an unrequited labor performed by women. The first step is to provide certain social security for working women who get married and give birth. And if you have to be punched in this way, it would be unreasonable.

7 months ago

Once a problem involves men and women, there is no optimal solution anymore. Why don’t we change the angle, what does Dong Mingzhu say to make public opinion harmonious? No, she said nothing will work. She said to treat them differently, no, women should be treated equally; she said that they were treated equally, no, women have the price of childbirth; she said 996 overtime, no, we want comfortable working hours; she said that they are willing to be ordinary, no, who look down on? Dong Mingzhu’s remarks are not an exaggeration to say that they are politically correct. Even the phrase “no gender distinction in the workplace” does not involve the ulterior misunderstanding of “disapprove of women’s fertility and deprive them of rising opportunities during the reproductive period.” All the respondents who interpreted that “Dong Mingzhu is ignoring the cost of women’s childbirth” were puzzled: It was not you who tried so hard to get the society to recognize the equality of men and women in the workplace? Now that they are equal, women have to fight to be taken care of and given privileges? Isn’t it time you said “privilege is also a shackle”? Isn’t fighting for privileges scary and makes it harder for women to find jobs? People who were desperately fighting for equality between men and women in the workplace and did not treat women in any special way, once they were truly equal, they would immediately clamor: childbirth means sub-categories, and the workplace must be gender-separated… With all due respect, this is a real fight. Is harming people. It’s telling everyone: don’t be serious about what we are fighting for, we don’t actually want it. The current network environment is really suffocating. Since the development of feminism, it seems that the number of women being scolded has become more extra. Nowadays, interested people on the Internet, as long as they think, can always interpret subtexts that are unfavorable to women in a variety of ways. This is the root of the controversy. What Dong Mingzhu said, netizens have 10,000 ways to criticize her, and netizens don’t care if this is not called arrogance, what it is called, it is called women’s rights. What did women’s rights want to do in the first place? do not know. But as long as women’s rights are mentioned, I know that some women are going to be scolded.

7 months ago

My difference with Dong Mingzhu is tens of thousands of miles, and I have 20 years of work experience from a female college graduate who graduated from a bachelor’s degree. I also believe in strength and hard work. But I can’t repeat Dong Mingzhu’s words. What I can say to female college students is: Please prove yourself with your strength. But it cannot be said that gender will not affect their careers. It was last year. Our company has a department without a department manager. There are several groups in it. The leader of the most powerful group is pregnant and the situation is not good. When she came back after she was born, the department manager had someone, and her subordinates became team leaders. In the end, she was replaced by an ordinary employee and was disqualified by the new team leader… I just knew her job. The so-called disqualification was nothing more than a not-so-skilled team leader who was dissatisfied with the awesome way of doing things. In this case, can it be said that the company discriminates against women based on gender? Can’t. So, can you say that the workplace has nothing to do with gender? Let’s talk about my own example. My experience as a middle-aged IT woman in a mixed workplace is like this: Company x: Our boss is also a woman, so we believe that women can not affect their work because of their children. However, we can only give xx your salary. After the probation period, if xx, we will xx again. The probation period of others proves strength. I proved that I can do the job with two babies during the probation period. You have to say “the workplace only cares about strength”, I can’t deny it either. But everyone is a fox, is it interesting to talk like this? ps, in the end, gender discrimination in the workplace is the result of a combination of social culture and social inertia. Anti-sex discrimination is a way, but before gender equality in the workplace, girls, there is really only one thing you can do: prove yourself with your strength. At least, there are still opportunities for women to prove themselves. Although this opportunity is not so ideal, it still exists. Women’s work today is also one of the ways to eliminate gender discrimination in the workplace.

7 months ago

In this interview, Dong Mingzhu used leadership skills too much. She even succeeded in swindling the media headline, but she couldn’t accept it. She said that women’s unsuccessful careers are due to gender differences in marketing themselves. Sounds correct, right? Of course correct. But don’t worry, click on the video first. What the video says is not such a thing at all, it is a void target. They interviewed “how to balance career and family”, they are here to ask for advice. And Dong Mingzhu’s answer is: “Why are girls not successful?…because girls are using gender differences as capital… to do sales” Did someone ask you that? Not only did she fail to answer the question, she also devised a new question for herself. Put forward “Why are women not successful in their careers?” to replace “How to balance the family career?” It seems that the family career is not well balanced because the career is not successful enough. Is the cause and effect reversed? Does the balance of family and career have to be successful before we talk about it? Not to mention women, men and women are considered together. How many people are successful in the workplace? Is it unsuccessful? Before success, one must naturally consider balancing family and career. If all problems can be solved purely by business, why are we opposed to 996? However, Dong Mingzhu uses a kind of reversal of the topic of a strong workplace: first, replace the problem to imply that you are not strong enough. The root of the problem is that you are not successful enough, and there is a successful person in front of you who tells you what to do. Then you can substitute your own experience and talk endlessly. As for the question, the questioner himself forgot. Ordinary people can refer to the first half of this routine, and the second half is choking. Because most people’s life experience is not enough to make others afraid to interrupt. But Dong Mingzhu is different, she has no one in ten thousand people in the workplace. She is here to take your aura. When she really had to start emphasizing sales, I knew that this interview was going to be over and it was about to get into her rhythm. Dong Mingzhu was a salesperson. She substituted in this way because she thought of the female salesmen who failed to compete with her. She probably used some “gender-differentiated marketing” methods when she was dying. But in the face of Dong Mingzhu, its fate is not difficult to guess. After such a set of expositions, she directly endorsed her correctness with authority. What else can others say? Self-questioning and self-answering self-endorsement, the host can only follow her to say right and right. Is there anything else to watch in this kind of interview? Are you not listening enough when you usually listen to the leader’s NB? But the problem faced by more girls is similar to that of a female “brother” at Dongge’s dinner table who wants to have a child and asks for leave, and the answer is “someone will take your place.” What do you do? Dong Mingzhu teaches us. Maybe she was unable to teach for some reason, maybe because she was another Dongge now, or maybe because she was too strong and didn’t know how to get through similar difficulties. So the answer is “You are not successful because you are in gender marketing”. It seems that the women who have defeated are now imaginary enemies. And you found out that there is indeed this phenomenon. After being suppressed by the aura, you almost forgot to ask your own question, and the little chicken nodded like a rice pecking. Obviously Dong Mingzhu’s aura was too strong, and the host didn’t realize it after the topic was substituted into his personal experience. Later, Dong Mingzhu brought back the topic of family by himself: “Some people are happy with a small family, and some people are happy with a big family.” Family troubles you, you can not have a family. Is this a balance? This is a kind of stud. But I learned a little bit. Prepare a few correct nonsense. As a starting point before forcibly changing the subject. Then ask and answer by yourself. Turn to a field that I am familiar with, and then start talking about what I want to talk about. If you can’t reach the level of Dong Mingzhu, it’s okay to interfere with others’ speech.

7 months ago

Wang Jian is right. I will add details to his point of view-about female fertility. There is nothing wrong with this sentence at first glance, but the answer is “how women choose between childbirth and career”, which is very problematic. Gender equality in the workplace, the cost of childbirth is an absolutely inevitable issue. Childbirth and maternity leave directly reduce the competitiveness of girls in the workplace. The result of “speaking by strength” is that men will always dominate women. The solution is that someone has to pay for this birth cost. Having a baby is a contribution to the whole society, and it should be paid for by someone. The result of not paying the bill and not reversing is that no one has children. “How do women choose between family and career” is a very euphemistic question. To put it straightforwardly: If we give birth, who will pay for it? Will you go backwards? How should Miss Dong answer: You should return to your family. This is driving backwards and will be beaten to death. You should focus on your career. The intern figured it out–no birth, fertility warning. It doesn’t matter, our big company will do it for you. An answer that satisfies everyone, except the capitalists themselves. There is another answer, which is Miss Dong’s current answer. She said a bunch of things, which seems correct, but actually means to show her position-I don’t pay the bill. If the intern is smarter, he should know: You don’t pay the bill, I Don’t give birth… Of course, Miss Dong doesn’t necessarily think so much, she may be encouraged by her own life experience-I have come here, learn from me! This kind of thinking, to give a vivid example, is the thinking of a considerable part of parents now-when we were so bitter when we were young, our children have to suffer too! Whether this idea is wrong or right, I think everyone should be clear. PS: Don’t always think that people like me are boxing. I didn’t think about asking men to pay for it. I want capitalists to pay for it. If they can obtain unified maternity leave for men and women, men not only don’t need to pay, but they can also earn some leave from capitalists. PS2: I use one of the coldest methods to reason, and I don’t talk about all the mysterious feminist issues. I will talk about fertility. If you really want to pursue “speaking by strength”, women will give up childbearing in order to ensure their competitiveness in the workplace. The result is a plummeting fertility rate. Now there is “fertility rate anxiety” everywhere, don’t you look at this fact squarely?

7 months ago

The workplace is more equal than most women think. Many people may have only seen the data that women’s average salary is 77% for men, and think that it may be caused by discrimination against women. The same job will give women a lower salary. But in fact, according to statistics, the average wage gap between men and women was very small in the five years before graduation, and there was basically no difference in wages for the same job. The very small difference is that women choose 996 jobs less often. The best practice is to let men take maternity leave. If not 996, the gap in working time and physical strength can be basically solved. It was not until 5 years later that the distance became more and more apart. The reason is simple. Women at this stage often switch to jobs with flexible schedules, low ceilings, and low incomes because they have to bring children. So why must it be women who sacrifice career development and take care of their children? Quite simply, women generally marry, and most of the income jobs are not as good as men. Those with low strength do not sacrifice, whoever sacrifices. It is also very simple to change. Find a man who is not as capable as you to take care of your children, and women who focus on the workplace will naturally have a limit on their development. If you feel that you are losing in this way, it is obvious that men are powerful and are helping the poor. It depends on whether you are willing to be a strong man who sacrifices himself to help others in poverty, or enjoy the gender dividend and cry for the weak who depend on others for support.

7 months ago

If all female employees of a company do not give birth to babies, then naturally there will not be much difference between men and women. But if all companies in a country are like this, then there will be no babies in this country. Then kindergartens closed down, elementary schools closed down, middle schools closed down, universities closed down, companies can no longer recruit new people, consumption is sluggish, and the economy is not working… Therefore, every company can maximize its own interests. Take some measures and say some high-sounding words, but the end result must be a tragedy for the country and the nation. Perhaps we can’t blame the company. People don’t do charity either. They can only rely on the state to issue relevant macro-control policies. How did American conservatism solve this problem? Introducing religion, propagating patriotism, and emphasizing family are essentially not wanting to spend money, just wanting to fool around. How does American liberalism solve this problem? Don’t want anything imaginary in nature, just recognize money.

7 months ago

Known: 1. As far as the current level of technology is concerned, if humans are to reproduce, women must have children. 2. Women giving birth to children are to contribute to society and must have maternity leave. 3. Women’s maternity leave will inevitably lead to an increase in women’s labor costs, and capitalists are unwilling to bear it. Question: How can men and women be equal? Problem-solving idea: Let men’s labor cost = women’s labor cost Method 1: Increase men’s labor cost-let men also take maternity leave. (Not only stimulates consumption, but also allows men to return to the family, which is conducive to family happiness) Method 2: Reduce women’s labor costs-government subsidies. (Not recommended, because more taxes are bound to be collected, I don’t like it) Conclusion: The direction of the struggle for women’s rights should be to allow men to take more holidays.

7 months ago

I think most of the answers are not discussing the problem, but interpreting the status quo… or, to say, selling their own understanding of the status quo and selling solutions. To be reasonable, Dong Mingzhu did not say anything about the workplace that has nothing to do with gender and only cares about strength. Her reasoning is very simple. You should not set limits on yourself. People should have beliefs. After all, even if Dong Mingzhu said the so-called politically incorrect things, the workplace has nothing to do with gender, and there is nothing wrong with her position. Most women who talk about sex are scumbags in front of her, and she is certainly qualified to say this. Just like the sentence that most people’s effort is not enough to be talented, it’s nothing wrong with the mouth of any sports star. He may be talented, but most people Can’t even fight hard, talk about talent. I think that the current public opinion environment that can’t tolerate even this kind of speech is the fundamental reason why sex discrimination has become more and more incomprehensible. I’m still the old saying that the only way to solve gender discrimination is to eliminate gender differences, instead of talking about it all day long and saying I am going to solve it, the first step you have to do is to ignore it, just like Dong Mingzhu… Yang Zhu said thousands of years ago: Everyone does not lose a single bit, everyone is not good for the world, and the world is governed. By the same token, if everyone does not talk about gender, gender discrimination will naturally be eliminated. You talk about it every day and you want to solve it. In fact, you just emphasize it again and again. Do you really want to solve it? Still want to sell something?

7 months ago

She was talking about the “workplace”, but what she was thinking in her heart was nothing more than “capitalists don’t want objects that are not easy to exploit.” The workplace has nothing to do with gender and only cares about strength, and the workplace has nothing to do with age. It only cares about strength. Therefore, any inferior firewood who is often 996 and occasionally 007 and does not need to reproduce and raise offspring like healthy young men under 35, please consciously get out of the stove— -Isn’t that what it means? Otherwise, why doesn’t Gree take husband and wife maternity leave together? The need for maternity leave is here. Unless you don’t want to reproduce offspring, how could the workplace be “gender-independent”? Isn’t this talking nonsense with your eyes open? Dong Mingzhu’s success proves that the upper limit of the natural ability of women is not weaker than that of men. Women can engage in revolution, and naturally they can also engage in capital, and they can be revolutionaries and capitalists as well. Dong Mingzhu’s ability to say such open eyes proves that once it becomes a personified capital, regardless of men and women, capitalists are all a virtue. (However, from this perspective, it proves perfectly that there is not much difference in nature between men and women.) Leaders over 35 years old don’t want employees over 35 years old, and female leaders don’t want female employees. Those who go ashore first always want to Later, people kicked back into the water, human nature, human nature. The class contradiction is the main contradiction, and the other contradictions are the secondary contradictions. Capitalists can always distinguish this contradiction, and Dong Mingzhu can also distinguish this contradiction, indicating that she is a qualified capitalist, and she deserves her name. It’s just that I can’t help thinking that if anyone here is fighting for equal status in the workplace, they don’t want to play tempers, ask for privileges, deepen gender stereotypes, and engage in real women’s boxing as soon as they go ashore. If they protest against the dismissal at the age of 35, they will all Can you just turn around and reprimand women for being discriminated against in the workplace? Dare to be equal is a female boxer, and dare to engage in motherhood and maternity leave together. It is clearly a female boxer who has bad intentions and delays our fight for the opportunity to be exploited by capitalists; if everyone can Realizing what the real main contradiction is…Forget it, then everyone is a capitalist. (End) By the way, who will help me ask the ostrich, dare you dare to answer me frankly: In addition to harming the boss, who else can you harm the husband and wife on pregnancy and maternity leave? It is unreasonable to think that husbands and wives take pregnancy and maternity leave together and that companies should pay for the reproduction of social labor. This idea can benefit other than the boss, who else can it benefit?

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