Finally, the environmental girl “spoken”.

On April 13, the Japanese government formally decided to discharge nuclear sewage from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant into the sea, which is harmful to the marine environment, and it is scheduled to start discharge in two years. This immediately triggered protests in many countries and widespread concern from the international community.

At 10 am local time on the 13th, the Swedish radical environmentalist activist Greta Tumberg mentioned this in a post on his social media account. However, she did not express her attitude on the matter, but simply reposted Al Jazeera’s report on the matter and stated that “Japan said it would discharge more than 1 million tons of polluted Fukushima nuclear power plant wastewater back into the ocean. go with”.、

A few simple points: First, the Nordic countries have chosen the so-called “third way” in the “way of life (world)”, that is, the “moral power”. Have time to talk about the pros and cons of their choice. The environmental protection girl is roughly equal to the XFH in their environment (sorry that this category is not very appropriate), that is (or maybe self-thinking) that is very close to the main theme of the country. Second, since it is the main theme of the country, it must obey the national interest. The Nordic countries, including Sweden, have great national interests in nuclear power and so-called “alternative energy.” Third, since it is a very core XFH, it is naturally just a microphone. You should listen to what you say or not. By the way, by the way, some friends in the past commented that I was a “moral vacuum”, and I accepted it humbly, but I have to say that if you have been in this business for a few years, you are also in a moral vacuum. Because you will find that all moral highlands are constructed by interests. I only believe that people’s feelings for their loved ones may be real, but I am also shaking at this point.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Once the World Environmental Protection Conference was held, the host said to the audience: “Please, among the audience, those who think that everyone should be responsible for protecting the marine environment, sit to the left.” Some people sat there, “Please think that Japan’s nuclear waste water discharge is fine. “Sit to the right” part of the seat passed, the host asked the person sitting in the middle: May I ask you why you are not moving? The person said: I think everyone should be responsible for protecting the marine environment, but I don’t think there is a problem with the discharge of nuclear waste water in Japan. Moderator: Ah, Miss Greta Tumberg, why did you sit down? Come on stage quickly

6 months ago

Other responses said that the environmental protection girl only reposted the news without making a statement, which is obviously a misunderstanding. First look at the content it forwarded. If he opposes it, then the repost should be like this, and the respondent added a filter for him. With so many water tanks at Fukushima Power Station, about half of the tanks are painted with common gray paint (like the tank trucks we see on the road), one quarter is beige and one quarter is blue. In the photo reposted by Greta, the blue tank was specially selected as the background, and the contrast of the photo was increased to make the blue more blue and white more white, so that the three Japanese employees in the photo were dark in their normal outdoor work. The skin of the yellow race seems to be directly changed from the photo. Comparing the lens feelings of the two different filters on the top and bottom, you should know whether the environmental girl’s attitude towards Japan’s nuclear wastewater discharge is positive or negative.

6 months ago

This is my answer under the topic of flicking a vegetarian diet. As long as you can’t find the source of the point of view, you are not aware of it. Be careful, you must be a victim. Not foreigners, or just a few developed countries. They are not fooling the Chinese into being a vegetarian, but they are fooling everyone except them to be a vegetarian. Because they are used to plundering. Judging by the way they have settled accounts for so many years, they have long known that if the average level of meat consumption of Chinese people is the same as theirs, they will eat grass. It’s really grazing. This is life and death. They will also deceive the Chinese people, including but not limited to environmental protection, animal protection, female boxing, LGBT, the essence is to let the Chinese not be monolithic, and it is best to split between classes. In essence, what they are most afraid of is the Chinese idiom: brothers humiliate themselves against the wall and guard against their insults outside.

6 months ago

In the face of Japan’s decision to dispose of the nuclear waste water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in the form of marine discharge, the new media that used to eat bowls of environmental protection on a global scale can’t hear any of them. This conservation foundation, that institution, and the little princess Greta of Sweden, are gone. So you know what is true environmental protection, and what is to feed on environmental protection. All those environmental protection activists who talk about environmental protection all day long and do not speak out on this issue are all fake environmental protection. They are selective and dare not solve the real global environmental protection problems. For them, environmental protection is an ideological tool used to choose sides.

6 months ago

1. The situation of this figure: 16-year-old Swedish “environmental girl” Greta Tumberg was recently elected as the “Person of the Year” by Time magazine in the United States in 2019, and she has become the youngest “Time” so far. Person of the Year”. 2. Attitude this time: Mentioned the matter, but simply forwarded relevant reports without expressing their attitude! After all, it is not a matter of the country. After all, I am still young. After all, my energy is still limited. After all, many countries are not equal. How much energy can a little girl have! 3. The purpose of this reprint is to see how many fans are paying attention, and also want to see the attitude of the fans, and also want to see the situation before expressing one’s own attitude. Fourth, Japan can do this, but the whole world has no good way to “limit” it, and it may do something worse than this in the future. Anyway, it doesn’t matter anyway, there is something for the people of the world to pay for it together!

6 months ago

Chinese handmade wooden chopsticks: no way. Europeans and Americans use charcoal and fuel to make metal knives and forks: OK. Chinese eat meat, eggs and milk: no way. The Japanese discharge nuclear waste water: OK. Flexible and environmentally friendly, I realized it. Environmental protection in the mouths of environmental protection girls is nothing more than environmental protection under political correctness. This time Japan intends to discharge nuclear sewage to the sea, and Australia, Canada, the United States, and Europe, who usually stand on the human rights tower and give pointers to us, have collectively lost their voices. If this happened to us in China, guess what would they do? With Biden as the leader and all of his allies, they didn’t sleep and held an online forum overnight. If the online symposium didn’t chat, all allies immediately took a flight to the White House overnight. Immediately afterwards, Greta, an environmentally-friendly girl under the banner of political correctness, didn’t sleep or put on makeup. She held a press conference overnight and pointed at us in front of the camera with her face full of pimples and wrinkles.

6 months ago

The child doesn’t understand it. I said that neon now has a tritium mascot. It’s advertised to her so that she can drink eight cups of nuclear waste water, do you believe me?
Because she doesn’t understand anything, even the most basic nuclear pollution
This kind of person was born and killed, but she is much luckier than the little Jack Ma of the same grade.

6 months ago

Remember that sentence before? The international community is not equal to certain countries, and international public opinion is not equal to the public opinion of certain countries. It is the same this time. Environmental protection is not equal to the environmental protection of certain organizations. This is a good opportunity to break the monopoly of environmental protection discourse. The environmental protection discourse system and symbol system inevitably have cracks in the face of an event that cannot be dealt with. Although new symbols such as radiation mascots were immediately produced to fill this gap, the absurdity in this process is beyond the entire system. The nature of this matter is the same as that of the epidemic. The corresponding symbol system cannot round this kind of thing, and eventually the crack will become a fracture.

6 months ago

First forward a news report that is biased toward Japan, and then forward a report criticizing Japan. The co-author reposted the positive and negative words of others, expressing my attitude of support and opposition. But I didn’t say a word. It is your own conjectures about my support or opposition. This wave of operations is really powerful, and it’s a shame not to be a politician. I didn’t say a word, but expressed two attitudes, making the opposite parties feel that she was standing with me.

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