This kind of boy meets girl who brings black history and scars into the life of a haunting male protagonist has always had two ways to deal with it. One is the 90s style. In this mode, the tone of the whole work is gloomy, but in the gloomy and depressing atmosphere, it always reveals a kind of warmth and hope through the description of the daily interaction between the male and female protagonists. In the end There is often a feeling of warm winter sun. The story generally ends with the male protagonist growing up while healing the female protagonist’s wounds. One is the style of the decade. In this mode, the tone of the whole work is positive. The female protagonist will also have scars, and the male protagonist also needs to overcome certain obstacles to grow up, but the focus of the story is not this. On the dark things, the emphasis is on the portrayal of the relaxed and humorous happy daily life. The things that need to be learned, overcome, and defeated are not the main focus of the work, but are set there for the purpose of the story. The problem with JK is that, as an author, Paipai brain puts the female protagonist on a work of this kind of bitter hatred and deep hatred, and it does not produce the gloomy and depressive feeling of the 90s style, and this The setting itself is not as ridiculous as the works of the ’90s. So the problem is not at the level of the virgin chef, disgusting and angry at the bus hostess (of course there is such a lively, I can only say that he is like this, you can forgive him) but the overall tone of JK’s work Not serious enough, I felt this strongly when I was reading a novel, and it was even more prosperous after watching the first episode of the animation. At the beginning, it didn’t reflect the feeling that Sayu would collapse immediately if he didn’t meet Yoshida. On the contrary, there is an inexplicable sense of Onuma’s heart-style love comedy. This sense of violation makes people completely unable to understand the entanglement and pain of this setting, but feels that everyone’s hearts are quite big. From ignorance to being trapped in the quagmire to survive, Sayu, who has a strong smile, shouldn’t be portrayed like this. It’s just a very cute JK now, which is in strong conflict with this setting itself (so the problem is really not whether a virgin is a virgin). This sense of inconsistency is the reason for some viewers, including me, to discuss this work, rather than a nonsense topic like the privatization of buses. (You really want to discuss this. I suggest that we make a few buttery books. The plot tension and character creation are not much more interesting than this?) To put it bluntly, this work is silver. I have an idea but I haven’t done it well. Can’t go up or down is a common problem in new works in recent years (this season’s childhood sweethearts, 86, and the previous uncle are all). Different from 86 and childhood sweethearts, those two works can be animated with organic warfare and seiyuu blessing for extra points. But from the first episode, it seems that picking up JK can only reduce points. The original novel’s brushwork can make people say that the brain can fill up the gray and sunny atmosphere. This animation is really not good-you have never seen ” Yesterday’s Song? I’ll go. Finally, I really don’t want to discuss this work. After all, engaging in pornography and sex topics is a difficult and serious technical job, OK? Can those who say “It’s better to watch Huang Man” and “It’s better to fight butter” can apologize to the author of Huang Man Butter. Huang Manyou really has to carefully design this kind of plot. It means there is no character setting. So what about Sayu’s reason for running away from home? There was no such reason at first. I mentioned that when I saw a novel written by someone, “A good kid like Sayu will run away from home, that must be a pretty incredible reason.” I realized this too. At that time Begin to conceive what this reason is. In order to become a book, I was able to complete the setting and outline of the whole article.


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6 months ago

To put it bluntly, this type of work is a way of breaking a path in the cruel industry. Most of the works in recent years are like this, because there are too many works of the same kind, and they need to be potent at the beginning to attract the audience. Later, I discovered that this point was just a gimmick or a background setting, and had nothing to do with what the author wanted to say. For example, is there a “brain war” setting in the later stage of Huiye? No, the later period is just an ordinary love comedy. The combination of Jk and Uncle is too classic, so classic that it can’t attract any interest from passersby, so various settings must be added to attract passersby. It’s that simple.

6 months ago

At the beginning, it had caused at least two waves of large-scale quarrels in the country only in the light novel and comic stage, not to mention that now that a story has been broadcast now, the major forums have been screened by “Shaving” (still in If it is not on the shelves), the reason lies in the special status of the heroine Sayu-God treats the girl (you can Baidu this term, there are too many sensitive words). Most of the time, these characters will only be used as supporting roles in the table. Mentioned that the more famous I remember only Takumi’s girlfriend Natsuki in the initial D; also the famous saying “No matter how fast 86 can not catch up with Natsuki in Mercedes-Benz”, the animation still uses “Dad”. “This is a relatively obscure way of describing Natsuki’s identity, but this time Sayu is described as a heroine. Many things that can be ignored when acting as a supporting role and cannot be seen on the stage must be put on the stage; as the saying goes, it is a man. There are two major hobbies, one is to force the good to be X, the other is to persuade X to follow the good coincidence, a certain butter who accidentally went out of the circle before said that the former is also a kind of godly treat girls… .. And “Shaving” wants to tell the latter story. The fact that God treats young girls as an objective phenomenon is actually a matter worth discussing (in fact, I also admire the Japanese ability to create words. “Aid “Communication”, “Cowboy”, “Pillow Business”, “Custom Shop” and so on, just say what we don’t seem to be on the table is very beautiful) Criticizing God’s treatment of girls in morals is actually only at a shallow level, everyone I can think more deeply about why society can give birth to the profession of treating young girls. When young girls can easily earn income from social animals for months or even years, they can only criticize them from the perspective of three moral values. A meaningless thing (you laugh at girls without dignity, girls laugh at you to pay the mortgage) This issue involves the alienation of capital and the commodification of people, and these issues will eventually turn to our universities to learn A textbook (so you still have to listen carefully in class) But I can definitely tell everyone that their approach is wrong, and it is necessary for us to criticize and condemn them morally. When a society acquiesces to the existence of this kind of profession Even more terrible things will happen at that time. Capital can trample on all morals and laws in the world for profit. The protagonist group in “Dona Donna” will surely emerge from this profit group, which is what Luo Xiang said. It’s a pity that “Shaving” is not a work that explores this type of issue in depth. Its essence is still the light novel of love, but the author added to the heroine Sayu in order to gain attention (to put it bluntly, the title party) This kind of setting is only (even the author himself said that it was a person who came up with it when he went to the toilet), so the work is full of contradictions and the collapse of the person’s logic. Later, because the heroine’s persona is like a yellow hair The plot of disgusting people is contradictory enough for Sayu’s “pure and well-behaved” girl to treat girls, and all those who play Dona know that the same well-behaved seams can no longer laugh.

6 months ago

In the first episode, the actor Yoshida is a 26-year-old office worker. After being dumped by a girl he crushed on one day, he picked up a JK on the way home at night. The plot was set in the instant noodles, but it was not. I do Lifan, but I think Comet Club can refer to this new monk file… In short, the male protagonist is very upright and firmly rejected JK’s seduction, and decided to tell her the correct values. This JK is named Sayu Ogihara, and he is set to be a “girl with godly treatment”. Sayu obeyed the hero’s wishes to make soup for him and take care of his daily life. The two began to live together like newlyweds. Regarding the setting, what is “God Treats Girls”? It is a certain group of people in modern Japanese society. It can be understood as “a girl waiting for God”. As long as you provide free meals and shelter for them who ran away from home, you are their god. The point is that they usually only need free help, which is free entertainment. It is said that the help-seeking posts sent by the goddess girls in reality often indicate “do not accept any sex transactions.” This is why the heroine in the animation is not a goddess girl who reflects reality. I hope God will give me free food and lodging, but I don’t want to pay any price. This is not only diametrically opposed to the religious spirit of free faith in the United States, but is also despised by mainstream Japanese society as a lazy value. The heroine in the animation is not as rigorous and delicate as the original novel, and more like a slightly frivolous girl, and it is still not good. However, we should have no virgin complex when watching anime, and the actor also raised a good question here: “Why can’t this guy have a normal youth and can’t have a normal relationship?” Maybe it’s just that. As conveyed in the game “Luminous”: the normal life of many people walking in the sun is the dream of some people. Huang Yiyu’s appreciation value is good in his painting style. It can almost ignore the setting of “God Treats Girls” as a 26-year-old social animal and a teenage girl who healed each other’s love story. In fact, this work can let more people know that a group like “God Treats Girls” already has social significance. I asked Liyang Futaba in “Adolescent Pighead Will Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai” how many people knew that there is a group of “lime girls” in the world. Regardless of whether the heroine is treated or not, the relationship between the hero and the hero in this work makes me rethink the “reproduction of humans.” In addition to the continuation of human beings as a species in the literal sense and the daily recovery of labor, human reproduction also includes value identification with housewives, that is, unpaid labor is also considered valuable. Let’s do this first, and maybe even more later.

6 months ago

I have read the novel before animation, and I never thought it would be animated. After all, everyone understands the reason, and a comment is: “No protagonist or supporting role in this novel is normal.” To be fair, the impression of the front of the novel Still very good, the first episode of the animation is also not bad. But the more I saw that there was a question behind it, the stronger it became: Why should we arrange such a background for the heroine? Obviously the absence of this background has no major impact on the plot. Of course, maybe this is just a gimmick to attract people. Now it seems that this gimmick has indeed attracted a lot of people, but the problem is that it not only disgusts the readers left behind, but also completely ruins the popularity of passersby. It always feels that the gain is not worth the loss. During the non-job crisis, I talked to my classmates: “The problem of non-employment is not just a problem of non-employment itself. It is a problem that has generally appeared in Japanese works in recent years. That is, you have no idea why the author. To arrange a certain chapter, the role of this chapter is only for disgusting readers, and does not have any other role. Works with such a high evaluation like Wuzhan, but also such chapters appear, just like in the same pot of delicious soup There was a fly shit, if the pot of soup is not good, but the other parts of it are particularly good, which makes people feel regretful, and even resentful. The most representative of this is the snake foot chapter, and Another controversial and unacceptable one will appear in the fourth and fifth episodes of the animation. So I watched this series with a very complicated mood. At the beginning, I also had great expectations for this series. It’s even listed in my winter vacation to do list, but when I know these, I feel extremely struggling, because you know that the others are really good, it’s worth watching this work, but you are destined to eat shit. Of course, no Jobs are a classic example. There are many other works by such disgusting audiences. I can only guess two reasons from them: 1. “Only people with true love in their hearts can create real works” 2. “Everyone in the late capitalism I’m sick.” The other disgusting audience works I mentioned include this one, and it also reflects the problem I’m talking about. Now it mainly depends on how to deal with the ending. I think that as long as the ending hero and Sayu are not together, everyone will be more acceptable. But as for whether or not they will continue to fall ill, it is unknown.

6 months ago

If you compare watching a work to a part-time job, then the feedback the creator will give you is pay. In general works, you pay a certain amount of labor, and then the boss pays you a salary: sometimes you live less and you have more money, and you are happy; sometimes you live more and you have more money, which is pretty good; sometimes you live more and have less money. It’s also okay; if you encounter a technical job you like, even if you have a lower salary, it’s not bad. Anyway, at least we are standing and making this money. But there is such a type of boss, he will give you two big mouths before paying the salary, and then step your head under your feet to let you lick the soles of his feet and then pay you the salary. If you do the job, you should get the money. Why does the boss have to add this link? He’s so cool because of the addition of this private item. And some employees opened their money bags and found that there were still a lot of shouts, so why not just step on their heads? What’s the big deal. This animation does not affect the overall direction of the work if the heroine setting is removed. (In fact, there are a lot of unnecessary places where the author is too focused and the purpose is too strong.) Even the plot of the middle “ex” coming back to find the heroine is completely reversing the characterization. In a work, the characters are always slowly changing and growing. Are you going back again when it’s over? Obviously there is a more suitable way to deal with it, and you have to choose the most confusing one. But in fact, this kind of setting can be regarded as a kind of wealth code. Adding the label of “bus privatization” to the work is equivalent to the starting point novel crossing rebirth or adding a system to the protagonist. Is this necessary? It is said that there is indeed. But in fact it is just a system, I would call it a “locking” system. There are actually many works with this type of label, such as the rabbits of beastars. But why the audience for this work did not react so strongly to this point? (Of course there is definitely a discussion, but most of it is not the point) because this stuff is not a core selling point. Instead of something like “Although I am a very casual person, I actually long for love deep in my heart. It is not my intention to hurt this innocent teenager who loves me, but because I haven’t loved someone for too long. I feel scared.” This kind of work seems to be the case, but in fact it is essentially the same as a templated novel. Templating is not a bad thing, the bad thing is that you have to use it to say something and advertise something and then let readers learn something.

6 months ago

To be honest, I am not optimistic about this work at all. No matter whether it is pure love or ntr, it is like a Korean movie. You can write everything, draw everything, and shoot everything. But you just can’t change anything. The only possibility you can make is to bring those active characters and plots that have been read by the novel and accepted by fans of him. I have never read the original novel nor read it. Comics, but I know I don’t know how to read them. Some people say that this is reality. I’m sorry. The second dimension is where I escape reality. Some people tell me this is a phenomenon that satirizes Japan, but I’m not embarrassed. You are not Lu Xun, not Osamu Dazai, or other kinds of things. Your sarcasm has no effect. His existence will only make people feel powerless, because the heroine in the novel is being redeemed, but in reality there are still so many people who cannot be redeemed or who are willing to fall. It will only make a group of people who know nothing feel sick, and then Feel more powerless

6 months ago

I haven’t read a novel, and the speed of light has passed the comic plot. I read the first two episodes and then read a comic in quantum. From the perspective of the comic plot, my inference is: this can’t be read with my brain, let alone be brought into reality. In the table, the plot is blunt and the hero is forced to add Asashi, but the yellow hair is more like a normal person inside. This is not to preach that the tauren is number one in the world. Huang Mao’s behavior must be illegal, but when you meet a girl who wants to be taken in, what else do you say “I can do it with you, let me stay for one night”, what about you idea? Private buses like Huang Mao are fairly light, so I would have handed them to the police uncle long ago. A serious office worker will take the underage female high school students who are unclear about her path and want to be taken home with them? I’m afraid that I will die first and then go to jail. Besides, for a girl who can easily say such things, no one really thinks this is a white lotus female bodhisattva, right? I call you a Valkyrie to be my last Risi worship. It’s even more superfluous that the male protagonist is liked by his juniors and bosses. The juniors still reluctantly make do. The boss of wdnmd really insisted, or refuse to regret it first. Would you like to play yo-yo or fly a kite here? Also said this is sugar? Excuse me? Isn’t Takagi fragrant? Is Huiye bad? Even the spicy girl’s meal is sweeter than this, and that spicy girl is just dressed up and full of support, not to mention begging men to take it everywhere. This is a Meizhai show with a Lifan plot. When Meizhai is not in the Lifan, I can only jump and watch it. You know, that’s… Look at it this way, after all, the logic of Lifan’s plot It’s not the same, but it’s also a masterpiece. In other words, there is nothing to see except for the rest. , But maybe it can still cause some thinking. Whose fault caused the situation like this? Who is it that is morbid, but you have stayed overnight at a different man’s house before living in the man’s house, then you are not What is a bus? Then you have to install pure after being a bus? Isn’t the male protagonist just an honest man who has made it clear that he is still eager to save the girl who has lost his footing? The bull warriors do not admit that this is ntr, okay! If you want real salvation, don’t add a set-up person who stays all over the place. This kind of person makes me redeem? I would rather believe that you are a succubus. Now this comic has been cleared from my comic book shelf, comfortable

6 months ago

To be honest, there is really nothing to comment on. The original author himself said that he hates the male lead the most, followed by the female lead. So you can even see the female lead and qj hers holding hands in the back of this book. Some say yes. Laughing, while the hero is watching, at a loss.
The fact that this book can get hot fully shows that the forest of the world is big enough, and there are quite a lot of weird-shaped birds.

6 months ago

The author used the gimmick of “God treats girls” to trick some Azhai with “shoe-breaking addiction” to come in to observe. As a result, a pure and innocent girl like a virgin is created. The whole story does not revolve around the special identity of “God treats girls”. Just press the “God treats girls” tag, which does not respect the “God treats girls” tag, but also does not respect the special group of people like the real world, and even the readers and audiences. Really, I went to a certain pink software to search for gods and girls, and the relevant portrayals are three points better than the author, and they are more interesting!

6 months ago

Look at this from the perspective of my reading and writing online articles. first name. Got a female high school student? This is great. Keeping jk as a pet, can you make love to jk? Yes, it attracted a large number of lsp. Person setting. Heroine: Innocent, gentle and lovely jk. Male lead: ordinary employees. The female protagonist fits the perfect jk persona, and the male protagonist also has a sense of substitution. Plot. The general plot should be that Asashi, the male lead, slowly moved the female lead, and brought the girl who had lost his footing back to a happy world, and the two fell in love. But the story of this shit is actually. The hostess turned out to be non-committal. She was still a bus and drove more than 1,000 miles. This is also great… ah yeah, it’s so stupid, cough cough. (Starting point Feilu’s brother can spray this author into doubts about life) It seems that the author wants to intensify the sense of contradiction. On the one hand, she is a simple, gentle and lovely jk, on the other hand, her background is cruel and pitiful, and she is lovely. Substitute yourself into the male lead, will you accept such a perfect but imperfect jk? Once inside, this kind of suffocating (chi extinguished) feeling is quite uncomfortable. This is also a big attraction, referred to as a sense of expectation, attracting to look down, what will it develop into in the end? But this plot has a big poison. It is based on contradictory personal settings. Jk has walked more than 1,000 miles and should have lived in dozens of people’s homes, working hard day and night, but didn’t even develop into a transformation, nor was he dragged into a certain industry, locked in, and never returned. As a normal social animal, the male protagonist shouldn’t have two shots to exchange feelings (LSP was tricked into this way, and then found that the plot was not right. For example, I will mostly appear as a yellow-haired character in the back, and then be fed shit, but I just came to see the car!)? Once entangled in these poisonous spots, there is often no sense of substitution, and it feels very general. However, once feelings are used, it is very painful and uncomfortable. In short. Take picking up jk as a gimmick selling point, and use jk’s experience and the feelings of the male protagonist as the main line. On the surface, it looks very ordinary, it depends on the level of emotional drama and animation production. Most of the time behind is feeding sugar while feeding shit, and then the male protagonist accepts the hp ending of the female protagonist. The gentle and lovely jk is really good, just for this setting, it can also be seen.

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